The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 6, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 6, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

SL'NDAYC MAY 6, 1600. THE DAILY PiONEEUrTIMES, DEADWOOD, & IX 5 Seebick Assaying; 50c Gold and Silver ASSAY OFFICE ONION THE TRY ALLEN'S FOOT EASE, "A powder to be shaken into the shoes. Your feet feel swollen, nervous and hot, and get. tired easily. If ytfu have smaL'ting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the feet and makes w.ill.ins easy. Cures swollen, sweating feet, ingrowing toe-nails, blisters and . allous spots. Reh.-ves corns and bin. ions of all pain and gives rest and conilort. Try it today. Sold 1 announces an expose of Established 1S8S. No. 37 Lee St. Daadw io1 Spring Millinery by all drujists and shoe stores for .m. li will give correct results (if both GOLD ANO SILVER FOR 50C. W ON ALL S... . -.ES i; ROt'GHT TO THE OFFICE I M. H. Lyona Co. AgeuU for the Blickensdorfer $35.00 Typewriter, Ilia! Package FREE. Address. Allen S. Olmsted. Le Roy, V i. NOTICE OF ANNIAL MEETING. The regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Elk Mountain Gold Mining company will be held at the office of Ed. Reilly & Co., Central City, on the 22nd day of May, 1900, at 8 n o'clock p. m. MINES AND MINING. H. W. ELLINGTON. President. JOHN BARRY. Secretary Pro. Tem. i Depicting the freshest fashions from theTrerich designers. For real millinery magnificence, fcfr correct mode and precept, Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. J L AN EXPERT BICYCLE MAN. R. W. .Lewis has secured the services The Coke Situation of D. E. Baslu one of Denver's expert bicycle and repair men, and in fulure The tremendous advance iu the price A Bargain in Hats. FOR $3.00 VOI' CAN TAKE VOI R CHOICE FROM A LARGE ASSORT MENT OF $5. $6 and $7 HATS AT ACKERMANN S ON MONDAY, TI ES- of coke Is treating consternation al work left at his place will receive prompt and careful attention under Mr. Hash's supervision. Cl amone the suit Iter men. and Harris UAY AND WEDNESDAY. SALE LASTS JI'ST THREE DAYS. GREAT rock! rock:: Anyone wanting building anl see J. J. Feldhausen. rock, call EST HA HI! A INS EVER PI T ON IN Franklin, general manager of the Golden Rewi'.nl, will leave for the east tl.i wk, to ietjriuine what is l- he dne in order io spturo a supplv fu-the Deadwood &. Delaware smelter in this city. The price has gone up $J.8U a ton, ind where It has been selling for $7.25 a ton, it is now being sold THE MILLINERY WORLD WILL HE A. O. I'. W. and n. of H. GRAND SHOWN THERE ON THESE DAYS. DON'T OVERLOOK IT. The foremost feature of o Gabriel's Weekly Forecast. Deadwood's millinery merchandising this week will GRAND LODGE SESSIONS. MAY 8. 1 mm. For this occasion the NORTHWESTERN LINE F. E. & M. V. R. R. will sell tickets to Hot Springs and return at one fare for the round trip. Tick be an attractive arrray of "flrst hats" and small aaU for streets and shoplng at popular prices for $10.05 a ton, and the low grade ores will not fctainl that much. It takes half a ton of coke for every ton of siliceous ore, and that would put the Deadwood &. Ijelawnre smelter to an additional expense of upwards of JJfW a day. This "melter has been getting the ma- j Three forecasts are made for c:u li ('ay. The first applies to the world at laige; the second shows how persons, born on this day in any year, are likely to fare during the coming year and the ets on sale May 7 and 8. good return ing until May 14th. Remember the popular train for Hot Springs leaves Deadwood everv dav at 6 p. m. Underwear Bargains... third Indicates how children, who ;ir horn on this day in the present year, will fare during life. FILED FOR RECORD. jor portion of its coke fron. West Virginia, and the lemainder from Newcastle. The coke ovens at Newcastle are not large enough to furnish more than half the coke required by the smelter under the present proceas of Minnie Baker to Ham Kalpacco quit Sunday May ti. A bad day to ask a favor of any one. II health, fiiiancir.l loss ;lmi unwue speculation and loss of ernph yim -u manufacturing coke, altho it Is now ex to the easterly potion of block lu. le addition to Lead: tluo" I Siine-ne Marengi to Charles Baker, quit claim to the easterly portion of block 10, SuiinysiiJe addition to Lead; are the evils threatened durii-i: this perlmenting with the Hemingway pro cess, which la said to he much cheaper, and quicker. That process is being Special Sale Prices for One Day Only. SALE DAY SATURDAY, MAY 12, 1900 Boys Underwear 26 cents worth .... 40C Mens Underwear 30 cent worth 40c Mens Underwear 40 cents worth - - . . 65c Ladies Underwear 20 cents worth - 35c Ladies Underwear 35 cents woith - 50c $410. Yee C. Murk to Hi Kee & Co., ji quai operated In Chicago by the Loiter Fuel company, and a quantity of Newcastle coal Ib now in Chicago, for the purpose year. Children, born today, are likely to travel much and meet with many business reverses. Monday May Favorable for journeys and dealing with the public. A very fortunate year both as regards business, financial investments, j; ter interest in lots 3 and 5. blof-K Deadwood; $000. of ascertaining how well it will work with the new process. The Deadwood And all our hig-h priced underwear in proportion. examine the goods. Remember "Will be pleased to have you the date. jouitieys and love affairs. THE FIRST BIG SHOW OF THE SEASON. Don't fail to see the Great Syndicats English-American Shows, which will Sensible, (lever, honorable and de & Delaware smelter had a coke-on- tract tor year, and it has Just expired. By reason ft the operation of this contract the smelter has been receiving coke at the old price, notwithstanding the big advance, which occurred some cidedly 'fortunate today's children will be. jt be in Deadwood May 15. They have a Main St. Deadwood, S. D. CHASE'S WhereThey Sell Cheap. menagerie of wild and costly wild animals; a congress of novelties and ttie Tuesday May 8. A good day on which to sell property but unlucky in time ago. The smelter has something best troupe of trained horses and po other respects. , Financial loss Is threatened during nies in the world, besides having artists from all parts of the globe. this year thru unwise loans or risky speculations. hard to make any headway in life and will more than once be in sore need of money. John Jennack. Has a flrst-class outfit of teams sua carriages and is prepared to do all lflnds of city work. Calling parties, funerals, etc., will receive prompt attention. Call Harrison telephone No. Wednesday . May 9. Not markedly favorabble for any purpose. This will be a very fortunate year 83. over a hundred cars of coke on hand, which will last thirty days or' such a matter. By that time Mr..' Franklin hopes to be able to make some satisfactory arrangements, - whereby the smelter "an continue oft' the old schedule pf rates for .treatment At the present time three furnaces are run-' ning in the plant, and it is believed that ome terms can 5a reached that will avoid a suspension of work, altho no more coke will be received under the old prices. , 'p , . If the Newcastle coal mines decide to put in the Hemingway process they . will be able to supply all the coke "seeded .at the smelter, but it will re-nulre some thne to tnstalt the Hnecei-ary machinery, which will be quite extensive and costly. By this process for those who hold salaried positions Good fortune is promised to the chil ICE! Get on the band wagon iarge fcas IVe Are Closing Out dren born today and especially those who work for employers. Thursday May 10. Property may be sold to advantage today. ' ' An unlucky year, the special evils foreshadowed being illness family sorrow and businness losses. got the ice. Families supplied. Hr rison telephone No. 120. To the . children, born today , much domestic sorrow and scanty success in It Is possible to turn out a charge of Our Spring Wagons and Buggies Fast. If You Want a Bargain Gall and See Us. old in 2i nours, wnue by the method it takes 7S hours. ' Th Clifton House. Hot Springs, S. O., Is now thoroly cleaned and renovated and open to the public patronage, with pleasant cool, airy rooms in close connection with the Minnekahta bath house, the best of accommodations, reasonable rates.' Terms one dollar a day or five dollars a week. . MRSJ HENRIETTB CLAUSE ' Proprietor. General Newt, fc. ' It la announced that several deaJa Carriage Repository Carney St. . Lewis c. Verplast Friday fl May 11. A good day on which to sign legal documents. ' , This will be a fortunate year. Journeys and other changes may be ex pected. . Todas children will be fairly successful in business and, being of a Bohemian temperament, they will not really settle down until late in life. , Saturday May; li Quarrels should be avoided today.. ; . iis year win, bring many annoyances, among them being disputes, accidents and financial loss., o " ' Children, born "today, will be 'rash, impetuous and rather unfortunate. As employes, they will fare best Keep your eye open, on Chase's sao. oo Sherman St. Aetna Povdbr oo, The Last Ghariee That - old popular Sherman, ' , street - resort, is " now . under ' the charge of v . - John ;NkLsdN, are on for "tin property In ' the Bear ulch; region, and representatives '"of the prospective buyers have' been . In the country within the past few weeks, ' looking over the ground, .One of the . deals 5 Is.sald , to (involve. .1200,000, Among those who own the property are the Conner brothers of Spearfisa and Andrew Johnston of Bear gulch. There is some, excellent tin In the re- gion, and numerous returns have .been obtained, running from three per cent to as high as fifty. One assayer from . Deadwood recently visited the section, and brought back ore that contained . IT per cent Considerable stream - tin has been taken ont along the gulch ; within the past few years, and every placer miner in that section 'Is aware of the presence of that metal. GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO. Dynamite and Blact Powder, .TJiiSu'aDl Caps, . Eleetric Batteries, Batteiy SmDte. " a share of ' wflr- sollciU your patronage. IGEBSO ?. ,.. ADAMS COMPANY LL-SEBGEINT HRff.L Efl wekly display ad,, and get your money's : worth. ; Special Sale day every Saturday. , JAMES HINGSTON, B, A.f Oxford, : . , (Gabriel) Address, White Plains, New Tort i Mr. Hlngston s an- expert astrologer and will be pleased to answer all RUBY GOLD MINING! HILLING CflUPANY wagerwood Manufacturing Col Hoists 0. F.PURNELL letters that may be sent to him at the OF DEinwnnn CAPITAI STnOk' kAnn nnn : Soldiers and Sailors Reunion. ; The O, A, R. and Soldiers and Sailors Arion .of the Black Hill will meet at Sturgis.S. D., on the 13tb. andUth. of June in their annual encampment Divided Into 400,000 Shares at $too Per Share. Deadwood, S. 6. Agent for South Dak. above address. . v; ,. : ' .. . ' K0TCE .; f Dog tax Is now due and payable at the city treasurer's office, and will become delinquent on May 1st : ; . , . r , H- BISCHOFF. . ".v.- i ;,' City Treeauur. . i : treasury, stock 106,000 Shares v ''v INCORPORATORS AND OFFICERS f ' James Coxzett, Norman T. Mason, Orville U. Psyce. f - Tne Board bf Directors at ih RnikM 2 ...... . s respectfully and most cordially ask all the 1st So. Dak. Volunters and Grigsby's Rough Riders, troop "A" 1st So. Dak. National Guard and the Plotters of the Black Hills to meet with us. There will be ample accommodations for everybody and cheap railroad rates. Very resp'y O. VT. Jewett, " J. I Sec'y Exec com. Of in cents per share, fully paid an d Soa-asee!. th. nrt. Z '.L WALL. PAPER. . 'The best and largest stock of wall P?er to be found la, the Hills, is on sole at Sanderson's on Sherman street tatest shades and latest design? Is what It Is made up of. to.Carriaiaii Biifia. Best Driiiii-'jii SaiJIs Hmet - xMruin xiorses Dy the iJay week or Mdnth a Specialty.

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