The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 6, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1900
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

J IDE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES DEADWOOD, S. D. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1900. Carpet Weaving. Ioa Heieia of Whitewood has just 5 received the latest Improved hand The Old Ark THE DEADWOOD PIONEER-TIMES. ESTABLISHED June 8, 1876. Canal and Water Co vs. Cecelia Richard, involving right of way across Richard lode. B. H. & Ft. Pierre Ry. vs. N. W. Gregory, involving right of way across Independent lode. Original Homestead Entries Jesse E. Gorrell, Custer; Henry Mahuke, Custer; Howard Chase, Lead City; Julia M. Armstrong, Hill City; Wm. loom and is ready to promptly fill orders for carpets or chenille curtains. Drop him a postal and he will call for the rags and return the carpet ready for the floor. He furnishes the warp and weaves at 22c per yard, or will do the weaving at 12c. Is Now COVEKS THE ENTIRE BLACK HILLS. J. Sholtfl, Dakota City; John W Plum-mer. Rapid City; E. M. Humphrey, I The New Ark. In Good Standing. "Everyone who has used Chamber LINOTYPE COMPOSITION. $ a Daily $1-00 Per Month. lain's Cough Remedy speaks well of " says Mr. Edward P. Miller, or Ab- PIONEER-TIMES PUB. CO., Deadwood, South Dakota. ui 1. 1 . . 9 AA Dan V a a r rottstown. Ta. People who once use Bixby'8. Final Homestead Entries Henry Nedilermeyer. Mystic; Wm. J. Hale, Hill City; Francis E. Hebert, Ore-ville; Wm. W. Williams, Oreville; R. L. Chuning. Camp Crook; Jacob Ridg-way, Camp Crook; Martin Rosewas-sen, Pringle; Daniel W. (Jossett, TV CCMjf ww v.i i - this preparation are seldom satisfied with any other. There is nothing like V C - v. t. t. W W W V- Vs. t w WVW.,AVAV.mVAfMV.VMVAP.V,V1',VM ' it to allay a cough or break up a cold. It is pleasant to take, too. For sale by Kirk G. Phillips, druggist. S riOLIDAY PRESENTS will be our tluuio fori Hill City News. Mr. Haskill, eri'tor of the Minneapo 1 a few weeks. In Furniture. Fancy China, Cut ? if lis Times, comes into town from the lie, n a mistaken idea with a large mini-Lei of citizens of t..e town that the fact of there being smallpox here be sup-pressed and kept from the public. That i., an impossibility. When anything of the sort is attempted it results in u peddling of alleged facts by individuals who invariably make the situation three times as bad as it is in real :iv. Deadwood has been reputed in i ntsicl - towns to have four times as OPPOSITION ON THE PACIFIC. The people of thf Pacific coast static have KUilricnly developed a ;nulic;tl opposition to the proposed NicaniKuan waterway. A few years ago they ric enthusiastic advocates of an Isthmian canal. That was when they wanted business from the Atlantic side of tie continent. During the last few years the oriental trade has grown to rather mammoth propci tions, and now they -J (llass. Pictures. Toys and dames, wo can s. rv.- f J DcWitt's Little Early Risers are dainty little pills, but they never fail tci cleanse ttlie liver, remove obstructions and invigorate the system. Kirk (', Phillips. I vim conveniently, and our room is comfortable. " I Out of town, customers are invited to make c.u,- ..1., ... Vi..-..l. i ii -i rl ! vvliil.' in 1 ). .-i A w . .. .. 1 iS MtlV Jjnnnjutii ivi . . . v ... .vim m ",u. MONEY LOANED ON COLLATERAL WOUld like to have it all to themselves. i"aii uses ui me o.sease ts men- n s c nave been at any time in the city. 1 he only remedy for this is to state the londitions as they ac tually exist, and unreliable reports will then have no chance to operate. Deadwood has now in effect an un compromising system of quarantine about infected houses, and nothing is being left undone that will aid in -toppng the spread of smallpox. INC, DeMouth's Ark No, 51 Sherman Street. Next to B & M Depot Security at a lawful rate of Interest. Business strictly confidential. Will call at your residence If requested. D. JACOBS. OPPOSITE THE BULLOCK HOTEL. . An Important Difference. To make It apparent to thousands, who think themselves ill. that they are not afflicted with any disease, but that the system simply needs cleaning, is to bring comfort home to their hearts, as a costive condition is easily cured by using Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all druggists. ' Lena mine quite frequently. He is a genial, courtly gentleman. C A. Lancaster, manager of Chase's stoic-, was transacting business in Deadwood Monday. Mrs. Minnie Kueschel and Rev. Geo. Carter were married at the M. E. bun h Saturday morning. December 2. 1 !(. They are both residents of Hill City. Mr. Carter is pastor of the M. K. church. Dr. Carson, superintendent of Missions of South Dakota, writes that ho is soon to send a minister to Hill City to stay. The Presbyterians own a neat little church and parsonage in this town and there is a great field for labor. We hope the Reverend Doctor will send the right man for the place. Since election every one rejoices that there will be no change in our postoffice. D. A Ford and his capable assistant, Mrs. font, have given perfect satisfaction. We learn from a correspondent of Mrs. A. Barney Gould that he is at present in Canada. Mrs. Harney-Gould and her sons are still in Wisconsin. The Knights of Pythias gave a grand annual ball on Thanksgiving night. It was the event of the season. Chase's elegant new bric k store presents a fine appearance. Mr. Lancaster understands just how to display lu be.iatiful stocj. of holiday goods. Every place suspected of infection is fumigated thoroly, and the citizens realize the importance of reporting all cases promptly to the health officials, so that the situation is highly " ID. 3VX. GILLETTE The Pioneer Jeweler and Watchmaker- ESTABLISHED 1876. DEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELERY, ETC. WATCH EXAMINER FOR THE BURLINGTON & M. R. R. No. 659 Main Street, Deadwood, 8. I. J. P. HYMER, Olympic Block, Deadwood, S. D. COLLECTIONS NOTARY PUBLIC. Collections in all parts of the Black Hills or anywhere In the United States Investments and proper of Non-Residents carefully attended to. FIDELITY BONDS. Roth telephones In office and Harrison 'phone in residence. They bee in the canal project an op portunity for the merchant vessels of the Atlantic to carry the products of the Atlantic and gulf seaboards into the waters of the Pacific and thence to China, Japan, and the Philippines. Consequently they are going to e xert all possible .influence to prevent the passage of the bill providing for the canal. This change in position is extraordinary. When the Isthmian canal was first projected the people of the Taclflc states saw In it the means of developing their country, 'he " -would naturally reduce transportation rates between Atlantic points and the Pacific, because the railroads would have to reduce their tariffs to compete with the water rates, and this was something the people of the Pa-clflc had been clamoring for a long time. There had been a continual cry that the transcontinental railroads had entered into a compact not to reduce rates, and that it resulted In deterring the development of the country. It is possible that their greed is blinding their views. There is no doubt but the construction of the canal would cause the railroads crossing the continent to hold out stronger inducements for trade, in order to obtain their share, and this, wtih the attractions offered on the coast for manufacturing rnd other enterprises In vjew of the growth of the Asiatic trade, should develop the west as possibly nothing else could. The people of California and Washington and Oregon could not hold a corner on the trade In Asia, but factories would spring up on their territory, the price their land would rise as the population would rise as the population Increased, and there would be a general balancing in another way. , o j IN NATIONAL CONVENTION. Upwards- of a thousand ladies of the . 'Woman'! Christian Temperance Union are in national convention at Washington, D. C. The reports of the 5 OFFICE PHONES 13. II. 202. Harricon. 110. $l Do you Know LEGISLATIVE APPROPRIATIONS Estimates of the requirements of the various state institutions and sums that will be asked for various purposes, indicate that the coming session of the legislature will be called upon to make appropriations amounting to nearly two million dollars. And this will be allowing the. state's normal schools and colleges only what is necessary for their maintenance. The state regents have asked $40,000 for the agricultural college at Urook-ings, and if the recommendation of the board is adopted there will be noth ing for new buildings or improvements. They have askec1 for $30,000 for the maintenance of the State University at" Vermillion, and for from $25,000. and $50,000 for a new hall. For the maintentance of the normal school at Madison $20,000 has been asked. This is less than these institutions have been allowed in past years, and there is some doubt as to whether It will be sufficient fpr their needs. . ..We Ask Your Co-Operation. ' We beg to ask the support and cooperation of the business men of not only Deadwood, but the entire Black Hills, In our efforts to surpass in beauty and excel In statistics anything ever before gotten out in the west, in the line of a special edition. We have all arrangements well DRS. Von WEDELSTAEDT " TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY. WANTED A first class cook at the llomestake Hotel. Lead. K-12-lw HOPSE for rent or sale, together with furniture, or furniture for sale separate, and house for rent. 308 Williams street. Holiday presents at DeMouth's Ark. Call at DeMouth's Ark for especial bargains. WANTED A girl for general housework; family of two; good wages; apply at once at No. 9, Centennial avenue. f A Good Thing When You See it? Offices Waite Block, (Over J. C. Haines' New Store.) Complete Electrical Equipment and X-RAY OUTFIT. RESIDENCE 21. City Creek. B. H. Phone 201. DEADWOOD - - - So. Dakota. If you do then come and not only SEE, but taste.) $1.50 our brands of SHERRY, ANGELICA, PORT "ndjrEIi MUSCATEL I i-J' Thev Are The Best in the Weit 50c. Qt Fine Old Whiskey of father time $3.00 aad up FAMILY LIQUOR STORE : ! Francis C. Tucker. J. R. Hlckox. U. 8 .Dep. Mm, City Engineer. Surveyor. TUCKER 4 HICKOX, CIVIL n MINING ENGINEERS Surveyor. Rooms 301 and 302 Adams Block. Walter L Vercoe, M. D SSSS EYE AND EAR S8 8 88 ! Occulist B. & M. R. R. Deadwood, S. D. .. Tel. Harrison II-., ,,, .IL.M LUMIVV Case beer delivered free to r esidence. 635 Main St IHIIMUMHNIMHIIHHIHHMIMMHHIU lllllllBlllllllllllllllllllllHlMllllllllHlMWI'''""MM-"liHII'i CT.H. MOOEE Blacksmith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RE-PAIRINtf DUNE ON SHORT NOTICE All kinds of Carriage and Wag oa Wood Work; also Carriage Kurnishings. 11 and 12 Pine St , - Deadwooc. . r under way for the getting out of a twentieth centuryedltfo n to appear on New Year's morning. In no single instance will it be a cheap-John affair, but one that every citizen of this gold-yielding section, known as the Black Hills, may feel proud In sending to friends and relatives in the east, west, north or Bouth. It will contain halftones of the leading business men of the Hills, interior and exterior views of business houses, principal points of Interest to tourists and visitors, the front page will contain pictures of Deadwood and Lead in three colors. In short, it will be a stroner drawing card to pleasure seekers and capitalists alike, to visit our Eldorado's n-season. The edition will be under culatlon man, who has had no small experience in this particular branch of the newspaper business, and all favors shown him by our enterprising As Solomon iV.vAW.v.v.v.vAW..WJv.v.v.v.vv..v... A grand masquerade ball will be given at Fireman's hall, First ward, Friday evening, December 7. Tickets, II. Save the Rags. and send for Joe Heigls, Whitewood. He will call for them and return you a heaufcifHl- carpet. officers show a net increase in the membership of the union to be nearly 15,000 since th elast national session, the increase being the largest ever experienced for the same period, and be-log general thrucut the country. Mrs. Helen M. Barker, treasurer of the national union, why by the way is a former Dakota lady, submitted a report showing a good financial condition. Total receipts reported were 27,286. and expenditures 125489, of ' -which $7,609 wan for salaries, the balance on hand being $2,096. The annual address of Mrs. Lillle II. N. Stevens, of Maine, president, referred particularly to the wprk of the union in fighting the liquor traffic of the country. It Indirectly chastises the administration for permitting the continuance of the army canteen, as follows: "The public conscjencthat prevented Brigham .Roberts having a seat in -'theUnlted States congress will yet cause to be enacted the anti-canteen till now pending, or some kindred measure. We may sometimes be ifn-latint, but we 6hould never be discouraged. To bo sure, we have arrayed against us the solidly combined liquor business of the country. In its arrogate It sometimes dictates to judge and Jury. It is numerically strong and financially rich, but it is spiritually bankrupt and morally poorer than poverty Itself." The ladles hare unanimously accepted the Invitation of the president to visit the White House this evening. JThia is causing not t Jittle comment. "' In view of the fight made on the president by the members of the union during the last presidential campaign, because Mr. McKinley was reported to have taken wine at the peace Jubilee ' ia Chicago, and because of his friend business men will be 'thoroly appre John Jennack, The well knewa hackman wnoee barn is that imposing structure ou U-e corner of Carney and Pine streets," is prepared to furnish the finest rig3 in the city for funerals, calling parties, picnic crowds, etc. 1 S "AViWWAWrmwrA vAVww.vmwwAmwMV.w wno txx Residence 'phene, 83 Harrison. i "INGLATERRA" ciated Dy THE PUBLISHER. n , President McKinley said he was glad to see congress in session again. This is in marked contrast with President Cleveland, who expressed regret thtf he had congress on his hands, and comparing the two houses to unbroken horses. President McKinley knows how it feels to be a member of congress, for he served too many years not to understand the sentiments of a congressman toward an executive inclined to be obdurate. He also shows an unmistakable appreciation of the usefulness of congress, and expresses relief to have the co-ordinate body at work in the national capital. d LAND OFFICE BUSINE88. Mineral Applications and Homestead Entrlee for the Week. RAPID CITY, Dec 4. The following business has been transacted at the United States land office during the week :. - - ? y -, Mineral application Jacob Goldberg for the Mammoth lode, Whitewood mining district,' . Mineral Entries F. J. Washabaugh, for the Joplln group. Carbonate district- ; . . Winter Pasture. I have 1280 acres of pasture land, well watered and plenty of grass. I will feed during storms. I can accommodate 100 head of horses this whiter, at $1.60 per month. A. H. COOSLBT. Whitewood, S. D. It's 'Good all the Way through Do Yourself Justice and Smoke the Best lit ship for the army canteen. it DR. J, C. BOWMAN GRADUATE OF OPTICS. 5i 3XLO- The Best 'Cigar in the Market. fit ex ...George M. Conway ... i Spectacles and Eye Glasses correctly fitted. "Examination Free. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Inquire' at Wilcox's Pharmacy. OFFICE: Rooms 212-213 ADAMS Blook. (Take Elevator.) . THERfOHT POSITION. . The recommendations of the Commercial club to the city council Monday night contained a great deal for the city's welfare.- The suggestions as to the city's sanitation, urging greater cleanliness of streets, sewers . and premises, and offering Jto assist and co-operate with the council In every way, were proofs of a sincere desire to . further the interests of the town. The suggestions upon the smallpox situation were well advised and timely. The commercial club fully appreciates the Importance to the ity of getting rid of the disease as quickly as possible, and the only way It can be. done Is to effectually qrarantine all infected places, act promptly on all cases of the disease, and make a liberal use of disinfectants abotit all premises where ILere has been smallpox. There has . -.-' , S-2 a Edward Averill, et al for Two 8trik toderWhitewood district T P A. Gushurst, et al, for the Pax-ton group, Whitewood district. , Ernest May for the Terror group, Whitewood district Ernest May for the Cemetery lode, Whitewood district Mining Advenes B. H. ft. Ft Pierre Ry. vs. James Julius, involving right of way across Railroad Fraction lode. ' 3 3 . E DISTRIBUTQ R. ta s SIOUX CIT r, IOWA ii REMOVED TO ADAM'S BLOCK. DOCTOR BABCOCK HAS MOVED TO THIS ADAMS BLOCK WHERE HE CAN BE FOUND NIGHT OR DAT AND MAT BS CALLED BT EITHER TELEPHONE. tf ' -. .- 1 . v.- B. H. Canal and" Water Co. vs. James "o:cm?kwo Ttttminmr jMM"'t! Julius, same. 7 fr ji B. H. & Ft Pierre Ry. and B. H

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