The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 11, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 11, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, DECEMBER TITE DAILY" PICXEKK-TIML'S. DKADWOOI), S. D. -l :u tl. lu.t'i Si. '. two link-.,..r!l i. I-.' !: :i i.'.. v..-- I mJj o. i p !:. .J ,i .i. i i .Jil ui.uM ;n lii !"! J. Git., on. .i (;iit of tin- KloU'iikv Ullllil. 1 Be bure Ore "Wxi"fcocl -Ry American Smelting and Refining Co. Argentine. Kansas 1 2 3 4 b 6 T ' 8 9 o w lita i,ur lia.-iii' j.u S'-t whutjJOii :u.t, if u:i don't. : I j .; c.!.. i., the iit-r i :' a Ui.rtri t Oi.iu-iitli-, .-UiL.Cj Ui the IAiiUol VCJl . ...,,1 .'! r,f r,.,-- C ,L.v..r 1, -r,t; : ,1. ' .-.rock of v- o,I I 1'ants will bo en ... ,.-,. 1 ' y ,' f" . nl Li .i I'i'.l" i lie-.- in tii,- Biavk J 1 1 . . j,J Ho arc " "' u;' ""' ' '' vi..i !. ; - . fli'-i.-mi.-nal ncss for o;ir healih, but for our .... , . . , i ... . i ., ji until For T.'ims call on . (Jl( A' 'i- Union Assay 01tice,':; '' Ass avin v ' ' n": "' '"' ' :! ' hrnlth for this n-ar-ou we aie anx- health, for this reason we aie .,!: i i .! nn i ti i in -i ainl at lo j-:n thiiii in any t.: !: r iiiiiiin-.; .. iuus to please you. etc is r-' ii i i ' :J In this t; i : . ; . W" :it.- :Oi .ai l; i.:. cl.l j to K ' .'.hn.-ii. iiiii t'it. s. ; lu-' d t If ;, n l would 'ire tl. i: i I' HO I H .X .: s ' a H : J . 'J . . ! .1 K n i cjiits Templar's. You're Righi .M i oin i,i' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 . ' . (irk ,:i : n, i i.- i. -I.". I ; m. i;i:i:vi:.-;, i: o.i. CHASE'S UNION ASSAY OFFICE BEST EQUIPPED OFFICE IN THE BLACK HILLS. STEAM POWER CRUSHING MACHINERY FOR THOHO SAMPLING. PROMPT AND ACCURATE WORK IN EVERY PARTICULAR. GIVING RESULT OF BOTH GOLD AND SILVER FOR 50CON SAMPLES BROUGHT TO , THE OFFICE. M. M. LYON Ylv:re Th:y Sell Cheap WainStrccf.Deailwooj i thin patronize u teiiaLlc ,!i:, - '. I I ami you will s t what : .u wan Our !t-': on i t.- of , ; ' i jj in t lie tl I u line. Wo c a ; y 1 1. T ! t a .;;.;!. v.,, I . i.-l n'lr iliriu'. - in ' .' . th"i e wci tell it ceil tou f... t. Atlention Clergymen. i',iil at I';, i:::.hui l'a niyc-r . .. ..ii-1 t lil.iiil. a im ' i aticm ' i.t ! : .. lid mil for t ar 1 v. a. : i i' i (s. I . .. 'i A. I. A New's Cn.dc. '. ,. . ; . o;i I, ,,, , w ::.. li ; ,i t I 'I : . t. i ii' tl;,' . H. P. CHE '.IRS. 1 4 J . i A Fs'..)bl..! c i I-:.1. A t. .t . -1 Illcl LITI'LIii LESS Tii AN SiVLRYTrUNG ANT P?rT?Mr ;'.;.! rxrzs. l 8l if t M 1 1 ' .-;:', a;,.-.! tes. an.l iml I, ;r..t Hi 1 A-" 1? Ji. Al Uil VcW inloili.atioii. We l.-lVr to lionet:, , , MIKES Then AVE iii WHAT vV X'J 4 .li why IN HOLIDAY GO0D3, take chances doidng with eld medicines when i j t ) ,) ',1 o n t is a H n o V I you can gel constantly iresn l I'KRFUMES, A Prosperous Year. O. F. 1'iirnell. local ;itAtit for the dates Iron Works, Lick-ei-wood hoists. InKersoll-Sergeant drills ami Revere JUibber company has sold more machinery and supplies this year than during any two previous years. Business has been Rood every month of the year, and the prospects are that next year will bo still better. AIm.iii '.,'. pi. I,:; !ic d by the Host. : r Co., l'ittshitr;;, l'a. It will prove al uablo to any household. Sixty employes are kept at work on this valuable book. Tin? Issue for liml will In over eight millions, printed in the English, German, French. Welsh. Norwegian, Swedish, Holland, Bohemian, and Spanish languages. It contains proof of the efficacy of IIos-teter's Stomach Hitters, the great remedy prepared by the publishers, and is worthy of careful preservation. The almanac may be obtained free of cost, at any druggist or general dealer in the co'intru i drugs. We hav them for your as if there is a Rfeat deal of mine-ccj-ary abuse of parties." .Mr. Kilhoiin came over the Denver & Rio (Irande road, thru the famous ( i rand Canyon of Colorado, and he had an opportunity to see the famous Crand Junction fruit region In Colorado, with its acres of peach orchards. His son and daughter aro endeavoring to induce him to remain in Deadwood for tho winter. o WEAKNESS FOR GROCERIES. benefit and we propose to FANCY CANDIES STATIONERY, ALBUMS, Go Ahead easeicoiii OUR HOLIDAY STOCK, Consisting of more than five tons of the choicest of presents with which to gladden the hearts of your friend or relative on O Christmas Eve, has arrived and wo have just finished placing them in their respective places for jour inspection. Never Before in the Black Hills was such a stock as our Holi- day Stock of 1'jOO shown. AAc- cept our invitation and come in and look them over. FORTY YEARS IN UTAH. L'BONY GOODS ! TOILET CASES, MANICURING SETS,, PHOTO REPOSITORIES, S.MOKIXfJ SETS, CUT GLASS, and BRIC-A-BRAC. pushing ourselves Into your confl- TOYS, DOLLS, and CELLULOID J dunce until you :ealize it. Judge L. P. Edholm, Who Crossed the Plains in 1861, in Deadwood. Judge h. P. Edholm, of Morgan county, Utah, Is visiting his son, P. L.. Edholin, and daughter, Miss Olga Ed-holm, Is in Deadwood, having crossed the plains by ox team in 1861, with his family, and he is able to talk entertainingly of his Utah ex- perlences. He came from Sweden NOVELTlfi Palace Pharmacy W. L. FAUST, Ph, G, Prop. WE'VE GOT EVERYTHING m f N m N ti The Gladiator Gold M. & M. Co. Organised under th laws of South Dakota, Owns property between Deudwood and Rutabaga Gulches, near Lead City. We are now developing this prop-We have millions of tons of medium grade ore In sight. We have a tunnel proposition We are selling stock to develop the property. We have a few more shares at 20c. For particulars call on Aaron Anderson at the mines, or Central City, or address GLADIATOR GOLD M. & M. CO., Rooms 513-14 I. L. & T. Building. Des Moines, la. That would make an acceptable present for lady, gentleman or child I and so much of it that we ar completely buri d und r. COME AND DIG US OUT. Wilcox Pharmacy, CORNER SHERMAN AND DEADWOOD STREETS. Better get one or more of those official votes of the county by precincts. They are an interesting study and come uandy when least expected. Ten cents each. tf. 9 M O U ! ; H C ii ;o i" 1 0 I Si i e William Clark in Justice Court Second Time for the Habit. William Clark was acquitted in circuit court of tho charge of stealing groceries from Jacob Goldberg, and yesterday he was sent hack to Jail, to wait until the grand Jury can pass on him again under a similar charge. He attempted his favorite method at I.ubben's store in the First ward, Sunday, and was nabbed liy Officer Mclnerny before he had time to take an Inventory of what he had on hand. Tie rushed into the store, said he had-a team standing near, and asked a clerk to do him up some goods in a hurry. The clerk became suspicious, and found the man was working a pure Muff. He was hefore Judge Early yesterday and went to jail in default of bonds. M. N. Spencer was arrested for stealing scrap Iron at the foundry in Deadwood, and waiving examination, was Rent to jail to await the action of tho grand Jury. .1. W. Johnson was in justice court yesterday and asked to give bonds to keep the peace. He had been nuking threats to "cut. wound and kill" one of his friends in tho city, and the latter got In his work first, by making a complaint against him. William Rander was arrested at Lead yesterday for cutting timber on ground belonging to John Skelley. He will be brought down today for a hearing in Justice court. e M KSk3i8ySiSkXMiASiSSi.SkSkSi8iSl fcS.VV V.V VrA)W MANITOU: GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER CO. Mimral Water. Ginger Champagne. Sarsaparilla. VkWllIl HIS WUB ilUU c iiiiuivu iu iou., ith Salt Lake City as his destination. Tils son who now resides in Dead-Vood, was then a small boy. They came to St. Joseph, Mo., and thence up tho Missouri river by steamboat, to Florence, which at that time was the outfitting point for westward-bound expeditions, and particularly for the Mormon parties. Most of the emigration at that timo was In large parties, for protection against Indians, and Judgo Edholm's party was quite strong, in view of tho long stretch of hostile country thru which it would have to pass, altho he says he was not molested by Indians in fac t the Indians he saw would visit his party's camp on the most friendly terms. "Florence is now a suburb of Omaha," said the judge yesterday. "When we came thru there, and for a great many years afterwards, it was the starting point for nearly all the Mormon expeditions to Utah. Very frequently the church would send there for parties bound for Salt Lake who were not able to buy outfits of their own. I was with an Independent outfit, and we traveled with our own teams, hut we saw a great many parties who were going with the outfits that had been sent after them. I crossed the plains again in 18C5, on my way to Europe, and returned to Utah in 1867. When I came back the railroad had been built as far as North Platte. From there we had to travel overland again. "Yea, Utah was a new country when i first went there. Salt Lake City was a small place, altho nicely laid out and well started. Ogden was not a town then, consisting of but a few doby houses. It Is now quite a rail (I ME8S0LL SERGEANT ILL C TJrifi'firwnnrl Maniifarriirir-p' flo. Hoista I WAUKESHA AIM OVERTURNED HACK. U III UIIIILkb Deadwood, S. D. Ag-.-rt for South Dai. Boro Lithia, Effervescent, Ginger Ale, Le7?ion Phosphate. Seven Passengers Have An Exciting Time But Escape Injury. The Spear fish hack was overturned on the big hill opposite the smelter Sunday evening, in passing a team on the road, and seven passengers made a lively scramble for safety. It was dark, and the wheels ran onto a big rock that had rolled down into the I W8&aMSXSWHfli,$Wi KVS WiWV WW VSWW9 road near the bank, throwing the hack over on its side The only pas GEO, V, AYERS & CO Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company, , senger who was hurt in any way was Mr. Osman, of Denver, who sustained a sprained ankle. s road center, and a" tine place. Myl .. Five of the passengers wer elding Inside and two out on top. Miss Ida Clemens being one of the latter. home is sixty-five miles from Salt Lake City by railroad, forty-five miles ., by wagon road, and about sixteen Said one of the passengers, a traveling man, in speaking of it: "I got out of the rig all right on the upper miles by the route the bird takes Seebick IMPORTER AND DESIGNER OF Gowns and ...Millinery rmmtmmgmtmrMUA We have a good state, and around side. The hack kept lurching for where I live It is particularly pros - perous. The Mormons are still strong few seconds, and I went straight up the bank to clear myself." One side numerically, but they have lost much of the hack was broken. of their prejudice towards the Gen tiles. They are for the greater part Fraternal Order of Eagles. J. H. and James Hart and J. H. good people to live among, and are becoming much more liberal In their Hardware and Mining Supplies.. Vanzant, who are interesting themselves in the intsitutlon of a Dead- views. They no longer look upon the Gentile with the antagonism shown at the time I left their church, thirty wood-Lead Eyrie of Eagles, are meeting with flattering success, having al Custom Ore years ago. Then it was considered a serious thing for a man to leave their ready secured 72 names for charter members, most all of whom have paid the charter fee in advance. It is church, but I have lived among them jmmnuMMMtiumrttm We are now prepared to treat custom ores by the Cyanide process at reasonable rates. GoMen Gate Mining & Milling Company First Ward. Deadwood S.D hoped to be ready for institution Monday, December 17th. An officer from Omaha will Institute, InritaJ Uons have been sent to the Eagles at very nicety since, ana i sun nave a great many friends in the church. They no longer practice polygamy, and they discountenance, plural marriages, altho some of the members of the church who had more than one Slouz City, Omaha and Seattle, and Deadwood it is expected that John Consldine of wire oerore polygamy was discontin ued still keep all their wires ' "Utah is one of the states that en BUTLER BOUGHT IT . . . joy female suffrage. '1 voted for 1 ft 5 Seattle, the founder and head of the order, wilt, by his presence form an interesting feature of the program. The order had Its origin in Seattle about two and a half years ago and has spread rapidly over the country. J. H. Hart and Mr. Vanzant, the only two members of the order in the Hills, Bryan and my wife voted for McKIn- FIRST NATIONAL BANK ley," observed Judge Edholm yesterday." And with a twinkle: "I think ha voted tor McKInlev hist to on- so far as known, are members of; DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA. pose me," "Now, that is not so. She was voting her honest convictions,1 broke in Hiss Edholm. Skagway Eyrie No. 25. Arrange FOR 50 CENTS ON THE $1.00, We bougit "Uncle Tom's" stock of Jewelry last Saturday got It dirt cheap 0 cents on the 11.00 Is what we paid. We're got to make a Little Profit, but while the stack lasts, anything you mar need win cost you about 60 Gents on the 5L00. ments for a grand banquet at the , "There was a' big- change In poll- Bullock are well under way. tics In Utah this year from four years United 5tates Depository 1 Filed For Record. ago, couuuuwu uiw juugts. - rvue nM am Ft (T flood win. of tho Trf .United SUtei patent to Samuel H. Beaver, for 80 acres in Section 5, township 9, range 2. Wood Smith, to Miss Era Lancas r DIRECTORS! SALWBTOT. T. J. ORIBB. 1P. , SPABKI T. a. a8 I D. A. MoPHERON. COME WHILE THE STOCK IS COMPLETeT i ' ' ; What "Unci Tom" did have, was Al goods, and we can war- 0 ter, a sixth Interest in tie Phoenix 1 ' it vu same u our own majce. our ownmaxe. bans was advocating Bryan and free silver. Mr. Salisbury was working for Bryan, and any number of others were doing the same thing, who, this year, did all they could for Mc Kin-ley. Political fights In Utah are sometimes carried on with a great deal of bitterness, and It looks to me, block, Deadwood. jji B UTLER, the Jeweler f James B. Reagan to Catherine Rea OFMCEK: "dt....Q.l. BALiSBUST I CaehUr - DejflUl vWweM.t...T. 3. GRI&B Assist Cashier gan, a fifth Interest in the Custer No. if . 1 and Caster No. S; algo a sixth Inter-; urairiwir

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