The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 9, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES," FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 0, 1899. IMIIBMtlilllMltmHHMIHMnmHMIIIIMfMtMtllMIHMMMMMMilMHMMIMIHlM LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. LEAD'S 1L J. Allium baa money to lose at reasonable rate. Real estate and Insurance business transacted; collections made. Cotton t Andrews block, Lead. 5-H-tf ) BRYAN & OESKEY have money to 1S99. LEAD, S. D. JUNE 9, mi ll'ltl'" loan in any Quantity on good terms. Real estate, brokerage and fire insurance business transacted. All business attended to with promptness and care. Brwttell block. Lead. (J-23-tf.) itlilf sMMIIIIIIK Mammoth Department Store announcement! Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Departments IHIIIHItllc illllllMIIIHIIIIM PMMIMIIHIfli' Mr. Morris has applied for a patent. The stations in the mine, ladder ways, stables, shops, lc, will be painted with this ar . SCHOLARS' PICNIC. About 150 scholars of the Sinters' school went over to the Savage tunnel yesterday S. R. Smith Is the exclusive agent for the Ratine Manufacturing company, and and unent the day there. All klixls of If In need of a vehicle of any kind be sure ticle, and this means that there will be no fires in those places. amusements had been provided and, aside to see him. (6--tf.) A great many old watches which aj from the discomforts of the rain, they had LETTER FROM MANILA. Mrs. ( rabtree received the following from her son. who Is In the thick of considered useless may be brought Into a splendid time. O Pry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies service by taking them to the Beemer REBEKAHS ELECT OFFICERS. Wednesday night Dakota lodge No. 1 the flKht in the Philippines. Lieutenant Orton company and nartug them re Crabtree went' from Lead: paired, (tf.) D. of R, I. O. O. F., elected officers at lta rairular rneetinn. The following were MALOLOS. P. I , April 1, 1899. My Dear Mother One week since I 8TOPI CONSIDER! THINK! wrote you last, and what a week Here! Dr. R. K. Langeon, founder of the Oer- You probably know all about it, aa the doa hospital. Chadron. Neb., and Dr. Mil papers have doubtless kept you well post ton McDowell of the staff, will be in Dead- Chosen: N. O., Mrs. Minnie Hendricks; V. O: Mlsi Lillian Davis; secretary, MIbs Atlanta Fuller; treasurer, Mrs. Anna Mrakka. The lodge will Install Its officers on the first Wednesday evening In July. After the business was transacted the members partook of a lunch at Brock & Alslp's, pn upper Main street, where all had a ed. I will not attempt to describe the past week now, although I have taken wood at the Bullock June 21 and 22, to meet their patients In this vicinity, pre With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ask your inspection of The Largest Quantity, Tho Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. pared to do every form of operative work, field notes right along. Suffice It to say that the South Dakotaa have been at the front of every fight, as their casualty list club foot, hair lip, cross eyeet bump back. Jolly time. O CHILDREN'S DEMONSTRATION On Sunday and Monday evenings the Children of the Salvation Army corps will shows, having lost more men than any other regiment. They were, unaided in the two principal fights of the campaign, at Marilao and at the trenches near Maybayng, the first town above Polo. The Nebraskans on our right were In nearly everything, and are etc. Ruptures, piles and cancer cured without the knife. Catarrh, rheumatism and every form of female weakness and disease cured, if we accept the case. Consultation and examination, $1. If your local doctor is helping you, don't come to us. We want only those that have been j1y what la known In army circles as "children's demonstration." The 1IU1 ones are holding regular rehearsals and IsO,ci. S. ID. getting the programme down to perfec I tlon, ao as to be able to give a good serv tea. The barracks will be full on these Dlghta, especially Monday night, when ice given up, or who have lost hope. We refer you to any bank in Chadron or Gordon as to our financial standing, and to any minister of the gospel as fe our cures and honor. We are obliged to cream and all the delicacies of the season a dashing, fighting outfit from start to finish, and deserve the highest praise possible. The Tenth Pennsylvania, on our left, completing our brigade, though not seeing nearly as much fighting, did good Work. General Hale, our brigade commander, though wounded In the second day's fighting, while he was In our company lines, stayed In it from start to finish will be served. The Salvationists are tak ng a great interest in the affair and the fvI-S' talented ones will take part In the music 3ESQ come into your neighborhood, and so give you the advantage of a personal consulta-tlon. Very truly, GORDON HOSPITAL. Remember the date. etc o COLONEL, L. F. COPELAND. and proved himself an able commander Colonel Copeland, who la one of the and a fearless soldier, and has the love of every man under him, aa do Colonel best known lecturers on the American platform, will be In Lead next Tuesday SPECIAL, EXCURSIONS. The "NORTHWESTERN LINE" F. E. Frost (of the South Dakota) and Colonel venlng, and as he is known to ao many, Stotsenburg (of the Nebraskans). & M. V. R. R. offers some exceedingly I had the good fortune to come through The Entire Stock of the Cohn-Gumbiner Co. Consisting of ts will be' greeted by a crowded house. He la called the "King of the Platform," low round trip rates to the following without a scratch, though better men were points: and there seems to be bo lecturer willing shot down beside me. Buffalo, rf. Y. June 7-10 and June to dispute the title with him. He la not Adjutant Lien, the favorite of every' body, and two other lieutenants and about dozen others were shot dead Inside of ten minutes, besides twice as many wounded that were before the trenches at aid to be one of the best, but said to be tha beat, most pleasing, popular, eloquent, Witty and Instructive lecturer before the Amlao people. The long list of cities jwa town! A" visited, many of them antral times, show'1 Ut has been a , busy man, an extenilv traVP1" and that has teen appreciated. Don't mis iiW- Marilao on the 27th of March. 14-15. Detroit, Mlch--July 6-10. Hot Springs, 8. D. June 7-8-8. Richmond, Va,-July 11-18. Bt, Louis, Mo. June SO-lt Los Angeles. Cel. July 11-14. Sioux Falls, 8. D. June 8-8. afLnneapolls, Minn. June iO-OL St. Paul, Minn. June -il Yankton, a. D.-June ll-ll fbls is only a few of tha many pstnta We have had seven men wounded in our Clothing. Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps Etc. company, but none killed outright so far. Many more of the men were knocked out 0f Colonel Copeland. by the heat and exhaustion. Our captain was out of it during the hesvlest fighting, and, as Lieutenant Braden was sway on special duty, I led the company on ths 2th Wa got to htaloras yesterday, the South Dakota and Nebraskans doing all in all parts est (he eoBntry to wbleh excursion tickets will be scad at reduced rates during the summer Tla "THJB NORTHWESTERN LINK." Dates of sals, rates and other Information will be the 'fighting at lis approach. Slightly Damaged by Smoke and Watef The Filipinos' fought bravely for the promptly and cheerfully furnished by first thrss -'or fouf days,' UntB constant sailing on or writing to defeat disheartened themVefter which they kept mostly at long range, when they had the advantage of the "Volunteers, as they had better arms, but we kept them on the V. A. HAMPTOrf, -Oty Ticket Agent. ' Oasdwood, BL D. o We hops ths Desdwood people will turn We Have Settled with the Insurance Co.'s at ! "Vun all ths same. Thero Is hardly a mils between here and Manila that was not sua to hear Colonel Copeland next Wednes fought ovsr. Ths whole country was de serted as ws approached, and ws saw ery few natives (non-com batanU). i- WHO WAS 8HH- '. The boarders In one of Lead's popular 'fcoardlDg houses suddenly awakened from 'their clumbers Wednesday night In the jniddls of the night a lady, accompanied !? t gentleman, entered the boe men. nUonefl feoua and. ginnlng at the first TKlnt knocked 'for admission. She mads ' loch a racket 'that the Inmate sprang from : pis ' bsd, and, without going through tha f formality of making his tollst. 'threw, Jhs e floor open for her ladyship. She enters! , and told him In tones which he could not doubt that she wanted him, and that bs fciust come with hsr at ones. After a time she was eoavlaosd that he was sot the ipsuf she wanted nut not until after tha lliht. iiaa'Wn turned on and" sfcsf stl WYayad him thoroughlj. 8hs then pro-seeded to all 'tha rooms and went through fit sama eeremonr, paying no heed to the earsing and resistance she met with, tyhsa "all m the house had been roused Vp she said shs was looking for "a man Tamed Butles, ' and that Shs wanted htm 'tid and knew hs must ho In that house. When convinced that hs was not there shs and hsr companion, who kept In tha background, disappeared as mysteriously as they came,, and no one knows who they srs. " .1' : ; day evening. It Is not often ws get 'a chides to hear such noted men. Hs ought to be greeted with a large audience. Bear ths unny lecturer. . , , , . , , , , j 55 Gents on the Dollar Ths fields this side of Marilao, which they never expected us to reach, were planted to rice, and tha' country all along la beautiful. In many places ths tnnaut- tant did not have time to get svsn thitr personal effects away, and ths country r The Insurance Company's loss is your gain. Owiog to theri. . . j asm 41" everywhere was given ovsr to ths dogs, hogs and chickens, and the to the Amer during the past weeK we were unable to wait on all customewj had to close our doors. With better facilities from now on our doo. icans. " "" ;.' "' Good water is scarce here, and w drink will be open. People well know goods are very near given away, h very little except cocoanut milk, which Is Out Flowers furnished on twenty four hours notice for all occasions from the cradle to the grave. Special rates to wedding parties andftineTa!a.i Black Bins r r immm delicious. - The volunteers are - taking a rest sine arriving here. Ths regulars followed us along at a aafe we will continue at the Same rate until the stock is closed out. COHN-GUMBINER CO. Teleohone lisa. Ve Ue LVlUlIill. wataaaets distance In the rear all ths way from Manila, with the exception of ths Third, artil : , ram baffled. , ;. i lery, which to part of the First Brigade, George Morris, who is the Homes take JOHN ELMEHK, with ths Twentieth Kansas and first Montana. ' I ana perfettly well. and have been so an the time. I send you om enlist company's chief painter, has Invented paint that has been desired" for many House lIoTer aii Repairer. MASONIC ft ODD mUOWBT BLJOO, COR. MAIN AND SLEEKER STREETS. years.: It Is a fireproof palnCan&r unllls various so-called fireproof articles, this AB Work Done "With lVo , ment blanks-for ths Filipino army, which we captured. - Your loving son, . 1 - . OEORQBL . presents a sure obstacle against fire. Yes SOUTH DAKOT LEAD, terday Mf. Morris Invited ft few reporters to 'the fiomestais balhi 'tioiA to witness 1 All kinds of wagons at B, R. Smith's I totk made of his lnvnUonW short repository. iv'-TUjA '(--.) 1 hoards had been nailed together and then ttttt MMUUUtmtMM Ia r 1 covered with one eoat of the paint. 'The Henry Bchnltsel's assay office win be temporarily located . ta the basement: of his residence. No. I Quins street (Slaron- board were stood upright Sod at' the" bo Fnniitiire Coiany. torn ft hot lire wss kindled, which turned c-- It In need of a baxgy. light rig or any Hat Received DEALERS IN for four minutes, the names following the entire length' f the' boards without more than blackening them. The importance of this paint will hs realised when the ! Three.CarsofWagons,BuicJ, ; sources of fire are taken tnto eonsldsra- kins of dray, call ea & R- Smith, f - . ' v --. (--tt)1 Kit. fe. A.' Royes, mother of Mrs. E. f. Irwtn, returned yesterday from Omaha. Ghlorodyas) Couch Hlxture will, won that eonsjh. or we refund the asoney. L. P. Jenkins, 4tos1sX. ji t (tt) Furniture, Crockery f Glassware. tioe. In order to buhl' 'such buildings as the company has painted with It would be neesseary to kindle a fire against the wood work." watch It and keep It 'banting for Twelve delegates from Lead Tialted ths half an hoar or so, and then it would bs Everything Strictly; up to .date and prices that cannot be beat. very doubtful H the building would bum meeting of the Knight Templars la Dead' wood Wednesday.'; ;i B6 f. : ;- Siirries, Carriages, Rockaway Bpad Wagons, Buckboards, Eoad Carts. Phaetons, Express wago ' EtC. ' v,- r From; the Racine Wagon and Carriage WrkVj or on installmejita . down.'' This' would he discouraging to Is csadlariea, and firs from aa acelda&t, would t.Ths Ptopeec-TUnoa la . sale at I IX Jasobs Baser, where yoe eaa also, get ":. , Undertakers - .: J- s V i bs aa utter impossibility. Host of the company's buildings are steel-covered, and tlis was a pretty good, safeguard: before the fin set smoke ia tows,. tl Embalmers. Ths Qerxnaala club will hold a plcais la Bender's park oa the 12 th. Oat la. If it rs f , ro ; tMa Invention. A test made against doesn't rain, as to which no one would ! S. R. SMITH. LEAP steal covered board and one covered with fiUrjt it!ioed conclusively that the paint t rl l!ie beet protection to the Umber. think of making a positlre statement these No. 7 '-'e f . tk1-""' 3 Mam St. Lead, South Dakota. days. mtMiinmiii IMMMH"

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