The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 13, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1900
Page 3
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A THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DHADWOOD, S. D THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 190. ADDITIONAL BELT. On Sale. Saturday afternoon, December 15th, i and Standard Fraction lodea, ansurveyed, and oo the southwest by Alton lode, but. No. 1ML Any and all persona claiming adversely any parti ob of laid mines or surface, freuDd, are required to Ala their adverse eletms with tke Register of tha U. 8. Land Office, at Rapid City, 8. D.. durlni the etxty dayt' period of publication hereof, or they will be barred tr virtue of the provisions of the statutes. A. K. GARDNER. Register. It la harebr ordered that the forvcolnt DreSS r nil us o.uu uiu6uomn, ai Ten yard limit to each buyer, it the Henry Monheim closing out i . td A Merry Christmas. The public is cordially invited to 1 at our store on Upper Main gtreet, when in need of anything in tte line of staple and fancy groceries and notions. We are agents for gome of the largest manufacturing whole sale houses, not only in tbe United States, but In the world. Yours Respectfully, t, BELT MERCANTILE CO. Assaying for gold and silver, r.Oc. A specially is made of the determining of tie process of treatment for ores. S. Jensen, Central City, ii,.u. lev's old stand. 12 :.-lni 12TH ANNUAL BALL Hose Company No. 2 AT THE Miners Union Opera House NEW YEAR'S EVE, DECEMBER 31. Tickets, $1.50. COM.MITTI0ES. Executho T. M. ISrowTTTpp, ,J. If. Wilson. A. I'atriquin, L. Iinincll and F. Heitler. Floor J. H. Wilson, James Delan-ey, John Treweek, II. Brown, William Honey. Door Tj. Brunell, Charles Lashley and R. l'ancoast. Reception A. Patrln.uin, Fred fjhackleford, N. Treweek, Sam Patricks, T. M. Brownlee, L. A. Fell. M. Knight, Charles Coolidgo. William Lyons, W. E. Smead, J. Daly, K. Pan-toast, M. C. Campbell, H. 11 it wood, James Cusick, William l'.anolcro, John Sheridan, S. It. Smith, J. Conant, G. J. Bothwell. F. li. Cornm, John Treweek, A. II. Lundin, O. Crniik- hank, L. Magnussen, John Z'-rfing. day to pay said delinquent utetimeat, together with cost of advertising and expenses of aale. O. U. PRYCS. Secretary and Treasurer. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Silver jueen Mining company, principal place of bu-sinoss, Deadwood, 8. D , location of works Hear Dune Mining District, Law-mi. e county. S. 1. N' iTll'K There is delinquent on the fol low : it k described Block on account of se aietit No. 3. of one-half cent per sha.-e l.'M. l on the 4th day of October. lWi), the n. n i.o amouuir. i oppoaoe me iidinn n the rif..vtive fharcholdcra a-s follows: ('tit Name Shares. Am'.. :' J. V llroshong 2IH) 1 1.00 L'i'. J. K. Croihong 2H0 1.00 .1 IV Croslioug M') Sheridan Mclirai n y 2"'0 . Sheridan Mi Itra'.m y . . . . 2sa 1 Sin ii. Ian Mcltrat ney 2'.') Sh. rldau Millratney '-'i 4- Shiridan M'ltratney I'oil M Shelldan MiHrataey 200 : sh. i id. 111 M. lira' c. y 2m '" Sli.-idiin Miltiaiiiey 2"U ' Sh.-ri Ian M. Hi a' ne -'"i Sh. n.l.. n ney tea ' Sh. ri li.'i M. Brat ii. y C"l 7 I: II 1 1 reshong 1 mill .1 S lleH 1. f.o 1 1 ! 1 00 1 (10 i 00 1 OO 1 00 1 OO '.r.o 6 on l 2'. 1 2", l r.o ,1 V iiri)ionr. ' . .le'in 1 . 1 1 1 ii - T i n ..... jdi U'. II. eh v ... ! . .1 v t;r.Mi...!i ! .1 W t;-,i-!i P i .11', .Ii.hli-,.1! . . . II Mrs i: I'rrt ):' I. I!. ( : ni.h-.ii c V IP,,. W iM'n: P . 1 1 Mil 1" I PHI ! ir.'i r.oo 1 0l I l 1 0,1,1 1 nod . 1 C . 2. ",ft 2V L'mi 1 1 " 700 . SHU . eon 190 . f,H0 . r.oo . r.oo . r.uo . . FrOO 141) . .300 . ir,s l.rnio r.noo .noo t inn) 1 ,1'HO 1 ih.o 1 2"0 P IP ir p:. p;; IT-' IK" is IV Ife 2(M 20,: 207. 20V 211 212 214 2 If, 2117 217. 231 232 233 247. Tt.T 2T:i 2t',2 263 261 1 i.,d ! 1 i id 1 1 mil 1 lod,l CeO V. KilllPle... IT It. Cnishong . . . 17. IP Clfel'.Mii; , . . Ceo. Kimble. . i pin y I' lyim .1 ('.' .tnhnson Win. I.iisl f ;. V. Kimble. . . Ceo. -V. Kimble... l'eier t'. Myhri'ii . . I'el.r C. Myhren.. Miehat 1 Donovan . . Mieha.-l Donovan . . Michael 1 lonovan . . Mi. liael Donovan . . Mrs. A it c.Pson. .1. IP ONon K C. Maihev II. H. Young M rs. I'tiini i I'rat t . S. M, Ili-niii. v S. M. Draliii v S. Mi Hralnev M M- .en, v S M ' ! .11 II. v Mis I'tiieni 1'ra't . M's. A. .! e,, ,. . . 1 2", 1. .!", 1 Pi .3 r,o 4 no 3 00 .f5 2 r.n 2 r.o 2 r.n 2. no 2 .r.n 2 r,o 2 rn .70 l.r.n .70 r,.on 25 00 10 00 f' r' 1,11 6 2" fill I), I . P mill Mr. A. J. Wood 5, noo Vis 11 V I A. .1 '. .. I V... K'Tllhall I ii'ht . I l.""'l . r.'.i; I '.f 1 1 ."' " 1 ,. , i r, no ; 3 1 s 21 ''. r oo Ui.ivi ,v 17, ih.-.'-i ,v i; , - I', .11, . . . : I',: ,l .1 ,:, ,- notice be published for a period of 60 eoneecutlTe dayt In the Plooeer-Timea, a : ,jajy newpaper published at Doadwood, g j)., jukj nearest ald claims, ' A, K. GARDNER. Register, (First Tub. (Vit. 30 1S00. ANNUAL MEET1NC. NOT1CK. Notice is hereby Kivni that the regular lannual meeting of the MoeVholders of the iVicloria Cold Minim; & Milling Co. for i the purKc of I'lei-tmg n hoard of dlrec-I tors for the ensuinc year and such other j birslnesfl ns may properly . .eiie before the nic.'t itm lll be held in the office of th? iwuniacy in lt(.,m JJ. Si,.ti,ate r,l,k. j l.e.-iduood. S, ,uth Putol.i. Tuesday, Dec. i U. I'.OI'. at et.-iit I,-, k , in i V. M (il. ASS. Secretary. I 11 27 1 OIL' 1 I ( M i ; t ill fi. Ma'on. Alt rn M. A Nil. 12C2 Al'IM.lC T1"N I l Mi A Pn ' S Land nitiee, H.'ipid I'll). : Keta N..V. I0'', 1 NnTicK is iii:pi: r,v. thi- ii IPC, alien Mil! M 1.1 , Ml l , i. e add f C W...I V 1 p 1. a . 1 Mt: i, .!.r , p 1 P r- s !, i. and 1 I I 1 I'llv, 1,'1, this ,1 i v PP d the'r appli ai .on f,,r a pat lent fr the Maceie 1'i.e p.n, Valet Chi. f. PleKlail Chief. HI line 1 ' I'll , 1 1, '11 . Levi P.: Morton, MilN, I'can Ci.i' ilon, Matin Prae-tion. Mm ni ni? nod Mimgn-I and Dhoul lode I'lililli.' elai'lis. Pelting cold, ttli sir'.'",1 i'1-oiiiid .n hereinafiiT sfi,.ri. siiuat.,' In 'httewo.d Milling Dis.rht, l.awr.iiee County. S. D, and design it. ..1 hy the field noles and ollh lal plat on llle in this ot" , as Mineral Survey No. 1139, In Township 5 N. Itlinge 3 Id . II II. M. Said M. S. No. 1439 Is d. scrihcil as follows MU:0!K FRCTION l.ODE -Beginning at Cor Nil 1 S E Cor . on line 4-1 Wells Kargo Kraeflon lode. Sur. No. 946: whence t'. S 1,. M. No 14 hears R. 27 28' 20" E. 11060 6 ft. distant; thence W. 0 01 ft. to Cor. No. 2; thenre N. 41 4",' W. 301) 2 to Cor. No. 3. i,eht'lenl with Cor. No. 6 Tredwelt l,p. pr KM; thence N. S4 35' W.. 35.94 f,; (h,.,. 4 r,S' - isr.S ft. to Cor No. 5. Identical with Cor. No. 6 niaokpill j Chief lode of this sur. i hem e N. S" 3 " .-to" v pip.) f, . iheti-e 17. 0.02 ft.: thenre S. 2n l'i ' V.. 2'2 ft. to Pur. No 1. Plen ti-al v.-ph c,,r. .',. i c.irrolltnii lode. Sur I .i-. ami lor. is.. 1 Wells I'lirco No. 2 i lode. Sur. N ! ?'.3 57 fl ; 1 1, ! thercp s ; Pecinni'ic : i : pre 11 fi. d .Pirn!!!), rl v o. 9PP thence S. 36' "V IP s 4 4 " W . SO 71 f. : 17- i; , L'n-.' 5 ft p ,,p.,. f la't'dlig MO 9 fl. along the e. '1. n of lhe hide linn pm '1 t I 71'' ' ft. s,.ii".. My f-,,01 Hi.- I m. v . i v tdiafi : and containing I . i r of dl 'iv lei a of I "I 1 To, I ,,.,!,,.!., . in confM-t with lde. Sur N.. Wells Car:-,, F, action to .vll llliol acm, ! , DR. TODD. Physician and Surgeon FAWCETT BUILDING, No. 11 Mill Street, LEAD, S. D Prefossional Calls and Confinements Promptly Attended. 'Office Specialties DISEASES OF THE SKIN AND BLOOD AND ALL DISEASES MEN AND WOMEN. M Poison PRIMARY, SECONDARY AND TEH TiAHY KTAUEii "Venereal Diseases" In Their Most Malignant Forms. STRICTURE, RUPTURE ..AND PILES, RHEUMATISM, GRAVEL, KIDNEY AND BLADDER COM-I PLAINTS. Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Bubo, Unnatural Losses, Sexual Weakness and Impotency in '"Young and Middle aged Men. Dl EASES OF THE EYE, EAR, NOSE, THROAT, LUNGS, LIVER, STOM-ACH, DYSPEPSIA AND BOWEL TROUBLES. DR. TODD'S SUPPORTER FOR THE SURE CURE OF RUPTUft. NASAL CATARRH. Consultation Free. -LEGPL NOTICES ECLIPSE MINI NO COMPANY. N i l'li 'K- The stockholders' meeting of the Id lip i' meeting Mining Co. will he In IJ at tin- ollice of II. II. Young, Lee St., I e;i. I no.!. S. i.. al y:.) 1'. in. Wednesday. I ic. l'i. I'"111, for the election of a of . nr. et.Ms ami sm h other busi-li. ss a.-; in. iv i oliie h. lore the 111, cling. J. CULDDERU, Sec. N 'T'' 'C i .... . I I. 1 ' fin d In le l.e.d, and a I I--."-!, A hi l e will ne on naii'i j.i.i-, '1.7so i,ii p, ri'ia n, ii t si ho.H lp nii r "id iui. iove.1 farm Kllll Poi. d s. W. A. .INK, Coun'y Auditor. I 'I : I.I 'iC CNT SAI.I7 NOTICE. C. S. 'Paul Mining i mill, any, principal pi. i e i.f Pnine s, l lead ,ui,i,. H. fl., loe.l-tion of .oiks. Carboualo Camp, Lawn u- c Cl.l.l: y S. I I. 7 (il H'i; There i.s delinquent on the follow in- de.M rihe.i sfo. li on account of ases iiio iit No. H nf one-half mill per sh.n o levied on the lih day of October, LiuO, the several luniniiiu sit opposite, the names of the rc.-pcciive shareholders, as follows: Cert. Name. Shares. Ami. P'lT. Alice M. Ouild 50,0110 $2,7.00 99. John linker 500 .25 91. John Haker ",00 .25 95. John Haker 500 .25 p-, j,-, - ,1) ' ,,, I 93. John Haker 1,000 91. John Haker 1.000 89. John Haker '. . . 5,000 132. Ira L. Sanderson 1,000 r0 i cei9ectcstu9o : ; ;The Carbon; ; StUCliO, of LeadS 'wood. S. 1 1 ; Frank Itlackman. whose post-"16, ollice addiess Is Itochelle, IIP. mid It. E. THE HIGH PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO OF THE BLACK HILLS. 'Not the Cheapest, but the Best." I I - ,1 - ' "1 L : 1 IP I' ,11. 1 m O f. "O IP S 1 'nil 1 , 5 '"I II. S !',,lk 1 "'"I 5 oo I I S Doll, 1 mill 5 on II. S. I ',,lk 1 omi f. Oo IP s folk id; .r.v lo'in llangalcv. trustee 1 nun 5 fw) John HacraP'V, trustee 1 noil 5 HO John ItagcaPy, trustee l.oon 5 00 Chiis. i ' Polk 1 .una 5 no J, L. Morse 5o0 2.50 It. 1'. llacon 300 1.50 Studio in (he .second story, next 0 V to Monlieini's, Main St., LEAP. 9 coooosea I a salvo thot .ii . . . .. world for plies an ,,f n the lieve it try it ?d y0U don 1 be" Pop Sale. OllA hitrU rx- "hU-UI fSKllPA hAll diameter by 14 feet Ion p-' , with fron, loue' cmpiete tings but l.tti CK and a11 fi'" ondltfon f "f ? aDd in first Price & r u Jnformatiott address "aker. Lead, s. D. 12 11-tf THE SANFKANCISCO i Painless Dentists PRICES UNTIL DEC. 31st' ct i ;e te,i. cUi' l aliik si Full upper or lower .set of teejli .on Red JiuLb, r Sold Cold Crowns, 22 liip; Porcelain Crown, natural as your own ticth Pure Silver Fillings Pun, White Alloy Fillings 5.0 J.ou 1 .00 Hone Cement Fillings 1,00 Diamond Dut Cement Fillings.. 1.0 J WOKK GUARNATEED OVER CHASE'S STORE. Francis C. Tucker. U. 8 .Dep. Min. Surveyor. J. R. Hlckox. City Engineer. TUCKER & HICKOX, CIVIL I M'KING FNGINEERS Surve ois. .looms 'oi anil 30 Adams Block. PRICED L 0 5 L. - C Goods ,1 i !t ! ,1 ,v DRESOERS and BEAUTIFUL -. IS' , ' ' 1- 4 oELf-ALJUy I ..Oil-' ' r Honrs 10 a. m. to 1J W. j j i 1 , 1 erly and 1379. 8 ft southwesterly from ta center of the discovery shaft; and oontala-Itxg an area of 6.718 acres. MANNING LODE Beginning at Cor. No. 1, Identical with Oor. No. 1 Maha Fraction lode, of this survey: whence U.8. L. M. No. 14 bears S. 67 63' BO .. S480.1 ft.: thence N. 20' 29' E., 1447 ft; thence S. 57 10' E. 305.1 ft; thence 8. 20 27' V. 1356 ft., to corner No. 4. Identical with Cor. No. 6 Mongrel and Dhoul lode of this survey; thence S. 23" 15' W.. 51.T ft ; thence N. 71 50' W., 1D0 1 ft.; thenoa N 57 10' V. 14l.8 ft., to the plae of beginning: claiming 1 4 4 fi . 5 ft. along the presumed direeiioti of the lode line; 1346.6 ft. southwesterly and 100 ft. northeasterly from the center of discovery shaft, and containing an area of 9 S40 acres. MUNCllKI, AND DHOTI. LODE Begln-.riiiE at Cor No. 1; whence lT. S. L. M. No II Pears S. ?A 1:!' 4n" E. 3464 2 ft; thence S LT 1J' W. 374 4 ft. to Cor. No. 2. i.leittienl with Cor. No. 3 UliinderPusn lode. Sur. No. y.:i. tie n, e S I ' 22' V.. 932. S ft ; thenee N N. 2'c v identical wiHi of this siire-ft : then, e S. nf PeL-ii.ninir :: 16' v., ir,n ft.; thence ir.2.1 ft., to Cor No. 5. C"v No 4 ManciiiK lode t'eie-e N. 20' 27' IP. 1356 "" ''.I' 17 :"M ft. to place I lis m.j i:t r, ft. nieni; the I. I , ,,f the I .! P i.' 1316 prelum. ,1 , i i i , ' 1 ft runnipe, .,,ul!i nini; nort h' ;et e-! o', . ' V P.l'!. ..Il l tied P ft. run- f .Usui, a of M.'i I.".- i: 'I'..' I s a t i.,1 ion f: oni ! i H to la' I ir, , i' I l'7" a, 'i . '. p. aii !- i,f these r.ii,- a" re- ird- i. ,,'",, , ,,r ii... :: , ...r ef 1 1, .-da ,,r, .. . C . :! S, Il Pi II... I, 151. , Hock ! d. P. 1 . p ' linn!, lei. 5V I; '1' 1",! o. rvi; I II,, 51 . 5 P h.I; 70 P M: !'""'. 151. p 51; Mill I! ml. I'd . P 5M. . ! a n the north. P 11 7". p ad; plM i '. ; ' p,, oni S,;,. -, , ., i ;,,,p n W.-lire 7 la. r N, P"" .... 'he mist I lopk Ins, l,s ( ; ., , 1 1 in r IPIa, UP king Horse Sur. No p ' v Pi i .-id 1 1 mi Sur. No. Wells r.irgo No 2. Sur. No 'Hi',: on v::: I he i:h HPm P rl uss. Mirvov No. fi37; Snr. No. s::6; New Yoik, Sur. No. 322. and on the ,s by I'mle Sam, Snr No 2V., and Harrison. Sur. No '.'92. Any and all persons claiming adversely any portion nf said mines or su: face ground, are required to tile their adverse claims with the Uwgisler of the United Slates Iinil Ollice at Rapid City, S. D., during the sixty days' period of publication heroor. or they will he barred hy virtue of the provisions of the statutes. A K. C It DN EH H. 'gister. It Is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice lie published rur a period of nine consecutive weeks In the Pioneer-Times, a daily newspaper published in Dead wood", S. D., and nearest said claims. A. K. flARDNKR. Roglster. (First Pub. Nov. 22, 1900.) ( W. S. i:ider. Attorney.) M V NO. 1261. l A I HiN I'-olt A I' ATI7NT f. S. Land iidlee, Itajdd City, So.. Dak.. Nov. P"h. 1 Ni'TIci: IS lll7i:rilV C1VI7N thnt W. 3. I'l I, r o.eloince inlilress 1 ; IM'H'l- ll'ii'ney. whose posiotllce address Is Key- stone. S. i., have this day tiled their ap- .,1, idimillon for a patent for 1-I1.P2. IJd'.i.f, 11u.2 and P'ST 2 linear feet respwllvely of the Newport. Freeport, .1. C, and II. O. mines or veins, beaing gold, with unrfaca giound .300 feet In wldlh, situated In Ida Cray Mining District, County of Lawrence, and State of South Dakota, and designated by the field notes and official plat on file in this ollice ,as lot. number 1425, Bald lot No. 1425 being described ns follows, to-wlt: NEWPORT LODE Ilep'lnnlng at Cor. No. 1, a pine post scribed IN-1K-1425. Whence Cor. sections Ft .24. IS and 19, Township 5 N. hot ween Ranges 2 and 3 B. II. 11 M. boars S. fiS 53' W. 6162.7 ft.; thence S. 23" OS' E. 339.6 to Cor. No. 2; thence N. .36 29' E 279 1 ft. to Cor. No. S; thence N. 57 26' E. 64S.7 to Cor. No. 4.; thence N. 20 19' E. 432.1 ft. to Cor. No. 6; thence N. 23 0t' W. 511 ft. to Cor. No. S; tht ni e N. 45 51' W. 2S2 7 ft to Cor. No. 7; thence S. 19 40' W. 4K0.3 ft. to Cor. No. ; thence S. 57 41' W. 603 ft. to Cor. No. 9; thence S. 36 41' W. ft. to Cor. No. 1; and place of beginning: claiming 663-8 ft. and 750.0 ft Westerly from dla-coverv. Cetirral course of tho lode line beltiL'' N. 3i; 35' E. 221.5 ft. N. 57 35' E. 52-5.5 ft. to discovery, thence N. 57 35' R. Pin. 3 ft : theme N. 2"' 19' 17. 432 1 ft. 8. 55 07' 120 s ft. FREEPORT LODE -Pe,;nnlng nt Cor. No 1. v. hen,.' s-.tlons 13, 24. IS. and 19, T. 5 N. Pet" c.n ten.'. 2 and 2 I IP II. M. b. ais N. 77 th, in ' Cln,,. i 1 In lie W. 61 6j. 7 ft.; thi-nca , j fi. to C,,r. No. 2.; 6o 7 ft to Cor. No. 3; '..' ft to Cor. No. 4; IV 1 fi. to c,,r. No. 5; L'"'. 3 'i. to ''or. No. f ; x .'. fi to Cor. No. 7; pei 2 fp to Cor. No,. 8; N. N N :".' E ' VP E 1 I 17 57' E im- E IT W t h. n. S. I ll'-n. e s. ; 4P W. fo-( fi. t,, Cor. No. ft; V 41' W. li','1.9 ft. to Cor. No. 1. f b, cioi li e cl il.ei.iL. 771 9 ft. and da. : -U- n. ,1 (P.T fl W. st.Tlv from the d i s, overv. Ij.n-nil ...u.-- .f the lode . r,,... l ioe V :iv F N 57' 2s' E. 19. ! 4.1- c t. r.'.' 1 .1. C. r.OiE rtet-iptttni" nt Cor. No. 1. sshVlli e Cor. Si c. 13. ?. Jt-nnd f T. 6 N. hefw een ranges 2 and 3. E B. H. M. bears P. 71 40' W. 5093 8 ft.; thence N. 23 08, W. 77 3 ft. to Cor. No. 2; thence N. 46 48" K. 857 9 ft. to Cor. No. 3; thence N. 67 06 17. 21 .5 ft. to Cor. No. 4: thence S. 23 08' E 297 2 ft. to Cor. 5; thence S. 67 17' W. 2K3 5 ft. to Cor. No. 6; thence S. 61 81 W. 807.1 ft. to Cor. No. 1. and place of beginning, claiming 358.2 ft. Easterly anil 750.0 ft. Westerly from discovery. Course of lode line N. 53 59' E. N. 57" 06' H. R. O. LODE Beginning at Cor. No. 1. w-henee Cor. Sec. 13, 24, 18. and 19, T. t N. between ranges 2 and 3 E. B. H. bears P. 71 40' W. 50(13 S ft.: thence P. 23 08' W. 26.7 ft. to Cor. No. 2; thence N. 66 02' K. 12.7 ft. to Cor. No. 3; thence N. 57 17' E. 2S3 .' ft. to Cor. No. 4; thence N. 23 08' W. 300 ft. to Cor. No. 5; then.-e P. 57' 17' W. 2V! 5 ft. to Cor. No. 6; then ... P. 61 32' YV. 8m7.1 ft. to Cor. No. 1, and place of beginning; claiming 337 2 ft. Easterly and 750 0 ft Westerlv from discovery. Course of lode line N 6o 0' E. for 750 ft.; thence N. 66 ('1' E f!.; thence N. 57 IT' B. 2S3 5 ft. AREA. Newport Ixide Freeport I,ode 8 833 acres 7.920 acres 6 34 7 acres 6.ST6 acres J. r. Lode R. G. Lode Total Area CS 9S0 acres The location of these mines are recorded in the Recorder's office of Lawrenes County in Books 124 and 129 pagee 001 and 23 of Quartz Locations. The adjoining claimants are: On the east. Sun No. 1409. St. Clair; on the South, unknown; west, unknown, and north, unknown. Any and all persons claiming adversely any portion of said Newport, Freeport, J. C. and R. O. mines or surface ground, are required to file their adverse claims wltli the Register of the United States Lead Office at Rapid City. In the County sf Pennington. S. D., during the sixty days period of publication hereof, or they will be barred by the virtue to the provisional of the Statute. A. K. GARDNER. Register. It la hereby ordered, that the followlns; Notice of Application for Patent be published for the period of 60 days (nine consecutive weeks), in the Pioneer-Times, a dally newspaper published at Deadwood. S. D. A. K. GARDNER. Register. First Publication Nor. XL ' And in accordance with the law and an i "' W " neiimiueni assessment, in-order of the hoard o directors made on the ' gether wilh the costs of advertising and J 6 O l- 0 C4 Z L WHEN LOOKING FOR Holiday FOR CHRISTMAS, .3 Don't forget that you can find most ? anything you need at S. R. Smith's, " as he carries useful articles, includ- i ' ing anything in the FURNITURE ' line.. .He has a beautiful lot of FOLD ING BEDS, SIDE BOARDS, CHIF- I t S X K V t f TjJ FONNI ERS, FANCY DRESSING TABLES, V ROCKERS. COUCHES OF THE y VERY LATEST DESIGNS, besides a y complete line of CHINA and LAMP ... -. GOODS. iT $3 ' He carries a nice line of PIANOS gj and ORGANS.'and sells tneni "on very 8S easy terms, at 8 per cent interest. SS S. R. 5niTH.I a LEAD. 8? SS ss ; s s s s s n v s s s s ss 2i'l. ""7. ::"'. 321. And in accordance with (he law and an order of the hoard of directors made fin tho -1 1 h day of October. 1900, so many shar, s of each parcel of sto. k as may tie necessary will he sold nt public auction at tlie Nnierlcan National ltauk. on Main street. Deadwood. S. I)., on the 20th day of December, I'mO, nt 2:30 p. m. of said tho pcllses lf sale. SHFIUDA.N MT!RATNKY. Sec. Land 19(10. ee at Rapid City, S. I)., Nov. 20th. No'. co U hereby given that the follow-ing-iianieil si'ttUif has filed notice of his Intention to make nnnl proof In support or nis claim, and tnni sain proof win ne made Pefore Cleik of Circuit Curt for Pawuii-,. County. S. I), at 1 had -a nod. S. D. on pec 27ih. I'' P iz.: .1. !7mt- wood. 11. 1-7. 5o6. f,,r the Kb SK', SI7Pi ami SI-:'4 SW4 Sec. 17, Tp. 5 4 1-7. P. II. M. Ho !: ai. s the following v.ifn, prove Pis eon t liiuo-us r,-sj !, n, e n;.. cull D ' i , in of -ai l 1 and . 1 Pol -t .1 uses, ,,r li, ,..., -,d. S !' 17d: r Hi-Pop, of 1 1. ad.m.ol. S ! Sat- I Story, of llmidwo,,!. S 1, L'barP s Cim e. of Dond'vo. 1. s I . A. K. CA KIiNI-;!!. P'. .,. (First l'uh. .Nov. "2, p ) SV , N. It. t, 'Martin & Ma on. Attornys) M. A. NO. 125S. APPLICATION' FOR, A PATENT. Unite! States Land Office, Rapid Cjtv South Dakota, October 30, 1900. NOT ICE IS I1EREDV GIVEN: That 1 the ttftntftrjrOold Mirfng Co., a corpota- Hon organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the state of South i Dakota, with poetofflce address. Rookery ' Building, Chicago Ills., has this day filed Its application for a patent for the "Chipmunk'' and "Gllman" lode mining claims. beaMntr eold, with surface ground as hereinafter shown, situated In Bear Butte Mining District, Lawrence County, S. D.. and designated by the field notes and official plat on file In this office as Mineral Survey No. 1462, in Sections 30 and 31, Township 5. N. Range 4 EL D H. M. Said M. S. 1462 being described as follows: CHIPMUNK LODE Beginning at Cor. No. 1, whence the corner of sections 25-36 and 3' 71 T. 5 N. Rg 3-4 E. B. H. M.. hears S 77' 57' 50" W. 1733.4 ft.: thence S. 74 -".' W. 462 ft.; thence S. 2 19' W. 614JS f : thence S. 6 04' E. 710.7 ft.; thonc- N. 74 25' E. 429 ft. to Cor. No. 5 identic .1 with Cor. No. 3 Gllmr.n lode of this St.-; thence N. no 45' W. 1330 2 ft. ft. to ; lace of b ginning; claiming 13.70.2 ft alo' ' the presumed direction of the of the dri: '713.2 ft. northcrfS' and 717 ft. soothe-'v f Tm center of discovery cut; and containing an area of 12.279 acres rea . i conflict with Zink lode (0''1 acres) tot claimed; area In conflict wl'h Altona lode (1.614 acres) not claimed; area In conflict with Old Republican lode 01(135 across) not claimed, and area in conflict itb Placer 338 (.136 acres) claimed. GILM N LODE Beginning at Cor. No 1; wh- -re the corner of sections 25-36 and 30 "1 T. 5 N . R. 3-4, E. B. II. M hears F. 75 02' 50" W. 1899.7 ft; thence S 47 26 W. 190 2 ft: thence 8 00' 48' E., 133" 2 ft. to Cor. No. 1. identical with cor. No S Chipmunk lods, of this sur : thence S. 72 54' E. 428.0 ft; thence N. 2 09' W., 1406.7 ft; thenc S. 72 64' W., 246. 9 ft. to praoe of beginning: clalmine 140U.7 f: along tha presumed direction of the lode line: 730 ft southerly and S76.T ft. northerly from center of discovery cut; containing an area of 12.692 acres. Variation at all corners 15 30' E. Total area, 24.971 acres. The location of the mines are recorded In the offlrs of the reeieter of deeds of Lawrence county. South Dakota, in Book 141. p. 566. Book 144, p. 566. The itdjoinlng claims are on the north Placer No. 338; on the east. Eureka lode, unsurreyed, on the south by Standard Ne. I i ivldeli Is not elnlined hv these anplicants HI.ACK'I'MI, FiIIi;F LOI 117-Hegi iniiiig at s. . Cor. for Cor. No. 1: whence 1 ... .. S. 1.. M. No. 11 hears S. 31 13' 40" 17. "1612 fl. ilist ; tlirnre N. 4 40' '.. ip, 71; f to Cor. No. 2, Identical with Cor. No. 6 Yah I Chief lode, nf this Pur.: thence n' rv 17 . VM5.S ft.: thence s. s .. 15 71,7.9 ft., to Cor. No. 4. Identical with Cor. No. 1, Kicking Horse Frac. In.le. Pur. No. 126S: thenre P. 8 45' 17.. 21 7 S ft.; thence 3 8" 32' 20" R. 491. 5 ft: thence S. 70 9'' W., ;""i ft to Cor Vo 1. tho ppm,, of beginning: claiming 1497.6 ft, along the presumed direction of the lode line; 1 372 6 ft northerly and 125 ft. southerly from tho renter of discovery cut, and containing an nrea nf t 25," acres, YVLFT CHIFF l.ODR rteclnnlng nt S F. Cor., corner No. 1, whence 11. ft. T,. M. No. 14 bears S. .34 13' 40" E., 3464.2 ft.; thence N, 53 .30' W. 294. S ft thence N 13 56' W. 633.1 ft ; thence N. 1 35' K. 6S6 2 ft., to Cor. No. 4. Identical with Cor. No 0. Colden Wedge No. 2 lode Pur No 1396: Ih.nce N. 2 11' K . 195.4 ft.; thence S 5? .to- ip , s ft.: thence S. 4' 40- K . 1417 6 f . to pp.,-.. of hegiiinlng;; claiming 1IM7 ft. nlong the presumed direction nf the lode li,,,.. 12117 ft. northerly and 110 ft o.ith, ry from the renter of the dis-cv, ry e,.t. 1 1 ontalning an ana of 9 15T ller.-s. 111. Msi-: 1 it w-Tinv r.oiiF n-ginnouT i-o . 1 . mi lin" " -.-ii- t c, C S. I. M l-i.l. 1 1 t- " n ' th.-n.-e S F. W IP, i' ; ' n - :- pr - r--r, ' f ' N V.' VP F 4 t I t ft.. ',- c,,r 1 ! Cor. No 2 V.,'. a i , m - me, .... v , t(.,-h, P PC '"'7 ' 'o I-' ic- of !, iPoilne- i i '..-' s at -ii th.. ,-ri- urn. d .ID. , P,m lode lin. - f3 i ft . "O-'.. eu 'iv ail r i,' l,. t'"'. fl soiilb. ,p., f ...,, r, n.,.r f '' ' 'y --ha'', arl .oti'alnli.i; an arei of - m-r.-i LEV I P MORTON' T.ODE-nr.dnntr-e nt Cor. No. 1 Id-n'i nl n,ih Cor No 1. Fcan Fraction I , l. and r.r No. 1 Mills lo.l,. ho'h ,' Ills survey. nnl with C,,r Vo " arri-on lode whence r. S L. 'V',H lnrs 12 41' 40 E.. 4",l? ft. distant: thmoo N. 45' 23' 30" E 719 ft to Cor. No. 2. Identical with Cor. No 3 Harrison lode, Pur. 992: thence N. 1 44' E. 675 1 ft.- thence S 52 03' E. 290 6 ft thence g. 1 jr w 686.2 ft.: thence S 45 21' W. 711 ft.: thenre N. 52 03' W. 300.1 ft. to place of beginning: claiming 1394.1 ft. along the presumed direction of the lode lino; ISO ft. southwesterly and 1214 1 ft. northeasterly from center of discovery cut: and containing nn area of 8 S54 acres. MILLS LODE Beginning nt Cor. No. 1, N. E. Cor., Identical with Cor. Nn. 2 Harrison lode. Sur. No. 992; whence If. S. L. M. No. II bears P. 41 11' 40" E 4512 8 ft : thence s. 10 06' E. 650 ft.; thence S. 1 13' 30" E. , 819 7 ft : thenee N. r.6 27' W. 294 ft : thence N. 5 13' rtn- W. 1498 4 ft. to Cor. No 5. Id.-ntlmil with Cor. No 1 H.arrPon lode. Pur No 992. thence P. 56' 27' E 2116 ft., tn place ef Peri nn Inc; chili ine 1 F'S 4 ft nlnns lhe presumed rtl- rectioo nf lhe lrnle line' 2 ft northerly and 1173 I ft. southerly f-o-t renter of eoverv shaft; and rontainfr g mi area of t .7 tsi imros Not IncPi.i! area In con- j lot wliht fnele Pirn lode. Sur. No. -27. 2 11 n'T. s not rlalm.d EC A N FRACTION LOPE -Beginning at I Cor. No. 1. Identical with Cor Nn 1 Levi P. Morton lode and Cor. No 1 Mills lode, both of this Pur., atid with- Cor. No. 2 Harrison lode. Pur. No 992: whence 17. S. L. M. No. 14 bears S. 42 41' 40" E 4742 8 ft distant: h. nee p 52 02' E 300 1 ft: thence P. 4 34' 30" W. 1309.1 ft; thenre N. 52 03' W. 0.1 ft. to Cor. No. 4. Iden- 'I--1 with Cor No. 3 Mills lode of this .ntTfy: thence N. 1 13' 30 W. 849 7 ft.: thence N. 10 06' W., 650 ft. to place of beginning; claiming 1401.6 ft. along the presumed direction of the lode line; 661.5 ft. northerly and 740 ft. southerly from center of discovery shaft, and containing an area of 2.788 acres. MAHN FRACTION LODE Beginning at Cor. No. 1, Identical with Cor. No. 1, Man-nlnglodeof thlssurvey; whence U. S. L. M. No. 14 beers N. 57 BS'BO'E. J480.1 ft. dist; thence N. 67 10' TV.. 0.1 ft.;, thence N. 4 34' 30 E. 1309.1 ft., to corner No. 3, Ideti-ti eel with Cor. No. 2, Egsra Fraction- lode, and Cor. No."6, Levi P. Morten lode, both of this Sur.; thence N. 45 21 E.. 266.7 ft; thence S. 67 10' E., 252.6 ft: thence S. 20 29' W., 1447 ft. to place of beginning; claiming 1499.6 ft. along the presumed direction of the lode line; 120 ft northeast- i 4th day of October, lpi'0. so many shares of each parcel o stock as m;.y he necessary will tie sold at public auction at the ollice of John Itaggaley, on Main street. Dead-wixid, S. 1).. on the 15th day of December. P'oo. at 2:00 p. m. of said day to pay said ileliiiouenl assessment, together wilh th on sale of advertising and the expense of JOHN U AKKft, Secretary as -i:s-::i:xt nutkt:. i l , l ' ' l .dining eo'apaiiv, p ineio-il Th. I nsdle-s. I ,-.,. I e, , ... 1 p-, A , , ; :cn;!i I Mkota I- a-ioii of mines, i '., ininpig di. iii, i. ,:' ' 1 ' ' -:i ih'it at a , N , l : ,- ; . - I : ! i L' e ' nv-'i l ' .-. P OO, oil l -i , : ', k of t of .ii-. , i ii, ,.r ii... ; at i ui. Il, 'la' ! i a.p.vood. 1 e'l Cue 1 -, h ,! iv ,.f ,,vi ,., . ! a ' -- n., n:. No. 17, of on- ! W as ley P , ,., H, , .,,,(., orpora: inn. pav.ible iinme- to 'he t.-.a tirer, John l! at i;.i DmidAi.o.l. South Dakota". Pis x"' ''- k up-'-i rthl.-h tills a.s..essment -I r, n : ,pi OI1 ti10 27th day of le-m-:!.r. A. I', p.oo. will become ilelinquent and ill be a !v, riis. ,1 for sale, and unh'ss i:i -ha'l Pave been made before, will he sol r : 1 die auction on the 17th dav of .1.11111.11 v. p.i I. at 2 o'clock, p. nb. jjf said dav to jay delinquent nssessment. togctlicr v.iih costs of advertising and expenses of sale. h JOHNUFf AGO ALEY, Secretary and Treasurer. (Martin Maon, Attvs.) S I'M M ONS R K U E7 F, COM t'LA INT. FILED. 1 State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, rs. Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit. Rasmus Nelson and Peter Godfrey, plain er VS. P I r S Thayer. Defendant. The S'ate of South Dakota to the above nap'. J dsfrndant: You are h.icPy summoned and required to a u - . r the onmplai n t of the plaintiff In 1, ;.'.. iniiipl action, which was filed in i "', , cf the clerk of the circuit court, nf the Kichth Judicial circuit, in and for the county cf Iaurence and state f S..'i:li 1'alo'n. on November 27th, 1900. a: d to . t ve a inpv of your answer to the ...1 .. Iiin'. i.i the subscriber, at. f.( ir !" " i i Doa 1 -coo l, in said county ,:; 1 ,-;. v.i'Pia 'Piny days after the , at.-', if vim fail to answer the Baid i ,::,t wiiiiln the time aforesaid, the li, -i f in this ni'ion will apply to the c :'t f. r the re i' - ' man led in the com-plaPlt. Dat.d November 27. T'OO. MARTIN & MASON, Plaint if At'orncvs. Deadwood. S. D. (First Pub. Nov. 2V 1900.) ASSESSMENT NOTICE. The Trent Mining company, principal place of business: Deadwood. Lawrence county. South Dakota: location of mines. Carbonate raining district. Notice ii hereby given that at a meeting of the board nf directors of the above corporation he'll at Deadwood. South Dakota, on the 6th lay of December. 1900. an as-scment. No. 5, of one and one-half (1) ml'ls per share was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable Immediately to the treasurer. O. U. Pryce, at his office In Dcal vood. South Dakota. Any stock upon wbtra this assessment shall remain unr.-ihl on the 10th day of Januaer A. D. 1911. will become delinquent and advertised for sale, and unless payment shall hav'beon made before, will be' old at public auction on the Slst day of January, 1901, at 2 o'clock p. m. of said j: mm u D.k-". ite;:..- n if pi- s.. k N. ,..t N - ..' ffillill AeciiraJbaW rttel w tnd 1 P. m. to 4 p. rc rCatarrliril Dfacue Treated. 7 p. tn to 9 p. m. rACTlCE LIMITED TO EYE. EAR, NOSE AND THROAT. W8c ot Dlckenjoa'i Dnif Bw- Lead, South Dakota.

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