The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 14, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1899
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), WEDNESDAY MOliXlNC, Jl'XK 14, 1S90. FIVE CENTS. 4 4. 4. $. 4 4 i ) nil LUNA SLAIN ZttzZmVSrzz WORK OF THE TORNADO trlnl" " agent was detailed to make an investigation, ami as a result the commissioner re- THE UP-TO-DATE fused to sanction the removal. a majority of them remained over Sunday, although quite a portion left Sunday evening In addition to these, over a hundred conductors arrived in the city on the Burlington, remaining for a few hours, then departing for Hot Springs, where the convention of the Conductors' Assurance association was to be held. Shortly before noon the Canton band came down from Lead, where it had spent the nlgfit previous. Ths Bulock hotel Leader Is Stabbed DRV GOODS HOUSE J The Entire Town of New Richmond, Wisconsin, Wiped Off the Map. The above dispatch illustrates the foolishness of signing of every petition that is presented for signatures. An irresponsible old gentleman concluded to have the land office moved from Rapid City to Whitewood and circulated a petition M that effect, and the strangest part of the Olfers the Following Special and Extra Bargains this Week. was the prin. ipal resort for the visitors! Two Hundred Persons Killed m Behind By Aguinal-do's Guard. pebels Engage Lawton's ,tire Force-Severest Fight of the War. and Over a Thousand Are Injured. Waist, the cect fitting The Jar guise Skiri Waisi made icday. and an exceedingly active appearance. A harp onliestra had been engaged for the occasion and discoursed music ill the hotel lobby during the dinner hour. Just before dinner the Canton band appeared on the hotel veranda and played a number of pieces, and after dinner it again apieared on the street and gave u concert worthy of the finest bands In the country. Several of the people from the eastern part of the state are still in the city and are taking in all that has any interest. Two loads of them, chaperoned by ColoneJ Wc offer these goods, for this uueelc at greatly reduced prices. These waists have leen reduced from 20 to ;,0 jer cent in order to close them all on. proceeding is that it was signed In Dead-wood by bankers, merchants, city and county officials. What was their object in signing is - a mystery, l'ossildy they thought it would never be sent to Washington, and they did it "to please the old man." It has put the government to the needless expense of sending a special agent and has placed Dead wood people la the attitude of being defeated in an effort to do something which, if accomplished, would be of no possible interest or benefit to them. As between 'Rapid City. Stur-gis, Whitewood or any other applicants for the land office. I'eadwood people have nothing to do. When I lead wood gets a public building the laird office will probably come to 1 loadwoodv it hout any effort on the part of Dcadvvood people. O MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., June 13. (Special.) New Richmond, a prosperous little city in western Wisconsin, was conivtrtely devastated last night by a terrific tornado, costing immense loss of life. Relief Committees sent out from hero today report the number of dead at fully li.'.U aiil the injured at over a thousand. The djniage M H I lav. made the round trip of the UA f- June 13 tS',eclal ) ffjjttlitofc--"' lu "u'u,d Unaldo and one of the bitterest foes , wrkans in ihe I'hiliLi.ines, ia He slain by one of AKuinaldo's ,0D June S. wblle' trying to' force btm to AguinaMo', offlre. He had : Agulnaldo-a headquarters for the 0f kokling a conference with the header, and was kept waiting out-L , esasperatin;; length of time. L inpatient, he MMcmp.ed to force rtv uill r.e.eli the liundrifls of J Mineral Belt yesterday forenoon, and in the afternoon went over to Spea'rfish. It Is likely that the next day or two will Ladies Que): and Linen Walking SMrto at greatly reduced xriccc, also all ether skirts, Ihese are all new and this seasons goods. witness the departure of all that remain of thousands, as the town has been practically willed off tile map. The people of the lown were unprepared fur the storm, as it runic onto llin in the datkness. Many of Iho inhabitants At 1 A, inside, and n. walKing tnrougn or oa?:h"zt acods: no J?c old the eastern South Dakola people. Stetson s Cornet band is one of the finest musical organ ions that ever caim into the Black Hills. It had spent Sai ir-day night in th uesi of the K. o! p. hand nf ill. ii eitv. There are ninelee:: uorn Ar ehd the Wrong Man. w, i. in their b.d-. an I were lielple be- r - .i. .. i . ..f ii... ii.iMi's miiitaach U ith a drawn he man. Kd i:. Smith. '"'' "" 7 . d Hi.: tit lbet lh(. muni ..ld.ed nm. m in- an a r. eu: He Ml and li'd '"" IV'A ''"- ... , Sun. . undine i-i.vns and . 'lies ate astsiinn u ho w.i a i '. 1 - I d I . S;m i.i I eel,' lit'. l llMUlillv III l.'ll.'UIIU I he .ll-IIV- and M I lai.:- Ot lH I.' I. hoi 11 ' el'V lee U ' K .1 1 . - .1 S 1 .,1 miocIi,- ploy i-iiiii- and hi ip si Pit) l;,M v. . I-. ..ii tic ' bai.'e ..I ,ili-t i a. I - ' "' 1 1 1 T This Mn ha- I" a ecmlirin.Mi. death Has ar...;-l M.m..l.i.i of h.'i 11 ,nonuV MI.U..I. and it is Kenr-rally II kel Of- i i"H'-o: '" '" I I o i i 'ilhi man, T M . I : . In Hn'rt not tlo Ld that the whole affair is a plot or not ki !a:!(ll,;il, ,., . u.,,. no. knout, uii'il Hi", WU mil -lis in u u. lios in set rid of I, una. Til.' I wo I him up as far NCW "UK. Jim-- M. f n' ' The Bargains of the Season. Special sale cf Parsalls and Umbrellas. M. J. Werthheimer & Bro. Hlcht I jten having u linlc liirti.m tor scn -towla. not only as to the manage- II the .special the man tin. lei as on,-.'.!,.. Wl.'ti Ibe .special a-. nl pro- .W.i .1 I'lty Lank has shipped f: f .'- i ceded to place the man under arrest he in gold to England. j of the rebel army, hut as to peace impelling 111 COmpeilOOi ,. ; Ii. ''. in- .it,, in " and Una had hamper. . 1 Aguinaldo if aiiv t hnig had d. itonsiderable extent by his stubborn 1 members, an l Prof M. I. Stetson, the i: -stt'uctor. is a former Black Hills man. who was situated a! one ti.'ie oi ilelneh,. Three year- ago he went to Canton; and was encased by the band as Instr ictor. lie has held ibis position ever since, at a salary of a month. Sunday afternoon the band got on' on Main street, in front of the Bullock hotel, and gave a concert in honor of Captai'i Seth Bullock, the hotel and Ihe Pio'ieer-Times otl'n e. Several selections were played, I be lirst being an arrangement of sacred, music,, which was followed by some of ihe popular music of Ihe day. After playing for three-quarters of an hour the members folded tbeir music racks and started up the street for the Burlington depot, playing as they marrhed. They went from here to Hot Springs and left I n nced.-d ! ciinvinci I , me, led to convince the latter that) iIHh was the light man. that should have.1 re has teen reive fighting at f ? r f 4 t j fe fr v 4- toulh ot . lo.lay. which trao sunrHe until sundown, and annujuuuTUi uinjxrmxruuirrLruxaru uxrummiru uuuxnsuxruxruxiuvu rvrvp ? ttt it n 1 nnn TTT I T f Tl I Tnr I 3 - llflBl I I 1 II T il IIIKI I III VlUwtOD's entire force of :;..IM'I men jsei The rebels effective k (rtBerr, and the con ib t was the t Pi en sutlii lent After hi- was brought up as far as . Unaha lie was turned loose. The man who stole the tickets goes by several different names, but his correct ii. line is j. E. Mowbray. He is one of I be best operators ever brought into the c iiy, and before he was sent up to Dead-wood as a relief he was an Associated Press operator in the Ree office, in Omaha, although he was on the "sub" rather than on the regular list. He had anas' the entire l'hi . i i j lint- cair- Railroad Commissioner Smithi lir. W. (1 Smith of Stuigis. raBivjod roniniissioiier from this part of the jtate. spent the day in Deadwood yesterday, seeing his wife away for Kansas, where see will spend the summer. He stated that the valley below Sturgis was visited by a terrific hailstorm Suuday evening, which resulted in a peculiar list of disasters, none of them serious, however. The hil fell furiously near Piedmont for a fw minutes, some of them half as large is teacups. John S. Webster, a Sturgls plumber, was at Piedmont with a team, and, the team running away, he had two rilis broken. Mrs. Bryant of Lead was driving down in the valley a short distance with another lady and they were approaching a house when the storms truck j&FSlplnos made a determine I M He Americans stormed the en-tmdKt by a series or brilliant fttirc teoopa retreating Blub-Hi litter were in a strong po that place the next day for home. The personnel of the band is as fol lows: Orhmaii Anderson A. A P. A. Claud wall nm wall i. "Some timea her n arrow kitchen walls Stretched away Into stately haJls." This happened to Mamf Muller, but my prices on wall paper make It possible for it 'to happen to everybody. My stock Is entitrely new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the handsome designs. You are especially Invited to sea them. PAINTS! PAINTS! Now la the time to paint your house. Remember that my store la headq tarter for all kinds of pain nl painters' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and laat longer than any paint made. Oome In and ret color cardi and study color affsota. The Old ReMabU DmW, ll dene of the battle, and more j a peculiar taste for whisky, and that is Is in sight. Lawton will probably what worked his undoing. As tomorrow. I ; usual with sin h men. he spent all his 0 j money for drinks, and when he could not lland ShOWS Imnrnvement. I K-t whisky he took something else hot. M Treat i! Handy Shepperd Ii Prof M. L. Stetson A. H. Jacobs fliis Peterson Ollie Parkins Joe Smith L. Greenfield A. E. Linn John C. Ralem Claud Robinson Almar Heigerson H. Moore was called to the cnair iothorn. The other lauy gm oui io open o !,V MN, Mo,, June 13. ( Special. ) Wei" Blind has show n some lni- A. K. Indseth Hanson J. Brown Asa Forest Ed Shufelt I tablespoon fill. While he has eluded cap- j Kate. and the team becoming suddenly I ture so far, it Is a pretty safe bet that ' unmanagable, Mrs. Bryant wag thrown ! he will be taken in yet. ! out, sustaining a broken arm, near the let today and has been able to rec- ta) tbout bim. o I wrist. Another party, consisting ot sev- With CarJS aild DanCinfj. j ral gentlemen and ladies, was out driving . ,. ,,,!?,' at the time, and the team started to run The ladip of the Catholic Order of ror- me lauies oi rue to , r,, the wagon lumped Effries an! Sharkey to Fight. WE STILL CONTINUE fn KIRK G. PHILLIPS. 1 TORK, Jus IS. (Special.) Jim Ud ftim Sharlipv hnvA heen LETTING DOWN esters entertained over a hundred and, uDeaM flnay flftv of their friends in the city hall last. ..... dam 5 UVaU TT VVst a J The prices on the Llebmann stock. Daily got the team stopped, without doing f to tght September 15, before the ferini th largest purse. night with progressive euchre and danc we keeD cutting down the prices, giving age. after having taken a pretty rough ing, and gave the happiest reception that the public a variety of seasonable good ride for a short distance. has been give in Deadwood in niouvu,. 6ol Seventy-five Yeais. r cmiih returned the 10th of the at manufacturers' cost. Another big cut in prices to emphasize the fact that the THE AWlfRIGW NATIONAL BANK month from the eastern part of the state, f. Tex., Jung IJ.(Speclal.)- where he had been to attend the regular I.iebmann stock must be sold, and sold quickly. We have marked our goods down I ftcboa, i negro, yesterday plead- f r X criminal JUtftAllI t nn .Tuna R monthlv meeting of the board of railway 1 commissioners. He states that the board in many instances 25 per cent lower than in our previous sales. We mean to give ? MtHica to leventy-flve years fweetltrv , .. - ! is getting along nicely with its work, and ' is securing some decided advantages for vou an opportunity to secure bright, new It was probably the largest progressive euchre party ever given in Hie city, there being IsHween thirty and forty tables running at one time. The games began shortly after 8 o'clock and lasted until alwut 10. w-ben refreshments were announced. The cards-; were then removed and the little tables were set with Ice cream, assorted cake and coffee. While these were being discussed by the guests Mrs. Miniter and Mrs. Carney were ds-termining the winners In the contests, v .rivial task. There were late style goods at prices that have never ' the people of the eastern part of the state Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 t 1 11 1 rWi Assailant Sentenced, ! i .i, uqv nt Improvements and other Jtme 13. SnMnl V Horn. concessions from the railroad companies been approached in the Black Hills. I you don't take advantage of the price re duction it will be your loss. We quote only a few of the many bar p U royillst who struck lresl- u motinn the town of Lilly, where one the head wlti a cane railroad company had over $25,000 worth not at the races a week ago gains in the store for you at this cut ! of business during the year just ended price sale. nnd where the company had steadily re fcsen sentenced to four taprUoumenL WU11U woo " " i rii orliee to be awarded, and It was found , varH.wlrie all-wool Art Carpet, worth 90 fused to put In an agent. The commis cents; now only 59 cents a yard. that for a majority of these there were , Extra super, yard-wide, worth 75 cents; lnCraSim Each Cnmnanv , All Branches of Banking Business ' Transacted, sioners visited the town a short time ago to investigate the situation and were met by about eighty of the business men of now only 47 cents a yard. PHOTON. ineralii Caroets. worth 60 cents; now the olace. The town was at once given only 39 cents. tatlon agent by the order of the board mmrm atstnrn mm Chlaa. Manila. Havana. Porte Rlc. and if a new depot had been asked for the Good Ingrain Carpets yard-wide, at 23 cents. '' M all 'the way from two to five ties, had to be broken by drawing lots. The prUes were finally distributed aa follow Lady-s First PrUe (Celluloid Glove Case) Mrs. Bauder. Lady's Second Prise (Two Line Handkerchiefs )-Mrs. Marie Gaston. Lady's Consolation (After-Dinner Cup and Saucer)-Mrs. U A. Miller. Oentleman's First Prize (Solid Gold . A.-ropecilU. J g Corbta has lsued order i itrtngtfc of each company IPrt Ulan a. by the addition Thl order will Increase W tore by The work of S Immediately. nenle would have been given that also Great bargains In, Rugs and Ingrain as it was shown to the satisfaction of the . . , . . .v MinMiiv was doing a Africa, England,' Franca, Germany ana all Paria of tfca Worla, af lowest .rkal rata. COLLECTIONS aiada carof ully and accounted for promptly. ... - rla.MUk vmmw o DaaftAnfihla Druggets. We still have a nice line of Ladles boaru inai . .,..o j greater business out of the town than the e had claimed. Mackintoshes, which we are offering at one-half the former price. Keep dry and Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers ooorfnini c. F. Peterson. I The eastern part of the state presents save money by Investing In one of these Gentleman's Secend Prize( Silk Tie) responioiniy ' is disthjctiveijT -a. a roseate picture this year. There naa been an abundance of rain, more than it has known before since 1882. and vegetation of all kinds is on the Jump. There is,, a pretty good assurance now that the f Chamberialo Will Resign. 2ftt,a--Swlat) fc-nibtTUIn Intends to JT00,kl latent view, re-lij lnUrterDC in the Trans'-Miderea M opposltioa that tMUfa, to him. ffl. . , . nnlttod to have his Mackintoshes. Call early at Liebmanns' old stand. Up per Main 8treet, Deadwood, S. D. O ' Pioneers' 'Picnic Postponed. John Baker. ,, Gentleman's Consolation ("Brownie Matchsafe) Mr. Wise. After lunch a solo by George O'Donnell was announced. He was accompanied by n .nd hla number was the ni ka Anormous ior jow. cruy " " Individuals The annual picnic of the Society of Accounts of Ba:ik, Corporations and Black Hills Pioneers has been postponed RII. Aim . . "Be Hur Serenade." This was encored and he responded with the "Irish Ser-j enade." He has a pleasing tenor voice of ( Correapondenoe Id vitod. until Saturday, June 17. Tr i to have been gWen today, but the weather :s so poorly suits to such nn or-asm-i tl at It Great Number of Visitors. Sunday was a busy day for Deadwood. and there were more tourists in the city than there had been at one time for a number of years. A large number of peo-ple from the eastern part of the stats. . . v in attendance at the en- was set ahead three days. It will be held niDCnTtlDR remarkable purity and richness, and nags with no risible effort. ..w- mnA chairs were then re- :k , '"" lO.-Th. Und in Spearftsh, and there will be no changes refnuii of grant the E. ADAMS. mvnwm niotn. the arrangements. Tbe Burlington mored and dancing began shortly after 11 a retnors Tb e who aaa - route will bold 1U extra coaches here un- HARRIS FRANKLIN, Preslde.L BEN BAEN. Vice Pra.Me-L . -.-!. fn,Hn unUl 1 o'clock 1Z City to ry to wnlts- tH that time, and the rate of S1.I5 Irr.tu Deadwood to Bpearflsb and return will VJi. SELBIE, Oesaler. campment in Hot spring-. u - to the northern Hills Saturday, some of them to Deadwood and otters to Lead-Another lot of them came WSnnd.y. d hold good oft that date. I W UIKft -"'-" " - ladlea are to be commended for the excellent preciston noticeable In carryin? out the programme and for the completeness ot their arrangements. . ' ( !n.,Wh,teooa' 08 ! R,0ttlofBOrtierYlc-

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