The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 18, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 18, 1899
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

ME DAILY PIONEBR-TIMES, SUNDAY MORNING, JUN 18, 1899. SSaes-aM - i mmm ' ' . -.I! I ' ' " 1 . - - I BLACK HILLS EDITION. I A winding courses till they gradually fade ATCHES, DIAMOND women and Indians scalp people they have killed." This Is the historic fact however much Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Lease THE DEADWOOD PIONEER away in the distance. Amid the clouds the "cascade rockets' The July Number of Bonds and Mortgages Will Be Devoted to Us. I would like to have it otherwise. This re display a broad, swelling spread of liquid ply will be remembered far beyond the existence of the parties and ingalls em-in his political eclipse, more gold in streamers of glittering radiance with feathery edges, Which .gradually dis STABLISHER JUNI t. 1871 THE BUCK KILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7. 1877. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES Fine... Solid Gold Jewelry, forcibly than theretofore , that his equ at repartee never lived. PRO BONO. solves In a lasting cloud of sparkling mist. The "peacock plumes rockets" rise like an Eiffel tower of Are to a great height and with a terrific explosion form a gorgeous CONSOLIDATED MAT 14. 1897. The owner and manager of "Bonds and MortK:wfl," a finaiw-ial Journal of International reputation and standing, published in Chicago, has agreed to devote the July number of the magazine to all economic features of the mineral resources of the Black Hills, providing the financial support will warrant the consumation of the plan outlined. We expect to make this collection of data the most Important from a financial standpoint ever pre- pared for publication In the Black HUM veil of feathery plumes, embellished with Black Hills Gold PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. THE OMAHA ILLl'STRATEU BEE. topaz and emerald comets. Free with each and every copy of the . O The knack of good printing is the re Sunday Bee: TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: tAILY Every Morning. Eioept Monday One Year 110.00 SU Month 6.00 A beautifully illustrated weekly news sult of artistic Insight into the "art pre Sterling Silver Novell At Special Prices for tis servative of all arts." With us printing magazine, printed on hiph grade iaper with the finest half-tone engravings. One Month 1.00 WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. and the co-operation of those who are interested in mines and miVing will con- Tjitest fashions from photographs of One Yew J 00 Six Months 1.00 r i ... i is not mechanical we treat it as an are should be treated. O ST. LOUIS I'ROGKAM. tribute tn make it one of the most cam-, handsome, live models, specially poseu, at the plete advertising mediums ever sent from showing the newest gowns and nonneis Next 20 Day Entered as Second-Class Matter Deadwood I'ostofflee. ,hu itnii, Pictures of the principal current events This journal reaches more and a beller throughout ihe west, with interesting read at class of investors in the I'nited Stales ink matter. St. Louis Elks Have Arranged an Elab-orali' Program for Next Week. Next week the Klks of the country wiTl ('iirpciiter's letters of travel. illuMrate.l ami Euroiw than any oilier publlcat io confident A. F. SNYDB I y his own photograph-i. and pre-eminently enjoys the Athletic sports, wiih snap shots of own .St. Imis and the preparation made by the Elks of the Mound Cfty leaves no question but what all visitors will have a fine time. On another page In this Issue Is printed some matters regarding the Wain Street. JOIRNALIST ATTACHE. Germany lias created the olllco of "Jom-nallst attach?" to lt WushinKton legation. A ncwipapcr representative, ITr. Wltte, hut been sent over from Iiciljn as a part ot tho diuluinatio maihincry. He Is cot regularly accredited to thin government as a Journalist attache of the embassy, such an office not yet having been recognized. He 1b none the less a part of Germany's events. Toi'trails of the men of the hour. I!y mail, $2.00 per year. of its readers. It is an undisputed fact that this country stands on the verge of a mining boom' and a very large volume of investment funds are now available for mining purposes, which formerly sought bonds and mortgages. There are not enough bonds issued to supply the demand, and mortgages are being paid off or refunded at a very lovy OLYMPIC FIELD DAY. The Olympic Association extends the in preparation of the local Elks for the trip, fit. Louis has raised a fun( of $30,000 for the entertainment of the Grand Lodge and visiting Elks. Below is a program for the week : Tuesday, June 20. diplomatic representation at Washington performing a distinct and what Is evident i ly regarded as an Important duty. It 1 Dr. Wltte's business to read all the news 10 a. m Opening ceremonies at Olym i papers that come to the embassy, paying rate of interest, compelling Investors to look into other directions. The rich developments In the Black Hills, Cripple pic theater. special attention to anything relating to 2 p. m. Elks' day at the fair grounds CASH TALKS German Interests. These articles are race track. Six special races, named af marked, and at a certain hour each ray ter prominent Elks, to be run. All Elks the Journalist attache has an audience and their ladies admitted on the official with the ambassador, when they discuss. badge. the articles marked. If the Herman dip Evening "Elks' night" at Suburban gardens. The general public barred, and lomata think It necessary to correct or explain anything which appears in the We have got the goods and want your trade. all Elks and their ladles admitted on the American press It Is Dr. Wi tie's duty eith official ba(ge. vitation to all its members and friends who so desirs to attend the field day exercises, on Friday, June 23, and they are informed that if they desire, they are privileged to make a basket picnic of the event. The fare for the round trip to gturgls and back will be 65 cents, and two trains will be run, the first leaving Deadwood 8:30 In the morning on the 23, and the second train leaving at 10:45. Those who Intend to take baskets are requested to have their baskets at the train promptly, so they may be taken charge of. The association Is going to take the Red Men's band, which has been engaged for the occasion, and the Trio orchestra w ill furnish music (or dancing, good music being thus assured. The first train for home will leave Sturgls early In the evening, for those who may have matters to attend to, and the traib will remain so as to bring those who may desire to stay for the later exercises and dancing at the pavilion. The athletic committee desires all those who can to take the first train. H. K. CABLE, Secretary. Wednesday, June 21. 10 a. m. Grand parade (8.000 Elks are r to write something for the newspapers or to see that a statement In Tegand to the matter is Issued to the corespondents. TA would not be surprising to find before long we expected to be in line.) Come and see us, will treat you right. 2 p. m. Excursion on the Mississippi journalistic attaches at the legations of river to visiting ladies. Wednesday Afternoon "Elks' day" at every country on the globe. o UP TO DATE FIRKWORKS. Forest Park highlands. Vaudeville show. Creek, British Columbia and Alaska have attracted wide-spread attention and convinced capitalists that mining Investments can be made as intelligently as in other lines. CIFUTLATKIN. The circulation of Bonds and Mortgages Is the largest and best of any Investment Journal and amounts to Moo copies each month. Like all class paers. the high quality of its subscribers commend it more than quantity. Every subscriber Is a large corporation, trust company or individual Investor of means, who has confidence in the utterances of the journal. The handsome Eroupean circulation Is especially valuable to the Black Hills today. Mr. F. H. Ertel. the business manager and one of the ownwers of "Bonds and Mortgages," has named I. A. Webb em the representative In the Black Hills, who will collect and compile all data that will be published In this financial Journal. The edition that was published by Mr. Webb in March, 1898, on Industrial mining In the Black Hills has proven to us that he is eminently qualified to compile the matter pertaining to the mining interests in a manner that will be the most beneficial to promote the development of the Wednesday Evening Excursion on the The Fourth of July fireworks for 1899 will be right up to date. There will be Ayres & H arian Hardware Ci.i Mississippi river to members of the grand lodge and visiting Elks. "Klondike fountains," "X-ray photo 8 p. m. Band contest begins at Lemp's graphs," "Old Harry's visiting cards" and "money to burn," which makes an in park. Thursday, June 22. tensely brilliant light, and deep, scintil Prize drills during the Jay at the Co liseum. lating forma resembling the flowers from which they take their name; "brilliant tars" with a bright, biasing effect, and Afternoon and evening at Meramac highlands, boating, fishing, bathing and throwing out myriads of electrical stars; Elks' hop In the evening at the Pagoda on "parKimg Domos, which begin with a ephyr-TIke whistle and go out with a Sunset hill. Afternoon and Evening 'Music and fire Uilrteen-lnch-gun report; "surprise works display at Neil's grove, 6,200 North "boxes," with quick discharge of stars Broadway. Evening Minstrels at Ernst's pavilion. mines In the Black HiHs. Shoes With a Reputation. Manlon park. Complimentary by Manager Mr. Ertel has given Mr. Webb full au Charles Ernst. A SHAKESPEARIAN DISCOVERY. The most scholarly men of the world have devoted years to the study of one of Shakespeare's greatest creations. Hamlet has been discussed by the ablest minds of all countries. What his malady was, has vexed more than one scientific brain. It remains for America and the producers of America's greatest remedy Hostetter's Stomach Bitters to make the discovery. Nothing ailed Hamlet but indigestion which upset his liver, polluted his blood an( made him nervous. If it had been possible for Hamlet to have bad Hostetter's Stomach Bitters he would have been a different character. It makes and keeps stomachs strong, and with hearty digestion and pure blood no disease is possible. It Is for both men and women. All druggists sell It. thority on all matters pertaining to this Which go snapping and twwlstlng aimlessly In midair; "silver Vesuvlsea," with a luting and beautiful effect of spln-flrat; "American mandarine," with a combination of squib reports detonating salutes resembling the rapid fire of a gaUing gun, and "floral bombshells," showing In the Band contest continued at Lemp's park. edition, as the following lettetr will show: Friday, June 23. To Whom It May Concern: This is to Afternoon and evening at Meramac certify that Mr. I. A. Webb, editor of the : Our Boys SeaI"Skin Seamless Deadwood Independent, has been appoint highlands, same as on preceding date. Evening Open air production ot "As You Like It" at the Olympia gardens by ed general manager for the special Black I the Hanley Stock Company. Complimen ' fire all the prismatic color in variegated Stars, which fall precipitately In ashowewr of golden rain from the bombshell -when It i bursts high In the air. In boxes Oiled with straw are to be found little canes, labeled "sn&ke-in-the-grasa." They are placed on the ground Hills edition to be Issued by "Bonds and Mortgages" in Its July number, with full power to contract and collect for advertising and subscriptions Tor this issue. Are noted tor their wearing qualities excellent for school wear. Any arrangements made with Mr. Webb, tary to visiting Elks anj their ladies by Brother Lawrence Hanley. . Band contest concluded at Lemp's park, and awarding of prises in all competitive events.' ' Saturday, June 2. or any contracts entered Into will be duly recognized as If made at ebXbome office In dhlcago. ) no a ugni apwieq to tmeJr appex. Ia a tew seconds a miniature snake, with tangs Intact, rises phenlx-like from the ashes L. C. VERPLAST. Any courtesies extended to lir. w.fih and blsses In a manner moat spiteful. uanay rosette wtieeis ' consist of .a (Edwin Van Clse. Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Charles W. Mather. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVETi by the undersigned, administratrix of the estate of Charles W. Mather, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this 3Mr. GO Qiierman St. pinning wheel which, after It has been T))tTMM(Mt im; In connection with this workwill be duty appreciated by V; Respectfully Tours, BONDS AND MORTGAGES, F. H: Ertel, Manager. flred, leaves a can of candy whoa value would be assessed by any mm table dealer In sweetmeat .at, at least. 1 cent In PLATIHDTYPE PHOTOCRAj notice, to the said administratrix, at her residence, on Williams street, Deadwood, -1 In the county of Lawrence. .the X-ray photograph,", after the fuse is set afire, the cover of the camera will disappear as If by magio and reveal your Dated at Deadwood, S. D., June 16, 189. ELIZABETH MATHER. Administratrix ot the estate of Charles W. picture In an excellent likeness of a flla tlngiAshed scion of Balaam's ass. rvwiiiuaim m uu, rimM, water wore ana ura" -Ji togr&pfcs colored; nature framed. Amateur work enlarged In toW Kodak and Camera Suoplies. Msther, Deceased. (First Pub. June 17.) Visiting points of Interest In and around th taty. "Elks' night" at Unrig' cave. Spenoer Opera - Company la the ' "Queen's Lao Handkerchief." 1 Through the kindness of Brother J. C. Janonupolo, pripftetor of Suburban garden, all Elks and ladles will be admitted to all privileges throughout the week on the official badge. V Sunday, June 15. A cran band concert will be given at Lemp's park by tome of the band which remain In the city until that time, the entire gat receipts of which will be divided equally among the bands participating. An admission tee writ be 'Charged the general public each night ot the regular band contest,, and one-half the receipt there of .divided equally, among th competing bands, In addition to th regular prise AH Elk and ladies tree. ' Ptatogrniyhlng on SILK and Porcelain. We have moved Into The humming fire-tops" are conceded to be m great novelty. VThey consist ot wooden tops euYmouated by driving fireworks which make them spin with great AN HISTORICAL CORRECTION. . Tour writ p of Mary B. Lease eon-tain an error as to th famous remark of Senator John I. Ingalls In reference to that lady. Immediately after the defeat of the senator Jn 1890, Mrs. Lease went to Washington and In Albaugh'a opera house delivered one ot her Kansas cam-falga: speeches , filled with abuse . of la-galls. When th latter was asked at th capital the next day tn public, whether he Intended to reply te th strictures, he mad this characteristic answer: "Only dough Studio, No. 6 B. Main street. Lead, and are prepared to ao--j tlo Gripe, Pain usa Krone wan. .nature eausxacuoa rnaranieea. nimi. v Or discomfort, no Irritation of th In ... velocity. .' ? ;v V ' Then thee are "dragon tongue." Aft. testines but gentle, prompt, thorough vm by mall to be enlarged,1 Oar work la doae at borne , BLACK HILLS PORTRAIT ART PHOTOGRAPH 00, Na. a Hain St., Lead. puller annua neaimrui cleansing, wnen you HoocJ'g Pills er the fuse has been lighted the cover of , the den disappears without leaving their ashes or smoke. Thenthe dragon appears Sold by ail druggists. J5 on the scene and extends his tongue In a menacing manner. In addition to the events specified In th "Old Harry's visiting cards' are made of white "magic" paper, wit his sa tunic Arc; You Prepared? mejeatj's cognomen Imprinted on one sur C. L. SlEWERS. Gunsmith; ; Locksmith, face. As soon as Ignited they mysterious ly vanish, leaving no trace whatever. foregoing program, ; innumerable eater talnment of a private and seml-publio character have bean arranged, and many special forms of entertainment have been provided by various. Individuals and societies and Che door ot everything in St Louis will "be thrown wide open to visiting Elks and their ladies and friend. ' i ne money to burn" are on the same a. Atrf HEADQUARTERS principle, only they are made up as a facsimile of a $10 confederate note and ' - Fine weather has come at laBU now ia the time to get that' pair of FOR come put np In pocketbooka. : ' " ont for the stick" will he the Popular cry on the night of the- glorious Fourth. The rockets this year will be as BICYCLE SUNDRIES. mer Shoes. - My Stock includes all of the ltt and neatest summer footwear. No where can yon find the same gooJ for less money, W always leadJ"?L -it comes to Good Shoes at Low rric and oar stok Is the freshest as weu th e largest in the & IlL CHILDREN'S DAT AT THE CONGREQA-, TIONAI. CHURCH. Service suitable to Children' day. will he held, both morning and evening, at the Congregational church. In - the morning the pastor will preach a sermon to children and young people, on "How to Turn Everything Into Gold." Mr, James Con. lette 'will slsg "Th Lord ia Mindful ct His Own," by Mendelssohn. Mrs. I. H. The Most Complete Repair Shop in the HilW. 1 varied as they are numerous. In addition to the usual short-stick rockets there will be "trl -color union candles," emitting halls, which, whil la the ( air, divide into three brilliant red. white and blue stars; "parschut rockets," discharging at a great height floating stars of large caliber, suspended from parachutes, which float a lobg distance and change color Wore disappearing: "prismatic dr,-, "toi r-.. Vcs." displaying at an f"!'M.1n .,f 0 f.-t a swarm of dragon. ' ; '. h v.-r-niiiiion-hued bodies. lR.rchans in their Go to. . - - - -- . Burns will also sing a solo. The church will be suitably decorated. A special programme Is prepared for the evening. Parents are requested to see that their children are at the morning service. Parents and all others are Invited. J. W. Barron, pastor. FULLER BROS & McCUMSEY, ' (GEDDES OLD BARN.) ;. . hifiwm ail Biifki Esst Dririii aii Sailtolra Boarding Horses by the day week or month a Specialty, lteefeet f

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