The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 4, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1900
Page 6
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FRIDAY, MAY 4, i3o0. fllE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD. S. D. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Washington, Consolidated Gobi and Sil H TIE TIB LEGAL NOTICES ASSESSMENT NOTICE. - IlaiUtoiiu Mimas Company, Deadwood. S. U. Notice is hereby givm that at a me.tin? of the directors of this corporation r.' M at the office of the companv on, the 14' h clay of April, 1JO0, an asii-ssmi'iit, N'o. "' two and one-half mills jivr share was levied upon the capital nork of this corporation, payable Immediately to F. Zipp. treasurer, at his office. In Deadwood, South Dakota. (Martin & Mason. Attorney.) In . the Circuit court within and for Lawrence county. tatf of South Dakota. Eighth JuJ' ial cirt uit, sj. -Thomas V. Matthews, plaintiff, vs. Jo!. n I., il.iird an 1 Mo! lie hi-, wife. I' f' Il'lilli; -- The Slate of South Iiakota studs trcet-lnx: To t be alioVf uani'-l defendants: You are hereby suimmotic! and reipiired to answer" the conipliint of the a hove named plaintiff, which will be filed in the ollice of the 'lerk of the above entitled (Edwin Van Cise, Attorney. 4 .NOTICE TO CREDITORS. . Estate of Henry Walkling, deceased. Notice is hereby given Ly the undersigned, administrator of the estate of Henry Walkling, deceased, to pie creditors of, and all persons h tving claim.! against the said deceased to - exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the firs', pub ieation of this notice, to the said john R. Jones, at his office on Lee street, In Deadwood, in the county of Lawrence, South Dakota. Dated at Deadwood, S. D., April 2, 1900. JOHN R. JONES, Administrator of the estate of Henry Walkling. deceased. (First Pub. April 3, 1900.) TS feet wide in theear, and beingmore fully described in the deed of said pretiffses by the said executrix to said Pattf Scuindler, recorded August llith, lSi'S, in Book 121, page 3U8, in the office of the register of deeds, Lawrence county, South Dakota, as will more fully r.ppeai from said return, filed as aforesaid, and to which reference is hereby made for further particulars. And notice is hereby further given that Monday the Tth'day of May, A. I), i.too, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the court room of said court, at the City of Dead-wood, in Said Lawrence county, has been fixed for hearing the said return, when and where any person interested in ?aid estate may appear and file written objections to the confirmation of the said sale, and may be heard and may produce witnesses iu support of objectiotis. Dated, Deadwood, April 24th, 1900. FRANK J. WASH ABA UGH, Judge of County Court. (First Pub. April 26, 1'jOO.) L DEADWOOD Lincoln, Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, Kansas City. St. Louis and all points east and south. Denver Helena, Butte, Portland. Salt LakeCitw San Franciscj ana bii west pointi Trains leave as follows: No. 2HL'.Vestibuled Express, daily Hot Springs. Lincoln. Omaha f'hieago and all points East, Routli and West 2 "'i n No. 21, Local daily except Sun day. Bald Mouctain ami Spearfish .... 13; D No. 204. Frleght. flail v exren; .Sunday. Hill City. Ouster and Edgemont 7 -( a nunaays mis ireigTU leaves a t ... B it.) a trains arrive as ronows: No. 201. Eastern Pas'nger, daily. 12 30 No. 209. Spearfish Train, daily except sunaay 11:05 ro. tut. r reigni 11:00 a Sundays this train arrives.. 5 5" n Sleeping, dining and reclining chair cm ...In .. 1 1 . 1 oct,3 1 1 -, uu an iuiu iraiDS. Kail. way ana steamship tickets sold and b. gage cuOT-neu w a-ll points. rui iuLuruiaLii11, iime uiuies, maps ao tickets, call on or write to J. BRANCH W. T. ROBERTSON Ticket Agent J. U. BK.MI.I5J, Commercial Agent. D. C. TRAINS TBETWEEN DEADWOOD AND LEAD. LEAVE DEADWOCD. except Sunday "... s .fir, 1 ?-3) a except Sunday 10 .10 a 12:13 a 2:00 p except Sunday 3 15 p except Sundav 1 20 p , P exctpt Sunday '1 p 1 mi j, except Sandiv pi . 2u p I. EWE LEAD CITY. except Sunday s a !' "".a except Sun.lav II '"i a 1- ' P connects with Eastern isseiiK'T 2 2" p except Sunday " P except Sunday I !" p " P except Sunday t...! 22 p ei fpl Sunday v 22 p 22 p ecept Sunday In "" p Daily, Dally Daily, Dally Dailv Dally, Daily. Daily Dally. Dally, Daily, Dailv Daily Daily. Daily Dally, pa Daily, Daily, I aily Daily. Daily. Daily Daily, K. E. & M. V. R P. THE NORTHWESTERN LINK DEPOT: Retwteu Deadwood aa I P.J Streets. Arrives. Trough trains to Omaha Chicago. St. Paul, Mln-iieajiulis. wilh close con-niM'iiiiiis for all points west and south, at Fremont and Omaha 11 a in DEPOT: Lower Main STfeot. Whitewood. Sturgis, Rapid. Depar. -b p Chad! and Intermediate points lo:4u .V25 a m. Helle Fourche "3:3."i a m Whitewood only 7:3u a m Except Sudday. a 111 ij 11 : 1 4.: ; Special Saturday Excursion vj Burlington Route. One fare for the round trip to Springs ajid Custer every Saturday, "of to return ou or before the following Tu day. "FASTER TIME EAST BOUND. A change ot timo between Nodi and Sioux City enables pasengers s.g our train No. 4 to reach Si.i City at 4:00 p. m. dally. Twelve hours saved between M NEAPOLIS, ST. PAUL and the IiLAd HILLS. West bound, leave Minnesl oils at 7:10; St. Paul at 7:40 Sioux City at 5:05 p. m. Arrive X folk Junction 7:40 p. m., connect. with FREMONT, ELKHORN & M SOURI VALLEY RAILROAD t: No. 3 due at Black Hills stations next morning. PARTICULAR atti tion Is called to the change of time leaving SIOUX CITY, 5:05 p. m . d; connecting at Norfolk Junct on l train No. 3, thus enabling passem from connecting lines to make com tion at Sioux City without lay-ore: ESTKAY NOTICE. Notice Is hereby given that ttl came to my place at Gayvllle. rence county, S. D., and was takes! about March 21, 1900, one dd roan : white spot In forehead, left droops. No other marks or In visible. The owner can have the 1 by proving ownership, and payiuij costs o keeping and advertising. ELLEN CHRISTEN, Postofflce, Central City, S. April 4, 1900. J. E. Baker. A. S. Had Baker & Hay den ABSTRACTOI .Syndicate block, Deadwood. ? V- JAMES P. WILSON Attorney-at-La G .J Olympic Club Building ,Cor, . Sherau and Deadwood Stre v,r Mitiins company. Principal place of I.Uiiueus. Iad.vood. South Dakota. Lo..f of wpvki. Galena. Lawrence coun'-y South Dakota. N. K l:ei of the director . my li. id on I , i y j-: vi li that at a meet i.- of tile uhove named co::i-;e Ttii liay of Apill. li-'J'J " e company in Dead wo id an assessment. No. lu, oi i rent pt-r ek-are was h v-apilul stock of the copt.ia- 1 lie o A t S.iuth Dako: t ii . tlpiitl tile pavaHe ininieiliaiely to the treasurer ,,t the company, Krtd T. Evans Jr., at hi.i office. In Dej'lwuoil. South Iakota. Any sto k upon which this asseism. m shall remain unpaid on May 1. i:mu, ill he ilelinquent and a.lvertUeil for sale ai public auction, and unless payment is made before will be sold on the 4th lay June, ll'OO, at (he office of Fred T. Evans Jr., treasurer, Headwood, South Dakota at two o'clock p. m. to pay the delinquent assessment, together with the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. FRED T. EVANS. JR., Secretary. (First Pub. April 18, 1900.) (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) State of South Dakota, Eight Judicial Circuit. In the Circuit Court in and for Lawrence County, South Dakota, Henry S. Graham and Myrou J. Graham, as Executors of the last will and Testament of Samuel Graham, Deceased, Plaintiffs, vs. George K. Marvine, Defendant. THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA SENDS GREETING: To the above named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiffs, a copy of which is herewith served upon you, and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscribers at their ollice in Deadwood, South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons; exclusive of the day of service, or the plaintiffs will take judgment against you for eight thousand, eight hundred ana ninety-nine dollars and forty-cwo cents, with Interest from November 2Sth, 1898, at 6 per cent pen annum, beside costs. Dated at Deadwood, S. D this Gin day of April, A. D., 1900. Plaintiff's Attorneys. NOTICE! To the defendant above named: Please take notice that the commainC In this case was filed in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court at the court house in the city of Dead- wood, on April 27th, 1900. MARTIN & MASON, Plaintiffs' Attorneys. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Oftlce of the Marmaduke Gold and Sil ver 'Mining Company. prInclpal place of bu8lness Deadwood jjHWrence county. South Dakota. Notice is hereby given that at a regular meeting of the " directors of this corporation held at the office of the company on the 7th day of April, 1900, an assessment of one-half (1-2) cent per share was levied upon the capital stock of this corpo-ratian, payable immediately to John R. Wilson, treasurer, at his office in Dead- wood, South Dakota. Any stock upon which this assess- ment shall remain unpaid" on the first day of June, 1900, shall be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auc tion, and unless payment is made before, it shall be sold on the first day of July to pay the delinquent assess ment, together with the cost of advertising and expenses of sale. JOH5T R. WILSON. Secretary.. Doted, April 12, 1900. Room 1, Syndicate Block, Deadwood s. a (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) NOTICE OF DAY FIXED FOR HEAR ING RETURN OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE. In the County court of the .County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota. - In the matter of the estate of John H.- Heckman, deceased. ' Pursuant to an order of said court. nrfde on the 24th day of April, A, D. 1900, notice la hereby given that Selma Ida Heckman, executrix ot aaid deceased, made to the aaid court, and filed in the office thereof, oft said day, a .return of sale made by the executrix on the 24th day Of August, A. D. 1898, under a power of sale contained in the will of John H. Heckman, of the following real estate, 'and for the following sum to-wt: Six hundred dollar payment of which to the said executrix was made and accepted part in cash and part in notes, of one Paul Schln-diet, the purchaser at said sale; the land sold being a lot on upper Main street In the City of Deadwood, fronting 40 feet on Main street and extending back 125 feet more or less, and being Any stock upon w hich this assessment shall remain unpaid on the l.'th day of May, 1900, shall he delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless Iayment U made before, It shall be sold on the first day of June, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with the cost of advertising and expenses of sale. F. Z1PP. Secretary. (W. S. Elder, Attorney.) M. A. 120S. M. S. No. 1374. APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. U. 8. Land Office, Rapid City, So. Dak. April 30, 1900. Notice Is hereby given that Anna Gold Mining Co., whose poatoffice' address is Deadwood, So. Dakota, has this day filed its application for a patent for 1028.9 and 535.1 linear feet respectively of the Anna and Anna No. 2 lodes, mines, or veins bearing gold witbTsurface ground 300 feet respectively in width, situated in Whitewood Mining district, County of Lawrence and State of South Dakota, and desiK- nated by the field notes anil official plat on file in this office as lot number 1374, belng'described as follows, to-wit: ANNA LODE. Beginning at tor. No. 1 a shale rock set In mound of stone chiseled 1A-1374 whence Loi:'. Mon. U. S. No. 7 bears S. 78 deg. 10 min. E. 1934.6 feet to cor. No. 6; survey No. 306 Highland Mary Lode bears N. 27 deg. 17 min. E. 108 ft.; thence, N. 88 deg. 01 min. W.'ll.S ft. to corner No. 2; thence. S. 43 cleg. Ol min. W. 512.7 ft. to cor. No. 3; thence, S. 29 deg. 09 min. V. 003.8 ft. to cor. No. 4; thence, S 88 deg. 01 min. E. 330.9 ft. to eor. No. 5; thence, N. 19 Ueg. 04 min. E. 132.3 ft. to cor. No. 0, identical with cor. No. 3 of Anna No. 2 Lode of this survey; thence, N. 1? deg. 33 min. E. 545.1 ft. to cor. No. 7; thence, N. 27 deg. .17 min. E. 293.6 ft. to cor. No. 1 and place of beginning. ANNA NO. 2 LODE. Beginning at cor. No. 1 a shale rock set in ground with mound of stone chiseled 1A.-2, 1374, whence cor. No. 5 survey 306, Highland Mary Lode bears N. 9 deg. 02 min.W. 9.1 ft, U.S.Loc.Mon. No. 7 bears S. 86 deg. 28 min. B. 2031.5 ft.; thence, S. 9 deg. 02 min. E. 488.8 ft to cor. No. 2; thence, S. SI dag. 33 min, W. 227.2 ft. to cor. No. 3; thence N. 15 deg. 35 min. E. 535.1 ft. to cor. No. 4; thence, N. 81 deg. S3 min. E. 4.2 ft. to cor. Koi, 1 and place of beginning. The presumed course of the lode line of the Anna being N. 28 deg. 05 min. 30 U ..J 1..! 1, M.. Q M I S deg. 60 min, 30 sec. E. Area of Anna Loda 4.096 acres. Anna No. 2 Lode 1.298 acres; total area of claims 6.394 acres. Var. at all cors. of this survey 15 dtg E. - The location of these mines is recorded to the office of the Register of Deeds of Lawrence county, S. D., in Books 1 and 9 respectively at pages 62 and 602 respectively. The adjoining cliniants are on the west and north Oro Cache M. 8. 296 A.; on east Hlgh- , land, Mary M. B. 206; others," if any. are tnknown. Aay and all persons claiming ad- ' Tersely any portion of said Anna and Anna No. X lodes, minei r" surface ground, are required to file their advert claims with the Register of the JnitedSUtejCPand 0fflc,..l. Rapid City, 8, Dak., in the County of Pen nington, inuring the sixty days' period of publication hereof, or hey will be . barred by Virtue of the provisions of the statute. ft A- K. GARDNER, Register. ; It is hereby ordered that the fore going notice of application for patent be published for the period of 60 days (nine consecuUtve weeks), In the Daily Pioneer-Times, a daily newspaper pub- t lisbed at Deadwood, S. D. A. K. GARDNER, Register, (First Pub. May 1, 1900.) ? NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of , Thomas S. ' Carroll, de ceased. -' ' r - Notice" is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of Thomas S. Carroll, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them with the necessary ouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator at his residence' at Mums, in the county of Lawrence, South Dakota. " Dated .April 11. 1900. ORMAN F. ON'G, Administrator ,of , the r estate of Thomas S. Carrol, deceased. (First Pub. April 12, 1900.) t court at Deadwood, S. D., ami to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscrib ers at their office In the Martin & Mason block, Deadwood, S. D.. within thirty days after the service of this summons on you, exclusive of the day of service and .f you fail to answer the complaint within that time, the plaintiff will apply m thp court for the relief demanded in the complaint. Dated at Deadwood, this 10th day of February, A. D. 1900. MARTIN & MASON. Plaintiff s Attorneys. Tn the above-named defendants: Take no tlce that tht complaint herein was filed in the office of the clerk of the above entitle court at Deadwood. S. P.. on March 7th. 1900. Plaintiff's Attorneys. (First Pub. March 8, 1900.) (Edwin Van Cise, Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Valek .MornnK7vk. deceased. Notice is hereby given by tlif undersigned administrator of the estatt of Valek Moronoezyk, det e ise 1, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said decensed to exl.ibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice to the sai-1 Kcl -ward Hausehka, af hi? r?sid.?iuc in in Deadwoi-d, in the county of Lawrence, Sotlta Dakota. Dated at Deadwood, S. D , April 2, 1900. EDWARD IIAN3CHKA. Administrator of the estate of Valek Moronoezyk, deceased. (First Pub. April 3, 1900.) (.McLaughlin & McLaughlin, AMys.) In the District Court of the I'nited States, f ;r (he Western Division .-if th District of South D.iK.e i. In the matter of Edward McDonald. Bankrupt. In Bankruptcy. NOTICE OF FIRST MEET-NO OF CREDITORS. . To the creditors of Edward 'Mc Donald, In the County of Iawrence, and district, aforesaid, a bankrupt: Notice is hereby glen, that on the 30tK day of April, 1900, the aaid Ed ward McDonald was duly adjudicated bankrupt, and that the drat .meeting tsf hlBi-reditors will beeld at -the--of flee of the Hon. Granville (J. Bennett Referee, at Deadwood. Lawrence county. South Dakota, on the the 15th day of May, A. D. 1900, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at which time the said creditors may attend, prove their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and transact such other business as may properly come before said meeting. Dated, May 1, 1900. j . GRANVILLE O. UENNETT, " '-- Referee in Bankruptcy. (First Pub. May 2, 1900.) NOTICE " OF APPLICATION FOR PROBATE OF WILL. State of South Dakota, County of Lfiwrence , ss. , In County Court. Notice of lime appointed for proving will, etc, . ' . In the matter of the estate of Annie Elizabeth McGoff, Deceased. The 'State of South Dakota sends greeting to George W. McGoff, heirs next of kin of Annie Elisabeth McGoff, deceased. Pursuant to an order of said court, made on the 25th day of April, A. 'D. 1900, notice is hereby given that Saturday, the 5th day of May, A. D. 1900, at 10 o'clock a. ml -of said day, at the court room of said court at Deadwood, in the County of Lawrence, have 'been appointed as the time and place 'for proving the will of said Annie Elizabeth McGoff, deceased, and for hearing the application of George W. McGoff, for ' the issuance ' to him of Mters testamentary, when and where any person may api-ear and contest the same. . ' ' " ' Witness the yon. Frank J. Washa-baugh, judge of the county court, and the seal of said court, this 25th day ot April, A. D. 1900, at his office In the City of Dead wood, County of Lawrence, Sute of South Dakota. (Seal) ' ' ' SOL STAR, Clerk of the County Court. (First Tub. April 26, 1900J NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed proposals are invited at the assay office cf Henry Scfinitzel, at Lead, S. D., until 7:30 p. m., April 23rd. for the furnishing of all materials and performing all labor required to build and complete a two-story and basement brick store and jffice building at the corner of Main and Bleeker treeta, Lead, S. D., for M. F. Faust and John ZerSng. Plans and specification may be seen at the above office and at the office of the undersigned in Deadwood, S. D., after 12:00 m. April 17th. , A certified check In the amount of 10 per cent of the bidder's bid will be required as a guarantee that the contract and bond will be executed if the accom- 4 panylng bid be accepted and contract be awarded. The owners reserve the right to reject any or all bids. O. C. JEWETT. Architect. Burlinqton Route. No clianges no delays no chance of missing connections if you go to California via the Burlington Route. The Burlington Route runs thru sleeping cars froir. Omaha, Lincoln am'. Hustings, to Salt Lake City and San Francisco, daily. Dining cars all the way. Library cars west of Ogden. Finest scenery in the world. See nearest Burlington ticket agent, or write J. Francis. G. P. A., Omaha, Neb. Special Summer Excursions. Via Burlington Route. Annual meeting Imperial Council. Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Washington, D. C, May 22-24, 1900. National Baptist Societies, anniver-sarie , Detroit, Mich.. May 23-2"), 1900. Annual meeting, German Baptists, (Dunkards), North Manchester, Ind., May 29, June 8, 1900. Biennial meeting, General Federation of Woman's clubs, Milwaukee, Wis., June 4-8, 1900. Annual Convention, Masic Teachers' National association, Des Moines, la., June 19-22, 1900. Annual meeting, National Educational association, Charleston, S. C, July 7-13, 1900. Annual International Convention, Oaptist Young People's Union, Cincinnati, O., July 12-15, 1900. Biennial Convention, National Republican League of the United States, St. Paul, Minn., July 17-19, 1900. Annual Convention, Young People's Christian Union of the Presbyterian Church of North America, Denver, Col., July 25-30, 1900. Biennial Convention, Knights of Pythias, Detroit, Mich., Aug. 27, September 1st, 1900. The above is a partial lst of some of the most important excursions to be run by the popular Burlington route during the coming summer. For dates of sale, time limit, tickets, etc., call at ticket ofQce. W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent J. L. BENTLEY, Passenger Agent TROOP A, U7S. V., ATTENTION. The meeting called for the ex-mem-bers of Troop A, Third ,U. S. V. C. has, for business reasons, been changeJ to May 11, 1900, at City hall, Deadwood. Every member is earnestly requested to be present on that date, and a splendid time is guaranteed those who will be there. - By order COMMITTEE. NOTICE. I hereby' give notice that all school orders issued and -registered prior to January 1, 1897, by school district No. 8, will be paid upon presentation at my efflce In Central City. Interest ou the same will cease ten days from publication of this notice. , C. K. WEEDON, DIst Treas. Dated at Central City, Lawr ence county, S. D., April 26,'l900. lm a E. S. NO. 23, DEADWOOD. Regular meetings second and fourth Mondays at V.Z0. All member cordially Invited. ' -i , ; , ' ANNIE, L PHILLIPS. W.H. ' i - B. V. HATCH, W. P. ' . LILLIAN 0. HATCH. Sec. ASSESSMENT NOTIC NOTICE, f any. " r Victory Mining company Principal place of business, Dead-wood, South Dakota. 'Location of works, Carbonate, Uw-rence county. South Dakota. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the board of directors of thg above named corporation held on Saturday, April 28th, 1900, an assessment (No. 9) of four mills per are, was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable immediately to the treasurer, John Treber, IK-aJwood, South Dakota. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on Tuesday, the 5th day of June, 1900, will be de linquent and advertised for sale, and unless payment shall have been made before, will be sold at public -auction, at the office of the treasurer, John Treber, Deadwood, S. D., oh the 2?,v day of June, lMOO, at 2 p. m.. to pay-said delinquent assessment. togHber with costs of advertising ami expenses of sale. JTLIl'S REBSAMEN. Secy. (Martin & .Mason, Attorneys.) In the Comity Court of the County of Lawrence. State of South Dakota. NOTICE. OF APPLICATION FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. In the mptW of the estate of Joseph B. Kelly, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that Hester A. Kelly has filed with the clerk of this court, a petition, praying for letters of administration of the estate of Joseph B. Kelly, deceased, and that Monday, the 14th day of May, A': D. 1900, at 11 o'clock a. m. of said day, being a day of a regular term of this court, to-wit: of the May term, 1900, at fce court room thereof, at the court house In the City of Deadwood, in the said CJpunty of Lawrence, has been set for hearing said petition, when and where any person Interested may appear and show cause -why the sai petition should not be granted. Dated May 3rd, A. D. 1900. FRANK J. WASHABAUGH, Judge of the County Court. (First Pub. May 4, 1900.) COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. We, the undersigned, who are about to form a copartnership under the firm name of George V. Ayres and Company, hereby certify that the following are the names iu full of all members of such partnership and their places of residence, to-wit: George V. Ayres. Deadwood, South Dakota. Albert J. Malterner, Deadwood, South Dakota. In witness whereof, we have hereun to set our hands this 1st day of May. 1900. GEO. V. AYRES. ALBERT J. MALTERNER. State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, ss. On this 2nd day of May, 1900, before me, the undersigned, a notary public, within and for said county and state, personally- appeared George V. Ayres and Albert J. Malterner, well known to me to be the persons described in and who executed foregoing instrument, and severally duly acknowledged to me' that they executed the same. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year last above written. CHAS. H. NELSON, . Notary Public. (First Pub. May 4, 1900.) STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING The regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Titanic Gold Mining and'Milling company will be held at office of the company in Deadwood, South Dakota, on Tuesday, the 1st day of May, 1900, at 2'o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing a board of directors for the ensuing year and for the trans-1 action of such other business as may come tefore it i ' ? " : ' ' ' - " - W. a Elder, Secretary. H. R. BARTLETT, President Soo'-h D DEADWOOD,

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