The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 12, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 12, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, & D. JEFFRIES PUTS CORBETT OUT i head ana Jim aoasea 8 wlcked rlgnt I I ss I .... 1 swing buu uauiTB attftj iiuiu it iiissu, Jeff wallops kidneys. Round Twenty-two. Jeff rushes and (Continued from First Page.) glove. Referee warns Jeff, lamis on wind. Bell. "'e" j staggers Jim with a right on jaw; Jeff CAM YOU SEE..... is rushing like a wild bull, but Jim's foot work is very much in evidence, Round Twelve. Jim's showing has Deeu a .surprise. Jim smashes eye ana j uud Jeff-8 rUshes do very little damage; mouth with .left; Jeff clinches and Jim ( ,,ni puts Mt t moutii; Jeff la,1(is oil brines ritiht on law: Jeff rushes but 2 T" q The reason Why a person should pay $4.00 or $5.0 for a Slice When . $3.50 for Gents stomach; Jim hooks stiff left on eye and he blocks two drives toi stomach and ducks under two swings; Jeff is persistent and loads often, but Jim blocks most of tlieni. Jeff puts left on stomach; Jim jabs nse with left JEFRIES WINS. Round Twenty-three. It has been a rattling good fight. Jeff rushes Corbett back and jabs nose with left, Jeff hooks right on ear; Jeff rushes Corbett to ropes, but Jim is out of the trap: Jim smashes with left and Jeff is feinted to a clinch: Jeff. works his elbow in the clinch and after the break swings a terrible left on the jaw; Corbett drops like a log. his head resting on the lower rope of the ring as he reels over on his side unconscious. He is counted out and Jeffries is declared the winner. Corbett was lifted as limp as a rag Jim .stops him with left on mouth and right on ear; two more lefts go to Jeff's fare and Jeff lands right on ribF : Jim gets in with straight lead on nose and he blocks two from Jeff: Jeff puts good left on stomach; Jim lands on mcuth and blood pours from Jeff: a clinch and Jim closes Jeff's eye with a left: Jeff is flinching as he twipts Corbett's neck. Bell. Round Thirteen. Jeff out with usual crouch, stretches for stomach: Jim blocks: Jeff just reached jaw with left and right lands on stomach; Jeff rushes and plants right under heart and Jim ducks a left and right swing; Jeff backs Jim to the ropes. hooTcs left on neck, then jabs mouth; two clinches and Jeff rushes Jim to ropes, lands left and right on stomach and staggers Jim with right on jaw; Jim clinches and good fool work saves him from further damage. Bell. Round Fourteen. Clinched; Jeff smashes cheek with left; Jim hooks on neck anil blocks a stomach drive; Jeff missed two lefts for head: Jim jabs mouth, nose and eye with left; Jeff puts left on stomach: Jim swings left AND. FATAL ECONOMY. $3.00 for Ladies buys the best thing to be had in foot and recovered in a min- to his corner He stood up and protested to his ute VERY old maxim declares that it isn't economy to pick up pins ; the time is worth more than the pins. Similarly it is not true econ-nmv to do without Ivory Soap; your health wear. requires the daily removal of the bodily excretions which are discharged through the pores of the skin. We make a Specialty ol these grades 3 Can give you any style you wish aiiQ seconds, but he was quieted, and crossing the ring, shook hands with Jeffries, who was being overwhelmed with congratulations. Corbett left the ring without a mark or a scratch, while Jeffries has marks all over, is fiice. Corbett received an ovation all the way to the dressing room. He put up a splendid battle, but Jeffries' strength bore him down. Time of last round, two minutes, eleven seconds These tiny mouths must De Kept open, ana mey should be opened only with a pure soap. IVORY SOAP-69(S. PER CENT. PURE. Guarantee Every Pair, on taw; Jeff lands left on chest and he swings left for the throat; Corbett ducks another left hut Jeff soaks stomach: 1 i lit smashes nose with left; .left' lushes and Jim dinks into a left With -reft- smash: Jim smashes nose CONVENTION SIDELIGHTS. It? a Vr tine uiuun. Lrkmare. li,nVl with double im- . ... I ,-,... ..,., Jclf is short on right swing. Hell. Hound Fifteen. Jeffries rushes and soaks stomach with left after a clinch. Jeffries rushes Corbett around the ling: Jim smashes mouth with left and skins awav: Jeff hooks right on kjr on iiti i ' l - " ' ' ' NOTIt K. Those bavins fences needing repairing. lots cleaned or nioniinieuts straightened will do well to see K. W. Lewis, superintendent of St. Ambrose cemetery, so that the work may be done belore i h'coi ation day. ( . I e." illl Y.-ill lit iimii n. a ' " " (Coutinueil' from First 1'age.) points of Ohio '' i More applause ! II. M. Kingdal said tic republican party's stock in trade is double deal I w IT Ua,..l hrv 1- their rem! " i" Zipp Shoe Co. 655 Main St. Deailwiidd C j 4ifn m. mm. m.M mtm m v sTm va I vruJ mm ..r mm am m h h Lnj-jxn-TLruu urruxrLnjTJijiJUUxnjTjJxr ai" CorlK'tt lands left on neck; Jeff j rushes and misses left for wind, and, lolls iaw with left: Jim ducks two drives and hooks his right on eve; Jeff lands hard right under heart ; Jim stumbles and Jeff plr.nts left on stomach : Jim clinches and bell rings. Round Sixteen. Jim's face is unmarked. Jeff lias cut mouth nose and bad ye. Jim blocks cleverly and hoijlis nn eye; Jeff hooks left on neck: Jim counters on ear. Jim's cleverness at dodging evokes cheers.. Jeff misses right swing by a yard and Jim lands left on stomach: Jeff rushes Jim to . a i : i . 1 . .......... l . , w. 1 1 l-i , 111 1 ing and lieci pt Ion. and just to show' he is a great reader likened unto "the fabled Janus" When the shouting was over lie declared thai the republican platforms were all written in Wall street, and "o k'd" in Washington. This set the storm on again. He said the Sultan of Sulu has more to say in the operation of our government than lil.OOU American citizens, and the pops threw their hats in the air and stamped their feet as if they were glad of it. A. J. Westfall of Iowa, got facetious, hut dis)vered that the convention could nut take a joke. After the roll of states and terri mm mm am a mm a m m sun's iurcli;is( for vnur iiispci t ion, lu-inu hilly nwiire of Hit' fact Hint it exceeds all niir previous ell'oils. OTVmiSTANIHNi TIIK UKCENT ;i!i;at iv-o;ri: in miokciiandisk in OIK LINK, KIIAAa-: NOT AI N'E1 0115 1' 15 ICES IN ANY SIMILE INSTANCE. lopes and Jim jabs face three times tories had been called, he got tip and without a return; Jeff plunges a heavy left on stomach and they are locked at bell. 22 Popular Monthly Magazines 22 Ql en to readers of tali paper (or saving the wrappers from oar Diamond "C" Laundry Soap. JncxTJDiD oca Faiu List iu Mandolins), Oultstrs. Violin, and hundreds et Splendid dlfta for Everybody. Drop a postal curd for Fre Catalogue to remarked that the Philippine islands seemed to have been missed. He Our Slen's Department is replete with the very latest for men's wear. Round Seventeen. Jeff rushes and moved that General Tarsney. of Colo after a clinch lie hooks left on jaw and rado, who had spent eighteen years in the islands, be appointed to represent vitrht under heart; Jim jabs Jeff's Men's' Spring Overcoats, in all the newest mouth; Jeff clinches and hangs on the new possessions. There was a t!tx-t. rfiiurimr iii mice from P CM IUM D ARTM INT. howl of protest. Tarsney did not like it himself, and two or three delegates Jim smashes mouth and eye with left and Jeff soaks the wind; Corbett ducks a left swing and jabs mouth $7.:0 to. if 22.00. , The Cudahy Pkg. Co. Soap Works, got up to explain that he Philippines The handsomest line of Men's Spring SOUTH OMAHA, PTES. with left; another clinch; Jeff wallops are not yet a part of the United States i mA we win ert kla to Suits we have ever shown; the very latest and it would be preposterous, etc kidneys and uses his elbow while locked. Referee cautions Jeff. Jeff throws a heavy left to stomach, misses de tai orintr. ranging and the chair ruled the motion cut of order. Mr. Westfall sat down with a .iXX 'i from $6.50 to ? 25.00. somewhat doubtful smile. He had failed to make a hit. a left swing and tries it backhanded, but fails; Jeff rushes and staggers Jim with a right on head; Jim clinches the Qo to the. Fully equal to tailor-made, at just one- round out. Bell. half the eost of made-to-order goods. Our Uov's Department consists of every Round Eighteen. Jim blocks and ducks; Jeff keeps up rushing tactics and sends left to wind; Jim hooks left WHEN NATURE Needs assistance it may be best to render it promptly, but one should re member to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best and most simple and gentle remedy 1h the Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. thing necessary for a boy's complete outfit, reliable goods, and low prices being our on eye and ducks Into a left smash; clinch; Jeff hits while locked and receives another warning; Corbett hooks ONLY AIM. TMlulBloch Co. j FAMILY LIQUOR STORE For Pure Wines and Liquors. Also for Bottled Beer in Cases Telephone No. 25. Goods Delivered Free to any Part of the city 635 Main Street Deadwood. This season we have paid particular attention to the LITTLE FOLKS. Three-piece Suits from 3 years up with vest jusr P from $2.00 to f 6.50. left to ear; Jeff right on ribs; Jeff rushes; Jim skips away; Jeff hooks right to ear and misses another right; Jim light left on cheek; Jeff rushes, lands on stomach; Jim hooks left on eye; Jeff lands left on wind, and when they run to a clinch, Jeff puts right on ribs. Bell. Round Nlneteen.-ieff rushes, but his left flies in the air; Jim blocks two lefts for wind, but Jeff jolts Jaw with I Shirt and collars Just like Papa wears, ages : Pesonificatlon of Ideas. It is nice to be sure when you go into a place for the purpose of selecting something to wear, that you are selecting frojjj a stock secon d to none for the latest and most up-to-date goods, but It Is still nicer to know that when you do not find in this superb stock anything thit J'tst suits your fancy, that you can, on the very Parrts. , OUlt OEJsTS' FURNISHING DErAKi MbMi lutein every detail, with the latest novelties, in fact, ev erything that isoiew and novel worn by men. r good left; Jim plants left on eye; Jeff HATS of the celebrated Dunlap and htetson rushes; Jim blocks; Jeff lands on wind FIRST NATIONAL BANK shortest notice, and at a reasonable expense have It "put up" to order. riJJ all good dressers, in all the new shapes ana and hooks left and right on head; Jeff nd shades for spring wear. rushes again and Jim is dropped under DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. The best line of Fancy Caps we have eei nu , Ml. the new stvle Plaids and Checks. a swing: Jim la up quickly ana Jen crowds him to ropes, but Jim. altho weak, is still clever and escapes many a drive; Jeff puts left on stomach and Our Shoe stock is now complete with th'e very latest in At Ackermann's, if, after examining their complete stock of the latest do-signs in headgear, your idea?- of a hat are not fully lorne out, you c:n put in your order, give the trimmers your ideas of what you want Ttn in a coa-ple of days you can call again to cast your eagle optics upon the personification of your own fancies. Try it. You will not be lisiiipcin l. United States Depository W! Shoes, F.vprv ir o-nnninteed to give satis faction. right on ribs. ' 't J t B Round Twenty. Jeff rushes from m. his corner, leaps at Jim, who ducks DIRECTORS: T. j. GRIKR, P. t SPARKS P. A. QU9HURflT d. a. Mcpherson. O. J 8U.ISbURY. and smashes mouth with two lefts; Jeff rushes him around the ring; Jeff reaches stomach with left; Jim skips OFFICERS: ProsldeDt O. J. SALISBURY I Cashier D. A. Mr Three Reasons Why we Should Sell youShoeSj Our Shoes are better: in Quality. And More Stylish in appearance, i j And Lower in Price than any other House in Town. Vlee-Prestdsnt T. 4. GRIER I "S19t- ""J' L : -2 A. -ft i-- ro'vomin t .pplnM -"nn be complete without chlldr.: it per uat c to love an-t want them. The dreadful ardeal thrr.uyh which the expectant mot tier must pass, however, is v. f -atijjlit with pain, aufierhig and danger, Uul the Teiy woman's A TESTIMONIAL FROM OLD ENGLAND. "I consider Chamberlain's Cough Remedy the beat in the world for hron-hitls," says Mr WUllam Savory of Warrington, England. "It has saved my wife's life, she having been a martyr to bronchitis for over six years, being most ol the time confined to her bed. She Is ndw quite well." It ii a great pleasure to th manufacturer' Of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to be Ihle to publish testimonials of this character. They show that great good Is being ione, pain and suffering relieved, and valuable Uvea restored to 'health and happiness by this remedy. "It is for' sale by KiTk O. Phillips. thought ol it tills her with horror There. around; he turns and lands left lightly on mouth; Jeff chases him clear around the ring time after time and finally puts left on stomach; Corbett plants left on wind; Jeff hooks left to neck: Jfcff is forcing Corbett around the ring and the bell ends the chase. Round Twenty-one. Jeff is on the aggressive; Jim jabs mouth with left; Jeff hooks on neck and they jeome to a haed elinch, broken by referee; Jeff swings left back of ear; Jim reaches stomach with left and Jeff misses right and left; Jeff puts left on stomach; Jim holts jaw with left and they swap lefts on face; Jeff hooks right back of ' ''"'" ' ' T. ' hi . m mt i T, necessity lor I AfW tr. VT W Af the ofriiild- Miters mM mother's FsiEWDdurinir lvS AtVL JJrtcflSriilM. address. sfcwLicM RSfulatot Co, AtUuta, Ca. , - ' y.coJ4 "its - --'

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