The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 4, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, MAY 4, 1900. THE DAILY PIONEE U-TIME8, DEAD WOOD, & D.t Seebick Ackermann's. NEW STOCK OF IMPORTED PATTERNS AND VERY LATEST NOVELTIES IN CHILDREN'S HEADGEAR IS COMPLETE IN EVERY RESPECT, AND IS NOW OPEN FOR VOI R INSPECTION. DON'T FAIL TO CALL. ICE!ICE! ICE! ' Trout pure spring water dfiivered in any part of the city in any quantity a-saying 50c Gold and Silver THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE Established 1889. No. 37 Lee St. Deadwooi WIU. GIVE CORRECT RESULTS OF BOTH GOLD AN" SILVER FOR 50C. ON AM. S.-,.... liS unorGHT TO THE OFFICE. announces an expose of Spring Milliner y IVimily trade a specialty. Bell lie t,hone 191. JOB LAWP.ENSON. M. H.Lyon & Co. jfj Agents for the Bllckensdorfer 135.00 Typewriter, 3 SHAKE INTO YOUR SHOES. Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It cures t ainful, smarting, swollen feet and ingrowing nails, and instantly takes the sting out of corns aud bun r ions. Its the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease MINES AND MINING. makes tight or new shoes feel easy, it is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet. Try It to-4 day. Sold by all druggist and shoe stores. By mail for 2dc in stamps. Depicting" the fresh-estfashions from the French: designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept, Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. " The foremost feature of Deadwood's millinery merchandising thUweek will Trial package FREE. Address, Allen intended to be erushed before ordering the reduction plant. A style of mill Cyanide Addition Started Up. The recnt addition to the cyanide S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. nlant of Parker & Cook at uayvllle Is that would suit one ore might prove entirely unsuitable for another kind of ore. All the characteristics of the ore should be thoroughly and systematically studied. This will cost money John Jennack. Has a first-class outfit of teams 8 tin carriages and is prepared to do all kinds of city work. Calling parties, funerals, etc., will receive prompt attention. Call Harrison telephone No. 83. but 'tis better to spend money that now In use. Six new tanks weie put In. four of them beln solution tanks, and the mill began to crush ore into them yesterday afternoon. The plant will now be aide to treat from 23 to SO tons a day without any trouble, as It has crushing capacity capable of running three times as much tank capacity. The addition was started two or three way than to rush headlong into an ex pensive construction that may result in loss. And in this regard the min ing machinery manufacturer can be of grtat aid and advice and experience as months ago. It was necessary to build an annex to the mill building-, and' to be an attractive arrray of "first hats" and small hats for struts and shoping at popular prices. , THE FIRST BIG SHOW OF THE SEASON. Don't fail to see the Great Syndicata English-American Shows, which will be in Deadwood May 15. They have a menagerie of wild and costly wild an1.-" mals; a congress of novelties and the best troupe of trained horses and po build the tanks. The plant has heretofore been Jargely experlmentaf$l)iit it 4s now on a practical basis. Mt has been thoroly demonstrated that cyanide will-work the cement ores of that district and a large quantity has been run thru by Mr. l'arker and Mr. Good. nies In the world besides having artists from all parts of the globe. to determining what Is best. In these days of advanced milling methods, fliere is little excuse for the failure of a properly provided milling plant if sufficient ore can be furnished. There Is no grant fnwn the government, under the act of congress, unless there is a location according to law and the lo il rules and regulations. Such minins location is a condition precedent to the grant. Merc possession, not based upon a valid location, would not prevent a valid location tin-dei the law. Tho supreme court of the United States affirms this and says: Special Wrapper Sale... NOTICE. Dog tax is now due and payablea tt the city treasurer's office, and will be For One Day Only Sale Day Saturday May 5, 1900 Granulating the Slag. The Deadwood & Delaware smelter Ib experimenting upon the granulation plan for disposing of the slap, and come delinquent on May 1st. - H. HISCHOFF. City Treasui tr. about two hundred tons of slag goe "The right to the possession comes down the creek every day. It Is gran ICE! ulated by passing it under a spray of Get on the band wagon i..uge tas got the ice. Families supplied. H.r- Ladies Wrappers for 70c Worth Ladies Wrappers for 85c worth Ladies Wrappers for $1 10 worth Ladies Wrappers for $1 60 u orth SI.OO - St. 2 5 SI 50 - S2.oO lison telephone No. J 20. only from u valid location, there can bo no possession under it. Location docs not necessarily follow fiom possession, but pp83f-sslon from location. A location is not made ny taking possession alone, but by working on the ground, lecording and doing whatever else is required for the purpose by the acts of congress and the lpcal laws and regulations." This is Your Opportunity. Don't Miss St. PR NAULTEUS REMOVED. Dr. A. Fr. Naulteus has removed his office and residence to the Carney building over Lowe's clothing store 681 Main s'reet. Main St. Deadwood, S. D. CHASE'S WhereThev 1 Sell Cheap. water while It is In Its molten ftate. The slag is run down an inclined iron trough, and as it leaves the trough it passes thru the spray, which comes from an iron pipe, at high pressure. Bringing the slag in contact while at a liquid heat, it flies into minute par-ttclegf the largest of them being about like grains of wheat, and -it is then carried off by the water la the creek, like sand. If there were more water with which tq work it would be possible to handle all the slag of the smelter in this manner. This has been a matter that has claimed the attention of the managers' of the 'smelter for a number of years The slag dump has grown to such proportions that it has become a serious questlajn as to whether it would be possible to continue building it up without closing the entire gulch. Tha rinmnln trnilnH ha heen limited WALL PAPER. The best and largest stock of wall paper to be found in the Hills 'p on sale at Sanderson's on Sherman Street. Latest shades and latest design is what it is made up of. Resolutions of Condolence. Whereas, De'ath having invaded the family circle of our brother, Michael Katen, and taken from it the father, John Katen, Sr., its loving guide and wise counselor, Resolved, That this, Deadwood Lodge No. 608, B. P. 0. Elks, tender to our brother and his family our sheer Walter L. Vercoe M. D. Deadwood, S. D. Office Waite Building-. est sympathies In this, their great be reavement Hours 10 to 12 and 1 to 3 : Death's summons, when it comes to Practice limited to diseases of eye those we love, brings with it pangs of and ear. sorrow and of keen regret, and though la it we hear the voice of God', and know the bidding to the dear ones We Are Closing Out gone is but a summons to a surer, better life, tears, which should but In hap for three or four years, and it has had to be used sparingly. The slag in Its broken state would make an excellent ballast and it is possible that It will be uied for that purpose in the course of time. Within the last few months part of ths slag has been hauled this way from tho smelter and dumped, and the pile now reaches clear -up to where , the Golden Reward chlorlnatjon plant formerly stood. ' ' -.- , piness be shed, flow with a burning from their welling fonts, and in the heart, whose throbblngs speed all kindly, loving thought, there will re Our Spring Wagons and Buggies Fast. , If You Want a Bargain Call and bee Us. main a longing that they yet were here. Life's struggles o'er, spirit fled, and in a higher sphere, immortal though it be, ft General llnl.g 'Newt, HIL Armstead, general manager for the Galena Mining and Smelting company. Is lp Chicago, for the pur not of buyinar nir comDressor and other It lives again, we cannot help but look hack and think of and remember them as when the animated flesh moved and responded to the noble, generous Carriage Repository c Carney St. Lewis c. Verplast promptings of that spirit which gave it thought and action. We weep not machinery for the Eureka mine, one of Ms company's properties. The Eureka JT6 Sherman St. that they have passed from out onr Is showing some good ore ' and the4 earthly ken and dwell within those Aetna Powder Co, everlasting mansions of God's own building; we miss them and w need them, their homely,? kind advice, their Dynamite and Black' Powder, KafPs Dover 'Root Tea gentle ways, their good example and GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO. their practice, their loving: solicitude and subtle chann of manner and that unbounded charity which they so lav Wood. 1tw! Fresh, Uw Skin. CurasCiw Mi pat (on, Indifwtton, and all Eruptions ot th. bkin. An agrMibl milv Kirn Tome. Sold on aHaoluM rriarantea by all 4niMiata al 85c BOe. and SI.OO. 8. C. WELLS & CO., LI SOY, N. V. Fnse and Caps, Eleetric Batteries, Batteiy Sspplles. - , tail MormrroM 4 lamy bestowed on all, we mfss and mourn for. But It is not for us to question God's wisdom' nor his goodness, and when he sends his angel to bid us coins the loving kin and friends company intends to begin taking it ;out for commercial purpose. ;The t'u ft is prntty 'wall equipped jrtta ma; chlnery, and with the air compressor it will be one of the- most ' complete In the country Machine drills have , been running for some time, driven by - steam power The shaft has an electric light, and the lighting plant furnishes light for the" Hoodoo tunnel, half a mile away ." ; . - . '. x . The existence of fissure veins is primarily due to one or more fault places, fissures of seams, forming ducts for the ore-bearing solutions. The ore proper, which is. constituted of various sulphides with a gangue of more or less quartz, calcite, etc occurs chiefly along these separtlong planes and In seams connected with them. The typical ns- 1BS0 Tor Sale by the Palace rnanaacy. LL-SEBGEANT lll.f, CO E. - ADAMS COMPANY B1YMDIN II S lUM COMPANY Lidgerwood 'Manufacturing Co. Hoists 0, F; PURNELL OF DEADWOOD. CAPITAL STOCK $400,000 we leave behind should sorrow, not, hard though the parting be, but view our going as. a deliverance from earthly cares. We know the sorrow cf our brother mnst be hard to bear, but believe that in tho long and useful life his father lived on earth there will 'be found that which will bring much of consolation to himself and his sorrow- Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak. : Divided Into 400,000 Shares at $1.00 Per Share; sure vein may be regarded as a single break, along which, through faulting. lng family. Resolved, That these resolutions be 1' ... 1 r easury Stock 100,000 Shares ; . INCORPORATORS AND OFFICERS James Conzett, Norman T. Mason, Qrviixe U. Pryce. ;- Ths Board oe Dlractors of th Ruby Go Id Main and MUUrnNCompahy hTe been astherUM to U .0,000 shars of the treaa nry stock of ths -oorporaUon at ths low Prios of ton cnU per share, funy paid an d non-ssseseable, the proceeds to be used xclusreily for the deTelopmeat' of the Portland nUnJa claim, la RuV Qulch. owned by the eompany. It Trill Woo to taveetlnle tfcl. offar t more or less continuous open spaces are formed and . subsequently filled with ore. On both sides of this Ailing there Is a "gradually fading zone! in which more or less extensive alteration of the country rock has taken place. v It is always economical and usually necessary to have considerable expert examination of the character of the ore spread upon the records of this lodge and that the secretary be instructed to furnish Brother Katen with a copy of the same. -.V-; ;' - -1 Deadwood. 8. IX, April 1, 1900. , ' . ;C M. J. DONOVAN. , W P M. CJLRR. -. '. ; ; V .-. JOHN CRAY. ' FULLER & BROWN. PROPS. - (GEDDES OLD BARNA Camap asi Biiries: 'Jest Drirtir ni Sad Jle Horsei tock this losr price before k U too Jlte.- Fr- farthw inftinaaUon lnonlre of James ; BoardinHorses by the Day week or Month a Specialty. I :1 , .. ,v -

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