The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 12, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1898
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Pioneer 1 IMES. TWENTY-SECOND YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), TUESDAY MORNiNG, APHIL 12, 1898. F1YE CENTS The Daily When It comes to advertising, ths "Side Tracked'' company are strictly In who know him; it is a pleasure to meet .,,.. .,,,. IfintlOTDV Mr: zztjtt?" TliE'LLiL.S litDUSTRY. U, and that Is ths secret of their SOLOliS RECEIVE THE MESSAGE, to accept his present position. In 1893, World's Fair year, the Na & Wardman Hardware Co. Tin company got to Lead tonight, and from the advance aale of seats DUBLIN 0 ROWING. (Ayres i tional ChJof of Police association was organized at Chicago. This was originated by Mr. Beavey, who believed Che good hoose la assured User. The town of Dublin, In the Two Bit minlnc district, is becoming more than a name on the map. There has lately Hardware and Mining Supplies. Gas Pipe and Plumbing, Tin and been added to the buildings already police departments of the cities could be rendered more effectual by an organization and co-operation. The association now has a good membership, President Asks Congress to Intervene, Givinq Four Valid Reasons. Giant Powder, erected, several substantial structures. Thn town now boasts of a grocery consisting of the chiefs of police of score, a restaurant and laundry. In Steam Fittings, addition, Mrs. P. H. Smith Is building a substantial dwelling house. Mrs. Fuse, Caps, and Exploders, Steel Rails. New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Omaha, in fact all the large cities, and they hare derived valuable assistance through It. The association Sheet Iron Work, Cook Stoves, and Steel Ranges, McDermott Is also putting up a well-appearing building, and Michael Pow Belting, Hose, and Packing. ers has about completed a rather now has a catalogue containing ths President Wants Discretionary Authority-War Feeling High In Congress. pretentious structure. Other buildings photos and accurate descriptions of are in contemplation and the town about 20,000 criminals and crimes have been lessened and many notorious $ Get Our Prices Before Buying. O gives promise of Immediate and substantial growth. PECK "8 NEW MAP. HASTBR SERVICES. The Raster services given at the different dhurdhes on Sunday were fully up to expectations; each denomination came In tor Its full share of patronage as all die churches were crowded both morning and evening. The Episcopal church was beautifully decorated with Easter lilies and other choice flowers, palms and plants. The musical programme was, If possible, better than ever before prepared by Archdeacon Ware. The offering amounted to over f 400. The Oongregatonal society exceoded all previous efforts in floral decorations, the rostrum and pulpit being fairly laden with the most beautiful designs and plants of fragrant flowers. A One programme of choice music was rendered in a creditable manner. In the evening a concert was given, consisting of appropriate muslo by the best composers and every number was rendered with a finish. The contributions in the evening went to the support of the choir. The other churches did not make any extra preparation In the way of Easter services, but all were appropriate and pretty. It was an Meal Easter In Deudwood. criminals apprehended through the medium of the association. The annual meeting will be held at Milwaukee on May 10, 11 and 12. When there will be several hundred chiefs present, who are picked from the beet men In ths Reriew: The map now being com CALENDAR OF COURT CASES. April Uth. 189t. 14. Klein, applt. vs. Webb, et si., piled by Frank S. Peck, mining engi-neeer and U. S. deputy mineral surveyor of Dead-wood, will, when completed, be the most elaborate and comprehen country. Dead wood should belong to I PALACE. respt the association and our chief should attend the convention. He would meet sive tracing of ths separata mineral R0SEHHM r. Klein, applt, vs. Webb, respt April Uth. 1S9S. 4. Piedmont Improvement Co. vs. groups of Lawrence county ever pub lished. When completed It will un Plunk ett, t al. the brightest men of the country and learn a great deal that will help him in his work. Chief Donovan intends to be present If he is appointed at the meeting of the council In May. It CAMPAION COMMITTEE. The following campaign committee have been appointed by ths people's reform party: First ward: WU1 Hodg. Ins, James Foley, Nick Nelson. Lse 8chwing, George Short. Second ward: William Selble, Dan Diks. William Morgan. Fred fiogers, Ike Trotter. Third war: J. R. Wilson, Frank Mo LaitfhMn. Fred Cipp, Harry Ytaman, Rube Lewis, Oeorge Martin, Fourth ward: E. W. Martin. William Lard-ner, Frank Dennis, Jo Alcksl, J. A. Harding. R. N. Ogden, F. P. Ward. The committee will meet Tuesday evening. April 12th, at 7: SO o'clock t Oeorge Wilson's office. doubtedly be of far-reaching value to the mine owners of this region, as it M would uImo be a good advertisement of will accurately locate and place the name on each separate claim embraced within the area which It covers. In Stetson Hatofor Spring - SI. Fanner ts. Harris. ' M. Fanner vs. Harris. M. Fanner vs. Harris. April 14th. list. 18. Swan rs. Selble. 17.-4lswmaa Ta, Bates. April Uth. 1891. a. Board of Education, et al.. v the city, and our city government should by all means become Went I fled view of Its great Importance to the with the luttMN'lutlon. arc Served, Ski m'.ne owners, as well the business men of this community, they should not hesitate to contribute any Information to Mr. Peck that wlH In the least aid Marsfleld, for jury. 1 lo making this map mors complete. AN ALMOST FATAL MISTAKE. LVople who havs grudges to pay should be reasonably sure last they have sighted the right party before commencing operations. lASt Saturday evening Ed. Hunter of Flu-ma was passing up Sherman street, Washington, April II. Special to thti Itomwr-Tlnwa: The long prom-lswl mHHjiK "t I'nwldwnt McKlnlsy on the Spanlsh-Culjun question was aent to both 1umih of congress today, aoj after Mux rad waa referred to the committees on foreign relations. The iloeutnoiit does n meet with general favor, enixo'lully among the "belllger-i-iiU " If the president had private or ofllcUtl knowledge of an alleged armistice granted by the Spanish army to Cirlia, he icave no Intimation of the fiu'i In hla message. The grounds upon wtileh he asks cwngrom to Intervene In the Cuban affair are: First. In the cause of humanity; to put an end to the barbarities, starvation and bloodshed and horrible miseries Imposed upon the Cubans. Second. We owe It to our cltl-setis In Culw to afford them the prelection of the American flag, wtiih American arms If necessary. Third. The right of Intervention is JiiHtKlcM1 by the serious In-Jury being done to Armi-hun commerce. JYmrth. The presont conditions are a constant menace to our peace and eutulls great and unwarranted expense. The Maine Incident was used to illustrate Spain's Inability to protect American property or life. The presi BLACK HILLS MEDICAL SOCIETY. The second annual meeting of this association waa held at the offices of Drs. Dickinson A Freeman, at Lead, yesterday afternoon, and was the best meeting yet held. Reports of officers of the association ' career, during tho year past, showed a steadily increasing membership and a growing Inter TTha new ahapsam A Stiff and Soft Hats arc hera for your inspection. Might graceful and becoming hits of hat-architecture they are. Ae for quality if you've ever worn a "Stetson," you can voucd for that. SQUAW CREEK MINING CO. The shaft of this company has attained a depth of forty-three feet and a body of liver -colored hematite ore has been struck. In one corner of th shaft a small vein of sulphide or py-rhlc ore has been opened that assays pretty well. The Indications are very favorable to soon opening a body ot ore having a commercial value. ami when a Utile ways beyond list-tenlsjt-b's store, received, without any warning, a stunning blow on the side of the fuce. Before he could recover hlniMelf a second assault from a pair of brass knuckles landed on his head. It ENFORCING THE LAW. Notorious old "Scoop," at one time the wickedest town in the Hills, has now the proud distinction of being the only town In the Hills that absolutely enforces the liquor law, la the wools town not a game of chance Is played, the saloons close promptly at eleven o'clock, chairs and screens areas scares ss the framers of the law Intended. Inst end of eight saloons, as When ths law was put in force, there are now three, but business in the town is good and there is a large amount ot building going on. April 19th, 1898. 64. Brown ts. Auaqueea 0. M. Co. M. Bronw ts. Amaqueea O. M. Co. II. Grants ?a City of Dead wood. April list, 1891. 11 Sela vs. Smith, et si. It Wyatt vs. Schuster, et al. M. Neddy vs. Burns, et aL April tl, 1898. 1 OHrmore et al. ts. Oushurst et al. I. OiHmort t al vs. Ou&hurst et al 4. Webb et al. vs. Oushurst et al. I. Webb et al. vs. Oushurst et al. April tt, 1191. 1 Elder, adBW vs. White et at April SS, lilt. 7. Oranti vs. Deadwood-Terra M. est in the work for which it was Intended, viz.: if or becoming better ac-qualnted an3iolllng quarterly meetings at which the advancement and Important discoveries made In the profession are studied and freely (Ukmikh-ed. Thoee present were Drs. Dickinson, Freeman. Spaulding, Zernng. Bruhns. and Crab tree, of Lead; Drs. Bowman. Torrence and Allen.of Dead wood; Drs. Smith, Sanderson, and McSloy, of was then that Hunter was informed by his aitwuilant that a mistake bad been mode; that he whs not the man he waa looking for. Hunter waa not satisfied to take this explanation and prepared to take the proper redress. The miscreant, however, darted between the buildings and ran up the railroad Co. 5oIe A&rents of John B. Stetson Co., Speeial Stiff Hate, r.latchless Facilities f Enable us to OSar track, while Hunter in his half-stunned condition was unable to follow. Sturjls ; Dr. Kelffer, of Fort Meade; Dr. Boyle, of Terry; Dr. Weir, of Chadron; Dr. Ha r gens, of Hot CLEANING THE STREETS. The prospect of a snow storm j 'v terday morning It was thought would retard the annual street cleaning, but the advent of rain only helped ths work along. The Bushing ot the gutters In the central part of the city waa finished and ths work of scraping and hauling away the dirt and debris from the streets commenced. Chief of Police Donovan, under whose supervision the work is being done, Is not In favor of a general flushing of the streets, ss In his opinion, the too free use of water is a detriment to the macadam. There Is no difficulty found In secur A. F. A. M. All members ot Central City Lodge No. 22. A. F. A A. M. are hereby notified to meet atSonlety hall. Central CMy, on Wednesday. April lfch, si 1 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of attending the funeral of our lata brothti Otto Hanson ka. All Master Masons are fraternally Invited to meet with us. By rfcr of W, M. 9.-eeter at al. Ta Knight et al. April M, 1898. 11 echmodeks vs. Thompson. 41. Fargo vs. "Thompson. April 17. 2891. ). Run rs. Mstsoa et al. li.-Clark et al. vs. Hercules M. I. Co. st si. U Scot st al. vs. CUbba. April aa. iiu. 81. McLaughlin vs. Manning et at 20. ateyne Ts, Out. April tt, 1898. 81. Barrett et at re. Notley. W.-Jjoue ts, MIMer. 17. GeJbrafth vs. Rsdoond. W. I. MoMACKJCN. Sec. A VARIETY OF SUPERSTITION. Actors are not the only superstitious people in the world. Hotel clerks are afflicted In the same way. A few evenings ago Jim Oasper of the Bullock, was confronted by a cross-eyed man who looked him full in the face. Shortly afu-r Jim was Invited by a party of friends to join in a little amusement, In which red, white and blue articles resembling buttons play a prominent part. He knew that after meeting Llatchlc:3 Cirpin:, In a Large Assortment of 2jm the FiLe&t and Best Line of Clothing and Furnichin. We show an ibaolutely unexcelled Fine Line of Men'a Summer Suite in the latest up-to-date Patterna and Stylea. WHEN TRAVELING. Springs; Dr. Prlngle, of Hermoea; Df. Beard, of White wood, and Dr. Town-send, of Ragged Top. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, A. H. Bowman, Deadwood; first vice president, C. W. Hargens, Hot Springs; second rice president, C. E. Zerflng, Lead; secretary and treasurer, A. O. Allen, Dead wood. Board of censors, Drs. Dickinson, Hargens and Torrenco. The programme was carried out as announced, and It was a most Interesting and profitable meeting. Whether OB pleasure beat Of Oa busi ness, take oa every trip a bottle ot Syrup ot Figs, as tt acts most pleasantly and effecluallr o ths kidnsr. dent asks congress for discretionary aiUh-trlty to Intervene. Tlie war feellag la so high In congress that It Is generally conceded Chat the prvwident will be directed to Intervene at once. There Is tome talk ot action without even waiting for the report of the committee on foreign relations. It is thought that the president has rerotved official notice of Spain's dec-rlaratlon of an armistice, and that he has some faith In It, but It Is certain that the Culmns will not accept It. The consular correspondence sub- liver and bowels, pre vesting fevers. ing a suitable dumping place for ths debris removed from the streets, as th numerous places requiring filling up are benefitted by the addition of the dirt coHectsd. Whhewood creek will receive Its share of attention and will be thoroughly rid of hs accumulated filth. la the meantime private premises will not May a. 1898. headaches, and other forms of elekaeen For sals ta M sent bottles by all lead. 1 Elder ts. Stout st al Before placing your Order for a Spring Suit hesitate until you tee our Suita Stylish, nobby productions of the higheit excellence and low, indeed the lowest prices. lag druggists. Msnofiotarsa by ths California Fig f yrup Os, only. BUCKET! MIN1NO CO. Notice la hereby given that ths regu SPECIAL NOTICE. Members of Dead wood Hose com with the cross-eyed man he was opposing the dictates of the gods if h consented, but being of an obliging nature, he joined in the contest. Then It turned out just as he expected. For three straight hours the goddess of fortune refused to give him the feint-eat smile. An expert In the art of divination, who happened to be present, suggested that Jim try the charm of spitting In his hat He followed ths kind advice and was Immediately re DEADWOOD SHOULD BE IN It. "W. S. Seavey, general agent of the Thlel Detective Service company, at Denver, passed through this city yesterday en route to Rapid to attend the annual meeting ot the Western South pany are requested to meet at depart be overlooked. Citizens will be notified to remove filth and garbage from their premises, and upon their failure to do so, the city authorities will attend to the work and assess the expense on the property. lar annual meeting et stockholders of ths Buoksys Oold and Silver Mining company, of Deadwood. 8. D,, will be held at the office ot ths Ploneer-Tlmes, oa Monday, May 1, 1881, at 1:30 p. m., ment parlors Thursday, April 14h, at I p. m. A full attends nee Is desired, as business of Importance will Be at which meeting a board ot directors transacted. KjD, CURLKT, Foreman. will be elected to eenre the ensuing tuibted with the president's message is fully as bloodthirsty as any of ths newspaper corrwipotwlents have made the situation In Cuba, ami has done tuimli to hltviitfUien the V.ur feeling. Keport waa received at the navy ile;rtmeni that the Spanish cruisers Colon and Teresa have passed Canary Islands going south. year and such other business be ;Jtns- acted as may properly some before It warded by being presented with hv successive large and juicy piles of ths above-mentioned button-like articles. Since then signs and omens arc re YESTERDAY'S PERSSMALS. Dakota Stock Grower's association, to be held today and tomorrow. Mr. Seavey was chief of police t Omaha for the lengthy period ,,f eight years consecutively, and is probably known as extensively throughout the United States as any western man. Ex -Chief Seavey gave to the police department of Omaha eight of the test years of bis life, and to hi untiring W. t, WARNER, Secretary. Mrs. Von Wagmen Is vtsKlng friends STOCKMEN'S ASSOCIATION. At Rapid, extensive preparations are being made for the meeting of ths Stockmen's association, which will bt held there today. It Is ths regular annual meeting held to elect officers and arrange for the spring round-up. Cattlemen who live around Rapid havt been coming in for the last week, and NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. at Rapid Ctty. Sealed bids will be received up and Arthur Marble was up from Bells to, aad Including I p. tn., Thursday, Fourche yesterday. Quiet at Havana. C. M. Haton. of Washington. D. C, April 14. 1818, for excavating and re-searing all sank required tor basement II J. UlTH garded with aws at the Bullock, a BAPTIST YOUNO PEOPLE? CON-VBNTIO& The opening session of the Baptist Young People's Convention of the Black Hills will be held In the Baptist church ot this city tonight Delegate m & buo. they loaf around the wide streets and give them a mors populous. If notmor of Carr 4 Berry's building, Deadwood, & XX Contractors will figure on 1.000 was an arrrlTeJ yesterday, W. A Remer left yesterday tor Chi' rago on mining business. Mrs. Julia Wakers of Orevllle, t, D. Is visiting friends la Dead wood. VMWSiSWiWVWWWW Havana, April 11. Special to the Pioneer-Times: All Is quiet here today, and everyone aeems waiting for the next move on tlie checkerboard. Pro-visions have doublod in price since the departure of the American consul. study of his business and the peculiar environments Incident to police duty, the Omaha department attained a very high degree of proficiency. He Is a man of extraordinary Intelligence and business capacity, besides possessing that tact for organising and managing a body of men which Is characteristic of only a few. Mr. Seavey commands the highest respect of all yards more or leas, at so much per yard. For full Information, enquire ot Carr A Berry, Deadwood, or J. W. will be In attendance from Rapid City, Hot Springs, Custer, Oelrtchs and active appearance. The hotels are cleaning house and airing unused rooms. Between three and (our hundred cattle and com miss ton men an eipected from the ranges round about, from Cheyenne, Omaha, and Chicago, and "there'll be a hot time" In Rapid Olbbs, architect and superintendent. Miss Belle Flaher returned last even TlS Sell Goods Chapf vv Than Any Othtr llcux) In ths Land. Deadwood aad irtad City. Right re IanuI; also tlie pastors of the Baptist churches of these various places Rev. ing to the Sister's Oonrsnt at Sturgis. served to rsjaot any and aU bids. George V. Ayres left last srenrnf tor Douglas. Wya, for a visit with his Ut tor one day, anyway. The war spirit Dr. Shanafelt of Huron, superintendent of the Baptist Missions of this state, will also be present and take an active ETTA CCNCXNTKATLNQ MTLL. This plaat. altuatsd oas mils from tls son. the Holy Terror aalne aa OrUsly gnloh, Henry Bowers, ths Bfccgsr sewing machine agent, went down to Rapte Gen. Lee at Tampa. Tampa, Fla., April 11. Special to She Pkmoer-Tlmes: Oen. Fits Hugh Lee, late consul general at Havana, arrived here this morning and received great ovation. He proceeded at onoe to Washington to report to the part In the work of the convention. The senakons of the convention will 1 ! exhibits Itself there n various ways but tnost conspicuously by the Cuban flag that is struneT with Old Olory across ths head of Main street W. T. Ooad Is on his way home from New York where, he writes, St le Impossibts 3or tMa wraak wt oTsr axtra raduotlona la crioaa of all new I Ksystoaa, 8k rx. will be offered for sals as a whole until JOy 1st After that on business. open dally at 9 a. m., 2 p. m. and 7:30 p. m. The programme for the meeting Marls Olesoa. alter a serere attack data ths aaaehlaerr, which was ta u ot stclmes, has resumed her position tonight la as follows: less than two months aad la la perfect M at the Vienna bakery. 7:30 Praise Service I to do any business on account of ths ooadttloa, will be sold la lota and daalrabla Cpriaj DRESS 00003 war spirit There Is considerable la It soaslsta ot srushera, Oornlsh rolls. John O'Neill ot To at, returned yesterday from a are days' stay at his Led by Miss Mabel Cortelyou 8:0O Addreas of Welcome in the proposed oa lor! nation eesea Oats eoaeeatrsAors, anl other ranch, north of Sturgis, machinery suitable for gold reduction. plant, but there has not yet been any- i thing done to crests any great enthusi Aer. C. L. Kirk 8:15 Response Rev. J. F. Catlin Solo Harry Crowder. For particulars, address, Frank P, Wtlhame want down to Rapid last evening oa business ot ths American Cruisert Arrive. Halifax, April ll.-apeclal to ths Ptoneer-Tlmes: The United States cruisers San Francisco and New Orleans put In here today from England, A R. tisdoux, Reoslvef, Hill City, a D. Harney Peak ooavpany. Sister Angela, superior of ths Bene 8: 3t- -Reminiscences of Chattanooga.. Dr. T. M. Shanafelt Solo, juttar accom't. .Miss McFartand OLYMPIC ANNUAL. The Olympic annual ooours tonight, but unless a majority of the 198 mem dlottne order tor this province. Is Nebraska has paid a beautiful trib spending a taw days In Dead wood, oa ute to th memory ot ths lau Mrs. a tour of tndpectkw and business. A CHARITABLE ACT. New Spring Silks. A.t Graatlj Iladacad rrlsta. sayeu away, yam rtrw unwn wk jt m r XTJI OlTkJ Amaaonas purchased from Braill and I - .v. mMK) arJl remits wbe Joaa M. Thurston, wito died la Cuba t Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Haines, parents et tew weeks ago walls studying the eon-dMJoa of fee people la that stricken Isl F. A Karnes, resided engineer ot ths rerhrlstened the New Orleans. Both I jrvp of Fta Is taken; it Is pleasant Ellehorn, bars returned firvqa southern vessels were In fine condition. I and refreshing to the tssts, ana nets and. Th tribute takes the form of c bers ar present no election can be held. The president requests ths Pioneer-Tim ss to make a "hot call" so that ths members will turn out "Stir 'am up." Well, they do seed stlrrtni op. The present directors have set a swift pace and unless wanton extravagance Is checked ths club srtU be bark- George Cook, a man ot about sixty years of ss and an old resident ot Lawrence county, was found yesterday afternoon In Judge Early's office, suf California, where thsy spent several Matlr yet promptly on the Kidneys, Vl .VI 1Ula kImum the ITS. af cei7 memorial train, which left Omaha yes An Eltztnt assertataft months. Gen. Brook Trantlerred. aij, aispsU colds, head- terdej eeevtaisifig twenty-wo carleads ot relief supptles tor ths aeanlng Cu fering scute pain resulting from aa Internal malady. Hs was In aa entirely Chicago, April ll.Spertal to the I sobss and 1STSTS ana cores nsDiioai .J--.! amm-i rS Vim la t Ba bans, st la beMertd that Mrs, Thutt- J. A Eyler of Omaha, stock agent ot the B. A M. road, Eugene Rusk, samsV ant traffic manager of ths Kaassa City stock yards; Charles. QouM. stock rusted. A year ago Us stub was la Pioneer-Times: Oen. John R. Brooke. I wwswp-0 7',.Vr " ' ton's death was hastaned by ths shock - ... i ooir reaaav oi us bush ths destitute condition and unable to procure medical aid or even sufficient food. The matter was brought to Ah attention of the CQunly wmmlesloners and agent of the C. B. N. road: H. M. Ladles Skirts, Waists and New Spring Co!ltrstt:s and Capts. Keeaaa, ot ICesaaa dt Boa, Ohjioagtt, lag rjjsetacla ot suOartag and death which- she witnessed among tas women and ckttdrt. f Oaba, aad It Is ths rs-teaamt of poaUe itasss that ths hoa-sg now paid to her gentle asawr by the paopu of Nebraska aaontd find as- and R. C. OotaaH, ot the CsnA stock commander of the Department of Lakes, has been ordered to Chattanooga to i .ike charge of the troops st Chic-aiuauga Psrk. o "Cr&B TRACKED." it was found that the oase had been reported there soms time ago, but owing to the overcrowded condition of the debt, and they hews not only paid off all the debts wttaout repudiation. Just tike a lot ot gold bugs, but they hart racved Into more expeolr Quarter and bought, as? turnMars, and not oontes with fiat they bats had ths old turastaar varnmhed aad oiled, danf 'sot Oh. ras, we'll malf K hot for you tonight. Yoa'M vtsh you hadn't tpastii then yom had "money enough mtMmnf&k m'nAfifl0 tssytfwtjM yards, wars tavsaaj ths atttalaeat steelmea wo ssssad ttfoach UU y yeaterda yen route to RBasd to attend I ) county hospital at that Wste, roots could not be found tor him at that la- esptable to the stomach, prompt in Us notion aad truly bsnsflolsl la Its af sots, prepared on) from the most healthx m4 afrseabls substaooes, Its ataiy szosileat qualities ootnmend it to til tad hare made It the most popular rsasdy kartra. fet-rep ( Figs a f ar aala U M atSttits by all leading drug-fists. Aay reuahla tajgfo who aaaT nat hate it on hand irCl pro pressioa la hjcremteouc oiutpourtng ot the Stock Oroweri atssataff. X7o vrill bi slid to chcT? tlzzi to ! srscy sjy lot ths tejUat at ths swtul tSsMa whina aha beheM but To a very oholcs and perhaps ths largest audience witnessing a professional troupe in Dead wood for some time, "Side Tracked" was presented Job arlatlas; U ths Fiaaear-TtaMS sooM no sJAerlflAa. sUtution. Since that time be has bees a charge upon the generosity ot eitt-sens, but today, on bearing of the serious nature of Us ease, ths conals- to sura aa eK?at." Job dspartaetat H kaiaj taraad act I tally af a scanty urm asSsre aaas la you cc:psctraii7, Uss St W te.S I sis.Ml. ... last night In a very eredl table manner. Ths piny is a farce oomedy ot no par 'hs Black Hills. Tas Istarsred asaa- - Ttatxiaczzxr. One good draft team, wagoa and bar. teas. Good terns. F. D. EiTTTH. r- n I t- s ticular plot The part ot the tramp aery, saw trps added iraaaai, sts. ca aurs it promptly for aay oaa wlshaatotryit. Do ik accept aay aahatitata. sloners at ones Issued aa order tor ads removal to the hospital. The want at proper attention waa the most ssrloui feature of his aUment and alaee his Norncx-Dxcjtra or honor. rjnlsl meeting will be held at the rssMeaea of Mrs, Beldiaa Monday, at I p. at Buslaess of tatportanoe. Members wta vistas aa aressat By order ailat as U do aura aM ttr jt than STsr ktSsra, vsS&fr aal pwry ss portrayed by Patrick Kan was very satisfactory, but the minor parts were weak. Ths specialties, however, were all good and a pi assure to irttaan. Maaiw K2a are prompt, aSclent, al-iaya ra'iatla, eaay to take, easy to op subjection to medical ears aa la stuaf siaadid mtsnSysTm la ta JkOkTm m av lac pronoonosd stgas of I of Peat GJsf af erate. ssa o o 0 o 0

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