The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 8, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1899
Page 7
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 8, 1899. Mrs. Liebmann, LEGAL NOTICES. NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Peter Neilson and to whom it may coo- (Edwin Van Ctee, Attorney.) Id the County Court In and for Lawrence County. South Dakota. GUS Ghoice Cut Flowers Potted Plants Always on Hand. Orders for Funerals and society emblems promptly filled. Id the Matter of the Guardianship of Leslie B. Hooper. Verne L. Hooper and Wynne Mart;!. Hooper, Matilda Hooper, Guardian. ORDER. It appearing to the undersigned Judge of the County Court, from the petition of Matilda Hooper, guardian of Leslie B. Hooper,, Verne 1,, 'Hooper and Wynne Margie Hooper, thut it in necessary or will be beneficial to In r said wards that the real KELLER NOTICE OF LEASE. 1 Notice is hereby given that the Dakota) Maid Mining company, a corporation, nasi leaned unto several different parties the southerly one thousand (1,000) feet of tbs) Dakota Maid lode mining claim in Straw terry gulch. I-awrence county. South Dakota. All parties furnishing material! for use upon said Dakota Maid Mining claim or performing labor thereon, are hereby notified that the owner of said mining claim will not be responsible tat any material or labor furnished at the in stance of any of the lessees. Dated Strawberry Gulch. Lawrenctf (Oiiiity. Smiih Dakota, August nth. 1899. DAKOTA MUD MINING CO, Owner. By JOSEPH KING, Tree. SEALED PROPOSALS will b received at the office of the Asaayer In Charge of the United States Assay Office at Deadwood, South Dakota, until 12 o'clock m., June Zt. 1899. and then opened, for all supplies required for the. fiscal year ending June 30, 1900, in accordaiioe with schedules and specifications, copies of which, with blank proposals ajid other Information may be had upon Bpplii alien to V. J. MINITER, Aasaycr in Charge. POPULAR era: Yoa are hereby notified that I hare expended in labor and Improvements one hundred dollar (S100) on each of the following mining claims, to-wit: The Kukee fraction, Harrison lode. Hoiking lode. Wall lode. Morton lode claims situate on False Bottom, Ida Cray IJuartz Mining district, Lawrence county, South Dakota, in order to hold said claims under the provisions of section 2324, Revised Statutes of the I' tilled Stales, beit:;,- the amount required to hold the same for the year 1S98. And. if within ninety days from the service of this notice you fail or refuse to contribute, as co-owner, your Interest In said claims will become the property of the subscriber under said section 23-4. KKEI) UKOOKER. WILLIAM BROOKER. (First Fub. April 4. 1899.) teat Market estate belonging to them in thU County shall be sold. Ii is ordered that the next of kin of said wards and all persons interested in their state he and appear 1h-fore the Court on Tuesday, the IM'th day of June. lv.'i at 1" o'clock a. in,, to show cause why an ord, r should not tw granted for the sab- of mi. Ii estate. Dated Deii.lw.w..!. S. D.. Mav 1!', 1899. FRANK J. WASHABAUGH, Judge of County Court. ::i'nnnr.s V'TI Maude Warner MacPketriflce. Will receive PUPILS In Vocal a'hd Instrumental Music at her residence. No. 20 Denver Ave., Deadwood, a. D. nab, Game and Poultry in Season. ; Harrison 'Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) In the l Stat, Lind office, Rapli City I i s t r l t , South Dakota. Ormau Dug. Contestant. vs. Ric hard G. While 1 NOTICE OF FORFE1TL HE. NOT1CK OF FORFEITURE. To Elijah I'. Fowler, administrator of feLEPHOKESj HUlck Hills 88. U Main St, Deadwood. Mineral Application No. 636. "Uncle To 1'airuk o Itrn n: Sam Placer." You are informed ihat I ha,ye expend, il SUMMONS. in l.ihoi a . I mipiow no nls upon the To the above nam.-.! Ittchar.1 a Whit. I Chance and Mummy No. 1 lodes or iuiuiut; Estate of Jane ''in Nile .l.'i1sed, Notice is heroM v Co undersign' cl, administrate' .-'at.' of Jaruetf li Christie, de. . a , :o it,. . r- dHors of, and all persons hawitg el , ; . . agalnet the said deceased, to exhibit tllelll With) tho necessary vouchers within four months) after the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator at his office lo Syndicate block, Lee street. In thu dl of Deadwood, South Dakota. Dated at Deadwood. May 6. 1899. ALBERT V. COE. Administrator of the eetate of James) IU Christi deceased. (First Pub May 7. 1899.) " 1 . 1. 1 111.-. itu. SPECIAL EXCURSIONS. You arc hereby summoned and notified that a hiaring has been ordered herein by the Honorable Commissioner of the I iii Carbonate mining dls-c,,umy. South Dakota, at I, ,1 dollars ikt year upon laiius for the years A. D. 1 s.. 4 . IV.'.'.. lv.'i'., ls'.i? and the ivM.ite of F. Ill li Shannon. deccLsed; Thomas Donovan, James Donovan, Mary Parker, Lizzie Donovan, James F. Donovan, John T. Donovan. Minnie A. Donovan and Charles Donovan, heirs at law of said Ellen Shannon, deceased; John H. Shannon, administrator of the estate of Edward Shannon, deceased; Mathew Shannon and John Shannon, heirs at law of Edward Shannon, deceased, and to their In, t , I..t a i , to least one bun ta b ot said LV.'I, IVi'J, lv. (,enTal l-and Office (U-tter initial N. National convention llaptisc Young OECKLER BHOb- LEAD1NC dated April lu, 1899), to determine wheth lS'.is, all of which wan done for the rur-uuw of holding the said claims or lodes Peoples' I'oion of America, Richmond, Va., July 13-16. Annual meeting Unite i Society ol er or not the "Uncle Sam PlacerX claim, Mineral Application No. 636 (according to tho series of the Rapid City, 8. D.. land office) has been abandoned and relocated. and each of their legal representatives or Seat market. assigns, and to all whom It may concern: Christian Endeavor. Detroit, Mich., ana to determine whether or not the sals' application No. 636 shall be CANCELLED July 5-lt You are informed that I have expended In labor and Improvements upon the Spring and Lloyd lodee or mining claims, situ National Educational Teachers' asso ated In Whltewood mining district, in lackHiHB Telephone No 69 ciation, Jj08 Angeles, Cal. July. Lawrence county. South Dakota, at least Annual reunion and grand lodge 1100 upon each of said claims tor the year 1898, all of which Was done for the purpose irfion Telephone wo. . LK4 MAIN STREET, P&ADWOOD of holding the said lodes under the pro meeting Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, St. Louis, Mo., June 20-23. visions of section 2324, Revised Statutes of the United States, and acts amendatory by the land office upon die petition of Or-man F. Ong, contestant. Said hearing will be had at Deadwood, Iawrence county. South Dakota, befors Sol Star, Clerk of Court of Lawrenos Oounty, on the 12th day of June, A H 18U9, and If you fall to appear at aaM time and place the said contestant wBl apply to the Land Office for cancellatlea of said application. Dated, Rapid City, S. D., Arll 24, 1IH A. K. GARDNER. Register. W. S. WARNER, Receiver. (First Pub. April 27. M99.) Annual meeting Imperial Council thereto, for the period ending December under the prv lsnms of bcvlion No. 2324 , Revised Statutes of the Uuitcd States, and ats amendatory thereto, for the periods ending Deeemhor Jlst, ltiiil , Iecember 31st, IK','2. DccintK-r 31st, ISM; December 31st, 1W4. Ifc-ceinbcr 31st, lsafi; lkceniber 31t, lWC, Deeiiiltr 31at, 18U7, aud December 31st,, and there is due' from you thereon, to-wit on the naid Chance lode or mliiiitig claim the aura ot four hundred ll4iMJ.ini) dollars, on the sa.1d Chance lode or mining claim No. 1 the sum of four hundred Mpmi.oO) dollars, or eight hundred ($bo(i,ii!i dollars in all. You are lierehy notified that If within ninety (IK)) days from the service of this notice you fail to contribute your portion of (said expenditure as co-owner with the undersign,1! during Nich of the years above mentioned, your interest in said lodes or mining cUnis will ticeonie the property of the your co-owner, who tuis made the r'quinn! exiendituri as requircl hy said section No. :L'4 of til,' Revised Statutes of tin l liiled States. ROHEIIT N'l'CKNT. (First 1'nl. May 17, Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Mystic . I JMW1 A. UBJ, Ueadwood, 8. D. Shrine, Buffalo, N. Y., June 14-15. Ml (R. C. Hayes, Attorney for Plaintiff.) SUMMONS. State of South Dakota, Eighth JudJets Circuit. In the Circuit Court In and for Lawreoo County. Benjamin E. Stearns, Plaintiff, vs. Agnee Stearns, Defendant. ' The State of South Dakota sends greet. Ing to Agnes Stearns, the above nanasel Defendant: You are hereby summoned and retjnirasl to answer the complaint of th abtrr named plaintiff, a copy of which is hereby served upon you. and to serve a copy aff your answer upon the subscriber ftt his C-flce. In Deadwood. South Dakota, within thirty days after the service o." this summons on you, exclusive of the day of service, and If ygu fall to answer hl '"SZ p'alnt within thai Hmc. the plaintiff . applv to the court for the relief demanded in this complaint. National Baptists Anniversaries, 31, 1898, and there la due from you the sum of $75.00 upon each of said claims. You are hereby notified that If within ninety days from completed publication of this notice you fall to contribute your proportion of said expenditure as co-own iOAN GEORGE Portland.Ore., Taoama and Seattle, Wash., June 2-5. er with the undersigned during .he year rs at Law, The above Is a partial list of some of above mentioned, your interest in said the more important excursions to be claims will become the property of U.8 sutiscrlbers, your co-owners, who have made the required expenditure as required l w. SH EHIFF'S H. Parker, Attorney.) NOTICE OF SI,E ON given by the popular Burlington route, UrtUton.D.C and Dogwood. 8. D, V.. WvnrifrHtH IllOCk. KXIv Ui w fci-m ill Bute ifl ' " . KT i"4 8etrtu"' B,lul"'"1" Law"" tiff. hy said Section 2324. . Central City, S. D., May R, 1899. J. B Ix-BEAU. ZOELLNER BROS. A A. JACKSON. (First Pub. May 10, 1VJ9.) during the summer. For full information as to limits, dates of sale, tickets ets., call at passenger depot W. T. ROBERTSON. Ticket AgenL CFTIO.N. StZi.'e of Soul rfiH-e. ss Mali;, Tula L William It D M iTP i; I.-, nsbtriv I'lonilifi. ANNUAL MEET1NIJ. Uaaawa Dated at Dendwood this 11th day of Oo- tol i . !l 1 1. i; kici That . i. d a sued , averley Bicycles v ii. tyi.s. RORERT C MAYES, llaiiiilffs Attorney., defendant nUive named will take nothe that the coin-In the above entitled action bb'd in the office of tha if the Circuit Cnirt of tho FtirhUi To ih You plaint w us Clerk PtGlSTlHED, I.. I 'A MM.." i IM w in a n Cise. A l lornev ) NOTICE OF AI'I'Lli'VI'ION 'o( LET TEIIS I IF DM I NIS PIl TION In the County Court of tlm County Lawrence, S:aic of South Dakota The rt collar ai.nual niei tiim of th, sltx kholdcrs of the Big Owl Mining company for th. .lection of a board of direct or.i for ih. , nuing yiar. and su li other I , , i - 1 1 1 s, s as tony iiH-rly ome !-furo the meeting, will be In Id at the office of the sei rotary, In Deadwood, S. D., on Friday, June 'a, 1 Mt;i , nt 2 o'clock p. n:. L. F. Il.UtCOCK, Secretary. DeadwcKsl. S. D.. May 26. 1 Suit. li; fa .1, In , r. ! 0..'V III I ,.l I !.. '! : I, - ..IV ., Cich'Ji h; ! i,:l r,r, rel,. .Vl.i'. ..I S..i; 'i I III. I . I l IP i. I . . I Ml - I i PllL. ijilli I, Lou. .1.. II haiir-Pc 1 iu i mi, 1 1 on i nl, . D l''v I lov, hie d. . nl.. I r. ol e a we ,ain.-l Wil-lav of A.- ii,, I I'll Man of e ecial bargains en the 90 wheel Other wheels at low prices. I 11)1011 the fol-I IV f -old .,.. W lii.llclal Circuit, of the Slate or South Dakota, in nil. I for 1,'iwrenee cnuntyy, on th :Mh day of April 1S91 ROBERT f. HAYES, Attorney for Plaintiff. (First Pub April 29. 1899.) In Hie Matter of i Me Estate of Clui l Mather, lhciased. fond, nit . io ii n liter,-si in and lo flic Iltl ! i i'lo'l I M o -1 hi I'd TiK. i" and KaiiKaioo i lo which r, 'rr- Main St. G.F.BAGGALKY P0WtiM, UiA iK'D A No4te5 is hereby gi.n i ,:i t Llia!, i ih rilK t.KKiT Mather Inn filed with tin- clerk of thi elite i herein made, f more iiarii.u HINDOO RCMCDY KiOIHTEBTBK ABOVE ' ourt. a petition, praying for ladlers of litHultm in HOdau. Cnroo -L - a P -1 m id .lo.i-nv in llool recorded III the Iteu of La w i fiii . coiini tar .I.--, i l.l i. . 10.1. l'aees I.", t.ler of Deed nh Ncrrotm OiNftnwfl. Fail inn Mtemory ,d K itli. i Administration of the Estate of Char! LADIES! ionr.. f,n rmiHfMl hv nnnt. ahnaM oi pm W Mather, deceased, and that Thursday. ricnr arid uire to chmnknn orfranB, and quickly but the lath day of June, A. D. 1899. at HI ilephone No. 187, urftiy retttorm lAt itrannooa in old or )Oting. taaj ly carried in vmt imckt. Frioe $.00& packaga 6ii for 0Uf .OO trttJi a witten amaranirt' to cure ' NOTICE OF LEASE. To all parties p rforming labor or furnishing material upon the Mormon Chief Lode, 139: TAKE NOTICE: That said claim is belnK worked under lease and that the underuigned owners will not be responsible for any labor performed or material furnished upon said premises. HUGH MCAFFREY, HENRY SEUSSENBACH, ti omen a. iu., oi (saut nay. Oeing a day mttny refunded. Ihint BW an Imitation, bal Iniiot q buTiRK INDAPO. If roar druggist Jim not (Bltrk Hllld Fhom.) of a regular term of this Court, to-wil tit C. Hayes. Attorney Tor Plaintiff.) SUMMONS. State of South Dakota, Eighth Judicial District, ss In the Circuit Court In and for Iawrenos County. j Ida Frakew, Plaintiff, vs. John Frakee. Defendant. The Suite of South Dakota sends greeting to John Frukes, the above named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required S. D. Also an mo I i ide. one third interest in and to the lib of July lode or ininiiiK claim, a more particular descript ion ot which will l,e found in Itook 7", Pane -VC Alsi an undivided one-third interest in and to the North Dakota. Phoenix. South Dakota and Klkborn lodes or mining claims, a more particular description of which will he found in Hook I'M. I'iikcs tor ii, we wuisaaau prepaid. ttiltKK) kh.HtDV Proprt. CtaictM III or our Ar prsonal atteodanos at your resi of the May term. 1K99. at the Court Room WILCOX PHARMACY Deadwood a. J le of eiptrt tonsorial artists. thereof, at the Court House, In the said ffire the exclusive agents for ihe Owners. C-oiinty of Lawrence, has been set for perfect 4ti. 421. all of said claims are recorded in the Register of Deeds oMIee of l.awronce ft hearing said petition, when and where any person Interested may appear and show cause why the said petition should not be granted. rENNYROYAL PILLS to answer tho complaint of the above named plaintiff, a copy of which is hereby pir Tonie and Dye County. S. D,, and being situated iu White-wood MinltiB Distric t, Lawrence County S. D. Wrtclnal anf Only wnuintB. APE , iJotri rrlialiir. LADICS ah (Frank Mclaughlin, Atty.) NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE BY VIRTUE of an order and decree of the County Court of Lawrence County, South Dal.ota, made on the petition of served uimn you. and to serve a copy of your anewer upop the subscriber at hb D t offered to the people of Dead-W have numbers of tesil- rv-nd Br-iu i la Kcl t"-1 ' ' ' IhusM. (.-iled with t.i , -i f office in Deadwood. South Dakota, within And that I shall on Saturday, the Mh lay of July. A. D. lNl'li. at the hour of 1(1 I'clock. . M., of said day. at the front 28 thirty days after the Hervloe of this sum Dated Deadwood. P. D,, June 2. A. 19?. FRANK J WASH A BAUGH. Judge of the County Court. lFirt PubtlTOitlon June 3. 1K99.) door of the ( ourt House, in the city of t'-m mi-i mt tlturf At lriijii-. or vod Am. u n tiip f-f jtartic-ul.- -iiooolalf and Ittrll. f fnr ' httf'. i rtr litli of the most nattering cuar- r. mons on you. exrluKive of the day of ser viw. and If you fall to answer this com' the undersigned Barney Franklin, as the Deadwrod. in said County anil State, pro- eed to sell all the right, title and inter plaint within that time plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded L-! irug(UU. ' Ml I. A I A., ,'A. bU .7 ll liCK HILLS TELEPHONE, 187. est of the above named William H Dwin-nell. in and to the above described prop n the complaint. Dated, Ixndwood, SoutJi Dakota, this st day of April. A D. 1899. ROBERT C. HAYES, erty to satisfy said judgment, and costa. amounting to Kigtht Hundred and Forty- administrator of the estate of John Weir, deceased, for an order to Bell the real estate of said deceased at private sale, notice is hereby given that I shall, on or after the lath day of June next, sell at private sale for cash the real eetate belonging to said estate In said County, the IK one (K41) Dollars and Sixty D',0) Cents, to gether with all accruing costs of sale and B. M. AIKINS, ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Yankee Boy Gold Minting Co.; place of business, Deadwood, S. I).; location of mines, Carbonate mining district, Lawrence county 8. D. Notice Is hereby given that at a meet In 4S buiin Oonorrhm and m sua nteraet on the same from the 21st day of "rrot-f aiKnarirwrrntL tbe urini April, J 81'8, at the rate of 7 per cent per niM. arreatad by Hanta) TORNEY AT LAW annum, at Public Auction to the highest uapu wwitDouunotmvenienoe bidder for cash. sel. of AILDrmndBte. V VI O.B0X2OS1 New font taw 1 Syndicate Block. PTalntiff'g Attorney. To the Defendant above named: You will take notice that the complaint In the above entitled action waa filed fa the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Cour of the Eighth Judicial Circuit of the Stats of South Dakota, rn and for Lawrence County, on the 28th day of April. A. D. 1899. ROBERT C. HAYES, Attorney for Plaintiff. (First Pub. April 29, 1898.) real estate described as follows, to-wit: An undivided one-third Interest In Gay-ville lode. Skookum lode. Skookum No. 2 lode. Black Diamond lode, Black Diamond Fraction lode, Rover lode. Rover PWOOH - SOUTH DAKOTA William H. Parker Plaintiff's Attorney Dated. Deadwood. S. I).. June 6th. 18H!t. MATT PLUNKETT. Sheriff of I.awrence County. By James B. Harris, Deputy (First Publication. June 8, 18KH. ) ing of the board of director s ofthe above corporation, held April 27, 1899, an as-seBerneot (No.. 3) of one-half cent per share was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable immediately to Julius Rebstunen. treasurer, at Deadwood, S. D. Any stock upon wnlrb this assessment shall remain unpaid on June 1. 1899, will be delinquent and advertised JOS, FORD, SATURDAY EXCURSIONS THE DERBY Is Headquarters Fir Wines, Liquors and ip?s, Mo. m.m.1.. .jr; fl prcp for sale. and. unless paid on or before July 1, 1899, will be Bold at public auction to pay said assessment, together with costs of advertising and expenses of sale. O. W. MATSON. Northwestern Line" to Hot "The la (C. E. Davis, Attorney.) ingfroro Deadwood should Springs. To Hot Springs and return at one fare NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL No. 2 lode, Skokum lode; an undivided one-fourth Interest in Great Laxey lode, Great Laxey No. 2 lode, Gnat Laxcy Fraction lode; an undivided one-half interest in Harmon No. 2 lode. Big Deposit No. 2 lode, Big Deposit No. 3 lode, all situated near Gayvllle. In Whltewood mining district, Lawrence County, South Dakota, on the following terms, to-it: For cash. Bids In writing may be filed PROPERTY. for the round trip tickets good for return r ccucn.eer. !8u . T-i ibk (Martin & Mason, Attorneys I NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S .'ALE on or before the following Tu'sday The wva tvli 1UJ t- BY Elkhorn is the popular route io :hiv pop lead lar resort. As the train leavis ! State of South Dakota. County of Lawrence. . s In County Court. In the Mattir of the Estate of William W (Ji.liliiigi, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That. In i ACTION. State of South Dakota. County of Lawrence. In Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit. Ayres & Wardman Hardware company, ood 6 p. m. at the close u! j. P0K Remedy Co. hours. a corporation, plaintiffs, vs. "A3 THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR O THE PACIFIC SHORT LINE, wreat Northern Gold .Mining company. Tohn Walker. J. F. Smith. A. A. Rogers with Frank McLaughlin at his office in the Opera Houso block, Deadwood, s. r. Dated this 25th day of May, A. D., 1899. BARNEY FRANKLIN. As Administrator of the Estate of John Weir, Deceased. (First Pub. May 26, 1899.) Is the short connecting line between the Black Hills and Sioux City and points in and N. E. Knapp, defendants: W POISON NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That by virtue of a Judgment of Foreclosure and PRIMARY, SECONDARY ft TERTIARY BLOOD POISOJ PERMANENTLY CURED I 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can b tereatexl at home for the am eastern South Dakota. Close connections both ways at O'Neill and Sioux City daily. Sale in the above entitled action on the 6th day of May, A. D.. 1899, and an xcept Sunday, avoiding all lay-overs. Buy execution Issued upon said Judgment, the Hot tmjL. : local tickets to and from O'Neill; makes aame GU AH. A NTT If inn nnhr tn nm here we NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR LET owest fare. If kk iV.." and hotel bills and no charee if we fail to cure. pains. 2iPATCH? i ' I0IB POTASH, and stiM have achee ant iT1. CLCiRH mouU. SORfl THROAT, PIMPLES. COPPER- and HOT SPRINGS AND RETURN. subscriber. Matt Plunkett, sheriff of Law-renre County, State of South Iakota, for that purpose appointed, will sell at public auction at the front door of the Court House, In the City of Deadwood, County of Lawrence and State of South Dakota, on Thursday, the 8th day of June. 1899, at 10 o'clock Id the forenoon of that day, the real estate and mortgaged premises, situate' In the County of Lawrence, and State of South Dakota, and directed In said TERS OF ADMINISTRATION. In the County Court of the County of Lawrence. State of South Dakota. In tbe Matter of the Estate of Mrs. Ida Baer, Deceased. TIT. UIWt flA i,--inATI Cum wi uuakain ills to cure. v " " . J Crinn " and CHATJ.RNjnip tub wnm.n FOR A CASK WB pursuance of an order of the County Court of the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota, made on the 16th day of May, A. D., eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, In the matter of the estate of William W. Glddlngs, late of the town of Central, County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota, deceased, the unserslgned, Edgar E. Clough, administrator of said deceased, will sell at private sale to the highest bidder, for cash, on Friday, the id day of June, A. D. eighteen hundred and ninety' nine, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the office of Charles E. Davis, In the Smith building, Deadwood, in said' Lawrence County the) following personal property, to-wlt: Shares of the capital stock of the Big Owl Mining company, the property of said estate, sufficient to realise the sum of $679.00 net, to pay the indebtedness of aid estate. Dated May 16th, 1899.. EDGAR E. CLOUGH, Administrator of the Estate of WUllani ' W. Glddings. Deceased ACCOUNT G. A. R. ENCAMPMENT, NE 7-8-9. ,"THE NORTHWESTERN 'w811"1 SICUNa 1WT9 BAFFLED THE SKILL OF THE t lU.! il!noM ET01.111' WbUb men, KingB and Emperors of foreign KtoTu MaltA -? f dhwaaw even when under the treatment of the beet old VDUoM 00,1 oould employ, but we have V SECRET 3 thin JPraelvea. During FOURTEEN YEARS of our sjHtoVbihwZ? dlfferen oonoerne have started up to imitate our "Wnajj, ' M uprwataited luoceu; today not one of them re- LINE WILL SELL TICKETS TO HOT " SPRINGS. GOING VIA F. E. & M. V. R. ! R., RETURNING VIA "BURLINGTON I ... .. , T I V IT" TeTlP THE? Notice is hereby given that Ben Baer has filed with the Clerk of this Court, "a petition, praying for Letters of Administration of the Estate of Mrs. Ida Bor, deceased, and that Thursday, the 15th day of June, A. D. 1899, at 10 o'clock a m., of said day. being a day of a regular term of this Court, to-wit: of the May term. J ROUND TRIP. YES, THE P. M. TRAIN IS THE POPULAR ONE, AS IT LEAVES Judgment and Execution to be sold, and therein described as follows: The Lewis lode, Lewis Fraction No. 1 lode, Lewis Fraction No. 2 lode, Lewis Fraction No. 3 lode and the Lewis Fraction No. 4 lode, situated In or near Two Bit. In Lawrence County, h. D., together with the Structures and Im-provmenta thereon, or so much thereof as may be sufficient to satisfy said Judgment and Costs, amounting in all to Twenty-one Hundred and Seventy-nine ($2,179) dollars and Thirty-two (32) cents, with Interest thereon from tbe date of said Judgment, and all securing costs of sale. ! Alone AFTER THE DAY'S BUSINESS IS OVER. A Clno-1 CnrvAccfnl fnmnptitnr. , V4 Cook nW,-j M repT T Co- permanently cured thousands and has . lat iwiy jura, honesty and integrity. TICKETS ON SALE JUNE 6 AND 7, ' GOOD RETURNING ON OR BEFORE ; JUNE 12. ! O 1S99. ait the Court Room thereof, at the Court House in the City of Deadwood. in the said County of Lawrence, has been set for hearing said petition, when and where any person interested may appear and show cause why the said petition B DECEPT ION. Nnraesaaiisie -ATU NOTICE OF POSTPONEMENT OP SALE. I SPECIAL EXCURSIONS TO I HOT SPRINGS, S. D, "OaC.O. D. METHODS. I I Dated, Deadwood, South Dakota, May 6, 1899. MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence County. Martin a Mason, Plaintiffs Attorneys. (Fin Pub. afay 7. 1999.) Nibhi . o:LTJTE PROOirg nv mron-a mm rrwtiBf)KEN PLEP -NF . . . WCk" O. applicant!. NO BRANCH OFTICE8 Notice Is hereby given that the above sale is hereby postponed from June 1, 18S8, to Saturday. June 10, 1899 at the sun hour and place. ( EDGAR B, CLOUGH. - Administrator of the estate of Win. W. Olddlngs, Deceased. On Tuesday. June C and 20, tbe Elkhorn ( should not be granted. : Railroad wiU sell ticket to Hot Springs j Dated Juns let, A. D. 1899. ' and return at one fare plus $.00 for the, FRANK J. WASHABAUGH, ' a Ttekets rood returning W Judge ot th Oounty Court. DOLLARS BEHIND OUR. GUARANTEE. rw-" Minute Cough Cure, cure. GOHPAJT.,1328 lasonic !TefflpIfi7 Cfiicaio. 01. i,w PubUc,rtlan Juae m) a to wast tt Wl -: . r i .

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