The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 7, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1900
Page 3
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r 3 Till: DAILY PIONEKK T1MKS, DEADWOOD, S. D. xV pKCEMDER 7, 1900 ft' !u .'or No. 4. identical with Cor VIGOR! VITALITY! ME lilt DXAY LINE stock as may be necessarj will be sold at publii.' auction at the office of John Baggaley, on Main street. Dead- dHE CENT A WORD o.o.i.-f2t. ntr W years by the leaderi of the Mormon Church and the ... . : . m,.r.i rara In old tnd roilil :8: wood, S. D., on tue loth day or lie-,inWr v.wo. at 2 d. m. ot said day !S'o IV i P. lexis (Sur. No l'JTt'.); thence S 3,- M' W. 4M9.S ft; theme N. 63' 5.V W. r- ft- th-m-e N. 4: 3" V. W ft., to th,. l Uce of beglnnlnti. clairaliiK ft. S a: 22' W. and TiO ft. N.4J 22 E. f'-otn discovery; making a total letiRtb of !t"' S ft alont; the presumed direction of the lode hn. and contalnlnw 16.-879 a res. FK KM' 1ST liOI'R Beinninn at S. K. a, Imomata arising from .effect. of , Beu-. '""''';- V, Vp.rm.t.rrho., to pay said delinquent assessment, to irTvVOHD each Insertion, when niDUod, imiwirncv, ' - - . . , 7 i .na Rack. NtrTootlMbUujr Pains In Back, K-ril Wrea, H.u.inal '"'"'""'" " -B..darla Unlit.... to Marry. """"' rl I -Til 5.'V,. nf tZm- nir n . ...nnth three lin-.t gether with the costs of advertising and the expense or sale. : . . -x ii -, less than one ui"- -'ulouth, payable ia advand every liW I wncuuii.u tlda? Efle.'Sart Immediate. p.rt r jr Md to otenrv to hand dendent,. cur. U at f-w'SS: S5EST. U, CUT, 00 Pr ll-1 , Cor . i.'.-s.iWol lth Cor. No. 1 ..rox-r i lode, .f this Sur ; thenre N" 43 3H' V. CM th..nro N" 43 4.V E . 62 3 ft. to :S f WANTED HELP. tne Drain ana ditto itiucib. - - - - moaty refunded, with 6 boxes. Circulars free. .-, r!l--. Address, BISHOP REMEDY CO., San Franoloo, CV-f FOR SALE AT FAUST'S PALACE PMAKMACY. Cor No 3. identical witht Cor. No. 5 ElKh..rn lda of this Sur.; thence N. 43 42' K 12-.T ft: thence S. 43" 3ft' K. 6 ft m r .,- nv. r. on Una 2-3 Pearl lode (Snr. Belle Kourche hotel, Henry Mouheiin offers ten beautiful prizes. See them at the store for distribution on December 22 at 2 p. m. Each ticket is numbered and has an equal chance in the drawing, if presented on or before above date. 124-5t -At Does all kinds of heavy hauling, moving of heavy machinery, excavation cX. tiacting, hauling of ore, etc. We've Got All Kinds ol Teams and a.v prepared to do all kinds of work PROMPTNESS IS OUR MOTTO Office No. 2 Syndicate Blk. Residence Phone B. H., 169. Office Phone, B. H. 118. JNO FELDHAUSEN, -Prop cook. No UTt i. thence S. 41" 12' w. zw. i. general house for then..- S. 43' 44' W. 12LS .8 ft. to tne nlac- ..f beeinninK: claJrnlnt; 1304 3 ft. 3 wrASTEl J Us telechone 1254. 43 4- W froni discovery ana id rt in o 42' F. from discovery; making a total ..i mil ft the nreeumed lirsUlass cook at the VfAT1" , t..l Lead. 6-12-1 w BUGGIES, CARRIAGES And SPRING WAGONS. Made exclusively for the Black Hills trade. If you want a new vehicle of any kind it will pay you to call and 1 our stock over, and learn our prices, for they are the lowest of the- low, yet the vehicles ure the Best of the Best irrufc -J "' i " dire. -i.,n of the lode liue and conUlr.lnf Three apprentice girls at Help is needed at once when a person's life is in danger. A neglected cough or cold may oon become serious and should be stopped at once. One Minute Cough Cure quickly cures coughs and colds ana the worst cases of croup, bronchitis, grippe and other throat and lung troubles. Kirk C. hillips Want'"',.. acres. KI.KIIORN i.OPE rW'rrinnlne at the h. W Cor whence the Cor. en' Sees. 13. 18. 19 and 24 T. 5 N . R. 2 and 3 E. H. H. M bear, s" Tf, 40' :,f V. 6f.25.9 ft; thence N. 43 r,",- F 1"8S 4 ft; thence S. F.n til E-,. ,: a T E. 129.4 ft. to Cor. Dressmaking panu.a, 11-27-tf ,m Parian FULLER & BROWN. Lead- girl for general ... i.n' irood wages; M.' 4: i 'lent leal with C-nr. No. 4 Fremont Next to City Hall, Deadwood, 3. D. work; i .,f No 9. Centennial ADDITIONAL LEGAL NOTICES. dklinqi-knTLl: noticb. s.lver Queen MialnB Company ,' ,.,, , .... business, IVadwood lod.. ,,f this Sur.; thence S. 43 i- i;r,7 f then. N. DO" f.T W. 595 ft. to the pla, . .,f l.eBlnnlnK: claimlnR J27n 4 ft N " tf apply . tunc when croup and iiriiv,. riniirtlv fatal. Tin' I ... 1 W ft S 4. ... " l l "... , . ii,..., ltntte v': rMokliif! a t.tal lctiRth of 12K8 4 -At Uoti-1 ill is want. in;-:, at il; noo'l ti il'0'lil' e 4:;' it' -n 1c' or n e N'ow is th lung tnmlil' s (inly liarni 1 - -iniiniMliat,. Cough Cui'' sume.1 .iir.'. t imi , at ion ol woi ks, .' ,,,,,,,. Uiwrence county, th" pr ill! I ntiiinlne IT cj.i a. 11 ; li'IIH--ults l! IS Ii" !!: .. , ..M, Minuti' I ;:mt to , , .eiicL- I i:r- .lis- ; tnr.t s One 'TV I'l' 1 upon I all It '"1:- ., .n., auhlnir to d .it, -. ttvv nr. -l-ainnj' " - . Call Mar I. NIK 1. 1 H'l' itll . v.- 'ir ; 'n ,. - vt- :.. . 1: 1 v " 1 ' 111. II' .' !' H.'tinninK at S K j c.r .. 1 ElMinrn .., ,. n r.r w 1 rnv 4 f (hoilCH , 1 h.-ii. N -", I'' K 1 -.n r. C'M 1 ff. j ,-'v. ( ft. t.. Hie I'Ih.-p : Work THE DEADWOOD LOAN OFFICE . . . . 21 Lee Street, Is the place to go when you are liroke or when yon are not broke when yon are broke, vou can . t money, ami when you have 1 1,-v 'yon '.111 p't bargains on what the other fellow left when he was broke. Anything and everything Is carried In stock at DEADWOOD LOAN OFFICE, io rean"' ..!..... No. 181. Pluma. t alii' and .: i ly . mi' co'. a.-, s. It w Kirk C. l'liill 'i-l,, .i-e , d.-lni'l'i' nt th0 ,1 - , , i!.e, stock on ii'- ount nl N. :t. of oi,"-l,alt - nt . , ,. tl.e Itli day ol Or- , I ,. , , i ;ii ;..lll(illlllS M t 'n'.a.e.. .'I the ,e,ict:v :i. I .1 It- ri.-ou i ii 1: v. l; .1 .. sin,'! . , or two M'ts ni lr .i. pa;v P I s 1 1 1 1 1 ' . ' Win 'll '. 1 !' ini; antis.-pt ic nose use 1 eY .nuts t" Ke.-P '" '.liar. l'iont'.r- an ::s. i . j ! i.-:i i i.ei I't!" it s Win ll ll.i"l i nr.. fur pil'' and cur,, fur piles and Name li.-ss No of .-laMf-lr..- " N f.,, ,, ,, MV.fV l.M'1 f 4 ,, .! ., , .lus 4"S ft 0 I-'" nuv!"i- a t..tal ! ..u'lti ef 4 ft almig the ,'..-un.."l .lir.'. tinil of the'llll" and eontaMiini: 13 .'.Hi acroa . .. - NFW YKMt I.'M)K Heerinnlni; at th S .. . i.i.., with Tor. Nn. 6 Mine wu 1 ni.'ii tim-'- x ! Tini' - lull i Vl I L'li. i well known skill 'iin J1111 loo A rut. $ l.oO 1 .00 .50 1 .25 1.25 .. 1 Ciuli'in j Y. ('.rush. inn 1 K. Groshonn diseases. It lieals sores without leav- inK a scaur. He ware of counterfeits. 1,1., iu'r N'o 2CS): whence the carror Kirk ('.. 1'liillip of Serlioii? 13. IK. 1 ann 'V 1 ' rD-Men to learn harbor trade. can earn Bcholarship. board toola 2d transportation; special Novem-w offer No limit to term. Apply S m Jl Moler Barber College. Min- 1 irvmPRT AKING ami 3 K. 11 H. M.. hears .-n. r. ""IL; r .V,na 1M S' 32" V.'. 3H1 7 ft. -12. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. to' Cor. No- 2. Identical with Cor. No- t. Sheridan M In atney Sheridan Mcllratney Sheridan Mcllratney Sheridan Mcllratney Sheridan Mcllratney Sheridan Mcllratney Sheridan Mcllratney 2ro 250 200 200 200 200 200 200 neapolis. miuix. AND EMBALMING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES Skilfully and competently done. A full stock of coffins c"ke robes, wreaths and. In fact, everything pertaining to funeral regalia, constantly on hand. O.H. ROBINSON wrH-nn Pha 1S4. Parlors. No. 114 Sherman SL Hopkins lod (Sur. No. izvw; iu... 67" 3' K 365.7 ft; thenc N. 71 47 B. 387 3 ft to Cor. No. 4. Identical with Cor. No. 5 drover lode, this gurvey ; thenre B. t80 8' K 702 6 ft; thence S. 8 32 B .1 n theno S. 21' 4V W. 154 ft, to oww No. 5, l(kntlral with Cor. number 1 Fortuna lode (Sur. No. 1276); thence N. 2 35 52. 55. Sheridan Mcllratney cwiHiin McBratney !8'8''' for SALE. 1" fixtures; b.U.-ro d ,tu. 56. 57' Sheridan McBratney 100 62. Sheridan McBratney 100 71 E B Groshong '.oou . '. 3. S. Dodd 1.000 1.25 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 .50 .50 5.00 5.00 .50 1.25 1.25 .50 .50 1.50 2.50 .50 The Current Events club will meet with Mrs. W. H. Dickinson this Wednesday afternoon at 2:30. Subject: "Government of the United States." Discussion led by Mrs. E. R. Irwin. Quotations from "David Harum," andp sketch of author, Mrs. J. F. Sawyer. All officers and officers-elect of I'ad Chapter No. 18, O. E. S are requested to moot at the home of Mrs. M. I,. Rice. Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 5. All members will be welcome at this meeting There will he a meeting of the members of the Oermania club on Thursday evening. December 6, for 100 FOR RENT. 89. J. W. Groshong . 94. John Malmsten . 96. Joseph W. Bailey 97. J. W. Groshong . 98. J. W. Groshong . -vBsv 'vV '-'v -V P2 Off E 85 5 ft; thencfl S. 80' !' . 010 ... thence S, 69 50' W. 566 9 ft; thence 8 44 38' V. 265 ft to the place of beginning; elaimlnn 991.8 ft S. 76' 43' W. and 415.1 ft N 40' E. from discovery; making total lensth of 1407.7 ft along the presumed direction of the lode line, and con-tatlnlns 7.610 acre. WEEDON NO. 1 LODE Beginning at tho S W. Cor.. heic the Cor. of Sees. 13. 18. 19 and 24 T. 5 N. R J ! and I S E .. B. H. M. heart N. 84' 9' 4' W. 604J ft: thenoe N. 60 36' W. .1 ft; thence N. ;T 20' E 438 7 ft. to Con. No. 3. identical wltb Cor No 4. Golden Wedge No. 2 li.le (M. o ,00c. M Kl 5' W. 20S 3 ft; I"" . 360 250 100 100 300 500 100 75 104. J- C. Johnson . . n..ji,i hlock. A. W. coe. u ajuu."'" 111. Mrs. E. Pratt . . I. , Z 7n ttnrsA-Dower boiler, tv. niirnnsn of nlect ne officers for we E. B. Groshong . w Kimble .38 126. 155. coniinK year and for the transaction of .75 other important business ' ao at.' v infl s ft- thenee N. r.r 2.50 157. J. 8. Dodd " 160. J. S. Dodd -00 inenrw i. --; , 31' E 10"7 4 ft; thence s. w r.. ... s V W. 26S.7 ft. to Cor. N. j. b. Dodd 162. 164. 1,000 . uiim ,th j;or. mo. 1 .wn ' J. S. Dodd 'pl.. For particulars, address Ploneer-Tlmes . ms for rent 721 Main street. Kohleblock, upstaira. rrTTA house with modern FOE RENi- .rni8hed or unfur-lmprovements, furnl?n Ark Zhed. inquire at DeMouUij lode of this survey; thenoe t. 1177.9 ft. to the place or Beginning: cimm- Headquarters for SOUTH DAKOTA PEOPLE. HOTFL GRACE EUROPEAN C. C. COLLINS. Proprietor. 'ng 100 ft N. 47" S0 K. rrorn ui3...veij 102fi 4 ft S. 47 60' W.. plus 471.2 rt S. 31 o-r w 4otjil length ot 1497.6 ft along the prumed direction of the lode Jackson Boulevard and Clark Street, 166. J. S. Dodd 167. J. S. Dodd 179. Geo. W. Kimble 180. E. B. Groshong 183. E. B. Groshong 187. Geo. W. Kimble . . 1U8. Harry Flynn 201. J. C. Johnson 206. Wm. Dind line and containing c. 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 .58 1.25 1.25 1.00 .59 3.50 4.00 3.00 .95 2.50 2.50 CHICAGO. MHgnetlc Variation rrom n -- i nation umi.isite Postofflce and 30' E. . , , rxmbalnlng a total area or m.iui cr. ..uw,.inT.a rtf thMfl mine are le- Board of Trade, in Exact uenter nt ri.ial nosa District. corded in the office of the Rfgltt'. of if 12 Off 1,000 1,000 nr. 250 250 200 117 700 800 600 190 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 140 200 Rooms at $1.00 Per Day and Up 207. Geo. w. KlmDie . Doeds of Ijiwrenee . ouniy. .-. Rook 151. eegea 288 . 289 . 290, 287 and 289, 208. Geo. W. Kimble . respectively. The adjoining claims are on uhe BortJi ward. Every Room nas not arm Cold Water and is Heated by Steam. 211. Peter C. Myhren . 212. Peter C. Myhren . and eat, M. s. lzm tr-ari. . v., . 2.50 214. Michael Donovan. HOUSE for rent or sale, toother UZl furniture, or furniture for sa Beparate, and house for rent. 308 Williams street. rORRENT-Nlcil7"furnl8hed room. Just the thing for gentleman. Enquire Nal6WasWngto FOR RENT-Two new s r UJ for rent cheap on Carney street. En quire of S. Bloom. TTJRN1SHED ROOMsTor rent Clean, attractive and nicely situated, in the L c. Miller house, upper floor. Inquire of Mrs. P. D. Sanders. Room 1. 2.50 215. Michael Donovan . 216. Michael Donovan . "6n"all their Trimmed Hat., for tho next 1 217. Michael Donovan . 2.50 2.50 2.50 .70 1.50 Never Before 225. Mrs. A. B. Gibson . a nm I IP FARMED. ao 1 t XX Olson A DOLLAR SAVtu .0 8 AVE THEM BY BUYING NOW. 232. E. G. Matbey 300 In Black Hills History .79 5.00 1 No 1 and Foniina ioie w.. and went. M. 8. 1038 (Whit Star) M. 8-li8 (Mine et al lodee) M. S. 1396 (Oo 4 Wedge No. 2) and M. S. 1394 (Ag.U No.' '"Any and all persona claiming advereel any "portion of eid muwa or lurfae. ground are required to file their adven claim -with the Register of th VnlU States Land Office at Rapid City. S. D duHng the sixty days' period o PW1"-tion hereof, or they ! ne barred by virtue of the provision of the statute. A. K. GARDNER. Register. IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, Thai tht foregoing noUce be published for Pr4 of sixty days In the Dally non-Tlmee. a newspaper published at Deadwood. 8. D and nearest said clulms. A. K. O-ARDNER. Register. 1 NE ; hata. the very latest thln0 out, we hav , 01 very -;-- -- ' . thetf ara beswtlee net one 25.00 10.00 Ha. the nollme Oee'i so accurMelyre produced, or never before ha therebeen tucb Qraod .selection of the mibltmea oftheHllli, M re now nhowuattlie . tnr housekeeping- Just unpacKea xnem inu ...lii. in oolna only 233 H. B. Young 1JO 247i Mrs. Emma Pratt 1.000 253. S. McBratney 6,000 259. S. McBratney 2.000 262. S. McBratney .0 263. S. McBratney l.nuy 264. S. McBratney L00 5.00 .,.. -nmfortable and popular stualoa ot A.ICDM&MN MILLINERY COMPANY, MISS O'KEEFE, Mgr. rarues ----- d0 H. R. LOCKE CO., s ! 5.00 5.00 6.25 d easant wibiw iu" . , 5S to call at No. 69 Centennial VWV''VV'SV'VV"AW'WA Main Street, I 1.250 main Htroet, DK ADWOOD LEAD 272 Mrs. Emma Pratt. 50.00 . .10,000 07Q Mrs A. J. Wood They Lead Other Follow 5.00 is;i' Mrs. A. .1. Wood... In Pliolosraphy, Cabinet 25.00 ....... or I'hatinotyrK! HAS BEEN IN CENTRAL 3.18 24.60 Thla 8pac la S Reaervad For $i. CORNWALL & CO. ,1000 5,000 636 4,919 1,000 1,000 1,000 5.000 5.00 avenue. OTPlCETFOir" EBNt.-tne finest and best located, steam heated and electric lighted offices in the city are for rent at low prices.. inquire of O. C. Jewett, Room 20-Waite building. ItOOMS TO RENT AT MODERATE PRICES.-Suites of living rooms in the WAITE BUILDING, each fur-.t.v. .im bent : el' trie 280. Mrs. A. J. Wood . . 23. Mrs. A. J. Wood . . 296. D. O. Kimball 297. W. H. Wright .298. Neodbam & Eccles 299. Needham & Eccles 200. II. S. Polk I9B4 For 21 Yars and during that time has always kept an excellent stock of the very best grmles of wines, liquors and clears. uc nONE THE FAIR THING STHE BRICK We Want... You to understand that we are under small expense and can uo better 1)y you on MEATS of all kind, than any of our competitors. Give us a chance to prove our assertion, by glr-ing us a trial order. JOLITZ . & LYNCH FEED :!0i. ll. s. 11. s. Ami 1Q2. 5.00 5.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 .5.00 5 00 5.00 5.00 5.00 .58 5.000 5.000 1.000 1 .000 1 .000 1.000 1 ,000 FUELl Polk . Polk -Polk . Polk: Polk . Polk . Polk . Polk . r..i ' at) ' by his many customers during ail ! th.vo J -iu. and he begs to say that jou can sti.I l'im atlrf' - t SAME OLD STAND, ' On th. of Main & Hidden Treasure Streets. AH old fi.if's (ordially invit.-d to! call w hen in tli" city. j Ii.YUNtn FRANKLIN- , ! ?,or,. ' r n 7 . ! 3tV.l. m I) rt in 4 a is m a FINEST nKnH'STKA In the C.ty Carrv a full Ht'O of Best Wines. Li.fuor3 and v. trtii- A - John SR S I Aetna Powder Co, , nil 1 mill uislieu wim nn-"" . . lights; bath, water .closet, lavatory, hot and cold water, arc for rent at moderate and reasonable tries. Will be pleased to slww them to anyone who may be Interested. ( C. Jewett, Agent. S " LOST AND FOUND. :8:S:!;:?i:J:?S:S:::?i:?i-;:::-'' iiOST Between Deadwood and Lead, pocketbook containing one $10 Rold-plece and some silver. Finder return to Hatten'jach's store and receive reward. .lohn llasdaley. trns .1111 1 .'mo t. i(.."nlev trus- John ' 1.H00 .r.oo You are always weicuui. RYAN and RILEY Props. H LUXURIES THAT COST LITTLE, Is what yau set wh.-n vr-a buy, your meats ot GUS KELLAR The poor man's frelnd. They all look alike to Cua, and It la one price to all. and tho best and most palatable meats to be had In the city. 642a Main Street, Deadwood. t. 325 .126 ChasjC. rk J. L. Morse . . . . 1,000 5.00 500 2.50 .. 300 1.50 IIe"8ao, K y. Bacon Dynamite and Biaci Powder. Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteras, .. . i onmnbnm with the law and order of the hoard of directors made on the-4th day of October. 1900 0t,nres of each parcel of Lee-Glass Ardreseen Wholesale Hardware o!iuiloe nnri SO uiau, :- Battel j Supplies. 3L0ST. Setter dog, answers to name of "Beg." Color white and orange. " Suitable reward paid for return to R. N. Ogden. 0. E. 8. No. 23, .DEADWOOD. Regular meetings second and fJ'tn -onJar at 7:30. All member cordially stock as may be necessary wm ..i.ii nnetion at the Amen- O. C. JEWETT. ran National Bank, on Main street W. E ADAMS COMPANI OIW Vivw"- , Snorting Goods. 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST.. OMAHA Deadwood, S. on me iviu u-, -December. 1900. at 2:30 p. m. of satd dav to pay said delinquent assessment, together with the costs of advertising ARCHITECT. J. C. CARSON, Agent. Deadwood Office. Syndicate Block. and the expenses c Green Cut Bone When Fed Your double the number of eggs, SHERIDAN Mcmuiinai, Dr. Collier OSTEOPATH LEAD AND DEADWOOD. New Walte Block, OBADWOOD. ft. D. ' whtakv a nure de- tevtetd. ANNIE I. PHILLIPS- w- JOHN BAK5R, SecreUry. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. TJ. S. Grant Mining Company. Principal place of business, Deadwood, S. O. LocaUon of Works. Carbonate 'Camp, Lawrence county, S. D. ' i NoUce. There la delinquent on the . lolloirljig described stock on account U Vrrr", "a rrand appetizer. Ilcioua dbv.6 Haroer" Don't forget the name- I. H-rp (Martin Maaoo. Attocneya ) M. A. NO. 1234. APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. . 8 n4 Office. Rapid City, 8. D. Oct. . 10?- fiTVTKN That tha Derfwood offlea at Olllmora House, atoev Will stop egg-eating. Will prevent roup. Will make the egga more fertile, Will Invigorate the whole flock. Will make Uttle chicks grow larger. Will reduce the grain bill onehalfc It la better thaa medicine, cheaper whisky. The ama nsed! Sold by Carr & Berry, aa PAT.MFR HOUSE dAj Wadneady. and roaaya. Uml effloa, OS Hala ttraat. Taaadan. wood, S. D. -rt aasesBtnent Vio.. 9 of one-Gait mi" inr Tit ffT Tkurailajra aad Batardaya. Pr share, levied on the 4th day of Octnhar 1(WI tt aavAral amounts Bet by It. tremrer . T. - - NEW i pjvv- - rvtnn TfiD 8. AS SAT OIHCt than grain. I R. ILe Beau PPoalte the names of the respective Area 19 lkwiww, fJror- NEW BUILDING, Only 3.00 per nunarea. Manufactured and for aale by ZOECKLER BROS. The Central J.weler. f Amt ZZS. o'lod. J-aSf.: wehoIdera, u follows: ert Name. Shares. 327. Ajtce M. Guild 60,000 . ro L, Mills liOia $25.00 bearltt P"L. ZZZT i- WWtowoo4 NEW BEDDING In'eoomectloa with th Reataoraaa . . ..ria no on the enorteat .25 any aoiu. - Fasv to Take MS .25 M um. flnelT tonuuM rooma nouoo. -k.t and d-l," jrLot. H. MAIL ORDERS wmaunj" fletal piat on B. hot and cold water aad bath. You Can Bank. on getting the best In the MKAT ' line, If you get it of ROGERS & son They always have a neat, freeh itock to aelect from, and you eaa alwaja get Juat what vou want. roa want ma iw M. Johtt Baker 500 .15. John Baker 600 , Joha Baker ..,.. 600 $. Joha Baker ....... 1.000 "L Joha Baker , . 1.000 , . Joha Baker ....... 5.000 - ASV Ira L. Sanderaon . . 1.000 An la eonrdanrjt with the law EaGyfoOpcrate Open day and sight. Boon .50 .50 S.50 Becaua. VT7FZuSZ&- price by ww REFERENCES ABT tank or Ule bouae tm the HUl. ll WCjmt wbaaoa the Cor. of Baca. w. u" " " . w jimnrm t and I I Rania 1 and j peeialty. SING YOU Prop .50 N-) I ough, prompt, neaiuuu.. and It aad M ttouif rahl B. B. H. at., . . i. KliTTinndL rO tO Th . v. uct , ui Ulm wy w - tte on the 4th. Oar of October, 1900, as w For oarpuiM " ; i...t DdwoKf Loan Office, tl Lee -treet o many eharee of each parcel of

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