The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 17, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1900
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Fhe Daily Pioneer-Times. DEADWOOI), S. I). (BLACK HILLS), THURSDAY MORNING MAY 17. 1900. FIVE CENTS. 4th YEAR- root, bounding high in the air. strik CLARK SPRINGS FRS BETRAY A six hundred Filipinos, an dthe streets were covered with dead insurgents. Thirty-one men were captured by the SERIOUS FIGHT WITH FILIPINOS ing again, then going downward till his body struck a picket fence and was literally torn to pieces. Matches in his pocket set Are to his clothing af Americans. The garrison lost uine A BIG SURPRISE te that the e-ithe bill was read without objection. Then came the moment of suspense. The bill was put on its passage No objection was heard. It was read the usual number of times by title and then passed. No recorded vote was taken: it was the usual chorus of as TRUCE SIGNAL teen killed, and five wounded. ter striking the fence. All this happened while the enure horgan pealed out a requie mand several hundred G, A. R. Encampment. SPRINGFIELD. Mo.. May 10. -Special The department encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic open people were at mass sent and negatives where a bill excites no protest. American Garrison At Catubig Is Attacked By Six Hundred. yp a White Flag and Then Fire on the English- rr.en. ed here today, and will continue to Remarkably Cheap Lighting. PORTLAND. Ind.. May 1. Special The light committee of the city coun The president of the senate declared the bill passed, and the senate adjourned. It needs but the president's signature to mak eit the law of the land and no opposition in that quarter is anticipated. morrow. Commander-in-Chief Shaw is the guest of honor. More than 10.-000 visitors are present. A cumpflre was held tonight. cil reported tonight that for the last Lieutenant Governor Appoints Him Senator During Governors Absence. Appointment Creates Conster nation But is Said to Be Legal. eleven months the arc lights used to light Portland, sixty-five in number land is Gravely Concerned have cost only H2.i2 for the entire The Garrison Has Nineteen Men Killed, and Five Wounded. period, this being under municipal ownership. When the plant was own Over the Fate of Mafeking. ei oy private parties M) per light per annum was charged, the cost fot the entire service now being less than was Memorial to Jefferson. NEW YORK, May 10. Special. A n agnificent memorial nionunien to Thomas Jefferson has arrived from Berlin It will be shipped to Louisville, Ky. Moses Ezekiel, an American, is thff sculptor. The casting was made at Friedrickshagne. Germany, by Gladenbeck. Jefferson is represented at the age of 32, bearing the Declaration of Independence in his hand and standing upon the Liberty bell. , formerly paid for one light. WASHINGTON, D. C. May 16 Spe Veterans Meet. cial General MacArthur cables news of a bloody engagement between ONDO.V May it apeiiai l u Uts reports from Kroonstadt the I TICA. N V , May Special. The annual encampment of the Grand ingot two men and capture or rour : a rloa hmpnt thev Americans and Filipinos on April lath. The Catubig garrison was attacked by- lera. roiuii'is - - Army of the Republic opened here today and will continue tomorrow. The visitors are being elnhoi-itt-iy iroached a Boer farm Mouse from icb a flag of true was flying, and flred upon. loneral Bullers force is mucn re- id tn numbers. Umdon is tortured SHIRT TROUBLE : G. A. R. Meeting.H.T INDIANAPOLIS. May 16. Special. The annual encampment of the Indiana G. A. R. opened here today, and will continue tomorrow. One of the especial features of the occasion was the annual parade in which the military, the fire department and other organizations participated. Hanged. DEXTER. Mo.. May K Special.---Elijah Moore, aged 19, who murdered Rev. Jesse Moore, his father. November 1 last, was executed here today. Republican Conventions. MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.. May DJ--Sperial. The republican state convention to ! t delegates to the national convention, opened here today. CHEYFNNK. Wyo.. May K Special. The republican stale convention opened here today for the purpose of selecting six delegates to the republican national convention and three presidential electors and a candidate for colicress. GRAND FORKS. N I).. May 1 C. Special. The republican state conven-ion to elect national delegates opened here todav w that Mafeking has fallen into State Odd Felows. MITCHELL. S. 1).. May 14. Special r bands, altho a late dispatch re- k the Boers repulsed wun neavy tomorrow tne Z.dh annual session of the Odd Fellow s grand lodge will Interest elsewhere in the thea convene in this (it v. The advance of war is looked upon as insignifl guard of which began arriving here to and the relief of the garrison day. Among tne notables already on Ltd be received with great rejoicing r reports of (he fall of the town. rirrnmstantial. are too vague to Is something which is unknown to the p.itronsof our Shirt Department . Like some of the clothes which we sell, all of our Shirts are made to fit perfectly, anl form pleasant relations between the ground are Grand Master B. K. Teall of Helle Kourche. and Harvey .1. Rice of Huron, grand secretary and a number of delegates, who arrived late Jm credible sources. No news of the 1 Lck, save of repulse come from Hrit- ihis afternoon. Other officers will lie sources. HELENA. Mont.. May 10. Special. Lieutenant Governor Spriggs has appointed W. A. Clark senator from Montana, during the absence of Gov-ernoi Smith from the state. A few days ago Senator Clark, whose seat in the senate has been in extreme doubt, tendered his resignation, and it is apparent now that it was a deep laid plan to gain his point, which has succeeded thru the complicity of the lieutennat governor. Governor Smith is in New York, and Spriggs took advantage of the opportunity to act in his place. The appointment is said to be entirely legal. WASHINGTON. I). ('.. May It',, Special. -Senators are almost unanimous in the belief that Clark's appointment tofill vae.mcy in the senate from Montana is legal, as the state constitution is clear on the point. It is the general opinion that Clark and his friends outwitted the Daley faction. If his credentials are held up, the chances are that no one else can he appointed, and that is what Clark wants. Senator Chandlei says: "The trick won't work." Allison and Frye say it will. WADSWORTH. N. Y , May Hi.--Special. Governor Smith of Montana, says. 'It was a trick of no honest man. It was a sneaking, contemptible wav of doing business." He also sharply rapped Lieutenant Governor Spriggs for taking a mean advantage. WASHINGTON. D. C. May Hi. Special. Kepublican leaders in the house say that the action of the committee on judiciary, reporting remedial trust legislation "no bluff," gives grave assurances that the proposed legislation will be law before adjournement. Republicans are pleased with the Jack ARIS, May 16 Special A Preto- here on later trains tonight to be ready for the opening session of the grand dispatrh says that President Steyn lodge, which will be held tomorrow lared before leaving Kroonstadt: Bat sooner than leave this country the Shirts, our.patrons and ourselves. (rood Shirts here don't mean extra cost. The same prices vou would pay anywhere for factory shirts will morning in tne .Masonic lodge room, which lias Iwen tendered the use of the fall into' British hands we would Odd Fellows by the Masonic bodies itroy all. our homes and leave it all The grand secretary's report will desert." ' show a goodly increase in the member ' bny our tailored frarments. Hotel Helene Burns. The Crown Prince. HKKI.1N. May hi - Special. The (row li prime attained his majority today. He will serve during the summer with the Guards at Potsdam, and enter the I'niversity of Iionn in the ship of the lodges in the state and also a strong: financial condition. One of the important features to come before the grand lodge session will be the HICAGO. Ills.. May K.. Special. 50 to 75 cents WHITE SHIRTS Unlaundered Iny persons were injured by burning erection of the Odd Fellows' home, and jumping from the Hotel Helene at early hour this morning. At three whic hhas been under discussion for several years. The feeling is now very lock this morning a policeman dis- aered the fire and turned in an strong runong the members that the and hastened to awake the WHITE SHIRTS fc, nn fn cr Laundered Trorn . 4I.OO LO COLORED SHIRTS to be worn with White Collars, bat with Cntfs to Match. home should be rected at once. mm in the hotel. The flames The Itebekahs will also hold their annual assembly at the same time as ead so rapidly that escape by the irway was cut off and a panic en- imong the last awakened. elve were injured bv jumping. j 50c. $1.00 $1.50 and $2. others were supposed to have Fanatics Sent to Siberia. MOSCOW, May 1. Special.-The trials of the members of the Skoptzee sect of fanatics has just ended at St. Petersburg. Eight were acquitted and thirty-four were condemned to loss of civil rights and transportation to Siberia. The Skoptzees are a sect of enthusiasts who mutilate themselves for the glory of God. as they say, and it was on the peculiarcharge of self-inflicted mayhem that they were tried. A dispatch from Belgrade. Servia. declares that there are now under arrest and awaiting trial in Servia no fewer than 3000 political prisoners. chad the street safely. One wo- who jumped from a third story Now is thought to be fatally In- Proper sleeve lengths with every neck size in grades. the Odd Fellows, and a number of their delegates arrived during the day. Hannah C. Cripe of Illinois, the president, and Klla Abbott, of Waubay. the secretary, arrived this morning, and the otficers arrived late this afternoon. The ladies will meet in Odd Fellows' hall, whic hhas been handsomely decorated for the use of the Rebekahs. The state encampment will also meet in this city, a portion of Wednesday being set aside for that branch of Odd Fellowship, the head officers of which are George H. Waskey, grand The building was three stories Md contained one hundred son resolution asking for an amendment to the present constitution, giving congress power to regulate trusts. Blue and Gray Meet FITZGERALD. Ga.. May Hi. Special. A grand reunion of the Blue and Gray opened here today and will continue tomorrow. The governor, the state house officials and many people from all portions of the stat eare pres ROSENTHALS PALACE 'M, all being occupied. The total li two women burned to death bead recognition, the bodies of which re found in the ruins. One is sup ped to be Cortelia Peterson, a ser- Pt. a sfW rflk sA-rffc tafW mm ent. A bnliant program has been ar 1 Deaths From Heat. THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK ranged and there are many pleasing features From all portions of the state the patriarch: C. F. IVMontb of Dead-wood; F. S. Emmett. of Sioux Falls, grand scribe. The local committee have completed their arrangements for the coming of the various organizations and the delegates will be well entertained. The business houses of Main street com S'EW YORK, May 16. Speclal.-' death from the intense heat are Wet A dentist dropped dead ' tot in the street. and -another nt Insane and killed himself. veterans from both sides of the civil war are here, and the attendance is Deadwood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE greater than was at first antic ipated by the most sanguine. GITT, COUNT? and Missouri Republicans. MSAS CITY. Mo., May 16. Spe-p--The republican state convention fkd greater part of the day " election of delegates. St. Jo- Pulled ont. menced to decorate their store fronts today with flags and emblems of the several orders. On the departure of the Odd Fellows by Thursday evening the college students will commence to arrive for their two days of athletic sports and the oratorical contest, the latter to be held Thursday evening. o Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued, Good in All Parts of the World. Free Homes Bill. WASHINGTON. D. C. May 14. Special. It has been expected ever since the free homes bill went thrii the house that it would be called up in the senate late some afternoon, and be passed without attracting much attention. The chief promoters of the bill in the house and the newspaper men interested have sat in the senate and senate gallery up to adjournment every evening, for more tha na week past, waiting for the chance moment when It would be called up and put on its COlLSCTIOITS Attended to Promptly and Intelligently. J Base Ball Yesterday. PUbnrg, g; Philadelphia, 3. 7; New York, 6. T; Boston, 4. T?. 8; Brooklyn, 8. "-" : 1 ---fr-U . ? Corbtf Enaaaement CTS GENTLY ON THE Kidneys, Liver and Bowels To any extent warranted by borrowers names or I collaterals. ? TORK. May lel-Special.- passage. ClEanses the ystem Evans Will Contest. PARIS. May 16 Speciul. The contest over the will of Dr. EvanB, the well known American dentist, who left $4,000,000 to the Citjr of Philadelphia on condition that a monument be erected to his memory began here today. Dr. Evans, it will be remembered, helped Empress Eugenie away to escape from Paris. Maitre Debruit represent Philadelphia and Maitre Barboux is appearing for the executors, and Maitre Clunet for the next of kin. The case has aroused great Interest as officially recording the exciting events of the close of the Jast empire. The moment cam eteday when the naval bill bad been disposed of and senators were disappearing in the eloak rooms to make ready for their Accounts Solicited and Correspondence Invited. 5 Our long experience in the Black Hills is at the i LV hABlTUAtCOHST'ON WIUMk DfBUlMtimV PERMANENTLY service of intending investors. -jrott k signed a ten weeks' , Ito &gagement for a thousand y,. '? - ' . ... Hoveliit Hopelessy III. JT JERVIS. N. J.. May 16.-Spe-lt Cran. baa received word JgJ4 tkf Wa bnkher, Ste-wZ?11' tte noted novelist, la .wttteoBwapttoD. Ffoma Diay Height. - -L-Si,11"- May "t.-spe- a,y while in the rpw i '",Patrlc church, Thomas I vi'l1 l W balance and homeward Journey. Half a dozen sen-a tors tried to secure recognition, and among them Senator Nelson of Minnesota. On the floor at the time were Flynn of Oklahoma. Eddy of Minnesota, Bnrke of South Dakota and one or two other, friends of the bill from the house. Senator Nelson was the second man to be recognized. He called op the free hornet bill. So well had the pre-dimlaary work .bees done in the sen- DHUSCTORS rTTM TT W U W ii W. E. ADAMS. pttm pier. TIM Pre, r HARRIS FRANKMN, Pres. Missionaries Meet. . WASHINGTON, D. G. May 16.-6pe-clal. The annual seaBlon of the Woman'! Foreign Mission society opened her today. Nearly 200 delegates from lorelfn countries are present. Wit BKLBuc, Caahler. (SuivRTSIA ffG YRVrCS r'Z.

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