The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 8, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1899
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 8, 1899. iiHilliiinlHiimniililliiiiinii " raiiimillimii'"""""1 mm; Be Prepared ! r t t- a rvc f LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. The bearing; of children is not such a very serious ordeal to the woman who is prepared. If Mother's Friand that wondcrful- 1S99. LEAD, S. D. JUNE S, Mammoth Department Store ANNOUNCEMENT! Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Departments I ly soothing and I relaxing 1 1 n i- j lfenry S hnllzi l'g assay offica: will be lin- remains temporarily IimhL-1 Id the baflemtnt of re held from his n-si'li im , No. 8 Gulnn strit-t (Slavon-al vcHli-nlav Alley). AT KKST. The funeral wrwrs cnrr of the laic Imvnl l.uii.1 withe family reHiili-m i- in !' rtifnt, be used during the period of pregnancy. lrnitiiri- man. forenoon ttt u "' k- 1,1 ' harKi- "f r'u- , ' II Iiiikinson. the - a bualnesH I rip to fpearfi.-ih yeter- day. Dcrwr-Iilrector C. II llobiiison, H-v. T J Woodcock of the Leaii CungreKationul church offlcatlntc. The Interment was rnade In Mount Morlah cemetery. In Mrs. Thomaa Darlingtoiriirt'Sented her Pry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies, there will be little n.orning sickness or iiervoumiess, the critical hour will be relieved of much paiu, and labor will be brief. Recuperation will be rapid, and all after-dangers will l o avoided. Sold by drugglitj for f I a bottle. HMD FOR OCR PRII 1QOII OH TNI BUBTBCT. TU BRADJULD IT.GULATOR CO., AtUsta.Cs, hUMband with a little "darling" 4on) boy baby yewterdity morning. Tho mother, little one and father are thriving. J. W. Curran, the real estate agent, report the transfer of t lie Alllnson prop a fourth Interest In the Highland, Qulncy erly In Hiawatha park to Mrs. Hilda Lackawanna, Snow, Trojan and l'ltua, VIOTOK JEISON. Victor Jepson has added his name to the Jong Hat of Lead buHlnesi men and nan Kone Into business few hlmaelf. He haK been clerk In the lUHiirauie and real estate business for general inontha, and Is, therefore, thoroughly educated In that j Id of work. He baa several good lnaur- j Bald Mountain; 1125. Neamy, for the -onHhleration of J7f0. M. J. AllLnxun hue money to luan at naenoaule rales KueJ estate and Inaur- With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ask your inspection of The Largest Quantity. The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. STOP! CONSIDER! THINK! Dr. R. K. Langson, founder of the hospital, Chadron, Neb., and Dr. McDowell of the staff, will be In Dead- aoce bueliMM trajinacted; colbvtlonn niavde. Cottun t Andrews biork. Lead. (6-14-tf ) The TerpsichoreanB dance this evening In Society hall. They will all turn out aoce cumpauius, and haa already begiln to place policies. He will succeed beyond question, an he la of that stripe that never fall!. wood at the Bullock June 21 and 22, to meet their patients in this vicinity, prepared to do every form of operative work, club foot, hair lip, crose eyes, hump back, etc. and that means that there will be a crowd. Music by Prof. Kino's orchestra, und Prof. James Ryan will be on hand to cull. FIRH BUGS. The ahaft house and cabin on the of Mike McAIIen and otheri In the Ruptures, pile and cancer cured wltb- BHYAN & OESKEY have money to lo.n In any quantity on good terms. Polo Creek district were burned by un Hsoxca, js. id. known parties a few nights ago. The men I ' out the knife. Catarrh, rheumatism and every form of female weakness and disease cured, If wo accept the case. Consultation and examination, $1. If your lo guilt? of the deed moat likely lire In that vicinity and don't know enough to know that every dollar spent In developing Real estate, brokerage and fire Insurance buedneee transacted. All business attended to with proinptntM and care. BretteJl block. Lead. (3-tl-tf.) Master Mechanic J. A. Spargo Is erecting an aermotor at his place in South Lead. Mr. Spargo has one of the handsomest cal doctor Is helping you, don't come to us. We want only thise that have been given up, or who have lost hope. j this country Is money In their pockets. Mr. MoAllen ha spent a great deal of pioney over there, and It la Indeed unf,r tuntte that he cannot be allowed to proceed unmolested. we rerer you to any bank In Chadrou or Cordon as to our financial Htanding. and to any mlnlxter of tho gospel as to residences In the city ami when the wind mill Is In operation, furnishing water through the houso, be will aldo have ono of the most convenient ones. S. R. Smith Is the exclusive agent for our cures and honor. We are obliged to come Into your neighborhood, and so give you the advantage of a personal consultation. Very truly, GORDON HOSPITAL. Remember the date. the Racine Manufacturing company, and If in need of a vehicle of any kind be sure to see him. (6-8 if.) The Entire Stock of the Cohn-Gumbiner Co. Consisting of Mrs. C. H. Bloom arrived yesterday to vlBit her sisters, Mrs.. Pat McNaJly and Mrs. Mulvaney. Mrs. Bloom Is the wife of Prof. Bloom, a distinguished musician, who has been here on several occasions and who is now filling a three months' engagement at the Evans hotel at Hot Springs. Clothing. Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps Etc. James Hunter and son. Eld, have closed The Lead ladles who have been Interesting themselves in the klndergartent move ment gave another successful entertainment last night, and the following la the programme: WfleriM"n Ommm-nm grade .... rs. Moore J)oll Drill First grade Miss Honey ftong Third grade Miss Pond JUcitation and Song First grade Miss Cook Chorus Third grade Miss Russell Cong Third grade Misses Lament and Pond Jaar Pol Danes Second grade , Miss Gage fo-ConversaUonal Song" Fourth trade MIm Robbloi Hesitation Hifh school Miss Munger piano Solo Fifth grade Miss Hand pebate High school Mr. Sharp Jong-eixth grade Miss Gore Piano Solo High school Mr. Relti JBibbon tWIM Jltta grmds......Miss Smtth 13HARLB8 PAR80N8 BAD. A letter received by David Morgan from sjouta Africa yesterday contained the atawi of the death of Charles Parsons, tor-snarly foreman of the Highland mine. The letter was from Oeorge Treasure, s former Leadlte, sUUng that Mr. Parson's death occurred in South Africa on the 5th the contract for running a seventy-toot tunnel In the Dakota east lode claim, on the west side of the gulch, near the Pluma school bouse. The contract was made with the Homes take company, and1 the work to be performed is for the purpose) of representing the ground. SPBCIA1, EXCURSIONS. The "NORTHWESTERN LINE" F. E. St M. V. R. R. offers some exceedingly low round trip rates to the following points: Buffalo, N. T. June 7-10 and June 14-16. Detroit, MichWuly B-10. Hot Springs. B. D. June 7-i-l. Richmond, Vs. July Bt Louis, Ma June tO-tl. Los Angeles, Cni. July 11-11 Sioux Falls, 8. D. June 6-L Minneapolis, Minn. June 20-tt. Bt Paul, Minn. June D-ls. Tsnkton, 6. D. June lt-lS. nils la only a few ef the maoy points In all parts at (fee souutrr to whisk excursion tickets will be sold at reduced rates during the summer via "THI NORTH WESTERN LINE." Dates of sale, rates and other Information will be promptly and cheerfully furnished by sailing on or writing to T. A. HAMPTON, City Ticket Agent Deadwood, & D. O OeWitt'a Little Early Risers, T Wiavxia IliU pills. A. gnat many oil wsitohes wtiich are Slightly Damaged by Smoke and Water considered useless may be brought into serrto by taking them to the Beemer-Ortoa wnnpe"y and having them repaired, (tf.) Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Tegarty attended We Have Settled with the Insurance Co.'s at the Heywood entertainment In Deadwood Tuesday night and were guests of the company over night, returning home yes tt Mar. ud was caused by the fever1 which it so fatal In that latitude. The news of terday, forenoon. Mr. and .Mrs. Tegarty know what good anting Is and would have continued on to Rapid City to hear the Heywoods as often as possible had ths time been at their disposal. 55 Gents on the Dollar kit death will J received with profound resret b thousands of people her. lor all knew' him and highly respected him. He earn W .h Black Hills in 18TT. and began with the Homes take company as s miner. He was so faithful and skillful In Plants and Cot Flowers everything ha undertook that his ad van. e to a better- position was rapids and be was soon mad foreman ef the Highlaal The Insurance Company's loss is your gain. Owing to thorny during the past week we were unable to wait on all customers an had to close our doors. With better facilities from now on our door. mine. H was so proficient that an Eng will be open. People well know goods are very near given away, tf1 Cot Flowers famished on twenty- -four hoars notice for all occasions from the cradle to the grave. B pedal rates to wadding parties and f nnsrals. Black Hills T n VXirUT Taleohont 1120. V. U LVlUUlll. Ths old ' veterans . assembled at Hot Bprlngs are evidently "hankering" after music, as a telegram from ens of the members received by H. B. Dewey urged him to send down the K. of P. band. The band boys ail wanted to go ss bad as the old soldiers wanted them to, but the necessary seventy-nine dollars and some cents to par railroad fare was not at band, and as the walking Is horrible, they did not go, ' o rOH BALE-TWO HOISTS. On tweftty-aorss portable trtotton- stv gin and - boiler adjustable band toot brake, with S00 feet steel cable complete. On large) blower, suitable for flflfty-toa smelting furnace. One stationary friction drum hoist, flfif-teen-kores power engine and boiler, eom- llsh mining syndicate la South Africa mad him such a flattering offer that he resigned his foremanahlp In ths Highland and proceeded with bis family to the southern continent This was about foul-years ago, and the news haa been coming we will continue at the Same rate until the stock is closed out, COHN-GUMBINER CO. from time to time oi his phenomenal suc cess as a superintendent. - This set the thought forever at rest that he would re MASONIC A ODD FELLOWS' BLOO., COR. MAIN AND BLEEKBR STREETS. JOHN ELMEHK, Hoisb Motet, and Repairer. AM Work Done) "WUh Fro HIAWATHA PARE, - LEAD, B. IX turn to the Hills, as many had hoped when he left for that far-away mining country. When he left many a laboring man felt he had lost his best friend, for Mr. Parsons had always a warm plan In a-a.i - -, j, ix rTl LEAD; kit heart for the worklngmaa. sons contracted ths disease which caused his death while on as expedition into the Mtttttttta satt1 ' Interior.' r' ' ' " Fniiure Company. . All hinds of wagons at & K. Smiths monitor . f - ; .; ,-.(--.) Has Received DEALERS IN Jlmmle Monahaa tell from a horse In lead yesterday and broke the middle finger 1 Three Cars of Wagons, Buggies. of his right iand. , , .". Furniture, Crockery Glassware, Two tfittar tresses for cbkrlnatlon or ylos,. Inquire o B. FAUST Lead. & D. ' " (II.) -w- o i , )t, ; . FILED FOR RECORD. " William M. Nicholas to James T. GUK mora, power of attorney to leas, sell or bond any of his properties In the Black Hills. , - , v . . William M. Nicholas to James) T. 0111-saora, a fourth interest la th. Dixie fraction, palsy fraction and Hartson traction, la Ida Gray district. , 'i .- Ths Two Bears Gold Mining company, by Ftaaklla B. Carpenter, trio president, to Mrs. Addle Mars, the J. K. P. and Big Spring mining slaims. la Btrawbarry gulch. Bear Butt saining district. The TwoJ Bears Gold Mining company to Mrs. Addle Mars, etlt claim to the HOdegard lode, Strawberry galea, . . 17. 3. Anasca and wife to Hilda Neamy, lot I block I Par street, alt of lead; jib a oi army, ceu an a. k. mm. . (--tt) 1. , Mr. and Mrs, Charles Davidson have a new but bouncing boy baby. CMorodyn Cough Mixture will Surries, Carriages Bockawiy Eoad Wagons, Buckbbards, Boad Carts, Phaetons, Express wagons Etc. From the Racine Wagon and Carriage Works, second hand rigs cheap, Wfll sen cheap for cas& Of On instaiWnta (hat cough, or wo refund th I P. Jenkins, druggie. (tf.) Emythiag . Strictly-up to date -and prices that cannot be beat. Undertakers Embalmers. Th Pioneer-Times is em sal it L ft Jacobs Sasar. where yoo. can also get lh finest smoke la town. (tf,) Tis hdckiriakers on nppar M'n street r fcec'.nnlcg to stack brick; In th hHie f r v,rt!: g They toon 'have the S. R. SMITH, LEAP t tor tie market. James f. Wilson to John Walsh, Jr. Ltad, South Dakota.

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