The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 16, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEEB-TIMES, FRIDAY MOUSING, JUNE 16, 1899. v. mnuHni Are mm nan v In the parade. UCBl o " ... a -fHifintr faature of the procession will be "Fire Paws Menagerie" in charge of MAGNIFICENT Assaying 50s Gold and Silver. p,f nnstwick. the animal tamer. Ana STYLE! among the Rough Riders will be the fam DUAL CELEBRATION The Union Assay Office, Thr Form and Make Are What Count Look at our Clothing. The wide square shoulders, the broad lapels, the grace! AT DEADWOOD JULY 3 AND 4. NO. 37 LEE STREET, 0EADW00D, S. D. Will "Give, Correct Results of (JJot.h hang. On July 3d, Anniversary of Ad ous "Four Gambrines Twins. BICYCLE PARADE. The bicycle parade will precede the main procession 'and will be almost a roniplcte turnout of the Black Hills League ,,f Wheelmen and their ladles, this will be a splni.lid feature. 'The windup of the naiii procession will be the time honored CilP'iiiinpian band, under a chosen lead-A'ter the parade Mayor Star will make I he address of welcome and Col. Win. K Steele will deliver his Independence Day oration. The afternoon will be ih-Mited to a constant and varied string of amusements. ItmiKh riders contest, lodge lomiany drill contest, rock drilling con-i, st. hub and hub wet test, pony races, bi-rvrle races, foot races, donkey races and all other attractions possible until night, when the Battle of Santiago will be repeal.-! amidst a display of $1000.00 worth of fire works. PROGRAM. July 3, 8 4 m. to ft p. m. music by Brass Band at Lee street band stand. Ii p. m. N'avad Battle of Santiago, , by rapt. Chicot and crews, -with eleven battle ships. Attended by fire works display. July 4. Sunrise salute by Mountain pieces. s a. m. music by Redmen band. X :!0 a. m. music by Lead K. P. band. H a. in. music by Ft. Meade mounted miral Schley's Astounding Victory at Santiago. Oil All Sctniples cIJroughl to the OJJlo Established In 1889. M. H. Lyon & Co Agents for the Blickenderfer $36.00 Typewriter the Best On July 4th, Celebration of Our Machine Made. llltllllllflllllllllllllMlll-lsMllllllMIIIIM iiiainiiioifliailiminitii Glorious and Revered Independence Day. MINES AND MINING. band. i:30 a. ra. Grand Parade. 11 a. m. Address of Welcome, Hon. Sol When in 1897, just prior to our last cele IIIIMIIIIllllMlliniltilltllll IIP. bratlon, this writer stated our city would They Have a Tone That is all Our Own. The Clothing shown by us is' especially made for us. We know all about it and will guarantee it. Handsome line of new patterns in laundered, coloi ed and white shirts, Wil. son Bros Best are not too good tor our CUSTOMERS. It's 647 Main Street, Where you get the best assortment in N Boy's Clothing, Extra Koee Pants, shirts and Waists for the little fellows. OUR Ties are the talk ot the town. OUR Hats the Nobbiest and OUR Prices the lowest. Star. 11 15 a. m., Oration by Col. Wm. R witness the greatest assembly of sight ooou mu.ivm.jan siieei'Tmu St)l. Stow and pteasore Seekers ever gathered DINNER. n any mining city on earth, the prophecy Touy llartelino, S J. Zereg and aiso 1 p. m. Rough Riders Contest 1st prize saddle, bridle and blanket. 2nd prize, $10. was grandly realized. Appearances now 2:30 p. ru., Society lodge companies drill ndicate that, building upon the prestige dates, who own a group of clulnis In beeplall gulch, have a force of men at work and are taking out Borne good ore woman or child, .is enjlttal tJ 150 acres of iliiH lnrul, there ia nolV'ig left. A number of prospectors went on'.o the reservation as soon as it was thrown open some ot them had been there for weeks previously but nothing had !e m found of any value before Mr. Hildebrand left there. Alex Blaeketone and C. II. Towle, 1st prize. $75. 2nd prize, $25. we have established in the past, culmin 3:30 p. m.. Rink drilling contest 1st ating In our 1817 entertainment, that prize, $o). 2nd prize, JJa. 4 30 p. m.. Hub and hub wot test, open what we have to offer this year will from a four-foot ledge that appears In on of the drifts. This ore Is partially onh to companies who take part in the parade. 1st prize $35. 2nd prize, $15. bring within the portals of our city every human being within the radius of our free milling, and In free gold assays run kwho went from here, came In a short ning from ?6 to J7 and 8 a ton are ob Black Hills -who is at all able to walk or 30 p. m.. Foot race, u" yards, boys un-15 years.. 1st prize. $5. 2nd prize, $2. 45 p. m.. Foot 'race. 100 yards, free time before Mr. Hildebrand left, but he ride. Deadwood entertains with a lavish o all. 1st prize. $15. 2nd prize, $5. taJned. In refractory gold It runs as high m 136 and $40 to the ton. The property Is Included In a bond that James Frawley 6. p. nn.Pat mans race, 50 yards. 1st did not find out anything their nuc-cess. All department regulations were being prize. $7.50. 2nd prize, $2.50. fi:15 p. m. Hurdle race, 50 yards. 1st hand, and her citizens want every miner, prospector, trader, worker and laborer, his wife, his children and his relatives to understand and feel that they all helped to build this metropolis of the Hills, and are and Seth Bullock bold upon thirty claims prize, 2nii prize, $,. la the same vicinity. Mr. Bartollno and Mr. Zerega own four claims between them. ON SHERMAN STREET. ii:.'!0 p. m.. Chariot race, 300 yards, prize openly violated concerning the securing of this land. Persons desiring to make entries were supposed to file their notices $5. fi:45 p. m.. Pony trotting race, 300 yards. after the proclamation went into effect, Interested In its permanancy, therefore the business men and citizens of Deadwood make this celebration not a Dead-wood affair, but a Black Hills demonstration, that every one who participates in and were not supposed to be allowed on The Pioneers of 1876. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. the reservation until after It had been and In addition to this Mr. Bartollno and some other men hold between them eight or nine claims, all of which lie along the same belt. But the principal work has been done on the four claims in which Mr. Zerega Is Interegted Thpre In a shaft on this ground, but it had to be abandoned opened to settlement. But this was not the lsl prize. $10. 2nd prize., $5. 7 p. m.. Bicycle race, 300 yards. Prize, $10. 7:15 p. m.. Donkey race, 300 yards. 1st prize $5. 2nd prize. $2. 7:30 p. m.. Pony race. 300 yards. 1st prize $. 2nd prizo $2. S p. m., Concert by brass bands. 9 p. m.. Battle of Santiago and Fire works. It can feel Justly proud of. From letters received, of mayors, town case. There had been men on the reservation for weeks before May 4, and they councils, fire departments, lodges, societies and citizens, all over the Hills and adja had their land all laid out cent Nebraska towns, by the committee, the vast concourse of people that will con It Is at all events a poor place for a man of limited means, for he cannot ex centrate here on the 3rd and 4th of July, TOMBSTONES. IRON FENffi pect to get rich by paying a dollar and on account of the v ater, an 3 the only ' work la being done In a drift. The best assays, however, have been obtained from (ha bottom of the shaft, where the water compelled the men to quit work. It Is believed that the property, can be made a paying mine by putting In appliances to will be In the form of a Hiegira In Its Im quarter an acre for the land that Is offered mensity, Probably no city or town In America him there. Mr. Hildebrand went from here by rail will have as fitting a celebration of our MONUMENTS Foreign and American. but after he had looked the country over keep the water down ao that the ore vein great Admiral Schley's annihilating vie tory over Admiral Cervera, who was con Aetna Powder Go. Dynamite and Black Powder, Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, . Battery Supplies, pay be followed. sidered one of the most wise, crafty and he became disgusted and bought a team and wagon from a disappointed emigrant to drive back to the Black Hills. He and accomplished naval admirals of Che mod MARBLK AND ( xRANITf1 his wife vielted several of the principal I o B. 0. Johnson at mil City, 8. D., la es tluslr agent and headquarters for the rich vertical tree milling gold mdnea and oop- cities and towns of Colorado, including ern navy. Spain's Whole hope was cen; tered in Cervera and his fleet which comprised the quintessence of the proud Cas-tillian battleships and whose destruction by Admiral Schley at Santiago with a Denver, Colorado Springs, Florence, Man fr hi uusth or inn nnuiini hum mw. J. H. CALE, It Office at N.Colmai's 6601 Main St DEADWOOD, S. D. Itou and Durango, and they enjoyed the HM.n.Atl mm Wwl,llw mm U.l. W. E. ADAMS, COMPANY. trip greatly as an outing. Mr. Hildebrand fleet of ships much inferior in speed. stamps our admiral' victory, la point of say Colorado Is undoubtedly a great state sagacity, accurate calculation, prompt ac tion and decisive indomitable daring as THE BRITISH-AMERICN GOLD 0 r-w lrnnmr t ninnnH the meet consummate naval battle known in the annals of naval warfare. It erys- AND COPPcR MINING CO. mi mm f vwww mm y vi in mi nj, mm UH nm Terror was are for sale on reasonable trms. Telephone or write for particulars. I ") BrltlshC Columbia miners In several tamp haveo, waJked out, refusing t stand the cut In wages which followed the Introduction of the eight-hour law. Thus far no trouble la reported. There la no Objection on the part of the miner to the eight-hour shift but they demand the mmi mm talized the victory won by our magnificent Dewey, paralyzed Spain s further naval Assay Offloe, action, and left her aa our mercy. On all personal property LEX U, HOST, Manager and Atwaynr. GRAND NAVAL DEMONSTRATION. Ob July 3rd at aboat 9 p. m., on the; nf valiiH A arae stockaii No. n Broadway, t eadwood, 8. D. lat Nut'l Bank' heights called Black Recks, In view of al Will do certain amount of custom work. BpMlaitlM: A'aaya of Onppor ore'by eleotre- unredeemed pleagesatsM ertle moeaaa. Wet amd dry tasting. most the entire city, Gup tain Ohlcot, with eleven battle ships, each, twenty feet In length, manned by gunners, will glv a In point of not only mineral wealth, but agriculture and other feature of resource. Some of It cities are the prettiest to be found in America, and are kept up by a great volume of business. Colorado Springs is on of the . most fashlonuUe place hi the country, a it 1 a city of aristocracy. One noticeable feature of the city 1 th absence of the saloon, the sale of liquor being prohibited. It i not far, however ,to where liquor may be obtained In abundance. Mr. HUdebrand did not do any prospecting on Ihla trip, but he saw an amount of copper or in regional that he visited. He saw huge boulder of it weighing several ton, that contained a high per cent of th metal, and he says if he felt in Ensingly low prices. usinessstrictly confidental The Deadwood Lou Offla. realistic portrayal of Admiral Schley's Pull Line great naval victory at Santiago. The trained" crews will fight with the realism 21 Lee Street J of American naval heroes and the scene at mJUrmJTiviuirifir"'irvnji'-,rrLnri nnmi a safe distance will -be stand and lnspta-ing. Nautical songs will be sung, cheering of the crews as they make telling hits, the blowrnay up and burning of Spanisl ship wflb all take place ae actual as pos CAMERA'S AND SUPPLIES. sible to portray. In case of flue weather the combat will be repeated on the night of July - Martial music will be an ac- Icompanfmant. As there wiO be some dan- nt mmm-rm ,... mjmA K..m,.,W. .h.ll. . 1 FIRST NATIONAL BANK clined 'to hunt for copper be would go back down there. . AT Fishel's Bazaar, 663 Main St. urn pay for eight hours that they have previously received for ten. . A, more complicated condition of- affair than appear to exist in the vein of Rowland,. B. C, it would b difficult to find. Th vlm rary greatly in atrik and dip andar dislocated by at least two series of fault, Whic do not tend to simplify mat-!(K .Wkre such a complex exist the xtra-iaet right law 1 almost ur to result In Jlsatioa if then are adjoining Interest. -. a. ... , i-a i . A TRIP1- THROUGH COLORADO. Raphael HUdebrand and wife arrived in Peadwood Saturday of last week overland fiom Colorado, where they spent several weeks.' They went from here to purango, and It had txen Mr. Hild4brand a intention to locate on the Ut Indian reservation, which was thrown open to settlement May 4, but after looking over the land it embraced he concluded that ha di'l not want any of it. It la a praliio country, nd la covered with sagebrush. It ia well watered and the lowlands are valuable for agricultural purposes, but the lud'ans have persons not taking part fa the battle must kee off the heights can those nights. City Marshall M. J. Oonovaa with a targe force of special police wiff patrol the heights asat see that this orfer is strictly enforced, as Captain Chicot will not give the naval light under other conditions. DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS $150,000 BISMARCK'S IRON NBRVB : Was th result of his splendid health. Indomitable will and tremendous energy are not found where Stomach, Liver. Kidney) and Bow sis are cat of order. It ROUSH RIDERS TUCRNEY. . On July 4 will be the day .for myriad Hot Springs attractions- The Rough RMers Tournament will te eoe of the leading cards. Every Rough Rider In the state Is Invited want these qualities and the ncrssss they bring, as. Dr. King's Nw Life puis. They develop every powder of brain and body. Only ISc at Kirk O. Fhlllrs. DIRECTORS: 3. 8AJUSBURY. T. J. GBIBB. XL SPARKS, P. A. D. A. McPilERSON. and expected. All cowboys and horsemen .-, . V-.- of the Hills that wish to can ride in the line of parade with them, and anyone can take: part to the contest (under the rules to limited number of course, as time will LIVERY STABLE. SPECIAL RATB ON LOW GRASS ORBS, . - OFFICERS: cPHEESOd PnatUanl ft T BlTJSDmiT I rni. T) A. Mel not allow -K maj iur quv wi uio newt Cheyenne saddles In the state, together Th smelter will glv special rata apoa F. B. SMITH, Manager. m wvawhw. . . v. V. m'nmmi ... X J.. 1 XSmTl 1 1 I V. - m ViGfWnrwalilAm 1 T riWTk'H A..l.f MaMar. ..J. 8 f1 with bridle and blanket, fon exhibition tow grad ores wher they are swt of aa at "Mao thw Saddler".") as first "rise and mt I f 10.00 as a second prise for winners la especially undesirable character. . It th or Is low la slllcta, Ilka oertaia Carbon Good Rigs and Saddle Horses the contest: aer roles publlssjed. CIVIC BOCIETIES. at 'Reasonable Jfates. ate Camp, Galena and Lead City are. w Another grand feature will be the So teen allotted all of this land, and ail that is left tor the white settlers I the bench ciety, Lodge, Company DrfB, to be parti will maks a correspondingly low smelting rat, so that ere sunning but ts.r or cipated In y five or more companies for lands. Thee are absolutely valueless an prices of Wis and iza. Tne entries so rar x Bum oa Rlrar imu " f 110.00 may be mined at a profit. Call at lee water can be placed on them, and that are: Diamond Co. No. 1, 1C. of P., Lead: Deadwood Co. No. 6 K. of P.; Apollo Co. t out of th Question except by th in HOT SPRWCS SOUTH D1KT0A. th works tor farther InfcruMtloa. ' FRANKLIN ft. CARPBNTOR. No. 13. K of P.. Terry; nnd LeooU Tribe vestment of a larr amount of capital. Black Hills Institute No. 1, Redmea of peadwood, attendee by their respective bands. The Redmea ssur lust spent ever 1500.00 far new vnifwnns. There to not even grass tor grazing par -, and men who keep stock there In the summer will bar toak them out ia and thetr brass band ia on of .th finest OF w Grand Benefit Ball i HIS LITl WAS SAVED. in th state. ROCK DRILLING CONTEST. th tall to obtain feed. There was no rush as aaaa ' OSTEOPATHY Mr. J. B. Lilly, a prominent cltlscn if Hannibal, Mo., lately bad a wonderful de : A rock drilling contest Is on the pro for the land, and this ia a confirmation of To be Given by the gram and will be of great Interest to many liverance from a frightful death. In tell what Mr. HUdebrand aaya concerning it people. A hub and hen wet test open to all fire companies wbo take part In Che C. G. & T. Hose Co. Rooms 6 to.lO Olympic Bnlldin?, Deadwood S. & Wher there should have heeu hundreds Ing of It ba says: "I was taken with ty parade will be another Important event of great Interest. - The prise are $35 and phoid fever, that ran Into, pneumonia. My lungs became hardened. I was so weak 1 la waiting, bad it bees good land, that were but eighteen persona In line waiting In Miner's Union Hall , $15. The grand street parade, under Mar SecrtWJ' shall E. McDonald and aids, starts at to make entries on th day before the ret-1 couldn't even alt p in bed. Nothing E. P. WOOD, D. O. J. L. DENMAN, J. J. BECKHAM, S. A. S. 0- I a. m. and will be magnificent. A beautl-fis ear of state decorated by .the Ladies Central City June 29, '99 IxecuUT. : Coaunltt-P. J. Callalua. c ration was opened, and a number of them , helped me. I expected to soon die of eon- Auxiliary committee will be a promlnen sumption, -when I beard et Dr. King's WOrM, Go Obarg, j. ' Lutar. ; TELEPHONES:" Black Hills 155. Harrison 98. attraction. The Fwt" Mead r mounted band will bead the main procession with four other bands of music In the line of march, the rough riders, the fire companies, squad of police under Chnef Donovan, the lodge companies, the fraternal Floor CommlttecW. LuUr, Oua Ofeerg, Ton GoodmaV Martta Berg. T J. It New Discovery. One bottle gave great relief. I continued to us it and now am well and strong. I can't say too much in its praise. " This marvelous medicine is" the surest and quickest cure In th were persons who bad land oh th reservation that had been formerly improved, f here are no mountains on th reservation nd th report that It was a mining as well aa aa agricultural rejloa was purely aa Invention. Th soil Is tich and capaM of producing almost anything ty irr:a- J Trm H aerroo and ehraelo Uhssm rack Uw M ' craBbua rlunnaHmi at vu. jimm-m mnA tn fact- moat o . mm aat , Reception . Commltts. Thomaa Bjtj, wan om imop ot thl tsedos ar mr. w w?"0"! rTtai socletlee, th labor and trade anions, th master builders, th Sons of Veterans, the Junior leagues, the yuTenile "Sailor and of all chronic affectfcx abaadotwa aa lnenrsAU byouier world tor all throat and tuns troubles. W. Wilmoth, J. BsMstaini. - 1TOSIO BT XHO'B OBCESSTRA. w-iui n p.ot. mt tan m aaa w" Rough Riders, brigade, float of th business firms of the Black Hills. To which ICITYf $.1 Regular stiea, S9 cents and fLOO. Trial bottles free at K. Q. Phillips drug storo. ti.m. Mr. Htldebrani thtis th lowlatfa till prove (rleiididly adapted to fiuit BRANCH OFFICE BRETTELL BLOCK LEAD a prize of $25.00 Is offered to the best ' Tickets. 11.00. 8uppr, 7Ho a Conpl. t'wi tuu i.w tvr uiv uiusi tinning idu but 68 each aulas, whether man. Every bottle guaranteed. original turnout. Jao a pris ot 15.00 to Flf ITltd to Attend la Uniform.

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