The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 14, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1899
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIM&S, WEDNESDAY MORNING, JUNE 14, 1899. WHYWENEED TWO EYES LENGTHENS YOUR UFE m,;it brush is the implement of torture with which they are now ostracised? It Is only those who have suffered from loss of sight and oeen relieved by the hand of science who fully appreciate the value of a skilled specialist. Such a man is Dr W. 1. Seymour, who stands at the he:i1 of his profession and has given hib vnled attention to this work all his life. ABSOLUTE Reduction Enforcement'! The c ru B .nmen are wearing out their lives. IfThis Question Were Put to You What Would You Reply? tious""- i.-s tne ,rue cause ( half of their wrin kles, f Ve-VX JTiv half their backaches, 0MW half their weakness o OP 1 rii iri n THERE IS A SCIENTIFIC ANSWER. As Given by Dr. V. 1. Seymour, Oanaha's Noted Kyi' Sperluliitt. hina Powder I to their relief. I seawim uiuS.. femes the scrutming i''" ---terror at once. Allclean- jeanse with Gold inf? is easy Dust. It does tneworic ON THE i ' TTI.K R AMIE. A. J. I(a iif ih.' firm of lay & Cress-well, cuitb in i 1 1 iimved at St. lng' yesterday iuon.mi; c.irly with forty carloads of throuKb i a! 1 1,- fur bis firm's range, northeast uf the Hills, on Grand river. An unusually larue number of iwttle are beiui; along the Elkhorn this spring, and liny art- all being unloaded at tho way slainiiiH. The railroad company will not permit the cattle companies to unload anywhere near Belle Fopfefto, It being the purpose to save the range feed near that place for the beef cattle this fall. Where bo many "dogles" are being turned out of the unloading pens there is not much feed left, and it would be out injialf the tiric.with half the effort and at half the -nt of soap or any other I!! cleanser. For greatest economy buy our large package. If this question were put to you: "Why do we need two eyes?" you would very likely answer the query by saying, "Why do we need two arms or two ears?'' But this is not the proper answer to the question. Two eyes mated are absolutely necessary to obtain perfect sight. Perhaps you have heard it said that people having one eye could see better than those with two. Possibly that would seem so to people who have observed the quickness with which a one-eyed person perceived the movement of objects, and the fact that they do not seem to miss anything that 20 PER CENT ON ALL GOODS. Beginning May 25 and Sailing July 6. To save closing our store to re mark goods, we will allow 20 per cent discount as a sweeping Reduction on prices marked in plain figures that were our lowest. THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY ST. LOUIS Ntwrow BOSTON CHICAGO xcursion LUCII II d II UU! B ncc lull, llinnilUDLanu i ing, the one-eyed person has much to of lb to get a beef herd near Belle Fourche in the fall if the young collie coming into the voutitry ere allowed to feed it off. One of the largest shippers of through cattle this spring has been tho Franklin Live Stock company, but that company Spearfish, S. D. aturday, June T Annual - regret, although he may be the only one conscious of his loss, For example, a one-eyed man cannot readily hook his cane through a ring over his head, for his one eye does not tell him how far the ring is, and he has to feel around for it until he finds It. A man with two eyes does not have the slightest difficulty. For it is a well established, philosophical fact that for objects to seem solid we must have two eyes. Another illustration as to the importance of having two perfect eyes for correctly measuring distances will be I has received all the cattle It Intends to ship this spring. There Is another con-! signim'iit, but the quarantine laws pre-! vent bringing them in before fall, I The heavy rains of, the last few weeks . have not by uiy means been cuntined to Last warning. Don't miss Colonel Copeland tonight. J. H. Oranam, D. D. S., dentil parlors ovor First National bank, I'uadvood. Crown and bridge work a specialty. Wherever Colonel Copeland has lectured he has been recalled. Your only chance to hear his "Snobs and Snobbery'' tonight. Wherever Mrs. Lease has Bpoken she always has a full house upon her retuin visit. No speaker who visits Washington is more warmly welcomed. The last tlm1 she was there she filled the great exposition building to the doors. Few speakers in this Country possess such magnetic power as this gifted woman. Remember the date, June 16, at the Deadwooi opera house. l'eople usually are sorry because of something missed after It U too late, lion't let this be the with Colonel Copeland's lecture tonight. I was seriously afflicted with a cough for several years, and last fall had a more severe cough than ever before. I have used many remedies- without receiving much relief, and being recommended to found interesting, as well as amusing, ; n,t. nujuniaimai region, but have reached loncer Picnic. Only $1.25 the outlying prairie and valley precincts as follows: Place your tinmi iigniiy over one eye; take a pencil in your with eiual volume, and the cattle range other hand, holding it in a vertical nosition. point down. Drop your hand ; l ave been watered better this spring to your Ride, then reach out, arm's ' thllu th(,v naVl, ,f,,r), n f,mrteen yearn, length, arid try to place the point or. ranchers living itiu nenM nn ek v on a small obiec.t. tor Round Trip. bringing your hand straight uown j along the little creeks north of tho Belle from above. This will be the more in- Fourche have large dams built along these streams for the nurpose of barking the Trains Leave Deadwood and teresting by having a friend designate what object you shall touch with the , pencil, each time selecting a different j water up an 1 causing it to How across hd City at 7:30 and 8:30 a. their meadows. This has been a good A Stetson Hat marked ?5.00, now $4.00 Our Gotham Stiff Hat, marked ?3.50, now 2.80 Hats marked $2.00, now 1.60 Hats marked $1.00, now .80 20 per cent off on our Latest Stjlei of Crash and Straw Ilati Laundered White Shirts, marked $1.00, now .... $ .80 Unlaundered White Shirts, marked 70 cents, now. ' .40 Best quality Laundered White ShirtB marked $1.50, now 1.20 IJest White Shirts, marked $1.00 now .80 Fancy Sliirts- Silk Bosom Shirts, marked $1.50, now $1.20 Silk Bosom Shirts, marked $1.25, now 1.00 FaFney Bosom Shirts, marked $1.00, now .80 Fancy Bosom Shirts marked 75 cents, now .60 20 per cent off on our renowned 50-cent Working Shirt, now .40 INTecliwear. Pure Silk Neckties, marked 75 cents, now $ .60 Choice Silk Neckties, marked 50 cents, now ,40 Stylish Down and String Tics, marked 25c now . . ,2Q Our 20 Per Cent Discount scheme during the labt five or six years, nd has insured hay crops where otherwise there inlclit have been total failures, point of distance, iou win nun n is almost Impossible to accomplish this, providing you do not hesitate or feel your way in trying to reach the object. When we look at the world with only one eye open, the whole scene appears but some of the owners of these dams ADDITIONAL LOCALS. i have seen water (lowing over their mead to be flat. We know, or course, tnat u Isn't flat, but to the eye all things ap- j in tin ohnnt nn tbe Riime surface. I ows six feet deep this year, sweeping EPFS FOR FINE SHOES. try a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, by a friend, who, knowing me to b a poor widow, gave It to me, I tried It, and with the moot gratifying results. Th first bottle relieved me very much and the second bottle has absolutely cured me. I have not had as good health for twenty years. Respectfully Mrs. Mary A. to let at the Holzner. it? utn at any foot to perfection. The views that reach the two eyes are 'everything in its way. The Elkhorn Rail-slightly different, as any one can prove I road romjany has a number of dams along to himself by opening and closing the jBomp (lf the8e cre,,kB, built there to store eyes alternately This le what k ! tht, waler for tne use of the hOTds us see the real world as solid. Now, ir we want any picture to appear as solid, during the shipping season, and the high we must see It from slightly different j waters have played havoc with some ot points of view, each eye forming a sep- ' fa Engineer Fred Haines. Alatln,. tmasa which ff-ivpM it mlra the special watch sale at A. Sqte, Main street. (itljWolt mud when you can buy a Beard, Claremore Ark, Sold by all drug- ipia liter at the Red Anvil. i gists. eat? At Guss Kellar's meat '(opfc rho don't like to laugh are ; jjo you the round and full effect necessary to -hose duty it is to look after these dams, make objects stand out In bold relief, has his hands full this year, keeping them The loss of an eye cannot be com- so ,ney- will hou water. The heavy rains iraed to itay away from Co'or.el t"oi e- Id'i lecture tonight. pared In any way to the loss of an ear to gu(.h an ix(ent (hat or a limb, for in this case certain thin., -an I ftcnomnllBhed as well the water goes over the tops of the dams 1 W tint a nice lunch at any time. P li ind see Cacy at the Lobby. Coffee with one as with two. But In the great walls, and the waste-ways con-event of a loss.of ac eye, a person is sequently wash out. Mr. Haines is called il rolls tor a light lunch in the morning, market, on Main street, you can got all kinds of good meats at the lowest prices. Quick sales and small profits keep meats fresh and good. Don't forget the number, 642V4 Main street. If you suffer from tenderness or fullness on the right side, pains under shoulder blade, constipation, biliousness, sick headache, and feel dull, heavy and sleepy, mm- livor t tnroid and congested. De I text. for all time cnppiea. auu iue smicii to make a trip out there every few days usually felt by a person blind in one Ud most com nlvtfi stock of fishing and. aa his territory eye to preserve and care for the good to look after repairs is auite large otherwise, he has but little m h the Hills at the Red Anvil. Jit niiiy, damp weather will aot keep P from hearing the best lecture. 'Snobs time to himself between running In one direction and another. Witt's Little Early Risers will cure you Itui the rainn Insure the g-rasa crop, and fc 8oobbery," tonight. the cajtle men and ranchers are not ruar iWTHINO Von wiwt to ifvnw TOT una INSURANCE, ESPECIAL- reling over them. The entire country surrounding the Black Hil' is looking on Suits is most remarkable when you see the Goods. A fine suit, silk lined, of the best black Imported (T'O "Vf wors'ed marked $25.00, now $jJuJJ A fine High art fancy worsted suit marked t2o.oof 00 A fine high art suit, silk faced, marked $15.00 00 t A first-class serviceable suit, well tailored, marked Q ff $10.00, now ... J mJKJ A suit for euery d ly wear, unequaled in price, ff marked $5.00, now - - - T!sV MOARDING THE NEW YORK LIFE, HOMER BOSTWICK, GENERAL AGENT. promptly, pleasantly and permanently by removing the congestion and causing the bile ducts to open and flow naturally. They are good pills. K. G. Phillips. Dr. Disbrow of Chicago, who has dlscov-ered In medicine a new remedy for the cure of the morphine and other narcotic habits, will be In Deadwood at the Bullock this week. Dr. Disbrow has been at eye is something pameuc. auu sum we cannot wonder, for it seems to be the general sentiment that people Would rather give up their lives than their sight. And it certainly stands people In hand who are even conscious of the slightest difference in the sight of the two eyes to give this matter serious consideration. For slight defects neglected often become serious before a person Is really conscious of it. I wish to add here a few words In behalf of the children, for errors in their sight are so much easier corrected in early life than when they are neglected until maturity is reached. theopWmWmeter Marvelous Instrument for Fitting Eyes of Children. rental new at the Holmer. k NU. D. D. 8., Crown and Bridge PsoUlty. Gives gas for painless .41 . uivca gas ror painless ' , . -teem. OverPbillip-rPh-Hot Sprlngs ,or 8eTeral Wf ' ' , , V. ., fool that th cur ! . aemonBirovcu vu . " res examined for glasses belter than It has since the spriug of 188a, and crops of all kinds will grow In profusion. If the weather warms up sufficiently for them to mature. o HIS LIFE WAS SAVED. Mr. J. E; Lilly, a prominent citizen cf Hannibal. Mo., lately had a wonderful deliverance from a frightful death. In telling of It he says: ' I was taken with typhoid fever, that ran Into pneumonl. My lungs became hardened. I was so weak I couldn't even sit up in lied. Nothing helped me. I expected to soon die of consumption, when I heard of Dr King 3 New Discovery. One bottle gave great relief. I continued to use it, and noA am well and strong. I can't say too much In its praise.'' This marvelous medicine Is the surest and quickest cure in the Snyder, the op- f"ttrw by a. F. J fr ot charge. Hear "Snobs and p aw for blues. Wery tonight DOES AWAY WITH INJURIOUS DRUGS Dr. Seymour Explain How Thin Instrument May Be lled for Measuring- AftlKmatl.m. Off on Hosiery and Sweaters. Off on Mackintoshes and Umbrella. Off on all classes of Underwear. Off on Fancy and White Vesta. Off on Trunks and Valises. Off on Suspenders and Belts. 20 per ct. 20 per ct. r W fresh cut flowers on hand " Uebmana'a. MeyaoM here June 27, 28, 29 and SO !wi 4n only. P Not Put on until tomorrow the i "wodta Impure and you feel weak f r7. take Hood's Saraaparllla The oothalmometer is the most won perfect success. Joseph Ford, proprietor of Ford's roof paint, desires to ofTer as references the following well known firms and business men: Messrs. Coe & Dague, Fish & Hunter, Bews & Mills, Sol Star and J. C Haines of Deadwood; Messrs. Berger, Gushurst, S. R. Smith and the Tribune Printing company of Lead City. As a preserver of wood and metal and a preventative against Are and he elements, Ford's paint Is an unqualified success. That there are grave social questions confronting the American people is admitted by all. Those who desire to bear these questions dicusfed by the ablest thinker and orator in the nation shoul 1 attend Mrs. Lease's lecture at the opera house Friday evening, June 16. Willis C. Bower arrived from Hot Springs, accompanied by his niece. Miss p, Bower, vesterday. They had been and lung troubles. derful invention, of the age for fitting world for all throat Trial -loT.' Regular sizes. 50 cents and Jl.oo bottles free at K. G. I'hillips' drug Every bottle guaranteed. Off on Collars and Cuffs. Off on ancy and Plain Night Robe. Off on Cotton, Linen and Silk Ikfs. . ' cure all liver ilia. Mailed 20 per ct. emu OT C. T VtA . i .t COLONEL CI'KI..N'' Is cming here and will let-tore tonight he f,.- . church, on "Snubs and Sno'.-people of Deadwood will hearing this harfning and at the M. E. bery." The never regret The Boss of the Road Over --: alls 50 Gents.. :- attending the encampment, and had made astigmatic s'ght in children, being absolutely the only Instrument made for measuring tie cornea of the tye, and is among the collection of instruments, in the possession of Dr. Seymour, the eminent optician. That Dr. Seymour has the, most complete arrangement of scientific instruments for a thorough and skillful examination of the eyes is admitted by all'who are in a position to know the facts, and this is particularly true in regard to the special instruments designed and made for his special use. This instrument la absolutely necessary to the success of any specialist th determining the proper axis of cylindrical lenses, fitted to the eyes of children. It does away with the necessity of using atrophine In children's eyes, which sometimes proves an injury to the sight and always affects it temporarily, as it completely paralyses the muscles which I contract and regulate the sight, and , has been considered neceasary to fit children properly, but this fa t has long been disproved and the methods now used are in no way unpleasant or detrimental to the sight and the p-blRs , obtained are far more accurate. j Whv are people so rthoughtless of laughing lecture. He lectures for the Normal at Spearfish Thursday evening. Get your seats at Fischel's today and you will always be glad you heard the "King of the Platform." There are lota of things going on now, and you can't go to them all. but you can't afford to miss hearing this great lecturer tonight. -O Many of Dr. Seymour's former patients th. Journey to the northern Hills overland, by way of Keystone. Miss Bower has but recently returned from an extended southern visit The Injunction secured by James Beatty Reason of these Great Reductions we Must By it, Springs water coats 75 aalr10' tt PUre CTTtU1 Spring Ct ' 60 cenU: tte celebrated J" oeata; treah i fW,fcUTed any part ot the L 7? Express office. Har- J'": Black ana. m i?JZ ntw ctow from T Chambwialn-. Pala "med' th4t him W ..-."Ue tna P1" which UU For to a - lpperegojloapp. JU . th. finest against the sheriff of Meade county, restraining him from selling the Improvement, on what Is known as Beatty park. will be pleased to learn that he wfll visit DeadwDod afain June 27. 28. S and at at Sturgis. on a foreclosure in favor o. Enforce the Cash System. Do your Bargain Hunting during these three week of oar M per evat Reduction Sale, and yoa will be aure of finding game at George W. Mumford against iu tt.i,. r mnn romoany, was dissolved the Bullock hotel. O ' VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS nine iKjw." in circuit court at that place Monday be Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob life of hlesslne OK slKQt . tnoae . 8 15 ,. a tc.m fn unnreci tov Bucaien's Arnica Salve rare thtm fore Judge Moore. The Injunction w granted In this city several weeks ago. and the case came up for hiring Monday tn .hnw cause why it should " "va and we hare " aoa we i nt health wt ISBPil "O'aot be made permanent The court or- " ; not be made permaueu- we jocti. .... fin tt9 how 'rdisnenRtible is this treasure.. &lFn m. Running and Fever Sores, U-Looit, for instance, at the object . of Bo,Ui Felont Corns WartB, CuU, Burns, BCda. Chapped Hand, br dower eitting In corners with han& Cnilblaina; beet cure on earth; drives out orsaM' what doe Ufa hold tor them. PaiM uff Ache. Only, 2Se a box. Cure and what would .tier not 'or J ly ptrtrpe Steewea. ainele ray ol light to bring them thi, ireai WrJ4 from Ut-. . . . . 4 fie fcj " Vfrt'tfered th. sheriff to proceed with the sate of th. property. Vartla "JT i.M t,....- .a .vr. Mason- was In Stor- ale Monday, pr-enting hto tid-oj the tae Bed Ajxto. case before the eourt

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