The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 18, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 18, 1900
Page 4
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FRIDAY, MAY IS, 1900. TIIK DAILY 1M0NEEKTIMES, DEAD WOOD, & D. Al DiT WAT. BELT LOCALS Q- ft eebicl Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver 3 V The Union assay Office I (' w; ti'... i )::iv. has secured part of th 1 irh Sa.n Gilbert, the con . .Main mi reel, Load, am s-.le the finest line of i '1 i ;!' fur any oect.-i.ii!. a 5-12-tf n'li the plans by Ar lnl w blix'k to be erected b; (, on the site of the oh : j "N s : ;iil tini.v- 5- Established 1SSS. No. 37 Lee Street Deadwood. :; I'! announces an expose of Spring Milliner v ' lil.lis. (be 11 .I. A. So.-iri; f " ii ion hall, imposing bl t rai t for t be , ill be one of the most $ Will C,w Correct kVsult-, . f 1 5. -r h ; ij Gold and Silver For 50 Cents, i; $ 'JN AI,L S.i.,., KS liltOI GHT TO THE OFFICE. !' 1 M. H. Lyon & Co. Agents for the Blickensdorfer $35.00 Typewritfr . k in the city. The con building of th-? block w il he let next Thursday. At the regular meeting of Hose com pany No. 1. Wednesday evening, it was decided to hold a celebration on the 4th of July, providing that the city did not hold a celebration. In case the company holds the celebration the City MINES AND MINING. jiark will be designated as the plaei 'for holding the event. Alexander Rose, the florist, is pre L pared to furnish trees that are guaran teed to grow. Thousands of pot plants, pansies, verbenas, etc. Drop a Depicting1 the freshest fashions from the French designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept, Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seehick. The foremost feature of I'eadwood'a millinery merchandising thliweek will ent clusse of gold, be argued away as BRITISH COLUMBIA MINES. note, or call at his place, vacant lot. near Episcopal church. Lead. 4-20-tf hawiig no significance in this conuec "v -'j J . Wev.I i Or. Rothermel the Mining Wizard Is tlon. t lann holders profess at most times to be able to distinguish between Kldowulo gold and that of Bonanza Operating Near McKinney. A dispatch from Camp McKinney between the gold of Bonanza and that Mrs. John Noonan, who will be remembered by all the old-timers in Lead, has returned after an absence of several years in the east. Mrs. Noonan is in the insurance business, representing the Northwestern Life and Savings company of Des Moines. la. She expects to remain in I,ead during British Columbia, to the Greenwood (I3.C.( Times contains the following of Hunker or Dominion, and so on; and there is no question that marked (liflerei ces in color and In the con tours or the nuggets do present themselves, and even in narrower limits mining news and refers to Dr. A. W.S. Rothermel, the mining wizard, who is well known In Deadwood and the Black Hills- The Waterloo's stamp mill resumed operations this morning under the general management of than has here been outlined. the summer at least. James Holleran and Mike McAlIen have about completed the 30-ton cya Thus the gold from French Hill. abreast of claim No. 17 on Kldorado. nide plant they are erecting on the linn a distinctiveness that is hiiirelv Tom Graham, the company's largest te an attractive arrray of "first hats" and small bate for strm-w and shoping at popular price?. stockholder. Five hundred "tons of its own. and hardly follows the gold of the rest of the Kldorado tract: and the Golden Crown property. They are far enough along with the work to warrant the belief that a test run can lie same is true of the gold of Skookum Hill in its relations to that of Bonanza. high-grade quartz is in the stopes and a full ?orce of miners will keep the mill supplied hereafter. Orders have been sent hy those on the inside to all and also of that of Victoria Gulch Saturday May 19 made by the last of the month. The' mine carries a big ledge of low grade ore that can be ryanided to good! profit. j The Lead board of rdiicatiin held a! aiuifuwr, i ue recent assays mat nave win DeUur special bale Day,' Frices Tor one Dav Olny, You cannot afford to miss this sale, because we are going to give the largest Values ever ofte.vd fr ih,. uioiot. mining stork exchanges where Waterloo is listed to pick it up at present prices. It is a well known fact that the Cariboo never milled better ore than that which will pass under the Waterloo stamps during the next thirty days. Dr. A. W. S. Rothermel, the world-famous geologist and mining expert. meeting at the rchool building last, evening at which considerable business' was transacted. The successor to Prof. Pinkerton and for two teachers to fill vacancies will be selected from' been made by (he Bank of British N'oilli America and the Canadian Bank of Commerce, in Dawson, of the gold nf the different creeks and gulches, show plainly that marked differences as to fineness are distinctive qualities: at least they appear to be such at the present time. Thus,, while Eldorado and Bonanza gold generally assays but inese exua low iirices win lie made on Towels, lied Spreads and Crash Towe lin-s: the numerous applications received by the board. But owing to the lateness is in Camp McKinney. He is the guest Toweling' Cotton 3.1c worth. Towelintf, cotton 4.1c worth Toweling-, Linen 5c Worth. Toweling-, Linen 7c worth. Toweling, Linen Sc worth. of Presiint Oreevy of the Lemon of the hour at which the board is con-j vening it is impossible for us to give about $15.50 or $15.80 to the ounce. Dominion gold shows as high as $17. $0. and Hunker close to $18.50. The Toweling. Linen lc worth .... 15c Bedspreads 05c worth 'KJc Bedspreads 75c worth rl.ln Bedspreads S5c worth SI. 2? Towels 33 J c less tlian regular jiricc, and Toweling-will be sold in propi.rtir.n. minesn Omaha Camp, fie Is making . )c . 10c I2'c an account before tomorrow. And all our high priced towels. Bedspread Odd Fellows' Statistics. The Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows is a mlnnt ; Inspection of the leading properties here. H is also learned that Mri Dtiuijla representing the Standard Oil td,icate, nud owning the Eureka Camp' group, ts Tiree. It is given out thatJiUirka Camp will be a busy place this i gold of Bear Creek, a minor tributary of the Klondike, is reported to actually give $19.20 to the ounce, falling only behind the almost pure specimens that have been reportedfrom American Creek and Manook, and to which a valuation of nearly $20 has been given. In session at Mitchell. The grand sec Where Thev Main St. Deadwood, S. D. CHASE'S retary reports: Sell Cheap, Number of lodge3, 09. being an In crease of 4; number of members Janu ary 1, 1899. 3.813: initiated during the D Ilblhermel visited the Waterloo mint ift4ay: Wd jmade "a thoro Inspec-tipr;tt strfMe-ujd underground working. :-He complimented the Gra- year, 565: admitted by card, 89: rein stated. 112: makimr a total of 4.57.9. hara'iboy on their excellent manage- Withdrawn, 119; suspended, 291; ex pelled, 8; died, 36; leaving an active GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO. Baltimore & Deadwood. It is asserted that the Baltimore A Deadwood company is preparing to develope a ledge of free milling ore that was discovered in' excavating for the stamp mill at Gayvllle a year ago. The ledgfe is said to be over 20 feet wide, and assays $6 and f 7 a ton. H. N. Groverman, who has been In charge of the plant, tendered his resignation last month, asking that it take effect TRY ALLEfi S FOOT EASE, A powder to be shaken Into the shoes. Your feet feel swollen, nervous and hot, and get tired easily. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the feet and makes walking easy. Cures swollen, sweating feet, ingrowing toe-nails, blisters and callous spots. Relieves corns and bunions of all pain and gives rest and comfort. Try it today. Sold by 11 druggists and shoe stores for 25c. Trial Package FREE. Address, Allen a Olmsted, Le Ray, N. Y. membership at the close of 1899 , 4,122, showing a net gain for the yaer of 309. Number of brothers relieved. 37T; paid for the relief of brothers, 4,608.40; paid for burying the dead, fl,575.23; paid Tor the relief of widowed families, IfERSOLL SERGEANT DRILL CD, 1197.65; special relief. $1551.35; total, relief paid during the year, $7,032.63. Received for due, $17,557.48; for ad May 1st The officers of the company requested him to come 'to Chicago, with a view to ascertaining if he could not be Induced to remain in charge of menjof It,' and Ued out much future worjgrhlch Will be commenced at once by Mr. Graham.' The Waterloo wUIb, ,theM8cond dividend-payer In . this mp. .i IgwJJFprk continue on the Day-tonXlatm. The "third cut has been run close Ib'ihY Daisy line, and the ledge continue strong as ever. The owners of this property have not yet decided on their future course of action concerning: it The' 'Bailor works have been closed fempojirfly, and, It is hinted, te Toronto owners of the Sailor, Kamloops and Minnehaha "eompanles are talking consolidation.; . ( . , ' Development work continues cn the Lemon group, but the stamp mill is . stllj diet awaiting some missing parts in its machinery, which are now en route from eastern Canada. ,. ( The. Lemon mine is owned by an Omaha 1 company, and some Elkhorn officials are stockholders. Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists 0, F. PURNELL Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak. the operations. He accordingly left missions and degrees. ST1.006.38; received from rents and Invested funds. $17,558.98; receipts from all other sources, $7,694.19. Number of weeks for which benefits were paid, I,b"o8; in ICE! bet on the band wagon -arge has got the ice. Families supplied. Harrison telephone Na. 120. for Chicago Wednesday night The company is said to be issuing bonds on the stock, for th purpose of carrying vested funds of subordinate Iodge-i in on the work. real estate and bnild;ng!r. eti., $S8- 560.13; tamo rs ia vested In paraphernalia, resullj, e:r ?- 982.C?. Entries Closed. The entries for the billiard tourna In making her annual report, ETIa Aetna Powder Go, ment at the Olympic club next week. Abbott cf Waubay. the grand secretary of the Rebekahs showed the condition beginning Monday night, were closed by the chairman of the athletic com of the subordinate lodges to be in a flourishing condition, The number of lodges In the state is 63; number Insti Dynamite and Black Powder. Tue and Caps, FULLER & BROWN. PROPS. (GEDDES OLD BARN.1 mittee, N. E. Franklin, last night They re as follows r Dr. T. W. Moffltt, tuted during the year, 4; number of Banks Stewart, C. H. Nelson. Fred M. New Camaps aii Buries. Best -ail Saddle K irters surrendered; 2; membership Brown, i, R.- Russell, Dr. J. H. Gra Electric Batteries. Battery Supplies. The general depression in mining circles brought on by the Boer war is somewhat felt In this camp. The Toronto and Montreal exchanges control at beginning of year, 1,011: brothers, ham. J. W. Carse, O. C. Jewett, John ooaraing norses by the Day week or Month a Specialty 1,549; total, 2,560: active members at R. Jones. A. Martinez. close of 1899, 1.045 brothers and 1,(-1S The games will be fifty points each. the-traotatiotaf on many of our proper W. E. ADAMS COMPANY sisters; total, 2.661,' making a net gain and there will be terenfor eight games rr - ties; and their , stocks, tho many of them are of treat merit, are hammered or iui. Kecetpts rrom an sources. each evening. The playing will begin FIRST flATIOriAL BANK $3.67X68; putt fir relief, $2? 78 at St 15. sharp. The schedule will be down in sympathy with the movement published tomorrow morning covering - to, '.'.bear, the market The lack of the tournament i railroad transportation is felt' also. . DEADWOOD, 80UTH DAKOTA. Since the first of January there have been instituted 3 subordinate lodges and 12 Rebekah lodges, which adds 296 members to the latter and 57 to the former- The amount received for The failure of the railroad folks to push i construction between .Midway .! . ANNUAL' METING. The annual meeting of the stock E I XJnited States Depository holders of the Stearns company will the benefit of the home fund for the year ending May 1. 1900, amounts to ' and Pentlcon, as promised a couple of years ago, has "hung up" big mining . deals In this district Despite all ' these discouragements "this .camp be held at the office of the company In CcS '$355.13. Paedwood on Tuesday. Jnne 6th, 1900. at 7 o'clock, p. m., for. the purpose of ii i o WHEN NATURE promises to give a good account of it O. J. SA-LISHURr. DIRECTORS: T. J. ORIER, p. t. SPARKS P. d, a. Mcpherson. A. OI'SHVBST nelt during 1900. ;l - s ' electing directors to serve for the ensuing year, and for the transaction of such other- business as may properly Needs assistance It may be best to render it promptly, but one -should remember to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best Klondike Gold. OFFICERS: Prwldsat O, J. 8AXJ9BURT I Cashier.'.... .... ..D. A McFb it come before the meeting. ., ' ' ' p A. S. KUNEY, Secretary. Assuming that alluvial gold - is . In L Vicetppertdent T. J. ORIER Assist Cashier . . . . J. S. DENMA the main a derivative from reef god, and most simple and gentle remedy Is JLb'- 'j- - - A . . . REPUBLICAN STATE CONVENTION the Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the says Prof. Xngelo Hellprin, m Apple-ton's Science Monthly, it is certainly California Fig Syrup Co. , AND ' MEETING DF CAN CLUBS Or SOUTH DA- . ... . . m strange that streams flowing in well r? wobmhi napplnra ran be comnlrtr !'" Vtn Inwm mnA Mnt Tho i -n'u,vV to owmd ni thm The It tatacr nature J NOTICE. ' KOTA, SIOUX FALLS, MAY, nJgh opposite directions, and yet ris wsnon's LOUISEBREHANY . With Louise Brehany Ballad aBd vbpera Co. through which the expectant motner mu-t i .There, will be $13,480.00 of state 22-23vi9oo. . . iiuBniun paia, ninenng ana aangi vuijiii ui ii nils ner Via '"Northwestern Line," F. E. VL wiinnorror. mere i no necesntyor : : . v - - V. R. R. , r. school money on hand on the 1st day of July to loan on school bonds and Improved.- farm lands in 'Lawrence iMkm the ordeal of childbirth to be IhM Date of sale, May , 19, JO and , 21. ing within -very .short distance of one another, should "be so- largely- charged -with gold, unless they have obtained it from a common source; nor can the fact, as received and reported by most miners, but of the full Import of which I have not yet fully made up my mind, that the different streams carry differ- painful or dangerous The use of Rate, one fare for the round trip. For Formerly, with the Sousa's county. V. Application for loans should be filed in this Office soon. Deadwoed. 8. D May 15th, 1900 - ; W. A. ZINK. Co. Auditor. . - i - . . . . . V Band will be here, ; SSSiSS. WPWH FRIDAY, r.1AY.25.- 1 1 ' route, limits and further lnforma tion call on V. A. Hampton, City Tick et Agent, Elkhorn Passenger Station. ' ; ' :' i - , - v.-.-"-

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