The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 6, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1900
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. 25th YEAR. DEADWOOI), S. ). ISLACK III LLS tiu'rsiay December 6, 1900. FIVE CENTS. A PURI GPPC CREAM or TARTAR POWOCft. V.V.VMV.'AV.WA'.V.V.V.V.V.W.W.VAV.V.V. i'y i anipai-rii t ri months hence. It was ( inker s ln-piiation when on thieve of sailing In. created his Tain many lommittee It wa- the inspiration for tin- ( Isitnlici- of (onmierce who-i- 1 1 mi n i i 1 1 1 .- nt tii ti i n is. to a man to help the health officer todiscover all hidden cases of the disease, and thus help in ridding us of the epidemic. Such co opi r.iliuu would eiia-I ' I ii.- to stamp it out in a u-ry shoit t lllle MUCH OPPOSED TO FORTIFICATIONS NO NEW CASES. ll Hi.. Illelelst; ml i! . i, l hinly A. rs of the ),IP of he most liitterly at ti T.imni:ui. Win tli ! ii or not I'.i.-hop I '"'tie i- w.i- UK-wK. i imliiied i a limit ,.-, i ' a 1 1 ! I... .1. a , -i m in i .-,! lui I I,,- h , ii la . .1 ! l:t i ' i 1 1 1 ; t il w.ll : . . at tie I tin 1 uiirin Hie iKHi: not lieen any new (..-. ie officials and committees apn t the disease ale L'rat ilied at ' ! iii;iil- in I ' ad wood in -i-i ure irjlam i -n't. Kiiini.u'atioii is In if nili i t ion, and uuaran- Tl id It . t i i i - n I 1 1 -u ;;ui I: I r .- Ilpl 1 ..ll 1 !cl -in i of ill : iipcr. . fV- !t'l !.. r . -i'-mii "!-!' i. Th i.f th ion -.. l f M'-a i 1 . mil m :! I f. found. A !,- tat pro i. t:, I 1. i it. President has Announced Opposite to Fortifying Isthmian Canal. a inn I" in (i i! to ttlioieycr tin i i- isssu-p: aii- on at all places when i a.-. ti-ation is In.nle whi n a case i.-. a.-.- in the it y. Tin only slu.i!l v and tln-y ;iiv all in a mild fn. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ii of them has In-en dan. at 1 1 i I. Hi..! at'' "I'h" - at I . In s 1 1 1 I -lew hou, !im I. ut thci idwixn! is pat iclits a !1H time laM; ipi. f'linmal i nir HARRY AUSTIN ACQUI7TIL-. The Jury Be.iKp; in :,1 Verdict in Fivo' ct the Defendant. I ' , - ' i . ". 1 1 : I !.,! 1 , i . "ii i :i i ntt- I by t hi r.' . , : n , it 1 1 hi'mI i -1 . 1 1 1 . i a la v. ,i, ' l!i re'ilnor the sheriff ef Hut t i i .ii iii . 1 1 M S w.-cney, in I toad wood mi" ni. lit. I.-i-i August. The evi list i u n 1 1 nt pro, no I'lihling where it i "ii a destruction e could possildy 1. i in. i hi - hoard of health ha know n Ilia t t hi re w as small In , Id, a.: an 1 1 other matei nil , a- In ii 1 1 ati-mit ted. Not h- wav a -1st in riddmr the Tin hi i 11 II po. am h w hn nm is I d in every h t hi-re has he the disease ill" overlook! Iliftest lliwicrs, World's I ;i i r Oold Medal, Midwinter Pair Am, it Itakiinc l(Miliri -inil I uliiHT uJiun. llicy ulti injurious to hi-ultU an, 1 1 , t in .' 1 1 Tne House is Considering" the Biil o Reorganize the Army. 1 that will in a::, In ,1 I h" III : ' I. a . ,r wilfulh n i I in. of the disease. tow 1 1 1 1 1 a lat, lid i w in i'i Mr. Selbin of the Conimercinl eluh said la-t niht: "It should not he understood that the (' iliiniciniil club is seekint; to dictate to d'-nco auain.-t him llilusy. and th.- slati good case. "ol. ". liowevei wa did not have a II. l'arker was or i ". tin- citv council, for that is not the case. The club fully understands . tui-,t tin anoi i : 1 fu I h oppo i Mi oftii-er in t son. is tiiji i of i very pi i nn in, obstructs ;iu Ii lormiiii,' any ! -: ! that the council and the board of health have been exercising tin- and his defense i Anst in s attoi io 'al dutv is iMiiltv per of a who l was complimented by everyone who larceny. He will be airaigned at obtaining money under falsi: pretenses. They will both plead today. Fred Curtaz was indicted foi petit some subsequent time. C. H. Pear-man was indicted twice for Ill isdeineanor willully viola and every person s any provision of the i losest precaution .in dealinii with the (Unease, hut the impression V has KOiie out that the disease was not pronounced smallpox in Dead- V wood, and people outside were beginning to think, in view of this, V V that the IVadwood authorities were exceeding derelict in handling it. We have let them know that we regard the matter seriously and are taking the proper steps for the protection of the health of not only the people of Dead wood, but of the surrounding country.'' health laws is of a misdemean Kinit: was present during tho trial. In taking this testimony and in summing tip the case before the jury. Col. l'arker displayed an admirable strength. It was his old time brilliancy in all its force, and ho was showered with congratulations after the verdict had been announced. John Ijco was indicted by the grand jury for grand larceny. S. Ilusher was indicted for grand larceny and or and is punishable Iry imprisonment rot exceeding one year, or by a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars, or both." The present health officer is determined to enforce ri.'iil compliance with the health laws. i.i'i(i:i) g t'ilv I'h'.siiian FURNISHED ROOMS for rent. Clean, attractive and nicely situated, in tb L. C. Miller house, upper floor. Inquire of Mrs. 1'. D. Sanders, Room 1. Washington, i). c. Dvi-. .i - Special. d'he president has practical Yf served notice to the senate thru close friends that ho will never sin'ii the Nkunitian canal hill if il pro-fides fur rut ideations. The president ilso desires the ratification of the Hay-raiim efote treaty. The senate in executive session today considered the Hay I'aum efoto treaty, hut final action was not taken. The consideration of the army reorganization hill under special rule was taken up in the house. The dilate will he limited and the bill j-likely to p;iss this week. n Lobbying Against the Canteen. WASHINGTON I). ('.. Dec :,. Special.- 1 he W. ('. T. V National convention in session here claims tin-jew army hill provides for the can teen in a roundahotit way. Officers tt the asso iatioiv are actively lohhv-ttlg in innu'iess against the provision ind claim they will never quit until the canteen is KTman'iitly hanisln-d from the army. A CAItli TO TIIK IMTU.IC. The vice rusade. to which 1 have reft rrcd. has its amusing as well as its sombre aspects, to one who can peer a little beyond the mist To say that, vice does not exist in New York would be to utter a ridiculous falsehood, but no more so than the declaration that evil is rampant tore to a greater extent, than elsewhere. Within one mile of where 1 am writing this, there are ?S cases of smallpox qunran tind ii. one block, but you should understand that the block in question is of the Haines Satiiid.iy after from :! o'eloek grand opeuin will take placi Decembrr Mil :c 'the publn iln Th. store noon, i ii! ;l Vlted I briic The Business of 0 Clothes Making is a Fine Art. is ini'iliallv in Mi ssi s Haines and y a corps ol ettii ietit been busy the past and a i ran .' i in.' th" to attend, r. assisted i i H 1 1 1 . hai unpack iiiL' k nt' b the i loin i i I nt goods pun based pi i lent 'I ln ma iiai'enu d no pains or expi-n-e 1 m-w this spat t ween ti v " and six It would be absurd York is suffering a that one block is thoinaml people, to say that New c i, la-ion. becau: ii giving stood ill late Doadwooil what sin- has loir.; need of -a first class, upto-part ment, store. 1 1 i j n - I with t improvements, well stocked with fit Holland Will Not Assist. THR H AC, 1'K, Dee. .r. -Spci ial Premier 1'i ai son said today it was unlikely that the Holland government would offer to arbitrate the differences between thoTransvaal and (5 rent Britain. Pearson's statement practically precludes the possibility of any European government heading Krugers petitions. class merchandise, and with a determination to liirnish the best of goods at lowest cash prices. Wo ask jiuir kindly support and a portion of juiir patronage, and in conclusion, thank you for your indulgence and past patronage which has made it os.sihle for us to serve you in our new and commodious ipi. liters in the Waite building. Respectfully Yours. JOHN ('. HAINKS, Inc. The International Unions of Hrick-layers and Masons, which is not in affiliation with other national bodies, leports large success during the year in securing advantageous agreements with master builders and in reducing the hours of labor without any strikes ot consequence throughout the entire nirisili, tioii. There has not been a strike of bricklayers in New York t'it for in-arly liftoen years. The emht or nine hour day is general in this trade I'll" greatest progress for unionism has been made in this state, where there are at present 17oo labor organizations with an aiigretate member ship of -all. (inn. about 1 - nun of whom are women. For one quarter in this ( nr. the gain in membership was 1a,-uoo, the largest quarterly increase ever reported by the state bureau of labor statistics. The eain for the year is more than ao.oou. There are .ri28 labor organizations in Greater New York. As Thanksgiving was "ushered in" by a vice crusade, so. too. and in perfect harmony, was it "ushered out" by the charter revision committee which for lo. these many days, has labored more or less assiduously drafting a charter to supplant the two-year-old failure under which Greater New York suffers. Hasty glance at the cumbersome instrument discloses a patchwork, any piece of which will provoke heated argument wherever presented, with, possibly, the exception of the clause providing for a single-headed police commission instead of the bi-partisan board of four, as at present. Public sentiment seems to be unanimously in favor, of the innovation, while common sense and good business ideas are in accord. The new charter proposes the abolishment of the municipal council; board of public improvements; department of public buildings, lighting and supplies; department of sewers and highways; all borough boards of education; East River bridge commissioners and branch offices of department of correction in Brooklyn. It creates a new board of aldermen! single-head- i ti d. It would be absurd to allege t: t lieadwood is thoroughly vile, be- use, perchance it contains a resort f r for the depraved and vicious. New N ork with its three and a half millions population, representing every race, sect, color, creed and characteristic under the sun. has its slums, its by-laws. its malodorous (lenient Is vice and till that, hut the latter Haunts no more nor in more reprehensible manner th an it does in every town, city and village in the land. This I krow for I have visited almost every city in tho states and territories and have observed (-lonely. Do not understand me as glorifying New York because it is no worse than other places : 1 merely advance the argument that because she is no better is fair evidence that vice cannot be totally eradicated; that our social condition cannot be thoroughly purified. There's gam but as in the other arts, the real artists are rare, chiefly because It takes years of indefatigable work to acquire the skill, without which even genius Is halt and lame, which goes towards making a famous reputation. The Hiyh Art Co., whose label will be found on most of the men's and boys' clothes in our store, have achieved their high reputation for skillful and artistic tailoring by careful study of the demands ot the best dressed element of our male population for nearly half a century. If you will see the clotheB you will marvel at the apparent inconsistency of the low prices, with a magnificent quality of fabric, tailoring and trimming, while that Individualism of style will at once convince you that High Art clothes are not to be confounded with ordinary ready made. Vessel Blown Ashore. NEW YORK, Deo. 5 Special-There has been a terrifie tempest long the Atlantic from Nova Scotia last night and today, reaching to Cape Hatteras. Many vessels are reported to have blown ashore and their crews loet '" " "" bling here; there's games in every little camp in the Hills; there's immor Football Accidents. NEW YORK, Dec. 5. Special. A nmmary of the football accidents this won shows that eleven have been jffled, sixty-two seriously injured, and HO have received minor injuries. ality, lewdness, corruption, stealing; Boers Surrounded. LONDON, Dec. 5. Special A dis-Htch from Pretoria says 2500 Boers re surrounded east of there and are "tely to be compelled to surrender. each and every strata separating the "Four Hundred" and the debauchees of Pell street. Is it not so elsewhere? But the "funny" part of the crusade is the Pecksniffian attitude of the reformers among each other and towards rival committees and organizations. Of course, they all exclaim, there's not a speech of politics in it all and yet you can bet every Sim-oleon you have left from November Cth, that every mother's son is thinking most strenuously of the mayoral- Jt., ROSENTHAL'S Clothing House. Land for the Boers. NEW YORK, Dec. 5. Special-Col-Station companies owning western Ms are preparing to offer homes to ers who will emigrate to America THANKSGIVING IN GOTHAM. How the Day Is Observed in Greater New York. Thanksgiving if not the physical effects thereof la a day and evenj of the, past, and the great festival season of the year is well under way. I cm not quite sure that Thanksgiving is observed in the good old way known to our ancestors, but this much is certain, our projenitors were not more unanimous in abstaining from work than are wo of the present; nor could their hearts have throbbed with kindlier sentiments, nor their appreciation of manifold blessings have been greater than are ours. True, we manifest all this, by knocking the stuffing out of turkey, footballs, high-balls and halls of lesser degree, rather than by reverential service within the sanctuary, hut who sHall say that $jjp modern method or custom is not the niore (onsistout tipd reasonable, as it certainly is the more palatable? As Thanksgiving in New York is just like Thanksgiving in Dead wood, only a It-tie more so. you si arcelv will expect even a summary of ttm day's proceedings, hut things contmi-'ent may be of interest. Thanksgiving is not only a nub-stone in the path of tune, but a sort of "Look out for the cars when the bell rinks'' legend, which, when seen prepares us for all sorts of annual reports and plethora of statistics. The most interesting thus far presented, comes from the state labor bureau, showing that within the year drawing to a close, organized labor in in the great march of progress, with the United States has kept even step all phases of industrial activity. Thou-sands of new members have been tak en into the unions the miners alone having added more than 150,00 to their rolls in the bituminous and an- i itn HoiHo w aires aa a whole r,. D' Tfting'he Trust Law. SPRING FinU), 111.. Dee. r,,-Spe- Attorney General Akin has in v.r o .- ' i S3 S3 S3 Ji.e : i " THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK ;i I ed police commission: local boards of imiirovement.-,i'.-mpoed of aldefroeiv; i a commissioner of" street improve-' j ments: board of elections entirely separate from the police department; ! single charities commissioner, instead i of a board of thny: new subdivisions ! of charities department, to he known a the Children's Court : new hoard of I trustees to regulate and control I ( harges in hospitals: new board of I control of court interpreters: estab iU '. V.' .. ' fcr-V Deadwood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE ir-."-r .-.jw-f.. d a number of suits against ' sts to test tho anti trust law- ' j " 0 i Members of Keogh Post. i Friday evening is tho regular month- ' anil 6!tinS f thfi post an1 tno an election of officers will also oc- B ' ' am very anxious for every ' iti f the to be Present and '"ung comrades are invited. j E. El CLOllfJH. I v. Post Commander jj CI('Kh returned from the' ht to Hi"s y'erday- On Tues-.6"' 178 members present with 77 absent on furlough. ' CITY COUXTTT AND STATE, g S3 r-fkiW.. .1 ; if. ism S3 S3 S3 Drafts and Letters of Credit lishment of separate bureau of buildings in office of each borough president: additional deputy fire commis sioner; new educational department, with greatly centralized powers; a municipal printing office. Among the mere important changes proposed are placing the comptroller in absolute control of financial affairs of the police department; all salaries to be fixed by board of estimate and apportionment and board of aldermen; enlarging powers of borough presi mm Issued, Good in All Parts of the Wor d S3 Rfc'-iFaiM' .1 1 1 Jir.iiESK COLLECTIOXTS 83 S3 -ysfc if Attended to Promptly and Intelligently' ? i( jj . "Jtai membership V- Ereryone seemed contented. Dten are in the hospitaJ, Cit50RC,NG HEALTH LAWS. ' 'nytician Is Determined to Erad-Icate 8mallpox. health department deRim tn in- dents; mayor to have power of remov S3 V. Sf s ST i. V, is V, ft ss is sr s 81 ss ss e, S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 al of all executive officers: chief of police may be selected from outside the uniformed force; the board of estimate and apportionment to have enlarged powers and general control Syruf-Figs JJJ?e public that in taking steps JWiitamping out th epidemic of Wt t ' w,8he8 th assisUnce of 1 cttixen. Any cases of the dis- of all public policies relating to the have been slightly increased; working hours. In many trades, reduced, and the principles of concllliation. and arbitration have greatly advanced. Fully 300,000 wage earners have joined the American Federation of Labor and even the Knights of Labor have increased total membership despite the split in that order and the factional strife accompanying it. The railroad brotherhoods which are not in affiliation with either the A. F. of U or the Knights, have held their SS To any extent warranted by borrowers names or ss collaterals. ' SS S3 Accounts Solicited and Correspondence Ihvited. S3 city; increasing the mayors salary from $15,000 to $20,000. and comptroller's from $10.0017 to $15,000; forbidding officials and employes to belong to political party committees, or to be delegates to parly conventions; the repeal of the Ramapo water charter and recommending adoption of the Massachusetts plan, whereby cities and Our long expenerct in the Black Hills is at service of intending- invesl.rv Acts flcasantly and fivmpty. Cleanses ;he System Genlly and Effectually when -bilious or costive. Presents in the most acceptable form the laxative principles of ' pJants Jtnown to act most beneficially: TO GET ITS BENEFICIALEFFECTS BUY THE CEN'JINE MANFD. BY CALIFORNIA F!G STRUPCO. .,.. .irs r k I FRANCISCO. CAL. 3 ss is S3 S3 is towns are furnished water by the . 1 .1 n.nlf,ln3titiao TJ-1 1 V, r municipalities which in jTl 'Pected cases, should be Htl? to 9 city physician at the ei?S,p088lD,e moment There are , Clt 7 f0UF Caaes of "smallpoT in mJJ "1 under rigid quarantine. Sfn the isolation hospital in ' jTlch. No new cases have fa 2ted 8,Ice last Saturday, and ' feued hi enU haw been re-! Ihj m qnaranUne since that ' tithe, inT! nt8 e& to report tfcn, !" relr resPectlve family phr-1 the city physician, any ' faZ?8 ' disease In their ttet, iJ, "e" or to the famiiies of e ghborhood. In this matter "Utea shonld deem it his duty c,tate pold to DIRECT OH 3 ground without strikes, and in some cases bettered the condition of their contracts with railroad corporations. The railroad telegraphers lost one strike. The printers, electrii al workers, metal polishers, iron moulders, street railway employes, and the national building trades council, have suffered defeats here and there, but cxe in good shape financially and W. K. ADAM3. JOHN TRIBKft, turn jcollect a water tax from consumers. The aim of the charter in entirety is to centralize authority ia all departments. Of course the charter will be adopted with possibly some few amendments. HAKRI8 FR-ANKtrN, Pirn BEN BAJER, Tic Pre S3 WM. 8ELBIE, Caahtar. CAM IOYISVIVI.E . NEW YOK. Y &r th jrufftsfs - prrrt SCt per torrtr-

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