The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 3, 1900 · Page 10
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 10

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1900
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, MAY 3, 2S00 THE DAILY FIUNEEIi-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D. SUFFERING AND RELIEF THE DEADWOOD PIONEER up for business wherever the fortunes of war give it temporary lodgment. It remains to be seen whether the British army can be demoralized by the guerrilla tactics that have kept the American troops at bay in'the Philippines. There is at least a certainty that it Court was numbered "13." When "Bathhouse" noted this ominous fact lie became alarmed. 'Hully geeV he exclaimed in classie Chicagoese, 'couldn't be elected dog-catcher wit that hoodoo on the door." Then he had the number changed to Those closest to the First War J ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 18T4. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. will be many months before the ish armies are at the. gates of Pretoria. Three Letters from Mrs. Johnson , Showing that Lydia E. Pink-ham's Vegetable Compound Cures the Ills of Women Wrote for firs. Pinkham's Advice November, i897 " Dear Mkk. Pink mam : I am a great sufferer, have much trouble through the lower part of my bowels, and I am writing' to you for advice. Menses are irregular and scanty, am troubled with leiicorrhu-a, and 1 ache so through my back and down through my loins.. I have spells of bloating very badly, sometimes will be very large and other Mr. Hanna, who confidingly purclias- statesman must wonder at this unexpected exhibition of weakness. Never before iD his career has Coiighlin shown any evidence of superstition. Hp has never been known to object to PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. anv of his constituents voting thirteen times at one election. This, of course, tsnot saying that such things ever i ed a gold brick from the Philadelphi i : convention managers and has iuce travailed 'mightily in an effort to per-i suade the latter to make the brick g' li I nine, is not yet out of the woods. The convention managers are still said to I be $24,UOU "shy" on the $100,00u which j they pledged to the republican national committee as the price of the tion. Of course the names of the guar Q O ' i Qj happen in' bis ward. They probably are not necessarv. Aside from these TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: . DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday, "One Year 110.00 Six Months 5.00 One Month 100 WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: One Year 2.00 Six Months 1.00 considerations, It is a pathetii thing to see such a strong man as John has shown himself to be cowering before a childish superstition. It would seem that a man with the normal courage to wear the kind of clothes the "Bathhouse" does should have nerve sufficient to defy all the hoodoos this side times very much reduced." -Mas. ('has. E. .loiiNwiN. Box ICS, Kumford Center, Maine. Nov. L'O, 1SU7. Improvement Reported December, 1897 "Peak Mks. Pinkham : I wish to tell you that I am improving- in health. I am ever so much better than when I wrote before. The trouble through the lower part of bowels is better and 1 am not bloated so badly. I was very much swollen through the abdomen before I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable' Compound. I still have a fueling of fulness across my chest. I have antors tor the entire fund are a far-asset, but they do not represent cold cash. The next time Mr. Hann:t has business dealings with the Quakers he will send a wheelbarrow to the bank for the coin, strictly in advance. Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Dead wood Postoffice. of hades. In these same gorgeous garments, moreover, one would think Chicago's political potentate would find an CITY MATTERS. The Queen has declared her intention of visiting Ireland each remaining year of her life. All hope of conciliating the Irish in the present crisis is de used three bottles of it and am on the Applications for place under the ' new city administration are very nu stroyed oy tnis indiscreet announce ment. all-sufficient protection against evil influences of such a nature. It would require a hoodoo with a great deal of nardihood to tackle the house in which that vivid wardrobe is stored. If the "Bathhouse" will hang one of his audible waistcoats or a pair of his argu merous, too much so for thecomfort of those who are made responsible fur the conduct and efficiency of the appointees. Mayor-Elect Fish has given SOD ONLY It isn't that the Sultan is unwilling to pay the American indemnity, tut he is afraid to let the other nations find out he has any money. fourth.'" Mrs. Chas. E. Johnson, Box 33, Rumford Center, Maine. Dec. 13.1897. Enjoying Good Health June, 1899 " Dear Mks. Pinkham : Since a year ago I have leen taking your medicine, and am now strong and enjoying good health. I have not been so well for three years, and feel very thankful to you for what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has done for me. I would advise all who suffer with female troubles to try your medicine." Mks. Chas. E. Johnson, Box 33, Rum-ford Center, Maine, June 1, 18(J9. Ayres & ffanta Hardware I the matter serious consideration and will act conscientiously, and the coun mentative trousers over his lintels, or attach one of his noisy neckties to the doorbell, we will wager that he can drive every Jonah off the block. ell will wisely confirm his appoint ments. To do otherwise would estab ish a bad precedent and destroy t he Miss Ida Schermerliorn. of Winsted, Ct., killed forty-eight snakes on her father's farm , in ons engagement. What a treasure of a wife Ida would would make for a convivial man! confidence and effectiveness of botli Minneapolis Journal: It may be u.u Infringement of Mr. Osbon's copy wright to say thai his communication branches of the city government. No matter who is seflcted to nil the of C. L. SlEWERS. Columbia Bicycle fices, there will be some disappoint ment which must be borne with forti contatlned no more than one statement of fact, but it is the truth nevertheless His confession that he is already beaten in this fight will not be contested I,t is announced that Henry Watter-son is engaged in writing a play called "The Ust Ace." No doubt the eminent Kentuckian has had this thing up his sleeve for some time. tude. The mayor and council shoull be left free to act upon their best judgment There are a great many- 4ND BICYCLE SUNDRIE by anyone. The candidacy of Messrs. Herded, Burke and Martin, with Gamble for the senate, appear to be certainties. Despite Mr. Osbon's mis The Grand Lodge. A. O. U W. ND-D. OF H., HOT SPRINGS, S. D.. MAY STH. For this occasion the Burlingto:, Route will sell tickets May 7 and S, good to return on or before the 14th, only $3.20 the round trip. The 2: -JO train is the one to take a3 you arrive in Hot Springs before dark and returning, leave there after dinner. The new train service makes it the only convenient Gen. I.w Wallace declares that Abdul Hamid is an honest man. But then it must be .remembered that the erable insinuations as to the first The Most Complete Repair Shop iu the Hilj j General's reputation rests chiefly upon reforms which can only be effected by harmonious effort on the part of the mayor, the council and the appointive officers. No class are more vitally interested in these- reforms than the saloon men. . If the police ment and city justice will keep order on the outside, the saloon men will keep order on the inside and conduct their business within the restrictions named, it is patent to every unprejudiced person that there is a genuine his success in the field of fiction. call all over the state for Mr. Herried to state ticket. Nine-tenths of the and popular Hot Springs route. McCLL'RE'S MAGAZINE FOR MA i' McClure's Magazine for May gives an intimate, vivid presentment of General Lawton as a man and a soldier, with J-29-1H republicans of Black Hills counties favor Mr. Herried, says the Deadwood-Pioneer-Times. and this ratio is no I The Ladies Bazaar of the statutes. Heretofore the police have permitted altogether too much doubt good on the east side. If ever soecial reference to his Phill noise on the streets, and when arrests NOTICE TO TEACHERS. All applications for positions in Deadwood schools for the ensuing yiar' should be in the hands of the secretary by May 8th, 1900. 0. W. MATSON. have been made by Officer Mclnerny, the offenders have either been turned loose by those higher in 'authority or let off with a nominal fine by the justice. Silk WaiStS for this week at a barp;ain. r: New Dress Patterns for spring gowns. Summer GOodS in Percales, Mercerized Gin hams, and all fashionable fabrics for summer dresses and shirt waists. Tailor SuitS for everyone, Come and se. ! Mrs. Nott, - Main St. Deadwood a call had the ring of spontaneity and campaigns, in an article by his close genuineness, this one has,, and Mr. asosciation in the Philippines, Prof. Herried's nomination by acclamation Dean. C. Worcester. The article Is 11-with practical unanimity is assured, lustrated with a series of portraits of This demand has its origin in Lawton, showing him at different ages the deep-seated conviction that from seventeen to fifty-five, and with he is a man of high principles and otner pictUres. AS article by Prof, the strictest integrity that he will J Simon Newcomb W? lis all about the make a governor of whom ihe people j time and course of tne totaj eciip6e of will be proud. While he may not be' the BUn which is to occure on May 2S, Mr. Osbon's choice, he is the people's and also what astronomers have learn- NOTICE. Dog jx is now due and payablea tt the city treasurer's office, and will become delinqueht on May 1st. H. BISCHOF?. CityTreasuitr. TRAMP PRINTER DYING. Col. W. PHargitt, the tramp printer who is known from Maine to California and the lakes to the gulf is dying at Wabash, Indiana. Much of his life was spent in Indiana, he having a brother at Salem.a respected educator. Col. Hargitt, who is 76 years old, has visited nmetlrnllv verv ngviiuur nf. choice, and if the "bosses" are for hjm ed DT 8lJch eclipses, and what thev hope to learn by this one. A profusely they and the people are pulling in sing-gle harness for a common purpose. illustrated article by Earl Mayo describes the great Atlantic, liner Oceanic Later moves on the diplomatic chets THE THREE BAL kin her unequaled magnitude of ten board make it clear that Abdul Ha-mld's reluctance in being forced into a flee in the country In the last twenty years. Born in . Kentucky, he served settlement of the American indemnity as aevu in a Cincinnati newspaper office in the early 40's,and after learn- l ttlA . m-t A It ' Vn...L. .1 T 1 111. Tou Know What They Mean. They mean that you can confiden: y borrow all the money you uant all personal property of valiif at ' thousand tons weight and a seventh of a mile in length, telling how she was built and how she is manned and operated. An article by Ray Stannard Baker rebates the story of "The New Prosperity," a pprosperity that within two years brought farmers, merchants, manufacturers and workmen of almost every kind such an accession of income as they had neVer experienced before. Jacksonlan, in Rushvllle, his" brother Dmma nr i r i . . t. i . oflice. We carry a large stock of I redeemed pled ires at prices that w claims is not wholly due to the depletion of Turkey's strong box. . The hitch seems to arise from the painful prospect of creating a debt-paying precedent, which would be seized upon by the European powers as a pretext for pressing' their respective claims. As surprise you. irevigB- nr. nargiii ueinj a partner. In 1855 George Hargitt died and a stock company took the paper and installed the colonel as editor. For two years he managed the paper with some Business Strictly ConfidciitUlf "Necessity is the Mother of Invention' It ivas the necessity for an honest, reliable blood purifier and tonic that brought into existence Hood's Sarsapa-rilla. It is a highly concentrated extract prepared by a combination,' proportion and process peculiar to itself and giving to Hood's Sarsaparilla unequalled curative power. Its 'wonderful record of cures has made it America's Greatest Medicine. Rosy Cheeks " I have good health and rosy cheeks, thanks to Hood's SarsaparSU. builds me up and saves doctor Mis." Mary A. Burke, East Clair St.. Indianapolis, Ind. 3&Ctd SaUalmiffa sa J Jf JUJ Jill J I, i,m . . , ssV there is no international court of bank The Deadwood Loan Officl and greatly raised the country's rat- No. 21 Lee St. ruptcy and aa the statute of limitation j m(5 ,n the flnanclal caiendar ot thc success and then trouble with his wife leading to a separation he was nlnna-ed ! em t0 elasUc ln tne ca8e ot pub world. Dr. Watson (Ian Maclaren Into melancholy and began to- drink 1Us debt8 Turkeys only. refuge seems long and deep He abandoned the i0 1!e ln her abi,lt3r to sU,e off tne na Jacksonlan.and went on the road as a tional creditors In a 'bunch. There tramp typo, walkingbouncing freight are Indications that Uncle Sam may re- Custom Ore iceive His money uy buiub uwui pvuo trains or riding ln passenger coaches as the state of his finances permitted. Col. Hargitt has been reported dead juggling'of ship-building contracts, which Turkey is now awarding ln this country, and if so Tukey's financial We are iow pFilaYSir treat custom ores by the Cyanide H Innumerable times, but has-given the cess at reasonable rates. lie to the originators of these reports ;enlu wiU "a,n receist triumphant write sof the relations of Jesus to the Samaritans and Pharisees, and of'th social feud between these two classes. The paper is illustrated by C. K. Lin-son, four of the illustrations being In color. In a poewm entitled "Death in Battle" the young author of "Bob, Son of Battle," Mr. Alfred OlUvant, discloses that his fine literary gift is not simply in the line of prose story writing. Another poem in the number is an Indian Mother Song," by Willis Irwin, very" decoratively illustrated by E. L. Blumenschein. There are good stories by Con an Doyle, Robert Barr, Clinton: Roes, Tighe Hopkins, and Charles",Warren, and a fine true story of an old fire horse by J. Lincoln Stef ' ' ' vindication. by presenting himself tn the fleehaa ot Northwestern Gold and Silver Extraction Co. Btod' 11 1 1, ear. Htot llli;th pon-lrrlftinir n4 only th.rtle to Uk. with Hood'. 8trmrillC 111 WafQ, UeaQWOOQ - - OOUtll An Interesting question of considerable Importance to all devotees of Bacchus has been raised in the celebrated Clarke divorce sut at Pittsburg. The defendant, a millionaire with a certified capacity for drink. Is charged with having been intoxicated the day' qt his marriage in New' York. Mr. Clarke admits he had dallied moderately with the cheering cup,, but denies in the most emphatic terms that he was J. L. MARCOUX'S yore and spouting Shakespearean quotations by the yard. ' Last August h left f Indiana for the Chllds-Drexel home for indigent printers at Colorado 8prlngs. H got as far, as Indianapolis, became ill and since then he has been in a hospital,hls life slowly eb-bingaway. "It Is not believed he'ean survive a wek. CoL Hargitt was a life long friend of George Bates, formerly owner of ' the. Rushvllle Jacksonlan, and one morning In 18S5 when the colonel was reported to have frozen to death, he inscribed on the wall of the office: "Died Col. W. TP. Hargitt, Jan! 10. Two years after the old man THE NICARAGUA CANAL, When built will prove the link between New Undertaking Parlors drunk. He neglects to say how; much of Vinous and spiritois refreshments Prosperity and . many , people. Tha he imbibed during thef entire 'day r but farcers ln the extreme east, as well as modestly acknowledges that befors'ur8e ,n extreme; west,, will per-dinner he had partaken only of few haJP Proflt bT most ' It will prove a cocktails, a quart of champagne and a Mewing to humanity in genera, im- k was wafted into Rushvllle, readV the - . - -No. 20 Lee Street Open to the Public h pi uvji.g me conaiuon 01 tne nation as Are Now ,ri luc WUJI imn.u8 qu&rt of , sauterne," At dinner dran - another quart of , Sauterne, I a c,.Bteuer a. btomacn Bittersv has that wlue of which he is Quite tond. But t tfc individual. The Bitters are for he insists that he was not intoxicated. uu e ueueuin u: r eoruary - o, 1887 Resurrected and. Still Raaming." Hargitt is a fine Shakespearean scholar He can quote entire acts of the plays of Avon's bard and his recitations have earned him many a coveted drink. : everybody, but partitcularly for those who do not possess health. There The Boer military leaders seem to have been many casi of dyspepsU l : ' Largest ani most complete Line of Caskets I and Funeral Equipments to be found in the west I All Embalming Done by a Professional in the Art v ' .? ' ONLY FLTNERAL CAR IN THE HILLS. 4 Calls Answered bv Dav or Nip-ht. Tainhna 5 Harrison have taken a leaf from the book of, and Indigestion cured by this medicine, military tactics of which Emile Agui-j Nothing to equal this remedy has ever naldo is the author. - Lord ; Roberts ( been discovered for" allmenta of the troops are cultivating the . art ot, stonWh.' liver, .bowels or kidner. SILLY SUPERSTITION. It is surprising that a man of such superior intelligence as "Bathouse" John CoiigLlin. of Cb.icago,6hould''be so deeply tainted with superstition. The sprinting and the wily Boers generally manage to elude their pursuers. The capital of the Orange Free State You will And that? it win cleanse- the blood and sharpen the appetite. Sec that a private Revenue 'stamp covers the neck of the bottl. . k : . " ' -. v.- -. . - f" -BeU No, 5 torgeoua Alderman's house in HarmonJ now appears to be on wheels and It seta ' ' I .. t 7 . V

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