The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 13, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1898
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEEU-TIHES, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, ie.3. of OMAHA ADVERTISEMENTS. P7 the Inequality or i&s aiswiuuuou THE PIONEEB-TIME8. wealth and Join the populist part. any right. Pretjhci- mivx, the first premier In Dead wood, vent oat et town odv Jaj w.ut notblag but a Bi-ulc. New a Bible lan't very long Anon (BeUMUhsd WW.) Under the first halt year of the Din-An ice truat with 0.000,000 capital Stop and See the. raugt-. arrl the result wma that poor) y Carpna! Eaqr to BT. bOt baa Iimd formed n Chicago. It might Smith Wats ankwl by lb IMmm. The PIONEER-TIKEfl PUBU8BWO 00. II t how shaji i do ltr V , O be re glatered aa Klondike Junior. bargain DAYS. sume tuoruiug two minora were killatl oc the bli: above townTha news waa UUWI eaq"; la tht only TERMS Or SUBSCRIPTION. A mail route in Alaaka 1.81 nines 90 Iodc haa been established lr the gov passed around that the Indiana were out and a party went out and brought In the three bodies. We whlpaowed ernment and contract let for tarrying DAILY Bvury morning, except Moa-day. One Year H0.0O Sis Months mall over it. Diamond X" Soap Wrappers. I lOPcrCont boards for plain cofflni. Beat we couM lo. We UiuusjAi some day the preacher relatlvea might want to Ona Meata t -w I prtnca Bismarck la level headed in Boo enM way keep your haad eool, your feat warm and rocr blood rich tod p ur by taking Hood'i Sanaparilla. TrienaJlyooTBfrf 111 tnO mnialBt, tlittg . .and organs will bo bolldh np the system, craata aa appetite, tones the stomach gad givee ttrenfrth. It la the people's Bprt&f Medicine, hat a larger sale and e fects more cores than all other. The Best Laundry Soap. W KEKLY Issued evsry Taursdaj. pUt of hli gretl tge. Ha says that One Year u,mlI1 would not have the allghteat take hla body "ip. ao we painted It am black and left the other coffins white. On Exhibit In nTTTT T THOJ DfUff BWre BU Months chanc- , m war wub the United States. There wasn't a hraree In 500 bilea. ao PHILLIPS' Window! of Miss Llxxte Swarti, of Wllllamsport, Deadwood. & D. wa Just put the boxea In wagon and hauled theiu up the hill. I'a.. prayed heralf well after an Illness Will b returned on all Cash Sales to Customers on Leather Good in the Shoe Line. They are markel in plain figures, leas in price than any other house in the stale. "Well, you see, a abort time before of six weeks. She ahould be engageu Save Your Soap Wrappers. 9 mtmn anxious follows nan owua iu by UlUy Bryan as chaplain to his pres Identlal bood. Jump the alleys In Dead wood, theguich bolng narrow, and aome other fellow Ffcrtioulam of Contait will be Ex plain ad la thMt Oolamai in a snort tlxns. Over In Europe they dislike Presi got amallpox. So they had a miner1 Oomo and Supply Yourielf at rMMAMMMH.llM IS meeting In a saloon. They always he!d dent McKlnley on t tcount of hla tariff views, but are learning to admire him yuruujuriiiUamnM. For Sale by AU Grocer.. meetings In saloons those days. And ntered second-class utter at U Deadwood Fostoffice. INTEKVENTION OR RECOGNITION. The point haa now Wn reach"! where we tnusl answer the question. Khali the United States recognlxe tbe they went and elected five Ave of u board of health and street commission. on account of hla patriotism and ablll ty as a statesman and diplomat. HoodMPin.SSr' THE CUDAIIY PACKING COiSfAUT, MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD. C. E. ZIPP'S That meant that it was our business to tiight hundred and nfty southern war claims aggregating ll.L'uO.ow have hi-vn allowed by the lower branch of Hai removed to Nelson" old stand FOR FARM . . next door to American National bank. congress. They were for supplies fur clean out the allleys and nursa the smallpox patlenta and bury the dead. So naturally this funeral business fell to us. "Now. a white before that a poor, weak sister had died In Ileedwood. When we burled her in the lonely little graveyard. Red Clarke, from M6n- niUii'd trooos by Union men of the . . AND GARDEN. Want Column. tM.iiili during the late unpleasantness. THE NEW Republic of Cuba or Intervene In Cuban kITaira? There la no longer any controversy over the right and duty of thl government to reaut-e the Inland from the clutch of Spain. There 1 no lougt-r talk of either armistice or mere profU'i'4 of good officer Alfalfa. Clover. Alsyke, Timothy. Bloe Grass. Millet. Cans Kaffir 2ora. Bead Potatoes William J. Hryan spoke In Columbu and Forage Plsnt Seed. V.f stable and fljwer WANTED HELP i week un "lilmetallam." In 1896 tant. kind o' spoke a few words ovar Beis. This Is one of tha best rears known for buy Ins efforts were for monometallHm. her body, fto I told Red that he bad r.."""'""mmr Ins and sowinir seeds. Frloss are low and IWO he probably will be a polymetal t t Wanted A man and wife without children to work on a ranch. Enquire House weather favorable. Qill This la not a question of legal tech- ,ot aD(j advocate the coining of money made a reputation and would have to preach for the preacher and the two more Priors furnlsbrd on application. Catalogce at this office. ... . . ... . nlcaiiiica. but of practical statesman- out of any om tning. others. But Red aald Be drew ine n.- it Wanted Solicitor for the beautiful FREE. Tlis Ksirsska Sm. Ccr.;::j. a llKnatrh from Pekln Is autnoni. at premcners. vv"" Under New Hanagement. . - .n I .. I . !n. .w1 nf JVMll-SJI I ant tAe ahip. Ine point of view la the probable ctii'ct of each couree both upon the commercial lntercata of thla counttry Ufe of Francea E. Wlllard." published under the auaplcea and Indorsed by the uiy counted s,uvu,uuu in u wiuum rn tiicw w is a traitor to the country and in ttm shortest one. Still we all kind o" liked 1809 Paraam St. Omaha, Vabraak than any Oth- Offan lloi j Attraotlona for lass Money .... noma In the city. . W. C. T. U.; the only official book; pre- 4-6-dAw it i. -hLn-rpH that LI I the DreacJiPr. Just got up on a ory and the weLare of Cuba. Whichever I pay of Hussta. gooda box every Sunday and preached I pared by Anna Gordon, for 21 year In his la the UUer for either la aure to be the Imperial bee buxrlng I I.,.., n hell fire and the neceaalty of salvation. MUs Wlllard' aecretary ; beautifully better tor both. Our Interest la simply I But I never made a apech and didn't I Illustrated; only 12; tremendous de- Best meals, Ikst Dining Service, Best Rooms and Best Location of any House in the City. I o Lee-GlaiaiiAiuieesen A deouty In the New York subtrees- Ln0w what to do. I told Doc Carter, nana, nonanta tor agents; supero rv rountsd J.000.000 In ninety seconds h nmbler. how I was fixed. 'Hold ooob, noerai commissions, craan gav that peace may be restored and permanently maintained. That of line If would be the reatoration of our once on,' aald he. 'In my trunk down In your en; freight paid; write quick tor outfit a few days aao. No. the money did Carl Blank Prop. uot belong to an editor; but It belong- fireproof (1 had the only fireproof ? " . V ' I fl il flfll Iftf Cf'fl"CCi large and now decimated commerce Hardware Company. WnolMtU i Hardware BicyelM itnd Sporting floods. d to Uncle Sam. It waa In certificate Deadwood) Ie got a Mttle prayer book f""" " """ fc ' llflMIIM P bUJ isIOl my mother gave me before I went out I Dearborn St., Chicago. UsaUULlUJ. iMKurt. with the Island. The government of Lf the denomination of 110,000 each. I. S JwiSMSI BM J Aaiet I I the Inlted B tales la entirely free to to tamornia. Wanted-Olrl for general housework. O TEA fyi , AAA up he trunk and got the book. In It- . , ' v M.,, OTt Am, M O Bnqulre of Mrs. Frank McLaughlin, With Billy Bryan ana no govern- adopt whichever Una of policy It aeea taia-si-as uiin - ohajba ment credit, thla country would bow be it wa an Episcopal prayer book we 41 Williams street. fit , pan ta. A at.. I ueautlfully prepared for war lf he uu-1 found the prayers for the dead at sea. JSr WATER SUPPLIES. There are two atrcng arguments I ueen elected president. The election for women In labor, for rain and for J. C. CA!ISSX, A;::t, tr Waa tod A sltuaUoc by a man cook and a woman cook. Mrs. L. E. Millar recognition, one geographical, the oth-lof McKlnley haa proven a blessing both Keystone Restaurant j FAIRBANKS, ft CO., sr hi-iorirai. Cuba in uitturaiiv n.i ! to America and Cuba. most everything. We found one that we thought would eult the case, and 1 turned the leaf down and put the book ilea rtrnim vi. vmani, neav ahouid be politically one, but It la now FOR BALE. t-ift-fts a 4 w. Franklin, Delaware county. New in my pocket. .Reopened MaagtL.Dt et 'At the funeral It was quite a fu tork la much exercised over a wild man loose In the woods. An expedition f ueeiraoie ouiiaing iota on wbcoib ft neral, too we put the two other fel DR. Meant! v IS TBB OXLT IflO IALI8T WBO SUATS 1U, Piivtto Cltttwt MSN ONLY SO Tears KiMrUese. M ImU Omaha. avenue, Ingteslde. Lumber furnUhsJ I . aWlUnCU OKQW divided into two parts. Over some of the provluces the republic haa no Jurisdiction, and never baa bad; over others Hps! a haa exercised no practical - be,n ,r,"l"f. t0 ,r. WLe!?er .!Lto low. In on. .rave and gave the preach- to buUd. Edwia van cue. u uot one ii.r. niu. ii i. mu er a berUt by mrsaeir. ateppeu ior Ttxliirdst isi look to the woods after tbe Oreater c7Lou For Sale Howaid's Addition. ward and took out the book and start sew York election. ed to read the prayer. I had only got T.r Brssnr. . . This addition tc Deadwood. beautifully located oa the Park bench, adjoin Bush & flundhenke. Praotleal Hotel mea wbo will give toe best S&o meal lo the City. Meal Tickets 16.00. i Good Home Cooking i By a Flrr oClats Womsu Cxk. started when a man stepped out of the Bona WT-, CoomISb. Uoarim. asanas 14 aal ransa tM, OMASA. a. Sixteen hundred fish were caught In one haul of a seine at CrlU's mill-dam crowd and satd: 'This ain't fair. This Jurisdiction for year. Thla bisection Is not due to public sentiment among the people themselves, but to the relative military strength of the two belligerents. If the United States should adopt the recognition policy the result ing the Dudley Spring, la the First ward, la now open for settlement Bee plat and prices at office of Edwla Vaa in the Sioux river near Vermillion, S. man waa a Methodist and It ain't right to read nravera over hie crave.' With ,i. The haul at Klondike farther north Methodist "lee. that h started on an old iil probably amount to several thou- DR. DAILEY. hymn and all the boys joined In, In .ey. niuA ib aw. Lv.iilwh P- .aud. mostly suckers. Both hauls are For Sale Ten acres of choice farm, 16U aad Vaiai cluding myself. Then he made a kind marvelous. garden and fruit land In Spearfleh val of a little aneeeh. Of course I waa Vasassi Bloak, Oaiaaa aTafc. ley. Mrs. Jenny Clay, Deadwood. siad to have him take hold. And that HhawneetowB, 111., one of the oldest ai the state, waa almost wiped out of FlStttttsefstS wee how we burled Preacher Smith, J- For Sale One combination money- He'a aot a monument now. I eent hit xlstence Sunday afternoon of last STAR & BULLOCK Istt ttrt $7.51 effects to his elater and ahe wrote a lot vcek by the breaking of a levr; of the drawer and cash register, show case, 17. OBe all-glass show case S feet of poetry at me." ohlo river. Over 200 lives were lost. might be that Cultn would share the political fate of llaytl, which ought to be one republic, but Is really two. Tbe historical argument grows out of the experiences of tbe numerous Spaulsh-Amencan republics. Mexico. Central America, and all South America, except Brazil and the Oulanas. We do not refer to the fact that each state, as we count statea In thla country, Is an Independect republic, but to tbe fact that during the last seventy-five Ns, high, 22x32 Inches oquare, 3-shelf, one Hie levee had been built alnce tbe LmsJ blanks of all deaorlDtio&a fori "mail candy cum, tl.60. Enquire or ilooda of 1884. but it was not carefully Put tsiinsr 12 Wi Crtwi XI r Run and Robes to order, fixldsrmy supplies Li itocx. AU work guaranteed first class. Hardware Co. IRA L. HUNOERFORD. eddre eels at the Pioneer-Times office. uullt owing to a lack of money and un TEETH EXTRACTED WITKCUT SLISHTEJT P.1II. skilful contractors. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. 905 South 18th Bt- Omaha Vsbratka, For Sale One AI slngls driving -e- I will not be responslbls for any bills horse, weight about 1.050 or 1,100 lbs., Under the first half year of the law the importations of articles of JJ Seal fa ratal )gue. Teeth Remove 1 aad new ilates aame contracted by parties Uvtng In my good traveler; one good team, weight I 19 tl U. W. years a great part of the energies and food nd ,lTe animals Into the United I houses la Deadwood, or other places, tboul 2iioo lbs., good drivers, or good Da. All -work Warranted. 4-I-dAv. Statea were reduced 25 per rent as (or house material, without a written for heavy work; also a good heavy Heavy and Shelf KardLware. Mine and Mill Supplies. iom pared with the corresponding I order fom the undersigned. wagon and heavy harness; also good months under the last year of the Wil WM. K. MoMASTER, strong light buggy, la good repair. The New Murray W. a. ROBINSON. Assayer and Ctes Ills Dodfw Etraat, Belle Fourche, S. D. son law. Thla means that the same .uiiount of commodities will be pro- Any of the above will be sold separately or la a bunch at reasonable figures resources of the Latin-American nations have been worse than wasted on civil war. Somo of them are still la a chronic state of Internecine war. Mexico and Chile, tbe two etremea In position, have outgrown the revolutionary atage of development, but the process UNCLE SAM AND THE COAL OIL for cash. Address Box 592, Deadwood, .hired by American farmers and their .udustry thereby stimulated. The' farmers are certainly convinced by this ENGINE. 022 AHA. Nebraska, The United Statea government has MISCELANE0U8 WANTS. S&nltsur P'umbing. Sawerogo Oonnnctioni. Cornice Making:, In use or on order over 60 of the new time which party Is their friend. Thoroughly Rrfltttd. RAtes$2.l0to$4 e?Day. Syiimi rawssywsiaer .aaeaaeltaMlaa K::2;::rt:rt lu !::!( Samples by MAIL I 19-98 D. W. F. M. Coun will find It to his Inter coal oil engines, sons for lightships, and other fog signals, some lighting Tbe cruelties of the Duke of Alva In .tie Netherlands and those of Weyler est to answer thla ad. Anyone know- the forts and the torch of the Statute All Kinds of Tin and Sheet Metal Work. BISHOP & CO. Ing of his whereabouts wUl please an u Cuba, though three centuries apart, of Liberty. New York harbor ! lighted swer and receive reward. M. Leon, .tear striking resemblancea. Both 1218 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. by one. For the above service PERFECT RELIABILITY la the first con -TXl Lunch Counter I'UU-hered men until the men waa hor-i Hied. Both were recalled, honored by xo::;.i:3f.:::.7s c sideration. W. M. BARKER, was tedious, bloody, and impoverishing. Our statesmen of the Monroe period are not to be blamed for adopting recognition In preference to intervention. The United States of that day waa In no condition to undertake the responsibilities of Intervention. It did tbe only thing practicable in the circumstance. It waa necessary to leave tbe revolted Spanish colonies to work out their own salvatlon.But now this gov- FOR RENT. .'pain but dishonored by history. The Deadwood. m Dinim? Room i-rueltles of either have never yet i"s. nm, till kla UN tjt. 1 . f tJsft.' 1 s. .rought down the doom of an aveng For Rent Nicely furnished rooms at 1617 Cartel At., Oaaaa, Vab, ing '"ate, and the accumulated retribu L XJTi Ul I A the Clark house, head Lee street stairs. Sole agent for South Dakota. T. J. DOVVD. PRACTICAL Seati&z C&piclty 200. tion will be awful when It does come. JL Btmti MILLARD J. E. Lhirkel & Son, fRor&xxToms, Talrtaaatii aad Donflaa Bta. LEADINQ K OTeToF CUAHA. Xset SeMiebtii Inwon. AiaartoM rtaii f (0 IM ay Mid Bf MmramtM Pmmi ii W MwtS ni. it can only be hoped that It will come t-24-88 d BBdw. For Rent Fnraiaived room la pri 'tulckly. . keaat.mB4 mA vate family. Enquire at thla office. Ian. a s. era. Dr. J, R Hortzmann Bishop Hartwell of Africa predicted nun, swh aLKBAsrz, bob, LOST. And OPTICIAN i...., iuo -me .ttituae toward enna last wee In the Methodist conference that the Intervening that Euronean I at New York Clt that "Em-oiv. win I gtTaeealf Bpeetsl auasrsai eeis i a powers did toward Greece when thsflht Inside of a year over the division 1 $25)1 Killt Klfl Ofilf. bbs whe trsasa ell Meete Slseeeee et Lost A pair of gold-rimmed. double- n leased spectacles. Finder leave at Wstsh I laminar for fteF.CAM.V Kales aad resi Turkish yoke waa thrown off. ' Amc- About tne ,ame Unwshewlll M..r. . . . . I also be fighting over a divlaloa of Chl- Mucn la being said In current discus-1 .. . this office and receive a reward. Weakaeee aa mm as a srtel aad I will SMtioa m work' es4 prlisa ALLOAD3. AR2 ALIKE TO A MOrJARCM. Pcrfsotlon Is the result of our Ions experience. Lost A tobacco sack containing 111 ii Strut, On. Pistsffici. Iiiiitl XoaialytrmraJert-ties ef rssaslss as tears la Osaaaa. asBselsaelssi Tree. LEWIS HENDERSON, FLORIST. Cat Viewers, Plants aad Floral signs feVpped ea short aottrv 1 6th aad rsraiivBta., 0 rsa, Tibmka. I 19 D. i W. na. ine Monroe Doctrine prevents slon about Cuban bonds. There are any further encroachment on this aide herein two dangers, both of which can ' the Atlantic. If Spain ahould be be guarded agalnat better by InUrven- orowdel out thla heat there will be one currency and $10 goW. As tha loser was a hard-working farmer who can Illy afford the toss, the finder will con lea chance that Uncle Sam would hsv tlon than by recognition. Cuba Libre fer a favor by leaving at this office. should pay In full every dollar of IU l f0r h" WP Urrlt0ry- MACHINERY. BLACK HILLS STORIES. First Annual . 10 H. P. Portable Boiler and Engine. Allen's Club Room Told by Seth Bullock, the First Sheriff of Deadwood. 15 H. P. Hortaoatal Bsclae. 27 H. P. Vertical Engine. 4 Boilers. Mate sad wans. Dsslsiaa, Minneapolis Journal: "I told you 1 10x6x12 Steam Puma, capacity 140 gal- debt Incurred In the cause of Independence, but no fraudulent bond tssus should be aaddled upon the laland.The actual settlement of the matter muat be left for adjustment after the war. The thing to do now Is to so far Intervene aa to prevent a clique, whether of dnadbesu or capitalists, from taking a dishonest advantage of the situation. Inter Ocean. would tell you a couple of true western stories one of these days," aald Seth El WTIIIEKrOUn Waeri Cm b I OlgaM tad Uasss bj Km aMy ssaWhiaasr mskm. Teaessfi TN Pm'" H ltr t,i HiJ Lbww y,lJ UlilESf LlJwil) AND CIQAR3. treaL Vaheossr-Boesfc aad Bt. Lonlt Beer oa Oramsat fSC PER CLAOO. Bullock, aa he settled back In an easy Ions per minute. , No. S Oatee Crueaee. 2 Sets Crushing Rolls. 1 Bruckner Roaster. aasSlshMfefsr aav i . etteee at the West hotel. No. 14 W. F. of M, .o, aald Seth Bullock, "there Is no more Wset now. But It waa pretty Great Variety of Shafting and Boxes, lively on the Missouri In those dava City Hall April 14. Belting and Pulleys. Tanka. Ao. W. M. BARKER, Office, rear 1st National Bank, il remember when I first went up the Deadwood, 8. D, Missouri In 1868 there had juat been a Moody fight on the Musselshell between some Sioux and a band of white 8 lttsW.vJ U L.8 SHOiMANST. v;;:leule 6 eetm GROQERS. 4tojs at to- TUe congressional elections this year ought without any doubt to result In republican success. A free-silver majority In the bouse rould Impair ihtt rredlt of the country to surb an extent that we could scarcely carry on a war. no matter what the exigent-tee mlRh. be. That alone ought to Influence the aisaSSast Tbe I tre 1 I ves news loath Dakota. men. The whites had come off I et beet 1 remember they had seven or ight Imllans' heeds In a row with different labels on them. One waa: This Is a good Indian'; another was 'This is the son of a peace commissioner." etc. Deadwood. fn i. Tb. beat V sow. ar Fwrj's. V sm pnMusjioi mocnanicai irivnuity. ' vmumtm aaawa are it pays to ptaat people to keep In power the party of lOSiriCAGQALEY, u T?r?Tmrmwttm sound money. COMM1TTBX0: EXECUTIVE Leva O'Connell, Chas. Loonjer. David Brown, Frank Meads, M. T. McCalL DOOR John Mclasrnyjrvin W. Anderson, Thomas Carroll. RECEPTION George Co win, W.De-lany, Art Wise, Chaa. Mayer, Ohaa. M Alllster. FLOOR Thomas Wheatoa, Wa, Baaky. J. W. rargo, A. Oiesoa, Elof Engdahl. This being the first ball, will be the grandest, J Remember the place and data Lgsini J I f sm mm -4 O jb m "Now, I'll tl) you Juet one more said Mr. Bullock, adjusting his tn.H.fcOTks1 l.wai Ltt k4,Ml (a ejgp su Ce ausi J C$nd for IC3 Cststerua. at,snt wentsKl In cpn Urrttsry. Twelve thousand acres of coal land In Alabama hare been purchased by SYPHILIS GONORRHOEA LOST IIANH00D. Ptitafa Cissaess sf Kea EaaosBfallT Csrai. . . FMAL 'twr'tT8 NO NO PAY.; Ssz 723, Tizl-tzl, C,'S. Da&dirood, 8. D. looi-h bat to look bark Into tbe past, aa he would take a .uk over miles of sage brush plain, "thla Is the story of mm we ssaMr M theas. Bead tee rssBv-a acta anNuai, j aa riu teat s fooe sad Dsaler la aUalag stoeka aad : Z an outside syndicate. The people who have been living over thla exhaustive trsaaure for an age will some day atop atlnf elajr loaf enough to howl about teefcwi. if aa-sitvafA, the burying of Preacher Smith. On day while Deadwood was still 1b the Indian reservation and we didn't have r -,: H ?-, and ruiton Ctreta, Chleo. -' .re-t. York. Lrrtddn and Memfewrj. f -""t e-fae tar a Seen ef SSaiteeeN mmytom eM aMreterj Kj tee eek kea aetiereees see v. 3e rfen. w ttteaBtftfa aad E&Uread Tieketa host aad aaU.

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