The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 9, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 9, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

:.m;:s, iii:aii',vuod, s. d. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1900. aT THr OPERA HOUSE Wednesday Evening 'carried Case." : ho-e- jHijiulai S..;i - ;,.(- i,' tO i I .: ; , v. iil be s-' n :'.t ! ,! iiklit-. ! . ,;.,v IV ( 1 V 2 I- ! jlaaWAV.VAV.V.; 2 2 . u - .i'l.s ;iv and 0rcra ' -V. "I hursday 5 TlllWlS- 1 u. 1I1L I)AII.V I'i-JXi.l 8 L.E 5 'Er 8 : Ah TO P T:i. !2 and 13 A C ;: -.-is. i.i" hi ; ic- 2 ! . n 2 o . Gay " fHoyd and Gay 1 1. qui'.- .1 fa-t, I'" lest I'1' i ,in ! i:i ny ;i U'l :i i wit'.i-iul il;r;'ii : I , -r- '?t; il i.i , . r.i T - 1 t ' li.i -ii. .- hit ev.-r v m 5 1 :e;i l.y an jblc Company 0 j in "A Celebrated Case." '1 Hil the High Points ,in fi--ti -faction - ih.'ni Kukw S 2 z : ! 2 " I giving " I ban-' '! .n rises promptly at 8:30. c. THE CITY peai"'- -1 Geori-v - o ;ivy,T, Fled Willi:!!!! imis Oiwrc W. M Jackson. Ail. lis Co! I Mil in a Muncey, limn-will Ii.' the I. Mae K- ft Roni"' ii l.i.:llt. l(.-sel at Fi -lid's 1 for '!'' arc n,w J for i Van Oitiu: Uiiissniikinq Par- i ,. , ; , :. i i; ; ' ; Fau y Er::' Re con! "i i.iil; (' K-':n: S: a.i I i tin1 ' f- . ; - ; .; !:-'..' ' .1-1 ' ' 1 ! i 1 il'- . i . , , . : : . .ii. 1 ' .el i! . HirJ 1 Of Shoe Excellence That's what oin1 $3.5'J:-lior s do. None better wearing None look more,St.yl:sh hey. e'ai"- lew- , c '..-:. m:. t-.-iiy cent Java ana (, .- J . "ft.e v.crld's best prod- ; A souvenir v.ith every three .1 i- TV" ' ,por!. :' p. I- s n I" I - : ',, Tlnir 1'ia iiwri. i' i ,,; Sturs'is. ; .1 v. ill m i v. i , i . : l: I) I 1 v.-. I..:-: r: . . health " Ii: -hi . i.nlay t li : t his .. ;.- it imp rattvc for lii: ; k Hills. llr Is then-run-; .-.-Mins or lcasini? his pa m . 1 1 : .- I), S. MiMlern Den-,,f al. Km is '. .s ii.l.i.iit'.t -I e-.l. ('...Iiieeii veins o' expel ien.-. . Koisen-i J lileck. "I he auction .sale at Lowe's department store is drawing large crowds and hosts of goods are being sold at i .i l.-ot.. ml,, iinil miction. Judg- ; i t ': leave il"' ' 1 us r .i I. ni lor tie- ji:i. i I Ui-S Aliie Jew .11. ,,t il,.- Sioux Falls desirous L publication. "1 an. not ileciiled as 118 V . . .11 ' Mr I'lililinr iniiii j.i iitif. t-w... .... - m ing from the price the stock Is bring-, JC to where i Mi.u. "but I am salisliea inai niy o.- ..m ar rpL-aiii h r hoalth in the HilU. I like it hro, and bo t'.oea my wi (lilliin iis lioiiie. I, It. la-t infill wit II Johnnie Kimliall,. the little lioy who has lieen si. k with the fever at St. Joseph's hospital in this city for several weeks. At Rapid City Miss Jewell expected to he joined by ciht other children, who are poing to enter the Sioux Kails home. Sterling silver mounted manicure toilet implement:, from ".".c up. Holiday presents at DeMouth's Ark. Toilet sets, ai li.-t ieally decorated, from l."J,ri up. Mm-ue-kah la water for the stomach Pry It. Photograph lr.ines. lnr-xpen.sivt in hail a pood mismess, aim no-people arc- the- host in the world, but I have found that my wife's health i proves every time she leaves, and in mediated l.rRins to fail when she liaik. That is the only tiling No higher grade shoe ean be made to sell at $3,50 Come in and size them up 5 ing. We would say that the proprietors have lost entire sight of the cost of the goods, for they are being sold regardless of what amount is bid by the purchaser. m The Ackcrman Millinery company have a new "add" In this issue announcing a special sale of trimmed hats at $.TO0 each for a few days. The hats are those trimmed for the best trade of the city, but the stock la large and their store spaco Is small: hence tho cut from $000 and $8.00 to a uniform price of :?.0O, until a share of the surplus is sold off to make room for their large stock of holiday goods, consisting of fancy handkerchiefs, gloves, etc. ihat would induce me to move away AT THE CHURCHES. Trinity M. K. Sunday school at 1 n i. m.; pn ai ihiik. ji meetinc. VI in.; Ep worth I.eami.-. r,:::o n m eveiiinc service. 7:.!0 p. in. prayer meet ini; Wednesday evening. .V.V.W V.V. V.'.V.V.W.-. V.W.SV.".V.VA J'VWWiW. W WMrW "l m m 7:30 p. ni. Arthur Mcfariano. i-asun oval, sipiare, round shapes, just re-j i-eiveil at Ki.-hel's Bazaar, j Seats on sale at l-'i-le I s Pa.aar for "A Celehrated (,'a e" Wednesday ! ni::ht. Resei v. d seal., 7.". i.-uls. i Dim,, and library novelties, art. ware. ; line lealli'-r guu.1-. :;lo. holiday li-.xe--. jit l-'i.-hel's Congregational Church. Mornlne service at 11:00 a. m.. ser mon by Rev. Jno. I. Sanford. su!i'-. t, lliliousness, sour stomach, ronstlpa-.i,.n and all liver ills are cured by "SiftinK." Sunday-school at 12 : 1.. ; i Zipp Shoe Company, m 3 V P. S. ('- H at 0 : 30 p. m. tUcori'" PUS ( all at DeMoiilh's Ark fur especial 1 :i i .-: 1 1 tl s. li-i'iiant American i.t ::l;i-'s th- fln-el in the world, beautiful, brilliant, with ailrarlivly low pri. es. at Kishel's Hazaar. First M.E. Church. Services as usual morniiiK and even ')!),. non-'rritnthi-' (iitliarlic riro ., , . -., ,i:-r- h- ' ."' by na-.! i,-i i : mi 1 ll'c!l. .M:.-s ing. The pastor will preach at i:uo V,V.VW.V,VAW.V.V.VAV.W.VA,AVAWVM CWMMMMHMMltMMMMmiMMMMMOMOMMMHHM a. m. Id'V. C. M. Thomas, the M. 1-pastor at Terry, will preach at 7 :IH. JUSt WjfcLfVt Ho "Wxts Sunday-school at 12: ir.; .lunior l.ea-ne at 3 : 00 p. m.; Epworth Leacue at 0:..0. Special music hoth mornini; and even- Icjox of ( )uf JJaiicioas Ciyars itnA Ttrir nana "tVlfl tog. All are invited. Strangers spe cially welcome. I) MY SPECIALTY Moving C. B. CLARK, Pastor I it t i r, i t Hoarding Get Pri. GEO BEMI Ho Heavy Machinery Make an elegant Xmas Pre sent to any geunau - weed." We have them put up in beautiful Xmas boxes-especial ly for tho Xmas trade. . n. There is nothing more thoroughly appreciated than a box of Good cigars. D. JACOBS, Opposite Bui lock St. John Church. Morning praver at 11 o'clock. The ....Feed. Liverv and Transfer rector will read to the congregation the bishop's "Annual Address." Sun have the best roadsters in the city and am prepared t( r J J1 1 il. . 1 I i i.! day-school at 12: 15. VAV.V.W.W.'.WAVAWS BUY YOUR HAY AND GRAIN. of JOE SAVAGE, The Old Reliable, AND SAVE "MONEY. Central City - - S. D. BLACK HILLS FEED & FUEL CO.", (Formerly Paul Rewman.) All kinds of Coal and Wood. Agency for Sheridan Coal. Office at Nathan Colman's. Telephone orders given prompt attention. Walter Simpson, Manager. lurnisn rips or saaaie norses on me snortesi nutit-c GEO. (i. WARE. Rector. Harrison Phone5i 539 f2U St. Old Phone 171 MRT. ROSELLA A. tAWTON. The Great Magnetic Healer, MB At the Bullock. H. D. Curtis, Omaha, Neb. E. E. Wright, Omaha, Neb. G. L. Shumway, Chicago. 111. J. C. Carson, Omaha. Neb. E. B. Dunkin, Sioux City. Ia. Louis Voetzel, Kansas City. Mo. James M. Woods, Rapid City, S. I'. Charles J. ltuell. Rapid City, S. D. Chas. S. Mu-fi-, Chicago. Ills. R. H. Parry, llenver. Col. D. P. Laberts, Belle Fourhe. S. D. A. H. Raltz. Hello Fourch; S. P. W. II. Mc.Mas-ters, ltelle Four, he S. D. John Prine. Sioux City..,.Iow-,-i: Vm. H. a-er, Jr.. Cleveland. (Vo A. Men; (. Denver, Col. Eitf i 'is; )inv(M C"l. V. Mi Kay, Miles City . A. I!. Knox. S. l MRS. C. W. MATHER, (At Wilcox Pharmacy,) Makes all kinds of Floral Designs and is headquarters for cut flowers, Roses, Carnations and all other flow- ivrmaiently lo. ated in Suite 14 Syndicate Block. l CCF.Ssi ri.I.Y TUEATAS all diseases of either sex. BEST REFERENCES FROM LOCAL PEOPLE. .... Cures Permanent. Consultation 1" ' ' If ycu an- suffering, come and Lee me. Z ers of the season LWTt3e8CnHHWI t ftf. FURNISHED ON SHORT NOTICE. Mens Shoes for Fall and Winter Are Unexcelled Out ! i ,na our entire li,,--- ..I Pvs" ami Youth.' C N.thin- -THICY Mt'ST , i.Ni.'lC aivl vc :i-k yn to sortie prepared to the heM value, and I r, the U:u"l: Hill-. C. II. H.-lnier, Omaha. Neb. Resolution of Condoienc . Dead wood Labor t'uion No. 1 1. To the rather, wife, and hildrcn on tte death of their son, husband and , father: Whereas, God in His divine wisdom, j naa called from his earthly suffering , our brother, son, husband, and father, j William II. Crellian, with hearts filled lth sorrow, let us bov our heads in i kninble submission to Him who Is ' arc i'...v i- '-!'-ALL UK SL1 AT law. t l.TK C c 1 ' ; Visiting as we uo the markets of the world, enables us to not only get the cream of the market In way of Btyles 1 but Insures for our customers a saving of fully 15 per cent over "stay at home" YOUTHS' SUITS Good Worsted Suits in three-piece, Ion:: cants stylo, well made, Bizea BOYS' SUITS -i-.. ,,;..,o nnd Vestoc Suits, in Cass:- $2,50 30 i ) 3f, regular price $4.0 , now meres and Worstcs. sl.en 3 to 14, worth from W to $-..".0U QCp -tho ridiculously low price tZKJKj BOYS' SUITS Vestee and two-piece Suits, in Worsteds Cheviots, and Casslmeres, sizes n 1.-. wnh j.i nfl to S3. 50. Your too wisp to err, and too good to be rael, and with tuem turn to Matt. 5:4 "Blessed be tney that mourn, lor tney shall be comforted." Be It Resolved, That Deadwood La-to Union extend to the bereaved fam-fly our sincere sympathy. M. f. CAMMACK. J. E. EVANS. CHAS. B. WEBSTER. Committee. YOUTHS' SUITS Fine Worsted and Cassimere Suits, new patterns, stylish and well made, stz 3 30 to 36; former price $5.00 A IU I"', -- auti $5,50 your choice Competitors Our brands are the beat the mar' kets show. Every pair of mens shoes we sell la a standard at its price. Every pair la guaranteed by manufacturers to us, and we positively guarantee them to you. , We are sole agents for the famous Florthelm Shoe for men. THE WORLDS GREAT FINE SHOES Our method of buying saves one profit. With us It la front "maker to wearer." $3.60 $1.95 for choice while they last for BOYS' SUITS YOUTHS' SUITS New, stylish suits In Fancy Casslmeres, well made, well lined and Worsted, Cassimere and Cheviot butts, Department Meeting. There will be a regular meeting of "to Deadwood fire department In the perfect fitting. All are suits that for merly sold at $7.00 )0$5.OO wnora Monday night, and all mem- tot reatlBatart tn tunnunt Tii or and $7.50, now.. made In Vestee ana iwu-p"0 all stylish, up-to-date garments, sizes 3 to 14 years, worth flQ RCi $4.B0 and $5.00. for.. -V- BOYS' 8UITS of the chief. A. J. POZNANSKI, Secretary. YOUTHS' SUIT8 A splendid line of Worsted and Cassimere suits In new pattern and atyl-i.i. riaittraa. embraclnz all oar suits The bestsu ltes la our enure YE8TERDAY'8 PEDSONAL8. "fks 8tewart "waa an arrival on the that sold at $8.60, $9.00 and $10.00, Look at the Fine Shoes m Our Window, siiea 30 to 36. Your Boys' Clothing, nne v, WorBtedBand ChevloUr actually worth $6.50. 7.00 "and $7.50, all sites from 3 to 15 Q Q years, for w $6.60 choice. iaorn. I P. Verplaat, of Sturgla, Is ns In the city, w. E. Adama got home from a short down the Elkhorn. H. Brelaford, of Hot Springs, was ' ao A. Adams, of Sundance, Wyom-a vaa a hHiiwiuui ittn J. A. BERGER, Lead,s. d, A. Hampton returned from Spear- 7 an overland conveyance,

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