The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 21, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORSIifO, JUNE 21, 1899. STYLE! ' Assaying 50s Gold and Silver. sssssass ss s O- O O O Q ssfj ssss o o o- o-o The Union Assay Office wAT THE BULLOCK Today and Tomorrow. ' CAMPBELL HOUSE, LEAD, June 23 and 24. Doctor R. K. LanRnon, for the past eight years head of staff of Gordon Hospital, fhadron. Neb. We are irfari'd to performwery kiiwn surgical upnir mn siK-fessfully or n. '-'i' If your In cJoft NO. 37 LEE STREET, DEADWCOD, S. D. Will Give Correct Results of Gold and Silver for 5Cc. LiDIiS CAN -TOR SHOES One siie smaller after using Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into the shoes. It makes tight or new shoes feel easy; gives Instant relief to corns and bunions. It's toe greatest comfort discover, of the age. Cures swollen feet, blister, and callous spots. Allen's Foot-Ease i ortain (tire for ingrowing nails, ,..,iliig, hot, aching feet. At all drug-- j shoe stores, Trial package :'i;i:i: I y mail. Address. Allen S. Olm- ; I. l.e Roy, N. Y. o WORKING NIGHT AND DAY. Tue busiest aad ungmiesl little thing '.at ever was made is Dr. King's new life pills. Every pill Is a sugar- coated glabule of health, that changes weakness Into strength, llatlessnees Into energy, brain-fag Into mental power They're wonderful In building op th health On it 2B -enta per box. 1 !' tor is helping y. ih; hi want the uif- Ml.. I 1.-1 !l...e. is an inro; in o;.- riti ion for nil;. liavi- Ktwu h Tin- i;..i.!oi fi i 1 1 1 1 1 1 j I inn uti't numbers Thf Form and Make Are What Com Look at our Clothing. The wide 8quare shoulders, the broad lapels, the frracein, hang. - They Have a Tone That is all Our Own. will guarantee it. an1 am. iU patients I !i ih in Sainjles 1889. JJroixgTtt lo Lice M. H. Lyon ::hwe.-t. tin- just ntnrtii l Ojjice. & Co I iii lor Established In nut in Europe and lias lipliunre for examinat ioi (wo ycai'H up-to-ly!e Agents for the Blickenderfer $35.00 Typewriter the Best Machine Made. treatment. XHay its well merit for l.l'.VJ 1'lles, ('atirer as the MURPHY treat-DI.SKASES. m 1 1 1 1 Tumon remove'! HlftORnil lllll IMIMIMMIIIIimilHIl lllll lllll. Illtllll""""! without th" knife. All most all forms of Female Dim treated successfully by home treair MINES AND MINING. Club Foot inn Sold by Phillips Steenson. o WOOD CONTRACTS. Until July 1 bids will be received by the undersigned at Its office. In Deadwood for the delivery of thoroughly seasoned, green cut yellow pine body wood upon cars at stations on the Burlington and Elkhorn Cross Eye, Hair Lip. lllllllllllllll iini'iilKiKi stay cured. U'e are not CURE ALLS but do give yo SIXTY THOl'SANI) DOLLAR DEAL. The Cleopatra Mining company has been1 pital will make all arrangements for t hos ... . . - at work for the past few weeks, bull ling cases that require to go to the Sauitari'im The detail of a mlulug deal are being completed, which Involves the transfer of railways. Bidders will state the quantity a road down Squaw creek, to the Hurling for sale, how soon delivery can commence & hnnrh of claims In the Southern Hills ton railroad at Maurice. This will provide a way over which to haul the supplies to for a consideration of something over $60,-000. The claims are twelve In number and and from what point they propose to ship. GOLDEN REWARD CONSOLIDATED C.OLD MINING AND MILLING- CO. I lie on the Hill City road about seven and If It 18 necessary or your case is ottr that must be treated by Hospital method and you go to the fjordon Hospital and are not satisfied your money will be refunded and we will cheerfully buy you a ticket home. We are not CURE ALLS but do give you the tiesl to be hail in the Unit S'.jt.-. Consultation and examination.. $ 1 .00. At the Ilullock today and Thursd.i .-. mile north of the latter city and about Handsome line of new patterns in laundered, coloied and white shirts w 1 son Bros Best are not too gaod lor oui CUSTOMERS. It's 647 Main Street Where you get the best assortment in Boy's Clothing:, Extra Knee Pants hirta and Waists for the little fellows, ' OUR Ties are the talk of the town OUR Hats the Nobbiest and OUR Prices the lowest. The Pioneers of 1876. ZOELLNER BROS. CI. two miles south of the ground of the Bui the mine, as well as to haul the ore out to the road for shipment. Some Deadwood gentlemen who visited Two Kit gulch yesterday saw a couple of little boys, the sons of Mr. Thompson, who is employed at the Monarch mine, placer mining. The boys were not more than lion Mining company, whose holding and o NOTICE To officers an 1 members of Deadwood Labor 1,'uion, No. 14. On Thursday, next, Juno 22, all members of said union are requested to attend as business of importance is to be transacted. J. B. PROFFITT. Pres. contemplated work were described In these columns, several weks ago. It Is a free milling proposition, with Indications twelve years of age, but their father Informed the gentlemen that they were taking out from two to four dollars a day between them, which Is pretty good wages for boys. They were washing some of the J. H. WILSON, S;c. June 21 and i!2 and at the Campbell Hons Lead. June -3 and '2i. Don't miss this chance . get satii faction. Very truly. CORDON HOSFITAL Chadron. Neb. of more promising nature In sight What little development that hag already been don, has opened up a ledge of free milling quartz that assays well up towards the one hundred dollar mark. The ground has bee held for fifteen years past by a man named Kimball and through the recent deal has passed Into the possession of some of the stockholders dirt that had been taken out of the Monarch shaft. ORDINANCE NO. 2 .',3. Charles C. Paruerle, general mauager for n- ., ..- TRAINS FOR FIELD DAY. 1 The Elkhorn trains for the Olympic field day will run as follows to accommodate those who desire to attend the exercises: GOING. First train leaves Deadwood at 8 o'clock a m. Second train leaves Deadwood at II a. m. A.N ORDINANf'K KSTAHLISHINC TH K uKAUE t)F CHARLES ST. IN THE the Squaw Creek Mining company, arrived In the city yesterday, and went out In th CITY OP DEADWOOD. He It Ordained by the Council of the afternoon to his company's ground, near City of Deadwood: of the Kildonan mills. It Is the Intention of the present owners to erect a stamp mill on the ground and SECTION 1. That the (trade of Charles Carbonate Camp. His home Is at Platts-mouth, Nebraska, but be had arrived in St. be and the same is hereby established In accordance with the report of the City TOMBSTONES. IRON FENQ Engineer duly entered upon bis record REURNINQ. First train leaves Sturgis at ( p. m. Second train leaves Sturgis at 9:30 p. m the Hills several days previous, and had been visiting in Spearflsh. His company has nineteen patented claims on one of the sku. 1. rne grade or Charles St. is hereby established as follows: Beginning commence active operations In the way of development at once. . 0 THE HOMESTAKE REMAINS. T. J. Grler, superintendent of the Home- j at a point on Charles St. at the Intersec An early train will be run down from Lead on the morning of the 23d, and the tributaries to Squaw creek, right In the tion of Sherman St. with Charles St. which Is more definitely decrlbed as man heart of the phonolite belt, and Mr. Pam stake mine, stated while to Deadwood Lead people who desire to attend will hole No. 22, at an elevation of 4561.41 feel "MONUMENTS Foreign and American. MaRBLK AND (iRANII erle stated yesterday that he intended to have a good opportunity. above City datum plane, heretofore established by the City Engineer and running thence southwesterly along the line The banks of Deadwood have volun esti of Daly, Lloyd Tevis and J. B. Hag. of Charles St. with an ascending grade of teered to close their doors at 10 o'clock gin. in the Anaconda Copper company, at that day, and a majority of ths business Butte, did not signify anything aa far as 1.222 feet per hundred feet, a distance of 318.9 feet to a "point in said Charles St. kqown as Manhole No. 23 or an elevation bouses of the city will also close up be the Homestake company ia concerned. The rumor that the Homestake mine was fore noon, so that the clerks and em Office at X.coimn 660r lain &t. . h GALE DEADWOOD, S. D. J ' keep a force of men at work there all summer, doing development work on some of the phonolltic outcropping. The Detroit A Deadwood company is working more men at present than at any previous time since it began operations in the Hills. On Its oopper prospect on Cl(f creek there are two forces employed, one In the tunnel, and the other in the shaft. The tunnel has been started from near the i of 4565.31 feet above city datum plane. Thence along line of said Charles St. with an ascending! grade of 1.67 feet per hundred feet a distance of 324.9 feet to a about to change Sands, he stated, was ployes may attend field day. wholly without authority. It Is true that point in said Charles St. known as Manhole No. 24, at an elevation of 4570.72 feet o Fourth of July. Any parties wishing to enter In the the Homestake company is purchasing the stock of th Highland Mining company, m 1. Til 1 1- f 1 A t w above cltv datum plane. Thence along line of said Charles St. with an ascending grade of 1.67 feet per hundred feet, a dis Rock Drilling Contest at Deadwood on July 4th. for prises of $7S and 325, will please arrange with W. A. :ckes,ehalrmaa ISEIII bottom of the gulch, and is Intended To tap the copper ledge at a considerable of amusement committee, by not later IUD DIM1 mil MU ' MICI WH1MU7 and the Black Hills Fort Pierre Railroad ' company, and doubtless the transaction will be closed up as soon as the directors' meeting Is held. Circular jet iters have been issued to all "stockholders than June 25, or eoatesi have to give way to other amusements owing to time tance of 495.2 feet to a point in said Charles St. known as Manhole No. 25 at an elevation of 4579.01 above city datum plane. Thence 'along line of said Charles SL with an ascending grade of 1.734 feet per hundred feet, a distance of 371.8 feet to a point in said Charles St. known as Manhole No. 26, at an elevation of 4585.46 depth, while the shaft has been started on the outcropping of the ledge, on the hill limit for the day. to the north of and above the tunnel, to On all personal proper of value. A large ml unredeemed pledges it prisingly low priaJ business strictly cooW follow If down. The shaft lias reached a Jn 5 the''. Homestake company, notifying above city datum plane. Thence along line of said Charles St. with an ascending them of .the 'intended purchase, but the I depth of 60 eet, tnd Is coming onto good statement that j the " purchase was being j looking ore, believed , to be. the main ledge. Aetna Powder Go. grade of 1.376 feet per hundred feet,' a The Oeidiool Liu & distance' of 489.8 feet to the east end of bridge over Whltewood creek at an elevation, of 4692.3 feet above city datum plane. ' 21 LeeStwt THESE WILL CL08B5; FIELD DAT. j June tO. 1899. We the anderslarned desire and an-eeJ to c Dynamite and Black Powder, ChA I nnruwnnn n n n truvi n r nvn nnvn n n n n n n o t n SBC. ?V The. assumed elevations herein -made preparatory to selling the entire property to the Jloschlldi was notUrue. The new company will be designated ai lh Homeitake, ? and there are to h "M fban of siir nature in the management. J , WILL USB CYANIDE. . , . close eur stores on Olympic Meld Oar, June S3, IS99, at 10:S0 a, nw ..... . , referred to shall be taken from the established bench marks made by the City Engineer and as connected with the other grades of the City of Desdwood and which are of record In the field books of the City Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, Engineer and being the same elevations BAN! upon which the city sewerage system wss established. FIRST NATIONAL Fred M. ORnta. V ,Ayre A WardmaB .H4 Co. ' ; V "3 First Nat- BMkt..i-wiv-J-:.ii W. K. Adams Co. (Conditional.) ' H.' B. Young. - "J. Fattenbanh ft Bro. ,f . PeMouths Ark. :.. It. G. Verplast - : ' . ? fi. H. Griffith Hdw Co. t ; Standard Cast Store". Jhn C. Haines, Inc. v - 41 SEC. 4. All ordinances and parts of or B. C'tJook eontsmplates putting up a cyanide solution nne( at the Hildebrand mill at Gayville, te treat the ore from the Omega mine, back of Tefraville. He has bees unnin his mill fqr some time dinances in conflict with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed. W. E. ADAMS COMPANY. SEC I. This ordinance shall take effect and be lo full force from and after its pas- ' DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN 8100.000 - SURPLUS flW-OO1 W. K.. Lowe. sagev approval Ind .publication. : Aokermann- MlU'r P'rl's. Attest: BUL STAR. THE BRITISH-AMERICAN GOLD i fl.- Bloom. ' C. B. Ztpp.- " " M. J. Wertbhelmer A Bro. A. F. Snider., - - , . Zoeilner Bros. Co. AND COPPER MINING CO. W. A. ICKES, Mayor. City Auditor: Deadwood, S. D., June 20, 1899. -'-I-,- 1 o ORDINANCE NO. 264. DIRECTORS: SHU. Assay OtXloe, j i.TaiTTPT t t nprirn t vl rparkS. P. A. 00 6o Rosenthal, AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING THE Arnold Bros. Ul a, HOIT, sUaeger sad Asters. P . d. a. Mcpherson. Ke. M Broadway, Eeadweoo, S. D. 1st Katn Bank' GRADE OF SHERMAN ST. IN THE CITY OF DEADWOOD. - T Be it Ordained by the Council of the Will to a esrtath uont of seiWis week. ' paelaltlaet A Mar of Onppar ere'by aire- City of Deadwood: OFFICERS: President.. ..a J. SAUSBTJltT I Cashier erti proom. Wet said Sry tasung. and recently mad test of the tailings, to see wbat-peroeot of the values was escaping. ' He sampled carefully the tailing from a hundred tons of the ore, and found them to contain gold to the value of 115.60. By the amalgamation, process he was- saving about $4 s ton. and this was- a Iom that couVd not be endured.' Ho has a fine body of cement on the Omega, that will average better than $10 per ton, and should prove a paying proposition by putting it through the cyanide process. : He ' will treat his or as R. M. Maloney proposes to treat the ore of the Deadbroke, In. Black-tail guloh, by crushing It wet. with the tamps, and Immersing It Immediately In (he cyanide solution, removing thf amal &BCTION 1. That the grade of Sher Wilson. Kinney A Co. I. H. Chase, , Sam Bchwarrwald. ' J. N. Fargo. Lubben t Co. American National Bank. - New York 8 tor. v Mrs. Nott. ' S John Treber. ' " man St be and the same Is hereby estab lished In accordance - with the report or Full Line ftf the City Engineers-duty entered upon his record. 8EC.J. The trade of Bherman St' is hereby established as follows: Beginning at a point on Sherman St. near th Inter-section of Cemetery St. with Sherman St,, C B.. Horton, assiant' superintendent of this division of the Western Union Telegraph system,'' and father, of C, B, ! Horton. Jr., manager of th Deadwood office, arrived from Omaha. , 5 which is more definitely desclbed as Manhole No. 21 at an elevation of 4553.41 feet above city datum plane heretofore estab CAMERA'S . . AND SUPPLIES. Fishers Bazaar, lished by the City Engineer, and running thence southeasterly with aa ascending gamation plates entirely. , Mr. Maloney will have hit tanks running within s few j Black Hills Institut rade of L763 feet per hundred feet, a dis . BLACK HILLS PtONKBRS. tance of tli feet to a point la said Sher A man 8t f feet north of the B. 4t M. R. days. He has four of them, and runs the crushed or Into them with the aid of A meeting of the society is hereby ceiled to meet at the office, of the secretary ia R. track at aa elevation of 4667.20 feet above City datum plane. Thtnce continuing along said Shennaa 8t with a level i 4 . ? OF . tl OSTFOPATHi Dead wood. D.. on June S4.. U99V at I t f - i i -T -o. grade, a distance of 10 feet to aa eleva 663 Main St X. C Johnsom t Hill City. I. IX. to x- tion of 4557.20 feet above city datum piano. p. m.:, O. O. BBNNKTT. frank Mclaughlin. . pres. r 'pr SI SIH W m :3 X '''II ' j Thence continuing along said liao with asi ascending grade of 1.223 feet per hundred 1 ' Sec. " Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Building Deaaw- clustr agent and headquarters, for the rich vertical free milling gold mines aad oopper properties of the Southern Hills. Ber feet w distsaco of 144.4 feet to aa elevation of 4561.41 abovw elty datum plane. Hot Springs ,w Secrri' NOTICf TO TAXPAYKRS. ' ; era! prospects as promising as the Holy E. p. wnon. r n. T. L. DKiN1'' 8 EC. t, , The assumed elevations herein referred to shall toe taken from th -, tabliahed bench marks made by the City .- City Council will tewet a a board of Terror was are tor sal oa - reason! J. J. BECKHAM, S. A. S. 0 Engineer and as connected with the ether LIVERY STABLE. terms. Telephone) or writ for particulars. equillsation this evening- at T:S0 o'clock. r W. A. ICKES, City Auditor! . '. 9 1 11" Q v , : ' 1 " . NOTICS" TO TAXPAY17RS. graded of the City of Deadwood and which are of record in the Held books of ths City Engineer, and being the same elevations upon which th city sewerage system was Harrisoo TELEPHONES: -Black Hills 155. - F. D. SMITH, Mina ger Th recent development . wort on he ground of the Minna Alning company, on City Council will meet as a board of established. SEC. 4. An ordinances and parts of or th divide betwea Two Bit and Strawberry Tree all aervoas Mel ehranle diseases sock Good -Rigs and Saddle Horses dinances in conflict with the provtsioss of qnilltation this evening at 7:30 o'clock. , 1 W. A. ICKES, City Auditor. troubles rheatnatism. SL Vitas danoe ana gulches, ha shows more than good lndl this ordinance are hereby repealed. wbk the peopto of this swctfca ere fcotr- vJJZjiM f M all chronic affections abandoned ss Incurable "J'Ta ' SEC. . This ordinance shall take ef : at 'Reasonable Mates. W TELEPHONE 2TO. 55 fect and be In full force from and after NOTICB TO TAXPAYERS. cations. A number Of shoots of sillcious ore have been opened that assay well enough to make It a shipping proposition. WtJe I feceeat. X tbeas we em ! Clty Council wiil meet as a board of Hill. - BRAK'CH OFFICE. BRETTELL BLOCK IEM1 - . Bars ea Biver Avesne ' its passage, approval aad pobiieatioa. Attest: SOL STAR, W. A. ICKES. Mayor. City Auditor. , ... Approved June 20, 1899. ' The ground has recently been leased by equalisation this evening at -7: SO o'clock. 1 ; W. A. ICKES,' City Auditor. lw the company to outVd'e parlies. ' HOT SPRINGS SOUTH D'KTOA.

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