The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 9, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 9, 1900
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

DECEMBER 9, 1900. THE DAILY PIONEEK-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. Tilt CI i Y MAY LIME 0. E. No. 2?.. .d'ADWOOD. Ht riulur in- .:.!!: n-.-oi.-l -an J I-.u'th Mtju i-iys at ' .il i:; 'iut,t rs corlt illy Livi.-id. ANMi". I. l'lilhUi'ri. W. M. ONE CENT A WORD if-;' '-- ji" E- C F 1 ' .": A FT E H ' lro-; .. . i 'i .1, : ; i . ,t - -i - A i : ' .. '-.'.' 11.' '''- - VI. in ' . : ' . .1 : . 1 . . ., .. .i 'li.J AVUm .tillCI.Vi i),, :'.i. ; FOR SALE AT FAUST'S PALACE I !lf..; to ! of t!i :i ST:' 1 . Co" K! 42' to Nn h' I'l' 4"' Ice 1h I IS.; I 1 i W. I'm all kinds of heavy 1: r.. ni. of heavy l:.:t-!i:j- "'. os.-avation CdL,-tia-t.;:-;, hauling of ere, etc. VVVo Got All Kinds of Teams ni. 1 a, - ; l ;iai el to do all i-iii .s if w-ji k. PROMPTNESS IS OUR MOTTO 0:fl. e No. 2 Syndicate Blk. Residence Phone B. H.p 169. Office Phone, B. H. 118. JNO FELDHAUSEN, .Prop 2 ' T 1 z. MX el ;- r - r uj co ui f EC 1 J co J 3 - - O " c- ! z o ;.i BUGGIES, CARRIAGES And SPRING WAGONS. Made exclusively for the Black Hills trade. If you want a now vt-hi. In of any kind it wi.l pay you to tall and look our stock over, and learn our prices, for they arc the lowest of the low, yet the vehicles are tho Best of the Best FULLER & BROWN, Next to City Hall, Deadwood, J. D. 1 1 . . '1 I ci C x Ul . o -J S : u .HZ t) n u a , xiSii'aar t..vTrW SaaS JT UNDERTAKING AND CriIC3AI lAIPVia i I V 1 1 AA L I VI 1 1 M IN ALL ITS BRANCHES Skilfully and competently done. A full stock of coffins, caskets, robes, wreaths and, in fact, everything pertaining to funeral regalia, constantly on hand. O.Xi ROBINSON Harrison Phone 134. Parlors, No. 114 Sherman St iODS (300 SPECIALS. :.: 1 - .-, . , n. J, i r r. r. I -. . n..ii, -. ' ' ' t-- " 'Tf.viinil -,- , , , n . :i: , . a i . PHAKMACY. upT-1 f, aro tri-'Oti'r wlf - o'" 1 'i 'i. ' .-uii NiInmnL, 'i tuat n I'cliuuuciJlcurQ. THU DEADWOOD LOAN OFFICE. . . 2 Lee Street, !, the place to go when you are . - ', i ir v. In n josf isro ie ,t liroko 1ii ; -'i .re luo''', j in can ! h.ot:i y. .'led w h--: ou have ; i " 1 1 - " i can t baritain.s on w!i:.t Hi - i.tli. r f- !l-'--v L it when If was I':--!..- Anything and everything U carrii d in stock at DEADWOOD LOAN OKFICE, HAS AN ELE GANT LINE OF '1 IUMMKD HATS WHICH AUI3 GOING FOU WEW DAYS AT POCKETBOOK, you want them. mount of money which we must sed. iJ OPPORTUNITY THE AUCTIONEER takes the on, and 7:30 each evening. ur Misfortunes,; LOWE. 1 yf .1 !:Por Days BRING YOUR For when you see them 5 ' to c,r Nn. 4, el.-Titiral with Cor. " ' H. 1-1- i-ur. No. l.;i;i; Then.-c ' ' V. I'i'i ". ft ; then. . e:: "..V ft , tie n. e N . 4 V. ""' ft.. i i.i.v of iH-eintiintf- i i iin.i'ii: r.r.r, .- w. ..i. i ;;-i r;. x .v. -y: m ,k:ri- n int.-il lene'h " '' !.' th.- -r. -'i-ii. I dliee-'e- I--!.- l.:ie. i .-..trj.niurt 10.- -NT L(U: - n. 4..- ::i.- w. r- i: . :: n. t I Ii! cr No. r. i -'ir : t!-:.. - N. 4f ' - i ' r v. i fi 1 IV ir! .i-i iStir 4 1 1J V. i ., fi. , I I w U'- i ft. th" ' alrtimtf i:'."t ft ft. S -I y nri.1 I 'i ft N. 43" ' V ; ii.ii h i up a total j iloni; iho "r-'-u'tn'tl -line aiol i i:rtil;ine f Iho Inde '!"t:N' I. ni'K It.-.-tnnitii; at tho S . '- tio-i- u th, Cor. o,' S.-. i. 1.:, IS. . i t .. N . i: nn l :! !:. it ii. M . : . ' -I'i .v." W .: ;t fi ; llipii. e 1:1 tie: 4'! 4''.:' l: i'i. 4 1 ll"' I f: th. lire s. f.u- f.r K S ": V lv U"' 4 ft. to Cor il with '.it-. Nn. 4 l-'n niont Si.r ; 111. lee S 4- 4'J' '.'i : r w. r.'- N )"' 111. of fill ..I. ry ;i :il . - . ' : 1 1 1 A mal .r a t.'lal I. ni-t the -.inn. -I dir. i nun (if th com niim 1 2 ri:: 1 nrres Ni W VKtlt t. l ii: Ili'tinulne at ih S W. '-r. i.ii-ni i.-nl wiih ("nr. Nn. fi Mine lode 'Siir. N'o. l'.i'.); whence the orrer of Si . lions IS. It, 19 and D4 T. 5 N. R. 2 aid :t K. It. 1 1. M. Iiears N. S7 r.- 52 W. '.!, ft: thence N. 8 32' W. 301.7 ft, to fur. No. 2, Identical with for. N'o. ?, Hopkins lode tSur. No. 125S); tlnnce N. 67" :: E. 365.7 ft: thence N. 71 47' E. 387.3 ft to Tor. N'o. 4. Identical with Cor. No. .". Orover lode, this survey; thence S. t80 v R. 702.6 ft: thence S. 8 32' E .1 ft theme S. 21 4.V W. 154 ft, to corner No. 5. Identical with for. number 1 Fortuna lode (Sur. No. 1276): thence N. 2 35' E. 8.1..-. ft; thence S. sn f,S' W. 571.8 ft: theme S. 60 50' W. 566.9 ft; thence S. 44 38' V. 265 ft to the place of beplnnlnK; claiming S91.8 ft S. 76' 43' V. and 415.9 ft N. Kfi 4ft' E. from discovery; making a total length of 140" 7 ft alonR the presumed direction of tho lode line, and con-tatlnlng 7.610 acres. WKKOON NO. 1 LODE BeRlnnlnB at tho S. W. for., wheiieo the Tor. of Sees 13, IS. 1! and 24 T. 5 N. R. 2 and 3 K , It. It. M beam N. 84 9' 4" W. 6064.9 ft: thence N. 50 36' W. .1 ft: thence N. V 20' K. 43S.7 ft, to Coi. No. 3. Identical with for. Nn. 4. Cnlilcn Wedce :n 2 l-ilpi (M. S. 1"''6; thence N. 51 56' V. 203 ft. theme N. 4 4.V E. 106.5 ft: thence N. 5' 31' E 1027.4 ft: theme S. 50 ,!-!' K. 407.2 ft; thrnee S. 67 ,T V. 3CS.7 ft, to Cor. Vo. 8. Ileiiticnl with Tor. No. 2 Nv Yiar lode nf this survey; thence S. 4 i 53' V. 1177.:' ft. to the place of beitlnnliig: claim Ine 1"0 rt N. 47 50' E. frem ilwenverv and 1026.1 ft S. 47 60' W.. plus 471.2 ft S. 31 37' W .. making a totnUleflhof 1(97.6 ft alonir the pi-nsumod direction oTthe lods line .-mil coiit.iinins 10 415 a -r-s. Mimnetic Variation from 14 49' to 16 30' K. fontalnlng a total area of 81 151 acres. The locations of thefie mines are ie-corded 1n the ofneo of the Rc(,1sr t of Ieeds of Lawrenco County, S. r.. In Book 151, pages 288, 289, 290, 2S7 and 289 respectively. The adjoining claims are on the north and rant, M. S. 1276 (Pearl, C. O. D., C. O. D. No. 1 and Fortuna lodee) on the south and west, M. S. 1038 (White Rtar) M. ft 1268 (Mine et al lodes) M. S. 1396 (Golde Wede No. 2) and M. S. 1394 (Agnte No.-lode). Any and all persons claiming adversel any portion of said mlnee or surfaci ground are required to file their advert claims with the Register of the Unit States Land Office at Rapid City, S. I) during the sixty days' period of publication hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of tbe provisions of the statutes. A. K. GARDNER. Reetster. IT IS HEREBY ORDERED. That th foregoing notice be published for a period of slxtv days In the Dally Pioneer-Times a newspaper published at Deadwood, S. D., and nearest said clelms. A K. GARDNER. Register. Lee-Glass Ardreseen Wholesale Hardware Biccles and Sporting Co?cJr. 1 21 9-1'1 -2.1 ll.MiM'V ST., O, i.l' J. C. CARSON, Agent. Dead -i.l Oflie.-, Syndica:-) f!!v 1;. THE CHARITY BALL. Arraegements Being Made for th Ball for Benefit of Hospital. A '".eetintr was held by those who take m intcre t in St. Joseph's hospital Monday night, and arrangements were laid for a grand harity ball, to be -iven in the City hall, Thursday, December 27. The proceeds of the ball ill go towards improving and repairing the hospital In Deadwood, and eveRi citizen of the town should take an Interest In. Good music will be In attendance, and the affair will be made one of the successes of the year. The people of Deadwood owe It to the sisters of the hospital to assist In swelling the proceeds of the ball, and give the sisters a good fund with which to carry on the splendid work they have under way. Following are the committees appointed at Monday night's meeting: " Executives-John Treber, Prank Kel-lar, John TUsrney, R. E. Grlmshaw, George Porter. Floor J. P. Laffey, Dr. Graham, W. L. McLaughlin, Dave Brown. Reception Ed McDonald, James Mnnn. Lee Day, Herbert Allen, George O'Donnell, W. B. Dwlnnell, Walter 8Impson, William Ickes, F. N. Carf, M. J. Morgan, Henry Donovan, 'John R. Russell, Bernard Mullen, A. E. Horn-bcrger, William Zoeckler, Norman T. Mason. ! Music Jotn Tlerney, Tom Hurley, I T TT l JBIUca noi i is. K ! : !- ii' i.-. ' ' 1 . I ' ' .'Im:ii!k': i I.iItiiI'ii; r.'T" I ft . t: i ; - f i .". . w fr-'u h "f 4 ft lone, line ami "T.1K NOK 1 i,:5i'i:i.N LINK" U the short lino ln-twi'i-n DI-ADWoOb .' anc. SlOU CITY, SiOIX FALLS, ST. ; PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS and DL'LUTU - H-ku Lear this in inliiJ. We Want... n .fi to iiTi.ier-.tund thut we are tinier small i " ui- uii-1 ' an uu Setter y yo:i on MEATS of all kiudj than any of our com i-tHors Give us hauio to prov- our assertion, by gl-:ng us a trial order. JGLITZ & LYNCH ft r. n 'MHWi rumor tin? - i i;ViUCI UUi HI I , M Elert ric E;'I n-;' Bin Supplies. W. E ADAMS COMPANY LUBEN COMPANY New Labor Union Hall, Lower Main Street. CARRIES A FULL LINE OF Staplr 4 Fancy Groceries AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE. "Prompt Delivery of all Orders," our Motto. Headquarters for SOUTH DAKOTA PEOPLE, HOTFL GRACE . EUROPEAN C. C. COLLINS, Proprietor. Jackson Boulevard and Clark Street, CHICAGO. Location Opposite Postofflce and Board of Trade, in Exact Center of Business District. 200 Rooms at $1.C0 Per Day and Upward. Every Room has Hot and Cold Water and is .Heated by Steam. Never Before In Black Hills History FTftj rh tirtiim bo'i so acciiratel vre produced orneyer, befhre haa herebeea Bnoh flranfi rial" 1 1 rtn (if lht Bllhl Imftfl of the Hills, M re now howuatibe popular Btudfot of H. R. LOCKE & CO., Main Street, DEADWOOD I Main Straet, LEAD. They Lead Others Follow In HiologVHjiliy, Cabinet Work or I'hatinotype - THE BRICK 0 n o Next door to tho Bullock) Si w e MS F in w & M ; t i- g IV KYAiN ana muu. -e- 5, 939Ia9SHCE9Q833ZtSSS0l j A. B. Le Beau The Central Jeweler, Is Headquarters For Black Hins Gold Jewtlry, Any design, made up on the shortest notice. MAIL ORDERS Write him Just wnai . v 111 ...Ala V 111! you want ana no nrlces by return malL REFERENCES Any bank or mercaa- . t TTM1 til house ia ma nui. LUXURIES THAT COST LITTLE, Is what you get when you buj your meats of GUS KELLAR The poor man's iremo, ih 4 look alike to Gus, and It is one prlo to all, and tho best and most palat, able meats to be had In the city. 642a Main Street, DeadwooA I . T H -A.roS.e Peter Ecklund, Prop. r. -hare you ret mat oia taolhAout the country a Anhen o , '.i:.--T or. ii-A o R M..r.-,y- 1 C.ifry -i ' 4 Yoti a:'A always w. . ii f . . I- .... . i nil ri D . -i,iKi) each iiistn.o'i WtlcL. cent a ii uue lucuLh, tunc liU-S. ruo payable iu aiUaii- ll.yo Vf it ' Ranted help. m ii- lie i'oui-:...- i-. , I (lUlv. a tii - ,., l lor g.!"-i ;-' ! " ' - HilU U'l- ; l. .11- i---1- wu- ' - - . .. u- VTI'l I- ( ':i I I' ill' y0U'!r' .' .1 up No. :: monti' phone- Inst class coul: ;it Hi-' (. iiuiri, i.iii'i. l- Tin - e apprentice; f1' '' at , )u riiiiaKiiiii . lor--, 1 1-T t: A -j. 1 1 lor gem i-l , :i of two; "! ' ;' at -N. ;'- C- Hi- in t f Al II' ,ll l:. V trWTFl'- Family washing to do rlsou M- No- 1K. I'liuna. i.iv-f i.-vti.-v lii ii iK ; i 'I'licr would i - one- oi iu . . 1-..i.i iluriti" m,;iri' mm , .i-, iy 1- - - time. Ad'll-'-SS iO. 3, iaio i luui-n- Tim s Can earn schoiarsnip, ooaru, iouis and transportation; special November offer. No limit to term. Apply-by mall. Moler Barber College, Min neapolis, Minn. WANTED- i osuiou a.-- uuun. . by rcliiK'J young woman, luny competent to take charge of any home Address A. -. Pioneer-Times. WANTED. Men i i-aiu ''" i i.n ,.i-r.p trade-. No limit to term. Constant practice, expert instructions, lectures diplomas. Two years' apprenticeship saved. Graduates earn 12 weekly. Catalogue and special offer free. Moler Barber college, Minneapolis, Minn. FOR SALE. TOR SALE IV nurse-puwci u.ii, complete. For particulars, address Pioneer-Times. FOR RENT. FOR KENT. If Per, mum.". h-'- four-room house in Cleveland Heights addition, one block above Syndicate block. A. W. Coo. tf FOR RENT. inree iuriusm-u i'"". nice spring water, $S per month. Call evenings, No. 9 Stewart street. FOR RENT. A nouse wun uiuuciu Improvements, furnished or unfurnished. Inquire at DeMouth'a Ark. BOUSE for rent or saie, logeiuei i i 1 - with furniture, or furniture for sale separate, and house for rent. 308 Williams street fOR RENT Nicely rurnisnea room. Just the thing for gentleman. Enquire No. 16 Washington St. fOR RENT Two new six-room nouses for rent cheap on Carney street. Enquire of S. Bloom. FURNISHED ROOMS for rent, uieau, attractive and nicely situated, in the L. C. Miller house, upper floor. Inquire of Mrs. P. D. Sanders. Room 1. (ROOMS furnished tor housekeeping. Parties seeking comfortable and pleasant winter quarters, will do Well to rail nt No. C9 Centennial avenue. "Xicf:s po'iPuEn't Ttr:" ttnwt. and l.i .-t located, t-am h-at-M and electric lighted ofti-rs in tlus city are for rent at low prices. . Inquire of O. C. Jewett, Room 202, -Waite. building. MOMS TO RENT AT MODERATE PRICES Suites of Living rooms in the WAITE BUILDING, each fur- , nlshed with steam heat; electric lights; bath, water closet, lavatory; 1 hot ahd cold water, arc for rent at moderate and reasonable prices. Will be nleased to show them to ' anyone who may be Interested. O. p ii. . . LOST AND FOUND. X)8T. Between Deadwood and Lead, Pocketbook contalnlns: one $10 gold- oc) ana some BUrer. umaer re-tnm to Hattenbach's store and re-lTe reward. Java and ATocRa The Finest Produced. J- .- - rmuuBT m HATTEMMCH & BRO How -- " "Vautc-: tie la'' : VANTi:i BO In I ail''.' avtiui' Pill!--'. - Coffee OUR HOLIDAY UINt of Handkerchiefs and Glovea is unsurpassed by any in thi i West. Accept our invitation ana can. ACKERMAN MILLINERY CO., Miss O'Keefe, Mar. ta - o ') V ? u r o - i " -, 1" It's a gentleman's whisky, a pure delicious beverage and a grand appetizer. Don't forget the name "I. W. Harper" whi.-ky. Tho kind your grandfather used! Sold by Carr1 & Berry, Dead-wood, S. D. Green Cut Bone When Fed Your Poultry "Will double the number of eggs, Will stop egg-eating. Will prevent roup.i Will make the eggs more fertile, Will Invigorate the whole flock. Will make little chicks grow larger. Will reduce the grain bill one-half. It Is better than medicine, cheaper than grain. Only $3.00 per hundred. Manufactured and for sale by ZOECKLER BROS. O. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block, DJCJLDWOOD. & D. PALMER HOUSE NEW CLARK BLOCK. NEXT DOOR TO U.e S. ASSAY OFTICB. NEW BUILDING, NEW FURNITURE, NEW BEDDING In connection with the Restaurant ave ton finely furnished rooms wltk hot and cold water and bath. ' Open day and night Short orden t epurialty. . SIWC YOU Prop - t : - You Can Bank. on :;eti:n the best lu the MEAT line, if yi.-i get it of ROCERS&SON They always have a neat, fresh stock to select from, and you can always get just what vou want Dr. Collier j OSTEOPATH LEAD AND DEADWOOD. Deadwood office at Gultnor Houao. Mom- dvya, Wednesday, and Fridaya. L4 office, 415 Main Street. Tuesdays, Thuradaya and Saturdays. ADDITIONAL LEGAL NOTICES. (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) M. A. NO. 1234. APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. U. S. Land Office, Rapid City, S. D. Oct 8, 1900. NOTICE IS HEREBY GFVKN, That tho Golden Gala Mining and Milling Company, by Its treasurer and authorised agent, Charles S. Owen, whoaa postafflea address Is Deadwood, & D., haa this day filed i im,i. frM a ruitAnt for til a Clmr- IVB irJiivuvu r - - ihni.i mivhnni St. Clair: New Tear and Weedon Not 1 lode mining claims, bearing gold, wlta surraoe ground aa Hereinafter shown, altuated in White-wood Mining District. Lawrence County, 8. D., and deelgnated by the field notes and official plat on file In" tbis offlea as Lot. Ma. 1409 township 5 north range 8 east. B. H. M. Said lot No. 1409, being described aa follows: OROVER LODE Bert ruling at the S. W. Cor., whence the Cor. of Sees. II, 18, 19 and 24 Township 6 N., Range 2 and 1 E. B. H. M., bears S. 83 57 15 W. 714 7 ft- thence N. .43 44' E. 1298.8 ft; thence S. 63 65' E. 495.8 ft; thence 8. 88 !' W. AUCTION. EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING Commencing Wednesday.' December 5, Our Great $?5,0Q0 Stock of New Fall Goods, tho very la te-t in Clothing, stylish Overcoats, Hats, Furnishing Goods, Dry Goods, Millinery, Shoes, Carpets, Ladies' Cloaks, Capes and Suits, Christinas Goods, Toys, Dolls, Jewelry, Silverware, Watches, etc. THEY ALL GO AT AUCTION! and Private Sale, until a largo a have for Immediate use is ral THIS IS THE of a life-time to fit yourself out the bench at 2:30 each afterno Come and take advantage of o W. E. Lobby Saloon has gone thru a thoro course of repair and cleaning and ia now one of the Nicest Place to be found In Deadwood for a nodal time. OPPOSITE THE BULLOCK. Thla Space la C Reserved For 9 CORNWALL A CO. FEED 1 And ; FUEL r Buci you w A alee lanes oooauntly o tM oer. Bit briada of drinkJ and elars alway 00 VMoAmvA.

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