The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 12, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 12, 1900
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

)AY, MAY 12, 1W. THE DAILY IlQVE$a-VLVE8t DEADWOOD, 8. D. You Should Go to CENT A WORD We Are loving! UseenU under thU headONK , WORD each insertion, when The Arcade Peter Eckluxd. Prop. Iswhere you get that 'delicious drink known thruout the country as An-hauser Busch you know beer. a A nice lunch constantly ou the bar. , than one mouui, w Anna A. Leuhrs No. 61 Sherman St., ' For your dressmaking. A line of ready made ladies' garments kept constantly in stck, at reasonable prices. Visitors always welcome. r month, payaDie m auvu.: won w w i am, Boston and all intermediate regions are reached on fast time and at lowest rates of fare by trains of the Nickel Plate Road. Leave Chicago 10:35 a. m., 3:30 p. m., 10:30 p. m., with up-to-date drawing room sleeping care. Unexcelled dining cars on thru Boston and New York train at 10:35 a. m., and New York City Fast Express train leaving Chicago at 3:30 p m. All trains run daily. Train leaving Chicago at 3:30 p. m. has observation car east of Buffalo over the Lackawanna road, arriving in New York City 7:25 p. m., "every day in the wanud---help. cigars ' Best brands of drinks and always on hand. Lots of Goods. We want to move more. Our desire is our opportunity. Cal. and examine and you will flu d a complete housefurnishing establis hment. A spot cash price on all goods. We are making a specially now on Baby Go-Cart and Carriages. A tew harness left that we want to close out. DeMouth's "Ark" No. 70 Sherman Street. THE Le Street, Deudwood. FINEST MEATS LTL1N, Carpet laying and sew-mi general house cleaning, on Telephone 98. D Orders for house-cleaning; mlsh help; also curtain wash-Lddress.P.O.. Mrs. O. E. New-fo. .8 Water St, City. a$KV.!. AT year, in good shape for evening enter Giis Keller's Market tainments. Secure sleeping car service in advance. Write, wire or 'phone 2057 Central, to J. Y. Calahan, General Agent, Chicago, 111. 42 Main Stra-t. Deadwood DA girl to do housework:. . Mrs. George S. Jackson's, 63 a avenue. LITO FEED AID SALE STABLES In the spring the birds are singing T. J. DOWD, repairing neatly done. Wall cleaning a specialty. W. J. Te, Harrison phone No. 14. Watchmaker, Optition, Jeweler Good Saddle and Driving Hordes f urnished. Heavy HortMS and Teams Bought and Sold. Contracts taken to do heavy team work or to move household goods and furniture. Dry wood for tale and delivered. ED To adopt a bright girl of lour years. Address Pioneer- 509 Main St. GEORGE BENNER, b A girl- Mrs. J. J. Feld- LEA & PERKINS' Black Hills Jewelry to Order. J. A. GREEN DEALER IN Glomes wi Mloierf AT NO. 7 CHARLES STREET, 1 Quotes a few of his prices as follows, and wishes to announce that all other t.oods in his stock are being sold at the same low prices: Per Ca.n. Tomatoes iZft Best Raspberries 12Vi Heat Strawberries 12 i 3 doz. fresh eggs ,r 35 Best country butter, per lb 25 1 lb Dried Raspberries at 20 Excellent Birdie Sauce or Piccalilli, was 25c qt., now 20 Test Mustard Pickles, per qt. . . 20 A trial order is solicited, and thl 1 ( st of satisfaction guarantod. The Last Chance That old populiir Sherman street resort, is now undor the chaige of John Nelson, As they build their summer home, Blades of grass and buds are springing, O'er the mead the cattle roam. In the spring your blood is freighted With the germs that cause disease, Humors, boils, are designated Signals warning you of these. In the spring that tired feeling Makes you every duty shirk, Makes you feel like begging, stealing, Rather than engage in work. But there'ssomething known that will a Man to health and vigor lead. You will find Hood's Sarsaparllla Just exactly what you need. Walter L. Vercoe M. D, De.'id woixl. S. D. Office Waite Building. Watch Examiner for the Elkhorn R. R. D a laundress at the Belle ,e hotel. D. A girl for general house-Mrs. J. V. N. Dorr, 6 Stew- snue. THE ORIGINAL WORCESTERSHIRE Work and Prices Guaranteed, Lee St. Deadwood. Thii iifnAtura It oa vntj bottU p Beware of Imitations It is highly approvctl for the very agreeftble rest which it imart3 to Soups, Fish, (ame, Hot and Cold Meats, Salads, Welsh Rarebits, etc. NDF.NTLY wealthy young L desires to marry at once; assist good kind husband ally. Address MISS DORA, . Bell Hlaee, St. Louis, Mo. O C. JEWETT. JOHN DCNCA1TS RONS, Agent. New York. ARCHITECT. Hours 10 to 12 and 1 to 3 FOR SALE. diseases of eye New Waite Block. DBADWOOU. rt. D Practice limited to and ear. g HEALTHY OLD AGE. ;iley broiiKht i a heavy team horses. J. .1 Feldliausen will m for sale. ,Epr,.mlst'S at 55 Lower treet, ItHW.UO; half cash, bal-l time. Apply to R. M. Ma J. P. HYMER Tun Wiiiti: house s!ia: COLLECTIONS-ADJUSTMENTS- SOUR y who solicits your patronage. ifi I Larch, Bknyow Co. Are , Aug. 4. I im 40 years old a;nl have be n Buffering with Change of Life 1 bal HxodniK spells so had t hat none Itiouifht I cuuhl Uv Mv husband got mn Wine of Cardui and it miv d uiy life. 1 uui like another person since taking it. MRU K B TOWNSEND. FIDELITY BONOS. Forrest Hill . most desirable location Grlvo Him a Call. Tin All klndi or bonds written: Appeal tt Its attractions are lacRmeai. replevin, tionfla tor executor administrator. AH judicial bonds exe- in the Citv. finely i cureo wimout delay. Don t ask yuj friend to sign for you until you get oui rates. Lodge officers, treasurers, and official bonds ipeclaJtp. Olympic Block, Deadwood. )LE building lots on Lincoln , ingleside; lumber furnished 1. EDWIN VAN CISE. (tf) 'T OR SALE. New upright pply to Room G, Martin & block. ,E. Minorca eggs at 50 cents ng. Mrs. John Baker, 9 street. i FURNISHED ROOMS, RUNNING WATER. STEAM HEAT. ELECTRIC LIGHT, rones Harrison. 1S8: Black H11U. 10J ED. HEALEY (Successor to Fritz Amnion No. 15 Lee Street. Wishes to announce that his place is now in readiness to receive patrons. A Full and Complete Line Of all the latest and staple drinks, and Pbone In residence. Harrison. 88. From Garrett to Cellar No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable It is the devout wish of nearly all people to live toi ripe old age. Noneot us want to die youni;. 1 ins universal desire can be realized if care be taken of the health in early anJ middle life. A little precaution then will add many years to our existence. Death can be kept away a long time. Happy, healthy old ane will be the lot ot the woman who promptly corrects the ailments which atilict heise5(. In youth, Wine o& Car dui will take the lemale child sately over tkre dividing line between girlhood and womanhood. As a wife she it to help her through the trials of pregnancy and childbirth with as little discomfort as possible. At the Change of Life It will help her over the danirerous place that appears in her pathway between 40 and 50. Then w ill come many years of truly blissful existence. She will grow old slowly and gracefully. To the last she will preserve that charm and beauty which are always characteristic FOR RENT. House Cleaning Palmer house CLEANING CARPETS ON FLOOR earfish Creamery Co. desires r lease the factory and skim ion for one year or -more on n. John Breslin, Secretary, 8. D. the best brands of cigars will be constantly carried in stock, while his motto will be A Quiet Orderly Place To bring your friends for a social game. BEST BEER ON TAP AT 5c A SPECIALTY. Ulltr AIVIS0IT ItrAITMUT. For ad r toe In caaea rmnlrlnr inrlal of perfectly healthy grandmothers. It is for women alone to decide whether they will be healthy or sick. The remedy for their sickness is close at hud. direction, addreaa, girtng sjmptoma, UlUa' tifttotj Dmtx Ta rHaTTinOttUA uicua odL Cbtttaaoon, Ttnn. Carpets beaten. Carpets laid, CarpeU sewn. Carpets fitted to any room. The best of refeiences. Leave order as i r Three furnished rooms, or housekeeping. Inquire of John C. Haines. LARCE BOTTLES OF WINEOFCAR0UI SOLD FOR Sl.00 BY DRUGGISTS. Saley New Clark Mock next door to L. S. Assay Office. NEW BUILDING, NEW FURNITURE, NEW BEDDING. In connection with the Restaurant are ten finely furnished rooms with hot and cold water and bath. Open day and night. Short orders a THE BILL OF FARE ...AT... Mctly furnished rooms W- H. MOORE Calkins, No. 502 Main 3treet Tie Mfliig Aestanrant Blacksmith and it. Large front room for Cook Remedy Cc. 1 . usekeeplng. Apply to Room Miller block. specialty. SING YOU Prop. HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR MHO I PIC UINL. T OUMC Wagon Maker Is Complete " Their table merits the patronage the public. No. 19 Lee Street. 21 JT Furnished ooms at " v. P. s. Lundgren. HORSESHOEING AND GENERAL RE L00D poison PRIMARY, SECONDARY 'TERTIARY BLOOD POISON PERMANENTLY CURED IN PAIRINU DONE ON SHORT NOTICE T Office room,, lower floor j-v'l ,w w eaar m w w m ia tu 3B VA 1 a. I OU can om Washabaugh block. Ap- All kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also. Carriage Furnishings. Beebc & Cleveland nllen & Murm. f J ' ' price under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to come here we will coDttiot to par railroad fare and hotel bills and no coarse If we fall to cure. If - Calhoun Bros. --Proprietors of the Dsadwood Traasfer Li Art Prepared to Do T Overland hotel, Sherman 11 and U Pine St.. - Deadwood, 8. D. and atlll bare acaee and palaa, you Mve taken MERCURY, IODINE POT ASH, THE GROCERS newly plastered thruout; SOORK THROAT. PIMPLES, COPPER-COLOR- mucous patches in mouth. KD SPOTS. ULCERS on any part ef tre body HAIR or EYEBROWS FALLING OUT, It la tbil BLOOD POISON that we OUARANTEB to cure. We aoildt the ugnu, steam heat, swer om, etc.; 24 rooms besides OdfiT BE FOOLED! 105 Sherman Street. Harrison Telephone 144. moat OBSTINATE CASES and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CAN NOT CURE. Thia dlaeaae baa ahrara BAFFLBO THE SKILL OF THE MOST Take the gmularlgkMa. All hinds of transfer work on very short EMINKNV PHY8ICIANS. ing room and kitchen. Ap .Baggaley, Agent ' Are prepared to supply your wants Several of our moat prominent public mec. Klaca and Bmperora of forelan laada ROCKY MOUNTAIIt TEA Mte aljt by AUdltoa ftVll-4m Ce.. Mdho. WU. It keepe ro well. )mr Itwie in the line of groceries or confection ery. With a complete stock at the low ?.TTPelmon,co Restaurant, notice. To try them Is to have work done promptly and aa ordered. PIANO TRUCK. The latest and most complete piano have succumbed to thte dlaeaae even when under tbe treatment of tke beat talent unlimited wealth of natloaaould employ, but. we have a SECRET REMEDY known only to ou reel Tea. During FOURTEEN YEARS ot our existence no lean than twenty different conoerna have atarted up to Imitate our treaMment, prompted by oui unprecedented fucceei; today not one of tbe remalnt In bueiness. to postofflce. . Furnished nunc cut fr eaA pmOug9. Price, 3S cent j. Ney . eoll In bulk. Accent no aubetl' est prices, iney respecuuiiy solicit a m heat, P. D. Smith.-," phare of your patronage. MMtirek na WU. -Atk your druga-tat. We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competittr, truck for the safe and careful moving of THE COOK REMEDY CO. haa permanently cured thouaanda and haa pianos. !QjLANEOCS WANT. world-wide reputation for speedy cures, honesty and Integrity. C5 Main St., Deadwood. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OP CURES AND UNBROKEN PLED wontnjf lrrttrWrwwr-polsorf.' night 1W neroJ leliilLty and allied troubled treated under a legal Lee-Glass -Ardreesen Wholesale Hardware Bicycles and ruartuatee. ( orreaDonde-nce atrirtlT nnvata D.-One Jersey cow, dark horns, no brands, 6 years red from Deadwood May 1, reward win be paid for re-1 Annie Leonard, Williams eadwood. p Your Shoe Mware orimitutors wbo are capyiog arter on GES sent sealed la plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. 1 w rite tvr question ONE MILLION DOlLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. Needs a PATCH mm COOK REMRDY COMPANY 1928 iKonic Tcmjle CHicato. Dl. Sporting Goods. Take it irr 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST.. OAiAHA HEDTJLE m m mt at mm i 1 JOHN SOHN S. 5 Lee treet. J. C. CARSON; Agent. Deadwood Office Syndicate Bit ON THK NICKEL PLATE. nnU7. Fostoria, Belle- Cleveland, Palnesville, Conneaut, Girard, Erie, 1 Uk. Dunkirk. ButTalo, as LAFAYETTE STOCK FARM Lifayetta, Ind. Where It will be done with neatness U Va Vie ZJ VS U and DISPATCH. I CATARRH Dyspepsia Cure THE (xkaxs mo AND HEA4.IXG c rtas on nana iuu atanious cuusibiiub ui uuciinoLiriu u nnjiAii j COACH Stallions, Draft SUllio us, consisUag of NORMAN and ENO- ? LISH SHIRE and BELGIANS, Trotting Stallions and Jacks. Anyone ! CTTRK FO 14 Digests what you eat. Itaitlficiallv dlirefita t,hf fond anrl oMo CUPIDENE" t i vw. .BuvB n MANHOOD RESTORED.- Thin 11111 WUW 1 1 WW rtaiure in strenKtbenincr and reran. rreat VecetaMe WllkaVilaliaer,UMpreicrlp- ton ol a lamocn French ptirsirian, will quickly cure roa of all ae one or uiieama ol Ue ecacrauve orraua. auck aa Loat Manhood, CATARRH Ely's Cream Balm Gaay and pleataat to aa. Contains no In. juriona drug. It la quickly aheorbed. Girea Kalief at once. structiDff the exhausted digestive organs. It is the latest discovered digest ant and tonic. No other prepare tioc can apDroach it in cfficienr.v. it in. anaon.-ua. 1'n .i la t'ja r. ici. Seminal i-rmsaions. Nerrooa Uebultri V -7 OooatKvtloa, Itgtor all lomea brdar or nlht rVent qokk. v anting a Stallion of any kind' should address us at LaFayette, Ind., or write . or calfon our agent. WM. L.EFORS, Belle Fourche, S. D. We can sell stal- lions as low aa any other firm. Every Stallion guaranteed to be a good I breeder. J j. Crouch & Son, 5 Proprietorm. r T" aoiliarhr-,rLk-htfnotcerVel toSpennatorrbojaiand AITCR f'horrarsoflnpotearr. UflDEJtEdeaneBB tbeUTeft ibe tantly relieves and permanently cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn Flatulence. Sour Stnmanri. Ninu w 01??'" rra ema. I weak onraoa. ir JltTfn are aot m-. h. f .n t. knu mmiv iw nm am trouMad wtlfe It Open and Cleaaai the Nasal Pleura. Allan SlckHeadarhfi Ofurtmlirla rfr COLD HEAD Heala and Proteetn tae the aVllotoerreeultflof imperfectdigestion. I Preporadbye CDeWlttACclleagaw rm ri,Vl the only known rmnwlr (ocer ti'lmi an operation. OUOut!moni. ' '"i ! h.TT,? ' "wT rHnl If mx bmr aura not aflect a aenaananteara trmC2l,' a"orclaTa4lUBj ,- r.a JrfU-a . rou cut as k' erukitkCl 8enaesof Taateaad Smell. genaaaofTaateaad SnMU. Iarptn.Mc DTJfJT,tl : Trtal Maa,ieeeala Wy EX aBOTHittS, M WarnW Street. Hew ranaa Street, Hew For Sale by K. G. PHILLIPS. .,. Tork.

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