The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 15, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1900
Page 5
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IdaT. may is, WW. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, a D. I paint i(a deathly -hue upon your cheek, and the. stomach weakens and Hfe seems not worth living, go to the druggist and obtain a bottle of Hos-tetter's Stomach Bitters. It will give you life and energy. It does this by making the stomach strong- and the hlood pure. It is unequalled for such disorders as indigestion, dyspepsia, or malaria, fever ami ague. CAW YOU SEE The reason Why a person should pay $4.00 or $5.00 for a Shoe When A Sacrifice in Flowers. Ackermann's are offering some rare bargains in the latest and most choice French flowers for a leader, for the next three days, commencing tomorrow morning. At the following prices these flowers can be purchased for less than their original cost. Following are a few sample prices and all other flowers in stin k are on sale at the same low prices: Flowers that are worth 7.V and $1 .'Ml now go at 3.V. Flower s worth 50c and 60c. now go at 25c. Flowers worth ,10c and 40c. now go at ir.c. , These are only a few nf our sample prices. Come and see the large stock we have at the same sacrifice. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only. $3.50 for Gents AND. $3.00 for Ladies TO THE MAN WHO THINKS. sOOK yourself squarely in the face and see buys the best thing to be had in foot- if you are not halt ashamed to be without Ivory Soap in your house. Worse than this, your wife is without it. It is bad enough wear. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS J. C. Carson arrived on the Elkhorn. Gus Marshall left for Chicago to remain. C. D. Wood returned from Hot Springs. Jiimes Hartgeiing came up from Kaput City. J I.. Hentley returned last night Hot Springs. Dr. H. K. iiettleheim. Kurlington sur-S4"on. arrived in the city. Henry Hainaker returned to the Normal school in Spearfish. Mrs. Charles Marsh left for Omaha on the Iturlington yesterday. M. H. Hus.sell returned yesterday after a month's visit in the east. M. B. Carpenter, a son of Col. C. V. Carpenter, arrived Sunday fioin Min-neapolis. Mrs. S. A. Warren left Deadwood on the Burlington yesterday for Ashtabula. Ohio. Mrs. K. C. Dickey left on th Elk-horn Sunday night for Minneapolis for a month's visit. Mrs. H. O. Hamaker accompanied her husband to Deadwood from Custer Sunday and went back yesterday. I.. A. Ciarner, superintendent for the American Express company, arrived fi'oni Omaha, accompanied by his wife .loe Lytic of Sundance. Wyn., editor of the Monitor passed thru the city on his w.ry to Cheyenne, to attend the stale republican convention. Nicholas Richard of Terry. W. G Stephens and .1. W. Tregonning ami wife of Lead left on the Iturlington yesterdav for Liverpool. England. J. E. Lovejoy and wife, who had been visiting relatives in the city, .returned to Clindroii. where Mr. Love-joy is clue! clerk in the office of Superintendent I ! u'tnoii. Mises Ail and Maty Regan, sisters of I) C. 1'egnn of this city, and Misses I'M i th Clara l'helan. daughters of .1. R. l'helmi. arrived yesterday on the Burlington from Alliance for a visit Arrivals at the Bullock: Mr. and Mrs. I,. A. Carner. C. Y. Pierson. C. N. Dietz. .1. E. Dietz. Omaha: Joe Willing. Sioux Calls: C. X. Ambrose, S. Louis: II. R. Bartlett. Spearfish: C L. Lavinen. Bowdle, S. D. ; W. S. Street-er. C. rot on. S. P.: T. H. Hooper, Eureka. S P.: W. S. Hitchcock. Cha.lron: M. H. Carpenter, Iowa, Neb.: B. V. Betflelieim. Alliance, Neb.: .7. T. Ri-vier. Whiff-wood: (5. S. Sanborn. R. A. Waynes, Edgemont. for a man, though a man often doesn't care how his comfort is mis-spelled. But a woman misses all these little helps to housekeeping. And Ivory Soap is one; its great potency makes it actually cheaper than yellow soap for general work. It floats. COPVRIQMT IHI IV TNI fwOCTt A OAMIlt CO. CINCINNATI We make a Specialty ot these grades j Can give you any style you wish ana f FREE OF CHARGE. lice large crayon or sepia portrait Guarantee Every Pair, FOR CASH ONLY. Zipp Shoe Co. 655 Main St. Lrself or friend given away fre of ICE! ICE! ICE! I rom pure spring water diivered la ar,y part of the city in any quantit I.tinily1 trade a specialty. Bell tie tyhone 191. JOB LAWRENSON. Worth $100 at Locke & Co. with each dozen of our best WHEN NATURE Needs assistance it may be best to render it promptly, but one should re member to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. Th" best and most simple and gentl remedy is the Syrup of Figs, manufactured hy the California Fig Syrup Co. Joint Institute of Teachers. A circular of the joint institute to be held by the public educators of the Black Hills counties at Rapid City, beginning June IS and continuing till the L'Sth. lias been issued. The institute will be held in t lie Pennington (ounty school house, ami the following Instructors are announced: I'rof. W. W. Cirton. Madison. S I).: Supt. II. Iv Knatz. Sioux City. Iowa: I'rof. E. M Stevens. School of Mines. Rapid Citv; Mrs. Hedge, Hot Springs college. Hot Springs: Mrs. Hattie Mitchell. Drake 1'niversity. Hes Moines. Iowa: Miss Bertha Martin. School of Oratory. Chicago. These educators are high in their calling, and the primary work should be taken advantage of by every teacher in the niack Hills. Mrs. Hattie Mitchell of Drake t'niversity is one of the finest primary educators in the northwest, nad her work alone will be well worth the time and expense Inci et size photographs. This is for days only 15t. pring and Summer 1900 urjTjTj"U"uu uuxruTJUiru uxruuuxnjTJuxruinnru-u Lnjxruru-Lruvru W t;ik Ti;!t lMsui in olTerinjr this sca-mimV purcliMse for your inspection, lieinii fully aware of tlie fact thai it exceeds all our previous efforts. notwithstanding tiik kwknt (;i:i;at advanci: in mhkciiandisi: in oi;k link, we have not advanced oi k j'kices in any single instance. dental to attending. Miss Bertha Martin, who is to teach with 22 Popular Monthly Magazines 22 CUn to ra&dui of thla paper for saiTlof tfco wrapper from our Diamond "C" Laundry Soap. ...Jmlcsb ra ovb Fbiu Lur xaa . Mandolins, dultar. Violin, and hundred of Splendid Olft lor Everybody. Drop a portal oard tor Tie Catalogue to reading and English, is from the Chi Our Men's Department is replete the verv latest for men's wear. ' cago loinmoia school or orntorv. am 1s known to be very fine. She is graduate of the school referred to and is now an instructor in that institu tion. Premium Dbpaiitiiint. ADDITIONAL CITY NEWS. Jack McAlcer was bruised to some extent yesterday by being dragged on Main street by a flighty horse that he was leading. The horse took fright and Mr. McAleer. getting tangled in the rope, was dragged for several yards. Men's Spring Overcoats, in all the newest shades and styles, ranging in price from $7.50 to $22.00. The handsomest line of Men's Spring I'rof. Kratz makes a specialty of The Ccdahy Pkg. Co. Soap Works, pedagogy and child study and his work SOUTH OMAHA, NEB. and lectures cannot fail to be very-helpful. His subjects are: "The mAwt will frtktaM Suits we have ever shown; the very latest denims in hierh rrrade tailoring, ranging Teacher and Character Building," and 0 - - from $6.50 to $25.00. "Why Do Our Leaders Largely Come From Rural Life?" They are free to all Fully equal to tailor-made, at just one- There have so far been three entries for the billiard tournament to be held at the Olympic club, beginning May 21 and continuing until the night of the 26. They are Dr. TV VV. Moffitt. Banks Stewart and Aaron Hattenbach. The fine cue to be given as a prize will not be ordered -until after the tourna Go to the. The other instructors are equally good In their lines. It may be easily seen that better educators are obtaina half the cost of made-to-order goods. Our Boy's Department consists of every ble at a joint Institute because the amounts to be expended need not be ment, as the winner will undoubtedly thing necessary for a boy's complete outfit, t.o.i;QKi mwlR and low nrices being our largely swallowed up by local expenses and more can be expended to obtain a v a n v. Si"-'m ' y - a s ONLY AIM. good talent. ilMaMa-BlochCa. FAMILY LIQUOR STORE For Pure Wines and Liquors. Also for Bottled Beer in Cases Telephone No. 25. Goods Delivered Free to any Part of the city 636 Main Street Deadwood. On Wednesday evening, June 20, the Rapid City W. C. T. U. will tender the This a&n ann w-. hare rtniH nil rtirular attentlion to the have some preference as to weight and style. J. W. Pease and Miss Hattie E. Dahl of Deadwood were married on the evening of the 14th inst. at the residence of Alfred Plebel in the First ward. Dr. C. B. Clark 'officiated. A bounteous repast was provided for the large number of guests present. A teachers a reception, which will give them, an early opportunity to get acquainted with each other and the people of Rapid. Th F. E. & M. V. and B. & M. railroads have offered a one and one-third fare rate from all points in the Hills. number of valuable presents were left with the happy couple, who will begin housekeeping at once In our city. The boys of Williams street are la menting the death of John Hunter's m-u m; u uu i v I v a. - TLE FOLKS. Three-piece Suits froni 3 years up with vest just like Ja's, from $$0 to $ 6.50. Shirt antPeollars just like Papa wears, ages years and arda. 0UUr GENTS' FURNISHING DEPARTMENT, com in every detail, with the latest novelties, in fact, ev-iing that is new and novel worn by men. HATS of the celebrated Dunlap and Stetson makes, 1 by all good dressers, in all the new shapes and shades I shades for spring wear. rne best line of Fancy Caps we have ever shown, in ie new style Plaids and Checks. ( w Shoe stock is now complete with the very latest in ' Shoes. Every pair guaranteed to give satis faction. 1 old black dog. The dog was a great favorite with all the children on the FIRST NATIONAL BANK street, and had never shown anything but the kindliest disposition towards NOTICE. The rpRular meeting of the Iads Cathollr Order of Foresters will be held at the City hall this evening at 8 o'clock. Business of Importance to be transacted. All members are requested to attend. By order of MRS. M. HEFFRON, Sec. DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. children until yesterday, when he bit Jake Kaufman's child. Mr. Kaufman went out with his shotgun as soon as he heard of It and got he dog. The United States Depository chief of police sent an express wagon A TESTIMONIAL FROM OLD up to remove the dead dog. but the ex-J J press man found that the boys on the street had taken charge of the funeral. DIRECTORS: t. j. drier, p. e. sparks p. a. gushur8t d. a. Mcpherson. O. J 9A.LISbURY. They had the dog loaded up in a little express wagon, and were preparing to :i T OFFICERS: President O.J. SALISBURY I Cashier D. A. MePWaoa , Three Reasons Why we, Should Sell you Shoes! Our Shoes are better in Quality. And More Stylish in appearance. And Lower in Price than any other House in Town. escort him to a suitable location tor a final resting place. He was buried with appropriate ceremonies, and the boys intend to mark his grave with a omnument Vlce-Prewld.nt T. J. ORIKR I - L "I consider Chamberlain's Cough Remedy the lt In the world for bron'-Mtls," say. JI- William Savory of Warrington. Englao 1 "It fcaa saved my wife'n life, she having been a martyr to bronchitis for over ah years, being most of the time confined to her bed. She is now quite well." It Is a p-rat pleasure to the manufacturer's of Chamberlain' Cough Remedy to be ahle to j tibliah testimonials of this character. They show that great good is being done, raia an suffering relieved, and valuable lives restored to health and happiness by this remedy. It Is for sale by Kirk G Phillip. ICEI - Cetoh the band wagon Large fcas got the ice. Families supplied. Hr. risen telephone No. 120. Bery iumn coma a anapely, pretty aKmM many of them deplore the toM of their rif ush fcnM after marriage The bearlne of children la vary destructive to the mother's shapelineaa. Thtacaa Shapely O . - w n K ' Harried Women "amed women nn.hnr'Q mot jreparsa the body for tW strain npon it, and treerre. L .1 1 I 1 1 1 J I aTj tba yasMtry of form. f oraaa a Pkiekd also obviate U VIIIWI W FATAL COU HS. It has Keen proven that soldiers are hit 'during battle according to the color of their dress, in the following orderred is the most fatal. Austrian grey is the least fatal. The proportions are, red twelve, rifle green seven, brown, six, Austrian, bluish-grey, tire. There is one other color, not mentioned, more fatal and that Is the pallor of weakness. If It has commenced to (.' -I. -nectanl all Mm dancer er cmio-otnn ana oimti me Mk safely tkrooih into critical period without pain. Itiawosaaa'a M Ii ihi-l Meaatac. and th panada rratcfully tell of the great food it If lata usr- .s fj - 22; ! i Lr I n n f J 11 IUIIU Om Uttw Book. UUlauj aD taia freat remeay, win a trm a any afdrass ay Tn WtanstD RMOLaroa Coat

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