The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 10, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 10, 1899
Page 7
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c THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 10, 1899. n r t LEGAL NOTICES. 1V1RS. .LIEBMANN. (Edwin Van Cl, Attorney.) In the County Court In and for Lawrence County. South Dakota. GUS SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at In tne Matter of the Guardianship of Les lie is. Hooper, Verne L. lloouer and Wynne Margie Hooper. Matilda lloouer. Choice Gut Flowers Potted Plants Always on Hand. Orders for Funerals and society the ollire of the Asaayer in Charge of the United States Assay Office at Dead wood, South Dakota, until 12 o'clock ra.. June 30, and then oKneU, for all supplies required for the fiscal year ending June 30, l'.'uu, in accordance with sch.-dules and KELLER Guardian ORDER. It appearing to the undersigned Judge of the County Court, from the etitlon of Matilda Hooper, guardian of Leslie B. Hooper, erne L. Hooper and Wynne Margie Hoop. i. that it is necessary or will be NOTICE OF LEASE. 1" Notice is hereby given that the Dnkeel Maid Mining company, a corporation, has leased unto several different parties the southerly one thousand (1,000) feet of the Dakota Maid lode roiuing claim In Strawberry gulch Iwrence county. South Dakota. All parties furnishing materials for use uiKin said Dakota Maid Mining claim on iH'rfornilng labor thereon, are hereby notified tffiU the owner of said mining claim will not be responsible for any material or labor furnished at the instance of any of the leeeeee. Dated Strawberry Oulch, Lawrence loniiiv. South Iakotfl. August 13th, 1899. DAKOTA MAID MINING CO., Owner. lly JOSEPH KING, Pre. NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Peter Neilson and to whom It may con-eern: You are hereby notified that I hare expended tn labor and Improvements one hundred dollar (1100) on each of the following mining claims, to-wit: The Kukee fraction, Harrison lode, Hoiking lode. Wall lode. MiHIon lode claims situate on False Bottom. Ida Gray Quartz Mining district, liwrence county, South Dakota, in order to hold said claims under the provisions of section 2324. Revised Statute of the States, beius the amount required to hold the same for the year IVjs And. If within ninety days from the service of this notice 'you fall or refuse to contribute, as co-owner, your lnterent In said claims will become the property of the subscriber under said selon 2324. KHED IIKOOKER. WILLIAM DKOOKER. (.First Uuh. April 4, 189.) POPULAR pet ifi. at ions, copies of which with blank i beneficial 1.1 her said wards that the real emblems promptly filled. estate h longing to them in this County shall be -..hi next n is or.ierot mat in proposals and other information may be had upon application to P. J Ml.NITER, Assuy.r in Charge. Meat Market NOTICE T. IMTor.S. Mande Warner MacPtetrMie. Will receive PUPILS In Vocal and Instrumental Music at her residence. No. 20 Denver Ave., Deadwood, 3. D. Fish, Game and poultry in Season. Harrison uf kin uf sail wards and all persons interested i:i ih.-ir estate be and appear before the .Court on Tuesday, the 20t h day of June, J at in o'clock 'a. in., U show cause why an order should not tte granted for the sab- of sin f estate. Dated 1 'i icluood, s. D., Mar if. HM. I it VN'K J WASH UIAUGH. Judge of County Court. N i I ICE Ol-" FORFEITURE. To I'.lU'i u 'Mil it li : ...1 ar. ii.f ini.-.l that 1 ll.le exp. lid. d ill .'i ..; I i:ii pi .. in. ucs upon the Chan. ui i h.ii.. e .No 1 l.hi, s or mining . I. . l:i l '.irtMilioo nilnliifc; dis-in.;, 1 i. : ,u!c, .-south Dakota, at It ai . i.. ! dollars per year upou I Martin & Mason. Attorneys.) In the United States Land Office, Rapid City District, South Dakota, "rniaii F. Ong, Contestant, vs. lib hard li. White. Mineral Application No. 63. "Uncle Sam Placer." SIM MONS. To tlie aloe- named Richard C. White: You are her. hy summon, d and notified N'( Estate of Jam. Noti. 0 U In r. I i . I nd in i ii i st ra I . I! Christi... dec. .. i..l ull I" !-.-.. us he said d.-c. as. t, C crss.ary voil. h if. r 1 he first pul l 1 'i : i - t .lirwised. t 1 .uulerslgn-i.f James ; .. :1c i . .ii: ors of, J..' . l i." against u ii,. in with rs within four months utlon of this notice. I'lMIFU'TFItK. - :i. o . ue i ' at oi TIC F ( i F F Fowl To Fl ItELEPHONKS- ,..laL.kuiiis88. y Main St, Deadwood, the . -a--- . ' I.:'. I. '!. II. i.e. i. : a "'.I Tlloti.a.s I ...u.n an. .lines I ,,iio .in, Mary Parker. I.1U- l'onoan. .lam s I". Donovan. John T. Don. n. in. Minnie A. Donovan and Charles Donovan, heirs at law of SPECIAL EXCURSIONS. said Ellen Shannon, deceased; John H. e.i. !i ni ; .Louis lor lue y. ars ,. n. that a hearing has be. n ordered herein by the Ibuiui .iMe Commissioner of the c.eiieral Land (Mb e (U-tter initial N, dated April in. l.V.i'.'), to determine whether or not the "Uncle Sam Placer" claim. Mineral Application No. 636 (according te the series of the Rapid City, 8. D.. land 1 - ' :. Is,.;, is;...,,, 1 v.. , aiel I ot . h w as lor the pur- ZOECKLER BROS- I LEADING MFAT MARKET. IV I. IV'S. pose und. r Rev is f !i..Mu tin pro ; lh said claims or lodes IM.IIIS of Section No. 232 4, s of the United States, and . d Si iiutcs aineii.latoiy office) haa been abandoned and relocated, and to determine whether or not the aid acts thereto, for the periods 3U1, lelil ; December 1 leccllihc ending ' the said i n'or at his office In Syndicate l.loi k, Lie s'r.el. In the city of D. .idwood, -South -Dakota. Dated at Deadwood, May fi. 1SU9. ALBERT W. COE. Administrator of the estate of James R. Christ lo, d.vcaAed. (First Pub. May 7. 1899.) (R. C. Hayes, Attorney for PlalnUS.) SUMMONS. State of South Dakota. Eighth JudMal Circuit. In the Circuit Court In and for Lawreaes County. Benjamin E. Stearns, Plaintiff, TS. Agjes-Stearna. r,'r,"r''tu)L ( JIM""" application No. 036 ehall be CANCELLED Shannon, administrator of the estate of Edward Shannon, deceawd; Mathew Shannon and John Shannon, heirs at law of Edward Shannon, deceased, and to their and each of their legal representatives or assigns, and to all whom It may concern: You are informed that I have expended in labor and Improvements upon the Spring and Lloyd lodes or mining claims, situated in Whitewood mining district, In Lawrence county, South Dakota, at least $100 upon each of said claims for the year 1898, all of which was done for the purposje of holding the Bald lodes under the provisions of section 2324, Revised Statutes of the United States, and acts amendatory thereto, for the period endln- December 31. 18H8, and there Is due from you the sum of $75.00 upon each of said claims. You are hereby notified that If within ninety days from completed publication of this notice you fall to contribute your proportion of said expenditure as co-owner with the undersigned during be year al)ovo mentioned, your interest In said claims will become the 1 roperty of tie subscribers, your co-owners, who have National convention lijntist Young Peoples' Union of Ameiica, Richmond, Vs.. July 13-16. Annual meeting Unite 1 Society of Christian Endeavor. Detroit, Mich., July 5-10. National Educational Teachers' association, Los Angeles, Cal. July. Annual reunion and grand lodge meeting Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, St. Louis, Mo., June 20-23. Annual meeting Imperia! Council Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine, Buffalo, N. Y., June 14-15. National Baptists Anniversaries, Portland.Ore., Taooma and Seattle, Wash., June 2-5. The above is a partial list of some of the more Important eicurs'ens to be given by the popular Burlington route, by the land office iipon the petition of Drill an F. Ong, con tee tact. Said hearing will be had at Deadwood, Lawrence county. South Dakota, before. Sol Star, Clerk of Courts of Lawrence County, on the 12th day of June, A. IX 1899, and If you fail to, appear at aft time and place the said contestant wBJ apply to the Land Office for cancellation of said application. Dated, Rapid City, S. D., April 24. 1M A. K. GARDNER. Register. W. S. WARNER. Receive. (First Pub. April 27. 1999.) BlackHillaTelephoneNo 69 forrlson Telephone No. 3. S0. 654 MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD "SAS ft C Deadwood. 8. D. DOAN & GEORGE Lmnn(i nnH Pnnnocilnrt! !)t T.flW i n m-aie or o' rh rvnkni. ftenita .nil Irig to Arg g(BarBg ab0Te named J.)rfeniant: iOU are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the abeWd named plaintiff, a copy of which Is hereby served upon you, and to serve a copy ! your answer upon the subscriber at his mtr flee, In Deadwood, South Dakota, wlthbf thirty days after the service o. this sum 31st, l:i2, December :;ist, ISM, December 3Isl, 1SS4. Doccinher 31st, li'So; December 31sl, December 31st, 1W7, and De cember 31st. lsW. and there Is due from you thereon, to wit: On the said Cbiince lode or milling claim the sum of four hun-. dred t$4n0.un dollars, on the said Chance lode or mining claim No. 1 the sum of four hundred ijliiij.nii) dollars, or eight bund ml (Jmiiiihm dollars in all. You are hereby notified that if within ninety C. days from Ihe service of this notice you fail (y contribute your portion of said expenditure as co-owner with the undersigned during iwh of the years above nientionisl. your interest in said lrsles or mining claims will become the properly of tile subscriber, your co-owner, who has made the niiii;.d expenditures as required by said section No. J :! L' I of the Revised Statutes o! Hie United Stales. Hi UlKItT NUC.ENT. i First Pub May 17. J S:: J ANNUAL MEETING. The r. culur annua! meeting of tht stotdvbolders of the Hig Owl Mining company for the .lection of a board of directors for the i inning year, and such (Wit UUlluOUlUlO Ul UUil, mons on you. exclusive of t daT of ser- i W II Park. r i lornev i SHERIFF S NOTICE nF SW.EON EXECUTION". Stale nf Smith D.ik.u.i . ' . . ; 1 1 1 - of l,a- made the required expenditure as required WHbUKton, D. C. nl Deadwood, 8. D, intponrrofflce Rnon No. 30 Sjn.llcnte Block. pLj5m1d.1I Statu anil Keiteral Courts. XBlgf Und, Revenue mid Bankrupt Lawn a vie and If you full to answer tu!" com-' during the summer. For full information as to limits, dates of sale, tickets the plaintiff Man I. l-.ui- ) : . 1 1 1 i it ets., call at passenger depot. ny said section 2.!24. Cetitnil City, S. ., May 8. 1899. J ii bitKAU. ZOEI.I.NKK PROS. A. A. JACKSON, t First Pub. May 10, 1S99.) . ri loiiini wimin tnnt time, apply to the court for th in this complaint. Dated at Deedwood thl, A D. 1SUS relief demanded 1 11th day of Oe- W. T. ROBERTSON, TlcVet Agent Willi N ' i I. III! I . I F N . by i. It Du II 1 1 1 i : is iifi:i:iiv of :iu IN. . Illlnll ! e-l II II t Iiu.' Ill tt I ci, t k - :i . ,.i Vdverley Bicycles Judicial Op ROBERT C HAYES. Plaintiffs Attorney.. To the defendant above named You will lake nolle., that the complaint in the above entitled actios "as filed in the office of the ''l.ik of the Circuit Coort or the Eighth Judicial Circuit, of the State of South Da- r AjSSISTtHEB. i i. . ni1 h lei.. ONLY.S40 i F I I li Vim l 'i.. , A i loi li NOTICE uf Al l I.I' 'l 1'iN i--i TL'KS OF A I iMl.N :is I u Tlo v. In the Collli'v Court ol the I.w nine. Stale of Soul Ii I M I s(..'e , ii.;-1 Ifcrtcl alld Issueil UUt .till I illll'l . of; a judi?-in tuvor of j.iiu.-t Wil-iluv of Ap-iiu the f.d-of said de-I one-third m.jn a well i A-a pmx wan or M ui itrt -i i.i I . I ..i its!., i : II I ' linn 11. on t in nl. A D. iv.s. I h,ne 1,. Fpecial bargains on the '98 wheel other business as may properly come b. fore the moling, will be held at the of fice of the secretary , in Deadwood, S. D. oil Kri.l.iy. June !. lv.iH, at 2 o'clock p. rr. I. F. BAIICOCK. Secretary Deadwood. S. D., May 2fi, lV.i'J. I 'ih p. I ii the coilnfyy, hoia, in and for Uiwrcti t'Mh day of April 1SM In t he Mat in if the E-t f i 'hai I. Other wheels at low prices. lo mir U. s. i ilie.l real pi'oj'.u-t fetid, Hit, to-wtl All lllldhul ROBERT C II AYES. Attorney for Plaintiff. I First PiM. April 2;t. 18(19.) b Main St. G. F. BAGGALbY INDIPO THEtiUAT interest in and to the Tiuer and KaitKiii'oo lodes or mining chums, to which reference is hereby made, fur a more particular description of sa'i property in Hook Maile r. ) mm i ase. Not iev is her. I Mai h.-r has III,, I Court, a petition. Ad in i nist rat ion of ni . n t Eli, ah h 1 1:,. C, rk of prtniiig for Lett.- HINDOO RCMCDY PBonnrKs mi above Results in SO davM. Onrm ( It. c all Nnrront DineaBM. FaiHna Memoir LADIES! Hayes, Attorney for Plaintiff.) SUMMONS. tin Est, i f Charl. Paretit, HleeplmeneM. Nightly Eb.i-ionH. Ato natiMAfl hv duA ahniM. a in in;). Pages 1". and Hi, recorded in, the Heg-iiter of Deeds olliee of Iiwienee county. S. 1 1 Also an undivided one-third interest in Math.r, deeeasol. and that Thursday rigor and lize to whmnken organ, and quickly bat W th. Stale of South tKikota. Eighth Judicial i..iu nay 01 June, a. D. 1S99. at 10 one No. 187, eleph amy reatortM L,oat manttowt id old or young. Eaalljr carried in vest pocket. Prion $ .OO package Biz for $6 .OO with a written auarantmm to oar ov District, ss and to the 4th of July lode or mining NOTICE OF LEASE. To all parties performing labor or furnishing material ivpou the Mormon Chief Lode, l.'i'.c TAKF, NOTICE: That said claim is being worked under lease and that the undersigned owners will not be responsible for any labor performed or material furnished upon said premises. HUGH M CAFFREY. HENRY SEUSSENBACH, Owners. o elo. k a. nl.. of said clay, being a day reuce itaoMoy refunded. Don't BUT am Imitation, bat claim, a more particular description of (Bitck Illlle rhon'.) In the Circuit Court in and for County. Ida Krakes. PUiintlff. which will be found. In Book 70. Page 289 of a regular term of thla Court, to-wlt uuitft on hsring IBiiAJfV, II roar OruwUt aw OQ ooi it. we will aend it prepaid. U.NDO0 REMEDY U., Hropra- Calctio. Ill or our Amf fir personal attendance at your resl- Also an undivided one-third interest in of the May term, lhi'O, at the Court Kcxim and to the North Dakota. Phoenix. South Jbm of expert tonsorlal artists. WILCOX PHARMACY Deadwood 8. U thereof, at the Court House, in the said County of Lawrence, has been set for Dakota and Elkborn lodes or mining claims, a more particular description of We are the exclusive agents for the which will be found in Hook 104. Pages Ml perfect hearing said petition, when and where any person Interested may apiwar and Chlcneator'a EncHali DUtnond Rrail n 420, 421. all of said claims are recorded ill the Register of Deeds office of Lawrence rcriNYROYAL PILLS pirTonieand Dye (Frank McLaughlin, Atty.)i NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE. BY VIRTUE of an order and decree of the County Court of Lawrence County, John Frakes. Defendant. The State of Soulji Dakota sends greeting to John Frakes, the above named defendant Y ou are hereby Hummotied and required to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff, a copy of hereby served upon you. and to serve a oopy of your answer upop the subscriber at his office in Deadwood South Dakota, within thirty days after Ihe service of this summons on you. exclusive of the day of service, and If you fall to answer this complaint within that lime plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded AFC, llwlM rcll.blt. UtDICB ul Drvc.lrt for CkiekeittTt Vnjh.A Ma f offered to the people of Dead- m.mlBrvnd lo Ued D-I M-t loetBlik: llol. vtlKl wlUl bl." re-ho., Tl. pal We have numbers of testl- show cause why the said petition should not be granted. Dated Deadwood. S. D. June 2. A 1 1 1S99. FRANK J WASHABArCH. Judge of the County Court (Firs PuMlratlon June 3. 1KW.) South Dakota, made on the petition oi n.lMl nn.l MllalUHU Al llrllEKIIft. OT MO. 4. pil of the most flattering etoar- County, S. D., and being situated In White-wood Mining District, Lawrence County S. I). And that I shall on Saturday, the Ktb day of July, A. I). ISM, at the hour of 10 o'c lock. A. M . of said day. at the front door of the Court House, in the city of Deadwood, in said County and State, proceed to sell all the right, title and interest of the above named William B. Ixwln-nell. in anu to the above described property to satisfy said Judgnient, and costs, amounting to EigCit Hundred and Forty- tt. fur pftrtlcultrt. erlnoilili .d "Kelicf for r.dlf."tnlt(. T rctara V. the undersigned Barney Franklin, as the administrator of the estate of John Weir, Sal4 kr HI U. . lrul,u. Pll I L A tA. BUCK HILLS TELEPHONE, 187. deceased, for an order to sell the real es in the complaint. tate of said deceased at private sale, notice is hereby given that I shall, on or after the lfth day of June next, sell at Dated, Idwool. Souin Dwkota, this st day of April. A 1) 1899. ROHFJRT C. HAYES, PlaiDtiff'g Attorney. Mi'iMuirinvrs one S41) Dollars and Sixty (0) Cents, to B. M. AIKINS, In 48 hour OonorrSoNi and gether with all accruing costs of sale and interset on the same from the 21st day of April. 1898, at the rate of 7 per cent per private sale for cash the real estate be To th Defendant above named: niscnsivw. from the uiini ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Yankee Boy Gold Mining Co.; principal place of business, Deadwood, S. D.; location of mines. Carbonate mining district, Lawrence county 8. D. Notice Is hereby given that at a meeting of the board of director s ofthe above corporation, held April 27, 1899, an assessment (No.. 3) of one-half cent per longing to said estate in said County, the TTORNEY AT LAW You will take notice that the complaint annum, at Public Auction to the highest rsiM. UTMted by HanUl WMrlBirW II Prioo 1. of Alii rmnwirt Vyi bidder for rash. In the above entitled1 action was died la the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Cour real estate described as follows, to-wit An undivided one-third Interest In Gay Room I Syndicate Rlnnk ville lode. Skookum lode. Skookum No. 2 ?UW0OD. - . SOUTH DAKOTA of the Blgith JudlrtaJ Otrcirft of the Stats of South Dakota, hi and for Lawrence County, on the 28th day ot April, A. D. 1899. share was levied upon the capital stock of William H. Parker Plaintiff's Attorney. Dated. Deadwood, 8. D.. June 6th, 1899. MATT PLUNKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence County. By James B. Harris. Deputy. (First Publication, June 8. lh99.) the corporation, payable immediately to lode, Black Diamond lode, Black Dia Julius Rebsamen, treasurer, at Deadwood. mond Fraction lode. Rover lode, Rover ROBERT C. HAYES, Attorney for Plaintiff. (First Pub April 29, 1899.) JOS. FORD. S. D. Any stock upon which tills assessment shall remain unpaid on June 1. 1899. will be delinquent and advertised for sale, and. unless paid on or before No. 2 lode, Skokum lode; an undivided one-fourth interest in Great Laxey lode. THE PACIFIC SHORT LINE THE DERBY It Headquarters For Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Great Laxey No. 2 lode, Great Laxey July 1, 1899, will be sold at public auction to pay said assessment, together with costs Is the short connecting line between the Black Hills and Slouz City and points in Fraction lode; an undivided one-half in of advertising and expenses of sale. (C. E NOTICE OF tS De-dwood should terest in Harmon No. 2 lode. Big Deposit . Davis, Attorney.) SALE OF PERSONAL. PROPERTY. eastern South Dakota Close connections O. W. MATSON. No. 2 lode, Big Deposit No. 3 lode, all both ways at O'Neill and Sioux City daily, "otuoneer. ""aBt. . JTa.ri.T.l ICC situated near Gayvllle, in Whitewood .je, Wi fli RTER Prop NOTICE OF FIRST MEETING OF CRED V. mining district, Lawrence County, South except Sunday, avoiding all lay-overs. Buy local tickets to and from O'Neill; makes lowest fare. ITORS. In the District Court of the United Stales Dakota, on the following terms, to-wlt: For cash. Bids in writing may be filed with Frank McLaughlin at his office in the Opera House block, Deadwood, POOK for the District of South Dakota Remedy Co. o ESTRAY NOTICE. Taken up, at my ranch, Boulder In the Matter of Thomas It. Rollins. Slate of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, s. s. In County Court, in the Matter of the Estate of William W. (lidding. De.eased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Tht, In pursuance of an order of the County Court of tbe County of Lawrence,' State of South Dakota, made on the 16th day of May, A. D., eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, la Bankrupt. In Bankruptcy. HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR S. I. canyon, three and one-nail miiea To the Creditors of Thomas B. Rollins of Dated this 25th day of May, A. D., 1899. Belle Fourche, In the County of Butte from Deadwood, one bay horae, weight about 1,000 pounds, branded ' BARNEY FRANKLIN and District Aforesaid, a Bankrupt: As Administrator of the Estate of John Bar W." on left Bhoulder. Owner yi poison PRIMARY, SECONDARY on TERTIARY BLOOD POISO PERMANENTLY CURED 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can b tereated at home for tie mm .oiu t is HEKfcUY given That on can have same by proving title, pay Weir, Deceased. (First Pub. May 26, 1899.) the 8th day of June. A. I). 1899, the said ing costs; of keep and advertising. Thomas B. Rolins was duly adjudged bankrupt, and that the first meeting of Deadwood, S- D., May 19, 1899. E. J. EASTWOOD. o NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR LET his creditors will be held at the office of TERS OF ADMINISTRATION. the undersigned Referee in Bankruptcy In SPECIAL EXCURSIONS TO to, "w QUikklNTT , If jou prefer to com here we wH m uSJy kotd bUla and no charge If w fall to cure. If it iTaTCHtSv111' POTASH, and stlN have achee and pains, rtS. tLCEM i? nKmU. 80RJB THROAT, PIMPLES, COPPER -CO LOR- k miTiCnnn " HAIR or EYEBROWS FALLING m-NArti??1 that W GUARANTEE to cure. We aollcit the CURB 1 B4 CHaIXENGE THE WORLD FOR A CASB WB In the County Court of the County of the matter of the estate of William W. Glddlngs, late -of the town of Central, County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota, deceased, the unserslgned, Edgar E. Clough, administrator of said deceased, will sell at private sale to the highest bidder, for cash, on Friday, tbe 2d dy of June, A. D. eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the office of Charles E. Davis, In the Smith building. Deadwood, in said Lawrence County the following personal property, to-wlt: Shares of the capital stock of the Big the City ot Deadwood, in said state and district, at three o'clock p. m., on Thurs Lawrence, State of South Dakota. HOT SPRINGS, S. D. On Tuesday, June 6 and 20, the Elkhorn tn the Matter of the Estate of Mrs. Ida day, the 22nd of June, A. D. 1899, at which Baer, Deceased. I Railroad will sell tickets to Hot Springs nine me saia c realtors may attend, prove and return at one fare plus $2.00 for the their .claims appoint a trustee and trans Notice is hereby given that Ben Baer has filed with the Clerk of this Court, a , aeeunSS ?T0?!aeo Wbllt men. Kings and Emperors of foreign .JtatftiayEii H Iwm oven when under the treatment of the best round trip. Tickets good returning 30 act tuch other business as may properly petition, praying for Letters of Adminis come before the said meeting. sSL b l . Daoo mllawld employ, but we have a 8ECKKT lesnSyj? Welv-. Durinc FOURTEEN TBAR3 of our uTtV PninM2rTlTntsr dafferani ooooaraa have started up to Imitate our Owl Mining company, the property of said estate, sufficient to realise the sum sf tration of the Estate of Mrs. Ida Baer, deceased, and that Thursday, the 15th day of June, A. D. J.899. at 10 o'clock a. m.. I lasse. upreeedeaced auocess; today not on of them re- FRED M. BROWN, Referee In Bankruptcy. Dated June 8th. 1899. (First Pub. June 9, 1899.) $579.00 net, to pay tbe Indebtedness of said estate. of said day. being a day of a regular term Alone Withom A Single Successful Competitor, of thisCourt. to-wlt: at the May term, days from date of sale. o- FILED FOR RECORD. Grant H. Tod to W. C. Page, a half interest in the War Eagle, Carbonate district. David Morgan and wife to Nick, the northeast corner of lot 17, block 30. city of Lead; $600. F. M White to Aaron Hattentach. a fourth interest in the l"p-to-Date fraction. Happy Thought fraction; a half interest Dated Hay 16th, 189.. EDGAR K. CLOUGH, 1899. at the Court Room thereof, at the SATURDAY EXCURSIONS f-nia repntiiS??T Fniuuieaitly cared thousand and haa Administrator of the Estate ot William Court House in the TClty of Deadwood, In the said County of LawrencyN has been Via The Northwestern Line" to Hot Northwestern W. Ojddings. Deceased Springs. NOTICE OF POSTPONEMENT OF SALS. Deceptiopi, no free sample catch u- ' no O. D. METHODS. set for hearing said" petition, when and where any person Interested may appear To Hot Springs and return at one far Notice is hereby given that tbe above and show cause why the said petition wB,LUTK PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLED sale U hereby postponed from June X. 189, to Saturday, June 10, 1899 at the same in the San Antonio fraction, on the divide for the round trip tickets good for return on or before the following Tuesday. The Elkhorn is the popular routs to this pop 'LLICN hfll I DB nm.a.n nmnlllTrr hould not be granted. Dated June 1st, A. D. 1899. FRANK J. WASHABAUGH. Judge of the County Court. ( First Publication June 3, 1899.) . "kuns fir niN li iiiiKi.iiiiAriAniir.c. ular resort As the train leaves Dead-wood I p. m. at the close of bnsfniss between Deadwood and Whitewood creeks. Warren R. MUlham to Sarah Elizabeth McGill, lot 6. block B, Sunnyside addition to Dead h ood; $400. hour and place. EDGAR B, CLOUOH, Administrator of the estate of Wm. W, Glddlngs, Deceased. hours. i C0MPOT.-1928 lasoBic-iTeniDle, CHicazo. 01. j

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