The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 13, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1900
Page 2
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13 IDE DAILY PIONEER TIMES DEADWOOD, 8. D. VAVMW.VAWAW.VAV WAV.W.V.V.'.VAV,. m I Our Boys r THE DEADWOOD PIONKER-TIMES. ESTABLISHED June 8, 1876. COVEKS THE EXTIKE J SLACK HILLS. I LINOTYPE COMPOSITION. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS REPORT. Dally $1.00 Per Month. PIONEER-TIMES PUB. CO., il Weekly $2.00 Per Year. Deadwood, South Dakota. VAVAVA'A'AVAV.WA-AVA'AVA"A'AVVJVVVvA ! AVE .Just got hack TIIEY wont say from S n v1k-i;o; But they have stocked us up wjt, i all cop mr p-riTZZ -.-v. jr?.f?n HOLIDAY GOODS 'til we can't rest nights for thinking about it, so to relieve our minds we have put them on the C count Of !anl will push the sale until all are sold. probable success can be attained by following blindly the lead of some of our clergymen. The Rollers would be all right, being earnest and well meaning people, if they would omit their lowly performances on the floor. The churches would also be benefitted by omitting from their doctrines which repel those who understand that life is practical, and not as represented In the pulpit. VWWVWAVAVAVAVAWAVAVA'.WAVVA? i DeMouth's Ark wc, Commencing Dec. 17 ami cnntimiinjr. all week; Majestic Cooking Exhibition We have arranged to have a man, direct from the Factory, to show our Friends and Patrons that : No. 51 Sherman Street. v Next to B & M Depot I THE Great Majestic Range VAvv.vAVAWAVAVAV.v.v..v.VAv will last longer, bake hotter and uickcr, heat more water ami do all of this hi less time and with less fuel than any range made. Biscuits Baked in 3 Minutes The Pioneer Jeweler and Watchmaker ESTABLISHED 1876. ... ...tljc:c r i nr.KC. Jt.WfcLt.nv, 1 1 DEALER I M W A I j I t L f www .- -. r-wAiiiMCD rrR THF RUR LINGTON A. M R I olTee free to all who i r n ii.:. O i . ,. . J. .... J A m And call served with delicious !?( sine and come. Hitae Set of Ware, 17 Pieces, FREE 3 this exhibit. I" Do vou now -r,v i uirt Good Thing 'rSTTTTTT 171 Wh'n Y 1, L, i c .1.. I'l.i.w -; I c I lli't ur hi amis of SllKKUY, ANtiL'i.R'A tl fcJt o PI w n i " n o a o i H I H 0 : w J. P. HYMER, Olympic Blcck, Deadwood, S. D. COLLECTIONS NOTARY PUBLIC. Colic, tion in all paits of the Hlark Hills or anywhere in the United States Investments and proper of Non Residents carefully attended to. FIDELITY EONDS. TSoth telephones in office and Harrison 'phono In residence. co. a Ml St'A'i V.. Thfi Are Tli- in M.o West. ,t.-;o m.l 'hisUev of I'athct FAMILY LIQUOR STORE . i .li:, it v s;nliMli'0. "" mun (' r r nr ui ivv I b . .1' I'ol itiii i;al. '.iic. t't mi. s;:: no ,r:mi vf i THE "PAN AMERICAN." How far is the "Pan-American" Exposition at Buffalo likely to justify its title? How much effect is it likely to have In making the nations to the south of us acquainted with our people, encouraging commerce between a and them, and effacing the alarm with which our expansion has infected them? Will they viBit the United States in any numbers? Will they en go so far as to make representative exhibits and be on hand in the persons of men who sifnlfy something In their own commonwealths? At present It Is hard to Bay. The managers of the Pan-American Exposition lave Invited them. It is Indeed to the Interest of the managers as Buf-falonlans as well as North Americans that the "Pan" In the name of their eontenintal fafr shall have proper meaning and that the nations of Central and South America shall understand that we are still earnent in the arts of peace. Geographical conditions are largely to blame for the curious situation now existing with regard to the relations between the peoples of North and South America. Another cause is the change that took place forty years ago hi our character as a seafaring nation. During the early half of the century now at an end we had closer relations with South America than now because our ships were In every South 'American port. At the same time we were fired by the struggles of the Spanish colonies with the old monarchy that claimed them as hor own. As soon as our mercantile mnr'no dls-apnen H from the seas the ceograph-Ical difficulty asserted itself, and It did so notwithstanding steam and swift communications, telegraphs, and the Improvements of the post. Indeed South America is terribly far away; Europe not only seems but is much nearer. Commerce and the path of finance lend from South America to Europe rather than to the United States. Po that it is not unfair to say that instead of npproa' hlng each other during the lnt fifty yenr.s the two Brent halve of the American hemisphere have been drifting apart. In some ways the managers of the fair have been well advised. The director general Is Mr. Buchanan, lately minister of the United States in the Argentine and acquainted with no Inconsiderable section of South America and the character of its people. The exposition has been designed by expert architects and landscape engineers. The buildings of the fair have been very cleverly grouped and will suggest the architecture brought with them to the new world by the Spanish settlers. Redtiled roofs and towers in colored stucco alone would be little, but their forma an positions have been carefully studied and harmonised, centering about a great electric water tower. They will be reflected In various lakes, ponds, and canals supplied by the Niagara River and set In verdure. Thus the best efforts are being made to produce results that will not merely rlvaKthe Paris Exposition..and -. the World's Fair at Chicago, but in some points surpass them, ana nrs m -" the face of the . commonly accepted statement that the world is weary1 of International shows. The world has not awakened yet to the scalo on , -which the Pan-American is cast. Though it has -no single bulldrng as 1 ,- r Ihoro) Arts In the White City, yet in area, in number and size . f buildings, it is equal to the Paris and Chicago fairs. IN THE NAME OF RELIGION. It has so frequently been demonstrated that manr otherwise sensible Man ha inAiir&A In the. name ftfBl UUUfl V-" " w. f relleion to commit the most ab- ' sard follies that the necessity existing for those engaged In religious effort to govern their 'endeavors with some common sense should be clearly Apparent A new sect, known as the "Boilers," has Just appeared in But-' falo. The members, while indulging tm religious ecstasy, make a practice of rolling over and over on the floor, from which" ridiculous exercise they derive much apparent exaltation and some bruises. There would be nothing particularly remarkable about tafese acrobatic peformances were - bey not giiett In 'the name of religion and for the purpose of strengthening, in the opinions of those taking part, their respectlre chances of leading a jXfe of blissful immqrtality hereafter, he recognised established churches naturally frown upon the Rollers and : regard their antics with much acorn, while to all the common-sense Individuals look upon them with more T less astonishment ' .There la, how-ever a distinct analogy oetween these undignified athletics and the mental gymnastics of equal absurdity practiced by men occupying prominent pulpits. It Is . pot alone through man's actions that religion Is made Tidiculous. The manner of his thinking may also discredit his professions and make them the laughing stock of a.11 beholders. It is not possiu.e 10 r r-"ve Pi at one can secure a mortgage . ,...... v. ? sdnntinar- th 1st CHILDLIKE AND BLAND. In the present iight of events the following from Equality ofJuly 16th would do credit to Bret Harte's Heathen Chinee: "Republicans are peddling the report that a job has been put up between Judge Moore and Gov. Lee by which Moore is to hold onto the judg-ship until ho knows whether he is elected congressman or not. They' say Mooro has tendered his resignation with the understanding that It is not to bo accepted until after election. I do not believe a word of it. Neither Gov. Lee nor Judge Moore would become a party to such a deal. Judge Moore pledged himself unequivocally to "resign the moment ho was nominated" those were his exact words to the Lawrence county convention. This pledge was made as an answer to the constitutional objection of a judge upon the bench engaging in politics. "To fail to immediately carry out this pledge would bo an act of bad faith and double-dealing which would cost both Moore and Leo many voi at the polls. T i.ninKianil thnf Moore's resig nation has already been filed with the governor and that the same will bo acted upon as soon a-; the wishes nlr rif thU (irruit can bo ascertained regarding Moore's successor." !,'cntl''m;in of tlio name of AV. .Htmp: Cherry hns r rt lied I.oinlon j on his way to lii,; (. liica-.n honu- nf'T a Fojonrn of four yenrs in C. ntiil ! Afrit a. lia ! 1"' slvn "vcry ! iinlicatinn of Ix-in? an lot:or to 1-i ' community an. 1 one wit!au hnni'ina-1 tion worthy of hitrh praise. In do- ' scribins his oxperionecs ho iloclaros i that human feast were po common : ai to becomo monotonous; hot-pots i were of daily occurrence, and the wor ship of skulls general. Better than that,. ho declares ho visited a people who, "in mourning, turn somersaults until they are exhausted. An epidemic which carried away many citizens, turned the country into onehuge elreiis. Of the animals he saw. Mr. Cherry says he was first attracted by n dwarf eleDhant. almost small enough to become a household pet. Chicago is to be congratulated on having Mr. Cherry credited to the town. There ia no doubt that such a man adds to the gayety of nations and soothes to soma extent the strenuous life. Since the lato Mr. DeRougement described his experiences there has been no other man in the world to divert the mind with a detail of the doings and customs of strange men and. races. Chleago Is to be thanked, therefore, Tor Oiling the vjoUI -wtttuM r. Cb,erry. 2 Clat Tlnan, the energetic editor of the Kibmall Index, has the following interesting squib about the libel suit that la agitating the several newspapers at Howard: "A newspaper libel case la on at Howard. Things got so warm that Brother Osbon ha9 commenced suit aealnat Brother Shepherd for crim inal libel. This moral sheet doesn't know anything about the merits of the run General!? sneaking the pudiic tint rl a . newsnaner man nroof against newspaper assaults, in that he is so tarnation mean himself, and can generally give as good as he gets. Some-tlmes, though, the bounds of decency are overstepped, and it becomes expedient to bring tUe offending scribe ...iiin that's th rftnrta. I V U1V " j Incidentally, we knew an Editor man. one time, who was charged by bis contemporary with baring been seen crawling out of a set-rant girl's bedroom -window. He said he'd make him prove 1L The defendant proved It, to the satisfaction of the Judge, to the Batiafactlon of the Jury, and blamed if he didn't prove It to the satisfaction of the plaintiff." According to a late dispatch from the Philippine, an American force of thirty men the other, day. fought 300 Insurgents for two hoars. nd finally defeated them. Inflicting heavy losses and suffering none. There would have been nothing remarkable about- this episode. If It were not that the American force, so called, consisted of satin ar-out under a single officer from the United States.. That f&ct Is full of significance and encouragement ex-rent for Don Emllio Aguinaldo and tta frtanda brown and white, tf ser vice under an American officer makes one Filipino the superior In fighting efflHnnev to ten under native leaders Mn snA if recruits for such service are to be secured. with- no particular difficulty as seems to re tne case then the subjugation of the' islands la xxtise: .... As Solomon Is tlxo nVExx JJg go WmW M JwJ is! o:i:;!:t. on tli.; cont-ary. to be ae-om-pli. hcl with rca.- onablo promptness an-1 lit no treat expend. Ttio crea tion of a con? i'ieral.l,! body of native troops under ttio new fla-c will servo a double purpose it will turn to legitimate us,o a part of the now very troublesome reluctance of tl e militant rebels to return to the dull pursuits of peace, and it will be most effectual in extinguishing that reluc tance in the minds of the other militant rebels. Thus all of them will be kept out of mischief, and peace will j (oscen(1 llpon tj,e islands for the first time in their recorded history. Wow that Lieut. Hobson is, if not seriously ill. at least ill of a "serious disease, the memory of his great achievement comes back clear and vivid, -wftile-th-at of 6 little mistaiies.4 real or imaginary, fades swiftly into j dimness and distance. Ho attained a sudden glory, and of course criticism came with it, for jealousies were arniian In cnniA fllllirtpra find in ntll- ers the terrible impulse toward logical analysis prompted dv5iult1TonTon"T1i'Q " relation between heroism and duty nnrl liptween nhfects soucht. and ob- ! jects made gained. Then the Uoutenant some more history- ir1 it was made for him and he went away tin der a sort of a cloud. He returned and talked or was quoted and a second cloud was formed. He talked j again, and that time there was. unfortunately, no question about what he said or about Its unwisdom. At present, however, the air is bright again, and we can all see the man of the Marrimae. 'ihe rest is a trifle: that alone counts. The great mch ment came to him, no matter how, and he equaled it. Therefore news from his bedside will be awaited with sineerest interest by every one of his countrymen. We are theoretically anxious about the esar, but the feeling with which we ask about Lieut Hobson, is absolutely sincere. The German representative in Morocco has made such an impression on the mind of the ruler of that half-savage state, thatshe has promised to pay the claims for Injuries inflicted upon German subjects, and It may be taken for granted that Germany win enforce the payment It Is now our turn to be equally insistent and unyielding. DR. J. C. BOWMAN GRADUATE OF 0PTIC8. Spectacles and Eye 'Glasses correct ly fitted. ' . 'Examination . Freev. ' Satisfaction Guaranteed. , .7 ' . Inquire at Wilcox's Pharmacy. OFFICE: Rooms 212-213. ADAMS t 1 WVWWrWW.WAViVWAWArWr Smokes aii 3LATERRA N all the Way through Do Justice and Smoke the Best r 5C Tlir---The Best T'rt Gocd Your self as UreOP Cigar ge in the Market. nr r ivi. tonwH)' DISTRIBUTOR- SIOUX cit r, iowa psTttiggaaaasii?'T'Bii.-..-.-...-.---g---.u.iMglg" . I KicMsxsti?yfr-Tastssca EIocV. (Take Elevator.)

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