The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 5, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1898
Page 2
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TIIJ? DAILY IM0NKER-T1MES, TUESDAY, APRIL 5, 1833. TlIE PIONEER-TIMES. Want Column. Stop and See the. dlaplarmiieiit, 21.9 knou spred and l"l protected by a tel ilm-y 6 larhes thlrk on the slopes, to shli-to la a1iied a bel'. j of 3-Inch ateel extern) I tig- In th wakenf fl f" f ? ?N I r" (00 ' Vir. CS r I n it uorpnss yarpms; FOR 90 DAYS. S) Diamond "C" Soap Wrappers. 10 Por Cont The Best Laundry Soap. On Exhibit In nTTTT T TfiO' Windows of Save Your - Soap Wrappers. Particular ot Contest will bo Explained In thoco Columns in a abort timo. . . , . Will be rettirne'l on sail Cush .Salus lo Custom-era on Leuthtr O.hkU in tl.e SJt I'o. They are market in plain fiurt., Kim in price than any other housv in the stulo. Oome and Supply Youraolf at Drug Store Main St. FARM . . (Eatafcliaked U7I-T.) PIONEER-TIMES PUBL18H1N0 CO. TERMS Or SUBSCRIPTION. DAILY Ertry morning, sxcept Mob 47. One Yr f 10.00 Sis MobUu 1.00 On Moat 1.00 WEEKLY Issued trjr Thursday. Oo TlU 100 Sli Mo.Uu 1.00 PI0NEER-TIME8. Deadwood, S. D cured as aecond-claaa matter at the Dead wood Postoffice. RPANISH AND AMERICAN NAVIES (Krotn the Scientific American.) WMIe we are hopeful that the exiat-Ing dlfSrulties with Spain may even yi-t prove to be capable of adjustment by pewi-fiil methods. It U likely that if hiwtlllllei come at all they will com iiil kly. It In equally tertaln that tin Issues of war would be determined tin ;n (lie m-u, ami a brh f compariitoii of the fighting atrength of the two iiavU-o will lie Juart. now of epeclal Intel est Could we defeat flpaln upon the high a7 it la to Bay that there la not a cltlien of thla country thatdimbu for a moment that we could. To th l:iy mind the tank of annlhlltdiig th Hj niiUh navy appears not only certain. 8 For Sale by All Grocers. THE CUD AMY .PACKING COMPANY, T VZ 7IDD'Q MAIN STREET. Jj vw. lZ. -vrr o deadwood. -11 Tt- . i .ii. - r rr rr ri ay tssssissp aBSjBas kss mm . . AND GARDEN. Clover. Alsyk. 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Miss Jenny Clay, Ikwdwood. t'For Sate 20-stamp mill, Homeetake mortars, 8G0 pound stamps. Will erect the mill anywhere on a railroad tn $12,500. Address the Illack Hill Ma chlnery Co., Dead wood, S. D. MiUCELANEOCS WANTS. F. M. Coun will And It lo his Interest ts auswur this ad. Anyone know ing of hi whereabouts will please an wt-r and receive reward. M. Leone, 1218 Mkbigun Ave., Chicago. 111. FOR RENT. tTo Rent -In Clark Building, on double and three tingle office, by 8. Cushmau. It WANTED SPECIMENS. For a "Mineral House" to be exhibit ed at Omaha all kiuda ol oies, miner ais and rare specimen Iioui I to i luchea syuaie, which will be polished and catalogued and pioper credit glv ep, f lease send with specimen, value, wbers from As. A4s)rms A- J. lhn ton, Olllmor Hotel. Dead wood. e NOW IS THE TIME To puilfy youi biood With Hood's Sar saparllla. March, Apru, jlay ar tbi trying mouth of th ear. 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I will not b responsiu: for any bU contracted by parties living In my houses tn Dead wood, or other places for house material, without a written order from the utiden igosd WM. H MoM ASTER, pelle rourcbe. & D. i Mi a are , mTtrrr s. TtteSastwV S maS suws ar rsrry'a v Tss kasiseea fesewa srs t Kferrvs S ask tbs Snaiar Soe taess. Sw to gAsiUHsjIsa a a naT 5.cond Hand. MACHINERY 1 H. P. Portable Bolter and Engine. 15 H. P. HoruMSMal Bngtiw. H H. P. Vertical Engine. I Boilers. wr mil. nvuw- sruoa actios rVNS Pi I In late x inflame, but II Ji. drllf-st. 4ltMi rn)im In parted roa.mce. Try tfcm. rents. mum Mir i u l Mt mm . ie to.) small to accompany a fleet on he high seas. The possession of a numerous torpe- lo flotilla by Spain goes far to restore the balance whk b, on account of our la:tliNihlps and monitors, wilt be strongly In our favor in a pitched ba:- le, and it is the knowledge of this fuel which renders the salting of the flottll't for the West Indies a matter of the ravfHt concern to this country. The otllla constats of six torpedo boat de- troyers and six torpedo boats convoy ed by a couple of small cruisers. The Iwiata have been stripped of their gun ami tornedoe and they are being nursed acroes the water by the larger boats. which are rady to give thein all neces sary assistance. The flotilla In present condition Is as helpless as a brood of ducklings, and It Is no doubt the knowledge of this fact that baa led Sroiln to hurry them across the water in time of peace. It will lie noticed that In the torn a. ing comparison we have taken no note of protected cruisers and gunboats, wr he reason that these have theorets! ly no proper place In a onttle between armorclad. Of protected cruls, SiMln has two of 6.000 tons, three of 3.000 tons and three of 1,000 ton, be sides some older wood and Iron ships of less value. Against these we could at present oppose on the Atlantic two protected cruisers of 7,500 tons, one oj 1.000 tons, one of 8.600 tons, one of i.- 200 tons, throe of 1.750 ton and alxteen of from 1,000 to 1,500 tons. In torpedo gunboat and craft of un der 1.000 tons displacement Spain Is stronger. She has fourteen torpedo cuntioats of from S00 to 850 tona dls placement and 19 to 224 knots pcd and over ninety small gunboats, many of which, however, are olsjolete. We have three gunboats of less than 1,000 tons displacement, among which Is In eluded the Vesuvius, with It jiwumat c guns for the discharge of dynatnrt hells. Should the war be prolonged, our na ,y would rapidly lncreae In itrength The Oregon would reach eastern wa ters. and In a few months we would have the powerful battleships Ken tttcky and Kearsage In cummllon, to he followed later by that celebrate J trio, the Alabama. Wisconsin and Illi nol. Our torpedo fleet would grow apace, and It would not lie long before we should have an overwhelming u periorKy upon the seas. We are u Jbted to La lllurtraclon for our l.ius ;ratlon of the Spanish fleet. A CALL FOR "PEERLKstf UA" The harmonious character of th meeting held Saturday night In re sponse to the dtixens' call, thoroughly demonstrates the fact that the Hon Sol Star had many friends in tha gaherlng. The will therein sxpressej was not, however. In cognlxanre with the general sentiment freely expressed by the substantial business men, prop erty owners snd mothers In this city Against Mr. Star personally we nmk no complaint, but a hereditary mayor is not In keeping with the American rKlienshlp. Edward McDonald, who was for twj years I .aw re nee county' Intrepid sher Iff, during ttoat time demonstrating th fact that he i an able executive and a "ourageou gentleman. Is well knowu m this community, having honored th Second ward In the eounl chamber, and having served with distinguished red it as chief of the firs department He has friends who believe that he is ii tit led to recogn.iion ss msyor ofthU city, and that he would make a rlcsii xecutlve, and enforce the law impartially. We declare, theirfoie, to the Itlzens of Deadwoxl that no better ss tioii could le niaile for mayor tbs-i he Hon. l-1ward McDonald. Mr. McDonald is a politician by experience, a intlcnian by Instinct, and God mad liim an honeet man. And if the pea .ile uf Ileal! wod would honor him by lectin him as mayor, a city goverti-iK-tit of s-hi h we might le proud wii, certainly result. Ieadwood is a progrexslve city, an i hould have an enterprising mayo, dr. M fHinald is the fearless advocate if the laboring man, is himself a Die-hanlc: Is pruent. yet not niggardly, .s progressive without ostentation; li usve and gentlemanly In bis bearlnK without tflng distasteful. And. w. .elieve the beet luterrrt of the fit..-mould lie suhwrvtd. Its dignity fault ehsly niaintBlnfl. the law enforceo he moral and intellectual wants of th' iiy attained, by the election of t'hit : p iiietit of good government and rn-it.ess MANY VOTERS. MOKE GOLD MINES. Stones of big "finds" of gold reach as, not only from the Klondike, but iro mmany part of the country not hitherto suspirioned of being veined y the precious metal. A tremendous mpetu to mining Industry and the development by syndicates of capitalist of natural wall in numerous direc ions ha resulted. The exposure ana hardships of frontier miner have evs been productive of rheumatism, one ot the most csbstlnair gad agonialng of oomplaiau. As a aeaas ol ajnsllarat ing and prevenUng this malady. Ho teller' Stomach Bitters Is unequalled. The artloa of this fine medicine 1 also speedily felt la eases of malaria, dyspeptic and kkiney and bladder complaints. Lumbago tad Other Infirmities incident to advancing years are also counteracted by k. TO THE LADIES. When yoa want Art 1 li u floor lis Silk, Tjrrlaa Dyss, call oa Mrs, B I. Mooosr 721 Nobis bkMSL Iwinni glren tn Art Kssdle Work, ttuaylag ....... Jt rles an exceptionally heavy Ut.'iy of eight 8-inch -uns. protil by 5' and llM-hea ut steel, and a secondary but tery of twelve u-lmh rapid-fire iin I'nlees a I inky shell from the grt-at 11-luch guua of the Carlo V. abuuld flu I lt way Into her engine or boiler room aha would prove more than amatoh for the Spaniard. Following the Carlos V. In Import ance la the CrlatoHal Colon, built In Italy, whose slsU4- hlp, the Varus, tlu- .Spaniards were anxloui to purchas-.-from Italy. Thla la a most Interesting hip, and it la a quetitton whether, I n pile of her smaller site 9,840 tons- he la not more formidable than the c, v. The nroakable feature in tills ship Is the extensive armor protec tion, which Is so complete ax to enal1" her lo be called a battleship rather than a crulsor. A 6-lnch belt of ateel encircle the whole water line. Above this la a redoubt of continuous 6-Inch ittet-l which completely protects a bat tety of ten 6-lm-h rapid fire guns. Mi l almve this Is another battery of six 4.7 Inch rapid firing guns. The main bat (!' consist of two 10-lncih armor- plen ing guns In U-lnch barlK'ttes. Th" sjimnI is the Mime as that of the other crulwra 20 knots. Against this boat we could oppose the New York, a smaller edition of the Prooklyn. She la of t.2t0 tons ulRplacement, 31 knota speed tnd Is protected by a 4-Inch belt and a curved deck t Inches on the slope i The armament conelsU of six K-i in-h guns and twelve 4-Inch rapid -ft re guns ...-.., .n,i ilirrHs of from 7 to M .,.,,,, ,rf The atiwrtor prnter Hon and heavier secondary battery o the Chrhttolial Colon tfiould render her a fair match for the New York Following then two ships In Import ance Is a group of six sister ahlpa. two of which are already very familiar t the people of New York. They are th Almlrante Outiendo, the Cardinal Cm neroe. tne rata una. tne rnncrss u AurtaHi llie infanta Maria Tereea an the Vlaeaya. The Maria Tereea repre wnted Spain at the greut memorial ser vh-es laMt year and lay for sometlmeon Hlverslde Irlve In the Hudson river and the Ylw-aya vislteil thla port Im mediately after the aMIne disaster Each of these six ships is of 7,XM tons dlHplacement anl 20 knots speed They are provided with a belt of 12 inch steel, at the top of which Is a 3 lnrh ,,mU,.tVe d.k. Kt en1 , this belt an armored tulie rise to con nect with a Imrheite of 104-lnch steel and In sach (srUtte Is an 11-Inch ar mor-plertdng gun. Between these gun ', a battery of 5 R-Inch quick flrln guna. Against these sie'ly ships we coull oppose two powerful first-class battle ships, the Indian and the Massachus etts. the armored cruiser Texas an four powerful monitors, the Purrtan Terror, Amphltrlte. anu Mlantonomah In (Kilnt of guns and armor the advan tage would be vastly In favor of the battleships and monitors, though thl would be offset by the speed, handlnes and ability to use the ram of the Span ish cruisers. In an artillery duel ther i-ould be little doubt of the Issue. heavy guna the seven American ship have eight 13-im-h, ten 12-Inch, twelvi 10-Inch, and sixteen K-im-h. a total of 46 armor-piercing guns against a total of twelve 11-im-h guns on the six Span ish ships. This superiority boweve would be greatly offset by the murder uus dls charge of the secondary rapid-fire batteries of the ipanlanls. which would comprme sixty i-lm-h gun 4gaint which we could only make re ply with fourteen six-inch and eight I inch guns. The result of such a du i owuld ! that the uuarmorel euds and ihe central secondary batteries of th-Indiana. Maiwa-husetu and Texi-would be blown away, while the armoi belts of the Spanish ships would b pierced slid the ship either sunk i-i dlsalded. Thus far. however, we have taken n note of two other novel and hltheri untried elements, which would at lean figure prominently in uih a battle, i: they did not prove to be Its deciding factor. V refer to the armored ra-n Kaishdln. of the American fleet, sn.i the deadly torpedo tutat destroyers ol the vncm.v. The KaUhdin Is a vexsei jf 2.1."0 tons and ! knote seed. w ho o)e duty Is to ram. i-or this puriK he prewtitii hut little of Iier bulkaliovt !he water. That which Is visible u runnl and armor plated with a vies lo deflecting the nel! of the enein;, hc h. uulik in turning, and It woul .e an extremely difliculi. Uuk for a a. hip to elude or sink her Ix-fore.the fa la! blow was eiruck. The mx destroyers. Audax. Ons.1v Tenor. Furor. Fluton, and Froserpin re the fastest and tnnKt formidable o- heir !a. 1 bey have a sjeed ('f S knots and -jrrr two dioharge ijik for the deM.lly Whitehead t.irpedo A- :h-y are unarm ored. ;hey an be eastl Hunk l gun firv. sud for this n-aw hey will rarely make an unsupporte i i.tiaik in the o;-ii In line of battie However. th will Iw certain. to play wry lm(KH-unt pait. Sheltering them .-H-lves Uhlnd the advaticing shlp-lohuh ihcy ran easily do on account uf their small sirei, they wfll rush uo. at the opportune niornetit ma flrr theh orj"does at the enemy So greatly i' tiie torpedo dreaded that the bnetil. fire la certain to be drawn away from the -battleships and concentrated ontbr destroyer in the effort to sink them This diversion will he of great value Ij the fleet possessing a torpedo flotilla and may easily turn the tide of batftlr at a critical moment. The moral effect s-bich theee li ats m r!) produce In a naval battle i Ahowc In the naval war game which we Illustrated In the last issue of the Scientific American Art Supplement. We bare nocking of Uie siae and speed of these 4W-ton flestroy-er which we could send agalnut them. unless It were the Porter and Dupont. of X knots. Our torpedo boats would STAR & BU LLOCK Hardware Co. e Heavy and IVIine and Shelf Mill Hardware. ! Supplies. Sanlttry Plumbingr, Sewerage Connection., Cornice Making:, All Kinds of Tin and Sheet Metal Work. FOR 4-5-d&w OMAHA advertisements. GASOLIIIE SB?- STEAM. GAS WATER SUPPLIES. FAIRBANKS, MORSE CO.. Iioa rarnam at. Qmaha, Nob. 3-lr-8-D. 4 W. Lawrence Skow Tni.2iT.lst s:j Fur Orssur, . , r i 1 9 r Rugs and Robes to order. ;' txldermy supplies) la t'.ock. M. work guaranteed Brat class. JOS South 13th Bv Osaka labraska, Q Seed for eatalgn. 1-lV-IS-b. 4k W. LKWIS HBNUEKSON, FLORIST. Cut were. 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Dsaior U kUalaf at rsflroag TMwta SYPHILIS LOjr UAIJHOOD. tixrtU Sissassa of . tsMBSfallT Ovsjd. . . pn f j a i G ' ","""' isssgas Lee-Clarke Andreesen - IIII1I Attorneys n preeeinea uy me men who deeign an.i i fight our ahlpa, the Usk apiars aqua! I ly certain, but by no means so rany of I aii-impUshment. It Is better to over rather than tin- dt-rcetlmate ail opponent, and It is best of all to rate him at als true valu. hen.-e we may as well admit at the uot set that Spain would go Into the war, as Ur at her ahlpa are concerned, with a homogeneous, compact and very for mldable fleet-one which. If properly handled and bravely fought, would be a by no mana unworthy opponent fo in' jhtitiui snipe oi tne t nnea BLaliM navy. Kach fleet would be strong where the other Is weak, and taking the two fleuU u they aland swift heavily armored cruisers and deadly destroyers against mighty battleship and more lightly armored cruisers - the Isaun, Judged Independently of'th men behind the guns." would be by no means so certain as Is popularly sup pol. The man behind the gun, how ever, would be the controlling faitor and It Is the supreme confidence of the American public In die pluck and discipline of the crews and the skill and daring of our naval officers which ren ders ft so oonrkletit of final victory. If -war should come, It would be th object of Spain to obtain a decisive na- vu) victory at the very oumet. Cuba be. Ing the objective point of both combat anta, the war would probably be car rled on In the Cuban waters. The al moat inauperaDie aimcuiuea or coat upply would prevent any delay In ri ky attempt upon our well defended sea porta. The aame difficulty would render k to Spain's adavntage to wagi- an aggressive warfare and deal as ear'y as possible an effective blow In gen eral engagement. The approach of the powerful battleship Oregon, from the Pacific, would prompt aucn a policy It W more than Ilkeiy that a numerous squadron, comprising ill the powerful armored lighting ships of the Spanish navy and their recently completed torpedo-boat destroyers, would be dl-patched to give battle to our combined fleets In the neighborhood of Cuba We would suppose that only the armored ships would be placed In th first line of battle, and tor the purpos' of comparison, we will suppose that a'i the modern armored ships of Fpain would be sent over In the effort to win a derisive battle. The Spanish line could boast of only one flrst -class battleship, tbe'TeJayo ." She Is a .ttK-ton ship of IS knou speed, carrying two 12V4 and two 11 Inch guns In 11-Inch steel barbette; placed high eoovs the water line. Shr hsa a 17.7-lncb steel belt along the whole water line, and feer secondary battery contains ulne 54-lnon rapid Are guns. She Is a good ship, but pot tense the fatal defect of baring no ar tnor proemtlon between the barber tc. sad the belt. On this account, high ex ploMhf shell bursting beneath thebar bet tea might easily put them out of a-tktn. To the Teleyo we could oppoe-the Iowa, of 11.410 tona, carrying four 12 Inch guns, eight ft-Inch runs, and secondary tiattery of four 6-lnch guns She Is protected by a 14-lnch belt, an'' the main battery 1 protected from th turret rovf down to the belt wKh J Inches of steel. She is thus larger anj more beattly arnwil and arUKn-ed than thf Pelayo. and. saving the chance) el a modern sea fight, should easily lence or sink the floanlar. Wrth the excetkm of its ee flrs' class bsttlewhip. 1he 8ianlsh line ol tiattle would consint of a magaifioent fWt of eight smift. hesvliy armed and heavily armored cruisers, similar In alie. speed and power, and admirable adapted to a-t together In a nrncme ! fleet action. There is no naUon la th world that possesses such a fleet, not even Eng and. and the tact that th enips are ell built to carry the large normal coal supply of 1.200 Mine would teem to Indicate that they were built for Just such an emergency as now confronts them. The most important and larreet of 4Jwm eM( Is the Carks. V., of .r.:. tsaa ul 20 knots speed. Her curved :5t elating is 64 lnes thick., and f sacMU'sxy banery is protected 7 a Innosst belt of t inches of steel. f .rr two il-lnoh guns disposed Lw bettes of lWnca steel, and s j iTtMittsTy of slgnt JVi-tnch i fowr .Mnch rapid Are guns -,at tir co14 orpes the which eloaeijr 3sBb her ALLaiLAD?. AnE AL,KE T Af.lOf JARCH. Perfection Is the result of our Ion s experience. V3 oefiacoe cicygles rt product of maehanlcal lnCnulty. CCD.C3 C30.C0 CCD.C0 LZzr.zrch Chclnlcsa CIC0.C? Sand for 1833 Catalogue. Atnta wantwd In open territory. cisnAncii cycux l"fq. co. Lak, WelfHoa suHatl ateaaste. UKiM. . . .'"y- vrk kenaen anal Homaurc. n LiMmT?-i . saaasrea tsrt Caea. Wsasjssi W " assssll. Tees Ossese, u, Oicssess M Welter rfsMssa, U n r? 1U i-J. Wrf T I USSBl I 1 S- cwm. ' I W aw . .M 10x6x13 Steam Pump, capacity 4S gallons per minute. No. I Oale Crasher. i Set Crush log Rolls. 1 Bruckner Roaster. Great Variety of Shafting and Boss Betting and Pulley. Tanks. 4Ve. W. U. BARKER. Ottos, rear lot Katie! Bark. Paadwsjod, a D. L J 'cmA KMi v EZJ UI3 TJ g.' STEM Pa Ca W.rrTaWs?r. . r r" no cuns t:o pay.4 Sox 723, Desv$$fl, 8. D.

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