The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 12, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 12, 1900
Page 2
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SATURDAY, MAY 12, 1900. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, & D. THE DEADWOOD PIONEER scriber pays, or promises to pay, (or his paper and everyone has a good word for It. The railroad companies could successfully adopt the "system on a larger scale. It is a very simple tire drainage system of the mineral bearing region of the northern hills center, givas it, to a large extent, the position of a gate or portal, through which all the traffic of the mineral bearing region must pass. ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. Geo. V. Ayres' & Co, business proposition. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company, Nature seems to have chosen two methods of distributing her wealth of mineral deposits. One is in the extreme richness but of comparatively limited extent. The ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. John R. .McLean, the man who wanted to be governor of Ohio, and the monarch of the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Washington. D. C, Gas com about women's Ills tan bo frankly told by one woman-1 to another. working of these deposits, often precarious, is, almost without exception. PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. pany, is said to nave deserted uewey in his effort for the presidency. There iv. one thing about Dewey. He is a lucky man. He got mixed !ip with r.hort lived. The great mines which support large lllllllllilllillllliiiiliilllllllllllllllllll populations, that feed thousands and i Mclean, but now. fortunately for the admiral, his brother-in-law has deserted him. Nothing could go further to TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday, One Year $10.00 tens of thousands of people, almost Invariably are the other class, where large bodies of ore exist, but of so low a grade that they cannot be worked profitably without the aid of railroads Remember that Mrs Plnkham is a woman. Remember that her advice and medicine have cured a million women of weak' nesses peculiar to their sex. Remember that no man ever sees a letter written to Mrs. Plnkham for Six Months 5.00 On Month 1.00 fortify the admiral's presidential aspirations. If a gentleman were walking along the road to fame with a wolf WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: One Year 2.00 Six Months 1.00 Hardware and Mining Supplies.. and the beast decided to take to the woods rather than to eat the gentleman, it seems that the latter would be the gainer. Consequently the admiral will probably survive the desertion of McLean. If the rumor is true. Dewey probably feels at the bottom of his big heart a large but silent relief. The McLeans have been known In this Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Dead wood Postofflce. for transporting ore and material for its treatment. The country around Deadwood is known to contain immense bodies of low grade ore that Is being worked successfully since the advent of the Chicago & N. W. Ry. into the heart of the mineral district. Gold, silver, Iron, copper, lead and coal are found In immense bodies and are being worked with profit. advice, that the letter Is opened, read and answered by women, and no testimonial ever pub-fished without special RE P UBLICJN CONSPIRACY iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiii country since the running of Washing The postofflce department has de cided that congressman cannot "frank his underclothes and mall them home The Homcstake mine, with n capitalization of $21,000,000. produces over to be washed. A package of Congressional Records and soiled undershirts $5,000,000 yearly in gold. ton McLean, father of John R., for the presidency, but neither before nor since that fruitless campaign has the family gained anything but money. The Income of John R. is reported to be $1000 a day. and he lives In a palatial house, as near to the White house as he will ever go. . mailed by Congressman Vandiver, of Main St. Deadwood, S. D, This company operates exclusively on low grade ore, and have enough ore Missouri, has Just been held up at St permission. Remember that Lydla E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound Is the recognized safeguard of woman's health. Remember these things when some other remedy Is suggested, and remember them when you want advice. Mrs. Plnkham's address Is Lynn, Mass. Louis nntil the postage Is paid. The in sleht to employ 2.000 miners for the next twenty years. The Homestake postofflce department doubtless, had the best Intentions when this package romMnv has just completed new was held up, but nevertheless it should hoisting works at a cost of $250,000. BEATIFUL DEADWOOD" The following appeared In the Chi be reprimanded for this arbitrary ac C. L. SlEWERS, are erecting a cyanide plant to cost $25o. 000. and a new water system now cago Inter-Ocean of May 6th. and for tion. A large number of congressmen come from districts where under which Deadwood gillies paid $2f0. under construction will cost when com plefec!. a trifle over $1,000,000. clothes are unpopular, but if any of A Two Hundred and Fifty Write Up. Next to the Homestake in .future Deadwood is a beautiful little city Columbia Bicycli of (1,000 souls, built in a valley between are fast following in the footsteps of the Buffalo. The new generation, that is the majority of them, are apt scholars and anxious to learn. The r0 which I confirmed last Sunday were a bfight looking lot. the majority being two towering woodland created moun-j tains, that Sfem to form an ampithe- them acquire the habit of wearing them after election why should the postofflce department interefere with the transmission of the soiled garments to the laundry: If this package had been discovered in the mails early in the present session of con possibilities is no d'ntiht the Old Iron-fides gold mine now being developed by the Colorado and Deadwood Mining company. The capital stock of this company is $3,000,000. The property formerly owned by Frank S. Bryant, an Illinois atre for the residence portion of the AND BICYCLE SUNDRf city, whereby he population may look down from their homes erected on the( hillsides into the arena of business ac from 12 to 18 years of age. But among this number are a few grown up In gress there would be some excuse for dians, and one of them was a famous The Moat Complete Repair Shop in the old chief. Two Strikes. For years this Indian was a terror at the head of his tivity. Any lover of nature that ha.s j boy consists of 240 acres on Spiaw seen this, the garden spot of the min-! creek, nine miles east from Deadwood. eral world, cannot fail to become en-jin the heart of the gold bearing re-chanted with the picturesque surround-I gion of the Black Hills. A large comings. Here the geologist finds a para- i pressor plant has been erected and a disc, the botanist luxuriates 'mid : tunnel 405 feet long has developed ore holding it up on its way to wash as a bit of extravagance, but at this late hour of the session almost any congressman is entitled to a clean undershirt, and any effort in this direction should not be molested on its way to the laundry. But in Justice to Con- band of warriors to white settlers. He is now 81 years of age. When young and brawny he enjoyed the hunt, and reluctantly saw the white man intrude This ore mountain flora and interesting vegeta- of exceptionally high grade on what he considered to be the land tion. while tne fortune nunter and is of a blue phonollfe quartz, practically identical with the famous Cripple if his people. He has scalped, no man of pleasure finds in these wild re g The Ladies Bazaar Silk WaiStS for this week at a bargain. n New Dress Patterns for spring gowns. doubt, many a pioneer. At the head of Ins hideously painted braves he antag gressman Vandiver, it should be said that he positively denies any attempt to send his undersuit to wash. This annoyance was brought upon the Mis-sourian by his reckless secretary. He mailed the -garments and franked them. He may have done it in a perfectly charitable spirits but had he in- ' stead called in a friendly washerwoman and explained what was needed he would have saved his employer a large amount of explanation to his Summer GOOdS in Percales, Mercerized (lin hams, and all fashionable fabrics for summe gions all that an ambitious nature would be able to comprehend in a lifetime. Romantic points of interest surround Deadwood on all sides. Terry's peak, one of the highest elevations in the hills, is distant in a straight line seven miles southwest, and Custer, another very high and pic onized the advance of civilization. Two Strikes, bent with age. withered and with watery eyes, knelt before the altar and received the sacrament. Fifty years ago no one would ever have dreamed that this old chief 5 dresses and shirt waists. , Tailor SuJtS for everyone, Come and s -e. would live to become a Christian. It i is but an example of what education turesque mountain, is seven miles south of the city. The hills surround has done for the Indians. Mrs. Nott, - - Main St. DeadwooJ ImiiUiiiuiaiuiiiiUiUiiiiuaiiiiiiiiUiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiumJ reaches has a un tne Koseoun reservation are 3.000 Indians, and 2,500 of these are constituents when he again Missouri, the incident, too, - sinister appearance. It looks v republican conspiracy against ocrat. " like a a dem- Creek district. There pre several hundred tons of ore waiting for shipment to the Colorado Philadelphia reduction works at Colorado Springs. Tourists visiting Deadwood do not undergo the inconvenience of stagin? it across the country as was the custom in pioneer days. Sightseers may board a Pullman car at the Northwestern depot at Chicago and be landed in the very heart of Deadwood and the Black Hills without change. The Bullock hotel is also a new addition for the convenience of tourists, and no more hardships are experienced for want of first class hotel accommodations. The Bullock is built out of native sandstone:' with .100 large airy rooms, and has all the improvements of a modern hotel. Col. J. H. Wheeler the proprietor, is a thoro hotel man. and spares no pains or expense in catering to the wants of his guests. Lead, a city whose townsite is virtual-ally owned by the Homestake mining corporation with 6,000 souls, is three miles distant from Deadwood. Catholics. The Indians support three fine churches and a fourth one is to be bjiilt. For about fifteen years we have V- mwmi You Know What Thej JM ing Deadwood rise from 200 to 800 feet, the most conspicuous being "White Rocks," on the east, which lifts an enormous mass of carboniferous limestone 800 fet above the gulch and forms a prominent feature of the landscape. TouiiBts visiting Deadwood should not fail to visit Boulder park and see what mighty things nature has accom-pjlished in furnishing food for lovers of fine scenery. Again they may take an entrancing drive, overv the road to Crow's peak, from which place the Indians scanned the plains in search of enemies. Perhaps, the most interesting geological wonder-in this region, or for that matter the entire world! They mean that vou ciinconfJI ly borrow all the monev vn T .. THE P.iSS AG A IX. The men who shape the policies and business affairs of the companies having; Black Hills lines evidently know their business and are good railroad ' men, otherwise promotions would not be so frequent and dismissals so are. Thejr are pleasant, manly men and the f supposition is that, they are imposed upon as many times as men wbo are engaged In other lines of business and all personal property "f valu office. We carry a larire Mock redeemed pledges at prices a surprise you. Business Strictly CimfiH No. 21 Lee St. The Deadwood Loan Off, been educating Indian children at St. Francis school, which now is a most important institution. The school is conducted by seventeen sisters and eight Jesuit brothers. The boys are taught different trades, such as black-smithing, carpenter work and farming. This school has done much for the Indian. "The scholars of the school gave a little, entertainment in my honor and it was one of the best I ever enjoyed. Master George Sore Eyes delivered the address of welcome, and he acquitted himself better than many white boys of his age could do. Maud Otterback played a delightful violin solo and Susie Otterback gave a selection on the piano. The rest of the program consisted of songs and musical selections by the Indians. Yesterday afternoon Bishop O'Gorman addressed St. Anne's sodality and the Young Ladies' sodality of the St. Joseph chnreh at a notable gathering Custom Ore is the "Devils Tower," so named by the Indians. It Is a great rectangular obelisk of aanadln trachyte, of a greenish gray color, with columnar stnicturescrystal-llke, n ti grana scale, giving the column the appearance of a facicle of gigantic fibres. Its height from the base is 1,12ft feet and t rises 615 feet from the mound on which It standi Its width at the base la 796 feet and at the summit 376 feet. The columns bate a , rectangular TWO STRIKES A CHRISTIAN. Sioux City Journal: Last evening, as Bishop Thomas O'Gorman of Sioux Falls, leaned back in an easy chair at the home of Father E. w. Fowler, where he is a guest, he talked interestingly of Catholicism among the Sioux Indians. He had just returned from the Rosebud agency, where he confirmed 150 Sioux. "The Indians," said Bishop O'Gorman, "are fast becoming civilized. The old Indians born In the days when the country was wild and warfare existed We are sow prepared to tr sat custom ores by the Cyal cess at reasonable rates. itii Northwestern Gold and Silver Ej :traction Co, or rhombic 'section, but are sometimeaJ from the number of unearned , annual 'passes floating; around, it would seem as , they were about, on a level with a newspaper man In this respect At least Jhers is a bond. of sympathy, a sort of fellow feeling;, hence when a newspaper man sees an annual pass In the hands of someone not entitled ' to it, be concludes that some sort of im-. position baa been practiced,; or - that some pressure has been brought to bear that was not easy to resist. There may be, however, good and valid reasons for Issuing annuals not understood by outsiders. A pass is a faror or , bribe, as the case may be, issued for some sort of services rendered or to, be rendered, but nine times 6nt of ten it don't pay, from a . business standpoint Then, too, it la unjust to those who pay fare, for they are made to pay for those who rids free. If all were mads to pay. alike the coronary could reduce fares of all.'.or. Improve the service. ' Those who ride on annuals or passes are usually the first to . criticise and complain. The manner of Issuing passes la also open to crit of these societies. - He will leave to- tmi. TTT t ,4 j dayvfor his fcome at Sioux Falls. First Ward, DeadWOOd South m i J. L. MARGOUX'S Pi triangular and hexagonal, with sides measuring; three to four feet Nearly every crystal extends unbroken from the' base to the top. Geologists say that the 'Devil's Tower" is a remarkable structure, and appear, hot to have been repeated elsewhere In nature, but stands alone, unique and mysterious, "if , The Black Hills iwintry Is particularly rich Xln ; geological wonders. One of the best known and most remarkable Is Crystal Cave, which is. located only a short distance from De-1- "The Thorn Comes Forth With Point Forward' 4 - aMSaMSIMlMMSMBBSaiMMBMMaMIM The thorn point of disease is an ache or pain. Bat the blood, is the feeder of the whole body, Purify it with Hood's SarsaparilU. Kidneys, liver and. stomach ivilt at. once respond. No thorn in this point. , - Mew Undertaking PARLOR!, IL No. 20 Leo Street . rwood. It was discovered in tne iaer icism. Merchants who are the Wear i Scrofula " vtas almost: bedfast i with tcrofult and catarrh. Hjutno appe- ' iU. . ZT T- c. - tt. - - t ' part of the present century and has always formed a favorite point of visi Are Now Open to the Pub liq tation' by, tourists and sight -seers who; ij i 'mtmwwui wn maoe mr stronger, and later aS the sorts Osappeared and catarrh stopped." ; Nellie Osman. Dcs Moines, kma. ... Can Eat - Was tired out, had no appetite untl I took Hood's SarsaparHLa. t bmB me right op and I can eat heart-&"Etta 8. Haoer, AthoL Mass. ; f , v ; Largest arid most complete; Line of Gaskets , andi funeral Equipments to be found in the west All Embalming Done by a Professional in the iest shippers pay fares, while federal, state, county a"nd city officials and men who do not ship a hundred pounds of freight -a year ride on passe. The railroads might profit from the experience of the Pioneer-Time. For years 1 carried a complimentary list amounting .. to about $1000 per year. Two years ago it suspended the complimentary list of subscribers and Instead of reducing the subscription price, enlarged the raper from four to c'.-.U pages and improved the service. Ite result- has- been satisfactory to r irons and riVJsher. .Every sub- visit the country. ... V . 1 ' - Crystal cave is confined to a space within a rectangle 600 feet square. It mif V well be doubted It so numerous and varied display of strange formations and beautiful creations wrought by the deft and tireless band of nature exists within that limit In any otlier place 'In the world. - , " -- From a commercial; point of view Deadwood la almost without parallel. Its position at a point where-the en,-1 !, r ONLY-FUNERAL CAR IN 'THE HILL. Calls Answered by Day or Night. Telephones) g'j TfHoot Win rm finr llh; th mm-trrtwtnt b4 rintj thrtl to Uk with Bood'i S.n.parlllW V. l

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