The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 2, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1900
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 2, 1900. THE DAILY PIUNEEK-TIMES, DEADU'OOi), 8. D. tive issues, their meetings ar elightly Tonight THE DEAD WOOD PIONEER for his insight into Jackson character. "Who harms a hair of that old gray head, Dies like a dog. March on," he said. These two lines form a monument Just before retiring, if your liver Is slupgish, out of tune and you feel dull, bilious, constipated, take a dose of attended, and the outside1 speakers they have brought into the state fail to raise any more enthusiasm than the local leaders canf'raise themselves. So far as the republicans' state ticket ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 18741 THE BLACK HILLS TIMES EHootl's Pills , And you'll be all right in the morning. to Jackson that may not be shattered. is concerned,' most of It is practically settled. All the first termers will be by an army of Douglases. We will continue to uphold the poet and ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897.? Stamp covers m " i m m a w spread broadcast an impression that will serve to inspire noble end eleva that a private Revenue the neck of the bottle. given renoniinations on a precedent founded with the beginning of statehood, and which no aspirant for office desires to break. This provides for Congressman Burke .Treasurer Scham- G ting thoughts rather than harken to .. ..... yVt'WTO; PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. the gossip of a man who had been better engaged in other ways. o FOR VICE FRESIDEXT. Judge Tril'P of Yankton has been ber, Land Commissioner Eastman, Auditor Reeves and Superintendent Col-lines. The same rule would have applied to Congressman Gamble had he not withdrawn to make the race for the senatorship. But the primaries in Lawrence county have settled the nom TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: ;. DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday, One Year.. 10.00 Six Months 5.00 BURR'S FIGHT AGAINST FATE Jail an Snocem Retnrned the Crnah-liiK Sorrows of His Life Came. "Aaron Burr was GO years old when be resoJvd once more to battle with fortune." writes William I'errine in The Ladies' Home Journal. "Going quietly into New York, he opened an office for the practice of law and In a honored with a yice-presider.tial boom. and the eastern half of the state shares One Month 100 WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: O m fy JSj?- ft One Year 2.00 Bix Months 100 in the honors, iney tninn me giory is large enough for all. Now if the cow counties can furnish a running mate for McKinley, the Black Hiiis has a more appropriate running mate for Bryan. It said that Judge Tripp is a descendant of the Pilgrim Fathers, revolutionary heroes, the Randolphs, and sich, only by marriage. Our can inee for his place by being almost practically solid for Martin for congress. This will give him a solid delegation from the Hills section, and assures his nomination as certainly as it does that of any of the first term candidates. So far as the governorship is concerned, a number of counties have already instructed their delegations for C. N. Entered as Second-Class Matter at the fortnight had earned $2,000 in fees. But hardly bad be written to his daughter about his luck when there came from South Carolina the news that her beautiful boy, who bad been the idol of the ambitious statesman, was dead. "But there was in reserve for Burr a still heavier blow. Toward the close of the year 1S12 Theodosia Allston Dead wood Postofflce. didate is himself a lineal descendant of the greatest hero of the revolution. He is the great grandson, by direct male llerried for that position, and where no denniate instructions have been given, delegations have been selected whis are made preparations to visit her father in New York. Passage was engaged descent, of the famous "Light Horse Harry" Lee and a cousin of tlje pres friendly to his candidacy, and his nom ination now looks as certain as that of the other candidates who are al PAY Of A REFORMER. Narrow guage persons who are minded to rail at reform In municipal government should consider the methods of Mayor Harrison's administration in Chicago and become ashamed of themselves. From such a contemplation it will be certainly seen that reform is really a good thing, conferring many benefits on the reformer. Harrison is supposed to be one of the ent General Fitzhugh Lee. The Pioneer-Times, therefore, arrogates to itself great pleasure and pride In pre realy conceded. Cenator Snow of Bon SOLD ONLY Homme is a candidate for the place Ayres & Yardman Hardware but has not developed and strong fol lowing, and W. H. Roddle of Brook senting to the favorable consideration of the combined aggregation of demo-pops and pop-demos, for their vice presidential nominee, COL. RICHARD HENRY LEE of the Black Hi 14s, own- j ing is in a postion that he might be a candidate under certain, conditions v most radical reformers that ever went but is making no canvass. on the schooner the Patriot for Theo-dosia. her physician and her maid, and the lovely woman was radiant with tb expectation of meeting her father within the next Ave or six days. The Patriot sailed from Charleston out into the ocean in Christmas week, and not a vestige of her was ever again seen, and it Is surmised but nothing is known as to her fate that she foundered off the coast of Hatteras. "Day after day and long after nil hope had been abandoned there mis-it le seen on the Battery at New York the lonely and unhappy father, peering far down the bay as If be were scanning the sea for n sail. Of his agony Aaron Burr gave the world but lit' view. lie had schooled himself in the habit of never exhibiting his emotions, but in one of his letters he declared that lie felt as if he had been severed from the human race." For secretary of state, Berg of Spink into the business. Moreover, with rare political andphilanthroplc astuteness, he has surrounded himself with satellites who are presumably of his C. L. SlEWERS. I Columbia Bicycle and Almond of Duel are making a can vass for the place. Warren of Law rence, who was out as a candidate early own altruistic way of thinking. Har er of the famous Gen. U. S. Grant mine. Col. Richard Henry Lee of the Black Hills has a most pleasing personality, is a fluent, convincing and coherent speaker, and could "spell" his chief in those tail endJ flights of oratory. If thought politic, or deemed advisable, Col. Richard Henry Lee could do the Hobson act with very good effect. Gentlemen, he is all yours. If you in the game, is eliminated by the move merit for Martin. rison and his henchmen are extremely practical persons.wisely putting their theories into operation and reaping SOME SHOP TALK. worthy results. The reward that has AND BICYCLE SUMDRII 01 come to such public benefactors in Fourth Estate thinks that one explanation of the prevalent embarrassment clines one to optimism. Take for ex ample, the case of "Bobby" Burke, who in the book publishing business is the The Most Complete Repair Shop in the $ reject him, and defeat is yours in consequence, don't bewail lost opportuni is Mr. Harrison's political manager undoubted fact that people are reading the newspapers are all the time ties. incidently City Oil Inspector, dinpen improving the quality of their readin Journal: The Lawrence county re ser of patronage and head hose of the City Hall hippodrome. Prior to the time Mr. Burke decided to devote matter. No doubt there are those who publican convention was held Satur will maintain that this tendency denotes a vitiated taste, but they wil! day and endorsed Hon. E. W. Martin for congress. This settles it, for now lolng by the Eye. I'nless one li:is some other sort of knowledge to contradict it it is natural lo accept the evidence of the eye. Therefore the answer which a teacher recently re eived from her class ot small children was not altogether surprising. "Which is farther away." she asked, "England or the moon?" "England!" t lie children answered have to allow that it is popular, nevr- the Hills delegates will for once go to the state convention as a harmonious body. E. W. Martin will be one our The Ladies Bazaar I g- . u Silk WaiStS for this week at a bargain. 5E: New Dress Patterns for spring gowns. ; H Summer GOOdS in Percales, Mercerized Ging-jj hams, and all fashionable fabrics for summer . next congressmen. himself to the lofty mission of re- forming municipal affairs, be was a poor man, the circulator of a Chicago newspaper. At this time, five years after, he is rated at more than $250, 000, with brilliant future prospects. He has Just, completed his new stone residence on La Salle avenue at a cost , of $100, 000 for the bare building. It is provided with a dance hall, billiard room and other features necessary to the proper living of a reformer. Mr. quickly. the less. Publishers should prepare for a busy and profitable year, says the Wolverine editor. The national and state campaigns will mean an increased demand for newspapers and Job printing departments will be crowded with work. While a party organ should do much for itsslf to be worked by committees The editor arid printer have to stand PARCELING THE OFFICES. Huronite: The republican state con "England'.'" she questioned. VWhnt makes you think that'" " 'Cause we can see the moon, and we can t see England, answered one dresses and shirt waists. Tailor SuitS for everyone, Come and se. vention wil lhave an easy time in making a ticket this year by simply following the Voice of the people. Seldom has the prior convention expressions of the brightest of the class. Youth's Companion. Main St. Deadwood E Mrs. flott, Lend Pencil of Old. Ancient writers mention the use of iaaiiiimiaiuiuiuiuiiwiiiuiuiuiuiuiiiiaiuiiiaii' Burke has not engaged in any manner of business' since he entered municipal politics, but has dedicated his life wholly to the work of reform. From this striking object lesson in virtue's reward, those thoughtless persona who the bruntjj of the campaign and are entitled to enumeration. The Luca of Havana, the leading pa lead and graphite for ruling papyru3. of the people been so empahtic -as this year. The demand for Herried's nomi-re-nomination is conceded. Martin of the Black Hills will be Burke's running mate in response to the unanimity with which Black Hills republicans and pencils lasliiotied rather crudely in the manner of those now used were per of Cuba, which now prints most of. made in the sixteenth century, the mnD mnnmi n n graphite coining from the Borrowdale bare declared that reform does not pay will see how mistaken they are. Jlr. nnP.F. HA , A JM JLJ X .Ui.IJl.ll XJi.lL. mine at C umberland. England. Chicago Chronicle. the news in English for the benefit of American readers, has not yet secured a supply of English type. Consequently as there is no letter w in Spanish, it is compelled to make two v's, placed side by side, serve in place of the twenty-third letter of the English alphabet. In so doing it is simply going back to the ancient custom in England. W is not propertly a letter at all, but a combination, as its name indicates,, Early writers represented it by two u s side by side, then by two v's, and finally by Tou Know What They Mean - - v They mean that you can confide' ly borrow all the money you was!; all personal property of value all;, office. We carry a large stock o! redeemed pledges at prices tliarf surprise 3 ou. "4 Business Strictly Confidentit1 J The Grand Lodge. A. 0. U. W. AND D. OF H., HOT SPRINGS, S. D., MAY 8TH. For this occasion the Burlingtoii speak for him. The lieutenant governor should be Hon. Geo. W. Shaw of Springfield Mr. Pyle for attorney general, Mrx. Reeves for auditor, Mr. Eastman for commissioner. of school and public lands, and Mr. Collins for superintendent of schools. A railroad commissioner from the First district is to be nominated, and the convention could do no better than to nominate Hon. Frank Le.Cocq of 'Douglass. The convention win ratify the solve of the republicans of the state and then adjourn confident of victory in Route will sell tickets May 7 and S, The Deadwood Loan Offil No. 21 Lee St. good to return on or before the 14th, only $5.20 the round trip. The 22: oU train is the one to take aa you arrive in Hot Springs before dark and returning, leave there after dinner. The new train service makes it the only convenient Joining the two v's at the top the pres-i and popular Hot Springs route. Custom Ore 4-29-llt o John Jennack. Has a first-class outfit of teams and We art sow prepared to tr eat custom ores by the Cyanids cess at reasonable rates. . POETRY YS, HISTORY. ... Gen "Henry Kyd' Douglas, whoever be may- be, Is to announce as one stating new and Important facts that Barbara Frietchie did not fly a flag from her casement, and that Gen. Stonewall Jackson did not utter. the famous words, attributed, to Tilm 1 in Whlttier's poem. This sort of thing crops up aunually like Spring blood diseases, General Douglas surrounds bis utterances with much pomp of i- circumstantial evidence, and seems " to wish that his statement " shall dispose . forever of the literary fiction that has delighted the hearts of men and children for many years past He claims to have been on Stonewall Jackson's staff, and to have fortified actual knowledge of the circumstances with much painstaking research. All his efforts have been In aln. A lie In I good cause" well told la better than a bad truth, and Gen. Douglas may address meetings, tat up space In the magazine and write personal communications to newspapers to the end of his life, and he will, avail nothing to prevent the school children from repeating with great elecutlon-ary effect the story of Barbara Friet-chie's patriotism and Stonewall Jackson's magnificent knightly chivalry. It Is the sort of story it Is well tokeep In literature, ami no adequate reason exists for killing out faith in Its veracity. All elderly and ' intelligent people, know as well as Gen. Kyd Douglas that no such incident occur carriages and Is prepared to do all kinds of city work. Calling parties, funerals, etc., will receive prompt attention. Call Harrison telephone No. 83. Northwestern Gold and Silver Extraction Co ent w was developed. Too many newspaper men get into the habit of expecting applause whenever they do a particularly fine piece of work, finally do work well simply for the applause with which the public contemporaries may greet it. This per-nicluos habit is demoralizing and dangerous In the extreme. The best newspaper work is done without thought of praise or reward. It le done for the pure love of the work.. The editor who is always thinking of popular approval is a pitiful fellow who soon loses influence. In newspaper work as in all branches of human effort the wise plan is to do to the best of one's, ability the work, which lies nearest and let the applause take care of ltsely. Country Editor. . First Ward, Deadwood South Daix 1 STATE POLITICS. A Pierre Special says: :TTve republicans of the state are very well satisfied over the outlook for the coming campaign. The late municipal elections are looked upon as pointers as to what is to follow this fall. Especially was the, result in Sioux Falls gratify-Ing, as the fight was atraightTeitir grewlftnJti-Peifiigtew, lreVdItingTn a sweeping victory for the anti forces. Leaders of the pary, who have traveled over the state, report ever indication pointing to success in the coming campaign. The party is gaining recruits from the fusion ranks on the same issue which has been raised by Pettigrew tn the senate, as they will not support a party which has as the only excues for Its existence the prolonging of his political life. One of the elements J. L. MARCOUX'S Mew Unperbkimc Parlors THE NICARAGUA CANAL, ft 1 No. 20 Lee Street which will have to be considered in - When built will prove the link between the campaign this fall ts the new votes prosperity- and many people. ,' Thd which have come into the state thru fanners In the extreme east, as well as immigration, and the republicans count taese in the extreme west, will per-on the largest share of this vote, as It bars profit by it most It will prove a I Are Now Open to the Public red. He has added no new fact to the Is principally front republican states, blessing to humanity in general, im- world's knowledge. He has only sue The, fu8ionlsts have been making an proving the condition of the nation as IHostetter's Stomach Bitters has that , , Largest and most complete Line of Caskets v and Funeral Equipments to be found in the west All Embalming Done by a Professional in the Art. j ' ONLY FUNERAL CAtt IN THE HILLS. tr I I tended rather ungraciously In detracting from the fame cf the man he claims to have served, for tSore Is nothing in the stony told by Whittle but gives us better and a clearer Idea of the brave, good, gray General of the Confederate Army. If he did not give the famous order credited to him by Whittler, he would have done o had the Incident really occurred, wherein much credit is due the poet active campaign since the first of the year, but if they have been gaining any converts the fact cannot be discovered. Therms so such a rallying cry this year as they had four years ago, when they whole state was wild over the silver Issue. Then they had a positive issue on which they could appeal to the pocket of the voters. Nowf that they have nothing but a grow, coming, and are making a campaign On nega of the Individual. The Bitters are for everybody, but partltcularly for those who do not possess health. There have been many cases of dyspepsia and indigestion cured by this medicine. Nothing to equal this remedy has ever been discovered for ailments of the stomach, liver, bowels or kidneys. Tou will find that It will cleanse the blood and sharpen the appetite. See Calls Answered by Day or Night, ; - Telephones j rD

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