The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 31, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1898
Page 4
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THE . T P10NEER TI51EN TntTtSDAY, MARCH 31. THE CITY r $iwt. ai r -waailtBiii x4r Axt Vawc gc CAViw .-vMMrt '- Mai anaja. at Mjb .-rti aai ts. aaa a r ma a nr sOM Xkx ajj AJt svot u -i j.-i : Lta a.-a a- iiS I I I K3 12 4v ZOELLHER'S BROS. CO, T A .-Jx ?aaav av. avrcA V j jEBM ANN'S. "aVamVelmmW SmVal ePISmMmalBSBkv T5.T SttAirS IXJlKOO CC aI. Frmz ri' fc.-e-r-i aa ft-t-a." eefeg-1 i:r aij a: " L.;it j i i a ! SWC a N-AtAAA N1 I 11 r.A-tf-e c-a-x. 3j 1aC N,vi . . ' ro) rto. vw a traJt e5 -.- Ax W gv W Oiv-v r -a. xJAde auel i- VJ4 1C Ut KUMCt a wa alic4 Cvaa CSe Sot. CnxA c Ma.-xA Kia. i .. . A--r-.e arw a few Aat af- A raj a ? la i C;::!:l to Spring Style of 'gB. r MILLHR OURBY. Ka r; tr4 u- 5-ax"s rrw Tjl. Tfcer a rcl-r v Trj a aa.- A 7 .-a ue i nr st.t ir A cr-an-i ; rki ,i to &rr rus. s,a: x. A. Dl WILSON. a EjlSN i I-LA JCC-.N r CCvAL Lb THa BEST. I ' 5a-a A cw k j aomm 44 ' c-- az ! : sat t?xit u cx- tO". J Ai f a;t Alt 1 kxsor A- A tiA t -orf . FM AT. 1TX". S:.i :a Xx-4 vie Ck-e -; $ sAvt LSI el 1 W3; JiiaaAw v.rtv I" HJ-v. lop Notch InJIat Ivxcr Iktico WiMhtSema Quality a4 0aractjr r Wr Make tt more ttaa aUaQrle Uveya Vr;h 6rt:i li Enr Lisa, toitim la Inji ?iMn Juire U r K rtta fr jrouit'lt lit nvr buye one Ovnuee hack when he eU evothtr Uet X K.tVxrt csuae ag frvxa vXaaaha OS. .a x 2: .-.N.;. irvc.i.:. . f- r- a ii aU - e,ecNUj. h s pnvAt car jv 1? : bnvat ta 1Vis1x1 aa4 laj a ij A W i j U ; ax; ia mm of bmu cAi ' Ai Fatj j ca'IK la Ut rM VA.-4 rai-S4 U hmcsmw A:;er aad '.-eft ti B. A M tra.a Kv tae prutTA PTf v M. r.rktftxMi. p.-.a.-i trf r-Ae . J fjKw sv-iKvx At Ld. AijvvaM a 1aXkSa. .V the advisory tvwu-vl. sKA-ietl t 12" s Ht IS .wrait w.ih aa4 a:4 tbe xr-vtuv vNxasKteti vf the Truae V ju rpt Wlsi flonday Extraordinary Offering: Cf) Pieces Silk, no two alike. The Latest Production. 100 Sfa"dMu" 25e. 50 Dozen Ladies Hosiery j Wk Aki Soi k . r.r rs. We Ainu to Please ami ilo IC. isoi Y.t lxvi.4Ar. j ;i KJ3(v-c J joyArj ?r.a psrvAi.a a rrxr--i !-. . frt of chArff fvr a laiy ir..- ri. Xi :J : at Fai t'.'t Baiaat F.v a tsa;a IVa1ix1 Skvitar a" ! rvlc a, ShraAa :r( U u a fr: a; frm lit c'.JL fAV iOQd dvA vX.' .J StU And ttJMOIlt pt;:cs to tit p'rNAAA&t ;;:: p-.:. thAt at. kaoa aa IVW;tt' ljtt: Rrlj Riser. Thry Cdr conat pAtioa uk isAdv h A3 1 t'.!oua K 0, Tlii. :tra EXVELOPRS rriotfd with th Cor :rr CatvJa. ta -X0 lou. at $1 Ti pc 10.000 lou. 11 SO; .000. II . a g-oi white MTe'.op. Thiriy-flT yjtr mk t-nr! rmi That ta how lor,$ Adxv'ph Kuhr of Zaneairill. O . uffrrj frra p)l IV aa curd by u1d( thr Ikum of IV Witt s Witch Ha1 X K FrAokUn. AXHEl'SER-BVSCIL ST. 1X5C1 !o:u.m if the ejvU;.a r M iajer i Ou;a up n a Shermaa sineiet. a4.nine Hat-.eBbe.'h vrt. tiie ctcwr rv ;.vsl vHit the Hte buiiaiagahea .ti atteratKvas ec Mm mo.el te-t a.m1 he AAA experiemW swuHra! vt.ffi.'uHy In finding a sultaMe Kvttn Me coatemp'iis wakiikg su.-h Un-rixwementa aa the building hKh Is aa old e -rrl and inteo.l. A.I ding n hM mnuraturtng lmttwt a retail department Elmer, th flve-year-old f Mr and Mr. Frank X AruKh. died tu.Khw ly at t o'olvh yesterday aftern.vtafrwm ""FT, Lai. tijMCTA. AaA. tJ7. poultft aj1 trjii.t4 is l- BAfkM. W Ul piM ro ry uai :!. Tir fAT:r. t5 Bv-A3.C A3J '.i i.c?c r.itr Art .a.'. to u5t?.-:J fsu A?i rvwnt Ha- tW .t. u tb tl liiiv to k7 01 aasI it j quick:, u ;: kaoa cur for pi'.. X. E. FrAsk'.ia. Go to UcGlLL-S (or HAT. C&ALK. lad ROCK SPRINGS aj4 DEER CREEK COAL. Prompf tolirvj. Ti tpaos No. 124. F. D. Smith Kilt mithinj coaL A l:Ct boy wkM for a bou of "gH up in the morsiac At fat aj jtou CAa. Th rirurf-.M rcocnUJ a houachold dais for 'PWttt'i Hvti Early Ri. er." And pt him a bottle of thoM lck-hAdA-hf . Iier ad) tonvach trouble. X. E. Frmnklia. From all ear the country com words of pralaa for Caaabarlalai Coufti Ramady. Hara la raapla latter from Mrv Sbap. of Uttla Rock. Ark.: "I waa tuffarlnf tram a vtrjr at-rera cold, wbta I rrad of Ua curtt that had baen affectad ky Chamaar-lala's Couch Rcmadjr. I co Deluded t (Wa It a trial aad aoeordlnglr procured a bottla. It f Aa ma prompt rallaf and I hart tha best raaaon for teeom mendlnf tt rery hlfhly. which I d with pleAaur." aaidOAJUAjXiV t-nn '...nwram 11 i,maaMtt It rtiivl More Com plitc ItHl.iy lii Ait lirr llrCtrv, typrnitd fever after a brief lllneaa. Kl- $5? AXD PABST MILWAUKEE BEER 9 MADE OF MALT AXD HOrS OXLT. HENCE ASK FOR IT. Call on A. F. Saydr Ua nw jrwclci ner was a bright, kwable child and at death reOKiv e a mrmtwir tf the buee-hld whoa vat-ant chair caueea InlKtwse grief. The funeral will take plarw at S o'clolck thla afternoon tnvm the home, ot City Creek street. Rev. Father Redmond officiating. iMtrge S. Oliver, the Hercules ptvw-der man write Col. Fvvd that he has for aaythlnt In his lina. la Additloa to Our Laige Asiiimii ( Shut Hiririn, Tlnan, Stsvis, Cutlery aid Spardnj Goods. W Also Carry a Kull Line l T-or.. Btoel, Wood Stock, Bollowa, Anvtla, Vlntm, Whool Barrows, Powder, Fuso and Cup Prices tho Lowest, Goods tho Host A torpid livrr rU you of ambition and ruins your hpalth. - IVWUt's Lit U Eoarly Riwrs clnM the liver, curt-(Mnstlpatlon and all stomach and llvrr troubles. K. 0. Phillips. lwwtn trAnafa.rnft.1 fr,mt the IVnvee ivf. J LEADER OF Low Pricks H-e and place! In charge of the company's bulneee at Chk-ao. whkh U one of the moat Important of the branches, and Include the Illa4'k Hill Montana, Idaho, and th mUMI wee-tern slate. Mr. Oliver's many Black little friends will be pleaeeri to hear of his promotion. C. A. GRIFFiTil HARDWARE CO. Wl;l) ANVIL. Jts 0lAoirkACii Mt. Donttwotxl, lei .saw. JUST RECEIVED, our new stork of With Orad Clothing for Spring and Summer of '98. comprising the very latest Styles In Imported and Domestic Fabrics, made up to our speclsl order, particular Attention having been paid to 8 yle. Kit and Superior Workmanship. 1 aese goods you will Hud far ahead of cheap made-to-order, or low priced Tailor-made garmtnta which In many Instances are not equal to even Medium Grade Ready Made. Having this season made a much greater effort than ever before la selecting the very choicest and up-to-date novelties In High tirade Clothing, are prepared lo offer for your Jospection a line of goods second lo none, not wishing to repeat the "old gag" of no trouble to show goods, but In justice to our effort to plesse, ask you to call, being convinced that our Style. Fit and Selection will satisfy the most fasildoous. jxxi.i-j.7? Th owners of the brick yard, on Whltewood guloh. botwoen thla oily and Plum are making preirlloi to ciminietu their esutin's worK as n a. the weth.r la sottled and will pe-rmU. which they hop will be In shout three week. They are getting reaily for a busy season and expect to make nearly a million and a half of brick this year, aa the prosperta of a lively seaaon In building are very good. Ut year they msde alxtut l.MO.000 brick. They employ fifteen menwann In full operation and tha plant has a capacity of 1,000 brick a day. They have opened a bank of line clay mater lal near the plant, the material con-"let Ing of clay and eand. In the proportion of four loads of rlay to two of sa,id. They have just completed a . BLOOM, Firci FJaTional Ban OF DEADWOOD, 80UTH DAKOTA! UxLi-tod S"tatea Uepoaitoirw CASH PAID IN, $100,000 . . . . . . SURPLUS, $160,000 EmXCTOJW. O. t. BAMBBOBT, T. t. UUIKH, f. K. BP ABAS, F. A. ODHRDUT, D. . VomRHMON. PrMiit 0. J. ALllBlTHI I Oartl.r D. . MofHCttaoN Tlw-Prldat T-J. OBI ill I AMMaat Oathler I. 8. bin MAM JOHNI'll VINCIONT Will open with a eomplele line of Furniture In the new Claik Uulldtng, op poell lite II. A M Paaaenger tepul Waih thla Btai fr ! and fuel her annouiMwineut. Zlpp can fit auy toot to pertectlon. C. L. Stewers repair safes, locks guns, bicycles, trunks, cutlery, etc. J. II. Uraham, D. D. S., dental par tors over First National bank. Dead wood. Crown ana bridge work a sp daily. building 3(xl2t foot to tte utilised In stormy weather for drying Jm brlok after being moulded. Tha building I A customer said:" I bav had th beat meat since I have been buying of Patronize a thoroughly conscientious Druggist. You will And him at Wilcox Pharmacy, Sherman strret. Thousands of sufferers from grippe have been restored to health by One Minute Cough Cure. It quickly cure coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneumonls, grippe, asthma, and all throat and lung diseases. K. O. Phillips. CHOCOLATES and CREAMS, delicious, made by Balduff. Juvl received at Flshol's Bazaar. Ladles are Invltsd t call and sample them. For some time 1 have suffered with rheumatism, and tried very Imsglnii ble remedy, without effect. Mt I. 0 fitted up with racks and haa a capacity of sliout 40,000 brick. 7'hls Imlldlnc Is Fargo, that I have had foi a year hested by hot air and It Is said will ac Dr. Cants, dentist, over Stosenth!' clothing store. CROWN AWII BRIDOr rirnipllnh satlafan-tory rmiulta. 8 Ayers & Wardman Mr. and Mrs. Dave Conner of th W0RK. The popular lt:lmonlo restaurant, Siurgis Press were In the city y ester lay. Mr. Couner haa tendered his under the pitum e, la now In charge o 0 o Hardware Company. wrvlci-s to (lov. loe anil the govern ment If we have war, and volunteer of Mrs. W'eyman. The tables are supplied with the choicest of meats and everything in the market and with S. Wells advised me to try Chamber Arnold llnw., trf Hiurgls, hav rented Ui iHilldlng o)mr Mala and l stre4, fitrmmrly oncuptad by Flsaet's Stop and See the O Carry the Largest and Most 0 ample te Stock of mTvIr Is neede. He waa la the regu lata' Pain Balm, tellllng me that It lar army wlti the Eighth ravalry and had cured many cases of long stand baxaar, and about the first of May will served three enlletntenta. II was Ing like mine. I have act four bot good soldier and was rewarded on av start In tmslnewa wHb a large stork of grocerlea and provlsiona. tle and feel sure that one mora botti Je era I ores Ions for bis faithful perform Hardware and Mining Supplies will make my cur complete. A. P Konts, Claremore, Ark snoii cs? his duties, bravery and other Heat of all le cleanse lb system la a 0 8 0 JX superior qualifications. II Informs gentle and truly beneficial maaaar Is Veterinarian Treacy attend! Doad- the Pioneer-Time that h can rats a when th Spiingtlmaeome, aa th wood th first Tuesday of each month. splendid company of ei-eoldlere In In the Black Hills. true and perfect remedy, Syrup of Fig. Tslsphon Ft- Mead. Meade ouunty, many of whom havelm Buy the g.nuln. Manufaetured by th portunnd him to organise a company M. U Yocum of Cameron, Pa., nays: California Fig Syrup Co. only, and for sale by all drugglsU, tt 10 sent per volunteering their service. There Is q It will Pay you to get their Prices Before "I was a sufferer for ten years, trying most all kinds of pile remedies, but competent cooks and help the greatest pains will be taken to pIcAse the puree. Everybody is an epicure to grestsr or less degree. The greet number p; persons In I)-d vo.d, who board appie elate a meal when th articles at brought befor them snapping hot.s A prepared la a manner that will tick' th palate. That Is why th Palac-i Cafe on Lee street has tb largcjt and beat trad In th city. Everything I-cooked t pleas tb most fastldl'iun taate and everything that Is choice i th market can be bad at the Palace ' suit you. If you are tired of thst ol dry beefsteak, that Hop coffee or beaw cake yon have been getting, just try th Palace, and you win find just wrst yoa want. Zlppi for floe shoe. a large number of good men la tb notti. without success. DeWltt's Witch H country who served out their enlist Th Two flit Miners' Union waa re tel waa recommended to me. I ment and war honorably dlacbarg- cently organised and Is now a formida used one box. It baa effected a per ed, who would mak xcilent aoldlers ble Institution, having a niemWahlp 0 Purchasing. g g DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA g 0 $000000000000000 oooooooS and Mr. Conner says he would not have manent cure." 'As a permanent cure for pile DeWitfs Witch Hazel Salve any trouble ti raise a rrmpny from Diamond "C" Soap Wrappors, Tim Hint l,Kiiin!r Hfiiip. Save Your Soap Wrappers, ' PftrtleiiUre ot fJoat .t will be KspU.d In tbese Column In a ahorl time, , For 8sl by All PfM.Cle Orocrfs TIIE CUDAIIY PACKING COMPANY, -iniBaMii 9 u. wiaaiBB . n im L . of nearly J00. J. ftoofleld la president; James fVmroy, vloa proeidMiH; has no equal. K. O. Phillip. anujog them. He looks for a reply to rrank llanford, flnanrlal aeoretary: bis letter from Oov. Is every day. STEARX-S DIAMOND COAL if Thomas Jsnnlngs, renordlngseerwtary: Wury Smith la la reneM of a letter A. Gilbert treaeurer; sad Henry Foley Jim Bruesi, who waa at Seattle, A. MefMlvary and Smith are THE BEST. Read the annouacsaent add f A F. Snyder, th aew Jewslar. If yon ar la need of smllhisg eml and want the beat, sew F. D. Smith. Wash., beaded for Klondike. Jim say Reattl la a dead town exoebtiac for toe InaH of tniaieea. Tb Solon tneta t Wanted A man aod wife without The New Jeweler.. very Tueeday evening and eipeits la tha outilulng eatabllshmenU that get rnuiren to work on a ranch. Ko'julr- the ner future to event a eutietanUal the trade of the Alaeka nlhuataata frame Iralldlrtg f'ir naeeUag wuryi...,. He h BM yt derided whether to go Miss Lyo. lata of Halo' store, has D. A. M;tral4 and Jo HmMk to A . ika or not Jim write that he beard that Johaay OU. formerly of ere la th irtty yet avday ttiim rama ' -r were appoint a nmmA ta at (nia onv. Dr. Seymour h re next week. W. 8. Balduff. toe Omaha casure-torev of fln raadie. I in the elty the ruM of hi Intimate frt-od. Maaager Wheeler of th Bullock. . JosepH Vincent, who la opnetaa aewr furnltar wore la the CUrk M'jrfc ATJ M,k,(,M n tuu m u? to im. this city, la la aa Ihasa asylum la Col oraoo. removed her dress-making parlors Vj apanmenta over Adams' Red Aavll Entrance oa Sberaaa St. Call oa Mrs. C. Rivers for four dreasmaklag. Rooms over Ueb-maaa' store. Vialt het. rymplle by-laws aa4 ar aolHilac om adrartlalag Urn lAe pamphlet u help defray th eipenee. Mrs. Ifsrrle FiKhkii i, . eg for the eeet. Hhm will He W J bstWAAyf at f.lileevr at4 lb, will mH As ard4 'Mrfhtet HotMre-Wotid's Pair, OoM Me4J. MM winter Pair. Srmaa trK, lft for Hot gprlogt 't evening to remain antll Satardsy YESTERDAY'S PERSC3ALS. i. C Joaa waa p turn Waltswond I'" ' ve a te iA I ? "t , '(.' ,,,11 ! .-il .I,,, fltHf .vmmt le m, win sm THIS IS f 03 YCU3 CETZHT. I will wrW t'-4 mI(Im iM" f.aof,J,l ytVx Mlt UAtUH:KUIIH rilM, yrur. W are reliably lBfqrm4 that th haAhers" of Deadwood ar aviag m W. J. Thoraby rUira4 ytav4r orgaala a nnioa la the Mr fotwe fross iUA Sorisgav. wee), WaHer AaAereo, ihm rieleg yeveg UMiaey f M Krg( M rtf yaatr4y, Miaa Jret If fch tMref Mfw f ttm fUH4 aeeeral rn,iAwM W aiatee at Ih$.Lm sister at ftmh. It wUl be a braaea of ta "NacVoaad Federation of Hashers," A fOnrm wewt owa to jMtsrgW Ut - V 77C a. eta cleeead .ye-glaeif to tt iwy body. Gaanat to St or noetr m oa taslnwa 7 To Real On large front roosa oa Man at. reralalMd. eieesrle ll(Bt Tb taeet asd largest Mock of da. watcfeea. Black Hill gold la the district. Aetna hvM Co, UaiM.ii Lm4 ImwvA fri Btfi P',e f4 llW lrtt.U?A &wj 17. 1 ifZJ G3. iLI'l aa steal: aia evie rooa t. KefSer. MrsBM at Fort tUmA. as a Use city yaeteeaay, Mag floats aa) C. C, rotk war 4- Eoolre or AavwVaa oAee. m Stwrgl yeteeeaf. Mr H. D. HMkofe wet t laarM J.wetry aeaufsrl t acder. Flaewmtra repeirlag ul ewgrartxg. Afrit.! at lee HvtUm fmuxHtf tmt, K u WtM, r-Wlerboiee, j, r.e. jm, ft, W, f4i4f, M A, Unb, tt. U, lIKftiim, syjej f, m, ravs), UmrrtHtitfmt f, f; ,4 (Aa OA4m fUrwsH aw wwM Am MU1 (Mf fmmUt weete Hi rk xAo VMC ttm ,, gt-need r4&r torn (64 JM, H, t i'4 fce et fressst yatr4ay to reaacJa a Urn eUys Dr. Seyawar stops la Dea4woo4 for two day by asocial wqaet. a4 Uoa wteAua te ea hJaa aajoai4 aasate It a pots a pta early ta th day. a wia aaaliaHnsdiy wary fcvay . At th Cateia HeaesOM TtMsvw W $ east '-say f vru. J ed YZJS3 TI3 STATOAX eers at 3. A at m faeSarfief aft MS MaU frreei. DCAOWpon Apra eth mad kth.

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