The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 9, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1899
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 9, 1899. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS DOWN! J DOWN! DOWN! S. D. Blythe arrived from Sioux City. J. R. Hlckoi went to Maurice station. Kurmo Glover came up from Rapid City. ,GO THE TRICES ON THE LIEDMANN STOCK. The Liebrnann stock must be closed out AT ONCE, and, In order to do this. Mr. Haines and his force of salespeople put in most of the day yesterday cutting down prices, which were already at low water mark. STYLE! Thf Form and Make Are What Count. Look at our Clothing. The wide square shoulders, the broad lapels, the graceful . They Have a Tone That is all Our Own. The Clothing: shown by us is especially made for us. We know all about it and will guarantee it. Handsome line of new patterns in laundered, coloied and white shirts, Wilson Bros Best are not too good tor our THE BEST It. B. Hughes went down to Rapid City. H. C. Armstrong came in from Ruby Ba-eln. Albe Holmes went out to Crown Hill station. Colonel ('. V. Carpenter left the city on the Elkhnrn. Isaac Forest and daughter. Miss Eva, drove in from St. Onge. Miss Norma D. Crawford went to Hot Springs. From there she will go to her home. Miss Courson left for Cleveland, 0., having in charge the two children of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Disney of Terry. R. Flanders, the passenger conductor on the Elkhorn, left for Buffalo, N. Y., where he will attend the imperial council of the Shriners. Judge Joseph B. Moore returned from Spearflsh and went down to Hot Springs. He will return in time to begin court at Sturgis the 12th of the month. Fred M. Brown returned from the eastern part of the state, where he had been WASHING POWDER DOWN, DOWN, DOWN go the prices. Here are specimens of a few of the new prices that will prevail today: Lonsdale Muslin, yard wide, 5 cents. Fruit of the Loom Muslin (yard wide) 5 cents. Lonsdale Cambric (usually sold at 15c) now 8 cents. Very beet half-bleached Muslin, worth 10 cents, now f cents. Anderson L. L. One brown Muslin at 4 cents, worth double. Best Indigo Blue Calico, fast colors, only 3 cents. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Best Lining Cambrlo only 3 cents a yard. 100 dozen best Spool Cotton (300 yards) two spools for 6 cents. Six hundred pair fast black Hose Rooms to let at the Holzner. You receive prises for using Diamond "C" Boa p. Your grocer can tell you about it. Colonel Copeland, "The King of the Platform," June 14. J. W. Fowler left last night for Pierre, where the case of McCarthy against the Holy Terror people will be argued in the supreme court on its merits. W. L. McLaughlin will represent the company In the case. W. H. McMaster is in the city from hi ranch on the Bolle Fourehe river, and is looking after some of his city property. He states that there has been more rain in his section than he has known in years, L, ml tie ipecW watch sale at A. Ujder, Ml" treeL 'to drink mud whn you can buy a Lpton W" at th0 Red AnTl1' U, never knew of a P. r ion more worthy title of 'everybody' friend' than Col- cpeUnd," 1b what the paper say. vL hmou. Hot Springs watr costs 76 L , carboy; the pure Crystal Spring! Lnont witr. M c-nts; the celebrated C Bpru.Pi '"'. 25 centfl; fre6h U lay. delivered to any part of the k ceil' American Express office. Har-L 166; Black HUH, HI- attending- the regular meeting of the state (Ladies') only 5 cents a pair. Great Bargains In Dress Goods, Trlnv mlngs, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Rugs and Blankets. The entire Llebman stock must be sold no matter what the sacrifice. board of charities and corrections. Don't miss this feast of bargains at Llebinann'B old stand, upper Main street State Board ot Pharmacy. The Slate Hoard of Pharmacy will hold a session In Deadwood today for the examination of applicants for registration, u,-corl(ng to the state laws. The president of lire board. James Lewis of Canton; the secretary. E. C. Hent of Dell Rapids; It's 647 Main Street, v ' Where yotl get the best assortment in Boy's Clothing, Extra Knee Pants, shirts and Waists for the little fellows. OUR Ties are the talk ot the town. OUR Hats the Nobbiest and OUR Prices the lowest. The Pioneers of 18T6. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. i.,00 want a nloe lunch at any time The Chicago Restaurant. The best eatng olaoe In the city ... - and everything Is looking finely, he Lobby. Coffee Of L, In and see racy at The Women's Catholic Order of Forest Deadwood. Nloe tables are set, and ev k roll, for a light lunch In the morning. erything In the way of eatable is pro oents. vided, to the entire satisfaction of the Volhing too good for Deadwood. eOt guests. Short orders served at any time of day or night. Open all of the time. Iij for a grand treat Wednesday even-June H. Hear Colonel Copeland and The proprietor would like to have peo Lb and laugh and laugh. ple give him a call and a trial. lm. WONG CHONO. Prop Ws FOR FINE SHOES. L you luffer from tenderness or fullness ers will give an entertainment in tho city hall Tuesday evening. June 1.1. that every one should attend. It will consist of card playing, to begin at 8 o'clock, and dancing, to begin at 10 o'clock, and to continue until 1. Three prizes wil lie awarded at tho card playing and ji ceiils will p.iy for the evening's entertainment. Refreshments will bo served by the ladies in the fire parlors. Martin Alber came into town Wednesday from Speariish valley, where he had been putting up a stucco mill for C. V. and T. M. Pettlgrew. He had been out there for a number of weeks and stayed to get the right side, pains under snouiaer A Bit ef Uadou Wnther. L, constipation, biliousness, sick head- Our weather is Krown decidedly Rood for the lust three days very hritk, clear kt, and feel dull, heavy and sleepy, and dry. Before that it was as bad as kr lWer i torpid and congested, uo N. J. Illeser of Milbank and I. A. Keith of Lake Preston, arrived in litis city yesterday. A number of applicants for rog-Int tat ton also arrived bete, and more are cspertcd here today. The examinations ill be held in tit,- tire parlors this fore-j noon.- beginning between K and '. o'clock. The druggists of Deadwood and Lead are planning to give the i-iting members of the board a reception of some kind today or tonight, although the plans lire not yet perfected The visitors will leave the Hills Saturday or Sunday. Mr. Hent Is a brother-in-law of L. W. Stilwell of this city, and was one of the Deadwood pioneers. He was for years a partner in the firm of Rent & Deetken and left here eight or nine years ago for Sioux Falls. From the latter place he went to his present location, Dell Rapids, where he has a good business and Is doing well. He is staying at Mr. Stilwell s residence during his visit in the city. o IRON FENCINQ TOMBSTONES. art Little taxly Ri w111 cure you weather at any time need be. Long con-tinned plunges of wet, then clammy, trlnrrv davs on davs of half wet (a kind tj, pleasantly and permanently by ng the congestion and causing the o J - of weather peculiar to London, and ducta to open and flow naturally. fnllv uclier than whole wet) a wona i the building up and In running order. He I iav It Is caDable of grinding about eight- of blank Rnnless Dluister fa soft mixture, iff ire (rood pills. K. O. Phillips. MONUMENTS Foreign and American. Marblk and Granite neither one thing nor another, rery fa the 0. A. R. Reunion at Hot Springs een to twenty tons of stucco a day and of nnpleasaut to move aDout in i xne m-f. travel makes everything mud here, in spite of all that data a clat, a wooden scrauer I and besoms can do. A BCRLIN'GTON ROUTE has on sale to- cooking In the neighborhood or twelve or ud tomorrow a circle ticket, good go- fifteen tons. It is at present supplying rti B. t M. R. R., returning F. B. ft the entire Black Hills demand for the ar- V. Rj., one fare. $5.20 for the round tice and giving good satisfaction. trrA nf tund ton. which is as fine at H. Cohan's 661! Main St. J. H. C ALE, Agent. DEADWOOD, 8. D. Hugh Chittlck, live stock agent for the HIGH SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT. It iu thought that Colonel Copeland Elkhorn railroad, was In Deadwood yesterday, leaving on the evening train for Buffalo Gap. He is spending the greater The graduating exercises of the High unknown here, but a number of Dead- paint and actually almost sticks like a kind of paint I took, at last, into the oonntry, with old clothes and trousers folded up. There the mud was natural mud, and far less of it; indeed little ot it in comparison with other oonntry. We dry again in a single day of brisk ijyjijTjjruTJTUnjvjruunj school will take place In the opera house auvuiinxLru oru tl people have heard him at other a. They all speak In the highest haulnntna- at 8 o'clock. The portion of his time in this part of the liniiTiTT t n 1 lTTi country this spring, attending to the im graduates are from the four years' course, MUNM LUAJM as follows: Stanley Bullock, Grace lllckok. wind. Oarlyle Cor. in Atlantis. Not Very Patketlc. Mefherson. Angle Paddock. Etta mense shipments of through cattle that are being made by some of the large outfits. Four tralnloads were received at On all personal property Rlckel. and from the shorthand course Lillie Grantz. Grace Terrell, Grace Hlckok An Ohio woman visiting Boston for tho flra. Hnwi has been dolus the sights. Rapid City yesteiday morning, and ninety Mary Plunkett, Florence Pierce, Jessie carloads will be received at St. Onge to "I bad my greatest thrill down at ol value. A large stock of 1 unredeemed pledges at sur- i Erisingly low prices. AD usiness strictly confidential Beldlng. Edna Wayne. The programme Oopp'a Hill burying ground, sue saio. "Yes, that's just the plaos (or the morrow morning for the Franklin Live Stock company. Cattle have been coming for the evening Is as follows: Muslc High School Orchestra over the road by the train load for sev historic emotions, " oommentea ner in tMrlmntnf. Rhe smiled. The Deadwood Lou Office. Essay Anie raddock 21 Lee 8trest. "As arm as mv sistet-ln-lsw and 1 eral weeks now, and most of them are from Texas, although some come from Ar g9Bay BrsKine nnnnrUlUinnnnnnnnrxnnnnnrinonnnn nxru tun of him. Xipp on fit any foot to perfection, it mt disappoints. This Is one of iperallariUeB of Hood's SaraaparllUu corsj scrofula, salt rheum, humors, wwA tod kidney troubles, nerrous-a, Sood'i Pllte cure all liver Ills. Easy it, tssjt to operate; r liable, sure, esats, Society of Black Hills Pioneers will i Id annual picnic this year at Spear-i Jut 14, and a fare of $1.26 has been 'ted lor the round trip from Deadwood :lbaJ Copeland, for brilliancy, rich-1 "si (bough, convincing argument, lm-le4 eloquence and convulsing wit I tenor, Is the peer of any lecturer of 1 mant time. Chicago Times. tare boiled the hydrant water; we 'llterilUet the milk: m km trained izona. Violin solo Helen Clough R.av ace Hlcko' got Into the place, " she said, "I found myself almost stepping upon a grave with an inscription on a queer Uttls Iron cover sort of tomb. I Jumped back, feeling the way yon do when yon step All that remained of Captain Thomas H. Class history and prophecy ... .Etta Rlckel Russell, the pioneer of the Black Hills, Muslc HigJ School Orchestra was laid to rest in St. Ambrose cemetery In this city yesterday forenoon. The fu Presentation of diplomas on a grave, and read tne inscription, ust three initials, no name or date. Tan't it hathetio?' I said to my sister- FIRST NATIONAL BANK Mr. E. W. Martin, President Board nf Education, 14 in.inv Oh. I don't know. ' she answer neral was held in the Catholic church, conducted by Rev. Father Stanton, the rector, with requiem mass and a sermon. The Music HlgL School Orchestra ed, 'B. W. W. means Boston Water The people of Deadwoo are corui..j pall bearers were: John Mansfield, John Works. ' "Boston Transcript Moara-lmases la a Londom Ckirek, vlted to be present at these exercises. DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS SI60.000 Skelley. Job Lawreneon, M. J. Donovan. Nearly everybody is aware that at ib timA it was the custom in many , . o CLOSING OF THE SCHOOLS. The public schools of the city will close hi week for the summer vacation. Teach P. J. Minlter and Henry Labresche. The Society of Black Hills Pioneers attended in a body and marched to the grave, imme-dlatalv Drecedlng the hearse, fifty strong. I WHnt microbe through the finest churches to regulate the length of the sermon by an hourglass, wnicn skmxi on the pulpit immediately fronting the er. nrt nunils are busy with examinations DIRECTORS: O J. SALISBURY, T. J. GRIER.P. a SPARKS, P. A. GUSHURST D. A. MCPHERSON. There were a large number of friends of "; have bought and we have m wery patent health device, and " doctor tells us that we're got tea" The fellow who wrote and the mounting of work for exhibition. preacher. Quite a number oi tnese curious relics are preserved in various eccle-lotiel edi fines throughout the land, Thr will be an exhibit of the works ot the departed in carriages, who attended the remains on their way to the grave. the schools Friday of this week and Sat I show might have saved himself all F (rlet by purchasing one of those Mr. Owens, traveling' representative for but the British and Foreign Sailors' church, situated in what wrs formerly urday up to noon. The Third ward exhibit OFFICERS: President.... O. J. SALISBURY I Cashier ....V. A. McPHERSON Vlee-nreldent T. J. GRIKR Assist, Ashler... 8 DENMAN fHoatttsrsat the Red AnvlL will be in the new High school . - .... J ln i-i h Batcliff highway, is the only one pos auini; frmr. Thev sro in perfect pres the Dempster Steel company, who makes this part of the country, received a telegram in Deadwood yesterday conveying and the exhibits of tne rirsi . re HR08 haT tfceii KAH6TER -bji vm- ervation, and are fixed all together in r-A-s,--s,-- a framework of solid Brass. Laaam uau vwve w a. rCat-pUwa, 656 Main street. wards in the school buildings ot these wards. The people of Deadwood should turn out to see these exhibits. The graduating exercises of the High the information that his little son naa been drowned in the river at , Norfolk, Neb. He accordingly left for his home Tit-Bits. Beaeat of Peerasre. last night, and will arrive there at noon school will take place rnaay ee...uB SNM-w ntlfl III AT not know what tb QVttB. & D. oenUl parlor . Mr. Owens himself met wun , nkonotit nf TKMrara" imDftes. A -rim., accident Wednesday night in this t ionai bank, Deadrood. pn tot mi . . . Black Hills Institute (tutu " r c- peer can demand a private audience of wwa specialty, city, falling against a stove and cutting the sovereign to represent nis view, w hi in vnifare. For treason hi. w1 severely. The scalp was toru W k k0" eonipl' tock of flshlnt UHtlWAW V J - or felony be can demand to be tried by from his forehead back for several Inches t tt Bed AavQ. this week in the opera house. - o A FRIGHTFUL BLUNDER Will ofen cause a horrible burn, scald, cut or bruise. Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the best in the world, will kUl the pain and promptly heal It. Cure, old sores, fever sores, ulcers, boils, felons, corns, all sk n motions. Best pile cure on earth. Only ..a .v. .wn hone laid bare, requiring rWWi ka. AL. bis peers. He cannot be ouuaweo. in muj i-ti ntinn nnr nan ha be arrested un . wpuuuoa of know r W thtof and showlnsl her annre. less for an indictable offense, and he is aereral stitches to close the wound. . 1 . o 1PTI8TIC WINDOW DRESSING- exempt from serving on Juries, lie may OF OSTEOPATHY Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Building Deadwood S. D. E. P. WOOD, D. O. J. L. DENMAN, Secretary. J. J. BECKHAM, S. A. S. O. W lProPW' N Question .fT " Snobbeir,- Iff tb Us-. .PUttorm" Colonel Cope- it with bis hat on in courts oi juniuo, .h .hnnM he he liable to the last pen Sold by 25 cents a box. Cure guaranteed K. G. Phillips, druggist. alty of the law be can demand a silken Bloom's show windows have always been among the richest and most attractive la the city, but yesterday they took on a sUU more artistic appearance and inquiry ,lnl the fact that an expert window cord Instead of a hempen rope. Milial Resaeelr. Stox, want to know rvtiov fwith mnnnacriDtl Then you NOTICB TO SETTLE. All parties otn' lodebtf to me are requested to call and settle their accounts with ms at once. can't use the poem? Msy I ask whst dresser had been at work-a Mr. Harry Boyd, from the famous Boston store of ails it? Editor Well, it lacks what might It USBMA.1.'. (tf.) , BOltBa B08TWICK, nm.i. Kvn those who pay out mu- TELEPHONES: Black Hills 155. Harrison 98. Treat all nerrous and chroola dissaass such s Utw,Wj stomach Jrrhe.n.ti. BL VKs tones sd fa L" which tho people of thto section ere heir. Ws bsneflt sJwot to per eeBC VhrDlesirct suxioosd as toeorshto byosr systems of tree sasct while Tl pscessit. ot Utsss w ear sad tojars bosj. be called the trne poetic fire. Daller Couldn't thst be ah im COMING. attention to window displays can readily . .. . .biiioil hand. Mr. . mnat elO- I ..artan! tn it HOmfl WS V? rout. Posed ot a number M" 7TJ , " "7ur. at the toWell, yoi ..might log it In the store. Chicago Tribune BRANCH OFFICE BRETTELL BLOCK LEAD CITY, S. D. the second ot a detect tne wor o Boyd can display a greater variety of goods and make a harmonious whole than Is usually the ease. His work Is greatly facilitated by the magnificent stock be has to draw from. quent iuJ Deadwood opera house Friday, June 1- Bubiect, "The Blgns of the Times. Tk- eti on sale at ths usual plaes. rb7kpr0peU,to,T- !n Well mHmmAM

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