The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 9, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1899
Page 1
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Fhe Daily IONEER- i IMES. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 9, 1899. FIVE CENTO. 4- 4 4 . n A DICTATOR GOT TWO BAD MEN iiioo n niccnlupH Rv new member of the cabinet, to be known as the secretary of the department of health. A resolution -was also adopted calling for a reform in the army and navy medical departments. , o Burglars Murder a Woman. NORRIS CITY. 111., June 8. (Special.) -Burglars shot and killed Mrs. Daniel Colt last night. They were plundering the house and had locked the woman's husband In his room. Mrs. Cott resisted, and Plucky Texas Sheriff Uses His Gun Fast and With Accuracy. tendance, and as many more will be hero tomorrow. This afternoon the state board conducted an examination, this being neceasary under the new law passed at the recent 'ses1 sion of the legislature. After July I all persons engaging In the business of undertaking or embalming must possess a certificate issued by the state board, whica is composed of H Billion of Sioux Falls, E, E. Martin of Armour and J. L. Mar-eoux of Lead City. V The funeral of Judge Edwin Parlimau, which took plate from the Catholic church yesterday was attended by a great crowd His Orders and He'll Run the Snap. f'i 4 Dakotans Will Tarry Fate of Two Cowboys Who Attempted to "Shoot Up" a Town. While on Luzon; They Need Them. fet friends of the deceased. The Minnehaha iSIU. P. J- June 8. (Special.) It nported that Aguinaldo Has dissolve! It cost her her life. No booty was secured, but the robbers escaped. o English Claim Concessions. LONDON, June 8. (Special.) London papers "claim that Lord Salisbury has secured some Important concessions from Ambassador Choate in the conference over the Alaskan boundary dispute. Both Lord Salisbury and Ambassador Choate refuse to talk concerning the inattef o The Coming Field Day, Two weeks from today will be a veritable holiday in Deadwood, that being field day for the Olympir assoriatlon. The two banks have agreed to close for the day between 10 and 10:30 a. m. and a majority i nili?e congress and has declared hlm- 11 dictator. ODESSA, Tex., June 8 (Special.) Buck Reed and Eugene Kelly, two cowboys, were shooting in the streets here today and making general nuisances of themselves, when a deputy sheriff appeared and commanded them to cease firing. They then turned their revolvers on the officer, and he responded with an unerring fire, both of the cowboys falling dead from their saddles. Iu.mti i P. I.. June 8 (Special.) The M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BR0. Olfers the Following EXTRA BARGAINS! For This Week. No old shop worn stuff! No Bankrupt 8tock! All New and Freeh Goods! NOTE THE FOLLOWING PRICES ON White Dress Goods and Laces: 10 Pieces Check Nainsook at - 60 a yard 10 Vleces Check Nainsook at - 12 y2 c a yard 10 Pieces Check Nainsook at - 15c a yard 10 Pieces India linej, fine quality at 6c a yard 10 Pieces India Linen, Fine quality at 8c a yard 10 Pieces India Linen, Fine quality at 10c a yard 16 Pieces Dimity, Fine quality, at - 8c a yard 6 Pieces Dimity, Fine quality at - 12cayard 5 Pieces Pique, Fine quality at - - 10c a yard Laces and Fine Emlilcrir All the Latest "Novelties worn this season. French Val. Lacee, Patt. Val Laces, Egyptian Point D ,' Paris and all New Laces, at lrora 3c a yard on up. FINE EMBROIDERIES AT VERY LOW PRICES. M. J. Werthheiraer & Bro. f fi-it H 1 Lar association, tne u. a. k. ana union Veterans' union and the fire department attended Ja a body. The procession was one of the largest ever seen In the city. o John W. Dekay Cattleman. That energy and enterprise will accomplish great things is demonstrated In thfl case of John W. DeKay, who a few years ago was working in a Black Hills print-shop for $3 a week, of which paper he afterwards became proprietor and pushed It to the front rank. He came to White-wood Tuesday with two trains of Arizona steers for the cattle company he, with Henry E. Perkins of the Meade County bank, Attorney Wesley A. Stuart nnu D. J. Walton have recently organized. The cattle were unloaded at SYhitewoud and started for their ranch out in tht1 cow country This company expects to keep puture or me weguu vmuui. uo h delayed until June 12, at the real ol tie volunteers themselves. A rt of the California regiment Is oo Noil Island, and will be temporarily held tn until the Sixth infantry can take SOME PATRIOTIC HYTHIANS place. The Nebraska and Colorado of the business houses have agreed to do likewise. The patrons of the banks will accordingly lie given the opportunity to transact their business In the hour or hour liments will sail for home within a few It, and the transports are here now lor purpose. Looking lor a Preacher. and a half that the institu, ioi.i arc open, and the employes of the various mercantile houses of the city will lie enahleil to attend the field day tames and exercises. shipping up cattle until it hin the largest IAWSVIIAE, Ky June X. (Special.) Members ot the Order Who Answered the Call for Volunteers. .Sioux Kalis, June 8, --The grand lodge, Knights of i'jthias, is in session here, forty-nine subordtiinte lodges being represented. The repor! of !iand Chancellor Knieison and Crand K. of It. ti. Warner show tiie order to Pe prosperous. The follow iiiK is .from the report of the O. K. H. S, .-.houiug the liM of members of the older who went at t lit- country's call and enlist ed in the volunteer army of the herd in the stale. mob is searching for a Baptist The Heatty park at Sungis will be in ex cellent condition by that time, and the tier, named Hicks, who claimed to be Indiana. He is charged with hav- Governor Lee Berated, i 1 1 : i : i people ol Mulcts have made the assu u tion some excellent concessions in ngre ide quale police protection eommltted an assault upon the daugfc-ol prominent farmer, after placing in hypnotic state. 0 K. S. !i , June s. Insurance Com- I'mupbell is not at all coinpll in regard to the governor in his ii ion to appoint F. (1. Kiuc, as met' of insurance after July 1. missioin mental y determii com in is - ng to provide o guard n'.iin Hid will chargi it unseemly occurrences, nothing for the use of the Iniled States in the late war: Marco llozarjis Lodge Selh Bull Bland's Condition Critical. park. The Olympic association will not I dt I'HPtain. Company A. Third cavalry; W. B LEBANON, Mo., June 8. (Special.) charge anything for admission to the con Iiwinell, sergeant, Company C, Third eav physicians who arc attending Richard clares that at the solicitation nor he gave up a good insur-s to take the place, af'e- he that it would not he only for tests, although they will in; limited to the of tile go ance busi was assur airy: L. C. I.innett, private, Company A Blind, the veteran statesman of MIs- members and frlejsids of the club This in- eludes all thebMt people of Sturgis. In W, state that the public should be pre-W (or the worst, as Mr. Bland, it is Third cavalry. Ceneral Custer Lodge R. N. Shutt, prl vate, Company I. Third cavalry. arm uuvuvvuvxrwnrirtriruuv rv.ruTjjfvv-mrLruvuvuvuvwuuvuuu a short term, but was to contiuu" for full term in ease the governor was r addition to the various athletic contests t TTT 1 I T Tl l T n T l ttt its i- . hi, has not long to live. Iiakota Lodge James Cusick, second elected, that the same assurance had been given him by the governor a number of lieutenant, Company A, Third cavali; M Kidnapers Sent to Jail. J. Mullen, sergeant, Company A, Third times in the past year, and that he had been led to go to the expense of breaking and sports, there will be dancing in the pavilion to music furnished by the association. The greatest interest centers In the forthcoming handicap bicycle race and the 100-yard dash, for which there will be quite a number of entries. Tht 100-yard dash will probably he taken in either by !EW YORK, June 8. (Special.) The pe prisoners who are charged with hav- up bis home affairs at Yankton and re cavalry. Trishocotyn Lodge Lee Stover, lieuten ant colonel, Company H, First South Da establishing himself In this city on those kidniped .the Clark child have been to the Tombs, being unable to furnish kota; C. H. Englesby, captain, Company assurances. Tne move, he further alleges, la based on the fact that the gov II, First South Dakota; Frank Munger, Clyde Seitz or M. W. Read, this having been conceded by some of the best Judges of the requirements of a sprinter, although Altert Martinez will be a contestant. Tut- I second sergeant, Company H, First South Dreyfus Sails Today. ernor's office has not been allowed to control the affairs of the office since hp has been at the head of It; that his conduct of i takota. Armour Ixxlge Otto E. Ross, private, AMS, June 8.-(Speclal.) Captain Al- ir all nm iv all mm "Some times her narrow kitchen walla Stretched away Into stately halls." Thla happened to Maud Muller, but my prices on wall paper make It possible for it to happen to everybody. My stock ie entitrely new and tip to date. 1 cannot tell you about tne handsome designs. You are especially Invited to sea them. PAINTS! PAINTS! Now la the time to paint your house. Remember "U my store la headq carters for all klndu of paints and painters' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and last tenter than any paint made. Dome In and get color cards and study color effects. The Old Reliable Druggist, Main Street irivir r pun I IPC ting the shot, vaulting and hurdle Jumping the office has been all that could be re Drerfus cabled his wife today from are also attracting a great deal of atten quired of an officials, he says, Is evideacel fl'i taland that he would sail for Paris by the position taken by the governor lu Company L. First South Dakota. Gettysburg Lodge Charles F. O'Brien, corporal. Company G, First South Dakota. Crystal Lodge John Holman, private, Company C, First South Dakota; E. C. Weils, private. Company C, First South his message to the legislature. In which tion among the Olympic sports, and hot contents will occur In all of them. Instructor Holmes is busy giving his class Its regular exercises, and is making good headway. he thoroughly Indorses the management lodwn Woodmen Head Camp. the office and the efficiency of the man a r CITY, June 8.-(SpecuU.J- the head of. the department, and In hi Dakota. r nao parade today of the reiteration of the same thing in his veto Tin City Lodge Paul D. McClelland r" tn head camp of Modern message accompanying his disapproval r, first sergeant, Company I, First South Da 01 America, notwithstanding kota; William Wlehe, third sergeant, Com the bill passed by the last legislature abol tuning the office. s Deadwood, S. U. "-"vax vie i iuiul canv I. First South. Dakota; Horace Ross Wi terrific downpour of rain, W thousands In the i:h. The Pioneer Picnic. The Burlington will run two trains from Deadwood to Spearflsh next Wednesday to the annual picnic and outing of the Society of Black Hills Pioneers, the first train to leave this city at 7:30 and the last train at 8:30. The fare from Dead- private, Company A, Third cavalry f M a uettlnv thi. ...... Charles Means, private, Company A, Third LETTING DOWN THE apeakert in the convention hall cavalry. Capital City Lodge R. W. Stewart, ma """Ml Joining, Bryan. Died in the Philippines. wood and return will be $1.25 and from THE AMERIGO NATIONAL BANK tor, company E, Tnlrd cavalry. PRICES OF THE LIEBMANN STOCK. The great closing out sale of the Lieb Terry and Portland SI. The picnic will be Excelsior Lodge O. E. Johnson, private, I.. .Tim a c to i - Company H, First South Dakota; L. H vifMniion Ritlncer. Company H, First cOrlfl.platt. the wlfe of the mann stock continues daily, RAIN OR I .South Dakota; W. A. wnaiey, corporal "' general on Otis' sUflVla SHINE. sic W from ttomii, , Company H, First South Dakota. held In the Kroll park, half a mile above the town of Spearflsh, on the creek bottom, and hacks will be furnUhed for the TaoQeT7rom the depot to and from the grounds. The people of Spearflsh and the officers and directors of the society are doingg everything in their pow er to maKe the picnic a success, and it Is anticipate! Yesterday was muslin day, and as each Mvrtle Lodge Ceorge D. Jennings, sec- Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 Match 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 IU,, - -.-..wu, ana Phm n girl 10 b,! marrled customer passed out of the store with a .,,! tiontennnt Comnanv D. First South unaaas BinC9 the Dakota. good sized bundle In her arms and a satis-fed expression on her face, It was evident that the low prices advertised by Mr. Damon Lodge C. R. Mauson, private, ,rsChimavaMnthP, Haines In yesterday's Pioneer-Times were thoroughly appreciated. Today a special that the attendance will he unusually large. The society has never held its outing at Spearflsh, although it has tried al Company E, First South Dakota. Triangle Lodge Boyd Wales, corpcral, Company I. First South Dakota; Will Almo. private, Company I, First South L. 7 "uae "The Princess YL', Rigo. for the four cut will'be made on Ladles' and Children's Mackintoshes. most every other place In the Black Hillsr j Klven birth to twin All Children's Mackintoshes in all sizes will m 'Port tw , . s Branches of Banking Business Transacted, Sl n .. ner husband, be sold at from 25 cents up. 1H bnWt. ... H, vague is un Ladies' Mackintoshes at one-half the Dakota; Fred Seney, private. Company I, First South Dakota; Frank Seney, private. Company I. First South Dakota. Monte Cristo Lodge O. W. Byrns, private. Third cavalry. ih,r,wn IidKe Charles A. Howard; iw 'r. ioraer manufacturer's cost The Kroll park Is a delightful place for a picnic, and has one of the finest pavilions In the country for dancing. Music will be furnished by a band and an orchestra. Not the least of the attractions in this connection will be the ride down the magnificent Spearflsh canyon, which many people of the Black HHls have never v " Cleveland. O. This Is good mackintosh weather, and DRAFTS ISSUED on China, Manila, Havana, Porto Rico. N tk. ,'Ter1 llons and better opportunity to provide yourself Africa, England, Franco, Germany ana all Parts of lha WorfaY at major, Company F. First South Dakota. with one of these necessary articles of L Wmforth.Hungar. Pythias Lodge J. E. Patton, first ser wearing apparel never presented itself to ,. rmnanv B. Third cavalry; Henry the ladies of Deadwood Caskey. private. Company B, Third cav The muslin sale will continue as long lowoat ..arnof rates. COLLECTIONS made carefully ana accounted for promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers responsibility or collaterals. taken. The picnic is not confinedMo the pioneers and their families, but every one ""'roopt Called For. airy. Note these I as we have any muslin left prices: 0R Jd. la Invited to participate. The opportunity r Hat a. " especial.)--Thr Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias, Lonsdale Muslin (yard wide), 5 conts. thw, nM wiled for of riding from Deadwood or i.eaa m Spearfish and back for 11.25 may not be presented again this year. Fruit of the Loom (yard wide), 5 tents. SIOI X FALLS, S. D., June from nearly every lodge In the state IS DISTINCTIVE HfllDBi ... . "CUT rvlc B flliiu V m. o are in the city attending the opening ses Best Half-Bleached, 5 cents. 'Anderson L. It.- (yard wide), 4 cents. House Lining (yard wide), 3 cents. rWZ7mtaom!tthe Odd Fellows' Election. sion of the grand lodge of Knights of Py- TV HiU, Elding la this -i.c.fc ranniiHi vesteraay. i" Great Bargains In Dress. Uoodv, tilksl The regular semi-annual election of of- j thias .in Black Hills is well representee nu -i" flcera of Eureka lodge No. 13. Independent Accounts of Banks, Corporations and Individuals solicited. Oorrespondenoe'Invlted. and Trimmings. Don't let your neighbors I get all the bargains. And remember this! bus.Zr lD tt or make a strong fight for the location of the Order of Odd Fellows, of this city held Wednesday night and the officers sale and these prices ean be found at only! next year s meeting. Huron and, Water-. lao in the race.' The Knights one place the old Liebmui Store, upper I chosen were as follows: Main street, Deadwood. O DIRECTORS w. e. adams. John theber. For a complete list of prises, useful Depa and ornamental, given tree to pur artent Wanted. " were entertained last night by the local lodge at Castle hall, where a social session and smoker were held. The first day of the meeting of the South Dakota Undertakers- association was occupied in listening to lectures on embalming. More than forty undertake are in at- Noble Grand CW. H. Ward. Vice Grand O. F. Ong Secretary H. A. Cable (re-elected). Treasurer a F. DeMouth (re-elected). Trustee (IS months)-fohn Sohn. Th Installation wiU occur the first HARRIS FRANKLIN, PrasMont. BEN BAEM. Vlco Protldon chasers of Diamond "C" Soap, write to the Cudahy Packing Co.,' South Omaha, SELBIE, Oasblar. Neb. ua entUn of a meeting night In July.

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