The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 15, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1900
Page 2
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SATURDAY, DBCBMBeb U W.W.WAV.V.V.V.V.VAV. W.SV.W.V.V.- I Our Boys The Deadwood Pioneer-Times. ESTABLISHED June 8, 1876. i MAimiiL' frills i;'fpii)i.' ii a "tT' ntr t u LINOTYPE COMPOSITION. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS REPORT. $ IDE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D. Daily $1-00 Per Month. pIONEER-TIME8 PUB. CO, $ Weekly $2.00 Per Year. Deadwood, South Dakota. V ? i I-IAVE Just sot back THEY won't suv fr5 5 S whrv; But they have stocks ,s p wj 5 . . ... -i. -s .... .j a HOLIDAY GOODS 'til we can't rest nights for ' liinkin ihour it -i, ! ffijffli if xMMB'' u is 10 reiicic win juiiiuo v c nun' put TIK'Ill counted" Jaijrd will push the sale until all on the are ro,. ing (Jen. Kagan's retirement "upon his own application," and directing him to proceed to his home. Gen. Miles adds: "The travel enjoined is necessary for the public service." It is, indeed! Of course, the words are entirely regular and formal, but in this particular case they acquire a new and distinctly amusing significance. There is no doubt about their absolute truth, however dubious may be, the accuracy of certain other expresilons in the official all w,--k: I 5 continuing Oommencing Dec. 17 Majestic Cooking Exhibition UC1UUU111 AlK A BIRD OF EVIL OMENN. While the campaign of 1900 was yet young the Tribune croaked: "Some kind friend should donate a waste banket to the Pioneer-Tini.-s of Deadwood. It has been the custom f that paper to publish anything that is brought Into the office in manuscript, anything by anybody, from Jim Conzet down to Joe Moore, finds its way Into the columns of that paper. This morn-teg Roy Sharp, in defense of the swinish conduct of Deadwood In placing himself and George Ayers in charge of the c&mpal?n. contributes another one of the articles which should have found its way Into said basket. The George Ayers' hired man has no defease for the fact which exists, only that they came about fairly. And of course the Tribune does accept the results. The Tribune does accept the results, but refuses to take any of the responsibilities, if the republicaa party wishes to keep men at the head of its campaign management who continually abuse the honors and privileges of their positions, the Tribune will not continue to hide the Impositions from the public view, for tho temporary good of the party, when disaster is Inevitable in iho near fu-tnre. The Tribune wounded the alarm as loud as propriety would allow two years ago In state politics, but to no effect. The same element is at work and hatching the same result In the wc, The circumstance that many troops continue to sail from Kngland for South Africa, while none save the colonials and a few lavored regiments have been relieved from duty, indl-vates that the Afrikanders are by no means crushed, despite the optimistic deliverances of the ministry in the house of commons. It is nonsense to assert that mere gurilla warfare is all that now exists. Two hundred thousand men are not necessary to crush a handful of guerrillas. The Hritish have on hand in South Africa a contract very" similar to that which we have Undertaken in the Philippines. Kventually they will triumph, but that consummation is still a long wav off. 5 No. 51 Sherman Street. i Next to B & M Depot V.V.VA,AVV.V.V..W.V.V.V'.'.,.'."..'.'.'.'.11-1VVi,i THE We have arranged to have a man, direct from th Factory, to show our Friends and Patrons that Great Majestic Range will hist longer, bake better and quicker, beat more water and do all of this in less time with lews fuel than anv range made. ID. IMC. GrILLETTE The Pioneer Jeweler and W'atchmakeJ Let it no longer be said that -cor Biscuits Baked in 3 Minutes ESTABLISHED 1876. IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELERY, ETC. oners juries are invariably dull of understanding. j. verdict rendered by a jury at Aurora. III., is sufficient to DEALER f-offce free to :ill who And ser-etl with dilicious ;i !!. !tc sure and come. WATCH EXAMINER FOR THE BUH LI NGT0N & M. R, f No. 659 Main Street, Deadwood, 8. ( Handsome Set jf Ware. 17 Pieces, FREE Do you Know Im v ,i ( J ! 1 1 !l .! m m remove thin reproach. "W'e find that the deceased came to his death from intestinal troubles and a ((implication ol" iloi tors." is language winch demonstrates the :ieuteness and perspicacity of the L'oo'l men and true. The ver-d!' t piol.ably would i;i- ,een more evict ii it had omitte'l ;,m- refer-nce io l he i nt est i na I ' I ronlilr-s. rv- U'ith all of bis foolishness, (lov IMnpree occasionally iloi s something so wise and jnt that it k( eps the public guessing on his permanent classit'u ation. . Im .xhii Good Thin; H call KENNY When You Sic it.- WILSON, i i . Mr :imi I'M UAL Joseph .lefforson iia.s refused to Siinclion the schome t nnmiiKifc Rmv. I res(M.ndents who venture a ; s- ic :uid tint i.nlv Sl'K. I' :UUY, ANGELICA, P The rSfst Inlli Wt-st- If Vdll tin, I lu ll ! our brands of Sill M rsCATKIv T!i. i Arc tion on the senatorial it levelanil for I nited States sen- I I -iluatioti. V.':!-on the !'or:rI-not str(ii:rth JU: tit ; a dark noi se . Jr it nc ' that Mr. Gamlilo has ator frorii New Jersey, and Grovcr is-out of it. Fiiu'OM Wliiskey of fat Imt 1 imc 00 andup- ( nough to elect bim, what is to MruVr I either Colonel Stover or Mr. Preston I from being elected? J. P. HYMER, Olvmpic Block, Deadwood, S. D. COLLECTIONS NOTARY PUBLIC. Colic tions in all parts of the Hlai k Hills or anywhere in tho United States Investments and proper of Non-Residents carefully attended to. FIDELITY BONDS. Both telephones In efflce and Harrison 'phone in residence. FAMILY LIQUOR STORE Case btvr delivertnl free to jr esMenee. 53r Main St A state convention of ppiritualists is in session at Saratosa. It would be a satisfaction to outsiders if the con vention would run down that alleged ghost of imperialism. county now that was brought about in the state before. And if slens do not fall, the same tactics will ho followed until rebuked at the polls. If the Deadwood end of the republican party wants more particulars on these points let them get their hired m:in to write another article for the 1'ioneer-Tlmes." And ii few days later it again croaked another croak, as fellows: "Tho Pioneer-Times says that the Tribune has bee n placated, and that Its opposition to the chairman and secretary of the central committee has ceased, etc. Yes. tho Tribune is not hard to satisfy, we have been persuaded that if tho present chairman and secretary are allowed to run the headquarters down in Chinatown until election days that George Ayers will be able to control his own voH and that he will not trade off any of it. and also that the secretary will not scratch more tha-n half of his ticket. We are also told that as most of the business is to be transacted at the Lead headquarters that Secretary Sharp will not be In possession of very many of the secrets of the central committee, that he can give to his friend, Joe Moore. Therefore, being told these things by parties in 'whom we hare confidence, we have concluded to withdraw our opposition for the sake of harmony." And on December 13th, it croaked: "Lead's prominent citizens and politicians are daily receiving letters from the eastern part of the state charging our people here with conspiring to defeat Mr. Gamble. It is charged that Kirk Phillips, who has secured quarters at Pierre during the term of the legislature, is promising to deliver the Bills delegation against Mr. Gamble, and that a combination is entered tato by the old bosses to defeat the will of the party In the Btate and again get control of the - patronage. The Tribune has no fear that such a plan will succeed.' But if. tikes this occasion to again, warn our neighbors that the double-headed combination is sure ...........M.AABiiaaeaaiaEaiKeiHHC Judge Moore may hereafter vote the republican ticket if he chooses. This Is a free country and the Australian ballot is in style. But we hope the By becoming a citizen of Ohio the Duke of Manchester has placed himself in a position to be well taken care of. judge win serve in the ranks a cen tury or so before asking the republl cans to vote him into office. lit According u a nerre special a prominent man of the state la willing to bet on the outcome of the senator- fi XV I r No doubt Gen. Merrier feels that sufficient time Bag elapsed to justify him insaying a good word for the French army. a Boss Croker is respectfully reminded that the dead tiger Is the catamount Issue in Greater New York. lal contest, and is willing to take the $-2 " p t: K field against Gamble or Gamble against the field. He believes it to be about an even thing. Two weeks Solomon Is i:lio IKLslxx ago no one could be found who would concede that there was any chance whatever of defeating Gamble. Mr. Gamble at that time claimed ninety votes on joint ballot "It would not surprise me a bit if Kittredge was the next United States senator from South Dakota," said Geo. 8ENATOR8HIP STILL OPEN. A Mr. Milton, of Redfleld, said to a Sioux City Tribune reporter: Referring to political conditions la his state, Mr. Milton ventured the prediction that the United States senator ship la ret no man's posltlre claim. He thought that for a man whose frlentfs and supporters claimed a Wa-porlty of the forthcoming legislature, Mr. Gamble waa displaying remarka W.- Matthews f the ArmrtHr K,W-irt u el v it ( this morning, "Of course Gamble Is pretty strong and there are other in ble actlrity la can rawing the state for to prove dlaastroas. Already the fluential candidates, but this is why I think Kittredge is going to win. . They tho aenatorshlp. From his observa tions he did not believe the political leaders are very anxious to giro to Mr. wont De able to agree and consequently will decide on Kittredge as a x uamble the mnch-coreted honor. In Bit opinion, the opportunity Is yet open to any republican whose attain- mi i ! I IMS l iMl iWt ( iml tumiminuBe. njitreage nas not announced his candidacy and will not discuss ithe matter, which might Indicate he would be perfectly willing to accept the honor if it were preferred him. He is a big, brainy man. Mate and political serrloe should ap people of Lead, although they are not afflicted very seriously with the official itch or the public building erase, promts to take a hand In both unless the rights of the people and thaif verdict at the polls are more respected by the Dead wood politicians." Well, if t, be a, crime to hold or express a preference for senator, then possibly Mr. Phillips is guilty, but he I not guilty cf premising to tejlraf to JIllls delegation against Gamble. That. i an absurd, charge, , Innsmaeh Who Smolies clxx peal to the favor of his compatriots la the legislature. Mr. MOten orrd.UuVonner Speak and is populaar, not only among the politicians, bnt with the people. ii " N er f the Hoaae Soinmera, of Grant county, will be re-elected to that port- GLATE RR A ta an that the republicaa majority tat will pnrsae a very conservative coarse DR.J. C. BOWMAN GRADUATE OF OPTICS. as tke Lawrence count convention tn rts disposition of public funds. ...Mr. Mlltoo is on his way west and Ad not Instruct iu legislators, aor ta-tforse anyone for ' senator, .liter . yean to b nothing treasonM In posing Mr. Gambte or asron eiae, aa4 3S asttefpntea a decision aa to his fntnre It's Good all the Way througb. Do Yourself Justice and Smoke the Best location by the frst of the new vmu- ii M I ft Mr sj &4 Be has recently disposed of his new wouUJ fce tne height of tony for a embers -elect to nak any pladgea. Tttey am free to jotm a ihr-Uar paper piant at Kedneld and la hut aov-loektag wvflr- th west with a -matter who they pnort. Be wQl rww to a new location. While this -It?" SL3CO.O -The Best Spectwelee and Eya Qlaasss correct ZhI ly fltted. U not his first rWt to, Sionx City; be expreseea hlmeeir aa agreeably sail prieei at the evidences of thrift and B 4t good repoblican, with jnat th mateTlKhl to enter th contest aa bat Ir. Gamble, or anyone else. Examination Free. Satisfaction am si m ,.. . Cigar in the Market. .- ftiianntiiil rndotry to bo seen on every aide kerf and the material progresa made dar- i ar . ', nature at wHeex.- Pnarwtacvi The eltliens of Phoenix, Arlaosa, i OFFICE: Rooms 212413 ADAMS ttt past tre otmyeajra., armnch pnt oat becanae tho federal , anthoritlos bar forbidden a ball flght man w X Block. (Take Elevator.) W STATE EXCHANGES. Oiat was achednloJ for, thjlr torn ext waet i Aa there H no federal t-.u anpaaaaed ey the legislature, will I ...Geor Joe Moore then resign or attemo to ge M. Conway... statute forbidding footbalL howerer, Naoaf CATARRH t n h tutm thM oid tpr Ol namsrt letlon. when the. Ariiona Ooriathlaaa ! ahonld 'm tahla to gratify then- sangnlnary tastes I r. !IO7..Afao, s t On , lei "ton ' o W f "mt f JO AL 6E Wj arranging a ros Between eivr- The Hack Hlllr leirislaiora. n fa mi i - -- - its;: .. - s of prominent clthtena.."The play Cream Balm said, are willing to sacrifice every ers who snnrlTe the game can, Qslalt saiTe DISTRIBUTOR, SIOUX CIT Z, 10 WA Vmt tfsCieaentlal to their we!Me- tfaa lag. prosperity and happiness. If only sjqa witn Bix-cnootera. -. v TXstastornl as is, en generai prla It oaras artank aad drtrw war a aoM Im tit aAd tne coming legislature win rote all the saloon ' lioease money Into the rfplet. tnsn retirement Of Brig. Gen. WaffaA Im tha wav and fop tha Cram Bahs Ii Dbtti Ms th bhMm. md. ooonty fond Instead of part foiag to ant Am tabm au4 la tbaorbed. BelWtola. wfltMaewfiliia it ! in. i n ue state as at preeent . - u TCtvsoni It Is, strn one's resentment is prodnottBelnt. lrI81a(M cots UVtrng. materially waaiened by 'tie -humor Chat hides In the concluding sentence pma or j mma j Mai Baa, IS mb hw wO. ""Gamble or a dark horee la the opinion of many newspaper cor- J5JT H0THXH8, M Warn Suae, Vrm Torn. & Con. Mile's order. After annoanoe-

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