The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 25, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 25, 1900
Page 2
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SUNDAY. NOVEMBER UIK DAILY PIOXEEKrTlMEK. DEADWOOD. 12TH YEAR Miss Harvey OF TEACHER OF PIANO. merit. Foreign capital will be fully protected and will engage more generally than ever in the mining business. The development In South Africa will be something marvelous in tho next five years, and a new flood of gold will pour out to stimulate the enterprise of the people of the world. AIDN BENEDICT FABIO STUDIO, 30b DAMS BLOCK. DEADWOOD, 3- D- THE DEADWOOD PIONEER-TIMES. if ESTABLISHED June 8, 1876. ? i J C-OVEKS THE ENTIIJE ItLAt'K 1 1 ILLS. MRS. E. P. SLYFIELD, Osteopath and Masseuse, 14 Van Buren Street. The lollowing so-culled diseases are successfully treated by my mode of treatment: Asthma, Atrophy of Limbs, Milk Leg Catarrh, Neuralgia, Constipation, Neurasthenia, Coldness of Extremities, Paralysis, Dyspepsia. Rheumatism. Dizziness, Stomach Troubles. Dropsy, Seiatka, Dysentery. Torpid Liver, K'-male Troubles. Vaiii osi- Veins. Ouitiv. Iw.o HllV I'YVer. I nd l '-,'' st ion ROMAN telegraphic news report. LINOTYPE COMPOSITION. W.H. MOOB2T Blacksmith and Wagon aker ); LSf!f3EIa AND GENFRAL RL. , U-Jfih ON SHUrU NOTICE A ROMANTIC MELODRiu SURPASS,KQEXCLE Daily $1.00 Per Month U..I.I.. 0 rtA Dai- V - -i r PIONEER-TIMES PUB. CO., Deadwood, South Dakota. S- vccriy r v-i v. . The Nebraska legislature Is safely and hurt ly republican, but there will be anything but smooth sailing in filling the two seats in the senate at its disposal. There are so many different aspirants for the double vaiancy, that a deadlock is threatened, and one way out of the dilemma su-- 'e.-ti d is a co;ilitiou between the support! is of one of the lvpiiiili an candi' a and tin; fusion tin iiib'Ts. by tin t'lii!.- of wlii. ii ,'i I'! an,; t wiuid li 1' i ! 1 !li!- t.II. ..! the '-e.cces- ! r 'I' ll a i . ! :' t!,: s i.- n.i .- lioui ..oil, I :i :. .;;-.;!:. i.' I, wor; , 'a ; 1 1 i ! .. -ii ii- '!,.-('- i - . a ilov. .a 0 1;: GREATEST OF STAGE AND Insomnia. Jaundice. I.'iiaha'-o. A . j ifihol baths in ' ''inn - la n i CHEAP EXCURSIONS WEST Via "The Lew. U:. i v i -i . : : :t: - v W ' As Origina!1,- ,.,IV C-ti - I !. el i ' i.'il 111 - l.aal r ' a -;e i j.;ir- . an ! i! .v ;! I n ai mi !!a -:i .tlmii ho i; I: ' '.!.. .1 ' i . I. . a l : I . :., j : 'i !.!.' haial : l.o! " .. !! , v.: i : ii lor I , ii 1 . i : i ; ' ,i !i i . . ! i v. ;J 1 " I . i : a ' . ,.i I. . : i h.- . 'I : .,i I i Q w I ii i J o . i i. II'. I" ' ' ' 1 X I At 1 1: - v. r . 1 1 - u : .. ' - - ' a ,, 1- i ;T! ! ' '!.!" vrn.i: v. .-: i -:'i ) -. . ii v '!' I V 1 I! tialy s:;:: Cm '. -;m:i !.n ;ly lnvv t .! round trip to all above ; Call on V. A. Hamilton. City Ti' A vi -tit. for parti- ulars. !' ' 't,"i i -. iiiti! has ciiu -en Restaurant. j I:." i . ' !'. ill lie ii !il i i her eM -j i.-ii. ;. 'I I. at in.iv have all ;ho j h.ippiin s is a imali -.-,( v. i--.Ii. but it un llo!:!,!i illv Will he held hv all. HAT. fJW SITING ON THE -,VAi.L. "Mcne, Mcnc. TckcI. Up -mm.' -i Daniel. V :23. !'-'-'! I - -; ai ;i I- a in of t ; . . 'a I'll-- ol Si,:-1 h I '.:l.f)i ; t Si Hate, ,-i!!, aa:, ...I I !( U , -, n jiiiblieritir, . 7 .1 oiiit ISallot. i epublii an .117 Senate, fusion t; House, fusion !l Joint Ballot, fusion I" Two-thirds of the senate 30 Two-thirds of the house f8 The people have done their duty at the polls, let the legislature do the same. To all corrupt and incompetent officials, let the meeting of the legislature be "dies irae, dies ilia." JAS. A. GEORGE. -o JOHN WAGNER, Prop Meals Served to Order. An Important Difference. To make it apparent to thousands, ho think themselves ill, that they are not afflicted with any disease, but that the system simply needs cleansing, is to bring comfort home to their hearts, as a costive condition is easily cured by using Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all druggists. Z. 3VX- GrlLLETTE The Pioneer Jeweler rul WatchmakJ We Want Your Ear and will incidentally whisper about our removal sale bargains. Investigate, as it is cheaper to sell than to go to the expense of moving the goods. Our new quarters In the Adams block will soon be ready. DEMOUTH'S ARK, No. 70-72 Sherman St. ESTABLISHED 1876. ncA.r IN WATCHES. CLOCKS, JEWELERY, ETC. VVATCH EXAMINER FOR THE BUR LINGT0N 4 M, Rj J. P. HYMER, Olympic Block, Deadwood, S. D. COLLECTIONS NOTARY PUBLIC. Collections In all parts of the Black Hills or anywhere In the United States Investments and proper of Non-Residents carefully attended to. FIDELITY BONDS. Both telephones in office and Harrison 'phone In residence. o- Low Rates West and Northwest. Kverv Tuesday during October and THE LADY AND THE BULL. There, are slight hopes that physicians may Have Miss Kmma Werntz, of Kidley township, Delaware county, Pennsylvania. But it means a long and painful illness in any event. Miss Werntz, an enthusiastic young woman, bo committed herself that the result of the election required her to ride a hull down the turnpike amid the plaudits, of many citizens. She rode all right, and onlookers declare the ride was both exciting and diverting. At the conclusion of the performance Miss Werntz was put to bed and the bull died. One may recall in connection with the habit of utilizing strange animals for riding purposes the fate of the young woman in the nursery rhyme. In verse it is recorded as follows: "There was a young woman of Niger, Who smiled as she rode on a tiger; When they came from the ride, the girl was Inside, And the smile on the face of the tiger." This "onveys nothing but a gentle warning that one should stick to the beasts nature intended to carry humans, such as cable cars, horses, bicycles or even camels and elephants. But a bull is not such as these. Least of all is the most inconvenient thing for a young woman to practice on. Sympathy for Miss Werntz at this time is tempered by the thought that she is partly responsible for her No. 659 Main Street, Deadwood, I BLACK HILLS FEED A FUEL CO., (Formerly Paul Rewman.) All kinds of Coal and Wood. Agency for Sheridan Coal. Office at Nathan Column's. Telephone orders given prompt attention. Walter Simpson, Manager. j Do you Know November the Burlington Route will . sell tickets at the following remark ably low rates: Ogden. Salt Lake City, Butte, Hel-, ena, and Anaconda, one way, $28.35, Round trip $50.70, return limit 30 A Good Thing days. John Jeiinack. The well knewa hackman whose barn Is that Imposing structure ou t. s corner of . Carney and Pine btreets. Is prepared . to furnish the finest rlgi In the city for funerals, calling parties, picnic crowds, etc Residence 'phone, 83 Harrison When Y-uSeeit? Spokane, Tacoma, Seattle, Portland, Victoria and Vancouver, one way, $33.35; round trip, $55.70; return limit 2 r .i ihnn nm jind not onlv SEE, but taste 30 days. . PER S our brands of SHERKY, ANGELICA, POUT and Tickets and information at all Bur llngton ticket offices. MUSCATEL 5 Thpv Arp The Best in the West. 50c. 1 VEST CN DEMOCRACY'S DUTY. Senator Ve-t. e; Ms 'i:t. KOIiii ; I " il : : , ,i . . ' ' " 1 ). r.n .-. ;.i ; I i" 1 : I . u 1 : . I : -1 . l.i' 1 ' ' i 1 1 I- t lai i lii..' i ' 1 ' ' the la, t ' ''! i- ;. .i" " ' pi..-.,!. ;.!. ! ;. i ; i b;. . ,1 : I. 1 ' ' iza' . V ;.! i. t it,.- AM I iiai the : r.,'-i..". ' u l to 1. 1 coi,lll lit.- Ill t!M! I'Ut'.le iill.l H I!' V our alio:', .mii i to tie- mi' ijili s of i..o pal ly us annoiin. ",1 by .lel't'et son." Ic tho third lla e, he pays, the Heni-ocracy has "too much of populism, and too much groping around for alliance with people who have no sym-t athy with our doctrine." This talk about Dryan being effaced will not be accepted by all of Senator Test's fellow-Bryanites, A literary bureau has just been started for Bryan at Chicago, and the men who are at the head of it are not only influential Bryan lies, but they have the sympathy f Bryan himself. He made it very plain a day or two after the election that he Intended to stay in politics while he remained alive, and this is a pretty ominous fact for the Bryanlte party. No twice-beaten candidate has ever yet hypnotized his party into giving him a third candidacy, but Bryan has already broken many parallels and precedents, and there is a chance that he may do it in this case. Mr. Vest's talk that the Democracy has had "too much populism" may be presumed to refer to free silver. The senator, if he takes a glance back at his record for twenty years or thereabouts, will find that he was a free sfl-verite long before the populist party was invented. It sllverism, without waiting for the aid or consent of any ther nation, is populism, and many of the Bryanttes who are giving up Bryan intimate that It is, Mr. Vest has keen a populist for a good many years. Perhaps the Missouri statesman is willing to drop sllverism. If he is he tight to let the fact become known to the country. Events over which neither Mr. Vest nor Mr. Bryan have had any control have killed sllverism, but la the Missouri senator ready to acknowledge that it is dead 7 If he oomes out and Joins the honest money men nov his past errors on this point nay be forgiven. o COLUMBUS OR A 8LANT-EYED 8AILOR. Not only has poor old Spain been spoliated of her glory In the western hemisphere, beaten ana humiliated before other nation ?, but now through the victories of the American forces In China have been brought to public notice a number of records which destroy -the prestige, of tho Spanish as the auThota oftne discovery of America. It is true that the finding of this tlnent by the Chinese in 499 has been hinted at by historians before this, but now have been dug up proofs of this enterprise upon the part of the Mongolians. Among the many documents brought to light in Fekin are re" cords proving conclusively that the Chinese knew the American coast and ailed 'there In numbers in the latter part of the fifth century. ": This tumbles Columbus, the Italian adventurer backed by the treasury of Spain, from his pedestal, and we must sow prepare to erect new monuments to the real discoverer. The globe and pair of dividers that have been sed In every monument to Columbus ever erected can be retained, but In place of the placid-faced old explorer must be mounted a pig-tailed Oriental te robes and felt slippers. The name etf the original discoverer has not yet keen ascertained, bnt la certain to come to light in time. -Fine Old Whiskey of father time 3 00 and np- Adams Express Removal. The local office of the Adams Express company has removed from Main street to the Syndicate block, Lee street Room formerly occupied by the postofflce. J. R. Warren has been installed cashier. Francis C. Tuck. , J. R. Hlckox, U. 3 .Dep. Mir.. City Engineer. Surveyor. TUCKER 4 HICKOX. 8 : II . 3U0R STOHc S r. Knai- Slivered free to p esiden. e. 0)35 Main St -.Miaitr ISJBSS"" k GIVU n MINING ENGINEERS Surveyors. Dooms 301 and 302 Aaams Block. MM"11"' THE KANSAS P0PULI8TS. . . Unlike the Nebraska populists, who have been too much dazed by the election to want to look very far into the future, the leaders of the people's independent party in Kansas are actively at work sorting over their assets and talking about what they are going to with their organization. Naturally enough there Is a great deal of Independence of opinion on this subject Some of the old-time populists favor holding onto the party and keeping out or all alliances with 'Winter Pasture. I have 12Sp acres of pasture land, well watered and plenty of grass. I will feed during storms. I can accommodate 100 head of horses this winter, at $1.50 per month. A. H. COGSLEY. Whitewood. S. D. the democrats, while others of the opinion that no offices whatever can be reaped without fusion. Mrs. Anna L. Dlggs believes that the populists will be able to merge themselves entirely with the soft shell wing of tne democratic party. "There will probably never again be a fusion of populists or socialists with the entire body of democrats,"" As Solomon J. B Le Beau The Central Jeweler, is Headquarters For Black Hins Gold Jewelry, Any design, made up on the shortest notice. MAIL ORDERS Write him just what you want and he will quote yon prlce3 by return mail. REFERENCES Any bank or menan tile house in the Hills. she says. "The old demorrary will i throw Mr. Bryan overboard ar) rr-ln-j state tho Cleveland-Carlisle combine. ,y.v'. V.vA S S VAWWW.ViVAVAvViV.,AVAS1,AViV.WAV.,iV.ViS . . . - SH V jWaltg L Vercoe, D V EYE AND EAR I Occulist B. &. M. R. R. ' , : , I Four yearn hence the American republicans will repudiate imperial colonization and trust domination, and out' or"fh new trttwirrit'tit a'flfw rffitff' otic' movement for the development of our national resources will grow. It may he the best combination of new politics will be made on direct legislation." ABOUT THE SULTAN OF SULU. The uncensored dispatches from 1": II! Tel. Harrison Deadwooii, s. D THE CKY D:UY lINE 2 WWVWWvVVWVv Manila seem to be quite disappoint "INGLATERRa ing to the popocratic editors. They seem to Indicate that Instead of loafing about and doing nothing, the soldiers of MacArthur and Orant are Tery lively on their feet since the rain stopped in the Islands, and are preparing to sweep, the land clear of armed brigands. This is not what the uncensored reports were expected to accomplish and It makes 'em sad. Bnt there is one thing that the uncensored correspondent ought to do Does all kinds of heavy hauling, moving of heavy machinery, excavation cov. tracting, hauling of ore, etc. ' We've Got All Kinds of Teams and are prepared to do all kinds of work. PROMPTNESS IS OUR MOTTO Office No. 2 Syndicate BIk. Residence Phone B. 169. Office Phone, B. H. 118. It's Good all the Way throuKb Do Yourself Justice and Smoke the Best at once. The military despots In Ma nila have never allowed anybody to nFanXLO The Best C JN0 FELDHAUSEN, Prop. Cigar in the Market. count the wives of the saltan of Sola, It was possibly the uncertainty of the sice of his harem that Uncle 8am gives him $250 a month of pin money to make comfortable and to stop the kicking of. that caused the late accident, of the democratic party. Let the saltan's harem he dory ventilated. Aa interview with him would be mighty interesting reading. What is the uncensored correspondent doing with his new Jfberty?, .V. a When the war stopped, operations on the gold mines In South Africa, the Rand was producing at the rate of $80,000,000 a year,- and it was pre ...George M. Conway Java and Mocha v .SOLE DISTRIBUTOR, - f - . A W18E CHOICE. The excuse given by Mrs. Payne, of Dea Moines, la., for taking unto herv elf a fourth husband In the shape of a man who, partially blind, wholly leaf, and helplessly parlaysed, ts good and the heartiest approval must be extended to the lady for her choice. Mrs. Payne's first husband, it la said, effected his own demise by mistaking the ownership of some horses lu Arizona. He second took the law in his own hand when he coveted the property of his neighbor, and as he took the life f the neighbor at the. same time he took the property, the law sub-awqaently took his life. ; Her third developed house-burning tendencies ere COFFEE is unexcelled. SIOUX CITY, IOWA dicted that the annual output would soon reach $100,000,000, Now the mines are opening under conditions that promise to make that prediction come true. Oppressive taxation 'has been removed, and the dynamite monopoly has been abolished, thanks to the sew rule of the British govera- Have you tried It?, l TTTTT- T t I II l HIT J. MATTfcNdACH A BRO. fm iittttniw r. -rr---t-

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