The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 2, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 2, 1900
Page 4
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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1900. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, PEADWOOD, S. D. Walter L Vcrcoe, M. D n m .: uosnel service, diu. d'" ner and Saviour." All are welcome. CIO'UP!DEriAIN George W. Sheafor, Pastor. S 88 8 S EYE AND EAR 8 R Occulist B. & M. R. R-Deadwood, S. D. .. Tel. Harrison S:88:S:S:S:S:S: S :S:8:S:S:88:S:8 :88: 8:8:88:8:8:8:8: 8:8:81:8:8:8:8:8 8 1 MINES AND MINING. 8 9:o 1 St. John Churcn. Morning prayer, 11 o'clock; address, "The Origin on this Continent of Thanksgiving Day." Holy .communion at 11:45; Sunday School at 12:30, Mr. S. V. Russell, 'superintendent; choir rehearsal this week Thursday 7:45 p. m.; boys and girls Friday at 4:00 p.m. GEO. G. WARE, Rector. The above is our cost mark and all of our immense stock of Mea' j j Ti,4-a will Ytk rn ara i" t and Boys Coats .Suits ana oau r. - untu Miss Harvey TEACHER OF PIANO. STUDIO, 305 mDAMS BLOCK. DEADWOOD, 8- D are all gone. falls on the Blake crushers, which are 16x22 Inches, the largest manufactured. After leaving the crushers the ore -0 Th Gladiator Gold M. & M. Co. Organized under the laws of South Remember no Clothing is reserves in this et )e. THE SINGER Dakota, Owns Dronerty between Deadwood WHAT SILVER MINERS W RECEIVED 24 YEARS AGO r 1 It silver ore could go and get bunch oi suvei uic ... ,9Mr his money for it at the rate of 1 per Tier and Rutabaga Gulches, near Lead City. . a,avc npRT AND UP TO DATE ft,. th VIBRATOR In Drop Head We are now developing this prop-We have millions of tons of medi um grade ore in sigac and elegant embossed woodwork. Or the Central Bobbin, the dressmaker's faorite. n-o-r uirUIUF ("111 passes over revolving screens where everything less than one-quarter mesh It allowed to drop into bins beneath. Krom the bins the ore passes ('own chutes into can:, by which it is carried over the topa of the ten big solution tanks, each of which has a capacity of 120 tons, Is 24 feet in diameter, and 7 feet high. Here is where the ore is cyanided. The ore is allowed to remain in the solution from four to six days. The solution is then drawn off into lower tanks, and then thru the zinc boxes, where the gold values are saved in the form of a black mud, which when dried, looks like a black powder, which is. collected and put thru a bath in tanks eight ohas: We have a tunnel proposition. We are selling stock to develop ths property. We have a few m jre shares at 17e. For particulars call on Aaron Anderson at the mines, or Central City, or NEEDLES AND ATTACHMENTS Main Street, Deadwood Where They Sell Cheap MACHINES REPAl rttu No. 26 Lee St. A. N. PARKS Mjrr, address GLADIATOR GOLD M. & M. CO., Rooms 513-14 I. L. & T. Building, Dea Moines, la. the ereaKir ,. lue soventv ounces, and Lee-Glass Ardreseen a ... .11 t.- M i H.' nrit cull the ieet in ummrui. A.,v,. v.,. en OUl ran "!" 4u ,ntv . f r.r worth seventy zinc, and the powder Is ready for tine to the niiui " 4 . to 1 iherfi la a grat dlf THE CIIY DUY LINE WE SELL BABIES te Th. following eca.e of Wholesale Hardware Bicwclesand Snorting Coeds retort where the gold la fused and converted into bullion worth $17 an ounce or more. prices of silver ores were posted up m p" ,. Colorado, on De- The cyanide tolution, after being Clear i-reiv iu....w. ottlp-. , io7i: thn basis of settie- 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST.. OliAHA drawn off is pumped off into receiving cemDer ii. ii.mieh TOent being $1.15 per ounce th ugh n..r,i9i niis were auoui FOR 1HE BABIES! ti.nks on the top floor, where it is re j. C.CARSONi Agent. o.l Oin -e svudlcnf HI" charged with cyanide to bring it back the iNew iui Does all kinds of heavy hauling, moving of heavy machinery, excavation extracting, hauling of ore, etc. We've Got All Kinds of Teams in its standard strength, when it Is ondv to be used again. The process w Forty ounce ore 25 cents per ounce . nnr or 36 cents per ounce. Is almost entirely automatical at me .... nr. 46 cents per ounce Snr-nrflsh's nlant. and ten men are able 'i .Lv nr,ce ore 55 cents per ounce r,i Babies, Smal Babies, Black Babies, and White Babies tiirl Babies and Boy Babies, :u Tact a to operate the mill running at its full rapacity, 250 tons a (lay. The com- and are prepared to do all kinds of work. PROMPTNESS IS OUR MOTTO Eighty ounce ore 62 cents per ounce Ninety ounce ore 68 cents per ounce. One hundred ounce ore 74 cents per j.nny has a monetor water tank at tne mill, capable of holding 105,000 gallons J. B Le Beau The Central Jeweler, Is Headquarters For Black Hins Gold Jewelry, Any design, made up on the shortest notice. MAIL ORDERS Write him Just what you want and he will quote you prices by return mall. REFERENCES Any bank or mercan tile house in the Hills. Office No. 2 Syndicate Blk. All Kinds of Babies I of water enough water to run tne UOne hundred and twenty ounce ore plant for six weeks without refilling. Residence Phone B. H., 169. Office Phone, B. H. 118. Tho enmnanv is going to maKo an va cents i"" Bq One hundred and forty ounce ore 83 other payment on the Metallic Streak irronn of c aims today, tne last pay 'TWO FELDHAUSEN, Prop cents per ounce. One hundred and sixty ounce ore 86 AAta tr mince. ment has been made on the Hermitage, one of the groups purchased and there One hundred and eighty ounce ore rtn nAl-a nor niltlf'ft. remains the time between now ana next April in which the company has to settle in full for all the property It has purchased. 8 Two hundred ounce ore 90 cents per UTwo hundred and twenty-five ounce ore 92 cents per ounce. . flftv ounce ore It is composed entirely or uoioraao CAN BE PURCHASED OF US In PRICES they range all the way from 5 cents to $10.00 t, We WantYou to Come In And see our elegant ine of Babies Children especially invited. WILCOX PHARMACY. caDltal. and la incorporated I TWO nunaieu tm with a capital stock of 1,500,000 shares, with a par value of one dollar per MANITOU : Three hundred ounce ore 97 cents share. About 900,000 shares wero set nairln last January for the treasury, per ounce. Three hundred and fifty ounce ore and about 800,00( have been sold, the Mifitral Water. Ginger Champagne. Sarsaperilla. it 99 cents per ounce. k.iniroii ounce ore 1101 per proceeds being used in the purchase or property and the building of the new rum mill. The principal stockholders in flftv ounce ore the company are: J. K. Vanatta, D. NT. Helzer. W. C. Frost, 1. 1 . Jones, 1 Five hundred ounce ore $104 per O :w'ijoii totowwototu.. - -j a u a Wftttnnn. They own 320 nrrpn of valuable mining ground, and Seven hundred ounce ore ll.Ob Pr have ore in sight to run their plant for an indefinite nerlod. or tne grouna uuuro . . , 1 f8 ner Eight nunarea uuuw they have acquired 200 acres Is pat- WAUKESHA : Boro Lit A UnC6. 1 ftB nor Nine hundred ounce ore l.o Per AT THE CHURCHES. GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER CO. OUo!'h..ndredtaol 9 .ff$5-rv-tAA Congregational Services at 11 T r 9A .i .on mince ore $1.09 per vne iuuu"" m. Sermon Dy itev. jonn i. douiu.u. a., "Tho Rivera of Israel ana UUVJCVh) Damascus." Sunday school at i:i! This table shows that for the bulk of the ore then produced the prices m ,,on niivor wan auoted at ll-H Effervescent, Ginger Ale, Lemon Phosphate. Y. P. S. C. E. at 6:30. IN6ERS0LL-SERBEAHT ILL CO. e.mHau Music at M. E. Churcn. per ounce brought less to the miner In the morning Prof. Hedge's choir will sing an anthem, come uet us than the same graue u . -bring today.Then It was practically bring today.Tnen it EDWOrth Lieague Worship." The impossible for miners o al Ladies' quartet will also sing in the Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoist8 0. F. PURNELL on ores running iess iuu ""' mnrnln? "Where Will IOU opouu -.v.. .. net ton. TaKe tne ex WtornWv?" ample of forty ounce ore for which 25 In the evening the cnoir win sins, THIS SPACE IS RESERVED FOR Now Is Thy Salvation uome, nuu Deadwood, S. D. Agrt for South Dak. cents per ounce was paia in mnr then received $10 per ton for xxt n TMna'o Male nuartet Will aiau 1 1 his ore. Today the smelters pay tender one of their favorite selections D. JACOBS, sontQ free Everybody welcome. 96 per cent of the value oi tne .l onit tnr fnrtv ounce ore the There will be special music at tne YOU ABOUT WHAT MAKES A Georgetown miner will receive, with r-nrotmtinnftl church tomorrow WHO HAS SOMETHING TO 8AY TO NICE XMAS PRESENT. nmminir Mrs. N. S. Hanna, a stran silver at 64 cents per ouuco, uUk tic not fnr a ton of ore. At ger as yet In the musical circles' of that time there was no allowance made nAdwood. will sing a boio enuu ator nf the East" by uooper. sans for the gold contained in me . v. ,. irof tn the miner will Hansen recently came from Chicago now luuuu " ONLY A FEW DAYS MORE - never be known. Today settlements GEO. V, AYERS & CO Successors to . Ayres & Waidman HirdTare Companj. where she received ner muatcoi tininv shn nouses a musical voice are made for $1 In goia per wo. an allowance was made, for lead only and all who are fortunate enough to whn there wm an unusuaiiy har her will be grellghted, m . sncietv of the Congregational .. ' ' - -. .. . s ,b Of the Great Slaughter 'Sale and he gets the value ot his lead and re church will meet in the church parlors it is Over, ceives a premium lor every narrnntaKe. In high grade HI O V uuv v, u W. Barron, Pastor. t ore the miner received more than he Trinity M. E. Sunday school ax iu does today, but oerore ne coum -.n nnnoA for his silver he had T ake Advantage of It WhUe You Can and Fit a. m.; preacmng at n a. bv"" "i o urself out for w inter at aureai 0ayin& League at 6:30 p. m.; evening service at T:30. Arthur McParlane, Pastor. to have 400 ounce ore, and the mines which produced ore of that grade or higher could, be counted on the fingers. First M. E. Subject oi discussion Only a few days more romam for the people ef thU vicinity in which to take advantage of the great opportunity which awaits them to clothe .v i. to. it., noid and hlusterr winter which awaits them, tieuf rviNini; PLANT STARTS at 11 . m.. "God Revealing nimseu. At 7:30, "The Ration and the Liquor Spearflsh Company Will Set It. Big Plant In Motion To-day. . .t.itt that the new 250-ton Hardware and Mining Supplies.. iiiiiiinissMHunrrfmn" i " ' at a great saving over the usual price paid for the roods. W. XL i XQVTS ft CCS Clearance Bale U yet ge- Question." Special aninem uui u-In by the choir Special number by It W - - ,! i i win nn nontlnua hat a tew more days. Ton had better -tyanlde plantot the Bpearnsn ""-f "nworth ladle. ,uartet Just before m BeducUon mpany wpnld beeU the p. take advantage of It ft vrlll pay you. Our large stock of . DRY GOODS, CARPET8, 8UITS, OVERCOATS, JACKETS, CAPES, .mw 'rnis its LiiH uioui i m - Junior League, p. m.; Epworth, v.. h. Koai Dnnmnjr in juauouu runs rni "'"-"" . . aU go at the greatest sacrllee you ever eard ofc , They must he aoM here i a sample of how we are aelling Vumt:- League, 6:30 p. m.. with song by tne ladles' quartet Antem this evening, -Now Is Thy Salvation Nigh."'; The male quartet will render a number. gulch, near Ragged Top. for the last Mveral months. It te i the largest plant that hat been completed in th Black Hills, and the only plant of greater site Is the Homestake, which 1 " lOl CM DttJ 1 eflUfc IU" sWIUWii wwaw w T - W T ' " $9 00; an overcoat that formerly told at lU.OOter 7il at $1400 to $ie,00r for from $9.00 to $10.00; a oloak, cape or Jacket .AM baa been, retailing at from $1L00 to $15.00, for from$.00 to $9.00 or one that Jhas been aelling iim a 1ft ATI C&rtut th hast All Invited, strangers vlted. C B. Clark, Pastor. Deadwood t m - Baptist Morning service at 11. n i. "RAvctsJlnt Jesus." Sunday for xrom is.uw to . iw.uv, .v ., - yard wide Ingrains from 29c np, 1000 pairs LaAtea' $4.00 Walking Shoes. Is not yet complete. ; -ine complete In every respect, and the ore will be handled ,and treated with the greatest possible economy. . , - " mill. 175 feet below the lower floor It ' .chooi. 12:15 P. m.; Junior Union, I p. m.5 Young People's meeting. :0 the best quality ever turned out oy any nonee,-aurmg ,um fo-Thla U Indeed the greatest aacrlflce eale that has ever been inaugurated in the Black Hills, or any section whatever of the west ... . . .. ' The reason for Oia unprecedented aacrlflce U that we mnst unload pot . . . - .nl mmm m. o(lflMA t ' Wnrlr Willi nn The ores received at tne top ot m I FIRST NATIONAL BAB mammota stoca to axve i , , of hard usage ot floor haa become worn and must be replaced; with the u t - - m - a sf ! . M DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA. regular vena ox buumh mm . - .back number." and mnst replaeed with, new, and np4ate one; our ttxtaree with twenty years of constant servloe, have done their dty and Boat be set aside toe tha V nd modem one we have ordered, and hence) It la that we tout reduce our stock or move late ."other eaartera van the work la being doatt We decided to give Ue ptbllo a benett 0 a aacrllce. eoetmark aalaru put on-everytklng le going-going fast, too. ao some along. Oar old cmstomers. apeeUlly; .vwMavlto to corns and get 700 Airr( ttoult We hnte terved yon-ta many eacrl- Acsay GO Cento: Cold ana unyer THE UNION. 1SSAY OFFICE -.V. BataMlilwd IMt. . TJo 37 Leo Ctreet rDeadwood. , . - Vill Gt Correct Results of Bota ; United States depository .,, j -j niDieraiiii P . " -a m A. toe and clearaace amlec idnrms utpasc we7w ay. that the aale sow on caps afl preeealax ecorte at. al ever pot on in thla, or amy other country. , r Gold ana Silver or oiuenis. tl ALL SAMPLES JJEOUOHT xv Venra. for al aejaj ana awu f i. urriwi.n iKirr -a x. lexnBVftT I ?":""' "1. s. ill V ' i v '.- t V ' - - - - 1 -ii r - tii, ' - LOWE

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