The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 7, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1898
Page 2
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TIIK DAILY Pi()NKEU-TlM52Sf THURSDAY, APRIL 7, 1898. n anarchism, socialism and 1 OMAHA ADVERTISEMENTS. TOE PIONEEB-TIMES. Want Column. Stop and See the. InJ m rfZ p - t t" t: alter niniM-r; Pillo prrviit ilitre. ah! iliirea-tUMi run rnml ipatlon. Patrll MrUblr . il.i Hot (MM iu Min. I.M l-T u SrucaiM. J rants, vim wir ? c. l tteus a t. Lwsii. sues WANTED SPECIMENS. ! FOIl : 1-r I ur Diamond "C" Soap Wrappers. For a "Mineral House" to be exhibit , at Omaha all kinds of orea, miner- aud rare specimens from 2 to 3 Inches situate, which will be polished The Best Laundry Soap. Dargains! Bargains! FOR 90 DAYS. 10 Por Cent Dicoonntx- -c Will be returned on ull Cash Sales to Custom-ert on Leather Qjods in tlie Shoe Line. They are marke I in pluin figures, less in price than any other house in the btato. Gome and Supply Yourself at On Exhibit In DTTTT and catalogued aud proper credits Si-1 illustrated; only V; tremendous de-en- Plesse send lt5 specimens, value. !mnd; bonlnxm for agents; aupsrb hi ft m Windows of Main St Save Your Soap Wrappers. Pevrticnlas. of Contest will be Explained In the Columns In a short time. . . , . T TFiO Drug Store FARM . . For Sale by All Grocers. THE CUDAIIY PACKING COMPANY, i C. E. ZIPP'S MgkNASDTwRoE m 1 lesa Money than any Oth Restaurant j THE NEW Qillmore House Under New rianagcment. . . AND GARDEN. Clover. Alsyk. Timothy. Bin Millet, Can Kaffir Cora, 8d Potato Plant Seeds, Vegetable and flowr Is ons of tbs beet years known for buy-log sowing seeds. Prices ar low and favorable. furnished on appllcatloa. Catalogue Farnam St. Omaba, Nsbraak. Offrt Ilor Attraotiona for .... Home In the City. .... Best meals, Beit Dining Servict, Best Kooms and Best Location of any House in the City. Carl Blank Prop. Keystone Reopened M.:m.n'o! Bush & Hundhenke. Practical Hotel men who will give tne tx it 25o meal In ths City. M.-al Tukets tV0O. i Good Home Cooking i B a Firr 'Class Wonxin Cok. 1 I communism, Is not new; It has tw. ;n brought up I in the history of all Christ himself was accused sed of anar- i blsm. Dire rmults were predicted fol owing the enfranchisement of tlie freed negro of the south, and Indeed, '. ,n fu ..ft..,.. k,...i. . ... i .... . i ........ men was denounced In no uncertain terms by the "mother nation of theAn- glo-Saxon ra-e," the help of whunv 'august and venerable legUiatlvebody they Invoke to quell the clamor of lhe:-j women for that last boon they cravt , the ballot, for, not satisfied with petl- i lonlng our own legislatures and plead ing with American statesmen, they semi acrotta the ocean to "Her ALajeaty's i'eers and Commons In Parliament Assembled," to aid In dttermining th'i question: "Are womn citizens-" tbst being the title of the plea they send to ber majesty's peers. We utterly deny any affinity with so clallam, and as for the baseless charge that the "woman suffrage movement Is a direct feeder to socialism," Is is not worth refuting. In seeking the aid, or rather the names to petitions from tho different braiu'ues of the American Kederation of Labor, the Farmer's alll ance and Industrial union, the Knights of I a bo, the Trade and I-Abor asaem biles, and the posts of the Grand Army of the Republic, "we only seek the co operation of America's tollers, of Amer- ica's noblemen, of the common peupi? to honor, not as the remonstrant would i.?ve the public entl-tlenTSorlailsm and Woman Suff rauge, ' "the aid of socialists and anarchists.'' Unfortunately all reforms carry with them drift, debris, rubbish, at l mlghtv stream carrying on Its bosom the traffic and commerce, of a nation, thai which builds up, strengthens and adds life, carries with It refuse, destruction and even death. On the whole we are not ashamed of our cotnpany;tlme and space forbid at this time the enumeration of names ol statesmen whom the nation delights to honor, of men standing high In the world of letters, of philosophers and scientists, of men who through their writings have come close with the hearts of the people, of men wh are eminent teachers of the Word of Him who proclaimed lawful liberty for all alike, who have spoken for our catme who have written ami declared their belief In Its justice and ultimate mic cess. We sre told by theae remonstrant! that they are "conservative women." that they are the "leading ladies of th land." We are glad to know that, otherwise we should wonder bow many of this company of women belonged toth army of overworked and underpaid public school teachem. typewriters and hop girls whose open shame It ts thsi employers offer to add the wage of sh, to their scant earning. "treading ladles of the land" are not the women who belong to that great army neither in the past nor In th present. It Is not for them we -take our appeal. Ah no. but for the tolling. weary, and In many cases. hnelen omen of our land, the women wh; aided In the civil wsr as army nurses In the sanitary commlshn, the women who took their husband s places s breadwinners; yes, the women took the ilaces of that "half a million of our most active and enterprising young men lost on the battlefield Women who speak from a standpoint of wealth, culture and leisure, can well nay: "Let men sttll attend to outward and material things, the. conquest of nature, the ordering of sates, while wo men develop the Inner sod spiritual life and preside over the dignities and refinements of the domestic and social life, so working together, esch minis erlng to the other, shall humanity pro. Trees In wlmlom. strength and love." Yes, that would be a beautiful round-ng out of a theory, wreathed in rosea f one could confine thoughts to thai oclety, the "leading ladles of the land" ut, alas snd alack! one cannot. Thoc "avoretf few who look out upon tho work from between folds of silken anl lam ask drapery from out of rooms arm. well lighted, softly seated, tho air sweet with the scent of violets in winter, trailing garments, books, mu-lc. pictures, low voiced, well trained tervants. ah yes, then Ghat sentence ould round out beautifully the plan ol 'Ife; but one cannot, ore must face, I; !s thrust upon you. the outside of th" Mght, the warmth, tho perfume, the spiritual, the Ideal, out on the streets 'n tne factories, in the mill, the work hop, aye. slop shops, the great department stores, offices, public schools 'arm. In the kitchens of the great houses of the "leading ladles of th" 'snd." everywhere, armies of them 'ooklng up with psle faces and worn "lands, thoiiKsmla of them s prey to th nen who believe In "obligation and d-,ondence." This is no fancy picture neither one utile nor the other, we know It exiate. snd no well-worded theory, no owery presentation of the subject an obliterate It. no conservative view an change it. It Is the "voting mas es" who need the ballot; women are part of the "masses;" the weaker and more helplem, the more they need It Indeed the need of the weak la Imperative. SUFFRAGE WORKERS OF SOUTH DAKOTA. SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS Dr. Seymour has the most complete f line or scientific Instruments In the west, having spared neither pains or money to procure the very latest and beat that could be bed snd by the aid of these marvelous Instruments, combined with his wonderful skill he Is able to accomplish the cure of all Imperfections of the sight A. A A. S. R. NOTICE. Scottish Rite Masons sre reminded of the Maundy-Thursday meeting at Masonic ball thla evening, at 8 o'clock. All are especially requested to attend as !m ports nt matters are to be considered. In addition to the regular ceremonies of the occasion. 8. P. DAQUE, Sec. Fl hi r m ed a.s STAR & WANTED HELP 1 Wanted A man and wife without rh.ldren to work on a ranch. Enqulra at this office. : tnied Solicitors for the beautiful of Frances E. Wlllard." published under the auspices and Indorsed by the W. C. T. U.; tbs only official book; prepared by Anna Gordon, for 21 yean Miss Wlllard'i secretary: beautifully book; liberal commissions; credit given; 1. eight paid; write quick for outfit and terms. The Dominion Company Authorised Distributers, Dept. t, SS Dearborn St., Chlcsgo. FOR BALE. XT For Sale Fin aet ot marbl top Bun her shop fixtures at halt value. H. E. Perkius, Sturgls, S. D. tDeslrabl building lots on Lincoln vent: Ingleald. Lumuer furnish! to bull L Edwin Van Clss. U t7Lols For Sale Howatd'i Addition. This addition tc Deadwood, beautiful ly located on tb Park bench, adjoin ing th Dudley Bp -lag, in tb First ward, la now open for settlement Sm plat and price at offlc oi Mwln Van Cls. For Sale Ten acre of choice farm, garden and fruit land in Spearflsh valley. Miss Jenny Clsy, Deadwood. t7For Sale 20-stamp mill, Homestak mortars, 850 pound stamps. Will rct the mill anywhere on a railroad lit 113,500. Address the Black Hill Ma chlnery Co., Deadwood, S. D. For Sale Handsome bay team, sound and gentle, well broken, double and single, six and seven. Inquire at this office. MISCELANE0U8 WANTS. F. M. Coua will find It to his inter est ts answer this ad. Anyon know- lag of hi whereabouts will pleas an swer and receive reward. M. Leon. 1218 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. FOR RENT. OTo Rent in Clark Building, on double and three single office, by 8. Cusbman. U. For Rent Furnished house on For rest avenue, wKh hot and cold water, bath, Ac. Address "C," car ot thla office. tf For Rent 1, 2 or 3 rooms, furnished or unfurnished. Apply at this office. F1SHEL'8 BAZAAR. Ha removed to Nelson' old stand asxt door to American National bank. First Annual . . Tr,3C:i::::J Later (1:1:3 No. 14 W. F. of M. City Hall April 14. COM MITT BES EXECUTIVE Loonjer, David M. T. McCall. Dan O'Connell, Ch Brown, Frank Meade, DOOR John Mclnerny.lrvln W. An derson, Thomas Carroll. RECEPTION George Cowln. W.Ds-Isny. Art Wise, Cht.a. Msyer, Chas. McAllister. FIX)R Thomas Wheaton. Wm. Banky. J. W. Fargo. A. Oleson. Elof Engdahl. Thla being the first ball, will be the grandest Remember the place and date, T. J. DOVVD. PRACTICAL II ttlviilitwdWlt Jtflawivl And UP1IC1AN 9Si:k Hills Jtvtlrf l&i tt Ortftr. Wales E laminar tot th f. C AM V ft 1 trial .ivl I MIUM 111 Wn-'.J III IWU'r u4 PTMMS. ll Strut On 'istoWci Second Hand. MACHINERY 10 H. P. Portable Roller and Engrea. 15 H. P. HorlsonUl Emgln. 27 H. P. Vertlcsl Engine. 4 Boilers. 10x6x12 Steam Pump, capacity 140 gallons per ml nuts. No. S Gates Crusher. t Sets Crushing Rolls. 1 Bruckner Roaster. Great Variety ot Shafting and Boxes, Belting and Pulleys, Tanks, Ac W. M. BARKER. Office, rear 1st National Bank. Deadwood, & D. ' IB ' sf tstttwMa siiis slwakTS kwr namM IM arletaai I MtfS.IWU4MWSSMM I s kas. Th bs Is aiway i . rwtfc)BM .. nwni i J (Etuuuhad him.) PIONEER-TIMES FUBUSHIKQ CO. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. DAILY Evsry moraine, sxcept Mob d7. Ob Tar f 10 03 lx kfoataa tOO On aUata LOO WEEKLY Issusd Try Thursday. OoTar IN Is Montis LOO PIONEER-TIMES. Daadwood, 8. D Eo tired as asoond-claa mattar at tat Daadwood Poatoffic. Ahout the only country In the world not hovering about the bargain count era U pick up warships and torpedo boat la 8wlUerland. I)y the way, shs hua nothing worth gobbling up. o Tim commander of the torpedo Hot II lu wlik'b rame over from Spain should ral the history of the Spanish arma du. which last attacked an Anglo-Sax on country. e Dume Nature das been rather over doing thla temperance buslneas. Any country now that cannot boast of flood, len't "In It." Even poor (Ipso late Cuba la beginning to prepare for br rainy season. Th man who yells most loudly for war U the man who would not go un-dtr any circumstances. In times of wsr hp yells lustily for peace. He yells bnaiiHe he Is built that way. The man to be wiry of Is the man who Isn't aaylig a word. ' o Two-thirds of the Spanish nation can nelthvr read nor write. In such a nation, at such times the people are not at the mercy of the rulers, the rulers are st the mercy of the people. The roar of the cannon Is the only new that such a nation can understand It Is refreshing when rivers of water rover your lawn and drive you Into an attic, to read that owing to drouth In California, the president has been pell tloned to allow the use of certain por Hons of the Yosemlte reservations "Tor grazing purposes. e mis. ueseua Bona knocked out an Insolent tramp with a pan of bread dough In Chicago. She slapped it down over bis head, the dough nearly suffocating him. The tramp evacuated the battle-field In double-quirk time, it la suggested that Mrs. Bond attack Weyler. e The steamer Alameda arrived In San Francisco laat week from Australia with $3,600,000 In gol aboard. She would have been a line prixe for Spaa toh privateers fully as fine as the famed Spanish galleons of olden times By the way, matters are somewhat dif ferent from what they were In these some old times. Wiah Great Britain masaing a power ful fleH In Chinese waters, and the Russian government ordering Its war ships to center In north AsUtlc wa ters, tb fleets of Germany and France hurrying to the east, and Spanish flo tillas mobilising In the west where t'n cle Sam's squadrons are already gath ered, k looks ss though the little sen flithes had better bunt their iholes. Oklahoma petite society Is all torn ur by the suit of Sam Blgsnak vs. Cres Big Snake Uttlecook, hk wife. They are full blooded Ponca Indians, and ar anxious to Imitate the "much heap big palefaces." There are other thing' that may attract Sam's attention lata on as worthy of Imitation. For la stance, the "Little Egypt" dinner li New York. The death of Blanche K. Bruce, th colored man who has been register of the United States treasury (or so lone and whose personal autograph may be seen on millions of treasury notes, removes one more shining exampls ot what ran be done In surmounting colo: and race prejudice. No colored mat-need be dlaheartened. The royal road to succens Is patrolled by Genll who an-color blind. o "TRt'TH CRUSHED TO EARTH WILL RISE AGAIN. Not tong smce we received througt the msll s pamphlet from the IlllaoJ-Association Opposed to tha Extenstoj -of Suffrage to Women. It was tb set ond time literature of this character had been received. The flrst waaaboa' seven years ago during the struggle Of Dakota women for the freedom of the ballot, and wax front the Brewers an'. niatlltfM-' association, setting font, their views, and the calamitous result, that would eiwuo If the ballot was I): the 'hands of the women. There la . strong llkenewa In the reasons set forth In the pamphlets. The Illinois association offer to sent' out more literature sndinformatloanp on request: being willing to be I u form I upin both skies ot the question aud. also, anxious to note If any new argu-un was offered, the request was made and duly compiled with. No new or startling facts were given. bowavr. It was the same a in all the years past. Me were the ntrl protector of women, home was) tow only sphe-e. child-bearing r business, spirituality and tdealKy her natural state, r Mtlosi too corrupt and vile, too low an I degrad ing for her to touch, "offlce-hlng" (tJ wok political freedom l ads) P earkMia and d ioralllnn occupation.' tc.. etc. Perhaps the Rreatest stress Is laid In this campaign ihe remonstrants fc.r so earnestly Inaugurated. wiu aplret tfce most fanatical woman snffra, jtot aalght envy, upon ths dantar from I C Hardware Co. where from sVc. Address A. J. John ton, Gillmors Hotel. Dead wood. NOW IS THE TIME To purify your blood with Hood's Bar saparllla. March, Apru, slay ars tbs trying months of the ysar. At this sea son your blood is loaded with impuri tics which have accumulated luring the winter, and these ImpuritlM must be Immediately expelled. Hoed'r Bar-saparllla la the One True Blood l'urlfy-sr. It (a ths medicine which baa a compilshsd many thousands of t-emark-able cures of all blood dlseaiea. It I what the millions take In ths rprlng to build ui. health and ward off sickness. SPRING HOUSECLEANINO. When you start to clean house, don't throw away old thing Just because they are old. Take them to the Ark and have them repaired. They are pre pared to do upholstering, oarpet-lay-Ing and everything la taa line of repairing. They can mesnd anything, from a bicycle to your disposition. Call In and see them. NOTICE OF BIDS FOR COUNTY PRINTING. Bids for county job printing for the year ending December 31, 1898, will be opened ait the office of the auditor of Lawrence county, 8. D., on Thursday, April 7, 1898, at 2 o'clock p. m. Blank forms will be furnished to an who wish to bid upon application at this office. The board of county com missioners reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Given under my band and official al this 28th day of March, 1898. (Seal.) J. B. WELCH, County Auditor e FOURTH WAltD CAfCUB. A caucus will be held st the court house on Friday evening. April 8, it 7:30 o'clock, to place In nomination one member or the school board ane one councilman from the Fourth ward F. P. WARD, Committeeman K'.urth WITS. SIDEWALK RESOLUTION. Be It resolved, by the city council ot the city of Dead wood, that It Is necea- sry to construct sidewalks In front ot ihd following described lota or parcels of ground In this city, to-wit: Beginning at Cedar sneet on the northweaterly side of Charles street slong the fronts of lots number 44, 42, 40, 38. 36, 34, 32, 30, 28, 24, 24. 22, 20, 18. 16, 14, 12, 10. S, . and 4, in block No. 70. Also beginning at Division stieet on the northerly aide of Charles street, along the front of lots number A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and number 1, In block number 40. Also beginning at Charles street on the westerly side of Sherman street, slong the front of lots number 1, 2, t. 5. 6, 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12, 13, 14. Is 16. 17. 18. 19, 20. 21. nd 22, in block number 40, to Cemetery street All the foregoing lots and parcels ot land are described according to P. U Rogers' latest official map of tbs city of Dead wood, county of Lawrence, state of South Dakota. Be it further reaolved, that th own ers and occupants of tb lots or par els of ground above described con itruct the said sidewalks at their own cost and expense within thirty days from ths date of this resolution, under the supervision of the city engineer and In accordance with th plans and specifications prepared by bin and bow on file In hts office; aud Be It further resolved, that th city Auditor giv notice ot thla resolution as provided by law. Dated, at Deadwood, South Dakoia. this 4th day of April. A. D 1893. W. A. ICKBS. Cry Auditor. Approved D. A. McPHBRSON. Acilng Mayor. (Seal.) TO THE LADIES. When you want Art Linen, Flour de is 811k. Tyrian Dysa. call cn Mrs. H I. Mooney 723 Nobl block. Lessons' dven In Art Needle Work. Bumping Ion. THIRD WARD VOTERS. ATTENTION. There will be a meeting of the voters f the Third ward at city hall, on Thursday evening, April 7. A full representation of the ward la desired, as 'lomlnatlons for councilman and mem r of school board will be proposed. THIRD WARD COMMITTEE. DO YOU WANT PURE MILK? Free from all taint It you do. not! fy Frank Dennis, or telephone by the Harrison line to the Spring Valley Dairy Co at Piedmont Pur milk and pure separated cream In bottle, a specialty. Price by to quart, seven cento, pint four cents. SPRING VALLEY DAIRY CO TO WHOM II MAY CONCERN. I will oot b responsible for nay bills contracted by parti living la my houses In Doadwood. or otaar places for hous material, without a wrlttaa order from th aadrslgni. WM. H. MoMASTBR. ' Bell Fourchs. 8. D. Heavy and. Shelf Hardware. FOR i n a it i ill in pi n 4-5-dAw gheclihe w STEAM. OAS t& WATER SUPPLIES. FAIRBANKS. M9RSB ft CO.. 1103 Parnam tb Omaha, Nab. 3 IP M D. at W. Lawrence Skew Tix!.:nrJst ef.1 Fur Dresssr. . . -4aV r Rugs aad Robes to order. :' ixldermy supplle la stock. U work guaraatd first class. 305 South 13th 8t Omaha Ksbraaka. 23 84' for catjjgn. 3-l 98 U. st W. W. a ROBINSON, Assayer and Chemist 1112 Dodga Str&at, OMAHA, - Nabritakav ample bjr KaiL I-1I-9I D. W. The New Muiray, Thoroujhly Rrfltted. Rates $2.50 to $4 'erDay. issetal ratal by wssk r .asoaappUaaos a, hixowat a. m. tncxrrr, rraa S) star. Ckrk. Kt:f:rt:rs WivX Rills Pi:;!i. BISHOP & CO. Luneh Counter m Dining Room. 1517 Oap'tol At. Ooaaa, Vb. Srtitlc Capacity 209. S 24-as 4 andw. IVIuES, LIQUCH, AND CIQAR3. pr-sb labscssr-Bosoh aad 8U Lonl Beer on Draught 4C PER GLA03. ucni a t:wUu:::L, - Mtomays at Law- oatssi ascsdani Deadwood. Maeaa Massi - . Boat JOIliJ CAGQALEY, Lt-,-r-4 r--5 ref Daadwcod, S. D. Gealar la aQalas atoeka aad Getata. WaagsSla as4 E-lrft4 Ttekata tc$at aa4 aaU. iftlfa. Grass, and Forage fcVsris. TbU and weather Price FREE, 1309 Leedare Andreosea Hardwara Company. WholesaJ Haxdimr, Bioyolei snd Sporting Goods, taia-ai-sa haxjtxt - ovass rwiisnixi cwm ii1i..h atoA. J. C. CARSCJ, A;r:t, MeQRBW is raa ohlt WBO TSSATS AU. Prtvatg Dlttttei MBtf ONLY Book rrw (na.nlta. tiamWnm. BtoaTSS.oa 14tt sal rtnaa ms, OMAHA. MSB. MILLARD J. E. Markel & Son, normxzTcaa. Thlrtaeatti aad Douglaj Bts. LEADING HOTeToF OUAHA. Btost dMlrsblo IneaMea. Aiunou rtaa S.SO pas day aad aw. nrapwa riu si.vwrttttf is i aiitui wan snnnssasai LEWIS HENDERSON, FLORIST. - ' Cut i if.wers. Plants and norci ' signs i '-'pped oa abort aotloa. 10th aod Faru'B SU 0 :.aa, Ysbnaka. I 1998 D. ft W. DR. BAILEY. Hfff f 15U aad reman Ita. Livtlllyll Pasts meek, Osaaka aTsfe. Filltst ttttl tl Bisttll!! $7.59 hnisSiflll' $2 Brle1ctit!iS TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT SLIGHTEST PAIX. Ttb BmoT4 aad aw Jflataa aam Day. All work Warranted. 4-l-dVw. Dr. J, F. Hertzmann, Tb only S pee 11. Ut wa treatt all FriTSts XMaease ( Wsaka aad Hastily irresmkvrt-Sie ot V.aMtM aa rear la Omaha Oossaltatloa Tt Parian 518 1 IE1 Ui. Allen's Club Roorr Osmai Mats and WaUsa. Dssow, THE OLD-TIE FCFULAB EESI When Ote bM Olcsis sad U4sts la ttss ally eaa b had day ar algkt, Ts teat ass Is look hw any aewer at beast. I iiit.iAi if P" it UmU.hv.. w uiwi SHERMAN ST. IV;::IESILE & hEUfl GROOEne. aa issi! ...r Sanitary Plumbing:, Sewerage Connections, Cornice Making, AlCKinds of Tin and Sheet Metal Work. ALLROAD3 ARE ALIKE TO AM Of J ARCH Perfisotlon Is tho result of oMoni experience. BOLLOCK Mine and Mill Supplies. aBBaaaBBajBABBBBBajBBBassaaaaajaB 4 " M vkoto. I I i as stTs jav av :rr.::i o DEFia:sE digyoles r th product of mechanical Ineenuitv. 0 jTv jrav ..snsren Chcinlosa CICO.C? and for Z2Z Catalogue. Acsrtt wantad In open territory. r.:cr:Ans:i cycle, W2fIltt!ltniru.,ton treble. Chloaeo. ass. a .!n. Yrtt' London and Hamburg. Tom C pf atohsrssen an WslMf bhTu SYPHILIS QONORRHOBA L03T MANHOOD Ptieai Cissas sf lfa Baoosssfallr Carsd. . . no pay, Sox 723, Dtmdweed, B, D V 4 , l . rm ,

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