The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 16, 1898 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 16, 1898
Page 3
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THE DAILY PION ER-TlM9 SATURDAY. APillX; 16, IES3. 0000000 abBbrhstba-l, Lm,CrU iIVlJGEa- 1 lillC. 5 HERE AND COMING! i (MarttaaMMos.atloraaja. . l'MUAB.-MObIPBltl-00riUr 0 riii. . -- ui a...tb laauta, Ooaaty ol V m' lu iitvvM thitus aataadMualOlraau. 1 a.-uLjr, f laiubd. r.bUM 0. urabHt. iMlMKlbut. la aUMut Miw MaiNaMNHla araatlssl luaua ur wawaM aad ralaS JT? mm lu um auuoe Bua a bh a a tu im Smki iu tut uowa o taa tuata auu.a HtlMl at ""-"?!!7 1SS3. ! a a. s a a m LEAD, S. 0. 9 wsapwsbsSbJB NvM yia laa.s ut kwi.i auw - uv w U.. i4lNi at UU uutu., u taa "rTT!" m jT a at-1 1 a 1 - I. t . a a . la. f m J ansuvrn uuhk" in w.r ihhiv v ru tn, .Mtwtx. x Hardest thliie in thr luuic t rii m. Moat . UU M, It, IM IMUIIMI, VUtfl. - ' if. rootmry to vrtv el'-an. Mtt tinpW ant f contrary thinip. to lwi cl.-att. Mwt untilrnnt u nit ua. awr ta. aw . i.a in tai. mm ua) iM MM,ur taa t-" BARNEY FRANKLIN KEEPS THE BEST OK LIQUORS. IF YOU NEED ANY. GIVE HIM A CALL. THE NEXT ATTRACTION. Tha Ashley Rush Stock Company has b when not cleannl. Are t'luiir cKmii anil krtt clean "V ,. kt, ,.uauaiik ,a.w i' tut aie. easily with that enemy ot oil ami Kua,r uml dirt rR the .next Thirty Days we will be constantly receiving new Lines in all departments. Our store is too large and our departmtnts to numerous to particularize. We can only say that while in many lines there has been a big advance in values, owing to increased duties and other causes our stuff was contracted for belore the advance, and we own if at old prices and as long as it lasts will sell it at old prices. MIM M. HIUMUMi ...U Will k IIMi .- u.. ui hi ut bar aal 1 ua at.OV Irina UM la uji ' Jaauair ISM, aat i a, 4 ttuut Uvuauiuur tutu, tan, bbm. ' UM ut Uu. auuotl. Washing i -j - a secured tha Opera house for tha weak commencing Monday, April II, and will treat our people to a rspartoira of tha choicest of modern ootnedy dramas. Tha opening bill will be tha great mili twaa at fcaauaoud, B. Dm Uu l.Ht daf Si ii 1 1 aurtMrr, a. ti. ..a. Powder HUSHAXlvr rialbUfl attoraara. aaM.uuaut .but. aawadi Larfaal paokara irraatrat economy raa. tea uuua vmapiaiai earvta wm M. at. a Siad m ta. uuw. ut ta. vtM-a o. taa aaa aautiaa NOW OHOWINOi p-airhank compact, New a'urk. Uuatuu. l'LiUadelptlla. 8b Loula. VAChletto. uuart at nwiigiM, aoaut ttM ata ua IB bit aaf M Starrs, liwa. tary comedy drama entitled "Lyn-wood," ahowlng tha entire strength of tha company. One of tha greatest hits of tha season la tha illustrated songs and tha Illustrations of views of tha altar:, a auaoa, atHM-aaf. mm fiaiatl. trtnt rubltoauoa naraa law.) NOT1C16 OF rORFBUTUiUL wrecked battle ablp "Maine" and taa beat vessels of tha United Btatas aavy. Bab Bacon was In Lead yesterday on one of bit regular visits. Agent Garner t tha F., E. ft M. V. waa In Lead yesterday on buslneaa. Dr. Miller reports Mrs. H. J. Dick on and Mrs. Hyde vary much Improved last evening. The MUsei Thompioa of Oelrlchs, who have been visiting Lead during the past week, left yesteerday for Hot Springs. Miss Eihelyn rblUlps, Mlsa Mattls Qtbson and Miss Carrie Tonn drove over from Spearflsh yesterday to attend the Charity ball. Dr. Jay Smith ot Terry reports a little stranger of tha mala gender arriving ai the home of L. Harrington early yesterday morning. Yesterday was the regular semimonthly pay-day at the Homeataka Te Fred Nelsoa sad to geeUaar BuretaaM' Tha company cornea here with tha very Couiy&uy, a vol ywaUoo, sad wBoat tt saay OUUUWTUI . iwu aia lurormed that ws hsve aapeaoea best recommendations, one Dead-wood man who aaw it at Alllanoe In lu tauur sua liuyruv.ui.uu uyoa Uka aalvge New Dress Goods, New Millinery. New Cnrnsts. New Curtains. New Embroideries. New Laces. New Clothlnf?. New Hats anc Caps New Shoes. New Furnishings. New Wash Goods. New Organdies. uwva LamI er tuiuiug viaiiu, tea emaa forming ua that tha performance la NOTICE OF ELECTION. Council Chamber. Dead wood, S.D., AprU 4th, 1898. Notice In hereby given that the annual municipal election ot the city of Deadwood, South Dakota, will be nolo on fueedar, the lth day of April, A. D., im, fcr tha election of the following offloert of said city, for the ensuing terms, vis.: One mayor of the city of Deadwool. One treasurer of the city of NOW 18 THE TIME To purify your blood with Hood's Bar iupnrllW. Msrrh, April, May are tha tr lug i lcmilia of the year. At it' Is saa son yot.r blood is loaded with impun tiea wtlch have accumulated luring the winter, ai.d these ImpuritKu muM be Imoiedlately expelled. Hood'r Bar-saparllla Is tb , One True Blood t-urlfy-er. It is tho medicine which has an-compllshed msny thousanda of iemark-abla cures of all blood diseases. It U equal to any ever given la Dead wood. Hub Imue, or Biiuius uloliB, Uw Ureaad hoa An. s Uxle, int Buumg sialas, tee uivuuii tiug M. 8 Loua or mining aiaiaa, in uiuuuj lioa rie. 4 Leds er buaus Tha prlcea of admission rill be 50 cents for reserved seats and U cents and IS cents for other parts ot tha house. cimiiu. ins Uruud Uog No. b Lais er iM lug ulaiin, sltuaua Ui bMta? ktulia asuuM uuuiut, in Lawraaoe Ueuagr, Hotilh iaae ta. at laaat IliMI par rear auoa ease el asM ulaiuia lur taa loiioaruig yaant la lasl lieS uuuu aca at said alauas. AU ef waaaa waa done tor the purpose ef holding the aald ! what the millions take in tha rprlng to mill, and the usual amount of yellow metal waa gathered In. Baeilah Heatlllty to IHntar MaesMaaw . .. . HUver Uuean. Ground Uog, ureuac ueej build up health and ward ott sickness. An Americau visitor to England n. .M.-.. ,v. m't ... No. I, urouad Uog No. S. Urouad Uofl No. 4 and Urouud Hot No. S Lodaa eado he We Have the Largest and Moat Complete Grocery and Hardx7aro Department vVest of the Missouri. Simon Carroll, formerly a resident who tiienila some little time 1b the ft . ,v- a i urovistous ot Maouoa !, Haviaea SHaraias of Terravllle, but at present one of u( the United Htatae, and asu amaadatory ibareio. for the Dvrtod aaoiag ueoomaar Dutte county's ranchers and stockman, la visiting Lead on business. siat. laT, and Uare la due treta yea Uare vu the aum of I1S.M aadsa opea eaok ad aald claims, or SUM.M la all. country, saya J. N. Larned taTha Qm Atlantic, can , baldly fail to bwoaa Qm oonaclotw of three aorioua faots: (1) - .... ... f ,h. . . That thre is a btrong olaaa feeling J trmrr bor duc-against much education for thoae " k ... i.v-i .. ,wiiBe and 0n "T ot the school board from "HOUSE CLEANINQ. ' Wa are now prepared to do house and carpet cleaning with neatnaaa and despatch. Give us a trial. Harrison Telephone No. 190. QILE8 ft McNABB. Yesterday evening the High school We Solirit Your Patronage.. You are bareby aounea uai u wiuua wm days trom p. rascal aervtea ef UOa aeiiae vuu fall to coo tribute year presrUa el cadets tried for the first time squad drilling, In which the new officers had auch espaodUure as oe-ewaar with the an servants, a faeiing mora pravalanl p FlPrt rd' a chance to try their authority. One msK ber of the school board from A pair of new fire hydrants are be daralguad during eaoa el ua yeara aeare mvauouvd, your lutarsat la said alalia will besoms iba proosriy ef tha svibaortbaf. your oo-ownar, who haa meee the ranatrvd the Second ward. NOTICE TO OWNER OF LAND BE and more pronounced than tha shamefaced eeutiuect of like mean-n eaa that iawhiaDerexl in soma snob- H ing made at the Hcmestake machine BIG BRICK STORE One mem er of the school board from FORE TA X DEED SHALL ISSUE: shop to replace the ones recently brok' expeauiluras as roquirea ay sata aw blah American circles, (2) Thai the Third vard. las. en by a runaway team, on Main street. tha "echool tate" aeeiiia to be thai Onememjerof the achoo. board from BTErHEN B. HUXTB, idAHY k. SUAJU. trirst I'uUlcaUoa. Uaroh SS, IsbS.) Sam Lamont, agent of tha Adams moat btitrudkrod of English taxes, the Fourth ward. Express company in Lead, Is slightly the rnoet aharply crltk'.aed. thai The following placea hat been des To George A. Wilson, Jacob Goldberg, Wllmot G. White and J. L. Turner, and to whom it may concern: You are hereby notified that on the 6th day ot November, A. D., 1893, the following described property taxed In the name of one J. L. 1 urner, and be noticu or ai'I'ucatiom roa un under the weather and unable to at-j moat gruuiblc-d at, and thia to a de I igoated by the city council aa reglstra LEAD BUSINESS DIRECTORY, l aiHS Or ADMINISTRATION, la ths County Court of the Oouaty of tend to nis omra duties. Assistant area for which there seems nothina I tion and iiolllnc nlacea. and the fol ASSAYERS. M. H. LYON. Lawr.Dua, biaia of South Dakota. RAILROAD TIME TABLES. BURUNUTON ROUT hi. TRAIN'S LKAVE AS! rXLL0W8: Agent McClpndon of Deadwood Is fill-1 ooinparuble in America. (I) That Mowing penona as boards of reglstra ing his position for a few days. I tha opimaition to secular schools, I tion and Judges of election of their re la Iba matter e: Iba Kalau ot waller w. Bona, devoaaad. longing to and In the possession of Thnan who had hualnma on Main I fostered ly the church and oatenal-1 apecttve wirds. vis.: GUY LAMBERT. nooaMoa to kisau tun Notice la fearaby givse tisi josepa as. Klckal haa hied, with las Clerk ef this No. 202 PasBroKer. Daily. Hill Jacob Ooldtwg. George A. Wilson and Wllmot O. White, to-wlt: tha "Eure 1 PUBLIC ASSAYER street yesterday morning were treated wy actual wi iy aeaire iot nu-i rirst ward polling place Hose pa to an exciting one-round rouith and ,OUB. "'"ucuon in. eooovia, vlllon, City, lid Springs, Chicago and all points east. ka" lode and mining claim, lot No. 389, L!?ery,FeeiasJBGariiii Stable Court, a aaoiion, praying for betters of Admlalatralloa of tba fcalate of Waltar W. Uenn.deoaaaod. aad thai taturday, tae ISiA day ot April, A. D., Ut, at 1 e'eloes a. m., of said day, being a day at a rfu!r m--mm. . Ikla gnaia Sb wtl I SV tKafi A Bt J in I largoiy atiia-iwu "i juUgee Jftmeo Foley. W. b. Ander- tumble between a man and horse, situated in Lawrence County, South Da AND SAMPL ER. south an 1 west 1:30 p. m two aiiuinit uia inuicaxea ooto,iob u1 gchwlng. which the latter came out victorious, No. 206 Local, Dally er:ept Sun imjIIiiu. lucreiore. 10 me in 1-j.cial Bttrstlna given to tr 01.1 and boarding kota, waa aold for taxes due and delinquent thereon for the year 1892 at tax Second ward polling place Bowling vmt saa vs eaaas ewwas a " a w - t.rm, iss, at tae Court room tbevoot, at il,. Court Hnuaa Is Daadwood. la tba 014 DSADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA and proceeded on down the street at a 2:40 gait. took Alley. Fin tTlfai. lliiinii a Snscafr oreasingly deiuocratio conditions that are inevitable in England, th reluctance and factiousneae of die- aale by the treasurer of aatd county, Judges 'fhomae Bentley, J. J. Wil day. Bald Mountain and Spearfixh 1:65 p. i No. 204 Freight, Uaily, Hill City, Custer and KJge- Couaty of Lawreaoe, has ooa sat for batar. log said pat it ion, wbaa aad where aay par. son laurested may appeal aad show mm Messrs. Kellar,, Parks 'd McMahon Ritdulck Building, Mala Street, "Le ft J.1 said tax then due and delinquent liams and 3reea Ervln. have again taken up the Usk of get-1 poMition that apiwar among itecitl BLACK HILLS why tha aald petiuea aaouia no ae granted. Third ward polling place City hall. Judges John Mansfield, L. R. aiont. 1:00 a. n. amounting to ten dollars and seventy-two cents, (110.72); the amount now due upon aald tax aale. being for the ANTliONV TROUT, ting together in book form a complotel sen a touching the vital matter ol buaineas directory of Lead and othorl popular education are ominoua of Analytical Laboratory ant Assay Offlcj I Graves and J. T. Olllmore. Dated atarca tin. a. ai?raAT, Judge of tae Caty Ooart, (First Puom AprU s, bsaa.) lllnrk Hills towns. They ara meeting I evil to the ua iioii, and gravely leeaen Plumber and Steam Fitter, DEADWOOD, LEAD D. C. TRAINS. Fourth ward polling place Sherman with avrallant hn m kini.M I ita ntiBiii-M of LulJinff. Undpr thf nn .nn..n ..ii v I vuian of ilttmiM-racv. the hlah nlace I Dtel. Leave Deadwood. OSes In Campbell Howe "areata NOTIO OF UASa. Ta aibam It But eon ears! t kavo this or Henry Schnitzel 1440,8.0, ?.0 BoiK. lu' m.iw uu huuhi . I .. m t . , .r. v j to which it roaa under an ariato-l said year 1892, la tha aum of sixteen dollars and eight cents, (115.08); that certificate of sale thereof waa duly Issued to Lawrence County, South Dakota, the purchaser of said sale, and subsequently assigned by the treasurer of Dally Except Sunday 1:30 a. m. not being- numbered. aratio reaime. c- Stout The attendance at the ibllc schools THE BIG BRICK day leased la J no. P. Joaaa, Daalal Smb. arise d, Albert M. Oraattarar, tba Joaas Plaoar (round, situs tad aa Band Crak, U Crook oountr, Wromlns. wb wul se ine noaraa ot registration will meet Dally 10:00 a. m. Daily u:22 a. m. Dally Except Sunday 1:00 p. m Saaipt et saluoa 7 Ball or .iprw. will tmHi, proapt attention. la Washington addition haa Increased at their respective polling places on DR. BABCOCK'S OFFICE. I Tail Bad or tha beal adapted of respoaslbls for all labor, BaatertaLeapiae ao of lste that the present building Is Lawrence County, S. D., to J. G. tha 5th of April, 1898, at 9 o'clock a. Dally 2:06 p. m. itiu otliir aicouuta losurrec is is opora- Department Store ! entirely too small to accommodate the Thomas, who is now the lawful owner oraa. tarn! for aa Electro OyinM. proseaa, C. 8. Patau Ma SUM. Is now located la room 14, Byndleata I m., and mike a registry of the lagsl Uoa ot said plaoar alalms sad I will act be raaponslM tor the aame. different trades, and the board has de nd holder of the sold certificate of t.buraem j aaa aaBpUae emrkala reset b.iiilinr. Dally Except Sunday 1:20 p. m. Dally Except Sunday 4:25 p. m. Dally B:S0 p. m. Block. Entrance from either Lee or I voters of Uetr respective wards. They Mala street. I will meet iigaln on Tuesday, April 12, Foil line oi rveif thlnf eonaually ea hand, cided to erect an addition of two new DaU at Lease, March f , lata. purchase; and that pr. r taxea to tha amount of thirty-four dollars and forty kill sTatrr. lsao rooms, and the ccutract will be let and 1891, at o'clock a. m., to complete (W.BTtg a bttauai. bwaraara ) Dally Except Sunday 7:00 P. m, work commenced at once. WALLPAPERS. laald reaistiT. ad on thia dar will re cents, (34.40), and subsequent taxea to MRS. J. F. BRANSFIELD'S Dally Except Sunday 1:00 p. m. Make selections at your own horns, I main In semlon until (8) eight o'clock the amount of thirty-nine dollars and Early yesterday morning Night- OstM0a. aku-otri.auir ru.S9 ut el Sooth DakebTtlehUi adloUl fvetih , la Iba tarauU Ouurt. M aad bar L.iriaaiia, UMMW. Dally 9:00 p. m. H. C. JENSEN. Ot Laad, haa Opaoad a over 500 new patterns to show yon In I p. tn. ot aald day. ten cents, (939.10) hsve been paid. In watchman Bray discovered a man lay Daily Except Sunday 10:80 p. m. BAKBEY my aample books, which are the earns I The polli will be open continually Uharta a TjrS, rialaaa. cluding Interest penalty and costs; Ing In one of the streets In an tnsensi a e Leave Lead. papers as will be eold at Alfred Feats I upon the d.iy ot election from nine (9) ble condition, and aa all efforts to making the total amount necessary to TOBICCO -;- FACTORY, V. rniiwu 0. Orabi. D. Tb siat. of Bootb Imtuta asads Sioettaflt 1 95 Sherman No Street uauy Except Sunday I;B2 a. m. awaken htm were unavailing, he was I Co. 'a mammoth New York and Chioa-1 o'clock a. in, until four (4) o'clock p redeem, eighty-nine dollars and fifty lb aT two oaaaiaanti Tou ara baraat aaaood .ad raealiod e carried to the police station and Dr. I SO stores this year. la oonnacllnn with hla Clair raetnry, sod la abla lo aupply all parttaa ia alaa alaaa aisat ight cants. (889.68); and la addition Dally 10:25 v m. Dally U:50 a. m. W. A. ICKES, Auditor of tha City ot Deadwood. watlooauiainlo(Uaovbaaa4 putif - i, Bailor called, who pronounced It slm-1-- OOLOBEXO, Agent. allpplae. Mall oidaia pronipUf SlUad. thsreto tha costs ot serving this notice lalaat faloina aotoriaiy ai w.U aa popularity Dally Except Sunday 1:23 p. m. bioa will be swa isum eoei tbit Ml bboT Bttluad aourt, al fcaadaaiid. Buuta Lu kaut, aad la aarv a eapT of rav aarww aaws (Seal.) must be paid, together with Interest ply an overdoae ot morphine. a tag to tha tart that It Is the only plaea to eaa Dally 2:28 p. m. DR. A. O. ALLEN accruing after thta date. Main street, between Mill and Bleek- at tha bast kind of bakta at tha lowaM Sura Bar Botto U Uva and lal lira, Hr to loaTM of Dally Except Sunday 1:45 p. m. v.. . . , v.. I Has removed his office to second floor, I N) EXPERIMENTS. Tou are further notified that the braad ara aqaal to auwt 10a loavae. Bha kaap a fall Mae ot broad, aakaa. eooktaa, .nam poKa, ri.ti. ..- . o . ,, i er, wuiuu una uwu aiuiwv iujummuii i i Da y Lxcept Sunday 4 : 50 p. m. I; w Uont room, ec the new Clark building. right of redemption will expire aad ua ntaaoriaata at utati tm at iiaatr a bwsai block basdoood, b.tb !.,) S laurty ear aftar lb barvtee at ti mmm aa roa, aaalwWv ef tbodav at t-rrioa, m4 U ro but to taa aaiaatalalWmia IM mm, Iba atatatlS will apetf ta lb aoarl bif ba raliat nait IS ta auaiptataa, LwmkL al liaadwood, bmiia IMkota, this ad day rabrabry, A. U, Ua. The cauie ot disease la quickly ap Dally 5:67 p. m. Sherman street aaadMa, atgan, Bilk, eta., and lartta. yna to aall deed for said land be made at the end 7 He Club Restaurant. Best Tafclo in Ciry, Dally Except Sunday 7:22 p. m Dont't Forget the Number. of sixty days after tha completed ser mud, la now in a little more presentable condition, thanks to a force ot men and a "heeler scraper under the direc parent, hsiioe the doctor dose not experiment, but removes it aa rapidly as the co-opetatloa of the patient allows. Dally Except 8unday 1:22 p. m. GUIDE TO WASHINGTON, a a vice of this notice. 95 ShermanStreet. rKlDllt,S AMornSja April 12th, 1898. J. O. THOMAS. Sent Free to Teachers and Tourists, I The expertises of Dr. L. Miller In tha Dally 9:22 p. m. Dally Except Sunday 10:65 p. m. Na 201 (Eastern Pass) Ar 11:42 a. m. To tba daraadaal aaov a B)di f kaaaak Boaoa tbal ua aaattribri. lu tba tion ot the chief of police, who, despairing of the mud ever drying up, did the next best thing and hauled It treatment of difficult, lona-standlna deals all Hours. Shev aoutMd mm W, si I . a lb aa--a W b alark et u .koa buu4 at an at liatiaa, . It contains special information about ..a ntTyM. dtaaasM Insures tha -urea Harris a Mi ar CtnfMoita-bioasr vmMkuo-ooatrLAlaT Soatb Pasota, ea Imurf St, lay. plaoea of Interest, also complete and -a ... unaTtakea. for ha aJ away. rilad. aaaun Baauii, riatiitiss anovean, Iflnsrab. btarob. s, 1ms.) no. 209 (sp-nah Train) Ar 10:20 a. m. No. 203 (Freight) Arrive 11:10 a. m. No. 202 (Passenger) De'p'ts 1:20 p. m. Stats m Sooth Dakna seaBty of Uwtaaet , aj. comprehensive map of tha National . no 1- Instruction At the meeting of the Singers' club, Sur.ib Isdlelal Qlraoiv a uinin UM1. UMU Tickets $o. SI NO YOU, Prop. FRANK LAKE. TBOBaa srasier, riaiuUal. which ta under the direction of J. VL , ' wu7 ebeyed. He guarantees the reaulU ol I ntluaua a& T ! i awdaa D&ai Haailara. I L!c6!ilS & PALMERLEE . stnm a New and Second Hand Goods . . . No. 210 Spearflsh train) De. 1:65 p. m. NOTICB OF WOtLrmjTVMM. To Jsrsmiah Harrlastoa aaS all aareiun Teirartr. Thursday evenlnc. It waa de-l"""w lw a '-'"- l treatment Among Othera. he cures rran.1. O. OraMa, DafaBtaat. Tha Bteta al Boaia lima ----- mitmUi mi No. 204 (Freight) Departa 6:00 a. elded to give a .cries of two concerts U "Jt T . -a 0 Staooarlng habtU, TotaasborasaaMd .aaadaati loearabarabf aaaoaadaad raaalea aa aa. claiming by or through klmi Vcu are Informed tbat 1 have expanA: ta labor and Upptovamoata apo tba t- 4-a Star, Bo vary, Rural, pafeaoott, r mat rome rerun nauooau wihuw i ratumatUri. 6t Vitus' dance, catarrh, DRAYMAN AXD TEAMSTER. or mustcales, the 15th and 25th of May, aiaapwlnt ot UlaM aiaa wtu ba SM is aa. ' of iba Mart ut tha al aasoelauon meeting in July, just i ruptur p m (without knife), sleep- The club is composed of the best sing F. B. ft M. V. R. R. THE NORTHWESTERN LINE. WOTB aaiiuaa eoan al O wood, Boat Dakota, tnd to erv s atwt ot oar anam ama ana Mstropoutaa looas er minis! mMm the thing tor taac&era ana anyone ahaas&saa, dlaeasea ot men and woman Hauling of Every Description. era of Lead and expect to secure tht aslstance of several noted vocalists of Iba mbaerlbar at e tat Iba Uartia a ing to Washington. Address u. it- et ha bld. akin, stomach producing I If you want to liuy or Sell get wimmtm wma, uaaaouoa, ta Daaoat, wilb aunt Sen aftar taa hwIm mm bhu . Daring, A. O. F. AgL, S4S BOUSB ciara DEPOT: Betweon Dedw'd and Tine nuaiea in trermaaia mining eiatrtat, la Lawranoo County, ioutfe Doxota, at taua lluO par year upoa each ot said alaiat tae th following yearsi UM aad UHj beleg ll.ioo.oo la ail, er 890 upoa eaa ef a I pain, nsrvmsnasa, prostration, deb'U- the eeaat. The following new namea ..-laa) a tk. Saf al aarvtae, or tfea alalatia am lata Mkbmci asalaal roa (or ralva tbna. 81, Chicago, enoloatag s-eeni stamp Streets. ty, dlssinei, loss of strength, energy Coal Delivered to any Part oi the Cltf. Deadwood, - South Dakota their figures. Courteous treatment to all. were added to the membership list: naadSr haadrad dollar )lth lataraa) al lb The Guile Is worth much mora. Ualms. All of which waa doa tar tha Arrived. Depart. Mr. B. C. Yates, Thomas Barry and 0. aad mamoiy, weaksnlng functions, etc. Cocauitatlm free. At Olllmore house rat. ot , par aat laa par eaaaa Km aba l't da at Woraaiaa. laar. Lmm ta. mm. am thia urpoa ot boldlDg th said Ooldesi Bter, lowery. Ravsl. laobsortt. lutuae a.i Though trains to Omaha W. Harvey, making now In all thirty uhn at uaanwono, aoata pabuta, tbla Tab daf TO THE LADIES. Ho. 621 Lcier Main Mreet. Deadwood, 8. D., Wednesday, April . v. mm Chicago. St. Paul, Min six members. When you want Art Linen, Flour ds 21, 1895, from 1 to 6 p. m. AkUxtZZjiVAJL rtalaitft aMora.ra. The following delegates who havs Ta 'ba Sata.daat aaiaad abovat lis Silk. Tyrlaa Dyea eall on Mrs. R Mstropolltaa lodes uoder Us pTortakoaa ol Section tUi, Ravlrad SutaUa ot tae t cited Stataa. aad acta amendatory lhwi, for th period aadlng Deenbar tlM, U A, and thr I due trosi you thcreoa Ute m of lioo, upon each et aald eialas, er a neapolis, with close cia nectlons for all points west and south, at Fre Hotel Fargo, aouaa tbat tba anaptalaS karat. TO WH3M IT MAT CONCERN. been In attendance on the B. Y. P. U CHARLES CERNEY'S J. Mooney 722 Noble block. Leas at siad ta Iba ao t mi, m wa aao a aanii.a enan si Paadwoos. Boa IS convention in Deadwood were yester given la Art Needle Work, tttaplog I will no; be responsible tor any bills mont and Omaha .... I1 a m., p m. itohi oa raorsafy swa, a, D, lews, day shown through the mines and! dona Buns a : a mit You are hereby BoUSed that If within SS day trom eorvloe ot Ibis smHSoo swa Hoi Spring., "south Dakota, ToilSOrial ParlO!, aoairaoted by parties living In my houses la Deadwood, or other placea. DEPOT: Lower Main 8treet. White wood Sturgls.Rap mills at Lead by Rev. C. L. Kirk: Mis riaiasrH atiaraa. (Ft rat rsb. Marsh a UBS.) , 11 eoatrlbttU roar CMomaa ml FoaaAL. Anna Charlson, Deadwood; Rev.Steur tor house ssatartaL without a written Id Chadron and Inter uch b.'peaditur aa o-owbar with the aa- ln.M.1 mA nAM n..i j One hundred empty barrels, eapaoity lerdsr fjora the aaderslgned. NOTIC1 OF LXAXB. mediate points..., 40 to 50 gallons, 51 easts each. nr. urouaer, custer; miss uortieyou, WM. K. MdMASTER. To whom It mav eon oars t Wa ham tbia Will entertain yon all right, whether sick or welt. Go there for a change Has Jnat been opened and be Invites the pnbllo to give him a call. Centrally located on Lee Street near the B. ft M. depot. Belle Fourche I8:40pa 11am Whltewood only .... 17:20 am !4:Upm Oelrlrhs; Rev. Catlln, Mr. and Miss PKnJLaTT PHARMACY. Belle Fourche, 8. D oay iae us "atoeocB" group a slaitna, la Black'aU Quick (S suUma), vlst the sCe- oartgno during each of the yare above m.o Honed, rour uuroat la salu siaiiw will booome th property ot the BubcorlbeT, your oo-ownar who has made the required tpaadltur as required by aatd S.oumi Parry. S. D., March it, 1. t 4 (Pint Ka fciarsh a. ISO.) Dally. ! Daily, except Sunday, HTTA OONCENTRATTNO MILL. riHEUg BAZAAR. Hand, and Mr. Nash, Hot Springs. Ths Hot Springs delegation left over ths H. H. ft Ft P. for Piedmont where they 4 Orowa Petal, Oood Hope, Doable Standard, aad Kins Solomoa lodasi ta rrad A Bloadaa, of Lead, a DH wae will be ?e sponsible for all labor, autterlal. supplies Has ramrn-ail In MaIsoBa aid atand Everthing Flrst-Clait. Leidwood, South Dakota. Thto iUnt. titaatad ocemile from I. m AmtrUaM NtUoBAl took the Elkhorn for home. a W. MD1KOTOW J. T. acucxLL. ua vuaar Beooania uoarroa ta taa apt "1 the Holy Terror nine oa Orlasly guloa, A pair of slick looking strangers, Keystone, 8. D., will be offered for sals Central City, S. D. rrb 4th. Ittt. henry mmiMtriT. aftp Sscoad Hand. showing cards and representing them, el ts to be plumbers, presented them' SAAKCY P'RANKUM, sa a whole natll May 1st After that date the machinory whloh was la nee TOMBSTONES. MONUMENTS, 1 1 MACHINERY. . aa a . v. : . sarar aovtxrn. In 4 bo. f Smhanr. selves to Andy Trout Thursday even f rrtfn Uia unnKrv or. DUD W00O t. 0, less than two months aad Is la perfect hr ant! MMirarrw mollis oott-srri. CEMETERY FENCES. ing, asking for work, also stating that condition, will be aold la lota. ttnmnvntriii', InuWI OH AS. BOHL, Proprietor, .. 19 H. P. Portable Boiler aad Engine. IS H. P. HerisooUl Bngtne. From the well known works of GOD- lhejr mn brok J,1 "naTy. Andy be-1 u constats of enahera, Cornish rolls. WM. A, tlNK, J. M. MAT8CU?. The only place in town loget a good lunch. DEN ft BALLARD. F-mmetsburg. Iowa. ln ,n h'P' 8a them money looldea Gate conoaatreAors. aad other n H. P v.srtlcaJ Engine. rouowiog is tne BILL Or FIRE machinery satiable for goid ravaeUoal Bollera. OF APPLICATION FOR Having aecured tL. agency for the ,w ""Paw ana sen (nan over 10 abeve well known firm, for Weatern John D1tl' tor alfht's lodging, tell- Ham Bauaase Dlood, Sauaafe Veal ror particulars, aoareea, i lasisu Sbaua Pnmn. oaoaoitr 140 gal LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. vneeae ewi.s, Baiaaz Hummar, Chaaaa Brlrk- Maikai.i- A. R. Leooux, Kaoaiver, Iu the County Court of the county of South Dakota, Northwestern Nebraa-1 lna" report next morning for ka and Northeastern Wyoming. We r- M"'- u WM a old IWy ot mlsplao- Chaaaa Llmbarsfr. Cha. Hmmram HUiaty, a a INo. t OaUi Cnaahar. Lawrence, Bute ot South Dakota. tiaaa CBeea. Krankfort.n. Pla' raat. spoctf ully solicit orders for any kind of I confidence and a pair ot deadbeats, I Sets Crsshlng Rolla. Ubaaiban taUar AMotum, cuiatoia IabOlnuH OawoteM pat Sadtalal Ckf-all ol tba Btoetef Boot ttahaat, trttiua bud Sat BjftFTvn timutfm tba Viral bauoualltaak ot Uaaol ateaaaa, s orporaaoa, ptatabO. " v. rraaoi.a wiuUei Deraadaat, tMtaual buaeb - Ittancriaa To taa abor a..d dwaaaaM " ar baruiy ataauied bad rMaJrad am war aha ou.,ilabM al tba . v JZ aaora iwlMn, wia. J be S4 a aapy al row tMmmt to . SZ?1Z at btae t.. , ,. TJZ arw tba aarvica ol Ibw a., . ... , Ll t2 mtTLlir" r- ulm .r a4 wwaii . V b.U SlZ,t mXT " k"S . J aSte frUtll' ud km M taio na " ' "w r bafcaat, KabaS Iwkruary auk, ISM, OaJBjJuiJ T Am. SABad tomttZT'' Tan antMa Ma anw n.,- h r i. tmtt ni oa UuuMa, nim. J , -" FsbMpuLb'1 In the matter of the estate of Ed DASSZUXXXKQ. Foreign and American Marble and I for inetead of going to bed they hung ss boiim, v. lanerwurac, Sar41bs. Sou Ton sua. I'fcklad HarrlDf. Dill Ptcklts. Cko fhow 1 Brack no Roaatar. ward Ooulette, deceased. j.ll J INJECTION. : A PEK"I5IEMT CUaE ; i ef tha ami rwv of Oonorrhip i ' and Olai't. vi'iftintrrd In fmm S to a ) i day no t-rntnmit rrqiiind. i oil ilniim.iii. Miss Lane, loeated over UebfTaaurtlwa. variety of ghaftlnc and koxaa. Granite work, guaranteeing satlafac-1 around until about midnight and. orlad Bwt, rirklad R Blue rise. Hon In ev-v particular and prices sal hen the office waa empty, they looked I dry goods Bore, solicits ear share of yui.w,. tB(t p,.ner, ranka Aa. Belttng iind Pulleys, Tanks, Ao. Notice la hereby givea thai Augusts Ooulette haa filed with the elerk of this nomas as Brie. iiehA r.hau. sit sardalis. Imported frankfurter. low aa the lower L If in need ot that I around and finding nothing else (hey I the patronage ot tha ladles, guarantees ABcaovu, Balmon, Lobttrai, Caviar, class of work, drop ns s postal card I could steal, broke open the cigar case I a perfect at, a careful and neat anlshi W. M. BARKER, C2ce, rear 1st NatlonaJ Bank, Deavdwood, 8. a Appeuie eaiaa. Nturcbsttg Ch court, a petition, praying for letters of administration ot the estate of kid-ward Ooulette, deoaaeed, and that Sat- and we will call with samples and de I and waa making off with the eontents I beautiful dealgna aad styiaa. Terms Birrs Cbeeee. s lean asm fort ble signs. We are permanent reelJsa'i I when dlecovered. One ot them was I reaeonabU. Raosare every day exoept urday, the t3rd day ot April, A. D., place. Give htm a eall and d convlno- here. captured and brought before Jadxe I Saturday. B I ad that it U the "Only- place In town. REDINGTON ft RUNDELL, Sraead, where he was convicted and Te tw ee bccxftx Kxxsta ca Deadwood. .... Bo. Dakota. m cno,c m ,llMr ig nne or tb l m-m ten aays in jail. Notioa hereby givea thai the regw-l ... fc' - if a. it IM pmtt PATENTS n. a. so roanoa, PROCURED. WHEN RETURNING HOME t ' fir- r r ".f ftr" WANTED SPECIMENS. lar aanual aweling of atodoidara ot the Buckeye GoVd aad Silver .Mining company, of Daadwcod, 8. IX, wiU bs From Sioux Fails. Yankton, Mltchsll, . U .... L J J Aberdeen, Sioux City or similar points I For a "Mlnarai House- to be exhibit r I iw, at u o oiocx a. as, or ej4 day, being a day of a regular term of this court, to-wlt: ot tha March term, 1191, at the court room thereof, at the eourt house, la the city of Deadwood, In the said county of Lawrenoe, has been eat for hearing said petition, when and where any person Interested may appear and show cause why the said petition should not be granted . Dated, April Ith, A. D., mi, wm, a. p-ixr:usT, J'Z ot Cc.-ty Court, (T. . t r.v a :i i:( j j THaaamf LY' - 1 T I H i H ? a mi ny Vfl.A T-vJ annpc.iJi Till aar .a -v Ts" . T ll Iwim !.. Bwwu Vw'rO .rrt Uwmun, Ni.lnlir l.oil- I take the Paclflo Short Una train leav- sd at Omahaall klada of ores, miner-1 tt of tha PtesTlaaa, ' V J. NOTIC1 OF ANNTAt, bTSTTS'S, nt rp!M aatsatl r-- C-trb! ttty, a l' U , ' t- . St 8 2. is!., ft 1 I. y-r.,droet..i. ,,VS'' . Ing Sioux City at I n. bl. making doss ala and rare specimens from I to 2 1 aa Monday, May 8, 1,S, at l:H a. U 1 EUGENE W. JOHNSON, SOL'CITOR , AMD AlTOcY IX rATKUT OASBS, Uia Saw Tart t WaabJatoajD. 9. connections at O'NelU with train for I Inches square, which will be polished at wtkh BBeeting a board at ilrvAor mat antcklt I nr. n.. to .nruplia I aW & mi I If ol. or rnuaa Black Bills, thus avoiding all algal and catalogued and proper credits xtv-lwiU be aiectad to aim tla au&l Tr.l If KWT4 la t trrl. lTio. I. no (WlMJ rm$l.tOtt HlilatSS.oovwaa lar-over In Sioux City. Saaa tare. I en. Please send with seeclmens. value. I year and suck ether fci-'aasa ta mso- 'ir, J:, . UwiatMaaTlMlKOajO. it oa dniaaut aa. aat z-r'rW. as, - - Llka connections aastbouad. Buy where from fta. Address A. J. Joha-1 aeted aa saay arrsrr c t: re tt 4 i rBee XaUbllahsd 1888. CWgee i , r t f t ft i i,,t f local UckaU to PNeCL Istoa, CU!aora HoUL Deadwood. I XT. M. TTJL.-J; aarbMaf, Sbaisiaa ttm fiaaitWwuu aoaarse.

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