The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 16, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1899
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 16, 1899. FIELD DAY EVENTS. 4"I-I"i"I"i"l"I-a' 'l"H"H' ifrHrlrH 41 fl' '1 1 ! i1 U ONE GENT A WORD Uv I me Olympic field day exercises will at the Deatty park in Sturgis, at l:3n. l-'riday, June 23, and the events MONEY SAVED ! AdrerUsemenu under this head ONK CENT A WORD each insertion, when run less than one month; three lines, $1.00 per month; payable In advance. t f 3 WANTED HELP. UMfotarer. and Jobber, of.., 'steam, Gas and Water -Supplies of all Kinds. it. for IOLYOKK DEAN AND 1ARSH STEAM PUMPS OMAHA and SIOUX CITY . We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS.... DEADWOOD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU Kurnlshts help for all who employ la bor and procures positions for all who to be pulled oif are as follows: lOU-yard run. Half mile run. 50-yard run. UO-yard hurdle. Kunniiig hiKh Jum,v Running jump. Hop, step and jump. Putting t he shot. Throe-legged race. Throwing ibo hammer. Mile bicycle handicap. 1'iile vault. Half mile bicycle race. Slow bicycle race 100 yards. Tug-of-war. The athletic committee of the association announces that there will not be any deviation from this program. 4 want work. MRS. BR ANSFI ELD-CONK LIN, 95 Sherman strvt-t. 6x We also Save money in buying goods in rt. t. WOOD. A. M M n o. Chicago Medical and Surgical Institute, A large quantities. This is made possible since we J, Jrs. Helen Sachs i-aoaiie Avenue, Chicago, III. (ElUlilished In (hk Slur. I.. 1.1. I7a , nave six large scores in wnicn to piace mem WANTED Engagements In private families by flrst-class dressmaker and ladles' tailor; work done at hoAe If preferred. 766 Main st. Our customers receive the benefit of our close X !. ........ in in,- .Kiiuiwt-M. 1 rtvti riMJIUft for imLlent., ulth ru.-llltl- ""''') . Mrll operallua. Dei-formed I. Ik. lr. ... o.t Miitiiir -.;,.,.' . VJr ;''r''"""."" '.wf'-n,"" ' Rrao-, (lub Pianoforte Lessons AND French Classes Oaily; ttJTh. Brom-lilliH. -armj.. K.ilri'ny KMii'ev lliad- MAN and wife without children wanted to BIDS FOR MACADAM. tola work on a farm. J. SHOLTY. Inquire at this office. fol the ueoelul lr. alimnt m nrr i,.n ,f Ule.e remiirlnK , i,.,,i tr,.i ,n,,t. He abaolulrly (ua- .nl (, .,,,7 ,... of Bids will be received by the undersigned Win appW at Hie Ulack. Hill until Tuesday, June 20, 1899, for furnish' purchases and cash discounts. We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only tor CASH. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts, Consequently you will find big MONEY SAVED ing the city with 500 yards of macadam . ' ' '- ' MriptH'fif, llvilrM'-lf. Htrti: Steam Laundry, DwOOD, South Dakota lurr, mimoala, (-, !., I harem K, u.un.,1,1,. Aira (more or less), the same to be approved nie.llvH.M uwU - .V. ,,,, frri.,fe(,, !,.. No Invorablrraaea a.'.'rpled. Vnni'ill ii,,. .,,.,, , by the committee on internal improve WANTED Specialty salesmen for high class fi)od products; exclusive territory givett. wairt haul workers with ability; give your experience. Address this office. 6-10-lm ments, and to be placed on -the streets rm.i.i.e 15 unrnnnn ins. wj .1.1V If,. iiik.I-. annually have ten tl.niaii,l nil 1,-m..,. Hi,. f,,,; aralelu, ijalienls .. rn,iiei.t I y ,.,,. H'rlle u. I all, ill a ili-lim-p I i-eatciA Itv mail V..(i,-i.-a under their direction. r, r,rT-irn,r. rn 1 .... ,f.,zr t.,;ih:i hiftitrii ami rj-'t' t ,.,?..,.. ,,f 1,1.1, The council reserves the right to reject it. ,U fl,ll i l Mml f..r mll'l.-mlal. opinion sad termw ( 1.1.1 1 tat ii m , James p. wilson kttorney-at-Law, any and all bids. W.-A. ICKES. i,v leller I ffo m.c- li..k 'u rn pa,' ll,.ok oa all I'lirnnlg """I" .1 ..iim'mim-b r iiu Hat ul I tttl Queatlona free. WANTED Dining room girl at Homestake Clothing: Shoes, I hotel, Lead. City Auditor. o NOTICE TO SETTLE. All parties knowing themselves Indebted Olympic Club Building Corner SbTwui and Deadwood Streets BY Dry Goods and 1 porter, enquire at Haskell.) Waul e.l "otlll't'tellt ; Ilioa.iway. (Belle DWOOD - - South Dakota. to me are requested to call and settle their accounts with me at once. 1 BUYING (") M. LIEBMANN. Notions at FOR SALE. I H. MOORE FOURTH OF JULY. Plans and Rules for Rough Rider Contest on Main Street. DES1RAHLK building lots on Lincoln, av enue, 1 iiKlcsi'i'", lumber furnished to First Prize Saddle, Bridle aud Blanket build. EDWIN VAN CISIO (tf.) CHASE'S WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP" Second Prize $10.00. acksmith and 1. Lain rider must pay an entrance GO TO . . . FRANK SCHREYER, Fresh and Salt Meats, No. too Sherman St. The Henshaw . . European Hotel. Late "The McTague." Oyster and Grill Room. T. J. O'BRIEN, Prop. 1509 Parnam St. - Omaha, Nib LOTS FOR SALE Howard's Addition fee of t- 00 to W. A. likes on or before Oarr & Berry Block, Deadwood. His addition to Deadwood. beautlfull July 1, 1S99. 2. Koch rider must Ixt clad in con located on the Park bench, adjoining X .i....l..i..I....f,.i, I.,;, f .,t '..p. fr4-Hi MI... Ifagon Maker, mMlU W GEMErHL RE- the Dudley spring, in the First ward, spieuous costume and ride in the entire is now open for settlement; see plat an prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISE. DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. OR SALE Furniture and lease of beat .lis, Mary I Lease AB Klsdt of Carriage and Wagon ,Vm4 Work; also Carriage Fur- paving lodgings In town. Apply to Ploneer-Ti mes. ni II Pine Street, Deadwtod, I. D. TllaMnp jiWUPli Iaaaaaa, FOR SALE Three of the beat ranches on Bear Butte valley, 160 acres each; over $1,000 Improvements oc one; will be sold Call on the Painter, I at a bargain. Inquire at the Pioeer parade 3. Number of contestants limited to 25. Number given to rider in rotation at payment is made. 4. Each rider must be on time when number Is called and start over the course or forfeit his entrance fee and chance la the contest. 5. Each rider has only one run over the course. 6. Any tie will have to be run over under these same rules. 7. Each rider must furnish his own horse. 8. Each rider will be furnished with a lance eight feet long all at similor weight, by the committee. 9. Each contestant's horse must be on a lope when he spears at a ring. 10. No rings will be counted that are touched by the hand; but all rings must be caugbA on the lance and presented to LI Bills Lnmber tmmi Times office. America's Most . . Eloquent Lad (j Orator. FOR KALE On easy terms, the house and Before Buying raker, Lath, Shingles, Sash ton, in. Moulding lot at No. 9 Stewart st. Inquire at No 11 Filmore st. Paper Hanger, Kalsominer. Having secured a shop on Selver street, opposite the postofflce, formerly occupied by the Singer sewing machine office, I am prepared to promptly execute all orders for Will Lecture at .the Opera House Siinu St. 6. W. REED. Mgr. FOR SALE One of the finest farms In the country; 200 acres; price $3,000 tiiii m m m $1,000 cash; balance one, two and three J. P. HYMER. years, at 8 per cent. (tf ) D. A. McPHERSON Deadwood, June 16, 1899. the Judges on the lance at the outcome o the run. PLAN. Collections and Adjustments. house painting, paper banging, calcimin-Ing, glazing and all work of that char Notary Public A straight run of 750 feet, more or less. acter. Ltrii FOR RENT. only one way. First ring will be 76 feet anot In niaov tinia rr a JSu"fcj o"t : "The Signs of the Times." from the starting point All other rings Mttd Guaranty Ca All kinds ol I shall employ only first-class workmen and will guarantee satisfaction. It will not "inib ana IhaU .1 K,l. nt will be 75 feet apart, more or less. The FOR RENT Two nicely furnished rooms. P'eae get my rate before be bow cheap I can do work, but how Inquire No. 11 Filmore st. rings will be Iron rings 2 1-3 inches In diameter, suspended on a wire 12 feet rT menaa to ttlgn your bond. v.. - w a.ftu jour nwa good. Trial orders solicited. I Olrapl, Block. Deadwood. g. D. more or less, from the ground. FOR RENT Furnished house, at No. 68 o O. C. LACKOUS. CUPIDERf )b mat Vimmtmhm Denver ave. ' MANHOOD RESTORLD, 4 tlnnof m ffcmooa French ofaratrlAn. asiekl' tioo ol tamoaa French pfarak-Un, Till q widely NEW FEATURES IN PARLOR CAR '"liiinn ill. nits SERVICE -Hrrlion, 138; Black Hllla. 103. ftttt U)(, ffU. DOWD, our. roe of sJJ naf. NICELY furnished rooms at reasonable May be seen on Pennsylvania Short Line M3 InaijroidikPWt In Ik. BKk, Seminal Kmtaslnm, Karroo. IMnr Plmpln, Uni to Marry, ExhMxMui Dnfea. Verloomte anf CbnatlMtJno. 1 1 stops ell mim by tf. ot Muni, PreMnis ajah C of dlKbarre. Which If notchM.kMt lead to BpennatnrrkOM an rates at Noble block, 721 Main street. CO TO : between . Chicago, IndlafiSpolls and Louisville. The new cars leave Chicago Union MRS. GARR. I r O PI t. AT I in tidnavaaod tb.orlnarTorrfaniotalllmniirmaa TVPUtwn l-uf theus and rmtoras mnall weak ontans, . Tha r-aaon anfrprara ar not cured by Doctor, ta becaua. ninety par eem as lualilwl mmi atchmaker, Jeweler FURNISHED roosm by the night or week. Station daily at 10 a. m., arrive Louisville 7:10 p. m. Complete oafe lunch served en route a la carte. For particulars apply to H. R. Derlng, A. O. P. Agt., 248 South taaia;rll.. CDPIDBNKI.tb.oniy kMwnieaady tDcnrawMtMnttnomratkab saioiii-is-in-ai T7wtiu anaran te. (rtv-o si. J menay rMoro-il Jl at. am does pot Oast a Ulmamal mm fJjoZbv -ix to $ armaa Wenaftg wuaaolraiVraoO a-nrmai or lodgings. 25c and 50c GRAND CEN Pabst Headquarters For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in the City. : CHAS. C. BOHL, Prop TRAL, Main street. South Dakota. N. E. FRANKLIN'S PALACE PHARMACY, Deadwood . Clark St.. Chicago. J Ann OPTICIAN. 5iH. Jet elerj Maie to Ordef . FOR RENT Six-room house, lust newly papered and In fine order, at $18.00 per d Ezadner ftr the F. i ft H.. Y. month. Apply to CUSHMAN, 40$ William street, or at YOUNG'S office, Lee street () lacaUandlimigTau. AW m s' Rac and Ore Crusher Gate FOR RENT Furnished rooms, by day. - DEAI)WOOD,aD. week or month. Inquire over Ladles' Bazar. i ' 'H'llliat - a . . GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co Fully Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. AMATEUR ' PHOTOGRAPHERS For Camera's' Films Dry Plates, Printing Fapers, Mounting cards and photo supplies send to Lincoln Moron Supply Co. Lincoln, Neb. FOR RENT For ,the rummer, to party y with small family, furnished flTe-rotn house, with bath. 9 Forest avenue. Hnlwtre Comoanv. TO RENT Three rurnlsnea rooms, suit pestle Hardware frTl able tor housekeeping. 6$ Centennial avenue. Special Fine Crusher 6ur New Design .will interest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- Gates' Improved Vanners. They are tfie Standard.' G-cttes- SHoos ana Dies Adopted by the Hcnestake Mining Co FOR RENT A first class rooming house O. C. JEWETT, Jrf CARSCR. Afint. furnished or unfurnished, centrally located kitchen and dining room for 10 or IS boarders. Enquire at 41 Lee street. Rent low. -1tl - ARCHITECT. FOR RENT One nicely . furnished room. Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Frrnd. Room 19 Syndicate Block, J- DSADWOOD, 8. D. 729 Main street. ttiiW, I l3a Douglas, stj -NEBBASKA. ADlXQ HOTEL Fourteen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery. FOR RENT fwir-roora nouse. luquira of Miss Cooper, 7 Forest are. GATES IROfJ WORKS SUBURBAN RESIDENCE FOB OTTO F. PURNELL Sole Agt . For flie Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel FOR RENT. On Williams St, one large BALK At A BARGAIN. Good. obfUntUJ S-room tram boose, dltf, 1t seres Krs-4. ree-rti front room, bath room on same floor. $7 per month or 1 montns. V of parlor. ELSTON AVE., CHICAGO. ILLS. Ladles only. Apply at Ploneer-Timej w-flce ttl week. ., . tt U m fsnosd and piantea w -'tables, adjoining the Peek Gardens; for sale cheap. FRANCIS W. HUSSELL.

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