The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 8, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1900
Page 2
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TUESDAY, MAY 8, 1900. THE DAILY PIONEEK-TIMES, DEA D WOOD, S. D. men and the British twice as many said, after all, is that 'if" the democrats received the majority of votes THE and one of the great battles of the century might have Joined at some point ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. Geo, V: Ayrcs & Co. on the line. But the advance of the Boers seems to have been in the nature they will nJn the victory, and "if they don't they won't. As we have intimated, your "if" is the saving clause of political bittles as well as of other affairs in the ;:rena of human action. nf an infantrv raid in force. It cost THE BLACK HILLS TIMES Successors to the British nearly a thousand' men, chiefly in prisoners, and brought' about ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDAtED MAY 13, 1897. Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company. another ineffective siege ending in Boer retreat. In some, respects the movements In South Africa recall those IT roubles Why trifle with health when the easiest and OPEN LETTER TO DEWEY. My dear George: I take my j.rii in hand to let you know that you are up in Greece In the recent war with Turkey. Battles were avoided by the PIONEEK-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. against a cinch, and to beg tha" you Greeks and in the end they were saved surest help Is the best known medicine In the iiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiniliiiiilllllillll cash in what few chips you still have in the game before somebody just kicks the table over and shoots an: the lights. Six months ago I would have world? only by the interposition of other powers. It was a war without a general field engagement. With the military writer of the fu Lydia E. Pinkhmi'i Vegetable Compound j bet my beer bottle soltaire against a ture it will be a question if the Boers TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday, One Year 110.00 Six Months 5 00 One Month 1.00 WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: One Year 2.00 Six Months 1.00 Missouri meerschaum that your name would go thundering down the a.tcs as did not lose their greatest opportunities through delusive sieges. They felt so sure of the prey at Ladysmith that a large army was kept there, giv the greatest hero of modern times. That scrap in Manila wherein you told Hardware and Mining Supplies.. Gridley to turn his monkey loose when ready, and made pot hooks and .ingle ing Roberts the chance to break thru the thin lines in the distant west and Is known everywhere and thousands of women have been cured of serious kid' ney derangements by IU Mrs. Ptnkham's moth' ods have the endorsement of the mayor, the postmaster and Others o f her own city. Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Deadwood Postoffice. iron of the Spanish fleet, woke up th world and made you the idol of every true American. Your "Oil again on again Finnegan" cablegrams sent us during the progress of events there were the soul of brevity and th admiration of the English speaking lllllllllllltlllllllilllllllllllNIIIIIIIIIII seize the capital of the Free State. If, at the moment of his arrival in Bloem-fontein or soon after, the Boers had fallen upon him with every available man they might have broken his army and driven it back at least as far as the Orange river. The barren attempt at Wepener is a repetition of Lady-smith on a smaller scale. The garrison was laboriously surrounded, but Her medicine has the endorsement of an un GOLD DKMTCRATS. For no evident reason Indianapolis seems to be the centre and capital ot the Gold Democrats, and Indiana is their unhappy home. They may not be numerous but they give themselves worm, and tne manner In which you pranced about the harbor with a chip on your shoulder and dared the Ger man or any other old fleet 'to knock it Main St. Deadwood, S. D. not assaulted. No one disputes the de oil was simply grand. Oh, but we were voted courage of the Boers, but their porud of you 'deed and deed we were numbered multitude of grateful women whose letters are constantly printed In this paper. Every woman should read these letters. Mrs. Plnkham advises suffering women free of charge. Her address Is Lynn, Mass. . an air of frequency by the many meetings which they hold and the many resolutions which they pass. According to Indianapolis dispatches they are now in a condition of much mental ferment and upheaval. They cannot stomach Col. Bryan and they abhor Mr. ueorge. i nen you came nack, ami we did th proper as best we how made strategy lacks energy in offensive operations Jli mass, and wars are not won bv armies with this characteristic. C. L. SlEWERS. It is said that Turkey would be willing to pay that claim in rugs but that the powers at Washington obstinately refuse at this late day to acquire the habit of sitting on the floor. Columbia Bicycle McKinley as a protectionist and a "despot." What to do? How to save the country? Who is the man worthy of their support? It is said that they are thinking of Admiral Dewey and that they hope to And in that ingenuous candidate the Inan with ' whom both the remaining simon-pure gold democrats and the few you an admiral, presented you with a cosy little $1110,000 cottage, and burned a heap more powder in your honor than even you did at Manila. It" the welkin didn't ring, it wasn't our fault. Th n your engagement to a charming and talented lady was announced, and whiln n whole lot of us neglected to send in "God Bless our Home" mottoes or other, appropriate wedding presents, yet in the great heart of the Nation I use a capital N, George the woman to whose charms you capitulated was willingly enshrined as a part of our hero, and we shared in the joy that we tenioves to Texas and three in a bed :s one too many, anyway, and no place t',r a decent man like yourself. Switch switch now! Don again in as rapid succession as,, circumstances will permit those ninety-nine pairs of panta- loons which you have paid for and own De Smet News: The Bluck Hillb Hills people havo turned some queer political antics in the past, bur. the sentiment out there at this time twins AND BIGYGLE SUNDRIES but rabid republican anti-imperialists and should control and var and be once more our bold and fearless sailor who hate McKinley and don't love to be practically solid for E. W. Martin for congress. Lawrence is the onlv county In tins Hills which ha not se Bryan will be satisfied. The Most Complete Repair Shop in the Hi ad whom we delight to honor! Be We'don't know how many dozen of tween ourselves for this epistle, un derstand, is strictly confident! I fear me much you wont: that von piffmwwwmiifnffffwmiffwnfwmmwmwmnfnfiK telt must b,e yours. But say we never figured on an unconditional surrender: You were a pretty big man, you know, and we certainly thought that under the Articles of Love as under the Articles of War, you would be permitted to at least march out of your bachelor fortifications wearing your side arms can t. im a married man myself, and realize that those of us who started in as second lieutenant find the road to promotion long and rocky. But you're lected Its delegates at this writing, and they are all instructed for .Martin. Some of the old Deadwood barnacles kre in opposition, but the assurance is given by the Pioneer-Times that the Lawrence county delegation will be for Martin. The Hills district is entitled to a representative in congress and could have had oue all the tune had the fool-killer done his duty and it need net have been Frseman Kno,wles either. Custer Chronicle: Judge Granville G. Bennett of Deadwood, who is 'a a fighter:. Vp then, George, and at this class of republican anti-imperialists there are, or if there is a dozen of them. The noisiest of them seem ready to vote for Bryan an unreasoning savage hatred of Mr. McKinley being their most salient quality. But they are the sort of people who would be flattered by a party dedicated to their special cause. We dare say that- they would vote for Dewey, the founder of "imperialism." the man who said of the American flag in the Philippines, "I hope it til float there forever." As to Dewey's financial opinions there may be some doubt. Probably he 1b for the "money of the Constitu Draw satires, ami repel doard-Stiikr strike for your nltais em : ers: and able: 1 Ladies Bazaar S Silk WaiStS for this week at a bargain. zi New Dress Patterns for spring powns. Slimmer GOOdS in Percales, Mercerized Cinr-g: hams, and all fashionable fabrics for. summer g dresses and shirt waists. Tailor SuitS for everyone, Come and se. Mrs. Ptott, - - Main St. Deadwood vour fires and your unmention-.! Bill Barrows and accoutrements, including ninety-nine pairs of trotiserlooas of which we were wont to boast the whole cheese as it were was a feature of the affair which never entered our calculations; but when you deeded away the fehack which we had given you, we began to smell a mouse. Of course the furniture was old and sorter candidate before the Sioux Falls con vention for one of the delegates to DR NAULTEUS REMOVED. Dr. A. Fr. Naulteushas removed his office and 'residence to the Carney building over Lowe's clothing store 681 Main street. the national republican convention at luiiiiiiuiaiuiaiiiiiiiiiiUiiUiiiiiiaiuaiiUiiiiUiiiiiiiUiH,; tion" or will be when his private secretary comes, to that paint. There can be bo doubt, however,- as to the geniality of nominating an expansionist on an anti-expansionist ticket. If the Hoosier gold democrats have the humor for that, they jniist be in better spirits than their habitual resolutions indicate. Philadelphia. He has been endorsed and recommended by the Lawrence county convention held in Deadwood last Saturday. Chronicle: At the Lawrence county republican convention held in Dead-wood last Saturday, Hon, E. W. Martin was unanimously endorsed tor congressman and the delegates chosen for "Strike For Your Altars and Your Fires.' THE THREE BAL shaky in the legs, and I must admit that the coal house door needed another hinge and possibly the roof did leak a little in spots but it was a gift, George; as fre and as pure as the water from the well, and it hurt our sentimental corns to see it pass out of your hands. Then came the petty strife over precedence at state dinners and governmental tea-parties, wherein your lady seemed toget your perhaps I should gay heA-naval . numbers mixed with' our Votes, and insisted "on being the whole push, which of course . she. w.asn' t.. lor-jtliere- &ta always, ethef shingles on the roof. No you are Ton Know What They Mean. They mean that voti c;m .mlMfC lv borrow all the money u;in! the state convention were Instructed for him. Martin has now Ave out of all personal property of V iI ip at the six Hills counties, and Pennington, which will hoM its eotrvention today, will go solid for him. . The Black Hills delegates will for once go to the office. We carry a larjie k of redeemed pledges at prii - ilist surprise you. H0P12 It WILL BE PULLED OFF. Just as the trees are busting Into leaflets and the crocuses are pushing their dainty little heads on the hillsides, the telegraph announces once more"that Ethel Barrymore is to be married. At ltusiness Strictly CoiifiuVntiiL state convention as a harmonious body and E. ,W. Martin will be our next Patriotism is always commendable, but in every breast there should be not only the desire to Se a good citizen, but to be strong' able bodied and ivell fitted for the battle QlifeX&jQihi$-L-pur& bipod is absolutely necessary, and Hood's Sarsapa-rilla is the one specific which cleanses the blood thoroughly. It acts equally well for both sexes and all ages. H umof " When I need a blood purifier I take Hood's 5.wapanKi. h cured my humor a.nd is txceUerd as a nerve ionic." Josie Raton, Staff orSpnnst Ct. No. 21 Lee St. The DeadwoocLLoan Offici various times the telegraph has told us i congressman. that Miss Barrymore was to he married to Lawrence Irving, Gerald Du Maurier, the Duke, of Manchester, the Earl ot A vi, and Richard Harding Davis, and ' While we have each time sighed with mioted as having declared yourself a democrat, and a candidate for-president We might overlook the first, George, for there are a few quite decent democrats still on earth; but you lack most of the symptoms, and all of -the outward evidences of the disease that I know. You aint agin expansionnot by your quarter-deck nor are you for free wool and .Mexican dol- Spearfish Register: The republican county convention in Deadwood last Saturday was a very harmonious affair, owing 'to the fact that the slate was made up before the, convention assembled. It was, a sure winner for Martin, because the battle was fought in the primaries where the populists Gustom Ore renei on learning mat notning more serious was. intended , than another Dress notice, it Is reallv time for Miss Wa are now prepared to treat custom ores by the Cyanide H democrats could assist the; repub an teas at reasonable rates. Northwestern Gold and Silver Extraction Co. First Ward, Deadwood - - South Dako licans in their distress. And Magnetic Martin swayed part of his party and dealt a death blow to the Moodites. The convention endorsed Hon. E. W. Martin for congress and we will say that they endorsed the most honorable man in the republican ranks. HoodJ fllli care llTr III! ; th owi-lrrtttlnn n jply crhrtl to tte with Hoofrt BartaparUla, lars. You hooted at all that belly-wish six months ago, and I know that if I could get you cornered, separate and apart from any undue influence, you'd repudiate the whole mess again on demand. Nor do you want to be president. It's not in,yor line of samples, aa you yourself have truly said. You are a sailor and a fighter and Barrymore to do something Benous and get out of the habit of frightening her admirers.' We never did take kindly to her proposed union with Richard but there are others she might have married and . done . well .We do not hare the pleasure of knowing Mr. Westmore, tha latest victim of rumor, but trust that Miss Barrymore m v ha anrfeaaf ii t in tarwlln v litm ' H i . MRlBRYAN'g "IF". 4 yottr-fiay floats tt Tttrheao and the top Your "if" is the most convenient of the best navy in the world, bar none. word in the whole Held of rhetoric As T- 1 s . . . j , I " uiue.ioBua your true place in charity covereth a multitude of sins, ! f. . j , T . ,., . . . . , .' and history. Let well enough a- so your "if contemplates a wide an l 1rt . . .. . , . . v,' - . Jone. Dont slough off the honor and almost illimitable range of possibll- fa Md an,,rU. ! 1 J. L. IVIAHCOUX S New Undertaking parlors a - r.o.:20 Lee Street is said to be a society man who moves In exclusive circles but this should not be held against him. The fact of his engagement to, Ethel ia evidence that he sometimes comes down off the perch and he may in time break the society habit. , In any event Ethel la hot worth the cost of telegrams and apace in the newspaper and she should be willing to give up a part of tha columns tg her less favored or less resourceful sisters. grateful people in a vain endeavor to gratify the social ambition of one who ought to be satisfied with, skirts, and utilitarian word is well appreciated by Mr. Bryan. While' he wasat Port Hu- mil ana miiiiuHT ittBt u iuni liiii umi . . - ,.,. I maB..ft c.a pT1Mnc4 throu Ton as few , " - v j pr her sex have attained. Already peo manner, spaeklng to an, interviewer, ple ara wondering whether your glo- Are Now Open Public! he said: "If we hold what we had in TO THE 1896, and If wa bring back tha gold democrats, and if we gain large acces sions from the republicans, the chances j; of victory for the democratic party ou&ht to be good." ' I Largest, and most complete Line of ; Caskets and Funeral Equipments to be found in the west Embalminej. Done; by, a Professional in the Art Indeed, MrBryan'a generoua us cf rious victory at Manila wasn't due to hick more than ta, valor, and pretty soon they' will -positively declare that the Spanish fleet was a prehistoric ruin, anyway,' and that It waa a waste of good ammunition to smash 'em up aa yon did that you'd ought to have used a base ball bat or a bung starter. You cannot get the nomination for president at the hands of the demo-popa. BJIlium Bryan has made a solid mash on that combination and they will atay with him until he'a tired or A WAR WITHOUT 'BATTLES. ' Enough Is known of the style of warfare in South Africa to warrant the belief that fhere will he no treat pitched battles during the struggle. The inequalities between the adversaries may account for this result, though it is also due in part to a difference in tactical views. In the recent operations east and southeast of Bloemfontein the Jloers could have concentrated 30,000 All this handiest ana moat tempting of all words Is suggestive of a degree of humor on the part of the Nebraska statesman, though we are assured he was never mora serious in all bit life. Tha substance of what the Colonel .V-r ' , V ONLY FUNERAL CAR" IN THE HILLS. ' T U trails Answered by Dav or Nip-ht . . .v, i-,a. tHarrison II II

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