The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 19, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1898
Page 1
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0 Fhe Daily ID- IONEER-1 IMES. TWENTY-SECOND YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), TUESDAY MORNING, AI'lUL 19. 181)8. FIVE CENTS for the owners and that I never even war was being considered by the eoL CAMPAIGN CLATTER. SENATE MID HOUSE AT LOGGERHEADS. Ayres & Wardman Hardware Co. Hardware and Mining Supplies. Gas Pipe and Plumbing, Tin Steam Fittings, Sheet Iron Belting, Hose, Cook and Work, Stoves, Giant Powder, Fuse, Caps, and Exploders, Steel Rails. and Packing. and Before Buying. Stetson Hats are Served, Sir 1 "Phe new ehepee in A Stiff and 8oft Hats are hers for your Inspection. Mighty graceful nd becoming bite of hat-architecture they are. As for quality if you've ever worn a "Stetson," you can vouch for that. Sole Agents of John B. Stetson Co., Special Stiff Hats. Matchless Facilities Enables -t) Matchless Bargains, In a Large Assortment of .tho Finest and Best Line of Steel Ranges, for Spring ns to Offer i IEfU Chtapsr than la P far !i I I 10 iff with whom recti the responalbll- Ity of deciding whether the final report hall be victory or defeat When the tus k rail came at 11 o'clock the men haxU'tied to roll call before aUemntln p-Ht and deep on stiff, hard aprlngi. Mow than one was heuu" to whUper hs returned to quarters: "It will be different roll vail when the Fourth return to the fort." They want to fight, and they want to fight right away, and at they realize how uncertain li life to a aoldlcr In battle, and especially when climate and other condition, are agalnat him. The National Game. Chicago, April 19. Special to the Pi oneer-Times: I'lltsubrg 7, SU Louis 2: Baltimore 3, Wushlngton 0; New York Boston 2; Philadelphia 13, Brooklyn rain elsewhere. President Crespo Killed. New York, April 19. Special to the Pioneer-Times: A dispatch to the World from Caracas, Venezuela, aays that President Crespo was killed and army defeated In a battle lust Sat urday with Hernandez, the liiurgent leader. Spain as a Mine Broker. London, April 18. Speclul to the Pi oneer-Times: It Is reported that the Spanish government Is In communication with leading financial houses In effort to negotiate a loan of twenty million on a pledge aa security of the Almaden quicksilver mines. MOVEMENTf OF EIGHTH CAVALRY. Col. Bacon left Fort Meado Saturday evening for St. Paul In compliance wlih Instructions from the war department and will take command of the Depart ment of the Dakotaa and Northern Lakes during the temporary almuts ot General Wade, comnmuder, who has been ordered to Tampa, Florida. Troops B and I of the Eighth caval left Fort Meade on two special trains yesterday forenoon. One train eleven cars was loaded with horsoa, aaddles and equipment. Another train, consisting of three coaches and several freight cars, took the soldiers, 130 In number, and their baKKage and rations. The officer In command re celved orders at Hermosa to aeud one troop back to Fort Meade, and accord Ingly B troop was sent back. It Is stated there was some mistake In or ders aent ou- from headquarters, and that It was Intended that only one troop be moved from Fort Meade. No further orders have been received that place. We are Informed that a party who wasat sto post on Sunday, that Instructions were received there several days ago to pack up and hold readiness at an hour's notice to move towards the south, and that aev eral companies of the state militia are ready to go to Fort Meade to "hold the fort" while the regulara are away. POLLINQ PLACES. The polling places for today'a elec tion are located as follows: First Ward Pavilion. Main street. Second Ward Moody & Waahabaugli building, rear First National bank, for merly occupied by the Times. Third Ward Justice Wilson's office, corner Main and Deadwood streets, op posite City hall. Fourth Ward Sherman house, Sher man street, above court house. The polls will open at S o'clock and remain open continuously until 4 p. m A. F. ft A. M. Regular communication of Deadwood Lodge No. 7. A. F. ft A. M.. will bo held thla Tuesday evening. April 19th Work In the E. A. degree. All Master Masons are Invited to attend. ADOLPH FISH EL, Sec. ens cniovo Both the method and results when Syrup of figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acta - a - - . 1 .1 TT! J pour jai promptly on mo niunejs, Viver and Dowels, cleanse tbo sys- ffeotualiy', diopcls colds, head- and fevers and cures habitual nation. Syrup of Figs ia the remedy of its KiUu tint t-JJ- pleasing to the taste and to- to tha stomach, cromct in its acC$n and truly beneficial La its efiset,ype,red on )r from ths moat healthy t)d agreeable gubetanoea, iu many extent qualities oonunend h to au ana, have mad U taa moat popular reSsdy knows. iiyrup of f igs la for sal la 50 At bottles r all leading drns fists. Any Viable druggist who may not hare on hand will proem it promtj for any mm who wisaes to try iitxto not accept any acaunra. m PM) 9 .eessiasask 9 A W1 Sh dhssassAS) ssi SftalSk my Clothing and Furnishings. We ahow an jbsolutdy unexcelled Fine Line of Mrn'a Summer Suits in the latest up-to-date Patterns and Styles. Before placing your order for a Spring Suit heeitate until yoa see our Suits Stylish, nobby productions of the highest excellence and low, indeed the lowest prices. saw it. The water was oougai dj ;ne Ity 1 think for sewer purposes and after full examination by experts and officials of tholr own. It was bought the price offered by themselves and not at the price asked by owners. There were some interesting facts connected with ths negotiations on this aale and if Mr. Star's friends wish to open up the matter fully I will be glad to have them do so. Pleass allow me also to compliment you on ths ele-phantlua wit displayed by your new poet In this sajue Issue. He ia certain ly an example of a poet not born but made, and made by a blunt hatohet by wood butcher. He can writs ths blanket blank verse probably ever produced. I will simply aay In reply to his closing lines that Selble don't eat pie and that thwre Is no pie in the Ity cupboard that he has the slightest use ror. in conclusion I win remark that If your unknown will corns out squarely and ahow where I have svsr wronged the city or any one eiss in a transaction I will pay one hundred dollars to any charitable In stitution the Pioneer may dealgnate. Respectfully, WM. SKLDIE. LABOR UNIONS. Labor organisations are for the mu tual benefit and protection of the mem bers and not to boost shiftless men like Oleson Into office. Politics is for. bidden by the constitution, but such men aa Oleson and a fellow who signs himself aa F. P. Ward have no other uao for them. The Ploneer-Tlmea em ployes constitute the second largest la bor organisation In the city, and al though the paper Is supporting Startor mayor, the employes are free to vote as their conscience dictates. Not one of them haa been asked or Influenced to vote for Star nor will they be. The union runa the mechanical department and each man runa hi own politics nd between the business, editorial. reportorlal and mechanical departments there Is perfect accord. There are no dictators, no bosses, no alaves. WHY HE WON'T VOTE FOR OLE- SON. A prominent free silver republican was asked by a Ploneer-Tlmea man what he thought of the coming city election. He said: "I feel no Interest In the present city election whatever. I am a bimetallism hut when any one pretending to advocate the principles of bimetallism, or claiming to stand upon a bimetallic platform even temporarily casta those principles aside through selfish motives, by combining with a gold stand ard element to secure a petty local of fice, It manifests a political degenera cy that I am unable toendorss. Neither do I believe that a man who wfTl sacrlflcu his pretended principles for such motives will prove any more true to new declarations than to ths old ones, and such a man will be safe to let alone." A WOULD-UE DICTATOR. Editor Plonew-Tlmes: That Nebraska grasshopper suffer er Is still smarting under his defeat for nomination as "reform" candidate for city treasurer. After canvasalng tue town for three days and nights h could only muster 29 votes, which Is the total number of votes that he could ever get tor any office. Asaumlng tha role of dictator he Issues an edict "To the Workingmen ot Deadwood," and after telllug them what to do, urges them to TRY TO THINK. The trouble with this long-eared ass la that the workingmen not only TR but they DO think, anw that's why F. P. Ward waa turned down as 01 y Oleson will be today. In Deadwood there are no clasa distinctions In politics or society. The wage-worker today may be ths employer tomorrow. There are, however, a very few plnbearfs like Ward who will never be anything but hewers ot wood, and very poor hewers at that, for God wasun kind to them and they have been unkind to themselves. But this does not glv4 them any license to presume to dictate to the laboring men any more than It gives Oleson the right to misrepresent them. Ward cams to the city a pauper, and If he haa not prospered It Is his own fault. Work haa been plenty and at three tlmi t ths wages he could get In Nebraska, but Instead of being grate ful and trying to do something to build up the town, hs vllllfles thoss who havs. Like ths hungry cur who has been fed he bites his benefactor, and like the drunken man picked from the gutter and sobered, hs wants offlos. A LABORING MAN Politics makes strangs bedfellows for a time. After today some of 01s-son's chums who are hobnobbing with Bros, Selble and Martin will be "pass ed up." Lardner, ths "economic," "reform' head push, was chairman ot ths coun cil commutes that accepted the Sher man street macadam which sunk la tho middle ana bad to be dona over again. Ha wis also chairman ot the committee that blowsd ths elty in for $6,200 for a bogus water right e WHEN TRAVELING. Whether on pleasure bent or on bus!-ness, take on every trip a bottle of Syrup ot Figs, as It aoU most pleasantly and effectually on ths kidneys, liver and bowels, preventing fsvsre, headaches, and other forms of altkiassa. Tot sals la 10 esnt bottles by all loading drugs&U. hlanafaotnrad by the California n Eyres Co, only. Hot Shot Intended to Penetrate the Reason ot Deadwood Voters. REPUDIATED. Those resolutions "recognising" 01 e- son were repudiated by the other mam- ra of the church committee and by the churches. Oleaon's statement at the city hall Saturday night that the leform" movement and his candidacy cilglnated with ths Deadwood Labor union haa also been repudiated. Members of ths union authorise and request ths Floneer-Tlmee to say that Oleson a as cot put up by the union, nor Is he ndorscd by the union. Individual members of the union may have noml- uted him and Individual members are npportlng him, but the union as a bo'ly has taken no action. A LAST HYSTERIC EFFORT. The "Journal" made a heroic, hyster ic and presumably a last effort yester day afternoon. It was crowded full of Indecorous, Indecent references to "de-ro.icy." Some one is accused of call ing First ward residents "dirty loaf- era, and the impression given out that Star and hia supporters are all guilty. When pinned down, the editor of the Journal admitted that if such remark was rer made at all it come from an lrrcponitible person who only spoke for himself. Under Mayor Star the city hus Wen a pretty decent kind of a municipality. There haa never been a uapli'lon of corruption, and from a crude mining camp It haa grown into s clean city. The sidewalka and streets have been brought to an even grade, th n reels macadamised, and the permanent Improvements we have are an elegant three-atory city building and tho lft syiitem of sewerage In the suite. If MoMsrs. Star and Treber are iWt-M today, the city will own water work and have them paid for In a few years. THOSE CAULDRONS. "Whatever chance contributions that fall Into the cauldrons of life, the gru el Is made thick and slabbed with dol lars." As the supporter of the cltlsens' tick et, the Pioneer-Times feels bound to answer all arguments, refute all party Shsoriions, and turn the edge of the machete of malice. In our last Issue we admitted the sentence was an enlg' ma. Not a person In this office from the head push to the carriers could give a suggestion aa to what idea waa burst. inr for utterance in the mind of the Impasvloned writer. It la the unknown tear that terrifies, and hence we again nan this mysterious sentence. Caulurons." That sounds hot and smelU of hell broth. The witches ml way? have a cauldron, and they work die direst evils to mankind. But this caulrdon of life contains gruel. This contains a harmless fluid and calculat oil to allay our fears. But who know what tolling acid is covered by this cy pher word? The real sting of the hole quaking mystery la at the tall. This gruel Is "slabbed with dollars." Or.'y the Initiated can get the full force of that. Such a word aa "slabbed" In this connection bodes only evil. Ths cauldrons of life filled with gruel and slabbed with dollars." All 1s darkness, Ony this Is clear. A reform party with such a champion will be a nightmare, a delusion and a snare. AVOID A FIZZLE. It Is quite likely that some good peo ple will think they should make a dem onstration to advance the morals of our city; that al! that is needed Is to elect a reform candidate for mayor, any one that will announce himself. whether he knows anything of city at' fairs or not, and then aet ths machln ery agoing. They perhaps think the sole fault lies In our public officers, and they do not wlah the laws and or dlnances obeyed. Such people are re quested to recall a few years ago when the prohibitory liquor law went into effect. They may remember that the passage of the law waa hailed with hysteric Joy by the women ot the W. C. T. V., and very hopeful but rather Innocent people rejoiced with them Then came the shocking disappoint ment when it waa found that closing saloons did not stop appetite for liquor, that there were a thousand ways to avoid the law, and In short, here. In Deadwood and the Black Hills general ly, It waa found the law was ahsad of the time, and the last atate of this ally waa worse than Its first. Never was drunkenness so common aa during the prohibition period. Now why waa this Prohibition prohibited In many places and why not here? Simply because there must be a strong controlling ma jority, the controlling force of lnflu ence, to mske any law or ordinance ef fectlve. It Is an axiom in physics that "no stream can rise higher than the foun tain," In other words that water will not run up b 111. It la equally true that the morals ot any community oannot be advanced beyond the demand of public sentiment This is not ths time and the present self-appointed reform era are not the men to lead this or any other movement to success. It was started In haste and does not command ths confidence ot any who tavs wit nesaed this sort ot a moral spurt before. If by any possibility It wins at ths polls, it will be a mortifying flails In the outcome. s NOT A PIE-EATER. Deadwood, April IS, "98. To Editor Ftoneer-Tlmes: In reply to some Insinuations I will say that ths Gayrllla water sold to tha tlty was msrsly held by ate as trustee Senate Adopts Foraker Resolution Recognizinq Cuban Independence 67 to 21. House Refuses to Concur and Conference Committees are Named. Washington, April 18. Special to the rioneor-Tlmea: The senate and houae have been playing horae with each other today without retching an agreement. Saturday night the senats adopted the following Joint resolution: First That the people of the lalaud of Cuba are, and of right ought to be, free and independent, and that the government of the United 8tuirt hereby rwognlsea ths republic of Cuba aa the true and lawful government of the Island. Second That It la the duty of the United State to demand, and the government of the United State doea hereby demand, that the government of Spain at once relinquish Its authority and government in the Island of Cuba and withdraw lta land and naval forces from Cuba and Cuban waters. Third That the president of the United States be and he hereby Is directed and empowered to use the entire land and naval forces of the United Slates aad to call Into actual service of the United States the militia of the sev eral states to such an extent as may be necessary to carry these resolutions In to effect. Fourth That the Ulnted Sutes here by disclaim any disposition or lnten tlon to exercise sovereignty, jurlsdlc tlon or control over said Island, except for the pacification thereof, and assert lta determination when that la aocom pllshed to leave the government and control of the Island to its people. The house met today per adjourn ment and after a spirited debate, adop ted the senate Joint resolution, except Sec. 1 relating to the recognition of Cuba aa an Independent nation. Tho house vote stood 179 to 156. This amended resolution was returned to the senate and the house amendment waa defeated In the senate by a vote of 32 to 46. The senate then by the same vote determined to Insist on Its amend meat, and at once aent the resolution back to the house. At 4:30 the senate appointed Davis, Morgan and Foraker conferee, and adjourned to 8 o'clock. The house, without considering the re jerted amendment returned from the senate, referred It to conferees and ad Journed to the sanie hour, when It is thought that an agreement will be reached and the struggle ended. It la atated positively on authority that the president will veto any reso lution passed by the senate and house reoognlilng the Cuban Insurgents The president claims this aa hla prerogative and will use It. It Is not believed that a two-thirds vote can be secured to override hi veto. The an nouncoment that the prealdent will ex erclifl hla Vefo power la having a ten dency to make hia foliowera In the house stand flm. It la announced vxlay that the Unit ed States will buy no xore foreign built war ships but will builtt, own needed. . Considering the Serious Sift. Chicago, April 18. Special to ths pi, oneer-Tlmoa: The troops of the D partment of the Lakes will begin mov-V Ing south tomorrow afternoon. Five hundred men at Fort Sheridan have ate from mess kits and slept on baresprlng mattresses with blankets for covering sine Friday night because of two Sr-ders received that day. The first hat warned them to prepare to set out fori 1 the point of mobilisation by daybreak Saturday morning. The second said the train would carry them toward the aeacoast Tuesday noon. They bad secured thirty days' rstlons, they had seen their mattresses and dress uniforms and surplus supplies carted to tha atorehouse, they rolled up their blankets and put on their leggings, and they bad been handed the field mesa kits and extra accoutrements. Then they had dlapfcbed messages of farewell to relatives abd friends; Indeed. many had said good-by to loved ones while hastening tha preparations for depart ore, and by the time rsrslMs sounded at I In the morning all was ready for ths signal to mora. Today it was aptaramt thai Os aertooe aids of to a S. 3; his an ry of at In Gret TIIE1.!i:;i!!G INDUSTRY. STRUCK PYRITIC ORB. James Bradburn, on ot ths principle owners of the Golden Crest property, situated near the head ot Two Bit gulch, was over to camp yesterday and reports ths opening of a body ot pyrlt-ic ore In the bottom of the shaft Bun-day. The ore appears In one slds ot the bottom and Is solid and fins looking stuff. The discovery hss not been developed yet, only about a foot of It being opened. It la heavy ore carrying a high percentage of iron and resembles some of the ore found In the Hardin mine. No assays have been made aa yet, and ths value ot ths ore is not known. Above the ore was porphyry, the formation being identical with that in the Hardin property. The flhaft is now about 150 feet deep and is going down rapidly. Machine drills are used snd eight 5-foot holes ars put down at a setting. The miners will be engaged today putting In timbers and will not do any mining until tomorrow. HERCULES ELECTRIC LIGHTS. The Hercules Mining company, ot Two Bit, last evening started Its Ans electric light plant and ths hoisting building, boiler rooms, machlas shops, hotel and mlns wars lighted by Incandescent lights. One large light was placed on ths hill above ths plant and lights (hs gulch for a great distance. The plant works like a charm and gives fins light. Ths shaft la about 100 feet deep and Is In Urns shales with good Indications of or. THE SAFE HAS COMB. The long-looked-for safe for ths United Sutea Aaaay office arrived yes terday and was moved by Will Bates to ths office. It is a vary large atfair. weighing 7.500 pounds, and ia aUd tn be one of the finest safes mads. As- sayer-ln-Charge Mlnltsr hopes to have sverythlng Id shaps for business to morrow, when hs will be ready to pur chase bullion and dispose of such busi ness as the government taki charge of. WOMEN'S CATHOUO ORDER FORESTERS. Of A branch court of ths Women's Catholic Order ot Foresters, a social and benevolent organisation which has become extremely popular In all of the large cities ot tho country during ths past fsw years, was established Sun day by ths ladies of St. Ambrose church. Mrs. E. Rodgers of Chicago, the High Chief Ranger of ths Order In the United States, requested Mrs. P. J Mlnlter to make suggestions and take atepa towards the establishment ot a court in Deadwood. The opening ceremonies wars both enjoyable and Impressive. Ths follow ing officers wars elected: Chief RangerMrs. Mlnlter. Vies Chlet Ranger Miss Sells. Recording Secretary Mrs. Mv?lsn. Financial Secretary Mrs. MiDon ough. Treasurer Mrs. Carney. Trustees Mrs, MoOUl and Mrs. Mr- Call. Conductors Mrs, Elssnbsrgsr Mrs. Tlerney. Sentinels Mrs. O'Donnell and and lira Mslsel. Medical Examiner Dr. Rogers. Ths annual convention ot ths orllsr occurs on ths t9th Inst In Chicago. Mrs. Mlnltsr waa unanimously ehosbn a delegats to represent the Deadwood court at thla coming convention, ana leaves for Chicago thla week. A HOT TIME. Ths Olymplo boys indulged In thslr first match game of Indoor bass ball laat evening, in ths presence ot mors than 100 spectators, who derived genu Ins enjoyment out of the sport The contest was between ths married man aad ths stngls fellows, and was won by the latter by a eoore of M to 1$. la nine Innings. Ths personnsl of ths elubs waa as follows.! Bsasdlota Osorgs Porter, capUln; Wilt Graham. Anson Klgby, N. E. Franklin, Frank Pack. M. E. Walls aad Went Cam; Kids-Carl Dawson, captain: Ton Hurley, Paui Boaordea, Charlie Gardner, Frank Keys, Ben Shsphsrd aad M. X Baldy. Ths gams was red-hot and full ot mirth-provoking situations. Nate Ftanklla eccaplad the pitcher's box for thrsa Inning and ia ths third ths ktds hopped onto hie dsilverj tor II runs, knocking htm out of the box elssfc and dee. "Pap" Porter waa then put la as twlrler and hell t$sa down to aia mas la that many Innings. Wails, first, "sxUaffukhsdN hinoslt wy tlnse he attempts to e&tci u fca as Our Prices with his feet. "Uncle Arse" Is s hot number, while Peck's long legs and ac tivity give him a great advantage in stealing bases. Ths Kids all Dlar well. and coached by Tom Hurley, move like a well-dr lied army. Indoor base ball Is the th ng nowadays. riOHTINO OVER WIND CAVE. Ths contest case of the 8outh Dako ta? Mining con: pan y vs. Jesse D. McDon ald, Involving title to the land occupied by the famous Wind Cavt. near Hot Springs, was commenced In the land office at Rapid yesterday, and promise to be a protracted case. Ths South Dakota Mining company la said to be composed of wealthy men in ths east, wio will carry the case- to ths last court ot appeal but what they 111 win ths suit They allege that McDonald waa Inthelr employ and as their agent located upon a tract ot land upon which Us cave was subsequently discovered. Hs located ths land as non-mineral, tad In January, 1895,fi;ed an application for patent. The company contested his application and the officers ot ths local land office in their ruling held that ths ground was non-mineral. Ths case was appealed to the commissioner of tha general land office, ths plaintiffs alleging that the land was mineral In character and that it was located by McDonald In their interest. The jommlsaloner sustained ths ruling of ths local land office, and that McDonald had acted In good faith. Ths com pan r haa mads a detsrmlnei fight for ths and and havs alleged other grounds In a supplementary com plaint Mineral locations have been mads upon th tract, and for sometime men havs bee a engaged doing regular mining work. A large number of ge ologists havs been making investigations to show ths ground to be miner al In character, and upon certain show. Inga mads to ths general land office. ths com m listener remanded the case to the local laid offlos for a rehearing. PURK WATIR FOR DEADWOOD-ITES. Lee Day haii a new scheme upon which hs is at work to gira ths people of Deadwood purs water for drinking purposes, and his enterprise appears to be practicable and a winner. Lee Intends to furnlih water In five-gallon carboys delivered right at the homes. Hs has orders ! from Boston 1,200 carboys, each packed In a box ot light ood to protest It, and has made ar rangements w th Captain C. V. Gardner of Piedmont aad Col. Fred Evans ot Hot Sprlnga to havs ths carboys filled and shipped to him hsrs In carload lota. Tho 1,1)0 carboys will makt three earloadd. Captain Gardner owns a large spring of fins water at Piedmont, said to I purs and clear aa crystal, and water from ths famous "Kid ney Spring" a Hot Sprlnga will bs used. Mr. Day has rented Dr. Harding's tone warehouse building on upper Sherman stmt, which hs will utilise as his hsadqiu iters, supply depot, etc. Hs will havs wagons that will deliver ths water rtrht at ths houses and where It Is wintad, and hs sxpecta to sail It so cheap that everybody will patron las tha business. Osorge Carr, formerly of Ripld, will havs charge ot ths business. Las received ths Inspiration from which thla ntarprtsa svolved, at Boston, where su)h a business has been carried on a mimbsr ot years vary iuc- osssfully. He upsets his stock ot car. boys soon and will probably bs ready to start the bualnsas by May 1st. EPISCOPAL ELECTION. Ths annual msetlng of the corpora tion ot 81 John's church was held In ths church Friday svenlng. After ths reports of ths rector and treasurer had been read aad approved, the following officers wars jJected tor ths snsulng rear; Sealer Ward sa Dr. F. R. Carpenter Junior Wart en Moses H. Lyon. Vestrymen D. A. MoPherson, Wll. Hsu Sal bis, WRlkua Barker. M. E (Walla, Miss LilUe alslgreo waa appointed altar committee, and Mrs. H. Chsalra, Mrs. Wtltlam Barker, Mrs. M B. walls, c ha. tool committee. John a Geo i. president ot ths Ho ly Terror Mining company; D. E. Murphy, J. Black. C. arowa, W. A. Mar. Hng end N. hi Osorgs, ot Milwaukee, arrived Sunday. They wsre met yse-tordar by J. 7. rayst, superlatsadsnt ot tha Holy Tenor, and went to Ksy-etoae. Ulm Koat Thompson and Wair eazM from c Urtty, where they )-artMtr.-t r ? J. Q. Hp II J. 17 i We Srll Qoods mm it Any Other Housa In the Land. E House Cleaning Tim Hi m li 1 ran vaiiM Mtmmts mm - Extra Bargains in al Kinds of - - Carpost. Rugs, Lace Curtains, Window Shades For Less Money than any houti In thi Land can Buy them, e Prices ths Lowest, Quality the E:3t i '

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