The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 13, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 13, 1900
Page 4
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SUNDAY, MAY 13, 1900. THE DAItT PiOKEEKTIMES, DEADWOOD, & a Seebi ck Assay 50 Cents Cold and Silver others just as good, and tbey are being quietly worked upon. There is plenty of capital in the country ready to take hold of Black Hills properties, in ade'ition to that already in here, and it only remains for its attention to be railed to the Hills in a legitimate way and it will make more work, more money, and more good feelings all around THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE,! announces an expose of Spring Milline rv Established 1881. 2 No. 37 Lee Street Deadwood. Will Give Correct Results of Both t Gold and Silver For 50 'tents. I ON ALL Sai'ES UROUGHT TO THE OFFICE. j M. H. Lyona Co. I Agent for the Blickensdorfer $35.00 Typewriter. J. j C)ncer traces. The Magnolia Mining company started work during the past week on its property in Burno gulch, near Carbonate Camp. The Hardin Mining compauy has been macadamizing the road out of Two Bit gulch within the last few-weeks, and has been making some big improvements on the thorofare. Eight men and two or three teams have been hauling rock and putting, in on the MINES AND MINING. " , . ' ' t - i r.X road, in order to make It passable. There have beeh a number of bad holes along the road, near the mine, where a wagon would go almost out of sight during a wet spell. J. D. Hardin Depicting the freshest fashions from the French designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept, Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. The foremost feature of Deadwood'8 millinery merchandising thiaweek will THE SITUATION AS IT IS. says his men threw fifty loads of stone Olil Ironsides has been working one shift for some weeks past, the other shift having been laid off. Two shifts into one of these holes, and it is just getting so a wagon ran cross it. are working again, however, the sec The'Mining and Industrial Conditions Were Never More Encouraging. It has been said by some one that the oiid shift having been . reinstated Thursday of last week. Good ore is being taken out of the workings, run darkest Uu:e in !lie i,l?tit Is ,uu be ning from $33 to $75 a ton. C. D. Wood fore daybreak. That in a measure is making a favorable showing on the nictures the situation in the lilrtck HVIss today. Many people are inc lined to take a gloomy view of the mining and Industrial condition in the Hills; they may think there is an unwonted inactivity, and they can see but one cause for it that is, that investors have become discouraged with results. There is no occasion for despondency; on the other hand there is every occa Labrador group, and is still working his other properties with developments that continue to encourage him. New cyanide plant.s are going up all over the northern Hills this seasonx and this will mean a new era for mining in the country. There are thousands of tons miles of ore that have proven to be well adapted to cyanide in the country and plana are under be an attractive arrray of "first haU" and small hats fur street and shaping at popular prices. A Thing of Beauty A nice trimmed hat, is, to a lady, a thing of beauty and a joy forever. The fact must b conceded. So, too, must the fact that Ackermann's is the proper place to get those things of beau ty. Their stock is one of the most complete that was ever shown in the Hills, yet. if you do not find anything that pleases you. they always cany a large stock of millinery novelties from which you can easily choose something that will please you and the trimmers know how to "put it on" so that, too, will please you. and in this way the tastes of the most fastidious are satisfied at this popular emporium. Rett r is to the Fold. CENTRAL, ('.rant County. X. M.. May 6. H Cable. Esq., Deadwood: Dear Sir: I ask you as a personal favor to place my name on the membership roll of the e Dad wood re;ubli- Saturday May 19 Will be Our Special Sale Day, Prices For one Day Olny, You cannot afford to miss this sale, because we arc going to give the largest Values eer offered for tin- money. thes." extra low prices will lie made on Towels. Ued Spreads ami Crash Towe lings sion for Kood feeling- There may perhaps be less physical activity than there has been for some time. Less work is being done on some of the properties that have heretofore bn exceedingly prominent from their operations, and less is being said concerning these properties, in the newspapers, particularly. But this is easily explained. In a majority of cases the properties were Involved in various, deals; the deals were just being started, and their details were on everybody' tongue. The deals have since 'passed iuto and many of them thru (he critical stages, and they are noV In ye process of maturing. The principals are men of business, and thy aro not talking publicly about Toweling-cotton 3c worth. Toweliny, cotton 4'c worth an club. J ho I am at presmt in this Toweling, Line-ii l'c worth .... 1 5c Bedspreads (5c worth ' 0c Bedspreads 75c worth SI. lit Bedspreads 85c worth Si. 25 Towels 33ic less than regular m ice. far-off territory, lisv home is still in Towel i np; i n- Linen 5',c Worth . . . 'V Linen 7c worth ... l(c Linen Sc worth.. 12'.c Deadwood and it is possible tha'. I may be back there in time to cast my ote for the straight republican ticket. I take as much interest as usual in pol ¬ way looking to the handling of these ores by a method that will leave a little profit to the owners, without having to haul them. The same condition is true anions other industrial lines around Dead-wood. There are not much evidences of building in the city at present, but a number of fine buildings are assured for the year. Plans are being perfected for the new Masonic temple, which will mean the expenditure of at least $25,000. giving the best and most artistic building in the city. It will lip complete and ready for occupancy by the first of the coining year. Negotiations are under way looking to one if not two new buildings on the Went-worth hotel comer, and It is probable that another new building will be started below the Bullock hotel on Main street It only remains to be seen whether or not the men projecting It and the owner of the ground can think the same as to the value of the lot. 8am Schwarzwgld is erecting a fine new brick building on. his lot, adjoining his furniture store on Main street, and several new residences are already under way. ' The country is all right, ' It must be all right; other wise it would tiave been buried a long ago. But it Is And all our hih priced towels, Bedspreads anil Towelinr will he sold in proportion. Main St. NM A O ET O Where Thev itics but view the situation from a different point, for, as you see by this their transactions In that stage. equest, I have returned to the repub ueaawooa, s. u. VnMOC- W Sell Cheap lican fold, my patriotic feelings having revolted at further political associa tion with that aggregation of antls and hyphenated Americans calling themselves democrats. I am an American first, and a party man afterwards, and such being the case there is no politi 'here 'are more bonaflde mining nsactlons approaching a focus this spring than ever before since the owning of the country. They are deals that have been working up for several months past some of them have been on for more than a year. Because less is being said concerning th'em Is Hot an Indication always that they, have; fallen thru or have been abandoned; or that those who were doing the .purchasing have become discouraged. They are not all of them ordinary .deals, either; nor aft they tock iobbine schemes. They' are cal home for me outside of the true party of progress, the party whose in tense Americanism is never for, a rao ment In doubt. Whether or no I shall be welcomed back as was the prodigal son we read of remains for you tl say. Yours truly. time that the people Interested here JOHN L. SCHOFIELD. cease their petty bickerings and do a little, good, active hustling for the en We Are Closing Out TRY ALLEN S FOOT EASE, ,A powder to be shaken Into the tire country. The country has had to staj d a pretty severe onslaught for' the outright sales, and the original own-era are going to receive good prices. One of these deals, which is all but complete. Involves several hundred acres of mining ground In the northern , Hiflft. There is. every prospect that A part of this ground at least will change hands for a good figure, even should , the Intending purchasers be last twenty-four years, and It is al most marvelous that it has lived. It shoes. Your feet feel swollen, nervous and hot, and got tired easily. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try man has come into the country and Uuf bpnng Wagons and Buggies Fas Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the feet tried to do something he has been and makes walking easy. Cures swol made a martyr of usually and has seen his efforts defeated. But it Is a no len, sweating feet, ingrowing toe-nails. If You Want a Bargain Gall and See Us. ticeable fact that the "bears" have suf unable to , reach satisfactory terms with the oners of other portions of it Representatives, of the purchasers blisters and callous spots. Relieves fered too, and of late they hare been corns and bunions of all pain and gives rest and comfort Try it today. Sold taking some of their, own bitter, medi have been in the country - for some time, and one of the best known min cine. Some of them have seen their by all druggists and shoe stores for 25c. Carriage Repository Carney St. ting experts In the United States has finish before this. Their experience llirtsTVEilPLAST Trial Package FREE. Address, Allen 8. OlmBted, Le Roy, N. Tt should be a warning to others. The examined th ground. ' The men who are buying have plenty of money with Black Hills has gone to a place as "Safe bind, safe find." Fortify your gold producer but two No. 60 Sherman St which, to pay for it, and to work it after 'they get it The property con self now by purifying and enriching that passed, of a and that tremendous your blood and building up your sys districts hare in ' the face disadvantages. tains -much low. grade ore. and they irltf use "a knowledge gained in the treatment of similar grades of -ore in But this is not tem with Hood's Sarsaparilla and you may expect good health thruout the coming season. 1 a' one-man nor a -j one-mine country. other mining localities indisposing There, are more than one mine here, of this' ore. ' There are 4 number of All liver Ills are cured by Hood's and more than two or three mines, Aetna Powder Co, Dynamite and Black Powder, Fuse aid Caps, Eleetric Batteries, Battery Supplies; Pills. 26c big transactions ' on foot in Blacktail and more than two or three men are GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO. and neighboring gulches, Everything at work upon them. There hare been promises that some of these deals will numerous diversions from Black Hills materialise. Ther Is also a big trans dr. a. f. napltus, fhtsician, 8uroeon and otakoco loqist. ' Orw Lowe's Clothof Store, tiala' Street Dr. Olutke's CtUbraUd Ttumm oo aaae. action on for mining property in Je prospects for the Black Hills prospectors every 'year; this year there are Cape Nome as well as the Klondike pey's gulch. sou,th of Deadwood, and DULL . ADAMS COMPANY SERGEANT DRILL '. fc payment of two thousand dollars has been made in . stralghtenimjr up and other regions, but the Black Hills will lire and continue to be the, best mining district of the same area In r Ihe title."" The work of installing the Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists RDBYuOLDliE & MILLING COMPANY ii the world. v It is hot generally known, but there k cyanide plant in Annie creek continues Hand it is asserted that the company doing the work the Detroit & Dead-wood has appropriated all the, money necessary to complete It, and has It on is a mine wtlhln' three miles of Dead wood with three hundred thousand 0. F. PURNELL Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak. tons of ore blocked ou with an aver age value of between three and aiz dol. . .hand. . Word was received from the east Friday, that one of" tha big lars a ton, and it Is not the Homestake, transactions for property pear Dead either. Blocked out mean exposed on three sides, and this - assertion wood had reached the stage where the . presence of the owner was necessary based on an actual measurement and , ' OF DEADWOOD. CAPITAL STOCK $400,000. Divided Into 400,000 Shares at $1.00 Per Share. ' " Treasury Stock 100,000 Shares INCORPORATORS AND OFFICERS' James Coxzettv Norman T. Mason, OrvotLE U. Pryce. j Ths.Bovd of Directors of U Rubr Gold Mlntn and Milling- Company bat been kuthorlswl to Mil BO.OOO shsr of U tru vr stock of U corporation at b low pries of Ua eeoU per sitar fully paid aa 4 Bon-MawiabU, tks proceed to be used cxclusTcUy for tie derelopeMt' er the Pertlaad'niolni cUIid la Wif OoJct. wsed by tke eoeapear. It ill par res to lSTetiatc tfcla offer sd (et some Iteclt at this low prioe before U U too late.' Tf farther tsisnajtios. laqnlre of Jms pouett.- omn v. Pro. v.. '., . ' . i V to close It up, and that gentleman accordingly oh. hi way now. - a mathematical . computation. This ore can be treated at an expense of not more than a dollar and a half a ton, The Colorado men who Inrested in and It win be treated at that figure. 1 FULLER & BROWN. PROPS. ' I GEDDES OLD BARN daring the few months past are con- It does not require 'any effort to esti t; ing their work; and -In some n- mate what that would amount to. And this It not the only mine of that class He? Carnaja asi Biiifiet'-Best Driiiii ait Saiile K stances have7 hastened development work by Increasing their forces. The in the country. There are ' numerous PouaK- Worses by the Day week or Month a Specialty

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