The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 2, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, MAY 2, 1900. "T j THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S, D. A? saying 60c Gold and Silver Seebick Jlr. JefiTemn was startled by a violent thumping on his door. When be struggled Loto consciouso and realized that ti bad Wt no "can" order at the office, he was naturally indignant. But hi sleep wax -apoilfl tor that morning so he a pi', and soon after appeared announces an expose c THE UIIIOII ASSAY OFFICE - Established 188. No. 37 Lee 8t. Deadwool WILL. GIVE CORRECT RESULTS OF BOTH GOLD AND SILVER FOR 50C. ON ALL 8rt 1 ROLGHT TO TffE OFFICE. Milliner T Spring 1 j before, the .-rk. "Sec here." he tie- i rnanl-l ,( i it individual, "why wn 1 ) failed ni f?i' inearthly liour?" "I ! u't k. v. ir." aridwereij the elerk. ' I II M.iie." The l.iilim u.-ix siirnnioned. Said (tie clrk: ' M:ke. r.'iere wan ui call t)T Mr. Jeffcu.di 'hy dfil you diMturl himr- ! Taking '' ' lerk by the lapd of the cosf. fit" fl.'lx-riiiii lel him to one side and il. in a oijsferiotM whisper; "tie were sljiionnjf loike a liore. nor. and OI'd t,e-ril t.ii- l'y say n bow he were onct aftlier Mblnping fur fwlnty years. I do Oi ez t., iu-silf, ttrz (). 'Molke. It's ! a cooniiuz onto liim na m, and It's yer , Jury to ll 'lie craytlier out o' yer i lious Inxtunrly '.' " 1 M.'H. Lyon & Co. g Agents, for the 8llcknsdorfer 135(0 Typewriter, Jills r t MINES AND MINING. LAi aUrfar rutin iifa Ar-iWtT-V--Trir- Yrw - - - i Depictino; the fresh- i est fashions from the French designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept, Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. The foremost feature of Tieadwood's millinery merchandising thia week will (vpntn tons; that that average'! Tilanio Company's Annual. $1,500. An effort Is being rm'; to tor The annnal mwtlne; of fh Titanic Had Orlven Moles Before. Daniel C. I'omeroy. once a prominent New York crirnttial lawyer, In til early life wan a staie driver on the old lintterfi'ld line and K leaned hia legal education largely upon the box seat of his cos Hi or while cliauge of horses was beintf niaile at the stations. He was asirMH'iateil with others In the div fonse of one Mrs. McCarthy on her trial at I ilea for tiie murder of a named Hull of OgdenaburK, who was killed by n bullet from her revolver which was aimed at another man. a carload from the bottom level that will beat the ililpiner,'. n.n.I I y tin Mining company was held yesterday at the office of W. fl. KJder of this city. $216,000. ?ome of the quart? imii to be half iiy'ranlte. Salt Lae, Utah. The Dalton, In the Ohio district, Mute county, Is working a conslderahln quantity of ore that averages from $12 to $15 and has sack Judge Ioolittle presided at the trial and seemed to lclleve In the prisoner's guilt. The Judje; wits bitter, and so Munti stored a small quantity of was I'omerny. The latter made an ob higher grade rock. . Price Sfnda word that Horse Creek Is covered with float and the old officer of tht company were r-leted, , is follow: H. 11. nartlftt, president; M. A. Wilcox, vice preidnt; O. C. Jawstt, trsasursr; and W, 8, Elder, af:ritary. The company haa applied for a patent for ita property, In Carbonate district, and will begin practical operation as noon a the patent haa been aecured. Mr. llartlett, the president, left lt night on the Elkhorn pasfwnajer train for Aberdeen, this slato, Ho will return to toe llllle with the delegation from the eastern part of Hit- sta'e to the grand lodge of the Anclmi Order of jection and ItiHlsted noon it rather strenuously 'Mr. Ptiiiieroy." said the Judge, "I literally shining with gold. Invest! gatlon showed that It came from i twnlve-foot lodge. am not u horse ami can't be driven. be an attractive arrray of "first hsta" and .mall haU for streets and shoping at popular prices 'Well, your honor. I Inirnnl in my enrlv experience to drive mules, nnii I Ilolee, Ida.- A correspondent of tfn American Mining News says thut toe will try In ke'-i ni 1ny lornier reputa tlnii. - rhlliei. I nil Cougar, at Mount Idaho, has madq a Special I strike that haa caunel a stiniot"!" froir. Irfwldtori and others pliif- I nihat United Workmen, which la to be held at Hot Springe. 114 will act ns a guide (live tin- fin' A mericfi n a d.i'ly Hi vicinity. It U a th'rty-ilvc f(. ..1B and f haperone for the grand lodge del on A ari.-eyev atsa I paper ttinl n piece i.f pie. and lie inn k c liiiuM'ir nt home auywhere and the ore averages $12 to the ton. State who may dwilre to vlelt the The strike was rimiH nt the rnns earth.--t Iilcngo .News. northern Hills. rot. A strllie of hijj'i tfri'le "ippfr For One Day Only Sale Day Saturday May 5, 1900 Bad Roadi to Galena. Sale... SHAKE INTO YOUR SHOES. Allet'B Foot-KaHe, n iiowdcr. Nearly all trafftce Is tied tip betwpen ' r- UicH J n Infill, gtnartlng, swollen feet Dead wood and Two Bit and Galena owing to the soft condition of the road ninl liiKrou'lriK n.'illn, and instantly takes the sling out of coins and bun .re nt the grass-root? Iim li-en .tjiiI nlso In tbn llclcn.i. Miner' Attention. I have made arrangements with parties at Colorado flprlngs to placn upon exhibition at that place, sample of the different characters of ore from mines and ' prospects' of the northern Hills, and parties wishing their prop Since the heavy rain of lust week the ions. Ite the greatest comfort dlscov- Ladies Wrappers for 70c Worth Ladies Wrappers for 85c worth Ladies Wrappers for $1 10 worth Ladies Wrappers for $1 50 worth bottom has gone out of the country In places, literally speaking, and It Is SI.OO - S1.25 SI 50 - S2.0 ry of the age. Allen's Foot-Eiuw lmposlsbls to haul any kind of a load makes tlsht or new Rhoeu feel ensy. It across U. A large amount of ure boa a certain euro for sweating, callous consequently accumulated ut the Har- una inn, urea, acmng reel, t ry it to- erties represented fn this wnv will hand Into the office of the I toad wood - ny. Hold by all druggist and shoo tllit mine, In Two Bit gulch, and It will remain then until the roads get hard This is Your Opportunity. Don't Miss It. n r. OUA OCT 3 O WhereThey Deadwood.S. D. VnMOC O Sell Cheap. stores. Dy mall for 25c In stamps. Joiorauo investment company, pilu ...... I u Trial package FKEE. Address, Allon to May 1st, samples of their beat ore i It la expected that shipments will 8. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. y. labeled with name of the owner anil lo toon be made from tho property of the cation of property. O. If. FHYCK Galena Mining a Smelting company, at ICE! Galena. The company has considers (lot on the band wagon uarge bas lis ore out, of a quality that will bear WORKED IT BOTH WAYS. got the ice. Families supplied. Hr flson telephnna No. J20. Real wlngllae Itkemt That riceeea Huket Sbo Patrona, "If the real Inside workings of the hipping, and sines the return of Superintendent Armstead from the east he bas been arranging to hav It 'treated at the Desdwood A Delaware amelter In thia city., , . r tereral' tons wen recently . ehljipad from the Ollt Edge niln. In Htrawberry DR NAULTEU8 REMOVED, Dr. A. Fr. Naulteus haa removsd his arersge bucket shop were laid bare." eald a telegraph operator who has had much experience lu such establish office and residence to the Carney building over Lowe's clothing store tneuts, "the revelation would open the 681 Main street eyestef the young donkeys who Imag men, w tns smelter in IVadwood, P'nenLwofk has bean going on ine they ran heat the gnmo, Just M Illustrate the point I'll toll yo m little in ina minat ra n. - i etory.' mnHik. ... .... We Are wiuVAQU UUL LH JMT at HA hi Ik - Closing Out "Borne time ego there were two rival bucket shops In a certain southern city, supposed to be run by northern r pomon or the winter on tht nroiwrlv. and did a Urge amount of prospecting operators, nuilnesa was a little Mow, and It. w evident that the sDocula- arouna tne old workings, with the rs- Uve sloment ss Inclined 1 be suspi Our suitiat same excellent ore was open d up, 'Mr, Job neon, the tutting tntl cious or both establishments. , One day the manager of one of the concerns Spring Wagons and Buggies Fast. If You Want a Bargain Call and See Us. bunted up a young fellow who had eer, ana assayer, Is at present In charge of the mine, . He hai an assay omce at the mine, r Yf ; more money than brains and handing bint 130, naked him, as a special favor, to go over to ths other house and make ttcb end euch a play. "It s a private , V vwiiMtiiirflintiiV-.;. Ilancrx-k, Chaffee county, Coli.-Th Red Raten. on Pomem speculation of my own,' he eald, and t have a etralght tip, but t can't very Carriage Repository Carney St. . aa -am. w ' m m LEWIS C. VERPLAST well place the money, myself on ac count of my 'connection with A Co, tf I did they'd get suspicions right .rm r ii r I HI away;-'1 8 ) 8herman St. a - avH. in 1 1 aw- a-t Ths young Idiot supposed, of course. flh:!"'Ver that he bad struck a bonaoaa-one Aetna Powder Co, bucket shop man playing agatnst an- y ,. ... . ..... ,. .JUwKKS&SS3j otherl it must be a sure thing! Bo he not only placed the $50 ae requested. Djiamt'e and Black Pot Jer, but played the tin bard himself, end so did an bis rrlends, whom he promptly let Into the ewret.' Keedlesa te say. Karl's Oovcr Root Tea frsXVwMwH.wi. PmMm ths K'e'.TH e?iiit, and all Eravuofw ot inntcw SMd on atalM cnanatS by U a. c. wtui av co., tenor, n. v. SOI MMltTlll they were nil eventually skinned out of Fuse and Caps, Eleetric Batteries, Batteiy Sipplles. every cent they put in, but the remark able part of the story Is that the same tactics were worked back and forth truck a blind lead by tunneling; that yield Mis a ton. ,. . -- Empire, Col. Thi L X, L on Silver Mountain, haa a rapidly widening etreak ot ore at a depth, of. Brty tert that aivee ISO to flOO la gold per ton, Klondike miners have already begun their spring sluicing, t The snow la fast disappearing alone; the crteke aAd' there are eigne of a freshet on Dominion end Eldorado V 1 ' . , Three formers In it Ntagttsl Valley have found a Welt defined ledge of kaolin, or china clay, nine mllee from Kwlonvllle, Vaeh. There Ii only one ether deposit ot thU material on ths coflst. ' i , . ' h : : ' Idaho Springs, Cnl-The NewhOus tunnel has cut the Oee extentlon vein, which bss three etreake ot imelttni or ten1 to twelve tm-W wl.lev Th first cine sore la rich In copper and l.Md and tarries Valups In gold ant nilwr. The smelting rock Is kt a depth of 1,000 to J. 200 feet ' A new strike ts reported at AUIns,1 GATES IRONWORKS REVERE RUBBER GO. EEBSOLL-SEBGEAUT DEL CO. Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists 0, F. PURNELL I Bala by the lhriaea ramrmacy. by both managers on at least a dosea different occasions,.- Each time It was doue they gathered In a lot of hew 5- ADAMS COMPANY clients and made a big hauL It de veloped hot , long afterward that the RUBY GOLD HIKING & UILLIRG C01IPA11Y two bucket BhotM were ma by the same bcople.MNew ' Orleans Tltues- bemocrat. . . ; . - OF DEADWOOD. K ':. CAPITAL STOCK $4on onn HE ROUSED JEFfERSON, Divided Into 4.00,000 Shares at $L00 Per Share, Deadwood, S. O. Agent for South Dak. k tks ltot1 rarter WaW4 Jlr. t'ra His S1k , lalica Weekly tdlrlhls storv about Treasury Stock ioo,obo Shares INCORPORATORS AND OPProppcj Jowph Jefferson; A number of years ago fat played a one night engarement JAM P0X2ktt,; -Nqrman T. Mason U.Rrcfi. Tas RosH ot DTrectwe T the Rufcy OsM atiata aa iuUns: Csfnoaar ikava aitkorii te eU $,eo ebars ef Us tra ary stock ot th eorMratk utw h. 11. C. T cbnk ot quarti nearly all gold is shown, as evldencs of HI riohneea. I tues found In the tunnel of a placed iliilm. Vhrn sixty foet in a Ire milt-leg qiiaitx 1,-dce four or ftte d5 wld txi wl, from VshKh rick ore !l 1 t.-V.. n c it Vy the b.ivketfuL 4 ' M. t r The GoU Co.a ht made a f -,:,'.l s'.'.-ment ot -fe!fea gisie .crt Klce tt Urn easts I- share. Nlly pal4 a 4 aoa sssnsaMs, taa aAceeoa ie he wawd io a small Indiana town, appearing la his favorite part of Rtp Tea ."Wlnkfe, la the hotd at which he stopped was ant Irishman "recently landed.' who acted as porter and general assistant. Jll by the deep and serious Interest which he took In the aonse, he tnlfrht have been clerk, lessee and pre-prtetor, roiievt Jnto one,, t At about 6 e'clock la the' rnornrnf 7 FULLER i BROWM. PROPS. f f CEDDES OLD BAB V i v - axemsveuy ft taV4slopeaC ot Us FartUM sabdag elalas ta Rslbr Galea. ira4 by the eonspaay.: It win nay yen te tavestlaate tata aflae aa stock at tMs foe pti before It Is tee tat Set teii-ia ci Bifjis. :;M Mia oi&jflj Etra ' YV tvtW (aiersaatieai iartnw of U Coeestt. or Orrtile V. Fryos. oorecs y " UT vk or Moath j Speciiltj. i i

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