The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 15, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 15, 1899. nA UAiint.ln At thfi sign; still our lieroe were unfairly afflicted in the tyTATCHES, present and an ffwnnd has a substantial canon, li cromm u - itWrttIU and goes o BpA to n. am active the smelt- the valley. The road has 3,6 curve in it DeVf?.a?U!?, e.!m? . n,N 33 bridges. Eighteen of the Deadwood , I .1 ,i aiiH miles ancft 33 bridges. Eighteen nnrrntinlttnlF mlo l -n matter of tactless kfn, says" a writer Id Town Topics, New York. It has happened frequently during the recent complications Hl7ver from their baser associations. About bridges cost over fc.OOO each At one place the road drops 2.000 feet in 38,000 tons of ore are brought Into Read nine miles. During tne urop me Vtuar,. me nistory wood weekly for treatment. THE DEADWOOD PIONEER MTABUSHER JUNE g, 1871 THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7. 1877. THE OAILY PIONEER-TIMES CONSOLIDATED MAT 14, 1897. -i . l. 1..J1,..., Kim The ger can see inree irarnn u.n. Fine... Solid Gold Jeweh In our international affairs that bad matters have been made worse by the apparently inspired speeches of the friends of military or naval officials or by the reckless publication of presumably confidential letters. Now" and then the embarrassment of distinguished relationship works the other way. Here's Mies Ida K. Dewey, for Instance, "a cousin of Admiral of the city is co-extenslve with the oiu-ing of the Black Hills country to settlement In 1876. That Is the date from which the pioneers count time, present, past and future. party a most hospitable reception, Monday The Olympic club gave the editorial evening, at their elegant rooms. LEAD CITY. Tuesday was not favorable so far as weather was concerned, so the far famed mining town of Lead deed) was not seen under the most favorable auspices; it was PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING! CO. grading of a tingle mile cost over $200,000. At this place a track Is seen 1,500 feet below where you are traveling; you are compelled to go seven miles around to get down to it. The average grade is 21t feet to the mile. At the terminus is the charming little hamlet of Spearflsh, nestled among hills, valleys. verdure, trees, brooks, springs, cosy homes and a happv contented people. It is an old supply center of the anti-railroad days It may have a future as the summer home of wealthy people from the twin cities of the lllack Hills. It is H miles to Dead-wood bv stage and 4u by rail. C(.f Ll'DIXC KKM ARKS. Columns might be written about the various methods of mining, and processes of extracting I lie precious metals, but as i Ms t- all set accessible t reader f class ,.i;wals, space t: I not be given to de- - tilt them here. Suilice it to say. the TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Exoept Monday On Year 110.00 George Dewey," who finds the reflected glory of her kinship so Irksome and an also memorial day which likewise chang.-d Six Month 6.00 Od Month 1 00 the normal condition of things to quite a Black Hills Gold W Sterling Silver No?( At Special Prices for5 Next 20 Da WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. One Year 2 00 Six Month 100 degree, it, too. is confined to narrow platt limits, like Its twin sister three miles away, by reason of the precipitous hills and gorges: still there is a good deal morn elbow room than at Deadwool lfad lives, mov, and has its being i:i tin. far famed llnmestuke mine, on of the largest fr'-e gold establishments in ih- noying that she has tit write a long article in the Journal to tell the public ail about It, and she accompanies the pathetic appeal for obscurity with a large halftone poitralt of herself. Whin ones longing for privacy drives nno to wrile a detailed account of uch yearning, and to empha littered as Second-Class Matter at the. Dead wood Poetofllce. in.-v t" llf Black Hills i-tmuiry :n a ( : at The Kaiser I'Ut in his our for the soa trust at the recent Tuhemilusis Congress. world lis stamp nulls are a marvel. . I its tnt;il on. rat Pe; so prodigious " nanli- liinian ct ! 1 1 1 i' v Its labor i 1 role is said to n oli .fl'iu.tioo a month " 1 its total output o fi't" precious mel;tl i-nlaced at J.Yoon.iMi" a voar. size it with a large portrait, the matter Is really serious. Still, I am glad that Hewey has adopted this course, oih- r . -,. and an invpimtieti n. the infill - t.l- ol the Wisconsin "ess. Kv. ry in 1 1 1 -as a joy. The d. . mi M of the . ,.:n:i. the vim of the . oide. the hearty;ilny. and the ri. li sprinkling of kni'ired spirits from our own state, counties and towns, gave each and all ;t more A. F. SNYD Said he to the doctors: "Mure soap; still 1 more snap! That Is what Ib needed t erwlsc most of ua would never hav check the advance of Infectious diseases Kvery two wirks the Ilomestake mine has what Is termed a "clean up" and the semi-monthly results vary but little t" : . r j known of her existence. Main Street. , ot lial well-wish for this vast mineral and gramg section of our common country Jl'O.nOU. There are ores of varying r ness, but so nicely are the arrangem than we ever entertained before. A Chicago physician has narrowly es caped punishment hy a medical society be In a paper on women In journalism adjusted that the output is kept steadily read before the I'eoria (111.) Woman cause an account of some of his expert The retracing1 journey from Deadwood to Piedmont was over the narrow gauge road of tho Homestnke company. For the first three miles it Is up a grade of Club, Mrs. Urella F. Hill Bald: ments got Into a newspaper. It Is not "According to carefully prepared slatis from 4U0 to and feet to the mile, and for a charged that he paid for the advertisement It Is not In evidence that he could tics, the average newspaper woman break at nearly the same figure. There are hundreds of other mines and thousands of investors are either getting or expecting profits from "digging old," but all look to the Oreat Hnmestuke a the model, and It Is a wonderful Institution. There Is paying ore within sight to keep the stupendous plant working for 25 years with not another shaft sunk or another long distance through canons of unsur passed ruggedne-ss and scenic beauty. down at the end of five years' work. She bave prevented the publication of the article In question. The old fogies In the must be ready for duty at all seasons, day or night, and In all kinds of weather. She ESTRAY NOTICE. Taken up, at my ranch. Boulder society clamored for a strict observance level opened; yet the work of expansion must be prepared to go wherever the work of the mossy and mildewed ethical code goes steadily on. canyon, three anu one-nair mile J CASH TALKS of gathering news may take her, whether Lead is said to he the richest town in from Dead wood, one bay horse. the I'nited States for Its numbers. For to a marriage feast or to the scene of miles around .the hillsides are peppered brutal murder. She must learn to write with gopher holes where prospectors have that Is one of the funniest things connected with the profession of medicine. Luckily for the good name of the ori?anlzatlon, the neolithic element was voted down. O wherever she may be, no matter what are preempted mineral claims. Ten acres constitute a claim, and at least J 100 worth her surroundings. She must do many weight alxvut 1,000 pounds, branded "Bar W." on left "boulder. Owner can have same by proving title, paying costs of keep and advertising. Deadwood, S. D., May 19, 1899. E. J. EASTWOOD. of work a year for five years, must be done to secure title. Kvoryhodv is imbued things that go against the grain, and she Since the Federal Bankruptcy law went into effect, less than a year ago, debts to with the' gold hunting spirit, and with will grow soul-sick with the sin and suffering with which she comes in contact in her rounds. She must stalid or fall on the We have got the goods and want your trade. many It becomes a mania more enslaving! than gamlilinli. drunkenness, or the opium habit. the enormous amount of $."7,000,000 hav been wiped out by the courts. ( From for LITERARY SO'MKTIKS t x record of each day's work, no matter The Thorn Comer, Forth ty-five cities In different parts of th Kditor toumnns speaking of the Twin HP's snvs: lioth Deadwood and Lend. United tates In which fcdoral Judges sit whose Interests tire of rou we largely i . i 1 1 -eonimun ties. Come and see us, will treat you right. the results have been obtained. The court offlcluls are for the most part Inclined to col, are thriving, um-ah here are many of the be nd most pro- gressive people to he found ther md tin old conditions that gave tfi the sections a regard It favorably. In some places there Is a disposition on the part of creditors how creditable were her former achievements." Just so; and if she be a sensible girl she does not kick. The conditions of newspaper life are Inflexible us granite anil they know no distinction of sex. A woman who starts In to do reporter's work must not grumble at Its unavoidable hardships and difficulties. very hard name are largely overcome. There Is good society and desirable social conditions are present for those who wish to have the law repealed or, amended, Tn New York City the total of the liabilities o enjoy them. There are several women's I Ayres & f ardman Hardware ! lubs) conducted much as thev are here. discharged 1 $19,000,000. Kansas City re port $10,000,000 and Chicago $6,000,000. while on the part of the sterner sex the . social organizations are ahrensf of tbo' imes. particularly the Olvmnic club. Ohurches and charitable societies are ac- : : THE WISCONSIN EDITORS Whatever the fate of the lesser figure tlce in their good works and all outward With Point Forward." 'The thorn point of disease is an ache or pain. But the blood is the feeder of the whole body. Purify it 'with Hood's Sarsaparilla. Kidneys, liver and stomach will al once respond ? No thorn in this point. BlOOd Poisoning "The surgeon said when he took out the brass shell received in wonnd at San Juan Hill two week before that It would have poisoned me if it had not been for my pre blood. I told him It was Hood's Sarsaparilla that made it pui-e." George P. Coopek, Co. U, 2.5th U. S. Inf., Washington Barracks, Washington, D. C. Rheumatism -" Myself and a friend both suffered from severe attacks of rheumatism. Hood's Sarsaparilla Cured both. We would not be without it." Wm. H. Lister, 66 Leonard St., Kali River, Mas. la the Dreyfus drama, And however keen appearances go to show that the Black Hills mining regions have overcome verv the Itnerest in the political crisis of many of the objections that are raised to mining communities as places of resi Write Fairly and Intelligently of Their Black Hills Tour. The Wisconsin editors who recently toured the Hills all wrote elaborately, France, the world will watch with bated breath the voyage across the sea of that lone prisoner, his arrival at the shores dence. HHtl SPEARFISH. Your Hudson representative was one nf of the country where he suffered such fairly and Intelligently of what they saw and heard and of their impressions of peo nine, to take a little by-Journey, over the Burlington route, from Deadwood tn cruel wrong, and his reunion with the Wife who ha so loyally and persistently ple and things. They are the oldest and the brightest newspaper as Spearflsh. This is one of the most picturesque pieces of scenery in all the Hill country. We are indebted to Editor Potter, a gentlemanly and enterorisine advocated his plea for Justice. Such pas sociation in the country and In addition to ages of the correspondence between newspaper man of Lead and PnAnrflah f- the columns of good matter they gave us Shoes With a Reputation. planoing this phase of the excursion and carrying It to a successful Issue. It may . tie In their own papers many of them wrote Dreyfus and his wife as have been permitted to reach the public are permeated with mingled pathos and devotion. Their not of present despair ha not been with baliuq for city papers. The following extracts are from a six column writeup which ap ,auct-u wen oe saw, tne wonder railroad of the world is the Spearflsh branch of the J.' J1',11' 11 18 31 m"es long and cost $2,000,000. Of all the broad-gauge roadi In the world It Is the most remarkable Starting from Eaglewood, in Whitewood peared in the HudBon Star- Times and is Hooa'n mil car lire l ; th" qlT cathartic to fake win. H irritating nt S,i fraJtiia a sample of the many excellent articles that appeared in the Wisconsin press last week: I Our Boys SeaI"Skin Seamless X out hope In the future. This personal aspect of the case must appeal to all who respect th ties of the family even the ugh the French language U devoid of an equivalent to th English word "horn." ' . 0 The editor of th 8waledal Record aay he was offered ft deed to lot In C. L. SlEWERS, Gunsmith, Locksmith, Are noted tor their wearing qualities excellent for school wear. HEADQUARTERS BICYLCES, FOR" L. C. VERPLAST. a Kansas town for a space advertisement tour week In his paper that would hav been worth $1 at th regular rate. Th editor of th Clinton (la.) Herald think that It was not a bad offer, In fact ft much better one than h himself one accepted. He advertised and received In return warranty deed tor ft lot tn Missouri river city, said by th land company doing th Advertising to b only oo-halt mil St. RTo. GO '5laoxxri.arx nd BICYCLE SUNDRIES. DEADWOOD. The business center of the famous Black HBls country, . noted tor gold and gold seekers. We arrived there an hour before dinner time, which afforded some leisure for cursory sight-seeing, before indulging In the savory and atlifartory repast at the Bullock Hotel, property of Colonel Bullock of Rough Rider fame. During th afternoon the excursionists were escorted about the city under direction ot th reception committee. Headed by th chief of police, a number of gentlemen and ladle "did" Chinatown, and the gambling dens. In the region known as "th Bad Lands." Tour Hudson repre-entattv learned that wAIl Deadwood ha what ar termed It "Bad Lands" it also bu What tnsvy b termed Its "Good Lands." Like many another rough mining town, vl seem to outherald virtue her In proclaiming It existence to th world; yet righteousness Is kn Deadwood a potential force, and I steadily radicating vll, especially In its more bra ten forms. While there. I dad the pleasure of meeting Rev. Dr. Clough, presiding eider of the Black Hill Conference, who waa for nearly a Quarter of a century prominent dlvln and grand army comrade In western Wisconsin. He stlH retain' a warm spot in hi heart for the old Badger home, end cannot do enough for any of It people If they happen to pas hi way. "Come along with me," be mid as we chanced to meet upon Main street. "I want to show you a little of our town and a few of our people. Let me aseur you, Deadwood ia ag ood town and has lot! of nobis people In It: There, right ahead of from the post-office, and an equal distance The Most Complete Repair Shop in the Hills. from an Institution of learning. Later the descriptive circular was sent to the county recorder with an Inquiry a to th prob able value of the lot, and be answered: SPECIAL SALE DAYS! MONDAT-Furniture. all Kind. Bfin the work right by bw at th "ARK." TUESDAY Curtain. Paint. FU your bouse. Trunks anJ -i our lot, ai stated, la one-half mil from- the post : office straight- up valu Arc You Prepared? unknown. Tsxes for the year $7. Imtl I tution of learning mentioned, ha been re- . . moved, a th two families having child eis, K you r going to travel. WEDNESDAY Store and Range. On these the best dlicoat ren attending hav moved further down th river. The school was kept in oo of their houses, the daughter aeting a teacher." '. We have elegant I Prices cut half h ot all. THURSDAY Table China and Crockery, tern. FRIDAY Granit, Iron and Steel Ware. Baby Carrlagea and Jumper. SATURDAY Washing Machine. Wash as, on this principal street, are, "the Bad Land." That little atrip of vice and Iniquity ha given us all of our unenviable name abroad. Back of us on all of these Boards, Nearly a century ago an enterprising storekeeper In New England hit upon th then novel advertising svhem of having his business card printed upon the paper Tubs, BolW these Fine weatht r has come at last, and now is the time to get that pair of summer Shoes. My Stock includes all of the latest end nearest summer footwear No where can you find the same goods for less money. . We always lead when it comes to Good Shoes at Low Prices and our stok Is the freshest as well a tbe largest in the Bill. - Buy Wringers, Ironing Boards, Sad Iron. yooTI bar 'em read y for Monday. . ! business street are clean, stalwart, reliable dtlsext. and all oa those rMtfes above u are a pur and - respectable home a can be found anywhere in the east Our churches are large and thrifty which he used In wrapping np parcel. Th plan surprised his worthy customers. GOODS DELIVERED. say the Taunton (Mass.) News, bat per- the Sunday school superintendent In nearly every one of them I a lawyer of high standing at the bar, andWr leading busi turbed some of them. They were amaied, i DEMOUTH'S "ARK mey oecMred. that ft mere shopkeeper ness men contribute liberally' to the cause of religion and missionary work among the Chinese and other classes of people." ? Go to. should adopt such a costly method of at- l am elder tnen proceeded to Introduce "wing purcnasers; and , they gravely hi guest to sundry leading !tlxen along she streets. In the mean time asking after 70 Sherman Street speculated upon th probability of this the fceal th of Mert Herrick, P. Q. Boyden, ur. wingeoder and about every other "H"f I H-H'f f 111 'Ml U 1 1 f f ZIPP'S. particular merchant becoming financially embarrassed If he should continue hi x-travagant method of advertising. But the Methodist or old soldier he could think of In this corner of the state. All bhis waa don in about 15 minutes, as th good man was bubbling over with a memorial PLATiriOTVPE PHOTOGRAPH speech and was on hie way to the train bound for Custer to heln the comrades decorate th grave f their fallen brethren. . .. -.... , , ... P02T&AIT3 la OIL PaMaL rMm and Crayon UW;1. Deadwood ha a noDulation of shnut , 0ES tasranhs colored; PictTires framed. Am&tear irork enlarged H r0BU j 7,000. It contain, many commodious homes, and a number of substantial busi modern business man wtw should be content with th use of hi .wrapping paper for advertising purposes would be speedily distanced by hi more progressiva competitor. In these time th clever and persistent nser of the advertising columns of a popular newspaper always hai the assurance of winning customer and profits. " 0- - Of course, a man la not responsible for the Idiosyncrasies of his relatives heaven r.rf.ndr but It does seem as if some of ness house and public buildings. oTer was evidently ne Georce Washinrton at Kodak and Camera Supplies- ' J Jwtogranhli on '' harm moved FULLER BROS & MeCUMSEY hsnd when the city was conceived to map it out from the beginning, for it seems to be "without form and void." It lies ilc- AwsH Studio, Na lILibi. -.rreltoBrrf xag through the gulch like color patches 1 "warsMort. gnarsttafmcttoatTMraed. KwtPgrapM m r mmfl to t salaned. dor a mi. ham& luruugn me coat or a piebald Arabian ' ; (GEDDES OLD BARN.) ' Hei Cmw ana Bnofes. MDtef. d Boarding Horses by the fry xvk cr month a Specialty, pony. It appears to be bulldlns hv ac cretions rather than by mathematical de- ' BLACK BEU PORTRAIT ART PHOTOOKAPHCO. Na I el MJa 8U Lesd. . - runs 9toa I

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