The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 17, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 17, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 17, 1899. OTMIf IHMIHIIIH.f.lMMfl.MM.If I.... MMf MHIMtltfWMMIIMf IIIMMM U1IIIHH Mill LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. ! LEAD'S Librarian John M. Tegarty conceived the Idea of forming all the church choirs of the city in one grand chorus choir, and at a meeting Thursday night there weie sixty voices, showing how all are interested in the movement and what they think of Mr. Tegiirty's idea. Mr. Tegarty had 1899. LEAD, S. D. j JUNE 17, sent Invitations to the different paHtors to Mammoth Department Store ANNOUNCEMENT! Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Departments li-tiil tlu-ir influence, and the way they re . MM sponded was very gratifying to him. liy the time Mrs. Hearst arrives the singer will In- trained no a-i to rive her as gran-1 OFFK'BI'.S KI.Kf'TKD. Thi? folluHiiif! ulli' - rs ti.nv li-en i-lc tfl by Crearpnt tt-mplf, lU'litmne Sim its, In Lead: M. K. C. Mr'. J A It.-k: i: S. Mrs. lien Stone. K. J . Miss Main! Faust; manager. Mrs. John Ehti'rhrooks ; M. (if U. Briil C. Mrs. Slwlc; M. of Mrs Jolin Recitation- How We Tried to LI'-k th" Ti-hi tier 1 1 u-h I'mi nrir ' Recitation Hon the- Robin Came i ' Ili-lva W, ml. lis Ili-ili. ition Tin- Klf Child.. ;u!i- 'oo.. Sunc -Sunn' l-'nlk Miss (ilenn's inel.- Ri-( Itatiiiii Our Whippings I-iermard Aver ill :i rei i-ptinn ius was ew-r ai-corded any om- o STOP! CONSIDER! THINK! Dr. R. K. Langson. founder of the Gor don hospital, Chodron, Neb., and Dr. Mil Tnrrnll! I', of T.. Mrs. I). Flantz.. i of ton McDowell of the staff, will be In Dead-wood at the Ilullock June 21 and 22, to Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies. Pry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Wrap3 and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. Recitation Enlerlaliilng Sisters lli-.iu meet their patients In this vicinity, pre Maggie Hume Ki'i-IUtloii ,yitK'gest ions to Teacher 0. T., Mrv Edward Harvey. . o '- COLONEL COF'ELAND. Rev. Srtienck, who la lu SpeurllHl, attending the convention of Epworih leagues. Informed the I'loneer-Times man fcy telephone yesterdny that Colonel L F. Clyde Sargo pared to do every form of operative work, club foot, hair lip, cross eyes, hump back, etc. Ruptures, piles and cancer cured without the knife. Catarrh, rheumatism and Song Spring Miss Gore's. Grade Recitation -The Hired Girl every form of female weakness and dis Copeland, the noted lecturer, will occupy the pulpit In the M K. ihuri-b Sunday Hessie Iitnlers Recitation Little liny Blue Hannah SulmonKon Hecltatlon Time Ktiough ease cured, If we accept the case. Con sultation and examination, $1. If your local doctor Is hvlslng you, don't come to With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ask your inspection of The Largest Quantity. The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. We want onlX.those that havo been Eddie Ticrney Song -Only a Pansy Hlossom Irmal Zerflng morning. This will be good news to many who want an opportunity to hear the ilis-tlngutuhtxl speaker. O B.IJjLV rH.'LIN'T HTANU IT W. R. Dic kinson, the, popular pharmaclnt, given up, or who have lost hope. We refer you to any bank in Chadron or Gordon as to our financial standing, and to any minister of the gospel as te our cures and honor. We are obliged to KwtrarWn -In Si'liBot t fflyg AWS Swanson Hecltatlon The Dead Kitten Esther Wilcox Recitation Tommle Tiddler Lizzie Lawrence left over the Burlington yesterday afternoon for Seattle, Wanta. Mr. Dickinson has tieen confined to the store so long that he Song Kentucky Babe come into your neighborhood, and so give you the advantage of a personal consultation. Very truly, GORDON HOSPITAL. Remember the date. thinks he has earned a vacation, and, as his wife and daughter are over there, It didn't take him but two soeouds to decide to go and JiiBt a little longer to get ready. Georgia Irwin. Lizzie Moore JLmCIXcX, J9. ID. Recitation The Walker of the Snow.. Grace Hume Recitation The Ballad of Waller Lot.. Billy don't want it understood that he got lonesome for his wife, for he goes only for the vacation. They will return U THE OM AH A I I.H STRATKl) HEH. I-'ree with each and every copy of the Sunday Bee: A beautifully Illustrated weekly news magazine., printed on high grade paper, with the finest half-tune engravings. eGorgla Irwin Recitation They Say Hilda Koskela Recitation Country Tramps Claude tlren, Fred Campbell Song The Voice Within Us Both Schools Another Big Drop in Prices latest fashions from photograph of handsome, live models, specially posed, showing the newest gowns and bonnets. A good cook la wanted at once at the AT THE Lead about the 15th of July. , o THE COHN-OUMBINER CO. . The above clothing company Is still continuing the fire sale that was Inaugurated some weeks ago, as will be seen by their new "ad" In this iasue. The prices at this establishment are the talk of the country and purchasers come from all over the Black Hills to take advantage of the opportunities they never expect to have again to purchase clothing at such baf- Bryant house. Lead. (tf.) The members of the Germanla club will picnic at Bender's Park tomorrow. Fresh cut roses and carnations for sale. Mac, the Saddler's, Lead. (tf.) The Pioneer-Times Is on sale at L. D. Pictures of the principal current events throughout the west, with interesting reading matter. Carpenter's letters of travel. Illustrated by his own photographs. Athletic sports, with snap shots of events. Portraits of the men of the hour. By mall, 12.00 per year. i alna. It seema almost Incredible to say It. hut they are practically giving goods Jacobs' Bazar, where you can also get the finest smoke in town. (tf.) away. Just look In their show window Our Entire Stock of fiien you pass by and see what they offer, o S. R. Russell, the life Insurance man, was In Central on business for his company BAND CONCERT. yesterday. f Vh A. O. U. W. band does not propose "te have- all the music to themselves, but i Henry Schnitzel's assay office will be wtll, beginning on Sunday evening at 6: temporarily located In the basement of his residence, No. t Qui an street (Slavonian Alley). FILED FOR RECORD. Libble McLaughlin to Eva M. Souter, lot 2, block 11, City of Spear-fish; $200. .Henry A. Tortat to James Terry, Henry A. Tortat and Jamee Brodies' a portion of the Silver Glann lode. Pauline McLaughlin to Mary Gerlg. lots 5 and 6, block 75, and lots 3 and 4, block 63, City of Spearflsh; $100. i Fwfe give a aerie of open air concerts on the corner ef Main and Bleeker streets. Those This evening one of the best known fond of extra good miulc had better turn out and hear this band. The following Is women In America, Mrs. Lease, will speak the first programme: in the Miners' opera house. Must, be Closed Out. Ohlorodyne Cough Mixture will curs Quick March Tempest H. Round Overturs-T-Impromptu C. W. DeJbey Walts Nevada George Allan JOHN ELMEMK. that cough, or we refund the money. L. P. Jenkins, druggist. (tf.) Our spring purchases which arrived since- the Fire have been Mover aii Itaairer. Th K. of P. band goes to Spearfi&h this Baritone Solo The Hlnetrel (BeUISl) Medley Overture May Flower ........... A. M. Laurans Quick March Gladiator H. Round - W. N. Tteweek, Leader. All Work Dona Wttb Promptness and dispatch HIAWATHA PARK, - LEAD, 8. D. morning on the first train out of Lead, 7:30, so all that want to hear the music had better get there early. L. B. Orton. successor to B earner V Or SCHOOL ENTERTAINMENT. - The representative of the Pioneer-Times witnessed, a very pleasing exercise in the ion, is constantly receiving new jewelry and offers better Inducement than any other firm In town. Special attention la called to his fins watch repairing. (tf.) M&FERRINS' primary department of the Lead schools, taught .. by . Mist . Bigly, . yesterday after The Lead firemen will hold their annual thrown on the tables as well as those slightly damaged by water. $25.00 suits and Overcoats Go now for $13-50 $20.00 suits and Overcoats Go now for 11.0D ' ' $1$ 00 suits and Overcoats G now for 1O.00 $15.00 suits and Overcoats Go now for 7-50 $12.00 suit3 and Overcoats Go now for 5.00 $ 4.00 and $5,00 Pants Go now for 2.00 $ 3.00 and $4.00 Hats, while they last 1.00 $ 1.25, $1 and 75oNeckwear Go now for ,50 Rockford Socks per pair - - 05 Best Riveted Overalls and Jumpers, each .40 Boon.- The' performance represented Mother Naturs calling Up the' birds, flow plcalo at Wooivill on July 15.' They could SAUCE not have ohosen a nicer spot, and ws can predict" a fine Unfit for them. ers and trees, and the large number of lltttle tots taking part were adorned . to The Original WORCESTERSHIRE represent these things. . They were thor On th 20th the citizen of Terravllle will elect a clerk of the school board. Pe oughly, drilled and all knew their pieces and places without the least blundering or need of Instruction by th teacher. The ter Jorey I the present incumbent, and will, most likely, succeed himself. That's It boards were filled with drawing represent . M J. Alllnson baa money to loan at asonabl rats, Real estate an tnsur-wo- business transacted: collections ing " these subjects, ( and . were well wrought. There were present the parents of many of the scholar, wtio took a deep undo. Cotton Andrews block. Interest in th proceedings, mors . espe Boys and Childrens' Clothing; for lesa thin ths Material Cost "Everything in the store goes in the same proportion the chai :''.'. ', (6-J4-tf.) The authorities had Mill street cleaned cially if their little ones were on the pro gramme.; Lead may well feel proud of her of a life time to buy goods at those prices. of a thick coat of rich mud yesterday, sn Improvement which the business, men of that street know how to sgmreciate. Mr. and Mrs. . Max Blatt" returned to" schools, and this department In particular, for Miss Bigley Is an ',. excellent teacher, and her good work tells for itself. During the performance Miss Btorman't department "was In attendaneef here being the same grade. ;, v :"-; - --.'..T , C i i ' COHN-GUMBINER CO. MASONIC- ODD FELLOWS BLDO...C0R. MAIN AND BLEEKUt STREETS. Stuxgis last evening from a yWt with J. A. Blatt' family, in Lead. 1 BRYAN ft GESKET have money te la , any quantity oa good terms. Beware of Imitations LEAD. - - - SOUTH DAKOTA Real estate, brokerage and fire John Duocan'i Sons, Agents, Nor Vorv oustness . transected. , An tended to with promptness and Brettell Nock. Lead. (S-SS-tt) M( IMIMMMMMIMMMM1 .The Ep worth league of the Lead Metho The ttaMIay Fniliire . Company. dist church la being represented by Rev. - SCHOOL PROGRAMME. The following programme was rendered ty the departments of Miss Oors sad Miss Glenn: ; . " ; . Song The School TRxom.T.'.l.77ll. " .........Miss Glenn's Grade Recitation Jan Jones...... Eddie Faddeo RecitaUos Goln Somewhere.......... V Rheba Blair Recitation Th Boy Who Ran Away..' ' Wade Harknoss Song-Just After the Battle..... .....................Miss Gore's Grade Recitation Somebody's Coming ...... Rachel Krsinson Recltation-nA Tale With a Moral N." H. 8henck, Mrs. F. P. Corey, MUs Braoner and Fred Symington, a good dele Hat Received -DEALERS IN gation, which will mak the influence of the home society felt in th convention. 1 Three Cars of Wagons, Buggies. Attorney George B. Thompson and Dr. - ' " :i .'T;' r ' 1 " " rt . V - Furniture, Crockery Glassware. C. E. Zerflng drove over 16 Sand . creek yesterday to secure their portion of trout They took with them rations for a two days' outing, consisting of all the surplice ....V Clifford Miller that temperance men require on such excursions. - i ..Recitation Curfew Must Not Ring . Everything Strictly up to date and prices that cannot be beat- Tooicht Maxie Montfort Surries, Carriages, Rockaways, r : Road Wagons, Buckboards, Boad . . Carts, Phaetons, Express wagons J -"Etc, - : - . From the Racine Wagon and Carriage Works. , second hand rigs cheap. Will sell cheap for s ' or on installments Feng I 1 Words Can Never Die.... - An early J. C.- train wiB be run down from Lead, on the morning of June IS, Olymple field day, for the accommodation ......Miss Clenn's Crade F. ' . i Brier Rose...... Grace McLeod Undertakers d Embalmers. j ... ' a Johnnie's Soliloquy of those who desire to go from Lead to Sturgls to attend th field day exercise. - Charles Henderson iSion Kaster Johnnie' Next This train wtll leave the Lead depot a boot k t t S o'clock and will reach Dead wood In tim imor iseicfcbor Lavlnla Moaley i i S Tte flip 1 Love for the passengers to take the first train No. 3 Main St. for Sturgls. ...' -"'; V, ,li,l-i:rs, David Johnson Lead, South Dakota. I

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