The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 17, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 17, 1899
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. 21th YEAR- DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK UILLS), SATURDAY MollMMi, Jl'XK 17, 1S91I. FIVE CENTS. S ATTACK "SIGNS OF THE TIMES" GUINALDO Linos North of Manila Attack Summary of the Lecture Delivered By Mrs. Mary E. Lease. McArthur With Mature Plans. others. For instance, they have reduced prices to consumers. The great solution of these problems li found in the principles of socialism, which makes the religion of Jesus Christ a practical reality she advocated government ownership ..f not only the railroads, but of the oilier great utilities and opportunities f.-uiel in tin land of ours. Ily this means th,. poor derive benefit from the great ad', antages found in the gigantic consolidation thai is under way equally with tl"' rich if ih. teachings of Christ are to tiiiiniph and triumph they will, It will be through the acceptance of these great principles. Let th,. people learu to cooperate, as the big companies have learned to do. She considers tins era of trusts a mighty educator in that respect. It bas beguD to reveal to the people the necessity" of their nlofging Ihelr interests. Mrs. Lease announced at the close of her lecture that she would address tlie peoplp of Dead wood again at the Congregational church Sunday forenoon at 11 b'clock. a Mack Believed to Have Been and of $ $ 4 4 4 2 $ 1 4 THE UP-TO-DATE DRY GOODS HOUSE Offers the Following Special and Extra Bargains this Week. The Jar quite Shirt Wai?i, the :cct fitting Waist made today. We -offer ih&scgccds fortaii ueek- at greatly :--reduced prices. QTiece icaicts have leer reduced frcm 25 to .;0 jcr cent in order to close them all out. Ladies (QucTi and Linen Walking Skirts at Profound- Thinker Mighty Exponent Socialism. Made Under Aguinaldo s Supervision. iff fASHINTON. June 16. (Special. ) hs following fas rereiveu .ru, todar: "The northern insurgents con- Interference of a strong force of armed police. A mob of 500 persons was battering down the door of the jail when the police charged. There was a resistance for a short time, and the mob then dispersed. o A Home for Dewey. The, American National bank of this city received the following circular letter yesterday relative to the popular subscription to provide Admiral r.eorne Dewey a bolide at the national capital : NATIONAL DKWIOV COMMITTER WASHINGTON. 1). . June s. V9. Dear Sir: A few days asro the national Dewey committee sent you a suggestion that you cooperate in the movement for a national testimonial to the gallantry of Admiral Dewey. It Is proposed, as you know, to provide for the admiral a suitable home at the capital, and thus put in a mianent and ueful for-m some indication of in patriotic appreciation of the services of the hero of Manila. Moved by a desire to make the gift expressive of the sentiment of the whole country, the committee ventured to solicit the intervention of your good others, together with that of some five thousand other twtiking houses scattered over the lanl. It was also thouglht that this honorable office, if undertaken by the banks, would go to show their nearness to the people and be gratefully recognize. I by the country When it is realize,! That an average eollertion of ?:''! by each of the banks would bring in the whole amount desired. the work is seen to be very light. Hefore making el'lin'ts through ot her agent i,s. the committee was rlispnsed to await results in this tiirr .tion. N-i: w ithMaii.liav Ibis some $11.0"'' has come in 1' voluntary sources. It is now ll'siri-,l In I 1.- the !,.! t I er pi e i !! I Til.' nat:,e alt. I ,1. ; w of all contributors i don red. .-n thai t!n-v may bo reporded in lie- nu iai ' i tl v-.'irn.' Allioll will be I'le-. Illo.l '.-.illl (he .l.'. l fol lb,- bun,, . This r,- i.rd w ill ontain the nullum, u ill' l!ie ai.inuiil , . ,i;' ri lei i I b i-aoh olilltli-d. mi the theory thai 111 .1 gill nf i hi;, bind the "wi.loA'h mile' is a, weighty as the dollar.-; of the riih. Will you not Immediately lake up this work to the extent of securing subscriptions to ai least the amount of and forward the amounts collected on or before the -' day of June to Ellis II. Roberts, the of the I'nited Stales, who is treasurer of this fund' atiited large force near San Fernando this morning and attacked McAr-lur-i troops. The enemy was quickly re- llted, leaving over titty aeaa on me . I - l nna k4, besides a larse iiuiul, u..Uv... E casualties were inurieen wuun.ieu, tlj ilight. The preparations for this had evidently been in process by Knights Templars Elect Officers. YANKTON s. TV. June v.. -(Special.! The grand , oniinandery Knights Templar, clivtcd ilie follow inn iiflieers today Grand commander. Coi.rgo V Ayres. Peadwood, deputy gland oil' Iliallde I . K W Coll g ll r an, Siou l-'o II- gland goi.oalisimo V,. jiese, greatly reduced zriscc, also all other skirts, are all neic and this seasons gesds. .Mrs. Mary E. lease appeared In Dead-wouil bust iil-hi for the first time, and addressed an audience at the opera house upon "The Signs of the Tim,." 6he stated in an interview yesterday afternoon that the discussion of economic problems was a line of work to which she was greatly devoted, and this was evident to those who listened to her last night. She is a splendid speaker inidoubiedly one of tin1 best that ever appeared in I lead wood and, despite the suggestion found in the subject of her loot lire, it was nut an arraignment of a party, nor the bitter denunciation of , mmipi; m imaginary evils, bat a calm present un-m of facts that every i, in- i. familiar with The short, oininirs of ,1.11 pro-. tii -yMeiii of L'ov.iiinieiil wen- not h.irged to any one political form more another. The spoli but little more than three- ;le insurgents for several days, and It Ik Lifted t was made under the personal can.vruz: or r.v ;.v sfiov u-orn rtetlon of Aguinaldo." HANI LA. P. I. J"1"' 1 (SpcHal.i A Jo eld 'cut "v. n:d r.eic. StU " I' aid- ! K.lh E. S waid jlllllo g l a i: ell. t Ion ii- gland captain general. Pi. .oKinus grand senior S.aHord I'l.indreau grand I' I'll, her. Si,,u Kails: 'li" II II '.labooek. Mitch-sun ' ,1 I', iililiniiii, V.i n k -order. George A I'etligrew. Iilite employe of Hie railroml company fought the report inlo (lie riiy today that niMldo had been assassinated. The re- r.iii.l ii, gland r. ion is unconfirmed, and is generally .Its Mined. rhllldt. a next pl-a Aberdeen was soleetod as the of tncelini;. The bargains of the Season. Special sale of Parsalls and Umbrellas. M. J. Werthheimer & Bro. ipiai lers of an hour, yet t x pressed .fculumes in that time. Her speivh is refined, her Strike and Shutdown Continues. DEXVER, Colo., June IS. (Special. ) words well chosen: her voice Is deep an Holdup For Five Dollars. KANSAS CITY. Juno Pi. -I Special. ) bj strike and shutdown of the smelters UtlnuM. and at least 12.000 men are Idle penetrating, but nUuit her manner there is nothing masculine nnr assuming. She it1 vwiiKHLIP Chairman rtonners oei, I up the Pittsburg Gull ,,,1,,,., ,, h'u ai'eoiiliiiL'lv been I 's 11 woman of strong individuality, and train near 1'iiteiiu. I. T , lat night, and 1 - ' hows in every word she utters, every set tired from the messenger and a reg ifcteied letter. gesture she makes.' She has a command I' T" T tV T- 41 of her subject that is surprising, and pre started at the American National bank and will be held open until June 22, so that ull who may desire to enroll their names and help the fund may do so. At the head of the movement are the following Bents' a remarkable combination of the el In tke streets. An effort is being marie to "et I compromise, and it may be suc-nful, Although there is a deep aKitu- then has been no show of violence, liil the) strikers and their sympathizers ((sporting themselves with the greatest -pit of forbearance. A large number of MS over the state bave depended upon . In mefttri here as a market for their ftt, ui tbs strike has created an appal - Fire in Lead. ements of the profound thinker and orator The planing mill ut the head of Poor well known men of public, life: Her lecture last night was replete -with lofty periods, and she occasionally rivaled man gulch, In West Lead, was destroye. Frank A. Vanderlip. Assistant Secretin' the most finished aetor'ln tragic address by fire last night, shortly before midnight of the Treasury. Chairman. Ellis II. Roberts, Treasurer of the Unite States. Treasurer of the Fund. That was when she was emphatic over I was Rituated beyond reach of the Lead some evil or some wrong. When she de Charles H. Allen, Assistant Secretary of water system, and there was. consequently the Navy. sired to put an argument home she was no way to wntrol It. The fire lighted up Henry C. Corbiu, Adjutant General of the the entire western skies, as seen from cool and dispassionate. Her presence on the Btage is something remarkable. She Deadwood. and from its appearance mus Slack Hills Salariec Increased. tASHIMTTON. June 16. (Special. V- Army. I'erry S. Heath, First Assistant Postmas ter General. O A Snwih Dakota Show. have been fierce and destructive. The mill is unusually tan ror a lady, hut appears ML PAPER! WALL PAPER! "Some time bar narrow kitchen walls Stretched away into stately halls." This happened to Maud Muller, but my prices on wall paper make It possible for It to happen to everybody. My stock Is entltrely new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the handsome designs. You are especially Invited to see them. PAINTS! PAINTS! Now Is the time to paint your house. Remember that my store Is Headquarters for all kinds of paints and painters' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT, Every can warranted to cover more surface and last longer Chan any paint made. Dome In and get color cards and Italy eater effects. The Old Reliable) Druggist, with an easy grace. She wns becoming was a total loss. pl stltrj; of the postmaster at Spearlish "til ben hM-eased from 11 ino tr, i "Oft 1 dressed, in black, and during her speei appears restless, occasionally pacing I f Wr, 4 the salary of the Cust?r post- During the recent visit of Mayor Star and other K. of V. grand lodge delegates Pioneers' Picnic Postponed. one side of the stage, then back to th terbetegn raised from $1,000 to to Sioux Falls they witnessed an enter pun other, as If the better to enlist her The annua picnic of the Society of Black Hills Pioneers bas been postponed until Saturday. June 17. :: was to have talnmont given by Colonel E. T. Cressey thoughts. C. HcC&ln, J. W. Baker and Fredet- that was of more than ordinary interest HrtUr hate been designated to consti- She began last night by the observation that It was a matter noticeable hi all been given today, but the weather :s Ut ClvH lervfc mitllntn. hnarvt a to South Dakotans. Colonel Cressey, an old newspaper man, has collected a large number of rleas wuloh he exhibits by the times, ancient and modern, as well as bib poorly suited to such -in occasion tlat it was set ahead three days, it will bit held lical history, that great event3 had always in Spearflsii, and there- will be no changes aid of the cah lum light, 150 pictures in come upon the world without nnusual Main Street the arrangements. The Burlington auspices. In 1858 Abraham Lincoln an. ,. KIRK G. PHILLIPS. all. These views are: Chicago Over Two Million. CHKIAQO, June 16. (Special. )-The po-Mtahjut completed and gives the $ ueaawooa..u. Stephen A. Douglas were holding debates IN CUBA The Maine In Ha route will hold its extra couches here until that time, and the rate of $1.25 (roni Deadwood to Spearfish aol returi will McKinley. Vizcaya. around the country upon the great ques vans Harbor night scene. The Maine Be tion of slavery, but neither ever dropped ing Blown Ud dissolving. Sigsbee. Lee 'optileuon of 2,088,04, pitor. Oil Company Reorganized. hold good on that date. a word during Chose debates to indicate Oomez. Samnenei at Matanzas. Mangrove Cuntnrea the Panama. Samriscm Seeks that he anticipated the awful struggle that THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK J w rOBX, June . CSpeclal.) la ""W tth the renrnnlratlnn irtuina . followed. We at the present time are playing an important part In the history L Urfl OH company announced to- Cervera's Fleet and Schley Finds It. Captain Clark and ibe Mighty Oregon's 18. 000-mile Voyage, tslgsbee Destroys the Terror. Ensign Ellis Saves the Porter from a Torpedo. Hubson. Sinking the MerrD mac. Shatter Uinds at Daiquiri. Wheeler. Garcia. Las Quasimas. Rough Riders at El Caney. Sbji Juan. Cervera Flees from of fne world, although unconsciously, per rtttk1 increased IU capital stock': baps. , We are encountering conditions that were never before confronted, and W.WO.OOO to 1110,000,000. KlliOtl to a Hollfinrl Villain. are striving to Justify them. We have .Santiago. Americans Pursue. .Maria ler- ueaawooa, ooutn uaxota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 learned after thousands of years ot experience that the old line of thinking is esa. Oquendo, Ucaya and ristooai t oion Destroyed. Cervera Surrenders. Toral Surrendere. Hoisting American Flag Over Santiago Palace. Miles Captures Porto Rico. Todd at Manzanillo. General Grlgaby and Stan. Spanish Flag Goes Down Forever on -the Western Hemisphere. wrong. We have been following the teach ti nmionalre member of the "rei, Caooer a cn. nt m,i,- ho. Ings of Christ too much ethically, and not enough in our business. How absurd to I million Anil-. .v, .m. f l Holland. M, bin place, for expect a man to be a Christian while his "Old Glory" dissolving. IN THE PHILIPPINES. stomach craves food and sustenance. It Amerlca a Asiatic v Squadron in mods Konx Harbor. ACmiral Dewey Sails for w noapttaL .Xo Trusts in Michigan. Manila. Mao of Manila Bay. Dewey ue- All fliumiah Floet. Admiral Montijo. Branches of Banking Business Transacted, An Excellent Combination. is time that we were teaching people how to live right; If they live right, It is not a difficult (natter to die right .when the time comes. The world has entered a period of contingencies never dreamed of by man, and Steamship Rio Janeiro Sails with First South Dakota. Their Camp in San Francisco. Colonel Frost and Staff (two views). Chaplain Daley and His Burro, The First Dakota Band. Tom Smith of Oldham, who The pleasant method and beneficial i i. t special.; It rT- WV WM " "vnU-truet bilk 0Ma. will abut cot all truaU L WMaatUa. .Jolng Iwalnaa. In the enecv of the well known remedy, Strop of Figs, manufactured bv th Killed Two Malaya. Lieutenant Mart og. DRAFTS ISSUED on CMm, Manila, Havaaa, Porto Rico, we And ourselves beset by unheard of coo LAuromiu ie syrup vo., HiuKtrat n in p.iir River. Captain Lien tne value or obtaining the liauid laxa i Africa, Eaglaaal, Franco, Gorsaony sod all Parts of tho World, at Lieutenants Morrlsoti and Adams. Privates ditions, the legitimate result of the aya fiflhtna t..- -. lowest arfcot ratos. tive principles of plants known to be medicinally laxative and presenting'. tern we haye been following. She treated Kelson, Shrader and otners r,. Haiilao. Views of the Following Com- t"""8 BuooniG riarjue. upon the conditions that bad led up to tliT, i: ,un (Special.) mem in ue rorm most refreshing- to the COLLECTIONS asada corofully and occauatod for promptly. tpaniea. with Some or me ' r taste ana acceptable to the system. It our present system In full. The invention n -T pp4 u th- We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable in machinery had been one of the factors. Waaraoca Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers The genius of man has enslaved the is the one perfect streng-theninfr laxative, cleansing- the system effectually, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers gently yet promptly and enabling-one to overcome habitual constipation per- 'm ""7 wut0on- Amoy to UncUj responsibility or col latere Is. race, she aaia. it is cauea laoor saving machinery, but It could better be called r io Kara tttm nuuienuT. lis Delict freedom Trom Officers: A or rierre. u ui . of Yankton. D of Worthing. K of Dmet, T of Aberdeen, G of Huron. H of Water-town. I of Custer, K of Brookings. L of Bpesuilaa. M of Rapid City. TheTar. bein8 constantly added to. and before tba eolonef visits the Hills, in September, ha will have a pretty complete list of the cowboy regiment and the First South Dakota Infantry. To aid him in this ha wanta tt pictures of all the officers a. tamiVi IS DIBTPrOTl V 3SXjTT every objectionable onalit and sub labor destroying machinery. It reached a point where a man la a part of stance, ana its acting on tne kid leys, liver and bowels, without wear ei,fna Tow Feter Amono Rarinu. a machine. Even the trusts are the legit or irritatinsr them, make it tr ideal laxative. imate outgrowth of our conditions, and Accounts of Baks, Corporations and Individuals In the process of manufacturing fin they have been devised for the purpose of . solicited. a-e area, as tnev are pleasant to the saving labor. She spoke of the great taste, dii ue medicinal ousntiesnr the Corn pondenoe Ir-rltol. . above, whlob se will have entarged or reduced, aa the caae may be. Send group Dumber of trusts that have been formed remeay are obtained from aenna and other aromatic nianta. bv a method Z-" th United tnitl Averted. ' V during the part year, which have thrown kuowj to the CauroRHiA Fw Stbcf 550 000 men out of work. Two-thirds of Co. only. In order to get ita beneficial or Individual picture. Send pooio. four friends who have been in either regiment, fiend them to Mayor Star, Dead-wood, or Colonel B. T. Creeser. Sioux , DIRECTORS W. E. AOAMS. JOHN TREBER. enecrs and to avoid imitations, please remember the full name of the Company : - . a . . I these men were commercial travelers, and they have, accordingly, turned their attention to the search for relief from trust. This, ate said, was a mistaken idea. While iruiica us uio ironi oi every pacKage.. Fada. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. HARRIS FRANKLIN, ProsldoaC BEN BAEN. Vlco ProsldoaL The entertainment is already the best saw jraajrciaco, cai ivuuufluja mrr. nw voir m. v. - ' mWU SELBIE, CoaUor. ' the trusts have been a detriment la aonia ways, they have been aa advantage to Fx ate tf sOl DnexMa-rrioc SOc pr hoUla I aajsaaajia saiW rvinr. of ita kin U but U U propooea to un " more sso.

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