The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 2, 1898 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1898
Page 3
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THE DAILY PION Elilt-tlMES, SATURDAY. APRIL, 2. 1898. jfmaP Jfe "'''eawaaBaaajBBajB LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. HERE AND COMING! Mnxly S Waahafwosh taller. Ay uTlukui suokur iuui uie of Bntatb Dakota, Oontity ef Lewieaea, as, a Llirvull O-iaxt, hlkth dadietal Ureait, J. tiiuMl'u. Oorataire, ileiuuf. re. rheoro i;arb. Oold Mlolas Ooniuy, 'a 111111 lion, urtfaitisMl and etLuun anunr aad by Tirana of th. lae. of the Mat of fiew fork, and jwha ixia and lurhard Hue, show Ira tuu ar t plaluliS uukuuwu, owaar and bul.inr. et the i-ornuraie Umd. inanad he the amid vre Oaah u4u bluiuisu.ia.ouir, aud aaailiere 1 M at """'. uumueie 17 w at ItMduere, LEAD, S. 0. I fjOR. the next Thirty Days we will be constantly receiving new Lines r in all departments. Our store is too lare and our departments too numerous to particularize. We can only say that while in many lines there has been a big advance in values, owing to increased duties and other causes our stuff was contracted for before the advance, and we own it at old prices and as long as it lasts will sell it at old prices. VJZ2 kHC nox7 CnOVJXITQ, BEST New Dress Goods. New Clothing". New Millinery. New Hats nd Caps. New -pets. New Shoes. New Curtains. New Furnishings. New Embroideries, New Wash Goods. New Laces. New Organdies m eedaawaa) ej BARNEY FRANKLIN KEEPS THE BEST OF LIQUORS. IF YOU NEED tNY, GIVE HIM A CALL. Frank llolgale U able to bo out again. Dan Kennedy wa are ported considerably better yesterday. A. V. Hampton wae In the City of Millet yeaterday on bualneea. Mra. C. H. Marwood la again on the alck Hit of Lead, suffering from fever. W. D. Perklna, Jr., went out to tbe valley Thursday on a few days' hunting expedition. The county commissioners will meet next Monday to transact what business co rues before them. Richard Blackaton has return'l from the esst, where he has been for some weeks visiting his family. You can alwaya find the beat of all kinds of meats at the Lead Cash Market at prices cheaper than elsewhere. Ed. Johnson, while at work In the Union shaft a few daya ago, had his leg broken by having a rail tall on It. E. G. Ahreni, tinsmith at the Brick Store, who has been laid up by Illness for some time, resumed work yesterday. Charles K. Weedon returned a few daya ago from Wtsner'a ranch on Hay creek, where he has been rusticating for a week post. Tbe Homes take miners were laid oft yesterday on account of the ore bins being full of ore, and It being clean-up day at the mill besides. There is a young gentleman fixing up nice residence in Hlghalnd Park, and his friends say that within a few day e wu, im me woman oi nis twoice w the altar, I Sending persons to the telephone ex- In 3 H. a in the W Hv th Largest and Moat Complete Grocery and Hardtjaro Departments West of the MissourL RAILROAD TIME TABLES. BURLINGTON ROUTK. TRAINS LEAVE AS FOLLOWS: No. 202 Passenger. Dally, Hills City, Hut Sprlngt, Chic-. go and all puluta east. south and went 2:20 p. m No. 206 Local. Dally ex:ept Sunday, Bald Mountain and change was the most successful April fee. The cause of disease ia (iuickl Fool's trick played on the unsuspecting ' apparent hence the doctor does not ex-public In Lead yesterday, and in very ' perlment but removes It aa rapHly as few cases did It fait I the co-operation of the patient allow. 1838. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING. The regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Round Table Club Library Association will be held at the library room, No. 6, Syndicate block, Deadwood. 8. D., on Tuesday, April 5th. 1898, for the election of a board of trustees for the ensuing year, and transaction of such other business as may properly oome before the meet! if. Polls will open at 2 p. m. and close at p. tn. BBLLE W. HAMMOND, Acting Secretary. March 18, 1898. UP-TO-DATE TRAVELING. Passengers on the lew Pennsylvania Limited realise how near the perfection point railway transportation faculties have been developed. It runs every day to New York, leaving Chicago Union station at 6:30 p. m. Apply to R. Dering. A. G. P. Agt, 248 South Clark St., Chicago,' for details. This Is Toar Opportaslty, On rseeipt of ten cents, cab or stamps, Raerou sample will be mallrd uf the most popular Oaturrh tad Hay Fevr Cars (Ely's CWia Bslin) rafiloisst to damos-(Wate ths ureat merit of the reaedy. ELY BROTH!'!! S, W Warra Lt, Stw Tork City, Rev. John Reld, Jr . rf Great rails, Moat, recommeniied Wy s raam tlalm to ma. ean smpbSHise his statement, "It is a peai-Uts enr fr catarrh if nd an diraotoa." Kv. Frsaci W. I'ooU, Pastor OentrsiPrea. Charon, Helens, Monk Ely's Cream Ralm Is the faow!efed sure for entsrrh and eontsias no mercury or any injurious drug. Price. 60 aaats. NO EXPERIMENT. Dr. L. Miller's axnarlanes in tha treatment of long-standing and diScult nervous diseases, makes tha u.o sura hm k nndit.bA. m ----- Incurable away without taking a Among other diseases these sm curs- : eummeiing. rneumatum. Bt. Vitus dance, catarrh, goetlr, piles. ui the skin, biood chest throat. liver and stomach, producing, nervous prostration, weakening fractions, ue blilty, dlixlneis, loss cf memory and other symptoms. Consultation free at GUlmore house, Wednesday, April 6th, from 1 to 6 p. m. Tba Eeosoaay ml Art, CbarieH Keene'a lines are as few s can be. lie is moat economical is this respect and loves to laire ai much white paper as be can, but on feels iu Lim let work tbat one 1U more or one line Ions would imii tbe perfection of tbe wbole; tt ol all tbe luuny directions, curves and thick neses tbey night liuve taken be bas inevitably bit upon Just tb riitht one. lie bas beates U pre- TuUll records iu this respsot in tbil country ut leu at. I bsara ceie bra ted Frencb painter say, "Be is S great man, your t'barlee Xeene; b take a ue.ii and ins sua a nil or pa- per. and wis a naif doaen strokes h know 'ow to f mine s gust of wind!" I tbink myself tbat Leech could frame a gust of wind as effectually as Keene, by tbe sheer force of hit untaught n.tural in'tlnct, of hii 8n,u. l Bm w"n UU,"T' . 0f4ffia,e.r'a1' ""i" Uiaty of execution, this con sum mate knowledge of effect. Qeorgi Du llaurier in Qsrpor'f MAastlne. Omly"aW( Jones-Brown Ify daughter has teen writing for S3 hours. Nothing can atop Brown-Jonfs Is she writing magatlne article on space I Jonee-Browu No. I promised bet anything sbe wanted for her birth- Bay, and sbe is telling me briefly what she needs. New York World. Vthtla All Aleag Ike What in tb greatest war story ron ever read, Grumpy I ' "Mr own diary, since I married." Detroit Free Press. Succotaah is a disb borrowed from tbe Narrsgansett Indians and called by them sickquatash. ScCOfld Hail MACHINERY. 10 H. P. Portable Boiler and Engine. 15 H. P. Horltontal Bnglne. 27 H. P. Vertical Engine. 4 Boilers. 10x6x12 Steam Pump, cscsvoUy 140 gml Ions per minute. No. I Crates Crusher. 2 Sets Crushing Rolls. 1 Bruckner Roaster. Great Variety ot Shafting and Soxes, Belting and Pulleys, Tanks, fie. W. M. BARKER, Office, rear 1st National Bank, Deadwood, 8. D, Beware of Isitsilou ..wuwi .1 .. laeiueiva, and haav. b-ra at to mi hieiuem, aavh f aald lurajKHu boud. bains lor th .uia tkut.u u i i.ul aimuM Jkih, Ihnj, and p-yaule I i .rie. . hai, iiimna, v. laer un sane a, an . niore aaruvulnny dworlbed lo Ui. auuiolaint lu till, aouou, at.ndanM, Niniie w k.r.tjr iri.aB, oat by virtue ef S Judstuaul ul (orei.u.ura and He la the ahuv .mm UUmt aution eu tn Sa day kebranry Am In Mns, aud .u Mwutioa d un nni dadgaiant, .. ubnoriUM', ktnU f lauknl, aherlS M I r rit oeuuij, atnve ol auu in Mm, lur that p.iyna aouut.tiHl, win Mil aipibiw aaeuoa al the await d.iur ot th. Utiurt awu. ia the Uny el I mii.oiiI Oountr ul ur. aod Stale ml soath i .kita, eu WeduMd.y tea u day el Aprtl, the, at Ul u'eluca la ta inieuoua ol that oay, the real aud iuortaei preuiuwe Miunw i. to. Osnaiy nl Lewreuen, .nd aiate oi Sou, liaknta. aad dtrwntaS la aald duuaut aud OiMUUna hi h ml aad theraia dMuribnd a. tuUowai All ttat narlnia nlii ar loo e tees an carta euuuiaiu preeivue mekue of aula, ouKnr aud utaer aieuua, and altaed Aiiiiewuud Uuaria Miuus dunriet. la Lei oouuty, lurumriy lerniory el t-rt. anw Btant at Soaih tmautn, and daeunhnd aa fcaiewe lo-wwi I he Oru unuue lode or nilalas etaim leaalaS aa Bujhlnud Ohlef UlU Imtm. U huua aataas OuLUaud Ui. heal rui I uf araoe Uakta, kouadMl mi tbe mi by the hUybinLU Maty lode, aald Or Oeuee iode baiua nti if a full iM ami at tuv im by law iMt and wsnied la wwinm with low and e-ruareiee ul lueauua rMurued la the tan at lb rtseter of deeo ul Lawrnuo. iMuiiy tor atari. 1'e.ute lerntury, how Stale el South Daketa bald uro ueuhe Uiuln lode k.Tln haua euareyad lo the uro Onohe OoM ttlhina Ouainaar hi Oharlat IOuaiBaay by Okarla ma linn. Lmi nnd by ded date Aaswitiuih, IkM, an I dalt reeordndlaUoaVj.elUinteral mi t-ewtea.auouaty, tennerly rjahota TmnwV aow emie uc aouta uaauta, hther with all the dip, anura aud aim 1m, aud til UM auMaia. araT allvar, uairkaiWer, mut stlaeral bnanaa quoru. rock aud awiii, utMwIa aad ail tha rani mtatn, al lauua. uiwjiiuery and other Ua" uaniaer with all had alanlar the tenoaannta. afwultaaieiiu nnd .w 7 IxfkiiHI or in auy wim aoonrtnuiinn, and the re. tanlou aud rereraluaa, reaualaihtr and ria.ii.lm raanv Mm and nroSu Am i .TZ. aatata, rujfcL UU. luwreM, prapmrmj. a nuMin. elnlai aud d.umnd nwwe a mmU tt law oa li equalllr of the eaid Ore Onob tttnd bUaaaa Ona. pany of. In and to tbe aaaae aad ta araryinart aud paroal th.rwol with the apvanenaMM, -m an, Utnranl a. stay be aaoVIa it to aatMff aald lain niaul ana eoeka, aatmiatlas la all I the aal a Utr-Sre thuaaand nrnntilin nnn oir-inree eeam IwaVTIT.aS) WHO utiereai taereoe rroat ue Sale ef aald l-nnaoiaal Drtod iMadwuod, South rouuto, rbraai7 tth laad. Matt rxewssia, SbeltS al Lawraaa Oeeaty. Moody tlhawhai Aanst rialuU uUS'a Atturuya. rtnt fublloatloa rh. It, lsjs. JSC ones or rcsrgiTtias Orav. adnilnlMfcM .i. mi , k """r. nmwnana, hie heir, nr tie iu and Wat. A Orr. hi. s..ip,and aaalna. VTL 'o'oentcd that I ha esnnudad la labor adtapro.a,Mt os Ih OaawnU, toe eaai ot three handrad Ikduo dollar, ta wx lam Ormj atla-Ml flntmol. UriMe, Oountr, a, in Dakota, or tn t ear Ma) la, dlnc iMo.aher SI. larTall of Im ?, "I.?04! Peraeae m k.Mdla. mm n of too srit, Ue.iaad SiatauM of Ue Veiled Tt.hi ml .K Ue Kin. m lauo. Toa are hereby sniiSed that II within nlueiy day friei Ue pabueeaiaa of uia MHIeey.ialallloaoalrlbota yoar pnrUnaa eaut aoendilure mm en-owner wiu the aadeiwlsaed ' ..... mml . . . nni wiu uawe tee yr i.aiti af eabarriiarr, your eoowaer, who ha aaad tj utsad aapeoditora a renal rod by (eoune ts. mis BiukluHTs, Ikaadwuod, S. IX. laaanry , Ua. "" "VotjcIof roariinjaa. fo ioaM lahn, kla hair. r antM. Voa are Info. and Unl I bore eaeoadad ta Ubn 0d on Ue ana Aatonle fraauaa Be. lead Ue Bna knmolo 'raeuea lode Ue -mm ot two li U " "n" ' "-oer Ihepno- n T.rT. "m. nariane nuuua m a OHUd Stnlna aad arte aatondaMry Uareie tn. In. Jariod eodinn Daonmtiar Slat, leer, and una ee Mlinm yeuUemon utanaoi to apoa aaab af aald ataiBM, or 1 la alL Vim ar harehy hiwllad Ual II wlihln ninety dare froa pahUeeuon ol UK aotlM yon tail KMilrlbuu) your proportion of aud ipeodllure aa ao-owner wiu the aodetatcaad da. In mm o4 the year above nwnttooed yen. Imi teraat la eald elaUne wUl bnonue the prsparty el Ike eabeerlber, yoar eo-owBnr, who baa anane Ue required eapwodilnrea aa iwnalrnd by mm ta Hid. . . SL J. Wr kCanaaMOn. Dead wood, S D., January UN, UM. ( MorUa A Mon, AJtorneys. gCMONS-MOHBI DBS AMD-OOHPLALSr tale ol aoath Dakota, Ooaary of Lkwiene . Ia OlroaM Ooart, Bl.hU Jadlalol Otrealt. Iwnsua Bradlt, riatBUS. vs. Praaeta 0. Orable, Defnadant the euie of BonU Dnkow eead siaaBBsi To Ueebove anmnd dnfnadnnti tea are hernny mi ait and ta atrod ks ana. ear the eontplautl ot Ue aeoae named platans, whtoh wtU be Sied Is ue oSM al the atnr f u South Dakota, and to aero s anor at Torn mmm Mtnaiaa 9JO UaMboanoara. Uetr la hutrua hanriiad nnn at. f 1 1 m . A,., .... tnlnrent at ua rant af nl. mm Mnau - om Ue laid day el daaunry IMS, "tK fno Deeeubdr hNh, tail, haautn oet of uia aauon. at Dakad al Dnnlwood, S, IX, Bu 17th day sf ' r n. aa, uwo. teutZZylXA-mm tULmUr. ibkamoi Te deleadant above Buaedi rieaae lake aoun laai complaint beeela wa Sled n the ofaoe ot the aan-k ol ue ahov entitled Board at Deadwood. SoaU Uakota on the iat on ot Mkroh, Uu. vnanueow mm oay Anrnj a bUaoB, Ataonave kor rtaiaue. (Tlral rbUanttos Hare, y, IStfi.) Blot k PUy, Abteneyj NOTIOS Of APPUOATIOE VOU LSTTXBS ml AnBUadaaraaioB. enmrtoi Uaeoaaty ot Uwtaa., abtaeaisoau U tb n tha eetekt ef ory XoMo I hereby atvo that WlUlotk K. Wilt ha has Sled wtU Ue auwk of IUI eoart, mmmx, prartan; lor letter at edatiuewaiiao ol Win n..,m mt Baury O. kUoo, dneeeeed, aad that batanw. awe ibm any ot apru, o. u., una, M II e. m. al aald day, betng a day of a roomier tera mi iMMrt,to-arlli of th ktarah taea. In. M (he aewrt room ueavaM, a ua eoart bene In the any at Hand wood. In Ue aald v-oentv of ln.aaun bna oonn mm an aauia. aaa potincai, a nan an a any peraoa Mar mind any act. oar and Unw why the aald petiUoa ebouid not be ntanii. Dated, Mareb 18, k. um WILLIAM A. BIlfgXABT, odof the Owaaty Ooart. (lint aabttatKoa Mareb M, US.) NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Fred Nelson and to Eo!tser Brethara Company, a corporation, aad waeea It Buy You are Informed that we have xnnd4 In labor and Improvements upon th Surer ti'ieen Lod or mining claim, the Orewsd nog Loa. or mining claim, the Ground Hog No. I Lod, or mining alalia, toe Ground Hog No. I Lods or mining elitiia, the Ground Hog No. 4 Lode or ainmg claim, the Ground Hog No. I Lode or mining claim, situated In Bear Butte Siloing dltrict, In Lawrano County, Bou Dakoto. at least 1100 per year apoa each et said claims for the following years: to MT iod upon ach of aold clalata. Ail of which was don for tbe purpose of holding the said Sliver Queen, Ground Hog, O round Hog No. I. Grouod Hog No. I, Ground He No. 4 and Ground Hog No. I Lodas nader Vmt provision ot Section ISM, Revised Statute of th United Stat, and acta amendatory thereto, for th period ending UoamM.-list, 17, and there It du from you tbnre-on the eum of IK.4C snd I upon esvafc ef sold claims, or tlOO.JO la alt You are hereby noUDed that If wlthla M days from personal oervtoe of this noUee you fall to con tribute your proocrtloa of such expenditure as oo -owner wltA lb es d oral fond daring each ef the ywoi be mentioned, your Interest la eald ctta j beoom th property of Ue eu. sriHtf, your eo-rwnnr, who bns at t -.i--4 eipendUiuro as required by stud fcecuo 11X4. BTPntrf B. tTlkfJCX MARY B. IHAiri (First FubllcaUoB, March U. Uvs. - m vnnnwoua, aoaw DnOota, Wtu- M latrty dara trtar th earvtae ed Ue BaaMKaaa. noiaof lb doy of arrta,a. th yinaai "1"tn lndaanl aenlnat yoa tarn eltattho. 'HE O W. UOtKOTOM J. T JtUVOXLL TOMBSTONES MONUMENTS, 0E2X&TEBY FENCES. From the well known works of GOD-DEN ft BALLARD, Emmetsburg, Iowa. Having secured the Agency for the abeve wall known firm, for Western South Dakota, Northwestern Nebraska and Northeastern Wyoming. We respectfully solicit orders for any kind of Foreign and American Marble and Oranlte work, guaranteeing satisfaction In every particular and prices as low as the lowest If in need of that class ot work, drop us a postal card and we will call with sample and designs. We are permanent resident here. iRBDDINOTON ft RUNDELL, Deadwood. - - - - So. Dakota. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING. The rmular annual ucetlns ef stock holders ot tbe Poeobontaa Mining company, win Da nrm at tbe store of J. B. LBeau. Central City, 8. D., on Tuesday, March IS. 1891. at 2 o'clock d. m.. for the election ef a board of directors to serve tbe cnauiot year ana lor tn transaction of such olttr bualnws as may properly come btfor It. -lw. JULIUS REBSAMEN, lee. Th meetlnc of the above aomad com pany has been postponed tilt April it. lite. JUUUB REBBAUAVf. Bee. NOTICE OF LEAS. To whom It mar eoaeera: We have this day leased tb "Modock" roup of c 1st as, In BiockUII Oulrh (I rlaJdi). vis: tb Mo dock, Craws Point Urad Hope, Doable Standard, and Ktag SoMoa lodae; U Fred Blondea. of Lead. v.. was will se re- ipenalbl for all laior. maUrrlal, suprllas and other account Incurred la the eewra- lion of sold group of claims. t'rotrai city, a u., m,, eta, iss. HENRY MHRiMHRT. BAH IT PaANKUN, W. L. FAl'ST, SARAH OOULETTR. MUL.US OOULBTTK, K ABM US NELSON, VM. A. EINK. J. M. MATSON. NOTICE TO OWNER OF UNO BEFORE TAX DEIU SHALL ISSUE. To Thomas Atl tns. Edward Avertl. E. B. Crock.r, J. B. Olaasow, Jama Madder, Jamas Martin aad Mortis Bonds: You or brby notified tbat on tb Bitth day of November, IMil and on th 6tb day of Novmbr, A. l)., 1IM. tbe following da- scrtnea piece or parcel ef KI Bataa, Used in the name of the above parties and sit uated In tb County of Lawreno. But of Bouth Pokoto. at follows: Tb Lost Chone No. t Lode. M. C. No. 24, la Law reno County Btste ot South Dakota, wts aold for taxes tbs du and dlln,.unt for tn years ul and iss at tax sol by tb Treasurer of sold County to Lawrenc County and was by said purchaser duly at ltnd to R. B. Orlmshsw, who Is now th lawful holder of th certificate of purchase. Tbat said taxes then du and delinquent amounted to I.S.U hav boaa paid, with Interest penalty, and easts accrued. I1J.I4. making total amount necessary to redeem. 143.1. and In addition thereto, tbe cost ot rvio of tbls bouos, toeeuer with such interwt as may accrue after tbls data moot be paid and. tbat the right of redemption will expire and deed for sold land be made within sixty days from tha oompietea eernc of tola notice. K. . ORIMBHAW. Holder ot CerUflcotcs. Deadwood. March St, ll6. NOTICE TO OWNER OP LAND BEFORE TAX DEED SHALL ISSUE. Te Eureka Mining Company i You are hereby notified that en th Blxth day of November, lSSt and oa the 4th day of November, A. D.. 1IM, the following described pteoe or parcel of Real Estate, tax ed In the name of ths Eureka alining Com pany ana sttusta in in uouaty ef Law ranee. Bute of South Dakota, as follow Th Jay Gould Lode No. t The QortUld Lone No. 4Xf and Ths Yankee Lode No. 427, la Carbonate Camp, Lawrence County tote ot eouin uaaota, was sold for taxes thea due and delinquent for tbe years 11M and KM at tax sole by the Treasurer of aid county to Lawrence County, and was oy ssia pure noser duly aasined u R. l. Ortmabow, who la now the lawful holder of tbe oertlfieat of purchase. Tbat sold tax then du and delinquent asiouated te I74.M have been paid, with Interest penalty, and oosta aoerued, 14.14, making total amount necesaorr to redeem, aad In addition thereto, th eost of servtoe ot this no-foe, togethar with such taterest as may accrue after mis oats, must be paid and, that the right of redemption will expire ana oeeo ror asja land be mode wltbln sixty day mm the completed service ef uis notice. R. . ORIM8HAW. . Holder e OarUflostes weaawooa, March n, 116. NOTICa TO OWNE7R OF LAND BE FORE TAX DEED SHALL ISSUE. To Myra L. Chase: You are hereby notified that on the 4th day of November, A. D. im, the following described piece or parcel of real estate, taxed In the name ot Myra U Chase, and situated ia the county of Lawrence, stats of South Dakota, as follows: Westerly 10 feet of lot 44. block 75, In the city of Deadwood, according to the official map of P. L. Rogers, was sold for taxes then due and delinquent for the year ISM, at tax sale by the treasurer of said county to Lawrenre county, aad was by said purchaser duly assigned toa A. Cable, who fa now the lawful holder or the eertiacate of probes. That eald taxes thea due and delinquent amounted to fttl, and that subsequent taxes to th amount ot L1I, and prior taxes to the amount of 7.M have been paid, with Interest, penalty, making total amocat nsoeesary to redeem 13.29 and in addition thereto, the cost of service of this notice, together with such interest aa nay aeon after this date, must be paid, and that the right of redemption will expire aad deed for said laad be atade wlthla sixty days from the completed eervlo of this notice. DavtacT at Deadwood, S. D., March is, im H. A, CABLE, . Bolder si Cart:acte of Sale, (rtrst Folk. ta.k'Si. ISS1) deBBBBSMH NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Jeremiah Harrington and all persona Minus uj or inrousD oim: You ore Informed that I hav expended In lalior and Improvements upon the Sold-eu H'.ar, J jaery. Mural, fenobecotb Hatler aim aieirupoutaa lodas or mlnliaf claim, altuated It, Oermanlo mining diatrtct. In lwrrnca County, South Dakota, at least Hoo per year upon each of sold claims for tbe following years: IDS and KM; belot 11.2000 In all, or l:0 upon each of sold claim. All of whla was done for th PurpfMH of holding lb sold Golden Star, llowery, Rural. I'enobicott Ratl.r and Metropulltaa lude under tb provision of (fci tlon Kevlsr . Statutes of the United lustes, and sets amendatory thereto, for the period endlns December list, lk'id. and tbere la due from you thereon tb sum of floo, upon each of sold claims, or 00 a an. You rr hereby notlted tbst If within VI dsys from service of this notice yon fall to contribute your oroDortlon of urh expenditure as co-owner with th undersigned during each of th years above mentioned, your tnterpit In said claim will become tb property of th subscriber. your co-owner who la mod th required rxpvoaiiure aa requirea by sold Section 2324. PETER M'GUIRE. rtrry, 8. D-, March II, lifts. (First Put., March 19. 1211.) Ubaobar Eeilar AMnraay, UCMMORS. In tka Otreaft Oaart ol tha BUkik JadM.1 m all o Ik. KMU ol Sualk bakuta, vitala aad far Lawrvawa apaoty. Th Ftnl HauonaKBantl of LlMota K.braaka, s va. rvaaelt 0. Orablai Dafwdanl Thaeuta ol Boah lrn. mil. u Man iiaaaii 1am, era bareby aaa wand Sad reaalrad te annlalal ol tha olauue in In the ahoi et!tl d m-ium. a anoy ol vhwh win be Sled a tba nS ol lb. aierk ol tae above eatlllwl wiH 4 the en-rl hoaca la iha mm. mi ii rf-i ia Uwreoea ananty, Soau. Dakota, aad In mtt. "v? -f yovraaMwar in the amid anaiBtalnl oa the euhearlUr at hat oSItta la the Mly of Iwad-Wnnd, la aald anaaty aad date with la thirty day. efiar the aervtee ol Ibie a awna ,. aaetsMve m the day ot aw aaniea, aod il fm tall la a-war the aald anaiBtalM wlthla tha umi alnr.iald the atalaue -a thw acuoa will Uha Jaitam.nt aaalant yaa l the auoiolS.e th I aad :we haadrad diiuue IM.MI, with UrtvreM daw hml at t par aaat par annaia, aad aia. a U. aru. ims-s rauraary tth, ism. Osiwseaa gatx.s, PXmimMm UkMM . To ahwe aaawd d.faadauli Take anttoe that I ia amanlaiM la ahta aMina mm led la Ik ueVa of tbeeiera M th aboa antlUad "n a. iaa eaan auai w toe aald ally of baae nod, aaats beeole, oa the ath day of rehruer). ua.aaaa. aatxaa, fiaiautt'a knmt. beadwood, SoaUi I :rtret PabllaaU- una a, lews. Mares a nteaoa Attn. CCstMOKSklOhXT DBklAMO OOMPLAlST ij rued. mom ei aonta tonu aoaaty or Lawrence, ak la t'lrealt Ouart. KiMata ladit&l iiIm.ii Thtieia. Bradley, rialoll-f a. Vraacl. IV OraMa, Dafeat.aat. The Stale uf South Iklm. mmA .... i Totaeatmesamed defeadaiiti " are herebr eaiaaMieed and raaairad In u. war the euaiplalnt ol the aha. a nirirl plalauS ebleh will be Sied ia the om-eol IheeMcfof the dvrreaaUUedenartal baadwood. Soath Dakota, Mid in awre a ano ol ram n...i mmn UM aabarrlbere at Ib-lr oSUe la the kiM O Warn btnaa, la Daadeuod, aoath Dakota, wiUtia turn du. aftae the ank. ol ui. ealaaln ef ih. day ef anka, or the plains .III lake IiiOmt at aeaiaa m. h, mmim ihM. aaad Ire hundred dollar wxk Inter Ml at the r' of 1 per rat per anaaai rraa the let da. ol Hnvaaibar lasf, hilda. loeaoekot tnl. memtm. ai MaivoH, anets iiaaeta, thie Tth dar rehraary, A. D. MM. MUxtZuhvAJLJ rtoutur AMoroey. To the defendant aaaied abovt Take aouue that the OMnptaint bare! a mm Sled ta In. okkee ol the alerk nl Uia aba e .ntltl-d enart at Deadwood. Booth Oakota, oa rehraary iavh, A. D. teas. a,a a MTaaoa rialauSN AttoraeT. (rtrei ran. Mareb a, MS.) (Mmni a knMi. ta. I CTJMMOSa atLltr-OOMfLAlSr PILBU BUI of Booth Dakota, Eight Judicial Ctreah k la the Circuit OonrL In and k u.imim. ronnty. Charles B. rord, riataUt. TB. rranett a Orabl. Defcedaat lassiouof south Dakoto send greeUagi Te am nswre nun. wiwinillH Too or harebr nnaowi and reoulmd tn on. ewer to pom plaint of Un shore nnd plolnUS, wona win d Biea in tss obos oi im Qierkof th rbor eellUed nouit, at Daadwaod. Boatb Do-keia, aad to sarre aeosy of yow oatwar epos the tubnrlban at their office m tb Mortis as block, Deadwood, Bonta Dakota, within ain anj. annr we an iu OS vlli I aa voa. azclnerre af tha da nfaanlua mmi II yo loll to Oaanrar lb eaueieial wnhta tbat Ubm, th pkalaue wUlwppiytoU aomrt far lb ratio! deaauaded la tb oontnlalBt. Doted, at Deadwood, bouu. Ikkheta, tall M doy of yeoruary, A, AIM. tez3hfA4.mmMt ratiMta ouwrneya, Te the defendant atone a .atadi siak souce that ue eoasnlalat in the nuum ounnon mmmi wmm mm ' ' Ma OBn Of h nor ol ue a bora er.uuod " art at Deadwood, in, on vain waff aaa: uao. MABT1B O hl.n, rial aill Auef-atys, (rtra rub. taoreb. a, Is.) . S. mws, Attar ay, NOTICE OW 4PPU lATIOR BOB LoTTBkS ol AdaUbtftvaatoo. U Ik Onnntj Oonrinl the Oowoky tf Uwriaaa, la t.te aaatinr f the law ef Janaa a. daenaaaaj. Mrdae la berwhy five the! j. wtia ue oien of that uowrt, pMluoa prayti of Jmuti s. Bdnt.aada, I ii i. and that Bntordny the tad day ol Aprtt A. D. law, mi 11 oHOeok A. Jf "? 14 "" 1 r ef myolar tera of tbla Onurt, tewtt i ol the Mnrab tane Lots, at th Ooart boou thereof, at the Con it Hottan In Ua pity ol Uoadwood, la tbe eatdOouMyet Lewrenee bee been eel tn beerla- eald paaiuno, whoa and wboreany par lai.rMiod uay appear aad show caaae way toe uun aaonld not he avaoud. Snted Mareh lh, A. D. lead. Wnouai A. Etarnstaa, Indira of to Oonaty Ooart. ( rim rabliauua Mans av lava) NOTICE TO OWNER OF LAND BEFORE TAX DEED SHALL ISSUE. To E. Dsvls, 0. B. Huey, Mary A. Mah ler, Mary C. Norton, Coos. 8pnoer and vtiuiom story: You or hereby notified that oa the Sixth day of Novmbr, It! sad ca th lib day of November, A. D., ISM, th following de- ernoeu place or parcel of Real Estate, tax d In th nam of tb above portlas and Ituated Is th County ef Lawreno. Stat of Bouth Dakota, as follows: Aa undivid ed Interest In the Orwot Wee tern Ld No. W. In Lawrence County, Blot ef South Dakota, wo sold tor taxes than du and delinquent for tb years IM and ll. at tax ai by tb Treasurer ef sold Coun ty to Lswmcc County and was by sold puranoaer Jy ssolsaad to K. BL Orira- show, who is now th lawful bolder of the certiorate ef purchase. That sold taxes tbs du A delinquent amounted to 2.. it, nave Been paid, with laterest penalty and costs accrued. fie.M, sashing total amount tarn. eery to redneck. tol.M. as4 In oddliloa thereto, tb eost of earvtoe of tals notice, Uc.iber with such lutarot sa may oecru after tbls date, must be paid and. that the right of redemption will expire and deed t r eald land be at ad sixty days i root taw eempieu seraiu mt inis aotlee. R. U. OttlMSHAW. Heionr of CertlBcete. Deadwood. March IS. ItyS, DR. BABCOCK1 OITIC, Is sow located te room 14, EysdkaU coex. Entraace froa olther Lee or incSa gtrsit Patronage. A8SAYERS. M. H. LYON. PUBLIC ASSAYER AND SAM PL ER. DKADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA BLACK HILLS lnalyticsl Laboratory and Assay Office or Henry Schnitzel LW4.I.S, T. O BoaSC ample et bullion y mall r nptM will rnlv. prompt uteanoo. sat mad or lb. beet adapted prnaaa of leant tor be llaotra Oyanld prooeak, V. I Paten a einvw. Laboratory ud ammplloe work, la raast handler. a air MRS. J. F. BRANSFIELD'S BAEEHY No. 95 Sherman Street. (art lalninc aa wall a. popularity lug to tb fart tbat II k) tb only p)e fan oan .no nan ainii niuf a. toe Hma unarm nd u uve. ioovm "rmmm mxw noon, mm moan w. mm mam im. roll Uo of bread, oak at, gooklae, emn porta. andtaa, elfara, milk, ate., aod Invito jom to oall Dont't Forget the Number. 95 ShermanStreet, MtSii!!llS & PALUERIEE I . DIALS III flew and Second Hand Goods . . . you want to But or Sell tret . 0 their figures. Courteous treatment to all. Ec. 621 Lciir L'tli Strut. CHARLES CERNEY'S Tonsorial Parlor, Haa Juit been opened and be Invite the public to give him a call. Centrally located on Lee Street near tha B. ft M. depot. DEADWOOD, -t- Bonth Dakv ta, v I III d boara OnaorrlMna and i dlMbanrtafmi t.'i. nnnanr or- fMU. trmtari b; 1 ,IMtlk.whn.iJ nnki Mi aim wilriKx- ALL pnwrl.t-. rtiinr.adaiM t an,u. mm. aatokly I ur-i, tMiiwai l .1 a.inin ). i m rmiaa. '.rarkaf v Kn fntli.lMfk m m it. mtwT ary a mit.tioi, ton If fpat araaaut an mat mm oa a. lulsisiAi i oa aavtua i m BArs. 1 1 mm a : A PESUmXT CHE j i ef th amt i.Imi rmmt of Ochmk i Iwa i ! and (;kvt, r"rnnlcwl In from I to I i i day no ntl r t . nlnwnl trquimL ' i H.iMl.y nil lniinrt.i.. ranrria Tii a ar .a "1 zJf W ltIM m (O jSim dk r A II hBwitWM., rl'mMaMTVVF I'mM. Si i ii 1 1 i iii aii kiahili i aita- X. I aad We Solicit Yoar rl- ti t LUD BUSINESS DIRECTORY. GUY LAMBERT. aOOOBMOft TO IIRAV auu. L!f err, 7eeA azABoarUiLE State Sieclal SMentlno given to trsnstet and boarding took, fine Saldli Hortti e Spicialt Roddick Hullillnt, Mnl- Street, Lead. ANTHONY TROUT, Plumber and Steam Fitter, OfBo In Campbell Boom Bueatn THE BIG BRICK Department Store K Fnll Hoe ol eveirthln onnauntly oo band. HILL HTMKT. LD H. C. JENSEN. Of Lead, bat Opened TOmt'CO -:- FACTORY, la onnneettm with hi. OleaJr r a: lory, and M abUtoaupply all partlM with aloa claan lr al'pplBft. Mall order, promptly Silled. . . - i 1 He l -lin txesta.iArtLit.t- ! Best Table in City, Heals all Hours. Tu-'-etalT) SfNO YOU, Prop. FRANK LAKE. DRAYMAN AND TEAMSTER. Hauling of Every Deecatptson. Coal Delirerei to any Fart oil tbe City. Deadwood, South Dakotal Hotel rargo, Hot Springs, South Dakota, Will entertain you all right, whether sick or well. Oo there for a change Ever, thing First-Class. DU D WOOD, S. 0. CHAS. BOHL, Proprietor, The only place In town to got a good lunch. roiiowuitf la I ho OP FARE nam Nan.a(r Mood. Kuuaaxe Vekl i nceae Bwi.a, 8auK Bummer, t'beeie-llrlt'li. KiiuiKe l.lvrr. rhre I.lmbrritvr. Oiwn,. Rmearraav, iiraq I'lKfii, Frankfurter.. Vina" rrt. --iioiirn. D-niTw iirNt, Harillupa, guur TonKUe, l'lrtld lli-rrlnir. lull ri. kl.-f.. t'how Chow. I'rlrd ll.M f. rirkl.d K.I. Bluti Klna, rroiuaK' o iirif, llaiul rhm, hat Surdt'lla. Imtmrted Krankfurtrra, Am Dor la, Salmon, Lobtiora. Caviar, Appvtlte Salail. N. iif. hattt l Cbiwae Slrra Chi-pw. He run a good clean comfortable place. him a call and be convinc ed mat it la the "Only" plaoe !a town. PATEIITS n. s. and roanaf, PROCURED. EUGENE W. JOHNSON, SIL'CITOR AXO - ATTORNEY IK rATBNT CASKS, I'M lav York Ath Waaaloatoajo. f (Doe Established 1608. OkArgse soavnte. la o i If Florin Baker left. Thursday for the ovk range north of here. He did not Invest in a horse again, aa he did some, months ago, but his aaddle in a eac and struck out with It on his back, ex pecting to get a horse before walking far. A large number of friends MissChrU- tina Faretauff tendered her a very enjoyable surprise party on Thursday evening, at the home of the young lady's sister, Mrs. William J. Lilly. In honor of her natal day. A very pleas ant tlrr9 was had by all. George O'lx-ary and Thomas Brown- lee have been at loggerheads for some me, for men that have been working together and on Thursday their fracas ended in their coming together In a flsilc encounter, the latter getting the orst of th eordeal. Arthur Fletcher, who for some lime past has been one of the acoommodat- mg cieras at iienry mod noun's, nasi severed bis connection there and on yesterday went to Deadwood, where he I win enter the employ of M.. uebmann.1 Arthur's leaving the City ot Mills will I ripple the Ideal Mandolin club quite severely, which has furnished such fine music on numerous occasions. I j m tii. n MMnm.nil work making some alterations In Hen- rr Monhelm s dry .oods store, Th. millinery department will be moved . w . ..1 store, which has been used for shoe-. The stairway will be torn down, which will Improve the looks of the store to a great extent. i am team u. uoisb oougu Botneoays ago axter iney aaa run away a raw times and succeeded Is breaking a leg each for two persons who were driving them, Indulged la more of their pas-1 time oa Thursday, while coming down the Summit hill. The wagon was bad-1 ly wrecked but the driver was morel fortunate than tbe others and escaped Injury. For the past als week those eon nected with the millinery department of the Brick Store, have been woiklng bard getting things in readiness for the elegant millinery display on Frl day and Saturday of next week, April 8 and 9, which will by far excel any' thing of the kind ever seen In the Hills. Among the display of CAP4 win be a number of erlk and pleated chofon, embroidered tn Jet: brocade silks with satin trimmings, and one of the new fotUure this year la oord trim mings. The ladles Jackets are of light and brown cloth, with light trimming. The ohlldrena' reefers and Jackets have Russian blouse fronts, some embroidered in braid, others with cord trim mings. There are numerous skirts plain and brocade aatln, brilllantlne and serged with chiffon, In all colors. They have all waists of all kinds, too numerous to u ltlon; also a variety o'j cotton shirt waists. The aatln walstd with the Alcot Ue are Indeed beauties, and especially so those In silk crete. The display of trimmed hats will num ber up Into the hundreds and will eon- tain everything In that line from a sailor up to the moat exquisite, In an endless variety. LADIES TRAVELING ALONE are carefully looked after and aaalstcd by a trained Waking Maid oo the New Pennsylvania Limited during the en tire trip from Chicago to New York. She la a great help to ladles, unattend ed ladlea and those with children. Particulars free by addressing H. R. Dering. A. O. P. Agt, 248 South Clark St, Chicago. nSHELS BAZAAR. Haa removed to Nelson's old stand jasxt door to Aaarlota Kettoaai teak. "I LAgml hlaaks at i I I I 1 Bpearnn& 1:65 p. m. No. 204 FrelghL Dallv. Hill City, Cuater and EJge-jout ...1:00 a. at, DEADWOOD, LEAD D. C TRAIN ei. Leave Deadwood. Dally Except Sunday 2:20 Daily 10:00 a. m. Dally 11:22 a. m. Dally Except Sunday Dally Dally Except Sunday Dally Except Sunday 1:00 p. m. 2:06 p. m. 1:20 p. m. 4:24 p. m. 1:20 p. m. 7:00 p. m. 1:00 p. m. 1:00 p. m. Dally Dally Except Sunday Dally Except Sunday Dally , Dally Except Sunday 10:2k p. m. Leave Lead. Dally Except Sunday 1:12 m. m. Dally 10:26 Dally U:M Dally Except Sunday Daily , Daily Except Sunday Daily Except Sunday 1:23 p. m. 2:22 p. m. 1:46 p. m. 4:60 p. m. 8:87 p. BL Dally Dally Except Sunday Dally Except Sunday Dally , Dally Except Sunday . 7:22 p. m. . 1:23 p. m. . 9:22 p. m. .10:66 p. a. no. zui icaaiern raaaj Ar 11: 4 J a. m. No. 200 (Sp'Cih Train) Ar 10:20 a m. No. 203 (Freight) Arrive 11:10 a, m. No. 202 (Paaaenger) Da'p'U 2:30 p. No. 210 Spearflah train) Da. 1:M p. m. No. 204 (Freight) Denarii 1:00 av F. E. ft M. V. R. B, THE NORTHWESTERN UNC. DEPOT: Between Detdw'd and lint Streets. Arrived. Departs. Though trains to Omaha Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, with close con nectlons for all points west and south, at Fre mont and Omaha .... 11 a m.. 6 o m. DEPOT: Lower Main Street Whltewood Sturgls,Rap Id Cbadron and inter mediate points 10:4SamS:2Sam Belle Fourche 13:40pm 11am Whltewood only .... 17:30 am !4:4ipm Dally. ! Dally, except Sunday. ALL THIS era WEEK. The Favorite Character Actor Mr. Ed. Rodmond, Ami a CiuM'tent Cnmpanj in aNuw a.i'l Al ractivf Repertoire ot I'U a. Special Features: The Hayseed. MR. FRANK DUD Lb! in his famous "Rube" specialties. Ktereoptlcon Effect. Ml S3 KATHRYN 1NURAHAM, the well known contralto singer. MR MITCHELL INURAHAM, The eminent baritone vocalist M! LILLIAN SCHOLES In the Latest Fancy Dances, with CLENNON'S IRISH SONGS J. U. SANDUSKY, the best dramatic pianists before the public. Each person pare hosing a reserved seat ticket on Mondsy night will be al lowed to reserve another seat for lady, tree ot charge. Bouse vfcntr rrs. - NOTICE OF LXAJBJL Ts wheat It may eraser I have r 'I day ld to Jus. P. Joboa. D-v4 f i-erlaad, Albert hi. Qrjmlngr, to i Pteeer ground, et tooted om Bd , Is Oaok oaunty, Wyewttag, i t rtapoasiUs for til kbar, mat , kiut etbt'T acnount Inmiri. ta t e t Uoa ef -'4 r'sn-r el- tt,d ltl m rayaa,.ie tut lae k Cttss5t:,:t ... ...

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