The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 2, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1900
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES. DEADWOuD, s. D Nasai Catarrh quickly yields to treat- Si - ; GENT A WORD ertisementa under thli head ONE T A WORD each insertion, when lesa than one month, three lines per. month, payable in advance O C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block. DEADWOOD. & D. SPEND SUNDAY AT HOT SPK! : Oue fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale Saturdays. Good to return following Tuesday. Popular train leaves Deadwood 6 p. m. Via Northwestern line, THE LINX THAT BINDS. Kj Jacksok, TE!TM. , Kot. 2S. I wa subject to miscarriage for three yefS mud suffered constantly with backache. I wrote to you fur advice .p&nd after using- three bottles of Wine of Cardui, according to your direction, I aru strong pud well, aud tho mother of a fine girt baby Mrs. E. N. J0WER9. There U no use Ulking a b.iby in the house is the link that binds husband and wife together. Nothing is sadder than fruitless wedlock. The prattling and cooing of the little ones offset a thousand time the occasional worries and trials of life. When a wife is barren, there a derangement somewhere in the genital organs, caused by one ofnore of those common disorders known as " female troubles". Wine of Cardui is the remedy. It puts the organs of generation in a strong and healthy condition, fitting the wife for the sacred duty of reproducing her kind During the period of gestation the entire system of the expectant mother is built up to' withstand the ordeal of labor, and when the little one makes its advent it is lusty ana strong, well-fitted to grow to maturity in perfect health. The mother, too, passes through the trial with little pain and no dread. Wine of Cardui is truly a wonder ful medicine for women. Urge Bottles for UDIIS' ADVIS0IT lE'AITMIIT. Foratlrlfft tn cami rintrlnrr smrt! directions, adilnM, glTlngiTmptomt, Udle.' ArtrWy ttost, Tlw 'IUTT JJIOO-ttA Aifiuflsk iv ifwRJuioogm, Tana. $1.00 at Druggists. A h'v living at Lawrence, Mass., describes an interesting conditloa PALMER HOUSE New Clark Block next door to Assay Office. r. S. NEW BUILDING, NEW FURNITURE, NEW BEDDING. In connection with the Restaurant are ten finely furnished rooms with hot and cold water and bath. Open day and night. Short orders a spssclalty. SINC YOU Prop. You Should Go to- Anna A. Leuhrs No. 61 Sherman St., For your dressmaking. A line of ready made ladies' garments kept constantly in stck, at reasonable prices. Visitors always welcome. Calhoun Bros. Proprietors of the Deaiioi Traasfsr Li Are Prepared to Do All kinds of transfer work on very short notice. To try them is to have wori; don? promptly and as ordered. riXJiORUCK. The latest and most complete piano truck for the safe and careful moving of pianos. 6)6 Main St., Deadwood. p Your Shoe Need PATCH s a Take it (o JOHN SOHN No. Ie trcet. Where It will be done with neatness and DISPATCH. (Successor to Frit Aaimon) No. 15 Lee Street. Wishes to announce that his place is now in readiness to receive patrons. A Full and Complete Line Of all the latest and staple drinks, and the best brands of cigars will be con stantly carried in stock, while his mot to will be A Quiet Orderly Place To bring your friends for a social game. BEST BEER ON TAP AT 5c The White House Forrest Hill The most desirable location in the City. Its attractions are fi nely FURNISHED ROOMS, RUNNING WATER, STEAM HEAT, ELECTRIC LIGHT, No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable Lee-G lass -Ardreesen Wholesale Hardware Bicycles and Sporting Goods. 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST., O&iAHA J. C. CARSON; Agent. Deadwood Office Syndicate BIk. MANHOOD moat by Ely s Cream balm, w hich is agree ably aromatic. It in received through the nostrils, cleanses and heaJs the whole sur face over which it diffuses itself. Druggists sell the 50c. size; I rial size by mail, 10 cents. Test it and you are sure to continue the treatment. w. Announcement. To accommodate those who are partial to the use of atonrlzers in applying liquids into the nasal passages for enUirrkal trmi blet, the proprietors prepare Cream Dalm in liquid form, which will be known as Ely't' Liquid Cream Balm. Price including tho spraying tube is 7o cents. Druggists or by mail." lhe liquid form embodies the wed icinal properties of the solid preparation. J. A. GREEN DEALER IN AT NO. 7 CHARLES STREET, Quotes a few of his prices as follows and wishes to announce that all other t'.oods in his stock are being sold at the same low prices: Per Can. Tomatoes 12 Vs Best Raspberries 12 Pest Strawberries 12 ' 3 doz. fresh eggs 35 Best country butter, per lb 25 I lb Dried Raspberries at 20 Excellent Birdie Sauce or Piccalilli, was 25c qt., now 20 Best Mustard Pickles, per qt. . . 20 A trial order is solicited, and till tst of satisfaction guaranted. THE BILL OF FARE ...AT... to Is Complete f lieir table merits the patronas the public. No. 19 Lee Street. Bcebe & Cleveland THE CROCERS 105 Sherman Street. Harrison Telephone 144. Are prepared to supply your wants in the line of groceries or confection cry. - With a complete stock at the low est prices, they respectfully solicit a phare of your patronage. THE FINEST MEATS AT ' Gus Keller's Market (12 Main 8tras, Deadwood. Mil IT mm m 1 In 4i boors OnnorrhM and dlwUsriMfratntlie urinary or- san. nrrmitpd by Hantal Alidy OaiMU 1 e.wltbou tin onn vpnlRnoe Price Ml. of ALU Iniiwit, V J P. O. Bot 2QH 1 . w York. I T. J- DOWD, Watchmaker Optician, Jeweler Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examiner for the Elkhorn R. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. Deadwood. DO NT Be Fooledi Take the genuine, original ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Mad only by Madison Medicine Co., Madison, Wis. It keeps yoa well. Oar trade mark cut on cadi package. Price, 38 cent. Never sol4 In bulk. Accept no suketh- onMiiaTsa ms tute. Ask your druggist. RESTORED "CUPIOENC" This groat Vegetable Vital ner,Ue Breacrlp- all aer geuerauvo onnuis, suctt aa Leat Uaobaod, iwcK.oemsnai .missions, Anroes afouiiy. Ions, Nerroa Llnina. Vark rry, innnian Jri Vartcoraas and a I Ihmm h rii, ap tiurnLS riovefica Qk K rrents ;av s ttorrhaM sod UieUTec. UM ii DotenrrKru waa ya DpanwunTiHa m warn bs etttita. tmou-nhsooii sUiaV aT PAi-aUat WAHBIOI IS J. P. HYfViE R C0UCTI0NSADJUS7MENTS- XOUR f FIDELITY BONDS. All kinds of bond written: Appeal attachment, replevin, bonds for executors administrators. All Judicial bonds executed without delay. Don't ask your friend to sign for you until 7011 get our rates. Lodge officers, treasurers, and official bonds specialty. Olympic Block, Deadwood. Fuones Harrison, 138; Black H11U, 101 Phone In residence, Harrison. 88. From Garrett to Cellar House Cleaning CLEANING CARPETS ON FLOOR A SPECIALTY. Carpets beaten, Carpets laid, Carpets sewn, Carpets fitted to any room. The best of refeiences. Leave order as John C. Haines. W. H. MOORE Blacksmith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENERAL RE PAIRING UUNE UN SHORT NOTICE All kinds of Carriage and Wag on Wood Work; also Carriage Furnishings 11 and 12 Pine St.. - Deadwood. S. D. hi ncit in- hlo'xi rtoison. niirht ltsps nervoiu l-Si lit y an.l a'lic-1 1 rouhlo treat t1! uiuler h lnt? m i raM re. 'nrre-poTMiPnce sat nelly privatf t w;ir(?"f iiniiatnrs who are cjpyiug afver Ji riLt) lor jiLitt) Jit.J 16 j ? Curtis 5t.- enver, Colo. Nasaf CATARRH In all Its stages there should be cleanliness. Ely's Cream Balm cleanxes, goothes and heals the diseased membrane. It cures catarrh and drives awar s cold iu the head quick!y. CreHin Balm Is placed Into the nostrils, spreads over the membrane and is absorbed. Relief is im mediate and a cure follows. It is Dot drying does not produce sneezing. Large Size, 50 cents St Drug gists or by mail; Trial Size, 10 cents by mail. ELY HKOTUER3, 66 Warren Street, New York. m 1 a st a wen of INDA THE UKIiT HINDOO REMEDY all NerTorji DIbmsm. Fulung tamw PiiraaiB. BlseclewiMM. Niahtly av.i- rigor snd sis to hrnnkw oriiiu, uid qolekly bat ni mptnrM ixt Mao in old or yotmg. mtlJ fMUf. (HrfT HUT AM Ilf ITATIOH tMl iMwc on htwim 1KB APO. If joo dnslj tua mm JVC L W VllltMOaU PfHMUa U..-4IKX) Ja0V LA.. Hraprk Uki IU Nf 4fn WILOOX PHARMACY P wor4 WL Dyspepsia Digests what you eat. Itartifldallj digests the food and aids Nature in strengthening and reconstructing the exhausted digestive organs. It is the latest discovered digest ant and tonic. No other preparation can approach It in efficiency. It instantly relieves and permanently cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea Sick Headache,Gaetralgia,Cramps,ant all other resultsof iniperfectdigestlon. Prepared by E C DeWItt A. Co. Chicago. For Sale by K. G. PHILLIPS, MM SO YEARS' m -- - . - - i Trade Mark j-wfV Designs AnrrraeMBdlnt ft ketch and description mmf qnlokly ascertain nor opt n ion fre whether mo InTenttna ts nrottftblr Mtenta&Ha, Comtnnnlfsv tkoru itrlctlf crn04nt i, Umndbookoa Pitaou ent tree, u.aeni mnry xor I tkrenry t tarca oH BeOUrtDsT DesXMlL Patent taken tfarooirli sMuna A Co racelrc tpfrtml nolic wfthoat chwrge, in the Scientific jlmericait A bandftomelT flTatrrared weekly. Ijimat etr ra I at ton of any argentine loaniai. Venna, $1 1 rear : four Boataa. Ai. flnlrt hi ill iaaii1iialM f as TwarCTN. mmm. Cure WANTED HELP. U- CATL1N, Oarpet laying and sew-Sg, and general house cleaning. garrison Telephone 98. VNTED Men to learn barber trade, eight weeks required, (wo years renticeshlp saved. We control over position for our graduates on ce cars, hotels, hospitals, country Ocity shops, 560 monthly paid, hot ther the busy season, prepare now one of these places. Write for eatable and particulars. Moler Marber lege, Minneapolis, Min. NTED Orders for house-cleaning; Ban jurnisn neip; aiso curiam wau- g. Address, P. O., Mrs. O. E. New pian ark No. .8 Water St., City. IN sewing done. Will go out by the day, or take sewing at home. No. 28 Williams street. 'ANTED A competent girl for fcousework. Apply at 6 p. m. to Mrs. Blackstone, Central City. Li f ANTED A girl to do housework. Call at Mrs. George S. Jackson's, 53 Xincoln avenue. USE repairing neatly done. Wall narjer cleaning a specialty. W. J. Mdatyre, Harrison phone No. 14. FOR SALE. OR SALE Premises at 55 Lower Maim street, JtiuO.OO; half cash, bal ance, on time. Apply to R. M. Ma looey. U I (ESIItABLE building lots on Lincoln 'Avenue, Ingleside; lumber furnished to $uild. EDWIN VAN CISE. ttf) XR ALE. New upright piano. Ap- plyto Hoom G, Marn & Mason block. FOR RENT. X)R KENT. Large front room for light housekeeping. Apply to Room 7, lire. Miller block. J.' : "OR RENT Two rooms, furnished with bath and electric light. No. 10 City Creek. lw Or RENT Furnished rooms at 21 Burnham ave. P. S. Lundgren. . 9 : Or RENT Six-room house, 807 Up- pef Main street. Apply to H. B. Young. Ol RENT Two good dwelling houses! H. M STEARN. 0 RENT Office room, lower floor Mdody & Washabaugh block. Ap-pl to Mullen & Munn. 0ES RENT Overland hotel, Sherman street; newly plastered tbruout; electric liebts.-steam heat, sewer connections, etc.; 21 rooms besides office, dining room and kitchen. Ap pjj to Jcua Baggaley, Agent 3R RENT Del monico Restaurant, next door to postofflce. Furnished sad steam heat F. D. Smith. I WANTED SITUATIONS. ANTED A position as clerk by a young lady. Address, N. D. W., Pioneer-Time . ANTED A position in a private family by a young lady who wants i good home. Wages no object Ad-iress F. M. O., Gen. Delivery, City. LOST. )ST One black mare, branded left shoulder ; saddle mark pn right side, white in forehead, five rears old. Liberal reward. Frank 3ro6t, Rochford, S. D. 8 4 Troop A. U. S. V. Attention Svery ex.member of Troop A, Third dted States volunteer cavalry, Is re-ested to forward his address to Cer-int W. A. Rankin, Deadwood, on or fore the first of May, 1900. It is the ention to form a permanent organ I -ion of the ex-members of the troop, d the 23rd of May. the day of th-op's departure for the routh, has m fixed upon as the date on which perfect the organization. , Members the troop who are at present in the lis, or to whorn this notlee cornea to eation, will confer 4 favor by coming with this request. , , ", , . T order of 1 COMMITTEE. of affairs m her household. When slic first heard of Ripans Tabule she was having an awfui spell with her stomach. She had had them off and on all her life and had swallowed enough medicines to stock up a drug store. " I was losing flesh every day," said she. M Som days I was so weak I couldn't get out of bed. I know if I hadn't got relief I wouldn't be here npw." Two dollars' wcrth of Ripans Tabules was all she ever used, and they made her a well woman. Her husband says she looks better now than he ever saw her. Shs made him take the Tabules for biliousness and they acted just as well in his case. Ripans Tabules are a regular stand-by in that family now WAjrrtD A mm of bad naaMi sbat H-MH-t Om prtm relief Note tka want R"l PAH"i relief Note ta ward Ki rA Ha aa, the BKtKa and aanept bo sebatlaote, EI !". Ay be had at aardrac atora. tm aamplaaaDd one taoeaauBd UedmontolB vial a aaeiladM aeaafcaaCTaatawgsassOasaaaaal0a.e atasrsae s.iao lean. tfe paokn and aeoept bo seliaatata. R-fPl-i-fV at ror s oaois, an avalans sear Cook Remedy Cc. HAS THE ONLY RLOOD POISOfJ asv w m - maaaa, 19 1UW LliV X O. I OU UUI uv ataaataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaS aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaVal IrMLtAd at hums for the Bam I price under same GUARANTX. cootraot to pay railroad fare and hotel you have taken MERCURY, IODINE POTASH, wW eos benetM. Thar baalat pan and proloec fe SURE CURE FOR PRIMARY, SECONDARY TERTIARY BLOOD POISON PERMANENTLY CURED IN . r rw np n A WO V If you prefer to come here we will bills and no charge If we fall to cure. If and at! II have arhes and under the treatment of the beet talent but we have a SECRET REMEDY known YEARS of our existence no to imitate our treatment, pn prompted by our the remains in business. Single Successful Competitor, honesty and integrity. application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. 1928 iKonic Temvlc Cfiicaio. HI. MUCOUS PATCHES In mouUl, SOORB THROAT. PIMPLES, COPPER-COLORED SPOTS. ULCERS on any part of tre body HAIR or EYEBROWS FALLING OUT, It Is this BLOOD POISON that we GUARANTEE to cure. We aod Id t the moet OBSTINATE CASES and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CANNOT CURE. This disease has always BAFFLED THE SKILL. OF THE MOST EMINENT- PHYSICIANS. Several of our moat Dromlnent Dublin mec Kinn awd EmDerora of forelrn landa have succumbed to tuts disease even when unlimited wealth of naUons could employ, only to ourselves. During FOURTEEN twenty different concerns hare started up unprecedented success; today not one of We Stand Alone Without A THE COOK REMEDY CO. has permanently cured thousands and has world-wide reputation for speedy cures, NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLED GES sent sealed in plain packages on ONE MILLION DOLLARS flflress COOK REMEDY COMPANY LAFAYETTE STOCK FARM Lstfafette, Ind. S Has on hand 100 Stallions c onsistmg of OLDENBURG GERMAN COACH Stallions, Draft SUlllo us, ConslstlTig of NORMAN and LISH SHIRE and BELGIANS, Trotting Stallions and Jacks. Anyone wanting a Stallion of any kind' should tion of a (amoos Frencn pbssidan, will quickly euro yoa Of I afai address us at LaFayette, Ind., or writs or call on our agent, WM. LEFORS, Belle Fourche, S. D. W can sell stallions as low as any other firm. Every Stallion guaranteed to be a gooa breeder. J. Crouch & Son, r die Tons or diarases of Iosomnla, luns in fimpiea, lnaireas v.Min.HA& It arwia toe ine w . .- oh tbeborrorsollmpoteoey. kklncyand tbeartnATyort-amol all lupanuaaj U rCTriDKSK-reeigtlwnssuidrtetoresstBallweas of asrtwrs;n, rUB smmt retampd If aaadfor raaa ctrealar - wnica Proprietors, ? J.V.T JTnTM rtn Ami six beor-o ooe no aoeat a usiisiansai siri.; m ( m.X aod lesslsnoalala. AaMrast WJSTa atajnvmr-

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