The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 13, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SUNDAY MOBMNG, JUNE 11, 1899. THE DAILY PIONEEE-TIMES, TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 13, 1899. yATCHES l DIAMONDS, as in this instance, Its representative may take formal leave of the chief of a state of which be has been the guest, particularly when that chief Is the head of the house of Hapsburg and that state Austria. The American newspapers have been calling Mr. Clemens "the ambassador at large would remain behind knowing the destination to be Manila. Public sentiment approves the prompt pacification of the archipelago. The terms are announced, and where rejuected the proper policy Is a decisive application of force. Nowhere in th Islands is there a tribe or race fitted at present for Belf government or an extensive measure of home rule. The dominance of the United States must be acknowledged and the way to enforce It with THE 0EADW00D PIONEER STABLI8HER JUNE 8. 187. THE BLACK, HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES CONSOLIDATED MAY 14. 1897. PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. Fine.., Solid Gold Jewelry, myself to the men of note. As it Is, I choose them from my whole circle of acquaintances and the undistinguished have about as good a chance of getting lu as the distinguished. The sole passport to a place in my gallery is that the man or woman shall have keenly excited my interest. In 1"" 'ars "' wi" a" be lllt,,rest" iK jf well and faithfully described. We have hc-t a great deal in the past through a lack of Isioks written in this way for ;i ,, :,,oie posterity. A man cannot tell the whole truth about himself, even if con- , ., i,;it w hilt he W lo'e would Iievcr t'C ,y i. liters. 1 have personally satisfied ,. , ., jf ' 1 1 1 .-1 1 and have i-nilrli otlu rs t it j ii Vou ' an not I i bare your Black Hills Gold RiM semi-savages Is to make It felt. Sterling Silver Novelty of the U. S. A., but humorists In their hours of relaxation have a habit of taking Jokes seriously. That apparently Is Mark Twain's way. Mr. Clemens and his family, who will reach London about the be-ning of July, will probably spend a couple of months in England prior to their return to America In October.. Mr. Clemens has kindly given me permission to telegraph to the Times some particulars of a pet scheme of his to which he htfcs already devoted a great deal of his time and which will ' copy a great part TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday One Year 6.00 Six Months 1.00 At Special Trices for the Every Thursday. Ono Month WEEKLY Issued One Year Six Months -ml luiil, ,,l it. "I oil are too 2.00 1.00 it. Boston AgulnaldlstB may learn a lesson from an Incident at a meeting of the Confederate Veteran's Association of Washington. These former fighters for the lost cause marched in a body to the hall where I hey were to hold exercises. Hut at the n,or ii was discovered that the deeorations ioiiM:-hd almost exclusively oT Collfed-euili Hug. "Willie's our Hag'''' these 1 . It Next 20 Days at the Entered as Second Cluss Matter Dead wood 1'oatolTlce. . . eyf at : - of the remainder of i life. In some re peels it V. ill ho upp.-ll II' I' d in the i I -' - toiv of literatuie Ii i. a beouest to iniri I lei H V. ill V. Ililb bono of I lin;e no'.l II '. ! Tin: is asKcd (so nianaci r of the hall, is." replied that pnnled person. I'UII.htim:-'. .mi,.,, in the I'hilil' ii In and li.i Ui 1 follows: Si I'he '"I her, 'That longer. A. F. SNYDER is' our IUih ou'e. Put it is so no deelait d the commander of the LO.Ka IN' 'The lo-h' J of ' pines fiuin Am, -ii Ing toikiv 's J I'" Killed Died of wounds . Died of disease . and ouipa l at n el v few of ihelr grand- h i ! - I i In ii even will have any. part or sh ire ' This is a woiK whi' h Is only to be put--' lislu i1 l'i years afn i hit death of a p.u,-i trail gallery of contemporaries with wlmni. Main Street. BG 33S veleian.s. Not until a large I tilled Slates Hag had been placed upon the platform- did I he exercises proceed. The hilars and uHrs havo become, a symbol of a tremendous tragedy. The Stars and Stripes receive Ihe willing fidelity und support of all except the Atkinsons. a, Total deaths 638 Wounded 1354 r'antiirorl nnri TnlbMlhH 18 ho ha come Into personal coiniaet. Tl i. are drawn solely for his own pleasure in the work nnd with Ihe single object ol telling Ihe truth, the whole Iriith an 1 nothing but the truth, without malice niel to serve no grudge, but at the same time , I . in .,!! I, lll'llc r,i- I,,--', jump .i:.-' ,1'H. ad jump M. p and .lump int; lie -h..l. , 1. l-.;. ! r.n . a in-- lb.- hai bn i. !.' h an. In i .i" 'i. CASH TALKS Grand total 2,'Jl0 These are good figures to remember When the ranter against expansion and flerelopment, who calls himself an anti-Imperlallfit; begins telling liow thousands Of brave Americans have lost their lives in tl-e war lu the Philippines. A death roll ol 838 for nearly a year's fighting is smaller than the deaths In New York from without re poet of persons or social conventions. Institutions or pruderies of any kind. These portraits of men and woph a painted with all their wans as well as with every attractive feature which has taiii'.'H his rye, will not be written In the style of Mark Twain's I ks. which their author Col. W. J. Bryan, the hero of many of reddened watermelon field In Florida, declares that "the man who fights the trust of cominerco is quite as brave as the man who ewluis a river or climbs a San Juan hill," this being his own peculiar way of comparing bis achievements with those of Fred Kunston In Luzon and of Theodore Roosevelt In Cuba. .There la scarcely a day lull Col. Itrynn hruisi s rind lacerales allt icijiatcs will be fmuollen by th lime We have got the goods and wa nt your !trad; . Ilery is publish oniain will .e , e Plll.'l. Ml in I his ga may c iiiiii-t I 1 1 v humor I h -. .i,n ly imsimeh- . i. snbje, I if it is t, ' .1 V, ., k Of I !. I 'v p,.' .( lo I,' I' i i -! 'I'll,:, for 111 :;i "No Eye Lih we diphtheria for the same li-ngili of time. o HOIST BY THEIR OWN I'KTAltD. From this distance It npi' that the aisnnlt upon I'nsldciil I.oiiUrt luis accomplished w hat the f i i -ii.l i of the repub-llehad alrmwt despairi'd of. It has united too widely distant lUnienU o the nut lou in defense of popular govornmi lit and It has produced a corresponding disgust for the titled, and untitled blackguards, roues c ppea r iii t hi' port rail Ii. Mr. c. i.,. - , ; In, 'I In pr., o I ! ' ol: till"!. he li.l . :-. if. To USo hi.. ,.v 1 Master's Ey Come 9ud sec us, will treat you right.- his volee In a heroic assault upon a trust of one soil or another, anil as for hisin-lellect. it i.-, scarred nil over with I In- toll-tale puis ullrli monopoly p'oj.ilile-: haw 1 l ied ill Vaill to pieree II . ) Ii i rather refreshing in i .t r - ihai Oaplain Dreyfus Is too i lever lo fall into Ihe restored uniform trap set for him. lie positively declines to appear as an ullieer of the French army until he has been , e- e I- Ayres & WanMait Hardware Co.! habilitated In as public a manner as he way degraded. It was a neat little trick on the part of Ihe French war authorities to get him to resume his old rank and Insignia without formality. They would have said thut that closed the Incident. But their victim, happily, Is not H fool. They will have to do full Justice, no matter how bitter a pill It may be to swallow. : t . You are master of your health, and if you do not attend to duty, the blame is easily located. If your blood is out of order, Hood's Sar-saparilla will purify it. It is the specific remedy for troublee of the blood, kidneys, bowels or liver. Kidneys " My kidneys troubled me, and on advice took I hoods Sarsaparilla which gave prompt relief, better appetite. My sleep is refreshing. It cured my wife also." Michael Boylh, 3473 Denny Street, Pittsburg, Pa. 8crOfulOUS Humor-" I was In terrible condition from the itching and burning of scrofulous humor, drew worse under treatment of several doctors. Took Hood's Sarsaparilla and Hood s Pills. These cured me thoroughly." J. J. Little, Fulton, N. Y. " book I hill i , . to be published f ,,- a century gives the writer a freedom which lie could secure III no oilier Way. Ill these conditions you can draw a man wlthovl prejudice exactly as ou know him nnd yet have no fear of hurting his findings or those of his sons and grandsons. A book published I on years hence, containing intimate portraits, honestly and truthfully drawn, of munareha nnd politicians, bootblacks and shoemakers, in short, of nil those varieties of humanity with which one tomes in contact in the course of an active life of fifty years, cannot help being then valuable as a picture of the past. I have written a great deal of this book since I came to Vienna. During the rest of my life I mean to write In fresh' portraits whenever they come vividly before my mind, whether they be of the present day or old acquaintances. - To make such a book Interesting for immediate publication It would be necessary for me to confine and deildbeats who represent the monarchical Idea. The spectacle of Christian!, Dldn and the two Castellunes, with their attendant train of disreputables, assaulting the chief of the republic has aroused all the wrath and Indignation of the honest bourgeois, who lives cleanly, pays his debts and trusts In God. lit has, moreover, aroused the enmity of a very different class of people. The anarchists of Paris the radicals the' fellows who are usually to be counted upon as In opposition to constituted authority of any kind are rallying to the defense of the president. They care nothing for him personally, but they prefer the republic to the monarchy or the empire and they hate the malodorous aristocrats who display all the vices of their predecessors of 100 years ! ago without possessing any of their virtues "The fact that the radicals are to constitute a volunteer bodyguard for President Lnubet a the Grand Prix today Is one of the most encouraging incidents In the hls- rtory of the French republic. In short .the blackguard aristocrats have Every soldier's grave at Manila was covered with flowers on Memorial Day. Those distant resting places of the patriot dead are American territory, sacred to the Nation and consecrated with hero blood to the cause of liberty and humanity. None but the Atkinsons dare say that they shall be handed back to Ignorance and barbarism. CI ZiccdA SaUapaiu 5 mn4 b; the uon rrltatLnn Shoes WiH a Reputation. Our Boys Seal Skin Seamless SHOES! Are noted tor $heir wearing qualities excellent for school wear. Bood'i Hl!k)cure liver flj cathartic to tnne th Hood's feartparill. After awhile the Cuban Insurgent who refused to exchange his worthless rifle for 75 of good American cash will be sorry that be hasn't got a little of that money, If only to hire somebody to kick him. There Is going to be a lot of work for thte fool-killer among the Cubans who re- C. L. SlEWERS, Gunsmith, Locksmith, defeated the very purpoie which they Ject the American offer. iVJW w m-7 111 y It m IUIIWI Ul IUH1UI I HEADQUARTERS Now that Oermany has succeeded In buying a job lot of Pacific islands. It Is to be hoped. that she is satisfied. The fear that the stability of the republlo they have restored it firmness by uniting all the discordant elemeats in defense of the presi BICYLCES, L. C. VERPLAST. FOR" I the big territorial pie in that part of the No. QO Bliorman St. worm wouia oe cui wiuout providing a slice for her will disturb her dreams, no dent rand the established ' government ' never was there a more complete example of the engineer hoist by hie ewa petard. -0 -' ',' The fiction of the republican representa and BICYCLE SUNDRIES, longer. Hon. Jerry Simpson, of Kansas, Is bay The Most Complete Repair Shop in the Hills. tives or New York In falling into Una with Ing great difficulty In getting up a circula - the majority of the other republican coo tion for his newspaper. Ha may ret have to offer a bound copy of his congressional SPECIAL SALE DAYS! : gressmen in support of Gen. Henderson removes the last vestige of doubt of the nomination of theIown. Sherman of speeches aa a premium to each subscriber, I New Tor was. the earliest 'of all the Fortunately for their own good,- the Begin the work right by Wt MONDAY Furniture, all Kinds. : lighting Samoans hare decided to disarm Are You Prepared? This saves the three treaty powers the at the "ARK." TUESDAY Curtains, Paints. Fix your house. Trunks and Satch- trouble of doing the work for them and in a much less pleasant manner. , . , , i o '. - ' ' ' - speakership aspirants to put himself Into the Held, ft was thought by bis friends at the outset that he would have a long lead in the speakership caucus. The fact, however .that he had a rival from his own atate In Payne, which waa not suspected until Sherman had been In the Held several days, weakened his supporters, also destroying all his finances to get many votes, even in his own section, If he should have remained, in the field. . Hie withdrawal. MARK TWAIN'S STRANGE BEQUEST, The Vienna correspondent of the London Times wires: Samuel Langhoroe Clemens els. If you're going to travel. WEDNESDAY Store and Ranges. On these the best ana""0' of J1. THURSDAY Table China and Crockery. We have elegant patterns. ' .- ' FRIDAY Granite, Iron and Steel Ware. Prices cut half In two-Baby Carriages and Jumpers. SATURDAY Washing Machines, Wash Boards, Tubs. BoW. Wrlngwn, Ironing Boards, Sad Irons. Buy these itJ) you'll hare 'em read r tor Monday. (Mark Twain) has been obliged to post pone his departure from Vienna until the Z6th Inst' In consequence of a flattering Fine weather has come at last, and now is the time to get that pair of summer Shoes. k includes all of the latest and neatest summer footwear. No where can you find the same goods for less money. We always lead when It comes to Good Shoes at Low Prices and our stock Is the freshest as well tbe largest in the Bill. ' which has now taken place, makes a clear communication which has Just been made field for Henderaoe He will probably get to him through the United States minister, Addison Harris. Emperor Francis Joseph a unanimous vote. Aa honor of this sort, at a first election, comes eeldom in the GOODg DELIVERED. will receive the distinguished America United States. Reed. Crisp, Carlisle, Ran author In audience- on Thursday next. dall and all the rest of the speakers for Mark Twain, whose works have long vied f DEMODTH'S "ARK many years past had. at their first election. in popularity In . the German-speaking Qo to. opposition, in the caucus of their party. countries with those of the best known na 70 Sherman Street. The distinction of a unanimous nomination which On. Henderson is likely to receive tive contemporary writers, has, during his two years stay la the kalserstadt, become is rare enough to be notable la American ?i"f' n i ? 1 1 1 ? 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n ZIPPS. quite a familiar and welcome figure to the humor-loving Viennese and a great fav annals. orite In Austrian society. 'The, American colony, headed by the official representa PHOTOGRW PLATINOTYPE tives of the United States, have missed no opportunity of doing honor to trans-AUan-tlc Iltsratare tn his person, while all J ' SSSBBBBBBBBiJSBlBMSJSaBBBBliM aVJSllW " MiMiBlBiBBlBBBPBBmSiaiBlB PORTBAITa la 00. PuUL Water Colon and Crayon ft specUW- tograpiaj oolored; PkCurw ftmrned. Amateur irork enlarged In troou classes In Vienna have been eager to welcome a writer who la not only a prophet in his own country, but whose name la one According to the latest reports General Otis thinks that iO.000 mea will be enough to establish the authority of the United Ktates throughout the Philippines. If be needs 40,000. 10,000. or mora he can depend upon their prompt passage across the Pac-1"c. It would be easy to recruit a large ' v ' volunteers from tie regiments re-"' : ' :" mustered out. snl these are trained J ' n q , : 1 to go at one to the front r- -Ms we.j'. 1 b oS.-red. with ' 3 I f w nieo Kodak and Camera Supplies. PtoitosPiBhlB cm SILK and Porcelain. . We tmrm wared 4 to conjure with among entle and simple. doogli Studio, Na m Id&la ctneL IjaaArnvmU from schoolboy to courtier and prince. In FU.J.LERBROS & MeCUMSEY, , (GEDDES OLD BARNl) Nfi? Carri3K ail Bsifia Best Drirai - ani Mis Henes Boarding Horses by the day. week or months Specialty, the lands of the German tongue. ' It may bSfjk grede tote. Entire entlwfnrtloa ywrmateed. Pnctograpb w " xm i tT man to be enlarged. Our work te dooieailwcne. be fairly aald that the prestige of lltera- J ture hat been considerably enhanced when. BLACK EHia PORTRAIT AST PHOTOGRAPH No. 6 a.ltala St, Lead. . FULLER A STCB '

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